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Broken Angel: Rising Demon

Chapter 37: Wrath of a Monster

-London, Albion. February 12th 2001-

"She's beyond reason." Tobirama noted to Hashirama, his eyes passing over the fuming form of Riley, as she sat in thought, while the Round Table discussed how it planned to retaliate against the attack from the US.

"Her home was attacked, brother. Her wives, lovers, her children, they were there. Surely you can understand." Hashirama responded.

"I understand, but I also know that her home has been enhanced with magic. It's near indestructible. No non-magical weapon could hope to break her defenses. I doubt even a direct strike from a bomb could do enough damage to the defensive runes, to cause any damage to the structure itself. One team of soldiers, could never have overwhelmed her home's defenses, no matter how hard they tried." Tobirama quietly responded to him.

"From what Madara told me, the windows were open. Riley likes to be able to hear what's happening outside, so she leaves the windows open pretty much all the time. She has charms in place that keep the cold out, so with the wards, and her hearing, she'll know if someone is coming towards her house. The wards alert Riley to any attempts to enter the area around her home, and she does have wards in place to lock down the house, and make it impossible to enter unless you're keyed into the home's runic scheme. Those defenses aren't passive though. If Riley didn't activate them, than any sort of projectile can fly in through the open window. The wards make it difficult to perceive her house from beyond their boundary so it's not really possible to strike it from long range with any sort of accuracy. You have to get close and enter through the wards to be able to accurately perceive the house, and by doing so, you alert Riley to your presence. A bullet striking the house, isn't what set her off. It's the fact that that bullet struck near to the open window that led into a room containing her mates, and her youngest children. Bullets ricochet and Riley is the paranoid sort. Always envisioning the worst possible outcome." Hashirama responded, just as quietly.

Tobirama let out a sigh at that. Despite her Senju blood, Riley also had much stronger Uzumaki and Uchiwa genes, and they held their loved ones so close to heart, that they'd often be willing to burn the world down to keep them safe. Add onto that, that Riley was a demon, and it just made it worse when things like this happened. A willingness to kill untold thousands, for the sake of those she loved, with a complete disregard for human life, and you have an absolute nightmare.

Tobirama was a practical man, always thinking, always planning. He never allowed his emotions to compromise his decisions, so while he knew that they needed to retaliate against the United States for this attack, he wasn't so blinded by rage, that he would condone setting fire to every city in North America. He also wasn't ignorant of the fact that the US was allied with almost all of Western Europe, and had many other allies all over the world. Albion had very few allies, by comparison and while he wasn't worried about their chances in such a conflict, he was worried about all the blood that would be on their hands, when it was done.

Suddenly, Riley let out a growl, and held out her hand. Everyone turned to her, as out of Prime Kamui came a man. He collapsed to the floor in fear, and was immediately hauled to his feet by Riley.

She held him by the throat, her nails elongating as she prepared to drive her clawed hand into his chest.

"Riley!" Artoria snapped, raising her voice a bit, and breaking Riley's focus, causing her to glance over at Artoria.

"Who is that?" The Queen asked, her tone returning to it's normal stoic level.

Riley let out a growl and dragged the man over to Artoria before tossing him to the ground beside her chair. Many of the men in the room rose to their feet, getting a better look at the situation, as Riley responded.

"This is the traitor who told those agents where my fucking house was." Riley snarled as she placed her foot on the man's back and pressed down. His gasps of pain quickly morphed into cries of agony as the pressure on his back began to bend his ribs.

Whispers quickly broke out throughout the room as Artoria stared down at the man. She knew that Riley had her clones running around Albion in search of any other infiltrators, and that they were also using the agents' memories to track down those that had aided them in this attack.

Artoria was quiet for a moment before asking once more. "Who is he?"

"Patrick Wright, a clerk here at the Ministry of Magic. He has access to property records, and he told those Agents, and their magical allies, where my house was." Riley answered, earning further whispers, as well as a sigh from Lucius and Madam Bones.

Artoria took a moment to digest that. Once she had, she rose to her feet, causing those not yet standing to rise as well.

She then turned to face the downed man, her aura coloring with fury.

"Why did you do this? Your actions endangered your Princess, and your Prince. Why would you betray your people for these assassins?" Artoria questioned him.

Riley let off the man a bit, so that he could speak his reply. For a few seconds he gasped for air, and muttered several fearful lines.

Riley let out a snarl and pulled the man onto his knees. She then grabbed one arm, and twisted it in such a way that it was mere centimeters away from popping out of it's socket. The man let out another cry of pain, as Riley snarled, "Answer her!"

"Please! Please! Mercy! Please! I didn't want to help them! They made me. They knew things about me, blackmailed me into helping them. Please! I didn't know they were going to try and hurt you. Please… I didn't mean to hurt anyone!" He begged as tears streamed from his eyes.

"Didn't mean to!? Fucker! What'd they get you with huh? Debts? They promise to hurt your precious family if you didn't help them hurt mine?! Maybe it was a mistress? Or were you stealing money? I could go on all day with all sorts of possibilities, but it doesn't change the fact that your help, led them to my fucking house!" Riley snapped at him, her face twisting in rage.

"You're right… it doesn't matter. They forced you to help them, but they obviously didn't force you to swear an unbreakable vow, or anything of the like to keep your interactions a secret. You could have gone to the Minister, or to Madam Bones to report what happened, but instead remained silent. So you chose your own selfish purposes and safety, over the safety and well being of your prince, and princess." Merlin pointed out, eyeing the man with a focused look.

"I believe we're heard enough." Riley growled, as she released his arm, and wrapped her arm around his neck, ready to break it, and probably rip his head off in the process.

"Stop!" Artoria commanded, causing Riley to glance at her.

"He has betrayed us. Merlin is right, he could have come to us. I am not without compassion, or understanding. Not all men are warriors, and not all men can hold their own when faced with such a threat. Had you chosen to warn those in authority about the threat, than I would have been lenient with you. Instead you remained silent, and allowed a threat to stand against the princess and the prince. You have committed treason, by aiding a foreign power in their assassination attempt. For that, I, Artoria Pendragon, Queen of Albion, sentence you to death. Your execution will be held tomorrow at noon, before the eyes of all of Albion. Let none question what befalls those who would betray us." Artoria commanded, earning a devilish grin from Riley as she drew the man back into Prime Kamui.

Artoria then turned to her subordinates and addressed them.

"Ensure the people are aware. I am not a Queen who enjoys blood sports, but those who commit treason are to be held in the highest contempt. He will be executed publicly, tomorrow afternoon. Ensure that the event is monitored, and that the media is prepared. Riley, were there any others that conspired to aid our enemies?" Artoria instructed before turning the question to Riley.

"Yeah, mostly muggle business owners who've been hit by the reveal of magic. Industries that are going down the toilet thanks to the ease of magic to replace them. They offered information, and some resources to the Americans. Those agents snuck into the country a few at a time, aboard commercial flights, and slowly prepared for their operation over the last several weeks. Their plan was to kill me, and try to capture the prince. They were under the assumption that bullets could still kill me, and that if they could sneak through the wards, and into my house, they could put a bullet between my eyes, and not have to face my powers." Riley explained the full of the situation, ensuring that all those in the room understood the scope of what had happened.

"They most likely intended to use the prince as a bargaining chip to force Albion to cooperate with their agenda." Tobirama noted.

"It seems they didn't learn from the last lesson I taught them. You'd think after hearing what I did for a 'friend' who'd suffered at their hands, they'd be hesitant to attack my fucking child. I guess not." Riley growled out, her eyes blazing with fury as she did.

"The Americans have long considered themselves the greatest power in the world. They outlasted the Soviets and seemed to think that was the end of it. They were the only superpower left standing. I don't think it's sunk in yet, that the power dynamic has changed." Hugh Irons, noted dryly.

"You're probably right, but they most certainly will, after this." Hashirama agreed.

"I understand your desire to see justice fulfilled, my Queen, but perhaps it would be for the best to hold a trial first. Nothing overly long, but very public. Dose these conspirators with Veritaserum, and have them publicly admit their crimes. Than they can be executed. No reason to leave the people wondering." Tobirama suggested, earning a thoughtful look from Artoria.

"I agree. That would be a wiser course of action. Riley, tell us the names of all those involved. They will be arrested and put on trial. We will ascertain their level of guilt, and I will punish them accordingly. We'll hold off on the executions, until afterwards." Artoria agreed, after giving it some thought.

And Riley did just that. Telling them every name she had learned from those she'd killed.

Within hours, warrants for arrest were out, and aurors, alongside Legionaries carried out the arrests. Almost a dozen business were hauled back to the Ministry in very public affairs as news was released of the attack.

Albion reacted with shock, as Artoria delivered the news, personally, declaring that all those responsible for this attack, would face justice. First those that had betrayed them, and than their enemies abroad. Albion would not sit back, and allow such attacks on their own. It was the actions of the Americans against an innocent young girl that had triggered the deaths and destruction at Riley's hands, and now they sought to once again, harm an innocent child by targeting the Crown Prince.

Artoria would not allow such threats to remain. There, that day, before the eyes of all of Albion, Artoria declared war on the United States, for what it had done. Any and all who sheltered or aided the Americans, were now enemies of Albion. If any country sought to maintain it's neutrality in the coming war, than they would refuse the Americans access to their nations, and if they hosted American military forces, than they were to order it's removal, publicly from their nations, or be recognized as an enemy of Albion.

Artoria had no intentions of allowing this attack to go unanswered.

That night, she ordered Itachi to prepare the Legionaries for war. They could mobilize far faster than the rest of Albion's armies, and would serve as the vanguard. Their first goal, was to eliminate the threat of the Americans in Europe. With much of their navy lost, the biggest threat to Albion came from airbases and missile silos in Europe.

While the Legion prepared for war, Riley dispatched Loki to the United States, to infiltrate their government and learn of their plans.

By the end of the day, dozens of Legion scouting parties had been dispatched to mainland Europe with orders to scout out all known American military facilities, as well as those secret ones that Riley had learned of when she devoured the souls of those CIA agents.

-February 13th 2001-

The following day Artoria stood as judge over those accused of the crime of treason. The whole thing was broadcast to the country as each and every person responsible was brought forward, dosed with Veritaserum and questioned.

While some, within the magical community argued that Veritaserum had never been wholly decisive in their courts, Artoria's response was that their crime was of committing treason. All she needed to know was if these individuals knew that they were aiding foreign agents in their plans. It didn't matter if they knew what those agents were doing, aiding foreign intelligence agents, was an act of treason.

Ultimately, they were silenced entirely when it was also revealed that each of these individuals had been targeted due to information received from the agents that Riley had killed, so there was already enough evidence to convict them. This was merely a formality. They would be questioned, about what they did, and why, and depending on their answers, Artoria may offer them leniency, though no matter which way the winds blew, the lives of each of the conspirators was over. Either they would spend the rest of their lives in prison, or they would be executed.

By the end of the day, the show-trials were done. Confessions were gained from each and every one of them. Most were angry businessmen who felt their wallets get lighter due to the reveal of magic, and because of that few spoke out in their defense.

Any attempts to request a stay, and a reexamining of evidence was denied. In the end, it didn't matter what role they played in this assassination attempt, they had still played a role and had committed high treason. Traitors were punished, and Artoria would not drag this out.

-February 14th 2001-

The following day, executions were held. While the media was present, they wouldn't broadcast the actual deaths, only the final sentencing. To the surprise of the nation, it was Artoria herself who carried out the executions. Before a crowd of onlookers. The conspirators were brought forward, and one by one, Artoria had their crimes and sentences read out. She then asked them for their last words, most of which were begs for mercy or pardon, and then took their heads with a single swing of Caliburn.

She had chosen to use Caliburn as the executioners weapon due to it being a sword that symbolized her authority as the reigning monarch of Albion. One by one, with a swift chop, she took their heads. Taking no pleasure in dispensing justice, nor did she allow her hatred for those that had helped to orchestrate the attack against her wife and child, to show itself. She remained cool, and precise. Stoic and commanding.

Those who had gathered to watch, couldn't help but admire their Queen for her strength, and commitment to duty.

Artoria knew that times had changed, and as Queen, she could no longer oversee the dispensation of justice for all crimes, as she had in the past. The country was too large, and too populous for such things, so she had to trust in the wisdom and judgment of her judges and courts, but the crime of treason would always be overseen by the crown. That was something, that would never change.

By noon, the executions were done, and Artoria returned to the Round Table, to discuss with her advisers their plans for war.

Already, reports were coming in from their scouts on the mainland. The Americans knew that their attempt had failed and their forces were mobilizing in earnest.

It wouldn't matter.

-Germany, February 15th 2001-

Fire raged around her, as Riley stood alone in the ruins of the largest American military base in Germany. All around her, an inferno raged, having consumed the entirety of the base in a hellish maelstrom that killed everyone present in moments.

Riley drank in the souls of the dead, as the blaze consumed them.

Elsewhere, across Europe, Legion strike teams were attacking every American military encampment they could find. Groups of around one hundred were laying siege to these locations, hitting bases, missile silos, depots, and even secret bases that were known to only a few.

Since the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, the Legion had taken to training in preparation for war against muggle armies, and now they were using that training to their advantage. Using lightning strike attacks, they decimated their enemies in every engagement. Using a combination of magic, shinobi skills, and muggles technology, the Legion was a near unstoppable force. A four man team of Chuunin level fighters could easily dispatch a full platoon of muggle soldiers, with just a bit of planning before hand. With their firearms fully silenced, and enhanced by magic, they easily cut down swaths of soldiers before ever being noticed.

A single legionnaire armed with a simple rifle, that had bullets infused with wind elemental magic, could turn even medium armored vehicles to Swiss cheese. One armed with more powerful firearms, like those that fired 50. caliber rounds, could even pierce heavy tank armor, so long as the round was wind infused.

And while wind rounds pierced through almost anything in their path, lightning infused rounds were very good at stopping vehicles in their tracks. Each bullet delivered an electrical discharge when it impacted, causing sensitive electronics to fry.

So naturally, unless their electronics were shielded against an EMP, they were most likely susceptible to such attacks.

Add onto that, that each Legionaries wore a Dementor over their body armor and gear, and it provided them extra levels of defense. Another benefit was that the Legion had trained to resist the aura of the Dementors, and when not in battle, the Dementors themselves would enter a sort of hibernation where their aura was almost unnoticeable. In battle though, everyone felt their presence, as they normally would, meaning to most people, an unspeakable dread washed over them, and a chill fell upon their blood.

This meant that their enemies would be doubly terrified when facing them.

Each legionnaire also had a Vita-Chamber keyed into their DNA, so if they died, they would instantly be revived at their Vita-Chamber, back at the Hidden Village. Each one, also had a seal on their body that would activate when it detected total brain death. The seal would turn their bodies to ash, ensuring that no secrets of the legionnaire could be learned from their corpse, and the Dementor would just return on it's own back to Albion, or possibly keep fighting if it needed to.

All of these things, working in tandem meant that the Shadow Legion, despite it's low numbers, was absolutely unstoppable.

Magic, Vigors, Gene Tonics, Plasmids, Ninjutsu, Muggle Weapons with magical enhancements, a fear producing aura, near indestructible body covers, and training more intense than most muggles could possibly comprehend, and you had a fighting force that could cause unprecedented damage on the battlefield, and they most certainly were doing that.

Taking one last look at the devastation around her, Riley focused her attention on Katie's and Kaede's actions.

Yugito was still in the Elemental Nations with Gaia, both of which were dealing with the news that Albion was now at war, Fleur wasn't a soldier, neither was Luna. Daphne remained with Artoria back in Albion, as the Round Table continued discussions and monitored the information coming in from the battlefront. Katie was an actual member of the Legion, while Kaede chose to come with to take part in the counter-attack.

The two fought together, with only their respective wraiths fighting alongside them.

With their recent evolutions, both were absolutely devastating foes on the battlefield.

With Katie's evolution, every one of her physical attributes had shot through the roof. She was stronger, faster, her reflexes were much keener, and on top of that, the efficiency of her bloodline had increased as well. Using Riley's magic as a medium, she had limitless stamina, and could keep fighting without ever getting tired. In fact the only limitation Katie had on how long she could keep fighting was how long she could go before suffering from dehydration. As she still required food, water, and sleep, dehydration and sleep would be the first to present a problem for her, if she constantly fought on, though dehydration would come much faster as she'd be actively sweating.

Though Katie didn't possess any high-level ninjutsu, or other flashy spells, she did possess a combat aptitude that was far beyond what most shinobi could ever attain. With a few more years of practice and training, she'd possess the fighting skill of a jonin, with the ability to fight on, almost without limit.

Being the Akasa Path Katie could also use the Rinne Sharingan's Space-Time Ninjutsu, which included opening portals that she could use to traverse large distances, or even between dimensions, and using Amenotejikara allowing her to switch places with anything she could see, which included things that her fellow paths, and Riley could see as well. If it was within Katie's or Riley's ability to visually perceive, than either could use the technique to switch places with it.

Kaede, on the other hand, had ascended to becoming a full blown Devil. Her number of vectors had increased, as had their range. Now extending well over a dozen meters, Kaede could create a death-field around herself that was nearly impenetrable.

Her vectors were intangible, able to pass through solid matter. Kaede could also control how the energy that made up her vectors vibrated, either increasing or decreasing the frequency. Because of this, she could make her vectors tangible. This was how she was able to slice and tear things apart with her vectors. Most people who knew of her secret weapon, thought it was some sort of blade or whip that acted like Riley's tails. Though Kaede could use her vectors like that, she had no reason to. All she had to do to cut someone in half was to pass one of her vectors harmlessly into their body and then increase that vector's vibrations enough that it forced the cells apart.

The strength of these vibrations was incredible, enough even create solid areas around her, which allowed her to block bullets and the like, as well as pick things up with her vectors, or even lift herself up.

Kaede's speed with her vectors was far beyond any of the other Diclonius, and it always had been, but now she was exponentially faster. Not only could she move her vectors more quickly, but as a devil, her reaction time, and speed had also shot up.

Even surrounded by trained soldiers, not one of them had a hope of surviving.

Kaede landed amongst a squad of soldiers who turned to fire at her. Before any of them could even pull the trigger of their weapons, they were cut down by her vectors. Blood erupted around her, and she felt something dark chuckle deep within her.

It was a familiar chuckle, but at that moment, she didn't know whether it was her Lucy persona, Riley, or even the Darkness.

Since fully bonding with Riley, as her mate, through marriage, and now as Riley's Path, Kaede could now commune with her offspring that was bonded to Riley.

Though they had yet to see if the Darkness could manifest itself through her, or really any of Riley's paths, it most certainly could speak with them, and just like Riley, it knew what they were doing.

She didn't know which of the three it was that took pleasure in her killing spree, but Kaede had to fight to keep the devilish smirk off her face. She wasn't nearly as bloodthirsty as her Lucy persona, but Kaede did have a temper, and she was wrathful. These people belonged to yet another group that had tried to hurt the people she loved. In Kaede's mind there was three groups of people. Her loved ones, the faceless nobodies, and her enemies. Once, not so long ago, Kaede had considered all of humanity to be her enemy. Now though, she didn't consider them at all. Lucy may hate them, but Kaede couldn't bring herself to care about them in any way. If they ignored her, than she would ignore them. But if anyone tried to hurt those that she loved, they'd pay the ultimate price for it, and she'd happily unleash her power on them, and would fully embrace her sadistic persona's wrath when facing them.

A dozen or so men made a run for it, retreating as they fired upon her, trying to end her, while making their escape.

Kaede stalked after them, her gaze filled with malevolence.

Another was cut down as he entered her field of power, and then another, then two more.

One man finally swore, and pulled free a grenade. Her launched it at her, expecting it to stop like the bullets did, and detonate relatively close to her. Instead she swatted it away, sending it high into the air, where it exploded.

That man too, was killed as he passed into her vector's range. He was bisected at the waist and beheaded, ending his life in a heartbeat.

The remaining soldiers began to lose it. Turning to run, completely forgetting about their attempts to defeat her.

Survival was the only thing that mattered now. They ran, but Kaede refused to allow them to escape. She used her vectors to launch herself into the air where she landed in front of the fleeing men.

Two more were sliced apart, as the remaining fired upon her in terror.

Soon they were out of ammo, their weapons proving ineffective.

Fear overtook them, as they faced down the oncoming devil.

Kaede did not hesitate, she continued forward, intent on cutting them down and removing them as a threat. It didn't matter if they cowered, it didn't matter how terrified they were. She had once been a scared little girl, and no one thought twice about hurting her, so why would she now when faced with trained soldiers?

She was ready to cut the remainder down when suddenly, something shot down from above her, and raced towards her.

Her vectors cocooned around her, shielding her from the incoming strike which knocked her back, several yards.

She landed on her feet, and let out a snarl, as from the air, a figure descended down.

It was a man, with a glowing green aura encasing him.

His eyes were blazing emeralds, as a dark look filled his gaze.

Kaede stared the man down, as Katie rushed over to her, having seen what happened through their shared eyesight.

"Magic is one thing, but allowing such monsters into our world is something I cannot allow." The man declared as he stared Kaede down.

Kaede felt her anger build as she heard his use that word. All her life, she'd been called a monster, and yet, since coming to Albion, she'd been freed from such pain. The people here were respectful, and they treated her fairly. She hadn't been called a monster in a long time. Yet, like a wound, freshly reopened, she felt pain pass through her.

She felt her Lucy persona grin wickedly, and she felt Riley's rage spike through the roof.

The man readied to fight her, just as Katie arrived at her side, and both of their two wraiths took position in front of them.

The man seemed to pause for a moment, as he took stock of the new arrivals. That was when he noticed Katie's eyes. The Rinne Sharingan staring up at him.

Before he could dwell on it for overly long, a flash of light appeared beside Kaede, and from it, emerged Riley, who's face was twisted in fury.

His eyes went to her, and he reeled back, taking in how pissed off she appeared.

"Picking sides now, are we?" Riley growled, as she advanced between the two wraiths to stand at the front of the group.

"No, this war doesn't involve me. But unleashing demons upon the world is going to far. I understand you people are angry, but this is not the way to go about it. Your people went through more than I can imagine to keep demons from destroying our world, yet here you are, using those monsters to help you win this war." The Green lantern, John Stewart, responded. By now he'd taken note of the wraiths being demons too, and the demonic aura given off by the dementors as well.

Riley felt her rage, redouble, as he once more called her wife a monster. She could sense Kaede's agitation at the use of that word.

"You were forced to seal away the demon that nearly destroyed our world, and now you'd unleash the very same creatures upon it. I can't imagine your anger, but this, this isn't right. I can't allow it to continue." Green Lantern continued on.

Riley glowered at him for a moment, before letting out a chuckle.

Her laughter quickly filled the air, which seemed to cause all fighting on the base to halt.

Katie and Kaede shared a glance with one another, as they took in Riley's fury.

Riley finished with her laughter and gave a melancholic smile, she then glanced over her shoulder at her mates.

"Call for the retreat. Order our forces to retreat from here." Riley commanded.

Katie wasted no time, she immediately contacted the leader of their raid force, and told him what was happening. Immediately afterwards, the order came through the Gravemind link to all Legionaries present on this battlefield. In turn, each one stopped what they were doing and activated their portkeys, causing them to teleport away from the battle, and back to their hideout, some twenty miles away.

Katie and Kaede were the last two to leave, staring at Riley, whom remained between them and the mysterious new arrival.

"Riley…?" Katie questioned.

"Go, my love. You don't need to be here for this." Riley responded, with a glance over her shoulder.

Katie felt her gut sink, but offered a nod.

In unison, their respective wraiths stepped into their shadows, disappearing from sight.

"Riley." Kaede thought, realizing the source of Riley's fury. Her beloved wife could feel her agitation, and it enraged her. Whatever came next, it would happen because of her.

"Go on, my love. I will see you soon, and make you forget all about your horrible past." Riley sent her over their bond.

Kaede offered a nod, and in unison, she and Katie vanished from sight.

While the Green Lantern took note of the fury on Riley's face, he also noticed that Albion's fighters were leaving. He didn't quite know at the moment, whether that was very good, or very bad.

"I know your angry, but you also know this isn't right. What they tried to do is unforgivable, but you can't take it out on everyone. These men played no part in what happened. They don't work for the CIA. If you want to destroy them, then go and do it, we both know there's no one they have, that can stop you. But this, slaughtering these people with demons, it's too much, even for a war." He tried his hand at reasoning to her, which caused a snort of amusement to escape her.

"That woman, you called a monster, do you know what she is?" Riley inquired, gazing at him, with blazing red eyes.

"She's a demon. A monster from the dark realms." He answered, and Riley felt herself twitch at the third use of that word to describe her beloved mate.

"She's a Diclonius. That's what the human scientists called her. She was born as a hybrid. Half human, half devil. All her life, she was treated as a thing, as something less than a person. All her life, she was hated and abused. Humans hurt her, humans tortured her, humans tormented her! She was all alone until I found her. It took time, and patience to get her to open up to me, to get her to accept me. And it took even longer for her to accept the people in my life. She had every reason to distrust us, yet she took that chance on us, in the hopes of being happy. In spite of everything she endured, all she wanted was to be happy. We fell in love, she and I… and eventually we married. I love that woman with all my heart, and every day I try to bring a smile to her face, so that she knows, no matter how bad the world is, there is some good in it. And you called her a monster…" Riley explained to him, her tails unfurling from her body, as she glared at the man.

She could see the realization dawn on his face, as he recognized his error. Not only had he insulted her wife, he had also struck her.

"I didn't know…" He began, in an attempt to placate her.

"That she had feelings? I guess it doesn't matter what you say, so long the person you're speaking too is a monster, right? Trust me, I know her pain. I know what it's like for people to see you as a monster. To hate you, without even knowing you. You might know that pain too. I don't know your past, I don't know how you lived. Maybe you understand me. Maybe not. Regardless… my Kaede, is NOT a monster. Allow me to show you, what a true monster is!" Riley snarled at him.

"Don't do this! We can find a peaceful resolution. I was wrong to say those things. These men don't deserve to die, for someone else's crimes." He tried to plead with her.

"They don't deserve it, yet it is their fate. The moment their government decided to try and harm MY FAMILY, their lives were over. Whether by the hands of the Legion, or by what comes next. Their fate is sealed. You cannot change it, you cannot stop it. I told you once, the price for peace. All they had to do, was leave me alone. Leave me and mine in peace. They refused, and now this world will weep for their fates." Riley seethed at him, as she began to rise into the air.

"RUN! GO NOW!" Green Lantern shouted to the nearby group of soldiers before rising up after Riley.

"Stop this, you don't have to do this!" Green Lantern shouted to her as they rose higher and higher into the air.

He tried using his power right to create a cage around her to hold in place. Even as the green energy construct formed around her, she continued her ascension, harmlessly passing through it.

See her phase through the construct he let out an internal growl. The nature of her Intangibility was still a mystery to him. He'd discussed with Hal how to counter it, and his senior had told him that he didn't quite get it. With the right amount of focus and determination, their rings should still affect her, even if she possessed Intangibility, but only if she possessed it, in the way they thought she did.

If the matter of her body, vibrated in the right way to allow her to pass through solid material, than she could faze through some of their constructs, but they could create attacks that could strike her, or will them into existence. Her Intangibility, had to come from something else, had to involve some process they weren't aware of. Hal had fought creatures that could become Intangible before, and had found a way to beat them, so they both knew it was possible.

Once Riley reached about a kilometer in the air, she halted her ascension and took in the base below. She could no longer feel the presence of any legionnaires anywhere nearby, meaning all of her allies had gone.

The Green Lantern rose up in front of her, ready to try and continue to talk sense into her.

"Why are you here?" Riley asked him, before he could speak.

"To stop this. To put an end to this slaughter. I understand what their government did was wrong, but I can't condone this. I can't condone the slaughter of innocent people at the hands of demons, for whatever reason. You've done enough! Look around you. Look all over Europe. US forces here are crumbling. You've made your point." Green Lantern answered.

"No, this is just the beginning. My point hasn't been made yet." Riley responded.

"What do you plan on doing? I know their government probably deserves it, but destroying US forces all around the world, will only cause further chaos and destruction. While their government is making enemies, these men are fighting to protect people, to help people who are struggling after Second Impact. By destroying them, you run the risk of Europe becoming just like the rest of the world, war will rage and millions more will die." He argued with her.

"That's the point though. The Americans felt safe attacking me and mine, because they think they still have power in this new world. They think they are still number one. They survived better than most when faced with Second Impact, but they still suffered. Gone are the days where they reigned supreme, through sheer military might. They could have happily lived with the number two spot. I had my own personal gripes with them, but I was willing to let bygones be bygones. Instead of recognizing their own actions as the cause of what happened at Fairport, they instead choose to double down. They came to my house with the intention of murdering me, murdering my wives, and kidnapping my son. Power is all they want. So I'm not just going to knock them down. I'm going to cripple them. When I'm finished, the United States will no longer be a superpower. When I'm finished, there might not even be a United States." She countered, a devilish grin spreading across her face.

"Please, don't do this. You fought to save the world once, you even protected these people during Second Impact. All the lives you fought to save, all of it will be meaningless, if you do this." Green Lantern tried once more to reason with her.

"Meaningless you say? It's almost like… I'm not a hero. I'm just a woman, who likes to see her loved ones smile. I'm not the kind of person to dwell to much on the faceless nobodies that I failed to save. Their fates, are their own. Your words, are meaningless. Nothing will dissuade me from my path. I don't coddle my enemies. I crush them. I will not leave any room for misunderstanding. When I am finished, they will never again be able to bring me harm. When I'm finished, the very thought, of angering me, will cause their hearts to stop. Get in my way, and I will destroy you too." Riley responded.

"I can't just step aside and allow this to happen. If you want continue this rampage, than I will stop you." Green Lantern said to her in reply, his aura growing in response, as a showing of his resolve.

"So be it." Riley responded, now accepting that he wasn't going to leave, or back down, meaning she'd probably have to kill him.

That familiar feeling bubbled up within her, as she stared down this man. Images of her grandfathers, passing into her mind. Men of resolve. Riley had always held them in high regard, even if she hated some of them. Those who stuck to their beliefs, even if they knew their was some fault in them. They still chose to hold to their views. Men like Hashirama, like Madara, like Jiraiya, like Hiruzen. People who could see through the bullshit of the world, and still choose to believe in something, strongly enough to fight for it.

She stared at him, for several long moments, her hands raising as she did. Once they were outstretched fully, she took in a breath.

"If you live, remember what I told you. The price for peace." Riley said to him.

He narrowed his eyes at her, and raised his defenses to the max, still not having a plan of attack, due to her Intangibility.

"Hmph… the Unitologists say I'm a god… I wonder what they'll say after this." Riley let out a snort of amusement before launching her attack. "Shinra Tensei."

The last thing Green Lantern saw before he was sent flying backwards through the air, was a blinding white light, followed by a wall of translucent energy racing at him.

He had his defenses up as high as he ever had before, and yet still, he felt the impossible strain as he was slammed back.

Raw magic slammed into him, lashing against his protection, as he was forced back.

Further and further he was pushed, his muscles straining, as he felt more and more energy pull into his defenses to keep them from falling.

It was like a tsunami of magic was crushing against him. The force of the attack was astronomical, like nothing he had ever felt.

It lasted for several long moments, before he felt the pressure let off. When it did, he found disbelief washing over him as he got a look at the devastation below.

The massive military base was gone. Every tent, every structure, the airfield, everything, it was all gone.

For miles before him, all he could see was a crater. Along the edge of the crater, forming a boundary was a wall of rubble, and crushed steel, and corpses.

He could hardly believe what he was seeing. Slowly, he lowered to the ground, and stood before the towering wall of debris.

The entire base had been destroyed, just like that. In moments, it was gone.

Slowly, he lifted his gaze towards the lone figure floating high in the sky. There she was, as if nothing had happened. A crater, miles across, sat below her, and she was completely unfazed.

In a burst of speed, she was gone, disappearing high into the sky, and he was left there, with nothing but silence all around him. A silence that chilled him to the bone.


Riley floated in the vacuum of space, staring out over North America.

The time had come for her to deliver her retribution onto these people, and ensure they never attacked her again.

Riley could feel her mates watching, through their shared link. They could all tell that she was planning something, what it was, none of them had any clue.

"Riley, what are you planning?" Artoria asked through their mental link.

"I'm going to destroy every military facility on their eastern seaboard. Every base, every outpost, every fort, every bunker, all of it." Riley answered, earning silence in response.

Artoria accepted her response, and chose to watch.

Riley stared out over the world below her, as she decided how she would do this. After several long moments, she chose to go with a technique she hadn't had the opportunity to use before, outside of Kamui.

"Oh, this'll be good." Kurama hummed, as Riley created a dozen Shadow Clones and sent them into Attack Kamui.

Within the alternate dimension, Riley's clones began manipulating large sections of earth, using Earth Elemental Magic to create ten meter long, half meter wide rods of Earth.

It took only a few moments for these rods to be made, and once they were, Riley activated her Byakugan and using knowledge stolen from the various people she'd killed over the years, as well as her own information, Riley began targeting military installations.

As soon as she located her first target, she pulled forth one of the rods from Attack Kamui, and using her control over gravity, launched the rod at her target.

This was a technique that Riley had created after reading about the muggle conceptual weapon, 'Rods from God'. A kinetic bombardment weapon designed to drop metal rods from space onto a target, delivering the same level of destruction as a small nuclear bomb, without the risk of fallout.

Riley replicated the concept in a form of ninjutsu, know as Earth Style: Heaven Descending Pillar Technique.

Riley watched the pillar rocket through the atmosphere moving at mach fourteen.

Within a few minutes, the pillar struck it's target, hammering into the ground and unleashing a massive kinetic explosion.

The ground upturned and an earthquake racked the area.

The whole point of this jutsu was to deliver a strike of unimaginable force, from an extreme distance, that would cause a powerful, localized earthquake. The rods would pierce the planet's surface, and release all of their kinetic energy underground, causing a relatively small explosion, but a powerful destabilization of the ground.

In essence, these rods triggered earthquakes that could be measured at or above 8.0 on the Richter Scale.

Riley watched the devastation with a smirk before drawing forth another pillar and picking a new target.

She got to work then, dropping these kinetic strikes on every target she could find. Just as she said she would, everything from forts, to outposts, to missile silos, Riley targeted them all.

While she was focused on military targets, she didn't hold back if they just so happened to be near civilian areas.

This was war, and she had no intention of letting this conflict go on for longer than need be. The Legion and Albion's armies would deal with the Americans in Europe, and she'd deal with them here.

She continued her assault in rapid order. Launch, target, launch, target, on and on she went for several long minutes. She had hit nearly forty targets, when she sensed something rushing up towards her.

Turning her gaze to it, she found it to be Superman, and man was he pissed.

"This has gone on long enough!" He declared.

"Well hello there, come to pick a fight?" Riley inquired as he floated up to her.

"I came to stop you! Innocent people are dying, this has to stop!" He said to her.

"Fuckin' hell, didn't I just have this conversation?" Riley sighed with a roll of her eyes.

"You have every reason to be upset, but this is going to far." Superman said to her.

"Gods be damned, I did just fucking have this conversation." Riley growled, earning a chuckle from Kurama.

"Listen, hero, we're at war now. Either you're a civilian, in which case, get the fuck out of my way, or your a combatant, working for my enemies, in which case, this gets a whole lot worse." Riley declared, earning a hard look from Superman.

"I wont allow you to harm these people anymore. Enough is enough." He responded, answering her challenge.

"Fine then, I haven't had the chance to beat a holier-than-thou type to death lately." Riley growled, and then shot forward, slamming into Superman's chest, sending in flying backwards down into the atmosphere.

He halted himself in the air, and shot away from her follow-up attack.

She gave chase as they flew down into the planet's atmosphere.

-Somewhere over the Atlantic-

Superman raced low over the ocean, hearing Riley coming up right behind him. He spun around and caught sight of her, and immediately unleashed a blast of his heat vision.

She was close enough for the attack to land, striking her dead center of the chest and sending her flying backwards, she came to a halt, taking in his attack. With a growl she unleashed Shinra Tensei, causing the twin beams of energy striking her to push back and away from her.

Superman saw the energy wave coming and shot backwards and away from it.

Riley eyed him for a moment and let out a chuckle.

She then rocketed towards him. The two engaged in a mid-air battle.

Two things were quickly realized by both of them, almost simultaneously. Riley realized that Superman hit a lot harder than she thought he could, and Superman realized that Riley was an infinitely better fighter than he was.

At first they just traded blows, but Riley quickly began taking the fight seriously, and as soon as she did, Superman could no longer land a solid blow on her.

Every blow they traded, released an ear-splitting crack. Superman felt pain course through his body from each of her strikes, she was far stronger than he had thought.

Riley's martial arts really shined through here, as dodged or blocked all of Superman's incoming attacks.

It quickly dawned on her, that because of his incredible strength, the man had little reason to train. He is, what Ramira was. Powerful, but without greater skill. Ramira tried to win fights before they happened, so she never needed to practice her skills, and Superman had incredible strength and speed, as well as his other powers, he didn't need to train to face most foes.

Had he a similar level of skill as a shinobi, he'd be infinitely more dangerous.

Because he didn't, despite his strength, he was unable to land most of his strikes.

The strikes that did land, were only so Riley could grapple with him and deliver counter-attacks.

Deciding to mix it up a bit, Superman blocked an incoming punch and returned it with a blast of heat vision that struck Riley in the face.

She was knocked back, and let out a curse. Superman's eyes went wide as he caught sight of her, the side of her face heavily burned. The injury wasn't what surprised him though, it was the speed she was recovering that surprised him.

Half her face had been burned by his heat vision, so much so that he could see the muscle underneath, and yet within seconds, it was fully healed, with no sign of scarring or anything.

"Wow, that's some strong stuff." Riley stated with a chuckle. From her palm emerged a Black Chakra Receiver, she quickly rushed back at him, slicing at him with the rod.

To Superman's continued surprise, the blow rod cut across his arm, drawing blood. He shot back, away and above her, and glanced down at his arm.

A deep gash ran along it, and blood leaked out.

Riley stared up at him with a grin, her eyes never leaving him, even as her free hand, ran along the edges of the rod, stopping when they drifted over Superman's blood.

A smile touched at her lips, as she sealed the rod away, intent on studying his blood.

With her demonic physiology, she could adapt herself in any way she desired, she need only know how to accomplish it, to make it happen. By studying his cells, even if she didn't kill him and fully absorb him today, she'd still learn as to the nature of his powers, and once she did, she could use what she'd learned to enhance herself. She definitely looked forward to seeing what she could find out.

With a chuckle, she shot forward, hammering into him again.

They flew across the Atlantic at hypersonic speeds, crashing into the eastern seaboard of the United States a few moments later.

Riley drove the Man of Steel into the ground, dragging him along for several miles before tossing him into a mountain.

She quickly gave chase after him.

By the time she closed in on him, he was back on his feet.

He fired a beam from his eyes, which she dodged this time, but then he shot at her, faster than she'd expected him too.

He delivered a bone shattering punch to her sternum, cracking it, and crushing the organs in her chest.

Riley could see the cold fury in his eyes, he wasn't holding back anymore.

She delivered a right cross to his face, sending him flying away.

She felt the bones in her chest crack back into place as she chased after him.

The two continued to fight, and as they did, Riley studied him.

With her Rinne Sharingan, she began to understand the nature of his powers.

She already knew that he was psychic, and could project some sort of field around himself. She'd seen it with his use of tactile telekinesis. It seems though, that this field did a lot more than that.

It's also what granted him his near invulnerability.

As she fought him, she took note of how every time she landed a blow, a lot of the force behind her strike was absorbed by this force field that covered his body. Her magic, seemed to disrupt this field, which is why she was able to pierce it and harm him, but without magic, this field would shield him from all incoming attacks.

Her Black Chakra Receiver cut right through this field, allowing her to injure him as easily as she could a normal human. It seemed to her that without this force-field, he had the durability of a normal organic, but with it, he was basically indestructible.

Why her magic disrupted this field was unknown to her at the moment, so she'd need to study him more.

She also noticed how his body utilized energy throughout their fight.

At every moment, she could see his body drinking in energy from around itself, and it didn't take her long to notice how this process changed depending on whether he was in direct sunlight or not. If they fought on the ground or beneath the clouds, the process slowed, if they fought high in the upper atmosphere, the process quickened. It quickly became apparent that he was absorbing solar radiation.

The reason for that, also quickly became apparent as she watched the energy within his body drain as he fought on. Whenever he used one of his powers, threw a punch, flew, or took a hit from her, his energy reserves drained.

Now he seemed to have a lot of this energy stored up, so there wasn't a noticeable fall in his abilities, but Riley could tell that the energy was finite. He only had so much of it in there, and if he ran out, he wouldn't be able to use his powers.

Riley was enjoying the fight itself, and knew that magic could be used to kill him, but learning of this other weakness could come in handy for other reasons.

Beyond that, Riley allowed the fight to continue, and used her powers to take in his energy as they fought. She allowed herself to see his life, to see him most important memories.

On and on the two fought across the eastern seaboard. On the ground, in the sky, with the ruins of some of Riley's attacks, or over flooded coastal cities.

Some caught sight of their struggle, but the two often weren't in one place long enough for onlookers to gather.

As they fought, and Riley learned more about her foe, she began contemplating how she was going to handle this.

Would she kill him? Would she cripple him? In the back of her mind, she was thinking about the future, and what this man could provide in the wars to come. Finally, she decided that it would just be safer, to end him.

The two continued their battle, shaking the world with their combined strength.

With Riley's intentions to end this fight outright, she decided to wait for an opening, and strike him with a powerful magical attack that would end his life instantly. She'd start with the Killing Curse and see if that worked.

She knew he was too fast to hit with the spell at anything other than point blank range, so she waited for her opening.

The two continued to duel, all the while, Riley allowed herself to view his memories as they fought.

Bit by bit she learned more about him, learning his true name, Clark Kent, and his birth name, Kal-El. She learned that he was, in-fact, an alien, from a planet called Krypton, a planet that had been destroyed just after he was born.

He was the last of his kind, as far he knew.

He was raised in Smallville, Kansas, by Jonathan and Martha Kent, loving parents who wanted what was best for him. Parents who loved him with all their heart, and tried to teach him well. She saw how he worked as a reporter along-side the woman of his dreams, Lois Lane, and about his best friend, Lex Luthor.

It was the memory about Luthor that drew her complete attention.

She could see it, clear as day, as if she was there for it.

-Superman's memory-

"Well, I must say I'm surprised, though I we both know that's not true." Lex Luthor stated having just been told by his long-time ally, Superman, who he really was.

"Ever since I came to Metropolis, I've watched you help those in need. In spite of having every opportunity to do so, you've never taken advantage of others to get what you want. You've always tried to do the right thing, to walk the right path. When we first met, I didn't quite know what to make of you, but time and again you've shown me your true character Lex. After all we've been through together, it isn't right to keep lying to you." Superman stated, offering his friend a soft smile.

"I thank you for that, for trusting me. It… means a lot." Lex offered in response.

"We've done good things together, and with the world going through so much right now, I think it's only right that we help out as best we can." Superman offered.

"I couldn't agree more. Working together, you and I can do great things for not only Metropolis, but for the whole world. It'll take time, with everything going on, with the world so full of fear and paranoia, but one day, they'll see things clearly, see how much we can accomplish if we work together. We've done a lot together, and you've saved my life, twice. Now you've come to me with this, and placed your trust in me, I promise you, Clark, I wont make you regret it." Lex offered to him, sincerely.

"I know you wont." Superman offered.

Lex offered him a smile and a nod before taking a few steps away to lean on some railing overlooking the city of Metropolis. Superman soon joined him, standing next to him to look out over the city.

Superman heard Lex reach into his pocket and pull something out, he held it in his fist for a moment before opening it.

"Do you know what this is?" Lex inquired.

Superman glanced at his hand, seeing a charcoal black feather sitting there.

"A feather?" Clark responded, curiously.

"Looks like it, doesn't it?" Lex questioned with a chuckle, as he tilted his hand and let the feather fall out of it.

Superman watched it descend several meters, drifting normally as it fell down to the earth below. Then, suddenly, it vanished.

He blinked several times, before turning to look at Lex, only to find him staring at his hand, which had closed into a fist, he opened it, revealing the feather.

He then dropped it again, and again Superman watched it fall, and vanish, once more ending up in Lex's hand.

"Is that some kind of magic?" Superman asked.

"I think so, but I'm not sure. I've had this feather since I was old enough to remember. And in all my life, I've never been able to go anywhere without it. If I try to leave it in a room, it'll appear in my pocket. If try to toss it away it finds it's way back to me. I can't destroy it, I can't hurt it, I can't hinder it. I've had my scientist run scans on it, as best they could, and they tell me that there's incredible and unnatural energies, locked within it. By their approximation, it's enough energy to fuel this city for a year. All locked away in this little, black, feather." Lex explained to him.

Superman glanced between Lex and the feather several times, before Lex continued to speak.

"It's because of this feather, that I always knew I was special. I just never knew why. It's what set me on this path, made me develop this need to understand things, to know things. I learned a long time ago that answers will always come in time. It's why I always trusted that you would tell me things that I needed to know, when I needed to know them. And that trust has payed off. We've helped quite a few people over the years, and I'm sure we'll help many more. You're making quite the name for yourself, Clark, the Superman alias is really starting to stick. But I always knew, deep down, that there was something so very human about you. Just a regular Kansas farm boy, who grew up to become the Man of Steel. I've seen a glimpse of the greatness you can bring, and your mystery is starting to reveal itself. Maybe one day, my own mystery will follow suite." Lex said to him.

"I'm sure it will. I'll be there to help you. After all, what are friends for?" Superman offered with a smile.

"Friends… yeah, I think that sounds about right." Lex responded, with a soft chuckle.

-End memory-

Riley had seen the memory, as if she was there.

It completely stunned her, so much so that she was unable to dodge a right hook to the face, than sent her tumbling end over end for several hundred meters.

"You lucky, bitch." Kurama hummed.

"One of my kids, this alien from another goddamn world, knows one of my fucking kids. I am the luckiest bitch in the world!" Riley thought in response.

"Yeah, though that means you can't kill him. They seem like friends." Kurama noted.

"Shit, your right." Riley responded, as she dodged a punch from Superman and countered with a kick to the stomach.

"Well, how do you wanna handle this? I doubt he's gonna let you leave, even though he's beaten and bloody, and you haven't got a scratch on you thanks to your healing factor." Kurama inquired.

"He's friends with one of my children. I wont take that away from them. It was safer to just kill him, but mayhaps I can plant the seeds of change within him, make him understand me more." Riley thought to herself as she shot forward, and kicked Superman again, sending him flying into the air.

She shot after him, catching him in the air. She wrapped her tails around, keeping him from escaping as they shot towards the center of the United States.

The two crash landed on a farm in the middle of a small town. Riley threw Superman hard, causing him to pass through several fences before he stopped and rushed back at her, he slammed hard into her, releasing a shockwave that shook the nearby area and caused a few windows to shatter.

She shoved him off of her, and brought her hands together. With a quick inhale, she expelled a Fireball, right in his face.

It exploded, sending him flying back. He hit the ground with a painful thud, but quickly pulled himself to his feet.

He saw Riley rushing at him, and so he took in a deep breath and exhaled a mighty gust of wind, that halted her advance.

He then unleashed a powerful blast of his heat vision.

Riley saw the attack coming, and let loose with Chidori. Her hand was covered in lightning and she brought it up to intercept the incoming beams. Like a blade, her Chidori cut through Superman's Heat Vision, causing the beams to splinter into multiple smaller beams that banked off at strange angles around her.

Superman intensified his heat vision, trying desperately to overpower her, while Riley held her ground.

That was when he suddenly heard his name being said.

Over the sounds of their clash he caught it, a familiar voice, saying his name, his real name.

He let up on his attack and turned his gaze to the source.

His stomach dropped, and disbelief washed over him, as he spotted his mother and father, holding one another as they watched the battle from the front porch of their home.

He stared at them for several long moments, unable to comprehend their presence, he then glanced around and realized where he was. He was at his parent's farm, in Smallville.

Slowly, he turned his eyes towards Riley who was staring at him with a cold gaze, though her posture seemed relaxed.

"Do you get it now?" Riley asked him.

He blinked at her, several times.

"How do you feel, knowing where we are? Does it piss you off?" Riley asked him.

"How?" He asked, disbelief and shock touching at his voice.

"I can read the memories of the people I fight. The longer I fight with them, the more I learn. Major memories come first, than less important ones, and eventually memories that you yourself don't even remember. Keep it up long enough and I'll know more about you than you do. Tell me, which do you prefer, Clark Kent, Kal-El, or Superman?" Riley questioned him.

"Why did you bring us here?" Superman asked her.

"To show you what it feels like. This is what they did to me. They came for my family, they came to my home! This is your family, the people that you love. Are you as pissed off being here, as I think you are?" Riley answered.

Superman stared at her for several long moments as he took in her reply. She had brought him here to show him something. To help him understand how she felt. Why did that matter to her?

"We're at war now, because of this. Because your government, sent people to my house. You wanna protect them, protect the innocent people who did nothing wrong. I get that. I get that you feel you owe them, that you owe mankind for taking you in after you lost your home world. I get that. But this is how it is. Until this country's government gets it through their heads, that they're not top dog anymore, that they cannot do whatever they want without consequence, until that moment we'll fight. If you want that fighting to stop, make them see it. Make them understand that there's a new power in this world, and all it wants, is to be left, the fuck, alone! So long as they don't come after me, so long as they don't hurt my friends, or my family. I'll leave them alone. If that's what you want, that's how you'll get it. I don't wanna kill you Clark, you're a threat, to those that I love, but they think very highly of you, of the things you've done, and are doing for your community. You give a lot of people hope, including those that I love, so I'll spare you, I'll end this now. My attack here in America is done for today. I'll even throw you a bone. Go to your government and tell them this. They have one week to offer a formal apology, and to remove all military forces still surviving from Europe. Do so, and we can talk about ending this. That's my offer. Take it to them, if it matters that much to you, and if not, than I'll be back, in one week. And when I do, I'll destroy ever military asset this country has. I'll strip it naked, and toss it to the wolves, and we'll see how long this nation lasts." Riley said to him as she began rising into the air.

He stared up after her for several long moments before offering a nod.

"Good luck." Riley offered to him before shooting off into the sky.

-London, Albion-

Riley drifted down through the ceiling, appearing by Artoria's side.

Gathered in the room were all of her advisers as well as many top generals all of whom were busy taking in information from their forces in Europe.

"Artoria…" Riley addressed her wife as she entered.

"Riley?" Artoria responded.

"Give the order for all of our forces to cease their attack. I think we've made out point. I've extended an offer, to be delivered by Superman to the government of the United States. They have one week to order their forces to be removed from Europe, if they agree, then we'll come to the negotiating table. If not, then I'll deliver the killing blow myself." Riley explained to her.

"You caused quite a bit of damage on their Eastern seaboard. Thirty-eight targets struck within as many minutes. While you aimed for military installations, the damage was felt in many population centers. Already we're looking at casualties in the hundreds of thousands." Daphne noted.

"That number will surely rise here in the coming days as more accurate reports come in." Tobirama stated.

"They'd be fools not to accept our demands." Rob Walsh said with a smirk.

"We know how stubborn people can be. Anything could happen." Daphne let with a look of annoyance.

"True, but for now, your princess has made them an offer, and we will hold to our end of it. Order our forces to pull back. Enough blood has been spilled, and our point made. Generals, admirals, keep our armies on high alert. If they refuse our terms them we will root them out of Europe ourselves. The barrier will remain up for the foreseeable future, and we will watch them closely." Artoria commanded, earning bows from her servants.

With the command given, everyone got to work as Riley turned to leave. Artoria and Daphne followed after her, catching up just as she exited the room.

"Something up?" Daphne asked her.

"I found another one of my kids." Riley offered to her with a smile.

"Really? Who?" Daphne questioned after sharing a glance with Artoria.

"A man named Lex Luthor. I don't know much about him, but I'm gonna go meet him tomorrow. Tonight I'm gonna spend with my kids, I hope you two find your ways home." Riley said to them, giving both kisses before she continued to depart.

The two watched her leave, before returning to the Round Table to finish up with things.

As Riley was heading home she was unaware of events occurring around the world. Her followers who were starting to hear about what she'd done were bowing low, and praying in her name. Countless thousands were watching the devastation unfold on their local news, and many of them were starting to see things as the Unitologists did.

All across the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, cities lie in ruin. Though not struck directly by Riley's attack, many of them were close enough to military installations to be severely damaged. While hundreds of thousands were confirmed dead, that number was most definitely a highly optimistic number. The true death toll was in the millions.

If there was one thing, that was true now, in her regards, whether they thought her a goddess, or not, all they knew for certain was that she was a being to be feared above all others.

And it was that fear that called out to something.

Riley, was walking up the pathway to her home when something came rushing out of the sky towards her.

She sensed it coming and lifted her gaze.

She spotted a small yellow light coming towards her, so she raised her hand to catch it.

However, much to her surprise the object altered it's trajectory, slowly and shifting to avoid running into her hand. Almost with a will of it's own, the object slid onto her pointer finger.

Riley felt power surge through her, as the object settled onto her finger. It was a ring. A glowing yellow ring. And it looked remarkably similar to the green rings her pals, the Green Lanterns wore.

Suddenly, a voice spoke to her, coming from the ring itself.

"Riley Uchiwa, you have the ability to instill great fear. Welcome to the Sinestro Corps."

"What the fuck?" Kurama muttered.

"What the fuck?" Riley thought.

It happened suddenly, she was pulled into the air, the power of the ring taking her someplace.

She felt her mates call out to her, but their cry lasted only a moment before it suddenly vanished.

She felt her connection to her mates dim, it became weak, but didn't disappear entirely. She couldn't see through their eyes, and could barely feel them, but the bond was still present, it felt though, like it was being stretched to it's metaphorical limits.


Riley landed on her feet, surrounded by dozens of figures within a great hall.

She let out an enraged snarl, as one of the figures began to advance towards her.

"Look here, our newest recruit." Spoke the strange creature.

Riley turned her gaze to him, taking note of his appearance. A green skinned, scaly humanoid. He wore a yellow and black outfit that looked similar in design to the ones worn by the Green Lanterns. On his hand was a Yellow Power ring.

All around her, Riley felt nothing but vile cruelty, and vicious hatred. As she locked eyes with the approaching creature, she let out a snarl.

The evil smirk on the creature's face, quickly fell, as he was blasted with Riley's Killing Intent. Before his waking eyes, he saw his own death.

In a burst of speed, two of Riley's tails shot out, one seizing him by the neck, the other by the hand holding his power ring.

The creature cursed out some unknown words, as he was dragged towards her. From his ring a blade of energy was formed that sliced at her tails, only to pass harmlessly through the area of attack, due to her Intangibility.

Once he was close enough, Riley grabbed him by the hand, her first closing around his hand, attempting to crush it, and the ring on his finger.

He cursed again, and Riley could see a yellow shield of energy around his body, protecting him from her colossal strength.

With a snarl, Riley charged up an Odama Rasengan in her hand, and drove it into the creature's chest.

Winds tore through the room as all of the other inhabitants watched on.

Soon the creature's screams filled the air, and he was launched back and across the large chamber. Many of those behind him shot into the air to avoid being hit by him as he shot to the far side of the room and slammed into the wall, which buckled behind him.

The yellow energy shield that protected him, was nothing more than a thin aura now. Blood poured freely from gaping wounds on his chest.

This strange creature stared at Riley for several moments, attempting to raise his arm, but then he suddenly collapsed and died.

His comrades in the room stared at his body for several long moments before turning towards Riley.

Riley stared back, drawing in the dead creatures soul as she did. She needed answers, and now. Because she had no idea where she was, or who these people were.

The only things she knew, was that wherever she was it was unfathomably far away from her mates, and that wherever she was, it was a place where magic didn't exist, or at least it didn't exist in a way that she could sense it.

Wherever this place was, the only magic that she could feel around, was hers. There was no ambient magic, there was no nature energy. She was the only magical being that she could feel, anywhere around herself.

She saw some of the yellow clad figures prepare to attack, so she unfurled her wings, and tails, and let out a vicious snarl.

From her shadow, Darkness serpents began to emerge.

Riley flexed her magic, causing the ground to shake, and around her body, a hellish red and black aura began to emerge.

The sight of her, caused some of the warriors to take pause, while others prepared to fight.

Finally, Riley chose to speak. "Who the hell are you people, and where the fuck am I?"

Silence greeted her for several long moments until on of the yellow clad figures glided forward.

"We, are the Sinestro Corp, welcome to Qward." The red skinned being said to her with a devilish smirk.

-To Be Continued-

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