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The loss of the Solus' Sorrow immediately causes a myriad of reactions.

In Griffin Rock, the Rescue Bots are already deploying. Heatwave and Blades have a head start, as the former can also transform into a boat and the latter can fly. The ship's pieces (and possibly also its escape pods) fall to Earth from several miles up- and two of the trajectories will hit near the island.

Aboard the Nemesis, Megatron smiles in twisted delight. However many Autobots were aboard that ship have no doubt been offlined. The warlord retreats to his quarters.

At Omega-1, a Prime freezes. His optics blink at regular intervals, but Optimus Prime is rooted to his spot. Ratchet takes charge, as per both protocol and just the way things go around here.

"Raf, can you-"

"I'm tracking the debris now, Ratchet," the boy interrupts, fingers flying across the keyboard of his modified laptop with a speed that would rival some Cybertronians Ratchet knows. "A couple seem to be coming down near Griffin Rock, Maine."

Ratchet nods. "Good. Heatwave and his team can handle those. Bulkhead, could you move Optimus out of the way?"

The large green 'Bot nods. "Gotcha, Doc." And with that, Bulkhead slowly guides Optimus into the med bay.

The Joes and the humans alike watch warily. "Is there anything we can do?" Scarlett asks, red ponytail swinging sideways ever so slightly. Already, two of the other Joes- Roadblock and Duke, if Ratchet has it right- are heading for their truck, intent clear.

"I'm not so sure," the old medic muses. "Something's coming down on the mainland of the continent- I could Bridge your team out there to see if they can drag it in. It'll be hard to tell if it's a pod or a piece of the ship, though. Be careful, the debris will still be hot a little from entry into the atmosphere."

The lieutenant/fugitive/highest actual ranking member of the Joes nods. "Alright. I think there's fire extinguishers on board the Coyote. We'll be careful. What about Optimus Prime?"

Ratchet looks towards the medbay, where Optimus is still frozen. "He'll be fine. They'll both be fine."

The Autobot finds a piece of the ship just near his cave.

To his surprise, there's a fellow Cybertronian near it. Probably used it to shield her fall, the Autobot muses.

And it is a femme, upon closer inspection. The Autobot recognizes the slimmer, more curvaceous frame. Although, this specific femme is unfamiliar to him. Her paint is a deep purple where it isn't scorched, scratched, or too badly dented.

She seems familiar, though, the Autobot muses. I should probably know her from somewhere. But where?

Another thing that's painfully obvious is that this femme will die without some intense medical care. The Autobot cannot provide that level of aid, but he does have a few tools stashed away. He can do his best, and pray Primus shows mercy.

So, the Autobot carefully picks up his new patient and carries her back to the cave.

Optimus Prime is trying to reach out to Elita-One via their bond.

Elita, are you there? Please… answer me…

She isn't dead; Optimus would know if she were. The pain would be nigh-unbearable. This, though, isn't really all that better.

Primus protect her…

At the terminal, Raf is keeping a watchful eye.

For a moment, he thought he detected two Autobot signals- one unknown, one rather faint. He's been trying to find those signals again, but to no avail.

"You find anything, buddy?"

Jack looks down at his friend with concern in his eyes.

Raf nods. "I thought I found two Autobot signals in this area here," he explains, "but they've vanished. I can't raise them again."

"Hmm… could be an Energon deposit," Jack says thoughtfully. "Didn't Ratchet say the raw stuff messes with their signals sometimes?"

"It does," Raf agrees, "but shouldn't we wait for someone else to handle it? Everyone else is busy."

Raf isn't exaggerating. All of the Autobots are gone save Optimus, who is still in the med bay trying to raise his sparkmate and is not focusing in on anything else. (Miko has tested this theory by kicking Optimus with her foot and cursing loudly. Prime didn't budge.)

"We should," Jack agrees, "but time is of the essence, here. Besides, you can just cue up a Bridge to the place I jump to, right?"

Raf shrugs. "Alright, just… be careful, Jack," he warns.

Jack smiles. "I will. Besides, after traversing Cybertron with the power of the Primes in hand, I have a better idea of what I can and can't handle."

Indeed, Jack has learned a thing or two.

Part of it he learned from the Joes. Immediately after bridging in (wearing his old spacesuit, no less, for protection), Jack immediately finds cover. It won't do too much good against a giant robot, but it's something.

Jack pulls out the Key to Vector Sigma from a compartment on his suit and holds it aloft. It seems to have picked up some sort of signal, as the blue glow at the center of the Key glows just a little brighter.

"Raf, I have a trail," Jack radios. "I'm going to be following it."

"Copy that," Raf responds.

Jack ventures deeper into the cave, the hissing of his suit's oxygen supply being the loudest noise. How did Vader ever do it? Jack wonders.

Soon enough, he rounds a corner- and immediately finds cover. Just ahead, a large robot- sporting a black, red, and off-white color scheme- is working on another robot laid out on the ground. Jack exhales.

"Raf, I found two robots down here. One seems to be… operating… on the other."

"Copy that. Ratchet has just returned. I'll be sending him your way. Sit tight."

"Copy that."

Jack waits for a bit. He really does. Unfortunately, he can hear the robot muttering from his hiding place.

"Scrap, I can't fix the T-Cog!"

At this moment, the Key begins to glow. Jack gasps for a moment, before he gets what he will later call a vision.

Jack stands atop the wounded robot. The robot is a femme, Jack is quite sure, and looks familiar, but he can't place her. Jack reaches down, holds the Key over the femme's forehead, and a port opens up. Jack inserts the Key, turns it, and the world goes white.

Jack snaps back into reality with a gasp- and the sudden urge to act. The boy steps out from his hiding place and approaches the pair of towering robots. The presumed doctor has red optics (which is odd), but the Autobot symbol is plainly visible on the massive robot's chest. Jack climbs up, Key aglow in his hand. The robot tries to shoo him away, but the Key stops him.

Jack does not notice this. He is too concerned with his goal. Just like in the vision, a port open's up on the femme's head when he holds the Key near. Jack inserts the Key, turns it, and the world goes white.


Far away, Optimus Prime jolts back into reality. For a moment, he is still, as if trying to recall something, before he smiles.

Everything will be alright.

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