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In the lounge room, the rest of the koopalings was currently in the room hanging out while the two prodigies weren't present at the moment since they was finishing up their machine for the next invasion for the Mushroom Kingdom. Larry, Lemmy, Roy, and Morton was fighting against each other in a video game which was Smash Ultimate and very competitive to win the battle as Junior and Wendy watches the four play

"Ha! Prepare to loose to Larry Koopa!"said Larry

"In your dreams little brother!"said Lemmy

"Yeah! I'll win for sure!"said Morton

"Keep tellin' yourself dat once I kick your butt kid"said Roy

"Oh yeah take this!"yelled Larry

Larry's character his ultimate attack to make Morton and Lemmy's character's loose and Roy's character dodged it which made the two koopalings groan in defeat

"Aww, I lost!"pouted Lemmy while crossing his arms

"This sucks"huffed Morton in disappointment

"You lose fair and square losers"said Larry with a proud grin on his face

"I'm gonna to wipe that grin off your face once I win"taunted Roy to the blue haired koopaling

"Bring it on, pinky!"sneered Larry back at his older brother

Iggy walked in the lounge room to see Roy and Larry playing video games while the rest of the koopalings watched them play. He cleared his throat to get their attention which Wendy, Junior, Lemmy, and Morton turned to Iggy

"Hey Iggy!"greeted Junior with a smile

"I thought you was too busy to come here, man"said Morton

"You wanna watch Roy and Larry battle one another in Smash Ultimate?"asked Lemmy

"I would like to, but right now I have something important to tell you guys"said Iggy

"What is so important that you wanna tell us Iggy?"asked Junior

Iggy was about to respond but was rudely interrupted by Roy and Larry

"Can it be later! I'm this close to winning!"said Larry while not taking his eyes off the game

"Yeah! Go somewhere else wit' your crazy self nerd!"said Roy

"It's probably more important than the game your playing"said Wendy as she rolled her eyes in annoyance

Iggy walked over to the TV and unplugged it causing the screen go off while Larry and Roy groaned in protest

"What the fish was that for?!"shouted Larry

"Yeah! I was about to win!"said Roy

Iggy ignored the two koopalings and cleared his throat as he looked at his brothers and sister

"Now I have your attention…. I have something to tell you all"said Iggy

"Well, spit it out!"interrupted Roy being impatient as always

Wendy glared at the impatient koopaling as she smack upside his head which made him stop talking and be quiet

"Continue Iggy"said Wendy while ignoring Roy's glare at her

"Thank you Wendy"Iggy took a deep breath and exhaled"Ludwig and I have been working on a machine and there was some slight malfunctions"

"What do you mean by 'slight' malfunctions?"asked Larry with his eyebrow raised

"Let's say I had Ludwig test the machine and it didn't go so well"Iggy chuckled nervously at that part

They raised an eyebrow of what Iggy said until they heard a child giggle and looked at Junior but he wasn't the one giggling

"That's not me guys…"said Junior as he shook his head and looked around to see who was giggling

They looked at the bean bag chairs which was the source of the giggling and Roy approached the bean bag chairs slowly as a little koopaling jumped out his hiding place

"Boo!"said Ludwig with a giggle which started Roy to death

"What the- Ludwig?!"exclaimed Roy with a shocked look

Everybody except Iggy gasped in shock and horror of seeing their eldest brother in his toddler form as they approach the former eldest to get a better view. The youngest koopaling mostly looked shocked of seeing Ludwig as a toddler who's currently 3 years younger and much smaller than himself

"Luddy, is that you?..."questioned Junior to the little Ludwig

"No freaking way…"said Larry with surprise

"I can't believe my eyes…"said Lemmy while he blinked in shock

"Holy mother of Goombas"said Morton

"He's so cute!"cooed Wendy while scooping Ludwig into her arms

Ludwig giggled and squealed in joy as Wendy started to baby talk him and Junior and Lemmy watched for their interest. The three koopalings looked at this and back at Iggy with a displeased look on their faces

"Okay, there has been an accident with the new invention to defeat Mario"said Iggy with a nervous chuckle

"How did that happen?"asked Morton

"It was supposed to turn Ludwig old but had some bugs which it accidently reversed his age to a toddler age"Iggy adjusted his glasses a bit

"That totally makes more sense now once you put it that way"said Wendy while cradling the little Ludwig

"Ludwig is gonna be mad at you and kick your ass after he gets turned back to normal"said Roy with a smirk

"I know THAT Roy, no need to remind me…"Iggy groaned in annoyance and glared at the third eldest

"If Ludwig is turned into a toddler, who's going to be charge of us? I mean Ludwig is the eldest out of us which means that somebody has to be responsible of us. Who's going to be leader of the Koopalings?-"panicked Morton but was cut off by Roy

"Quit your yappin' Morton, I'm sure de nerd will turn him back eventually"said Roy while looking at Iggy "Right Iggy?..."

Iggy nods his head and Morton calmed down a bit but still worried about this situation

"Ludwig is a toddler now, this is real comedy gold right there!"said Larry while patting Ludwig on the head and laughed his head off

While Larry was laughing at Ludwig, the eldest now turned into a toddler looked at Larry while frowning and tears appeared in his eyes as he whimpered. Wendy saw this action and glared at Larry who was laughing at Ludwig

"Larry, don't you mess with him before you make Luddy cry"scolded Wendy to her younger brother and smacks him on the head to make him stop laughing

"OW! I was just kidding sheesh!"said Larry as he rubbed his head

"Serves you right of being mean to him"snickered Morton while Lemmy giggled at Larry

Ludwig was still close to crying and Wendy bounced him a bit to calm him down

"It's ok, don't let that idiot get to you Luddy"said Wendy while she wiped away his tears

"Otay Wendy"said Ludwig as he smiled a bit at his sister

"Looks like Ludwig still remembers us even though he's a toddler right now"said Morton while looking at Ludwig with awe

"Hmph, you don't say"huffed Roy with a unamused look on his face

"I finally get to be a big brother for once!"said Junior with a big smile

"How long will it take to get Ludwig back to normal?"asked Lemmy to Iggy

"Probably next week"said Iggy

"What?!"shouted everybody in shock and horror

"You what do you mean you'll turn him back to normal in a week?!"exclaimed Larry

"We don't have a week until the next invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom!"said Wendy

"Plus Luddy's symphony is coming up!"mentioned Lemmy

Iggy laid down on the green beanbag chair and he looked at his siblings who's waiting for his response

"Look I'll try to get the machine fixed as fast as I can, so try to bare with me guys"said Iggy with a sigh and looked down at his knees sadly as he continued"It feels like it's my fault I did this to Ludwig in the first place even though the machine wasn't working properly just because of my 'amazing' inventing skills…"

His brothers and sister looked at Iggy with a surprised look on their faces. They felt guilty of how much time that Iggy worked on his inventions to impress everybody with his inventing skills but this time he feels like he screwed up this time just because their eldest brother is now a toddler

The first one to approach the tall sad koopaling was surprisingly Roy, leaving the others confused and puzzled

"It's not your fault nerd, the machine was just being a pain in the ass on it's own so don't pin this on yourself"said Roy while he puts a hand on Iggy's shoulder

Iggy looked up from his knees to look at his brother who gave words of comfort to make him feel better a bit

"You really think so Roy?"asked Iggy

"Mhm"answered the pink headed koopaling

"Just remember, it was an accident and we all make mistakes sometimes"said Morton with encouragement as he sat on a grey bean bag chair next to Iggy

"Yeah, we'll be there to help you with this situation"said Lemmy while Wendy and Larry nods their heads in agreement of what Lemmy said

"I believe in you Iggy!"cheered Junior as he smiled big at Iggy and lunged at him to give him a big hug

Iggy almost lost balance from his little brother's surprise tackle hug and he hugged Junior back as he chuckled a bit and looked at his brothers and sister

"Thanks guys, you guys are the best siblings I asked for"said Iggy while smiling at his siblings and continued "I really appreciate you guys helping me to get Ludwig back to normal"

"Anything for you, big bro"said Larry

"Wuddy thinks you can do it"said Ludwig while smiling at Iggy

Iggy paused for a bit until he smiled back at the tiny koopaling as he ruffles Ludwig's hair which made him giggle cutely

"First things first, we go to the store and get the parts to fix the machine"said Iggy

"Also to pick up some groceries as well since Kamek is taking the day off"said Wendy

"To the store we go!"said Larry and Junior at the same time as they do an adventure pose

To be continued

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Wendy:Say bye to the readers Ludwig!

Ludwig:Bwye bwye!