Time for the second chapter. People have offered their wonderment about the story moving forward, and all I can offer right now, is to trust me. I've got a whole long timeline planned out, I've even got the first arc of this story, pinned down to the dates. Now as I've said, I'll be trying to keep track of the where and when, so that the story flows a bit easier and it follows a more reasonable timeline, rather then just mentioned when we are from time to time in the chapters. I hope people enjoy this, and I hope it helps to build up anticipation as certain dates become more important and people start to understand the story timeline I'm sort of following. Also sorry this took so long, I got caught up at work preparing for Mother's day and it killed my free time. I apologize for it, otherwise I would have had this out a week ago. Anyway, last chapter of pleasantries, then we start off with the story.

Broken Angel: Rising Demon

July 20th 1998

-Land of Earth, Elemental Nations-

Explosions tore through the forest, lighting up the night sky.

"He doesn't seem to like us very much." Kakashi noted. The man himself, was knelt in a small alcove, atop a large rock formation. Gathered around him were four others including Zabuza Mamochi, Haku, Naruko Uzumaki Uchiwa, and Sasuke Uchiha.

"We're trying to kill him. I wouldn't expect him to like us." Haku noted.

"Kakuzu of Taki is not an opponent to be underestimated. We need to go at this another way." Zabuza stated, earning a nod of agreement from Kakashi.

"According to Zetsu, Kakuzu has five hearts, each one attuned to a separate element. This allows him to utilize all five nature transformations. He hasn't used any water style techniques since Kakashi struck him with his Raikiri. This leads me to believe we've taken out the water heart." Sasuke noted. His Sharingan blazing in the darkness.

The young Uchiha's eyes weren't the only ones glowing in the darkness. Kakashi's own Sharingan was unveiled, Zabuza's eyes glowed a menacing red, and were slitted, and Naruko's Rinnegan shined with a dim purple hue to it.

"One down, four to go. We need to surround him, and hammer him again. Each time we get an opening, we can take out one of his hearts." Naruko stated to her compatriots.

"Until we take out the wind heart, I can't provide any cover with the Hidden Mist Jutsu. The darkness will provide us with some cover, but not a lot." Zabuza added, as he closed his eyes, and listened. The bombardment of explosions had silenced, meaning that Naruko's clones had finally been destroyed. Kakashi had a Shadow Clone of his own, out on the battlefield, but it was watching from a distance to make sure that Kakuzu didn't make a run for it.

More then likely the man was searching for them. Despite knowing the danger their squad posed, Kakuzu of Taki wouldn't run from a bounty as large as the one he could get off of Kakashi and Zabuza. Add on top of that, that Haku, Naruko, and Sasuke, all had bloodline abilities that he could sell off, and that left the man with a potential golden egg, that he was unlikely to get an opportunity at again. He wouldn't run. He'd fight this out, and that worked to their advantage.

If the Legion could take out Kakuzu, then that would leave just Deidara, Hidan, and Hiroko, as all that remained of the rogue Akatsuki. Out of all four of them, Kakuzu was the most dangerous. So dealing with him would be a major step in ending the threat of the Akatsuki, once and for all.

"Alright, I think I have an idea." Kakashi stated after a moment.

Outside, standing upon a rocky plateau was Kakuzu of Taki. The man could hardly be described as human in his current state. With the stolen technique Earth Grudge Fear, Kakuzu could utilize long black strands of hair to manipulate parts of his body, and even steal organs from his foes. Most notable of these organs were the four hearts he had taken from various shinobi, which gave him access to their cores, and their chakra affinities.

The man in question was a force to be reckoned with. No one knew his true age, but he had once engaged Hashirama Senju in combat and had lived to tell the tale, so he was at least in his nineties.

He was currently on the lookout for the team that had tried to ambush him. He knew they were Legionaries from their tattered black cloaks. He had to deal with them quickly, before they called for reinforcements. Kakuzu dreaded the idea of having to face 'her' in battle. He knew he would stand no chance against the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki. He had to kill these bothersome roaches quickly and then slink back into the underground.

The roar of rushing water caught his ears and he spun around. Racing over a nearby hill were two large water dragons.

Kakuzu's limbs began to separate and distend as long strands of hair billowed out. Out from his back and shoulders, a massive main of black hair rose up, with two white animal masks poking out through the blackened strands, over his shoulders.

His Fire and Lightning hearts both unleashed towards of their particular elements. A stream of fire and lightning rushed up towards the oncoming water dragons, slamming against the attacks and halting their advance.

The two sides were deadlocked for several long moments when finally the water dragons were overpowered by Kakuzu's unending out-pour of magic, and they both burst into massive clouds of steam.

This hot steam flowed over the battlefield, rushing past Kakuzu and obscuring his sight.

Unveiling his wind heart, he unleashed a blast of air, sending the cloud of steam rushing away.

The ancient shinobi had expected some sort of trap, and was not disappointed. Surrounding him on all sides, having used the steam as a medium, were dozens of Ice Mirrors.

"This again?" Kakuzu muttered to himself.

In response he quickly unleashed blasts of lightning at the Ice Mirrors, shattering them one by one in rapid succession.

It was as he was focused on removing this threat, that he suddenly felt a tug that started pulling him through the air.

"What?!" Kakuzu thought as he flew through the air, drawn by an unseen force towards one of the mirrors.

Sensing danger, he focused on the mirror he was rushing towards and unleashed a powerful bolt of lightning at it. To his surprise it did not shatter. The mirror held true, and Kakuzu continued to rush towards it.

He began to move more of his hearts to face towards the mirror, intent on unleashing a powerful combination attack against it, when loud chirping filled the air. He turned his gaze to his right, just in time to see Kakashi Hatake dive into view, his hand engulfed in Lightning chakra.

On the opposite side of Kakuzu, Sasuke came rushing at him, Chidori also in hand.

Kakuzu began to maneuver his hearts into position to counter attack when something fell out of the sky and slammed in him.

He felt one of his hearts explode as a massive blade sliced clean through it.

A foot connected with his face, and Kakuzu could just barely see past it to know that Zabuza Mamochi was standing atop his body, his massive sword, driven straight through one of his hearts.

The moment of distraction was all that was needed as Kakashi and Sasuke drove their lightning covered hands through Kakuzu's body, destroying two more hearts in the process.

Kakuzu had stopped moving when he was struck, and he immediately retaliated by twisting himself in an unnatural way and sending the three men flying away from him.

It was as he performed this motion that someone hopped over the Ice Mirror.

He was able to turn his gaze just in time to spot the Rinnegan eyesof one Naruko Uzumaki Uchiwa. In her hand was a pitch black chakra rod. With a yell and a powerful toss, she sent the black rod right at Kakuzu, intent on spearing his final heart with it.

Defiantly, Kakuzu used said heart, his wind heart to fire a blast of energy to hopefully knock the strange projectile off course.

Unfortunately for him, the black chakra rod cut through the magical attack, like it wasn't even there.

The blade struck true, piercing Kakuzu's final heart.

Kakuzu let out a strangled sound, as he saw the glaring visage of Zabuza Mamochi fill his gaze.

In his last instant Kakuzu caught a strange glimpse of the world, as his head was separated from his body.

'An added precaution.' Was his final thought. Knowing that his foes intended to make certain that he was truly dead.

The Taki criminal was dead before his head hit the ground.

His body collapsed unceremoniously into the dirt with Zabuza standing over him.

"Is he dead?" Came the question from Haku whom stepped out of the Ice Mirror he had reinforced to provide cover for Naruko as she utilized Bansho Ten'in to pull Kakuzu towards them and right into their kill zone.

"Yes. He's dead." Kakashi responded, his Sharingan watching as the chakra from the ancient ninja's body began to dissipate, signifying death.

"One down. three to go." Zabuza noted as he knelt over the corpse of the fallen Taki ninja.

"Yes. Hiroko, Deidara, and Hidan. The latter will only prove a minor threat. Without someone to keep a leash on him, he'll eventually start killing again. All we have to do is wait." Sasuke stated.

"Let's seal the body and get back." Naruko suggested after a moment.

"Eager to get home and see the little one?" Kakashi inquired with an eye smile.

"I can miss my kid if I want too." Naruko replied indignantly. Haku simply offered the two a smile while Zabuza placed Kakuzu's remains in a storage scroll.

Once that was done, all five activated their personal portkeys which would take them to the outskirts of Sunagakure where they could get their ride home.

-Meanwhile, Sunagakure, Elemental Nations-

Gaia no Sabaku sat in her office, diligently working through paperwork. After a ten minute internal pep talk, she was finally able to muster the willpower to try and power through the mountain of paper in her office.

It was a difficult thing to achieve, this drive to work on the hundreds of loose documents that seemed to reproduce asexually whenever she wasn't looking, but once she was in the zone, little could be done to get her out of it.

Tension immediately filled her body, as she felt hands slide over her shoulders. Her eyes went wide, and for an instant, she felt the need to defend herself. As soon as that instant passed however, Gaia immediately settled, and allowed a gentle smile to cross her lips.

"What did I tell you about sneaking into my office while I'm working?" Gaia inquired.

"To bring chocolates." Came a familiar voice, accompanied by a chuckle, The mystery person placed a box of delicious sweets over Gaia's shoulder, earning a mildly amused sigh from the woman when she spotted the box.

Gaia took the box with a small chuckle and set it on her desk. She then turned herself around in her seat, to focus on the intruder.

She found her fiance standing there, wearing a pleasant smile upon her face.

"You weren't supposed to be out here until this weekend. What are you doing here?" Gaia inquired with genuine curiosity, not at all unhappy to see her beloved bride-to-be.

"A team of Legionaries just took down Kakuzu of Taki. That leaves only three members of the old Akatsuki left to deal with." Riley stated earning a nod from the Kazekage.

"You didn't assist them?" Gaia asked.

"They handled it well enough. But I was around just in case." Riley responded with a shrug.

"I see. Give the illusion of freedom, and keep yourself scarce. Regardless, that's good news. How are things?" Gaia asked as she placed one arm on the arm-rest of her chair and rested her cheek upon her knuckles.

"Good. Things are good. Not much has changed since the last time I was out here. Britain's doing well, lively and peaceful." Riley responded as she moved and sat on the edge of Gaia's desk.

"But?" Gaia inquired with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm bored." Riley responded with a shrug, earning an amused chuckle from Gaia.

"Without a world to save or enemies to crush, you find yourself with nothing to do. Must be awful. Have you ever considered getting a job?" Gaia asked.

"Can you honestly imagine me working in any sort of job? I mean, sans the whole 'world hero' thing, I'm a woman with gray skin, horns, tails, and wings. Nobody is gonna hire me." Riley responded, earning a single snort of laughter from Gaia.

"I guess it would be odd to see you working in a shop of some sort. Have you considered other pursuits?" Gaia pressed.

"Such as?" Riley replied.

"Unlike me, you're not saddled to a single position, or even a single country. You have money, and all the time in the world. Go somewhere. Go on an adventure. Go on a vacation. Go explore ancient ruins, or old forgotten lands of old history. Experience foreign cultures and have some fun. Gods know you could do with some time to relax." Gaia offered earning a sigh from Riley.

"Yeah I get that. I mean it's not like I haven't thought about it. The problem is, that I'd want to go on such adventures with my friends, my family, my mates. The snag comes in the form of them all having lives, and jobs. Fleur works at Gringotts, Katie's taken a job with the Legion. Luna's writing for the Quibler, Daphne's got her work at Hellsing, the only one that has any free time at all is Kaede, and while I would love to spend time with her and show her some of the amazing places in the world, I can't help but feel I'd start to miss the rest of my ladies, and I'd want to get back to them, and that's not fair to Kaede. That was my problem with my honeymoon with Daph. I loved all the time we spent together, but after the first week I had to fight off the urge to bring them up in conversation because I didn't want her to think I wasn't paying attention to her." Riley explained with a sigh, earning a nod from Gaia.

"I see. Riley, I can't speak for the rest of your mates, but one of the things I love most about you, is how big of a heart you have. You shower your friends, family, and mates with so much affection and love, that it often leaves me battled at how you manage it without burning out. I understand and accept the fact that you are in love with other women, and that I'm not always going to be the one that's on your mind. It doesn't mean I love you any less, because you think about them. The fact that you're so worried about focusing your attention on the one you should be focusing on, just proves to me, that this isn't just some fling to you. Even on your honeymoon, you can't just forget about your other lovers. I understand that, and I think, were I in Daphne's position, I would be very thankful and appreciative of the effort you put into making me the center of attention, despite your desire to love all of your mates equally." Gaia offered earning a gentle smile from Riley.

"Perhaps you should start taking them out individually when they have time. As you said, each one of them has a schedule so they're not all, always going to be free, so maybe taking the time that they individually have to spend time with them, will help you occupy your time." Gaia continued after a moment, causing Riley's smile to grow just a bit more.

"Hmm… you know, who'd have thought that it would be you I'd be getting relationship advice from." Riley noted with a giggle, earning a smile from Gaia.

"I solve problems. That is one of the major functions of a Kage. Big problems and little problems. Hopefully my advice will help you. Or maybe it'll inspire you. Regardless, I'll have offered my two-cents." Gaia responded, receiving a nod of agreement from Riley.

"Hmm… maybe I'll try that. All I know is that I need something to fucking do. Between training, and learning new skills, I'm pretty much bored shitless. Itachi only offers me the occasional bit of work at the Hidden Village, and most of that is just training jobs for the new recruits. I mean I understand, most of the work the village is getting right now is beneath me, and so he wants the others to build up their skills and experience by handling them, but man… without Hogwarts or a war to fight, I've just got too much damn time on my hands." Riley muttered, sounding bummed out.

"The problem with that Riley, is that despite your love for training, you do it in Kamui. You spend a week or two in there every single day, and on the outside only a few minutes pass. You fill the rest of your day learning various 'skills' like cooking, gardening, and… what else was it?" Gaia began to explain though she stopped and paused as she tried to recall just what else Riley had taken as a 'hobby' to fill her time with.

"I'm learning to play the violin." Riley chirped in reply, causing Gaia to nod in remembrance.

"What I'm trying to say Riley, is because you literally have all the time in the world, you don't know what to do with all of it. Maybe find more instruments to learn how to play. Maybe learn other skills. You told me you dreamed of building a paradise right?" Gaia inquired, earning a nod from Riley, she continued, "Well then, have you looked into history? There has been who knows how many civilizations throughout the Earth's history. Perhaps you should study them. Learn where they succeeded and where they failed. Learn from their triumphs or failures. The least you could do is maybe learn city-planning. Learn how to build your own town. You have the free time, so maybe look into it. It can't hurt."

Riley looked thoughtful as Gaia explained this to her. After a few moments she offered her mate a smile. "Perhaps you're right. Maybe I will start taking a look at history. After all, what could it hurt?"

Gaia was about to respond when she heard a knock at her door. She turned towards it, and motioned for one of her guards to let the person in.

They did so, and in walked one of her Anbu.

"My lady. A squad of Legionaries has arrived at our gates. They claimed to have killed Kakuzu of Taki." The Anbu offered, earning a nod from Gaia.

"Allow them entrance." She then turned to Riley. "Think about what I said. Maybe it'll help you stave off boredom. Human civilization has been around for eons. Who knows what you'll find if you go looking."

"I'll do that. Thank you for your wisdom, Lady Kazekage." Riley responded with a charming smile. She then leaned down and kissed Gaia on the lips. It was gentle, and almost chaste, but Gaia could detect the underlying hints of passion that always accompanied Riley's kisses.

Riley was quick to pull away, offering Gaia one last smile before she vanished in a burst of speed.

From there, Riley quickly retrieved her comrades and brought them back to Britain, the body of Kakuzu, safely in tow.

- Hyuuga compound, Pentref Cysgodian Hud, July 21st 1998-

Naruko and Hinata sat together watching from a distance as Riley played with the now year old, Boruto.

Sitting next to them were Katie and Fleur, both of whom were also watching the demoness.

Riley was laying on her belly, propped up on one of her arms. Boruto sat in front of her, smiling and babbling at her as the two conversed.

"You are just the most adorable little guy, you know that?" Riley stated to the baby as she reached her hand out and ran it through his darkened locks.

In response, Boruto giggled, and continued his babbling. All the while reaching for Riley's hand to hold.

"She's so good with him." Katie said to Fleur, receiving a nod from the woman in reply.

"He never seems to cry whenever his aunt is around." Hinata noted.

"I think it's her eyes. He likes the pattern in them, it draws his attention." Naruko stated.

"Maybe it's just because it reminds him of your eyes." Hinata offered up.

"I don't think so. He's never this good for me. Always squawking and trying to get into things. I can never seem to keep his attention. Riley though… he just seems mesmerized by her. He's the same way with Hinata. He only gets in trouble with me." Naruko noted with a pout.

"Well isn't that kinda your role? Hinata is mommy, and he has to be an angel for mommy. With you, he can have fun and get into trouble. Your supposed to cover for him and teach him life lessons, and go on adventures with him." Katie stated, earning a smile from Hinata, while Naruko looked thoughtful.

"Hmm… maybe… I still think he's trying to figure me out. I don't know." Naruko said after a moment.

"You two just need some bonding time. I mean do you really want him to just sit around and do nothing all day, or do you want him to start exploring and engaging the world? With Hinata, he seems more focused on her, but with you he obviously feels safe enough to go explore." Katie noted.

"She's right. I don't think it has anything to do with your relationship, or lack of one. I think he just feels safe around you, and is encouraged to go do things." Hinata agreed.

Naruko again looked thoughtful at hearing that, she then turned her attention back over to Riley and Boruto, as she heard Boruto let out a squeal of glee.

Riley was now on her back, holding the child above her. He was giggling gleefully as he reached down towards her.

"Have you two thought about having another?" Katie inquired after a moment. Hearing her question, both Naruko and Hinata shared a look and simultaneously blushed.

"Is that a yes?" Katie asked, noting their reactions.

"We've talked about it, yeah. Maybe when Boruto's two or three we'll give it a shot. I know I've always wanted to have a few kids, so I guess we'll just have to see what happens. What about you guys? I've noticed Riley's been spending more time around here, and that got me wondering..." Naruko responded giving Katie and Fleur a curious look.

"I'm gonna wait a few years. Maybe, when I'm in my twenties, I'll be more into it. Right now I'm more focused on me, you know." Katie responded, earning a nod from Naruko and Hinata, whom then turned their attention to Fleur.

"Riley and I have talked about it. We cannot settle on a date for when we want to get married. I zink I am ready to start a family, but I would like to be married before we bring a baby into the world." Fleur replied.

"I see. So what's the issue with the wedding date?" Naruko inquired.

"Well we cannot decide what type of wedding we want, and we cannot seem to agree on how long we should give ourselves to plan it out. I honestly zink if zis keeps up, Riley is just going to drag me before a goblin, and we will end up eloped." Fleur replied with a minor chuckle as she brushed some of her hair behind her ear.

"Well, that could be fun too. Just the two of you, saying your vows, swearing your love, and then you disappear into the great unknown for a few days to unwind and enjoy yourselves." Katie stated, earning a look from Fleur.

"Oh, is zat how you want to get married?" Fleur inquired.

"No, I think I'd like something fancy, and fun. Something colorful and with some cool music. You just need to stop worrying about the little things and set a date. Just pick a time, and roll with it." Katie responded.

Fleur gave her an inquisitive look, but decided to take this opportunity to redirect the conversation and she turned her attention to Naruko and Hinata.

"Have you two talked about marriage?" Fleur asked, causing the two to blush.

"Um… yeah. We um- we decided we were going to look into something maybe in the winter time." Naruko replied.

"Really? That's great! Have you told Riley yet?" Katie asked.

"She kinda just guessed it. This was about a week ago. We set the date, and I spent the whole day grinning like an idiot. Riley took one look at me and said 'congrats'. She knew immediately." Naruko explained to the two.

"She has that way about her. I zink she's been reading our minds a lot more. I see it in her eyes, whenever we touch. She does well hiding it on her face, but whenever I zink something, something romantic, or touching, I see the love in her eyes, like she knows it. I do not know if she's just using Legilimency or if zis is new, but I can tell it is happening." Fleur stated earning herself a very curious look from Katie whom hadn't noticed that.

While Katie sent a glance over at Riley, and blushed a bit at the implication of Riley being in her head and hearing all the sappy, lovey-dovey, and lewd things that passed through her mind. And that was just in connection with Riley. Not knowing how far Riley's mind-reading abilities went, led to the possibility of her hearing all sorts of dumb things that passed through Katie's mind from time to time. The thought nearly horrified her.

Before Katie could dwell on it for a too long, sound caught her ears, as several Hyuuga raced up to Hinata and one of them whispered something to her.

"See them in." Hinata responded to her clansmen, whom nodded and quickly headed away.

"What's up?" Katie reflexively asked, before Naruko could.

"Lord Uchiha is here, with some of his clansmen." Hinata replied as she rose from her seat.

The three others followed suite as Itachi entered the room. Behind him was Shisui Uchiha, whom was half-dragging a disgruntled Sasuke Uchiha, as well as several other Uchiha clan members. Karin Uzumaki was also with them, wearing a happy grin, and honestly, looking like she was on cloud nine.

"Lord Uchiha." Hinata offered as a greetings.

"Lady Hyuuga. Thank you for allowing us entrance. I heard that Riley was here." Itachi responded. Hinata nodded over to where Riley lay, baby Boruto still held aloft in her arms. Both of them were looking over at the commotion with curious gazes.

Hinata let out a silent sigh of relief as Itachi offered her a thankful nod and walked towards Riley, followed closely by his troop. Itachi was the Lord-Commander of the Hidden Village. Someone like that, doesn't usually make house calls unless something important was going on.

She hung back, along with Naruko, Katie, and Fleur whom all watched and listened with great curiosity.

Seeing them heading for her, Riley brought the baby down to her arms and sat up, setting Boruto in her lap and resting her chin on the top of his head and hugging the baby to her, earning a playful coo from him.

Itachi offered the baby a pleasant smile before turning his attention to Riley.

"What's up?" Riley inquired.

Itachi just stared back for several long seconds, a trademark Uchiha smirk, holding steady on his face. He then turned his gaze over towards Sasuke as Shisui playfully shoved the Uchiha heir forward, to stand next to his brother.

Sasuke sent a glare towards Itachi, obviously being forced here against his will. He then let out a loud sigh and dropped to the ground, sitting before Riley and offering her a bow.

"Lady Riley, as head of the Uzumaki clan, I Sasuke Uchiha, have formally come to ask for your blessing in approaching Karin Uzumaki, for her hand in marriage." Sasuke stated, formally and directly. It quickly dawned on the ladies in the background, that this was formal clan business. Some things may have changed since leaving the Elemental Nations, like for instance most clans weren't such sticklers for tradition anymore, but many still followed some basic protocols.

In this case, while tradition was still being followed, instead of making a formal meeting with Riley, so that they could set a date to meet and have this discussion, they just tracked her down and got it out of the way. Which Riley definitely would appreciate.

Riley stared at Sasuke intently for a few moments, as a grin spread across her face. She then glanced as the giddy form of Karin.

"How far along?" Riley inquired.

"I just found out today." Karin replied, finding it hard not to squeal with joy.

Riley was very hands off in how she handled clan business. She wasn't much for many old traditions, and kept things rather basic, but she could understand that this was business between the Uchiha and the Uzumaki. Two great families with long lineages. While technically speaking, their bloodlines had already merged when Madara and Kaguya had a son, and then again with Minato and Kushina, in both cases that had been an Uchiwa, not one of the Uchiha, so it was still a new joining.

Riley offered the woman a nod and turned her gaze back to Sasuke.

Her smile morphed into a smirk, as she narrowed her eyes at him. "Couldn't hide it from big brother for more then a day?"

"That wasn't my fault. Karin woke the entire compound when she found out. She told everyone between the bathroom and my bedroom. Itachi just so happened to be one of them." Sasuke bit out in response as he sent a glare at his brother and girlfriend. Itachi stared back, still smirking, taking pleasure in Sasuke's discomfort, while Karin was unfazed.

"Well, I'm happy for both of you. I assume you actually want to get married?" Riley inquired, earning an emphatic nod from Karin, while Sasuke let out a sigh, but then nodded.

Riley knew where his displeasure stemmed from. Sasuke Uchiha was a perfectionist, and liked to have things done in a specific order, at a specific time, and in a specific way. He was not one for surprises if he could help it. That wasn't to say that Sasuke didn't want to marry his girlfriend, but he had probably preferred to do things at his own pace, but with a baby on the way, he wasn't about to dance around the issue. If his hand was being forced, he'd take responsibility.

His exasperation at being dragged here by his kinsmen to make sure he didn't procrastinate, was probably something that added to his discomfort.

"You care for her?" Riley inquired.

"I do." Sasuke responded.

"You'll raise this child, teach it right from wrong, be a decent father?" Riley asked.

"I will." Sasuke again responded, not looking away from Riley's gaze.

"You swear that no matter what happens between you and Karin, you'll always take care of your child?" Riley asked one final time.

"I'm not going to walk out on my child. This baby will be one of the first steps in rebuilding our clan. Uchiha, Uchiwa, it doesn't matter to me. Both sides of our family were nearly driven to extinction. The Uzumaki are a part of this too. I plan on seeing to it that this baby makes it to adulthood, and lives a long and happy life." Sasuke stated, a small amount of passion sneaking into his words as he tried to remain cool and aloof.

In the background, Naruko smirked at her longtime best-friend and rival.

Riley stared at him intently for several long moments before nodding.

"Alright then. I consent to this match and offer my blessings. I hope you two are very happy together. I assume you brought him here because you consent as well?" Riley turned her gaze to Itachi. The man in question offered her a nod.

"Yes. I'm happy to see my little brother starting a family. I wish he were a bit older, but I guess when you put an Uchiha and an Uzumaki together, responsible decisions are not as likely to happen." Itachi noted, earning a chuckle from his kinsmen, and an outright laugh from Shisui.

"Yeah, come on Sasuke, didn't your sensei teach you that only fools don't wrap their tools?" Shisui inquired, earning a glare from Sasuke.

"Don't blame me. She's the reason we ran out." Sasuke jerked his thumb at Karin, whom blushed and looked away. All the while fixing her glasses as she tried to hide said blush.

"Condoms? You didn't just use a jutsu? Or a spell? Or just pulled out?" Riley inquired as she covered Boruto's ears with her hands.

Sasuke just stared at her, and again jerked his thumb accusingly at Karin. Riley sent a glance at her, and smirked.

"Uzumaki are quite wild. I honestly never wanted to know what Professor Snape looked like after a night of passionate love making, but thanks to my mother and her Uzumaki lust, she left the poor man unable to even speak straight." Riley stated, as Karin turned even redder.

"You're one to talk Riley." Katie called out to her, earning a playful grin from Riley.

"You love it." Riley called back, causing Katie to make a face, to hide her own minor blush at the implication of that rebuttal.

"Well. We should celebrate. Let's all go play a drinking game. We'll guess the positions these two have tried, and every time Karin blushes, we take a shot." Riley offered, earning cheers from some of Itachi's kinsmen, which were quickly silenced when he sent a glance back at them.

"See that's a trap. Given the fact this poor bastard hasn't left his room in twelve hours, I'm guessing we'll all be suffering from cirrhosis of the liver within ten minutes." Shisui responded, earning a shake of the head from Itachi, and a glare from Karin and Sasuke.

"Hey! I don't like what you're insinuating there." Karin hissed causing Shisui to smirk.

"I insinuate nothing. I was just pointing out that you were keeping little Sasuke here quite busy since he came back from his mission." Shisui responded, and then quickly jumped away as Karin went after him.

"Family's growing." Riley noted earning a pleasant smile from Itachi. "How does that sound Boruto? Would you like a new friend to spend time with?"

The baby of course didn't answer. He was more interested in grasping at the long strands of dark hair that framed Riley's face, and tickled at the baby's head.

-Riley's Home, London. July 25th 1998-

Katie pressed a hand over her mouth to muffle her cry of pleasure. She could feel Riley's whole body pressed against her, her lover's large breasts, pressed against her back. Katie was on her knees, with Riley taking her ass from behind. One of Riley's arms held Katie tightly to her, as she roughly and passionately fondled Katie's breasts, while the other hand was occupied with Katie's pussy.

Katie was doing her best to avoid waking the others, as she and Riley made love. A unique development in returning home after the war. Despite living together, the days of all of them engaging in group orgies had dwindled down to maybe once or twice every two weeks or so. They all had schedules now, and for each one, it was different. Nowadays there were very few times when the harem had the following morning free, and could stay up late enjoying a passionate night. Most of the time nowadays, Riley would have sex with maybe one or two of them every night, and occasionally when she was in the mood, or when she had a sexual episode, she would drag them all into Kamui and have sex with them there, so that they could return and still get the required amount of sleep and rest, to recover from the night's activities.

With that in mind, Katie was trying to be quiet. She knew she wasn't doing a very good job, though luckily, some of her fellow mates, were deep sleepers. Others though, weren't. Her eyes briefly flickered to Fleur's slumbering form. She knew the Veela wasn't a very deep sleeper and a loud moan or even too much movement on the bed, would wake her.

Luckily, magic was quite useful in the manipulation of certain factors, and Katie had done her best to ensure that her fellows weren't disturbed by their raunchy love-making.

She clamped her lips shut as she felt her release build to it's climax.

Partway through the throws of pleasure, Katie felt Riley release into her, cumming hard and releasing a muffled moan of sweet bliss, and hugging Katie close with both arms as she filled her insides.

Now being supported by Riley, Katie wrapped both her hands around her mouth to stop the scream of pleasure that nearly tore out of her mouth. The pleasurable magics accompanying Riley's release, always intensified the experience, and in most cases, could cause her to climax, just from that alone. Adding it onto her own release, was quite frankly the most wonderful experience, Katie could name.

She had shut her eyes and stiffened as she rode out the waves of pleasure that flowed through her body. As she was coming down from the throes of pleasure she heard a musical giggle, that was oh so familiar.

Before Katie could open her eyes, she felt soft lips brush the back of her hand. She smiled, while keeping her eyes shut. She knew that her attempts to remain quiet had failed, and that a certain someone had been stirred from her restful slumber.

Katie removed her hands from her mouth and let out a gentle sigh. Within a moment, she felt gentle breath brush against her lips. Katie leaned forward, allowing her lips to meet with Fleur's the two kissing gently, and passionately, while Riley watched.

The two held the kiss for several long seconds, their tongues intertwining in a passionate wrestle to claim the others mouth. Finally Katie pulled back and opened her eyes, meeting with Fleur's vibrant blues eyes staring back at her.

"There is somezing so carnal about you when you're like zis. Like a wild animal..." Fleur noted, earning a minor blush from Katie as she brushed some of her long brunette locks over her shoulder and away from her face.

"Before you even say, 'don't blame me', I just want to remind you that I've seen you masturbate, you don't need me or anyone else to get you to act like this." Riley stated, just as Katie was about to respond.

Katie's mouth clamped shut as she allowed her head to fall slightly, and her hair to fall forward and obscure her face.

"It is nothing to be ashamed of my love. You are wild and passionate in ze bedroom. I love zat about you." Fleur stated as she reached through Katie's hair and took her chin in her delicate fingers. She guided Katie back up so that the two were face to face again, and Fleur quickly closed the gap and kissed her once more.

Katie smiled into the kiss, and then proceeded to moan as Riley started to thrust into her again.

The two separated, as Katie let out a pleasured sigh.

"You just can't get enough, can you Riley?" Katie inquired, while wiggling her ass, earning a smirk from her demonic lover as she continued to thrust into her.

"Of your sexy ass? Not in a thousand lifetimes will I be bored with it." Riley responded as she wrapped her arms around Katie, seizing her breasts in both hands and pulling her up to press against Riley.

"You want in?" Riley inquired, glancing at Fleur as she proceeded to kiss at Katie's neck.

Fleur stared back for several moments, wondering if she should or not. She entertained the thought for just long enough so that she could later convince herself that she wasn't as much of a sex-fiend as Riley or Katie was. Fleur had her pride, and she hated the stereotype that Veela were all sluts. But in many cases it wasn't just a stereotype. If a Veela found the right partner, she'd almost never turn down sex, and if that Veela was with her soul mate, then 'almost never', turned into 'never'.

Still Fleur belonged to a proud highborn lineage, and she wasn't just going to jump into a sexual encounter like a bitch in heat. Despite wanting too. Fleur secretly hoped that she had been wrong about Riley's ability to read her mind. Not that she had much to hide, but she didn't want her beloved mate to know just how much she craved her touch, especially now.

Fleur was twenty-one by this point in time, and she was at the beginning of her kinds breeding age. Most Veela could live for about a hundred-and-seventy years or so, and around the time they turned twenty is when they started their breeding cycles and could start reproducing. Veela were not overly fertile, so they had sex quite often during this time, and Fleur knew that very soon it wouldn't just be Riley's desire to reproduce that drove their sex life, but Fleur's own instincts urging her to mother as many offspring as she could with her powerful mate.

Fleur desperately did not want anyone to know how much she wanted to be in Katie's place right now. If anyone knew, to the exact level that Fleur desired such things, they'd probably see her differently.

After allowing several long moments of contemplation to pass, Fleur accepted, knowing full well she wouldn't have been able to sleep had she chosen not too.

She intended to do as she always had, acting the part of sensual expert, and handling this with all the grace she had been trained with as a girl. But before she could move, one of Riley's tails shot forward seizing the front of Fleur's panties and tearing them off, earning a startled gasp from both Fleur and Katie.

Riley's tail then brushed against the entrance to Fleur's cunt, running along it, and enticing it's wetness to spread.

Fleur let out a small moan of pleasure as she felt magic course through Riley's tail and pass into her body, causing her to grow an eight inch long cock.

Fleur eyed the large erection with surprise before turning her gaze to Riley.

Riley returned her surprise with a predatory smirk and moved her arms underneath Katie, scooping her up while she continued to thrust into her ass.

Holding her up, Riley presented the Gryffindor's cunt for Fleur to take if she wanted it.

Katie must have realized this because she blushed brightly, and almost looked like she was suddenly feeling shy.

It took a moment, but Fleur's surprise faded and she crawled forward. Gently and passionately she inserted her cock into Katie's waiting entrance, and pressed her lips to the Gryffindor's neck.

The two separated after a moment as Katie let out a mewl of pleasure. Fleur smiled and pulled herself tight up against Katie's body, sandwiching her between her and Riley. She then leaned over Katie's shoulder, meeting Riley in a passionate kiss, as the two proceeded to take Katie for all that she was worth.

All Katie could do was wrap her arms around the Veela and kiss at her neck as she tried in vain to muffle her moans once more.

Several hours later, and Daphne found her eyes sliding open to reveal the darkened ceiling of her bedroom.

The scent of sex, caught her attention immediately, but she chose not to dwell on it. She had things to do this morning, and she needed to get ready.

There was a weight across her chest, and she could feel someone's body tucked against her. Shifting herself to get a better view, Daphne was able to spot the top of Luna's head. The Ravenclaw was tucked into her side, one arm draped across Daphne's chest.

Daphne allowed a small smile to spread across her face. In private, she was alright with intimate contact, even from one of her fellow mates, and Luna was simply such a sweetheart that none of them had the heart to deny the young woman, the contact she desired.

Once, not that long ago, Katie and Daphne had, had a discussion about Luna's apparent need to be in physical contact with others, all the time. They discussed it at length for nearly an hour when Riley popped by, overheard what they were discussing and offered up her own opinion.

Riley had told them that she suspected it had to do with the death of Luna's mother when she was just a little girl. She lost her mother, and since then, craved physical contact from feminine sources. When she cuddled with them, it was less to do with sex or romance, and more to do with seeking comfort from a mother.

Both of them found themselves agreeing with Riley in that respect. From that point onward, Daphne never so much as hesitated to allow Luna some form of physical contact. She only regretted that she was so weary of public displays of affection, in the early parts of their relationship, because now, Luna knew who to go to for such contact, and sadly, Daphne was not one of those people. At least not out in the open.

Daphne didn't like that about herself. She didn't like that she gave off that aura to one of the people she cared so much about. In many ways, her fellow mates weren't just her friends or her lovers, they were much closer then that, and when one of them hurt, they all hurt.

Daphne smiled lightly and ran a hand over Luna's bangs. She then whispered to Riley over their bond, drawing movement from her demonic mate.

Riley was laying behind Luna, cuddled up to someone, it looked like Kaede. She glanced over and slid an arm around Luna, pulling her away from Daphne, and into her side. Luna accepted the movement and cuddled into Riley's embrace, while Daphne took the opportunity to get out of bed.

It was still pitch black out, but the sun would be rising soon.

Daphne sent a mental thanks to Riley as she grabbed some clothes and darted into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Riley merely hummed in response, pulling Luna and Kaede closer to her, and drawing in their warmth, and their dreams.

With the contact came the mental bond, which showed Riley what was playing out in her beloved mate's minds.

Kaede's dream was rather lighthearted, and simply involved her chasing and being unable to catch her dog.

Meanwhile Luna's dream involved some strange creature, that was seemingly made of different animal parts, and it was playing a kazoo.

Riley chose to block out both of them, before she grew too ingrained it whatever they were dreaming of. Instead she filled her mind with plans for the coming day. What she would do, and how she'd go about doing it.

Several hours passed as her mates rose to get ready for their days. Soon it was just Riley and Luna, still laying in bed. Both spent a few hours cuddled up next to one another, just walking about things and occasionally listening to the radio.

It was around noon by the time the two rose and entered the bathroom to get ready for the day.

The two found themselves in the bath, Luna laying against Riley, while the two soaked in the warm water.

"Fleur wants to have a baby." Luna noted out of the nowhere.

"I know." Riley responded with a smile as she gently played with Luna's wet hair.

"Why don't you give her one?" Luna inquired.

"She wants to be married first." Riley replied.

"Then marry her." Luna stated, causing Riley's smile to grow.

"I plan on it. We've been working on planning the date, but she can't decide what she would like more. A summer wedding, a fall wedding, a winter wedding." Riley said to her as she ran her nails along the back of Luna's neck.

"Are you putting the onus on her to make the decision? What do you want?" Luna asked.

"I want to marry her. And I want her to have her dream wedding. Daph was really hands off with it, because she's like me. She didn't care about how we were married, only that we were. Daphne never cared for a dream wedding. She never thought she'd get one anyway. But Fleur… Fleur's always wanted her perfect dream wedding. She never thought she'd get it either, but then she found me. Learned that I was her mate, and now, not only does she have her soul mate, but the chance to have the dream wedding she's always wanted. I don't care where we go. I don't care what we do. If she wants to be married in a grand cathedral with both of us dressed to our best, or if she wants to elope naked in the woods and have some faerie folk marry us. Either way, I'd be happy." Riley answered her.

"You don't have a dream wedding?" Luna inquired.

"No. I don't care how it happens. I'll remember it for the rest of my life. No matter how big or small. I wont force her to choose. Whatever Fleur wants, she'll get. And I'll be happy. If that means I have to wait a bit longer so that we can start our family, and finally tie the knot, then that's fine. I've got all the time in the world after all." Riley replied to her question, kissing the back of Luna's head as she did.

Luna smiled at that, and snuggled closer to Riley, if such a thing was even possible.

"So I take it that I should start planning our wedding then? So that when the time comes, I know exactly what I want." Luna stated after a few quiet seconds.

"I'd appreciate it. Got any ideas so far?" Riley asked in reply.

"That 'eloping naked in the woods' sounds tempting." Luna answered, earning her a giggle from Riley.

The two were quiet for several long moments when Riley suddenly felt something. Her senses picked up a surge of demonic energy.

Luna felt Riley shift and turned herself to face Riley.

"A demon just awoke. No… a half-demon. In the U.S..." Riley stated as she rose to her feet.

"Just like the Darkness. It might be one of yours." Luna stated as she stared up at Riley.

"Maybe. I need to go and check. I'll be back." Riley stated as clothes materialized around her body, and she shot into the air, disappearing through the ceiling like it wasn't even there.

"Stay safe." Luna whispered over their mental bond as Riley flew away, racing across the ocean towards the continental United States.

It had been over a year since Riley had encountered or searched for any of her missing children. Now another was possibly present, and using it's demonic powers. This half-demon was strong. Very strong. Strong enough that she could feel it from a half a world away. Riley focused and concentrated on closing the distance towards it's location.

She could feel it, coming from the heartland of the U.S. Somewhere in the middle of the country, a half-demon was unleashing it's power. And Riley intended to find it.

Within seconds she was crossing over the mainland of the U.S.

Within another few seconds she was slowing her speed as she closed in on the demonic presence. Her search brought her to a small collection of mountains, and in the dead center of the half-demons power, sat a large mansion.

Riley focused on it, activating her Byakugan and commencing a scan of the building. She intended to find this half-demon and figure out who it was. If it was an enemy, she'd deal with it, and if it was one of her children, then she'd find the reason why they were suddenly unleashing their demonic side.

Either way, Riley's plans for the day had been scrapped. It was time for another adventure.

-Arklay Mountains, USA, July 25th 1998-

-To Be Continued-

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