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Reunited: Chapter 1- Only In Dreams

In retrospect, Optimus Prime thinks, it all started with a dream.

All sentient beings dream. It's unavoidable- just because our bodies power down to recharge does not necessarily mean our imaginations stop working.

Unfortunately, some beings have bad dreams. Some are utter nightmares, while others are actually good dreams that the person just can't help but feel melancholy about afterwards.

Optimus Prime falls into the latter category. It had been a very long day- a battle with Decepticons in a mine somewhere has left the Autobots nursing a score of injuries. It will take Ratchet some time to repair them all even with the aid of the humans on site.

It takes far more effort than it really should to move one pede in front of the other. Optimus barely remembers laying down on his slab to recharge, but does remember what he sees the next time he opens his optics.

She is tall. Were Optimus not laying down, she would be only slightly shorter than he. However, there is no mistaking the grace in the femme's movements, nor the look on her face as she looks over Optimus' frame- a frame that needs a good repaint after today.

"How bad is it?" The femme asks, with the voice of an angel, Optimus swears to Primus.

Optimus smiles. "It looks far worse than it actually is. I have survived far worse, my love."

Elita-One exhales, now, relief flooding her form. "Don't ever do that to me again, you hear me, Orion?"

"I make no promises, Elita," Optimus says. "I only promise to try."

Elita nods, knowing that it is as good as she can hope for, with everything going on. "Good. Now," Elita says, her voice dropping into a more seductive timbre as she climbs onto the recharge slab, "I have something I need you to do for me…"

Optimus' servos slide around Elita's frame. "With pleasure…"

"….my love."

Optimus awakes when his servos grasp only empty air. He is confused for a moment, before it dawns on him:

It is only a dream- again.

Once, Optimus' dreams of him and Elita came infrequently. Many, many recharge cycles would come and go- sometimes too many to count- before Optimus would dream of her again.

These days, every time Optimus goes to recharge, Elita awaits him in dreams. It really is not fair, Optimus grumbles to himself. The Prime strides into the main area of the outpost- there will be no more recharge this cycle (of that he is quite sure), so it is best to check in with the sensor arrays hidden across the Earth.

There is nothing this early in the day. Optimus is disappointed. One would think there would be something- a new Energon cache, a relic's beacon lighting up, a new arrival- something.

Optimus could go back to his quarters and work on his project, but he is just not in the proper frame of mind to do so. He almost crushes June Darby's car as he walks.

Hmmm? What is she doing here? Or is Jack here and simply borrowed the vehicle? It is at this moment, conveniently, that Optimus hears two sets of footfalls, and turns to see June and Duke walking hand-in-hand towards the car. They're focused enough on each other that neither notices Optimus just standing there. June kisses Duke on the cheek, whispers something akin to "Thanks for tonight. I had a great time," before driving away.

Duke sighs dreamily. It is then that Optimus coughs (or the Cybertronian equivalent of it, at least) politely, and Duke about jumps out of his skin.

"Geez, Prime!" Duke says, holding a hand to his heart as if it will slow down by its touch. "You could give a guy some warning next time!"

"I apologize, Sergeant Hauser. I did not realize that I was not alone this early in the morning. You and Nurse Darby seem to be quite close."

"Heh… yeah," Duke says, sheepishly scratching the back of his head. "We, ah, decided to have a night in, I guess."

Optimus smirks in understanding. "I understand what it is like to be in love. I would advise you to not waste the opportunity you have been given, but…"

Duke blushes. "Yeah…."

"Just… be careful, Duke. You lead a dangerous life at the present moment. June is already in a great deal of danger just by associating with us. Your Cobra foes will use her against you if they found out."

"I know," Duke says, pointing in the direction of the tunnel June drove out of, "and so does she, and yet, she still likes me.

"Tell me, Optimus- what was her name?"

Optimus does not respond for a long minute. "Elita-One."

Duke smiles a very wide grin. "She sounds beautiful."

Optimus does smirk at this, and Duke will swear in all directions that there was a bit of mischief in that smirk. "You have no idea, Sergeant. I still have very vivid dreams of our recharge cycles together."

Duke raises an eyebrow. "Oh? What's it like, making love with a robot?"

Optimus smirks again, and this time, Duke is now certain that the Autobot leader is smirking. "Sergeant Hauser, I am not the kind of 'bot that interfaces and tells." Then, shock of all shocks, Optimus Prime winks at Duke before stepping to the lift. Sunrise is soon, and Optimus does not miss an opportunity to miss it if he can help it.

Out in deep space, a ship moves across the skies.

It is the Solus' Sorrow, a small warship built in the latter days of the war for Cybertron. It was one of the final ships to evacuate the planet before the Ark.

In the Captain's quarters, Elita-One recharges. With recharges come dreams.

Elita storms through an unfamiliar base. The walls are more stone and rock than smooth, clean metal, yet Elita moves through this base as if she has lived here all her life. Soon, she stands before her beloved.

Optimus- nay, Orion- lays stretched out on his recharge berth. He has several small but serious wounds, and a myriad of dents and scratches. He'll be fine, but Elita will never be sure that Orion will be well until she sees it with her own optics.

"How bad is it?" she asks.

Optimus smiles, and tells her he will be fine, that he has survived worse. Elita relaxes, the tension easing from her frame as though she has been washed of it, desire taking the place of worry.

"Now," she says, climbing onto her beloved's berth, "I have something I need you to do for me…"

It is at this point that Elita awakes. Stupid dreams, she grumbles to herself as she heads towards the bridge to relieve the night-cycle watch.

The bridge is as she left it when Rodimus arrived to relieve her. A quick scan shows all systems normal, so Elita sits in the Captain's chair with her Energon cube.

"Good morning, sir!" Rodimus says, getting up from his chair at the helm and saluting. The much younger mech has always loved to pilot, so he could always be found at the helm. Ultra Magnus, being a stickler for the rules, objected to this practice, but Elita had overruled him after Rodimus' flying skills got them out of a particularly bad scrape with the Decepticons.

"Good morning, Rodimus," Elita answers in greeting. "How's my ship doing this morning?"

"Humming like she should, sir," Rodimus answers. "Makes me want one of my own someday."

Elita nods. "Sometimes, you do not choose the Ship Life- the Ship Life chooses you."

Both Autobots share a good chuckle. Rodimus speaks first.

"By the way, we're out of the asteroid belt. Should be in range for answering that message."

Elita nods. "Glyph did say that she couldn't get through before we entered the belt. Thank you, Rodimus. You're dismissed. Go get some rest."

"Aye, sir."

And with that, Elita is alone on the bridge. Orion's message replays in her processor.

Soon, my love. Soon we will be one again.

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