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Broken Angel: Rising Demon

Chapter 28: The Seventh Member.

-Riley's Home, December 7th 1999-

Returning home after one of these trips was always a bit strange. Reappearing where they began, literally like closing the book on an adventure.

After securing Azula and Shakik, the trio were drawn back to the present.

The first thing Riley did was fly into the arms of her other mates, happy to see them again after several weeks away.

"If feels so weird, just returning like this." Yugito noted, glancing down at her hands as she did.

"Yeah. It's pretty crazy." Gaia agreed.

"Hey well at least you aren't tired anymore." Shukaku stated from within Gaia's mind.

"What are you talking about?" Gaia replied, confused.

"Remember when we left? You were sleepy, the trip must have woken you up some." Shukaku said to her.

Gaia was quiet for a moment, wondering why the Raccoon would even mention it. The One-Tails was, in all respects, actually crazy, so there was generally no method to it's madness, but it was interesting for it to note something like that.

Even more so because he was right. Gaia had been exhausted when Riley came to fetch her for this trip, and yet, now she stood perfectly fine. She felt exactly as she had when they had left the Bending Nations. In fact… if she remembered correctly, she was tired when they had arrived in the Bending Nations.

"Didn't Riley say this whole process was us just living through the memories of our alternate selves?" Gaia thought to herself.

"Huh… maybe the raccoon is right and those memories pushed back my exhaustion… I'm not sure." Gaia continued to think as she gazed over to Riley who was smooching on her other mates and telling them about their adventure.

"Come on, let's go and get Azula and her baby. Let them meet the family." Riley called out to Yugito and Gaia.

The two joined with everyone else as they headed outside where Riley retrieved the scroll that contained her daughter and grandchild.

She unsealed the two, leaving a dumbfounded Azula, standing in a circle of people, with her baby.

Introductions were carried out, though Azula was mostly quiet and kept to herself. She did take note of the incredible number of siblings she possessed, as well as the wide variety of mannerisms that they possessed. Considering all of them had been raised differently, it wasn't a surprise, but seeing that some ran the gambit of kind of gentle, to monstrous and bloodthirsty, to playful and sporadic, to cold, calculating, and manipulative, it really was incredible.

To avoid feeling too constrained or overwhelmed, Riley created Azula her own little house right next door to Riley's home, offering to do the same for any of her other children that wanted a bit more space, but Riley could tell that Azula wasn't as interested in learning about her family as she was with simply having the chance to start over and get away from Ozai's manipulations and the lie that was her life.

That was alright, not all of Riley's children were interested in their family. Wesker had his own ideology and pursuits, Zabuza was only really close with Haku, Alma was afraid of other people and still hid within Riley's mind. It was fine if they chose to live solitary lives, or just wanted to be left alone. Riley didn't hold it against them, and offered them help if they needed it. If not, she was content with them just being happy.

-Riley's Home, December 8th 1999-

Riley had just collected Yugito and Gaia, with intentions of returning to the Bending Nations to see how Toph. Ursa, and Zuko were doing, as well as to see what became of their friends in the teens they'd spent several weeks with.

"You sure you don't wanna come along?" Riley asked Azula.

"I'm not really interested. They'll most likely travel out here to meet the rest of the family so I'll see Zuzu and Ursa then. Otherwise, I don't really care about what's gone on their since our departure." Azula responded.

"Alright then." Riley conceded before turning towards Yugito and Gaia.

"Ready?" Riley asked them, earning a nod from both them, she reached out and drew the two into Kamui. Once there she brought the three of them out, within the Bending Nations. They were in the Earth Kingdom, near to where they had first started their journey.

-Earth Kingdom, Bending Nations-

Riley reached out with her senses, picking up Toph's location somewhere in the Earth Kingdom.

Riley, Yugito, and Gaia, quickly headed off in that direction. Few people were encountered on their travels as they made their way towards a large swamp.

The entered into the swamp with little hesitation and headed deep into it's recesses. Their journey drew them towards a towering tree at the heart of the swamp where Toph was camped out in a nearby cave.

They arrived at the cave entrance, only to find the small child they had left the day before, was now a full grown woman.

"I was wondering when you were gonna show up." A now full grown Toph greeted the trio.

"Toph!" Riley greeted with a smile.

"I've been waiting for you guys. I knew that day was coming up soon." Toph said to them as she approached the trio.

"How have you been?" Gaia asked.

"Me? Had my ups and downs over the years. Helped start a new nation, worked as a police chief for a while, tried my hand at being a mom, worked on creating a new bending style, all with varying degrees of success." Toph answered her.

In the nearly seventy years since their departure, Toph had grown up. She kept her hair, basically the same, as when she was a kid. She had grown pretty tall, taller than the average woman. Her stance was far more powerful than before, and magic seemingly radiated off of her, showing the vast increase in her powers. Despite still appearing blind, there was an intensity to her gaze, a familiar showing for those with a potent and powerful dōjutsu.

She hadn't aged much past adulthood, and the malevolent power of demonic Youki, flowed within her veins. With her demonic powers activated, she most likely wouldn't age at all, or if she did, it would be very slowly.

All in all, Toph seemed to have grown up well. There was strength in her stance, and in her posture, more so than even when she was a child. Her powers had no doubt grown since that time, and it reflected in the way she held herself.

"You had kids?" Gaia inquired, curiously.

"Yeah, two. Lin and Suyin. Good girls, both of them, but they drive me nuts sometimes. Lin is a lot like me, she's Police Chief in Republic City, last I heard, following in my footsteps. Suyin is also a lot like me, though more like how I was as a kid. She was always rebellious and that caused friction between my daughters. They fought incessantly, drove me crazy half the time. I love them to death, but they can really be a handful when they're together. They've been in the middle of a fight for the last few decades, and I've done my best to wash my hands of the spat. If they wanna fight over stupid things, I'll let them argue, I'm here if either of them need me, but otherwise they're gonna have to figure things out between themselves, on their own." Toph explained to the trio.

"Sounds like me and my twin." Riley noted with a chuckle.

"Like I said, I love them to death, they're both the light of my life, but at some point you just gotta take a step back and let the kids hash it out on their own. They've gotta grow up at some point and realize that their argument is ultimately ridiculous and it's only hurting themselves, and Lin's relationship with her nephews and niece." Toph continued.

"Nephews and niece? So you have a grandchildren as well?" Yugito noted, earning a nod from Toph.

"Yeah, good kids, all of them, five in total. Four boys, and a girl. All of them are interesting in their own unique ways, Suyin definitely takes after her grandmother in the progeny department." Toph noted with a smirk, earning a laugh from Riley.

"Wow… who'd have thought it. You, a mother? And now a gushing grandmother. Wait, that would make me a great-grandmother…" Riley began, only to suddenly stop when she came to that realization.

"How many living generations of your family is that, six? Seven? It'd be seven right?" Yugito ran the numbers through her head. From Hashirama, to Suyin's kids, that was six generations of living family members that Riley now had.

"Damn…" Riley muttered.

"You're getting old." Toph joked, earning a chuckle from Riley.

"Yeah, feels like it. So… how are the others?" Riley inquired.

"Well… Ursa was doing pretty well for a while, she helped train me and Zuko in how to use our demonic powers, and she even showed us some more Ninjutsu. Helped teach Aang and the others as well. About twenty years ago or so, was the last time she and I spoke. She came to me and told me she was leaving, that there was something important that she needed to investigate. When I asked what it was and where she was going, she told me that she wasn't entirely certain, but that she felt like there was something calling out to her, over a great distance. It felt familiar too, she said she thought it might be one of our siblings, more specifically, a full demon sibling. She said that if she wasn't back by the time you reappeared, to tell you that she was all right, and not to worry, that she'd seek you out when she was finished with her task." Toph began, earning curiosity and concern from the trio as they shared looks with one another.

"I'll keep my eyes open for her, see if I can't sense her out. Hopefully she'll make an appearance soon." Riley stated after a moment of thought.

"As for Zuko, well he's doing just fine. He had a daughter, Izumi, the current Fire Lord. And Izume has two kids, Iroh, and Inae. Heck of a dynasty you've got going on, just in these lands, I must say." Toph continued, earning exasperation from Riley as she took in the number of new family members she now had. Toph had two kids, and one of those kids had five kids of her own, while Zuko had a daughter, with two kids of her own. That totaled out to ten new family members in the almost seventy years they'd been gone. The idea was almost whiplash inducing, considering it'd only been a day since the trio's journey within the Bending Nations, and now the two teens they had spent time with, were full grown adults with kids and grand-kids of their own.

"As for the others… well… Sokka passed away a few years back… Pretty spry in his old age, but, as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever. Katara's still around, last I heard. She and Aang had three kids, and last I heard as least one of their kids has kids of his own. Aang passed away a while back. Been about fifteen years now…" Toph offered to the trio, her tone solemn and thoughtful as she allowed her memories to fill her mind.

"Sorry to hear that… nothing does last forever, but I had hoped to see them again. I'm happy to hear Katara is still around, before we depart, I think I'll stop by and see her, not sure how many more chances I'll get." Riley said after a few moments to take in the news.

"I think she'd like that. She's down in the Southern Water Tribe, spends most of her time there at the White Lotus Compound. Avatar Korra lives there, receives special training, last I heard she was in the midst of learning Earthbending… or was it Firebending? I can't remember." Toph explained to them.

"Hmm… wasn't the Avatar supposed to go on some kind of spiritual journey or something to learn the elements?" Yugito inquired.

"Yeah, traditionally. I think it'd be good for her, but the White Lotus are a worrisome bunch. They're worried something bad will happen, and are nervous about the risks involved. They don't wanna run the risk that what happened with Aang will happen again. Before he passed away Sokka, with the help of Zuko and some others, dealt with a group of goons trying to kidnap Korra for whatever reason. World's still a dangerous place, so I understand the need for safety. Despite the things you shared with us about learning other elements and the like, they still try to hold to some tradition when it comes to the Avatar's training. Despite being able to, Katara hasn't taught Korra Airbending, instead opting to leave it in the hands of Tenzin, her son, who's followed in his father's footsteps as an Air Nomad. Having the Avatar learn from traditional masters, is still the focus, they just bring the masters to her, instead of sending her out for them. I get it, still think she's being coddled though…" Toph went over how things had changed over the years.

She was right, it did make sense, a shifting world, often led to the dismissal of certain traditions, though the three did agree that coddling someone as important as the Avatar was likely to backfire in some capacity. Still though, it wasn't their place to argue the point. The Avatar was tied to this world and it's balance, and they were simply visitors.

"Well, I hope it works out for them. We'll probably get the chance to see her when we go visit Katara. Why don't we go get Zuko and than head out there? I know many of your siblings are eager to meet you." Riley offered, earning a nod of agreement from Toph.

The four women gathered together, and Riley used Kamui to transport them to the Fire Capital.

Their arrival was met with sudden surprise by the guards and servants, but many relaxed when they saw Toph who proceeded through the palace like she owned it.

Toph was quickly able to locate her brother, her Byakugan activating for the briefest of moments as she led her family through the palace to where Zuko was, resting in a large garden.

"I was wondering when you were going to show yourselves." Zuko stated, raising his gaze from the pond sitting before him.

"Fire Lord." Gaia greeted respectfully, earning a soft smile from Zuko.

"Lady Kazekage, it's good to see you again. Grandmothers…" He turned his eyes towards Riley and Yugito.

"You're looking well." Riley offered to him, as the man rose to his feet.

He now stood taller than she did, his golden eyes, now seemed more alight with demonic power, reflecting an orange tinge to them, making them almost appear as if flame burned within them.

He had grown his hair out, though part of it was tied up in a small bun. He'd definitely grown into his features, more defined and powerful, looking a lot like his father, though there was kindness to be found. He had a strong appearance, but it wasn't as intimidating as his father's look, there was less malice in it, that is, if you avoided his eyes.

As Riley gazed at him, she felt a considerable demonic presence within him, potent power that far outweighed when he was a teen.

"Heh… his demonic powers have grown immensely. I can barely sense a human nature within him any longer. It's strange, unnatural even. I was almost certain he was a half-demon when we encountered him as a teenager…" Kurama noted, curiously.

"Huh… yeah, I thought so too. Though, he almost seems like his mother, like a full fledged devil. It's possible he embraced his demonic side fully, but even then, his humanity seems like barely an after-thought anymore. It feels so weak and far away. Embracing one's own demonic nature should allow their demonic powers to flourish but it wont turn them into a full demon. I wonder what caused this change…?" Riley thought to herself as she gazed at Zuko.

A side glance at her mates revealed that they had noticed the same thing, how the Fire Lord had changed in the years since they'd last seen him. No doubt their Bijuu had taken notice of the intense power of his demonic nature, that made him feel so much like his demonic mother and grandmother.

"So the day has finally come? Been here long?" Zuko inquired, with genuine curiosity.

"Not overly long. We arrived a short while ago and found Toph first out in the Earth Kingdom, we had a sit down and we chatted for a little while before heading out here to find you. How have things been?" Yugito answered.

"Ups and downs. Been relatively peaceful as of late. I can't complain." Zuko answered with a shrug.

"So, I heard you had a daughter, the current Fire Lord?" Riley inquired.

"Yes, Izumi. She's a natural politician. Cold, calculated, direct. She's done very well so far, I have few, if any complaints." Zuko offered to them.

"Well that's good. Always happy to hear that things are peaceful in my family's lives." Riley stated with a smile and a nod.

"So how long has it been for your guys?" Zuko asked.

"Only a day for us. We returned to our time, woke up Azula and Shakik, got them settled into a new home, and then the next day we came here to find you guys." Riley responded.

Zuko nodded thoughtfully at that, imagining what it'd be like to see his sister/aunt again after so many years, especially when it'd only been a day for her. It was no doubt going to be one helluva an interesting experience.

The group continued to chat for a while, discussing some events that had occurred over the years, before finally deciding to head off to the Southern Water Tribe. The meetings with the various grand-kids could wait for the moment, so as to allow everyone time to get acclimated to the situation. So their plan was to go and visit Katara, and then head to Britain so that Toph and Zuko could meet with their family members there, and then set up a time for those family members to come here and meet Zuko's and Toph's families.

Their arrival at the South Pole was a quiet reunion as they met up with Katara again. Unlike Toph and Zuko who hadn't aged much past adulthood, Katara was now an elderly woman. She greeted them kindly when they arrived, smiling broadly and hugging them all.

It was definitely a surprise seeing Katara so old, and it really hit home for Riley and her mates just how much time had really passed.

They spent a short while talking, discussing some of the things that had happened with Katara since their departure, and they got to hear a lot about her three children. Towards the end of their meeting, the group stepped out onto an overlook that peered down at a training arena where a young woman was training in Firebending. She was around fifteen or so years in age, and carried many of the typical features, of a Water tribesman, her skin was darker, her eyes bright blue, with dark brown hair.

The girl showed a modicum of skill in Firebending already, at the very least she had the power part down, though her footwork and style were all over the place. The typical sloppiness of someone in the early stages of learning.

She let out a loud cheer as the attempted and succeeded in a Firebending move. Her teacher offered her a compliment while she punched the air in victory.

"She's definitely got the cheerfulness that I remember." Riley noted with a chuckle.

"Korra is headstrong, and bold. She's wild and she's still learning discipline, but yes, she does have a very familiar spirit." Katara agreed with a smile.

"Should we go and meet her?" Yugito asked.

"No. Let her train. She's got other things to focus on right now than meeting with old friends. When the time is right, we'll have our reunion." Riley responded, earning a thoughtful nod from Gaia, while Yugito offered a noise of agreement.

"She grows stronger everyday. I just hope that free spirit of hers doesn't get her into too much trouble." Zuko stated, earning a snort of amusement from Toph.

"Just look at her, all of Twinkle-toes' cheerfulness and excitement, with none of the monks' training. She's gonna get into all sorts of trouble, I can feel it." Toph stated, chuckling to herself.

"You're probably right. I just hope that she grows from it. She cannot remain here forever. The world needs the Avatar. One day, she'll need to venture out on her own, and find her own path." Katara stated with a wizened gaze as she peered down at the young Avatar.

"One day, she'll be ready. For now, she's got her teachers, she's got time, so it's best to just let her focus on her training. As someone who can most definitely attest, training for the future has never done me any harm." Riley agreed with Katara.

The group continued to observe the Avatar's training for a short while longer before deciding to head out. Riley and company promised to return to visit sometime soon, which Katara was appreciative of, and Riley made a special promise that she would return to help with Korra's training at a later date. Being a powerful higher magical being, working with, and learning to understand Riley would benefit Korra as the Bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, just as it had helped Aang.

So with their promises made, the group headed out.

-Riley's Home. London, Albion-

Zuko's superior smirk, definitely irked Azula. After all their time apart, Zuko now towered over her, which lent to a sense of superiority which Azula couldn't help but find maddening.

The introduction of the two was met with the typical reception. Many of Riley's children came out to meet with their newest sibling and nephew.

For Toph and Zuko, it was really eye-opening to take in just how many siblings that they had, and just how massive their family was.

Of Riley's children, five didn't show up for the get together. Wesker was uninterested, which was the norm for him, same with Zabuza. The Darkness had no intentions of making an appearance, and neither did Alma, and finally Eleanor was busy burying herself in work in Rapture, and had to offer a rain-check, as she was close to a breakthrough on the project she was working on.

For the rest, Amaru, Elsa, Elizabeth, Haku, Schrödinger and Azula, it was a rather fun interaction, though the latter of the group Azula was more so interested in seeing how much Zuko had changed, and she showed an interest in Ursa's disappearance, but once her curiosity was sated, she slipped away, uninterested in hearing more, leaving the remainder of her siblings to chat with Zuko, and Toph.

Chatting and talking went well into the night, when Riley finally called upon Toph and Zuko to show off how their powers had grown since last she'd seen them. Riley had the two fight together, and Riley faced both at once, eager to see how well they'd managed to improve themselves in the decades since last she'd trained them.

Both were confidant and they prepared for the spar, they knew their powers had grown, and they were a competent duo, having worked together dozens of times in their shared history.

The duel between the three was spectacular to the eyes of the observers.

Zuko and Toph were quick to unleash an assault with their primary respective bending style.

Both unleashed a flurry of rapid attacks, sending a swarm of fireballs and earthen stones rushing as Riley in an attempt to throw her off balance.

The demoness proceeded to grin and dance around the incoming projectiles, her movements becoming a blur of motion as the two benders continued their offensive.

The others watched as the battle played out, taking in the scene of incredible magical power.

"More and more, Riley's brood continues to amaze me." Gaia noted to Yugito as they watched the fight.

"I know what you mean. It makes you wonder, just how strong they will be once they reach their prime." Yugito agreed.

The battle raged on, lasting nearly twenty minutes before finally be called to an end when Zuko and Toph began to tire. Riley was definitely having fun, dancing around their attacks, closing in to engage the two in taijutsu, where she got to experience both of their unique forms of close combat, with Zuko igniting twin blades of flame to fight with, where he would use the flaming swords to heat up the area around himself, to the point where it would become scalding hot, enough to burn normal people. While Toph would utilize and Earthbending taijutsu combo where she would engage in pure martial arts, striking out at Riley with foot or fist, while also manipulating the earth around her, either attacking with it, or even using her movements to shift the ground beneath Riley's feet to try and disorient or throw her off balance.

It was only a spar at the end of the day, despite how intense it had gotten, but both Toph and Zuko knew themselves well enough to know when they were reaching the point where it was time to stop playing and turn take the fight serious, so they chose to call an end to it before it reached that level of intensity.

That night Zuko and Toph were given a place to stay in Riley's house and they had dinner with their family, just spending time enjoying their new family members. Zuko had plans to hang around for a few days, meet with the family, and bond before returning to the Fire Nation, Toph meanwhile had no problems with hanging around for a while to get to know everyone and enjoy her time away. She had become a drifted after leaving her job as police chief of Republic City, so spending some time in Albion, learning about her mothers' homeland, and exploring new kinds of magic was right up her ally.

Riley was more than happy to have her there, taking the time after their battle to introduce Zuko and Toph to baby Lucille who spent most of the day sleeping. Before retiring for the night, Zuko went down to speak with Azula for a few short minutes and see Shakik once more. Azula tolerated his presence for a short while, especially when he shared that he had come to see the baby. She was more than happy to show off her son, so that got Zuko the time he needed to see the child once more. They chatted a bit, but spoke of nothing really important before Zuko left, returning to Riley's home where he could settle in for the night.

It was obvious that Azula would need some time to acclimate before she was ready to start dealing with people in general, let alone family. She was far more interested in focusing on herself and her son at the moment, which was understandable, so no one really questioned her on it.

-December 11th 1999-

In the days that followed, Riley's newest family members settled in with the rest of Riley's brood. Riley herself, split her time with her newest family members, as well as her family in general, taking time to just bond with them, in whatever form that took. The only other thing she really did was aid Artoria in whatever capacity she required of Riley, when it came to running the nation.

Things were relatively quiet on the international stage, as many of the surrounding nations were still reeling from Riley's actions against the U.S. fleet. Most had no idea how to respond to that, nor did they know what to do with the now isolated island nation. Attempts by foreign groups to ingratiate themselves with the new magical power, concerned many in the west and old Cold War era tensions began to smolder.

People within Albion were adapting as magic continued to flourish and magical technologies, goods, and services, began to spread among the populace. It was a time of upheaval for the economy as people had to adapt to the availability of new magical methods, that could sometimes render certain muggle services or goods, worthless, or at the very least, obsolete.

Just as a few examples, due to potions that could be used to alter a person's appearance permanently, the muggle service of plastic surgery was now rendered obsolete. Minor facial modifications could be adjusted with a small regiment of potions. Dentists and orthopedic surgeons were findings themselves in a difficult position due to potions that existed that one could take, that would correct issues with one's teeth. It was dynamic changes like this, that the new government was working on during this time of self-reflection to ensure that people were properly cared for. As businesses and even trades suddenly vanished or sprung to life, Artoria wanted to ensure that large sections of her populace didn't slip into joblessness or homelessness.

-December 13th 1999-

After spending a few days getting to know the family, Zuko finally returned to the Fire Nation. Toph remained as she said she would, interested in taking in the sights and strange oddities of the modern world. Thankfully, Zuko and her had received a bit of exposure to advanced technology within Republic City, which had become heavily modernized within the Bending Nations, and had technologies like airships, motor vehicles, radios, and the like.

So naturally, they were able to deal with those things, relatively easily, at least so far.

Not long after Zuko left, Toph and Riley began training as they once had, with Toph making plans to spend some time in Albion, learning things, before heading out to Sunagakure to see Gaia's homeland, and begin to show her mother how her Metalbending abilities had progressed.

That would be in a month or two, so for now, Toph was just interested in having some fun and enjoying herself in a strange new land.

-December 15th 1999-

Ancor Vantian had been released from Kamui, and had been placed under the command of Sky Ninja. The fortress had no set location and was set to simply patrol throughout the lands of Albion. The Sky Ninja could use it as a launch position to deploy their aerial forces from, and the standard Legion was given access to Floo networks tied into the flying fortress that would allow them to travel to it, through the floo network, so long as it was in the Albion airspace. This would allow the fortress to be used as a mobile deployment base.

While the fortress was in the air, military engineers were brought in to study it's design and determine how it would be best to outfit it with modern weaponry.

Riley had no doubts that parts of the ancient temple-fortress could be modified to allow it to fire missiles, or perhaps to launch helicopters from. With the fortress in the sky, new ideas were quickly put in place for aerial weapons, that could utilize similar technologies. The intention was to utilize the Lutece particle, as well as modern understanding of weapons platforms, to create an unrivaled air-force.

Studies and tests would need to be done, but already there were ideas out there for the construction of massive aerial vehicles, the likes of which, would not be possible without technology like that which was developed by Columbia.

While onboard Ancor Vantian, studies began into it's focused energy weapon. A tool that could gather massive quantities of magic within it, convert it into raw energy, and fire it across vast distances, striking at targets several hundred miles away with incredible accuracy.

The force behind such a weapon was enough to punch clean through a mountain, or perhaps wipe out much of a town. Definitely a weapon to studied, and built upon.

-London, Albion. December 20th 1999-

Riley and Yugito walked home during fresh snowfall after a successful date. The two held close to one another, basking in each other's warmth as they closed in on Riley's home.

"I had a lot of fun tonight." Yugito noted, earning a smile from Riley.

"Same. I was… hoping we could keep having fun, if you're interested?" Riley responded.

Yugito glanced at her, a shy smile touching at her lips, as she picked up on Riley's insinuation.

"Say Yes Kitten. Don't be a lonely maiden for the rest of your life. Say yes and allow the demoness to induct you into her coven of lovely mates." Matatabi encouraged her with a chuckle, furthering Yugito's embarrassment.

"Cat, don't say stuff like that!" Yugito thought back, fighting and failing to shake the lewd images that were attempting to nest in her brain.

"Did you just call your host a lonely virgin?" Yugito heard the Nine-Tails telepathically question the Two-Tails.

"No I said maiden. Calling her a lonely virgin just makes her appear desperate, I'd never want damage Kitten's self-esteem like that." The Cat responded indignantly, earning a snort from the Fox.

Yugito let out a sigh of annoyance, at the chatty demons. She shook her head and chose to try and focus on Riley. She had a choice to make, and she had to make sure she was ready for it. Riley had been very patient with her all this time, and Yugito appreciated that, but she couldn't shake the thought that her girlfriend was starting to get impatient.

Not that Riley would ever say anything, or act out at not getting what she wanted, but the two had been dating for several months already, and they were both adults, unless someone intended to save themselves for marriage, there wasn't really a reason why two people who really liked each other, shouldn't take the next step after dating for a reasonable amount of time. And in truth, reading between the lines, Riley was basically asking her if she wanted to go and have sex.

Yugito may have been inexperienced in that particular area of relationships, but she was definitely keen enough to see that Riley was interested, and she knew Riley well enough by now, to know that the demoness was a very sexual person.

"Hey, what's she thinking about right now?" Kurama inquired.

"Just musing about how long she's been a tease, and how much of a sexual deviant your host is." Matatabi replied.

"Oh she thinks Riley is a sexual deviant right now? She must must have been talking to those other little vixens, otherwise she has no idea just how right she is." Kurama noted with a chuckle.

"Oh now that sounds exciting. So you think they'll hook up tonight?" The Cat asked, sounding hopeful.

"Well Riley's been checking her out all night, and knowing her, the moment your host says yes, Riley will happily claim her as another mate." Kurama answered back.

"Good to hear. Oh how wonderful it'll be for Kitten to finally have some stability in her life. Watching the two of them perform the human courting ritual has been fun and all, but I know Yugito's feelings and desires go far deeper than she's revealed. It'll be nice for her to finally bond with her chosen partner and learn to enjoy life. Love is such a wild and complicated emotion, but it does seem to be quite rewarding when it works out." Matatabi stated.

"Eh… I agree with the whole complicated part. Love seems like a lot of work and effort to make it work right, and one fuck up, leads you to becoming a grouchy old bastard like Madara. It also seems to cause a lot of problems for humans in general. I think I'll stick to more primal desires, that are far less complicated." Kurama responded, waving off her lackadaisical musings.

As the two Tailed Beasts chatted, Riley and Yugito stood as passive eavesdroppers listening in as the two demons telepathically communicated with one another.

"I think our Tailed Beasts want us to hook up." Riley noted with a chuckle, as Yugito began to blush at the Cat's insinuations about her.

"Yeah, they're awfully chatty tonight." Yugito agreed as she rubbed the side of her head.

"So uh…" Riley began scratching the back of her head with a smile.

"Riley… can I ask you something?" Yugito said after a moment of quiet.

"Sure." Riley replied, giving her a curious look.

"Do you… love me?" Yugito asked her, a shy smile touching at her lips.

"Hmm… that's a difficult question to answer. Love is complex, and difficult to rationalize. I know that I want you as my mate. I want to be with you for the rest of our lives. I know that I like to see you smile, and I like spending time with you. I know that you're someone special to me, and I'd do anything for you. I know that I love you like I love all my friends, my precious people, but that's not the question you asked. When you ask me if I love you, you mean in the way that l love my mates, and I can't really answer that. Because I love them all differently. They're not all the same to me, they each have their own place in my heart. I love them for all their differences, and because of that, my feelings for each of them is unique. I can't compare what I feel for them, to what I feel for you, except in that I know what I feel for you, is becoming as intense as what I feel for each of them." Riley offered in explanation.

Yugito stared at her for several long moments, blinking in surprise as she analyzed her words. She hadn't been expecting such a 'real' answer. At best she was expecting Riley to simply say that she loved her, and that would be that. But to admit that she couldn't determine if what she felt for Yugito meant that she was in love with her, that was something unexpected, and so much more thought provoking, as it entailed such a wider idea when it came to Riley and her other mates.

Each one was different, each one she loved in a unique way. Did that mean that there was more than one way to be 'in love' as Riley was obviously deeply infatuated with all of them. She obviously cared for her mates very deeply, and to Yugito, it appeared like love, but than again, how could she really know? She'd never been in love before, so she was actually in the same boat that Riley was in. Was she in love with Riley? She thought so. Was Riley in love with her? Probably, it sounded like it.

"Do you love me?" Riley inquired in response, taking Yugito by surprise.

"Well I… I um… I'm not sure. I guess I'm kinda in the same boat you are. I've never been in love before, but I find myself thinking about you, I find myself wanting to be around you, wanting to make you smile, and make you happy. Being around you makes me happy, makes me feel wanted, admired, trusted. I like the time we spend together, and I want it to keep going, and to get better. I know that I want things to go further than they are right now, I want us to be an actual couple. I don't know for certain if that all means I'm in love, but if I had to put a word to it…." Yugito offered in response, earning a smile from Riley.

"Yeah, I feel the same. If I had to put a word to what I feel for you, I'd say it's love. Genuine love. Passionate love. Romantic love. Whatever you want to call it. I think that's the best word to use to comprise all the things I feel about you, Yugito. So… if we both love one another, I guess we should take the next step. The only question I have than, is do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?" Riley asked her, reaching out and pulled Yugito close as the two locked eyes. Yugito returned the gesture, wrapping her arms around Riley and holding her for several long moments before she responded.

"Spending the rest of my life with you? I don't know, sounds kind of boring." Yugito responded, jokingly.

"Boring eh? Well now, that's a challenge if I've ever heard one." Riley declared, earning a chuckle from Yugito as Riley pulled her into a kiss.

The two continued to kiss for several long moments, allowing their actions to intensify before finally separating.

"So…?" Riley began with a smirk.

"So…?" Yugito parroted back, expecting another flirtatious maneuver by the demoness.

"Wanna fuck?" Riley asked, leaving Yugito momentarily gobsmacked.

"Gods be damned you're bold…" Yugito muttered, embarrassed, as Riley cut right through the flirting, and got to the point.

"Bold? Oh dearest Yugito, you haven't seen anything yet. Were it not for fear of making you uncomfortable, I'd have charmed the pants right off of you by now." Riley responded with a giggle, as she pulled Yugito close and kissed at her neck, one of her hands finding rest on Yugito's breast.

"Okay, you've convinced me. Let's go somewhere private." Yugito responded with a sigh of pleasure, her hands sliding through Riley's raven locks.

"As you wish, my love." Riley cooed gently into her ear as she pulled her into Kamui and swiftly joined her there.

Yugito took a moment to glance around at her surroundings as Riley appeared near to her, and offered her a sultry smirk.

"How would you like this to be? Shall we lay upon the fields, and make love under the open sky? Or perhaps you'd rather a bed? Speak your desires and see it granted." Riley offered to her.

"You do this for all your lovers?" Yugito inquired.

"When they want some private time, of course. So how do you wanna do this? In a bed, under the sky? Tell me what you want, and I'll make it happen." Riley said to her, earning a thoughtful look from Yugito.

"Hmm… well I think I'd enjoy a bed. Maybe a nice sunset. Something warm and comfortable." Yugito offered. Riley smiled in response, and with a snap of her fingers, Kamui was altered. The two found themselves within a bedroom, resembling Riley's own. Dim orange rays of light, poured in from the windows, and the room held a gentle warmth to it, feeling comfortable, and relaxing.

Riley strolled forward, stepping away from Yugito and towards the bed. As she did, she began stripping off her clothes, feeling Yugito's eyes on her the entire way.

Yugito watched as the demoness' clothes fell to the floor. She felt blood run to her cheeks as more and more of Riley's bare flesh came into view.

"Wow…" Yugito muttered as Riley removed her last article of clothing and tossed it aside. She glanced over her shoulder at Yugito and offered her a smirk, before crawling onto the bed.

She laid out on the bed and motioned for Yugito to join her, gesturing for her, giving her a seductive smile.

Yugito took in a nervous breath before settling her nerves and beginning to strip.

Riley watched with eager anticipation as Yugito's clothes fell to the floor. Within moments, she was fully nude. She was unable to make eye contact with Riley for several long moments after she dropped her last article of clothing. Her eyes were locked onto the ground, her hands folded over her waist, her cheeks red with embarrassment.

Riley ran her eyes over Yugito's body, taking in her form with a curious gaze. Yugito was lithe, thin at the waist, but decently chesty, and with a firm round butt. She was most definitely a gorgeous looking woman, and Riley found herself mesmerized by her beautiful, soon-to-be mate.

Yugito took in a breath, and brought her hands up to her hair. Slowly, she undid the bindings that held her two pony-tails together. Meanwhile her gaze remained locked onto the ground as Riley continued to ogle her, taking in every mark, every scar, taking note of the size and shape of her breasts, the curves of her hips, her flat, smooth stomach, and the patch of olive blonde pubic hair, nicely trimmed.

As she finished undoing her hair, she raised her gaze to Riley, and felt herself shudder as she found the demon's eyes drifting over every part of her body.

Riley brought her gaze to Yugito's and grinned like a predator, motioning for Yugito to approach.

Yugito did just that, making her way across the room and than crawling across the bed, she made her way to Riley and then crawled up Riley's body, the two meeting in a lustful kiss.

No more than a second after their lips met, Yugito felt Riley's hands grope at her breasts, caressing them, fondling them, gently cupping at the soft flesh, while the two kissed one another.

Yugito purred into the kiss, as she felt Riley's hands caress at her breasts, gently massaging them

Riley smirked as she felt Yugito groan her fingers drifting to Yugito's nipples, gently pulling on them as Yugito separated from the kiss, her own hands finding their way to Riley's breasts, where she mimicked her lover's actions.

The two continued teasing one another for another minute or so when Yugito decided she was ready to intensify things. She laid her body down on Riley, their lips meeting once more, her hands circling Riley's holding her in the kiss. Riley reciprocated, her hands trailing down to Yugito's hips and then to her butt.

Three of Riley's tails moved into position as the two remained lip locked. Two of her tails positioned themselves at either of their waiting entrances, while the third unfurled the tendrils at the end and reached out to massage both of their clits.

Yugito felt the sudden contact and pulled free with a yipe. The contact, and along with Riley's youki passing into her clit was an incredible feeling, and it started her.

She glanced over her shoulder, right as Riley's other two tails pushed into their pussies, another sensation that caused Yugito to gasp, and then moan, her mouth falling open.

She felt Riley's tail invade into her depths, pressing in, filling her, and radiating with Riley's pleasurable magics, which intensified the feeling, making it all the more pleasurable.

Riley smirked as she used her tail to locate Yugito's g-spot, making sure to stimulate it with each thrust.

Yugito groaned as she felt Riley's tail adjust within her depths, touching at the walls of her vagina, searching for the most pleasurable parts. Once done it began to steadily glide in and out of her.

Yugito threw her head back and let out a moan, both women gyrating their hips as Riley's tails stimulated their sensitive baby-makers.

Yugito herself couldn't help but bounce her hips against the thrusting tail, her arousal taking over. Orgasm was fast approaching her, Riley's youki, and her pleasurable ministrations were quickly pushing her over the edge.

She felt her release grow, to the point of climax.

Yugito grit her teeth, and tried not to scream, but Riley didn't let up, her tails continued to invade her depths as she reached release.

After several moments, Riley relaxed and allowed Yugito to come down from her peak.

The Two-Tails' Jinchuriki was breathing heavily, taking in gasps of air, as she focused her eyes on Riley who was smirking up at her.

"You're really fucking sexy, you know that." Riley complimented her, earning a halfhearted laugh from Yugito.

"Did you enjoy that?" Riley inquired chuckling and brushing some of Yugito's blonde locks away from her face.

"Definitely." Yugito replied, breathily.

"Well then…" Riley began with a smirk, rolling her and Yugito over so that Riley was now on top. "Let's keep things going and see how long you last, my love."

Riley smirked down at her and quickly descended between Yugito's legs. The Kumo Jonin let out a gasp of pleasure as she Riley's tongue pass over her sensitive opening.

Yugito leaned back on the bed, seizing handfuls of blankets as Riley ate her out, all the while lost in a sea of pleasure.

Within Yugito's body, Kurama and Matatabi sat quietly with one another.

"So what'll happen now, fox?" The Cat inquired.

"Riley will continue the mating process, fully claiming your host as her mate, and forging a powerful mental bond with her. From there, she'll no doubt try and convince her to move in, and help Yugito become comfortable around the others." Kurama suspected.

"Hmm… well, I'm happy for her. She's been alone for long enough. Having someone to love and cherish her is something she's always wanted." Matatabi nodded in approval.

"Riley's much the same. Seems likes it's starting…" Kurama noted.

"What's starting?" The Cat inquired, curiously.

On the outside, Riley lifted Yugito's up onto her knees, and guided her onto Riley's lap. Casting a spell to make sure she didn't hurt Yugito, Riley positioned her newly formed cock, at Yugito's entrance. Yugito's lips crashed into Riley's as she was pulled down onto Riley's engorged member.

Slowly, Riley began to lift Yugito up, and bring her down onto her penis, up and down, for several long moments until Yugito took over the tempo, and began to pick up speed.

"What did you mean, Kurama?" Matatabi asked again, not sure she understood what was different about what was occurring between Riley and Yugito.

"Riley's claiming her, as I mentioned. Taking her in such a way, that magic sees it as a natural claiming. Instead of directing her magic to form the bond, Riley allows sex to do the work for her. Right now the bond is forming as I'm sure you can feel, and gaining strength." Kurama offered as an explanation.

"Hmm… you're right. I can feel Riley's powers much more clearly now, and the connection is growing stronger. Huh, so that's what it means to claim a mate…" The Cat hummed thoughtfully.

Riley picked Yugito up and pushed her down onto the bed, continuing to thrust into her, all the while. Yugito kept her legs spread, encouraging Riley to continue bearing down on her, each thrust from the demoness, sent bolts of pleasure ripping through her body.

Yugito felt her orgasm building, and suddenly had a realization.

"Have you… cu-cum yet?" She gasped out.

"Not yet. 'Bout to." Riley grunted in response, a moan of pleasure following as she felt sparks of ecstasy pass through her.

Riley felt her release building to it's peak, so she took the moment to pause, and position Yugito in way to maximize the pleasure. She placed Yugito's legs over her shoulders and lifted her bottom off the bed.

Yugito shifted herself sitting up and wrapping her arms around Riley's neck to hold herself up, showing off her natural flexibility with a sexy smile.

Riley grinned at her, holding Yugito up by her hips, where she proceeded to bounce Yugito up and down on her cock, lifting her up to the tip and pulling her back down, in long powerful thrusts. As she drove her cock into Yugito's pussy, Riley's tails continued their work on her own. One thrust deeply into her cunt, while another massaged her clit and a third took her ass.

She felt Yugito reach another orgasm as Riley fucked her.

Her own release was close, so she didn't slow down, and continued on, not waiting for Yugito to come down. Within a moment or two, Riley felt her climax overtake her, and she released, cum spraying from her pussy, while more released from her cock, directly into Yugito's waiting depths.

Riley let out a breathy chuckle as she laid back, leaving Yugito in a sitting position, Riley's cock still in her sex.

"That was incredible." Yugito offered in praise, a smile touching at her lips as she stared down at Riley.

"Isn't over yet my love. Here in Kamui we've got all the time in the world, and I'm nowhere near done with you yet." Riley responded, roughly grabbing at Yugito's ass, earning a yelp of pleasure from Yugito whom quickly repositioned herself and began to gyrate her hips.

Meanwhile, Kurama and Matatabi were passively observing the two, taking no real interest in their love-making, beyond the magical connection it was forging.

"So, this is how her mates see her. No wonder they're so devoted, if this is how powerful the bond is just from a single night of mating." The Cat hummed thoughtfully.

"Yeah, also, incoming." Kurama muttered.

"Incoming?" Matatabi parroted back.

"CAAATTTT!" Matatabi heard shrieked into their collective head spaces.

"Hell's bells, is that you Shukaku?" The Cat inquired.

"Hell yeah it's me? What are you doing here? I just felt you, and suddenly realized there was a connection to you. Wait, does this mean Riley and your host finally became a thing? Well now, good to hear, finally some half-way decent company, that isn't that grouchy asshole fox." Shukaku responded over Riley's connection to Gaia.

"So… let me guess, because she's mated and bonded to the Kazekage, we're now connected to him too?" Matatabi guessed.

"Yep, just ignore him for long enough and he'll go away. It works for me." Kurama replied.

"Asshole fox." Shukaku muttered.

"Well I'm sure this'll be interesting, going forward." The cat hummed.

"It's not, trust me." Kurama responded.

"Downer fucking asshole fox. So, Cat, how's your host like getting plowed by a demon? My definitely enjoys it." The Raccoon-dog inquired with a cackle.

"Mine does as well." Matatabi responded with a chuckle.

Kurama simply shook his head and ignored the two of them, all the while focusing on the larger ramifications of tonight.

"One more, Riley. It wont be long before you add Artoria to the mix, and once that's done, it'll be time to make them your paths. The day is fast approaching, I hope you're ready for it." Kurama thought to himself as he quietly closed his eyes and went to sleep.

-Riley's Home, London, Albion. December 21st 1999-

The following day, Riley arrived at her bedroom, Yugito in tow. She and Yugito appeared, holding hands, with Yugito looking disheveled, and more than a bit nervous, even as she glowed radiantly, trying not to allow her happiness at finally joining with her lover, to distract her from the fact that she now had to stand before the rest of Riley's mates, including her two wives, Daphne and Fleur.

They arrived in the early morning, when many of them were already in the process of getting ready for their day.

"Well look who decided to finally show up." Katie noted upon spotting them.

Her words drew the attention of the other ladies, including a clone of Riley that had spent the night in the real Riley's place.

The clone quickly dispersed as Riley made herself known.

"You two look like you had a fun night." Daphne noted, her words causing Yugito to shift nervously. She recognized that her appearance definitely didn't do her any favors when it came to her embarrassment. She had no make-up on. Her hair was loose and messy, and she was struggling to keep from clinging to Riley, her desire to continue the previous night's events, kept her close to Riley's side.

"Well I can't speak for Yugito, but I definitely had fun." Riley responded, offering Yugito a smile, and a kiss to the side of the head.

"Good to see you two finally took the next step. So is she moving in?' Katie inquired as she pulled her boots on.

"Yeah, we talked about it this morning. Guess we'll have a new bed partner." Riley answered, sensing Yugito's embarrassment.

"Well, that is good to hear. Next time zough, you don't need to try and keep us distracted, most of us have learned well enough how to block you out when you're mating wiz one of us. You're clone kept poor Daphne and Kaede up all night." Fleur said to Riley as she approached her and pulled her wife into a kiss.

Riley smirked into the kiss, and glanced over at the two in question. Kaede stared back, blinking, while Daphne blushed, and avoided Riley's stare.

"Well, we're gonna go take a bath, if any of you'd like to join us." Riley offered to them as she began guiding Yugito towards the bathrooms.

They were quickly joined by Fleur, Kaede, and Luna. For a few brief moments, Yugito was able to relax, she'd been in bathhouses before, and so was accustomed to seeing and being seen by other women naked, though Riley had other plans, and not long after cleaning themselves and entering the bath, Riley began kissing on Yugito and her hand slowly creeped it's way between her legs.

Despite her embarrassment, Yugito quickly gave in to the demoness, and soon found herself sitting on the edge of the bath, Riley sucking on her breasts while she fingered Yugito's pussy.

Needless to say, the demoness had few qualms about showing her affections towards her newest mate, even in front of the others, and Yugito was going to have to get used to it.

-December 25th 1999-

Yugito's first few days in Riley's harem were rather exciting to say the least. And it was an excitement felt by all of her fellow mates. She learned from them, that Riley had, at one time, been quite sexually active, and at some points in time, would have sex with her mates, every single day. Recently she'd slowed down, perhaps sleeping with one or two of them every day or so, but she hadn't been so eager to participate in the orgies that had, at one time, been common place. Not to say that any of them complained about that, Riley was an exhausting person to deal with, when it came to her sexual appetite, so having a few days between sex, was much easier to deal with.

With the introduction of Yugito, Riley had returned to her old ways, and was happily drawing her mates into large group orgies. Hell the night after she and Riley officially bonded, Riley went and collected Gaia, brought all of her mates into Kamui and had a four hour orgy with them.

Needless to say, Yugito was quickly developing some skill in the bedroom.

Even now, after several days, Riley was very much excited, and could often be found, at the end of the day, or early in the morning, mating with one of her women.

It got to the point where the ladies had a discussion about whether or not they thought Riley might start having sexual episodes again.

With Yugito there, they had to explain something about Riley, and how she used to have episodes of incredible lust, where she'd basically become perpetually horny. While funny sounding, it was actually a serious matter as they explained how she got, when she was having an episode. How her eyes would turn red, and fill with an insatiable lust. How she'd fuck them for hours and hours on end, even knocking some of them unconscious, with the strength of her lust. How all they could really do was ride out the storm and hope that Riley relaxed at some point or another.

They explained that she got that way because of her desire to spread her power through having children, so breeding with her mates was a desire that sometimes became overwhelming. She had seemingly stopped having episodes after absorbing the Ten-Tails, and they suspected they'd put a stop to her episodes when Fleur got pregnant, but there was no way of knowing for sure, so they warned Yugito that if she was ever with Riley and they were having sex, and her eyes turned red, she was beginning to have an episode and she should call out to them over their bond, or even over the Gravemind link.

They had no way of knowing if the episodes would come back, but they wanted Yugito to be prepared.

She took their words to heart, and kept an eye on Riley as the next few days went by.

Soon the Yule holidays rolled around, and Riley spent the day, showering her friends and family with gifts, why? Because she could, and she was in a very good mood.

-January 1st 2000-

The start of the new year arrived with a little of major interest occurring within Albion.

While the Albions focused on themselves and forged ahead with becoming independent and self-sufficient, the rest of the world was figuring out how to deal with their own magical populations, as well as having a bit of a scare about some sort of Y2K issues, some sort of supposed computer glitch that was causing a stir, but it ultimately led to a load of nothing.

Artoria continued her hard work on building up the country, though she was starting to receive a bit more teasing from Daphne and Merlin as they both noted after hearing about how Riley had taken on Yugito as a mate, that after a month or two, she'd start to work on Artoria.

Artoria pretended that their comments didn't bother her, but Merlin could tell she was a bit flustered at the idea, which was something that showed just how much she cared for Riley, and wanted her as a partner.

-January 4th 2000-

Eleanor had done it.

After months of hard word and determination, she'd finally accomplished her goal of getting the Vita chambers range increased to cover the entire planet.

Using modern technologies, Eleanor was able to upgrade the Vita Chambers sensory range, and thus, they could now detect their target individual from anywhere on the planet. She proudly showed off her success to her fellow scientists and to Itachi and Artoria, by having Riley take a condemned murderer, who'd been synced with an upgraded Vita Chamber to various places on the planet, where she'd kill him, only for a new body to spawn in the Vita Chamber, and his soul would quickly leap into it, in a process similar to how the Yamanaka's soul could be transferred from one body to the next.

Their was a time delay, due to the distance the soul had to travel to get back to it's body, so it could take upward to an hour for the body to awaken and animate once the soul of the dead person found it's way there. But aside from that time delay, everything seemed to work as intended, which was something Riley was more than happy to hear about.

Eleanor's work was praised, by the Queen, and the Round Table, with orders being given to move onto further testing. They'd need to determine just how efficient the Vita Chambers were at reviving their fallen comrades, and what mental effects occurred from being revived.

The hardest part was out of the way, now it was time to perform in-depth studies, on the long term effects.

It was as she received praise for her success that Riley took note of how she beamed specifically at the praise she got from Itachi. She'd noticed her daughter's interest in her old friend, something that had been around for almost a year now. She'd noticed the same looks at Itachi, from Elizabeth as well, though recently, Riley had heard whispers between Elizabeth, Elsa, and Anna, that she had a new crush.

Who that new crush was, it wasn't hard to guess. Riley had taken note of her first discovered child, watching whenever Shisui would come around, how she'd watch him as he and Riley conversed.

Riley didn't really know how to feel about that one. She knew both Shisui and Itachi were good guys, but seeing as how both were like brothers to her, she was definitely biased in regards to her opinions of either men. Perhaps she needed to sit down and have a chat with her daughters, or a chat with both men, to get their actual thoughts on the situation.

The thing that worried Riley in regards to anything happening was how she would be torn between them. If either daughter got into a relationship with their current crush, and things didn't work out, Riley was stuck with having to deal with both sides in the relationship since on one side was one of her children, and on the other were two men whom Riley cared for very deeply and saw as her brothers.

So… needless to say, how she felt in regards to a possible relationship was a bit confusing, but at the end of the day, nothing had seemingly happened yet, and she didn't even know if Itachi or Shisui were aware of her daughters' affections. In the end, she'd probably just sit back and observe, and hope that whatever happened, didn't lead to a broken heart.

Regardless of that situation, Eleanor's developments with the Vita Chambers had been a breakthrough, one that would ensure Albion military dominance throughout the world. If they could get the Vita Chambers to work all the time, than the Albion military would be basically unstoppable.

-Riley's Home, London, Albion. January 17th 2000-

Riley sat on the snowy roof of her home, staring at the night sky. Her gaze was locked onto the heavens. The time was fast approaching. She'd give it a month or so, focusing just on Yugito and making her feel welcome, and than she would turn her attention to Artoria and bring her beloved Queen into the fold.

Not long after adding Artoria to the mix, it would be time to begin training them as her paths. Riley felt that the time was coming. She didn't know why, she just had a feeling. Something in her gut told her that she needed to begin that process and soon.

"You coming to bed?" Came the question from Katie. Riley glanced over to find her beloved mate standing nearby, still dressed in her uniform, no doubt having just returned from duty. Riley offered her a smile and rose to her feet, she draped an arm around her and the two hopped down into Riley's room, where Katie undressed and slipped into the bathroom to wash off for the night.

Riley waited for her, sitting on the edge of the bed, while the others slept. Once Katie exited the bathroom, Riley guided her into bed, settling with her and Yugito on either side of her.

For the moment, Riley allowed her thoughts to retreat, and instead focused on the pleasant dreams that were soon to fill her mind. For now, she would relax.

-The Moon-

"The time is quickly approaching. We don't have much more than a few months left. The seals have been breached, the humans have uncovered their doom. The time is fast approaching that I collected you, my beloved princess." Came the thoughts of a lone Otsutsuki as his empty eye sockets stared up at the dim blue orb of the Earth.

"Time has almost run out. This world has come to it's end. The door is open, and now we await the misstep that will end it all." This lone figure thought as it turned away from the Earth began to contemplate his first move. He did not have much time. Within a matter of months, the Earth would be destroyed.

- The Antarctic-

A troop of human scientists slowly advanced through freshly cut Ice tunnels. These caves led down to the discovery of a life time.

The humans came to a halt as they arrived at a strange sight.

"So this is what they meant." One of the scientists muttered as he reached out and touched the wall with a gloved hand.

The walls around them and ahead of them, were similarly cut with excavating drills, just like the ice had been but these walls weren't make of ice. They were some other material. Something foreign and unnatural to the area. What it truly was, hadn't yet to be determined, but samples had been taken, and they'd figured it out soon.

"Come on. There's something far more amazing up ahead." Another scientist stated, directing the group forward.

They advanced for several minutes through the bored out tunnel, until finally arriving at it's end. The tunnel ended in a drop-off overlooking a vast expanse of darkness.

The leader of the group raised a flare gun and fired the bolt into the darkness. It flew far and high, revealing to them that the darkness spread out far and wide before them.

The flare erupted high in the air, illuminating a vast portion of the darkened cavern. Gasps of amazement and surprise let out from the group as their eyes caught sight of something massive in the center of the chamber.

It was only barely illuminated by the red glow of the flare, but from what they could make out, it seemed to be the torso of a body, this torso faced down, it's head was buried in the ground, as were it's arms and legs. In total, this thing appeared to be the massive body of something resembling a human, or at least a humanoid being. Whatever kind of creature this thing had been, it was obvious from the size of it's torso that it had once been absolutely colossal in size. Standing at perhaps hundreds of feet tall, perhaps even taller.

"God… what is that thing?" A female scientist asked.

"It's the find of a life time. We'll need to set up camp and start studies on this thing. Let's gather the supplies. I can't wait to get started." The lead scientist started with a look of amazement.

The others agreed with his enthusiasm and quickly set to work, unaware of the events they had just set in motion.


"The White Moon has been located." A Voice bellowed out from the darkness.

"Good. Than we can begin preparing for phase one. In only a few short months, we'll be ready." Came another voice.

"It all begins here. After thousands of years of preparation, we now see the dawn of humanity's ascension." Another voice spoke.

"Yes, this is a glorious time, to be sure. But we cannot allow our excitement to get the better of us. There is still much to do. Before we begin, we must bring Albion on board. They cannot be a wildcard in this. Before we carry on, we have to remove them as an unknown and bring the country back into the fold." The First voice said to the rest of the voices gathered in shadow.

"The Ablions will be reacquired. The UN has lost enough face, and the movements of the Russians have concerned them enough that they'll happily bring the Albions back into the fold without a fuss. It's the Ablions themselves that are the wild card." Another, new voice stated.

"The Appearance of King Arthur, and the reveal of magic was all ordained long ago. She is the 'Once and Future King' as the saying goes. Everything is still well within the confines of the predictions made. The only true area of concern is how the Goddess will react." The second voice stated earning hums of agreement from the others.

"We cannot allow a misstep at any point, this early in our plans. For now, we must observe and maneuver the Goddess from a distance. Keep our wits about us, and do not interfere with her directly. She alone holds the power to completely derail our plans, we cannot allow her to become aware of existence until the proper moment, so for now, we remain calm and act decisively. You all know what to do. The time has come to take our first steps towards ascension and unification." The First Voice spoke again.

"Yes, our time has begun. Praise be to the Goddess of mankind. We will be joined with thee in pure unity. And within your body, we shall find true happiness, in the oneness of completion." The Third voice spoke, ending the conversation, between the voices in the darkness.

-To Be Continued-

Alright guys, hope you're ready for the events that are coming. A lot is on the immediate horizon. Got Yugito to finally join the harem. Got a training arc coming up next chapter. Got Tonari plotting on the moon, got some strange forces at work in the South pole. Shit's getting hyped, I hope you're ready for all of this. It's gonna get wild!