Morton: Which of us is going to be turned into a toddler?

Me: You'll see Morton ;)

Roy: We don't need anotha toddler, we already have two of them

Lemmy and Junior:*glares at Roy*Hey!

Me:Iggster, disclaimer!

Iggy: TheGhostlyRobot doesn't own Nintendo or any of the characters but except for the story

Everybody: Enjoy!

In Iggy's room, Iggy was currently completing their new invention to defeat the Mario brothers. Ludwig was there also to make sure that the invention works perfectly and the castle doesn't blow up like last time from Iggy's invention.

"One last touch and…. Done!" Iggy said in excitement.

Iggy stepped back to stand next to Ludwig and admired the sight of his new machine which was an age changer machine.

"Vhat vill zis machine exactly to zee Mario brozzers?" Ludwig asked, looking up at Iggy.

"This age changer machine will be sure to make the Mario brothers into old people so they'll be too old to fight us and makes it easier for us to take over the Mushroom Kingdom!" Iggy cackled like a mad scientist.

Ludwig rolled his eyes at his brother's behavior and smiled a bit but it did reminded of himself during his "Kooky" days when he was younger.

"You sure zee age machine vill vork Ignatius?" Ludwig asked unsurely, raising an eyebrow.

"Just go in the machine Luddy, you'll be fine for sure!" Iggy responded with a grin.

Iggy pats his older brother on the back who responded with a glare shot towards him.

"Don't call me zhat…." Ludwig warned.

"Whatever you say big bro!" Iggy ignored the glare and continued to grin like a maniac.

Ludwig went inside the machine and the door automatically closes itself as Iggy pressed the button and took a few steps back to watch the machine do it's magic to Ludwig.

"Come on baby, make papa proud." Iggy encouraged the machine as it was alive.

It started to work by doing the first stage of the transformation process of Ludwig having wrinkles then having his blue hair changes to grey.

Iggy cracked a huge grin at the results from the machine so far, "It's working, just a few more changes to Ludwig and then we can use it on the Mario Brothers!"

However, the machine started to malfunction of having the alarms go off and Ludwig started to bang the metal door from inside the machine.

"Ignatius, vhat did you do?!" Ludwig demanded from inside the machine.

"I don't know!" Iggy shouted, going to his desk to find a remote until he finally found it.

Iggy tried to fix the machine by pressing the remote control to turn off the machine which it didn't work at all and it only made things worse in this situation.

"Let me out! You idiot!" Ludwig shouted, still banging on the door like crazy.

Iggy heard him and tries to pull the door open as hard as he could but the door handle broke.

"Are you freaking kidding me?!" Iggy exclaimed angrily, glaring at the broken handle in his hand.

The machine broke down causing smoke to spread throughout the room and Iggy coughed from inhaling some of the smoke. Iggy ran to the window and opened it to let the smoke go outside the window.

"That wasn't supposed to happen…" Iggy said before letting out a sigh..

The green haired koopaling looked at the machine and frowned at the sight. Iggy had worked on the machine for the past 3 weeks and he sometimes had to stay up all night just to complete it.

"So much for my machine to deal with the Mario brothers…" Iggy stated.

Realization came into Iggy which made him gasp in horror and cover his mouth with his hands. "Luddy was inside the machine, which means that I-"

Just when Iggy was about to finish his sentence, crying began to fill the room which startled the koopaling and looked around the room to find the source of the crying.

"Who's crying all the sudden, I don't remember having Junior over..." Iggy had a confused look on his face before he looked at the broken machine once again. "Unless…"

Iggy jumped at the sudden noise which sounded like a toddler crying and he turned around to the broken machine of where the crying came from. The tall koopaling pushed the door open with all of his strength to reveal a toddler version of his eldest brother crying his eyes out

"Oh no…" Iggy sweatdropped of seeing Ludwig into a toddler, "I'm so dead after this..."

Iggy picked up his former elder brother up and bounced him a bit to calm him down.

"Shh, it's okay Ludz… Don't cry, it's going to be okay" Iggy calmly said.

Ludwig stopped crying and looked at the tall koopaling as he smiled a bit and giggled which made Iggy sigh in relief.

"I'm glad that you are okay Ludwig, otherwise you would have been gone after what happened with the machine." Iggy said, hugging his eldest turn toddler brother close to his chest.

Iggy looked at the machine once again and sighed in despair, before putting Ludwig down on the ground.

"I have gotten that taken care of, now it's time to talk with others about this." Iggy said, patting Ludwig on the head.

~To be continued~

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