"That sounds like a horrible idea. Let's do it and see how it goes." Kristolyn Piper said, talking to her best friend, Gwen Kersey. "First prank of the new year, right?"

Kris, although not like to get in trouble, certainly had a talent for it. She and Gwen loved to pull pranks on their friends. And that sometimes included getting detention. Because they set up balloons in the auditorium, to fall on the drama kids. The day before their dress rehearsal. Charlie, aka Ms. Beverly but nobody called her that (by request of Charlie), was ready to kill them. And the two girls got detention for the rest of that week. It was definitely worth it.

The shorter girl nodded. "Think Allison is gonna kill us for this?"

"Probably," Kris replied and chuckled, pulling her curly brown hair back into a ponytail. "If her girlfriend doesn't kill us first."

"She and Jade finally got together?"

"I wish." she scoffed. "No, I think Allison is head over heels from that one guy on the football team."

"You mean your brother?" Gwen asked and Kris facepalmed.

"Yes, I mean Flynn. Now shut up and help me tie this, will you?" She said, with slight annoyance. Allison's crush on Flynn drove her crazy. Half the time she felt as if she was being used for her to get closer to him. And the other half, she was hanging out with Troy, just to get to the airhead of a brother Kris had. He was an idiot, and Allison deserved someone a little smarter. Sometimes she was debating if she only liked him because she thought he was hot…

Or, rather, there was more to Allison that she saw. She didn't talk to her, much, unless it came to choreography for the school shows matching time with the music. She, more hung out with Gwen, where Allison, Carson, Darren, and Troy were their own tight-knit group. And the Allison had a few friends on the soccer team with the help of her childhood friend, Jade Bradbury.

Gwen tapped her shoulder, pulling Kris out of her thoughts. The 'butterfly' was ready. Popsicle sticks, hot glue, a paper clip, and some paper was all it took. Twist the rubber band, put it in the card and seal it.

"And I say again. Think Allison is gonna kill us?" The blonde girl asked, and Kris nodded.

They had staged the prank to make it look like a Valentine's Day card was from Flynn, and had a 'heartfelt' note on the front. Then she would open the card and see the crazy butterfly-type-thing fly out at her. With a message in the comic-book font: 'February fools!', and their names at the bottom. Even if it gets you murdered, you still have to take credit for a good prank; it's the rules of a good prank.


"Miss Caryn Elliston!"

The shrill voice of her math teacher woke Caryn up from her writing-daydream. She didn't even seem to write the words anymore. But imagine the scene, and watch the pages become filled with lead or ink. And then her hand cramps up a lot.

"Yes, Miss Herbert?" Caryn asked, sitting up a bit straighter and blowing her bright red hair away from her hazel eyes. Unfortunately, it fell back down, so she pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Which also looked as if it was going to fall out, from how ratty it looked.

"What do you think you're doing?" The piercing sharp voice of her math teacher asked, irked with the student. It wasn't Caryn's fault that she was always falling asleep in her most boring class, first-period math. It had never been a talent of hers; math sucked. The writing was easier for her. And her best friend's mom was her French teacher, so she kinda had to like that class. Mrs. Attwood was awesome!

Caryn shrugged, hoping to god she wasn't getting detention from this. It was May, she was so close to going a month without it... "Waking up, ma'am. Late night for homework. And I didn't understand-"

"Then I suggest you pay attention, young lady. There's a test next week."

"Yes, ma'am-"

Just then, the bell rang and Caryn sighed. "Dismissed! And study tonight!" Miss Herbert said as the class rushed out the door.

"Elliston!" Caryn heard from behind her and turned to see a short redhead running up to her. Of course, it was her best friend, Cassie LeClare, barreling down the hallway to meet up with her.

"Hey, Cassie," Caryn said as Cassie laced her arm through her. It was a natural habit, at this point, considering how close they had grown in the past few years. "What's up with drama? The show's next week, right?"

"Yeah, tech week is scary. And Mentis is freaking out because Mitch lost his script and isn't off book yet."

Caryn chuckled. "That guy is an idiot sometimes, isn't he?"

"Definitely," Cassie replied. "Speaking of, though, where is he?" They had reached the commons, where she, Mitch and Caryn always met up to go to their next classes together.

"She's back today with Adonis, I'm pretty sure-

Caryn felt a bit of freezing water run down her back and made a tiny "squeak!" noise. "What the-MITCHELL ATTWOOD!"

A loud giggle was heard behind the two, and Cassie whirled, making sure he couldn't do the same to her.

The girls heard his obnoxious laughter, above all the chatter in the hallways. "Gotcha!"

Caryn spun around and shoved his shoulder. "I don't like you!"

"You love me. Everyone loves me."

"Tell that to Phoenix Traversy, the girl you're in looooooveeee with." Cassie teased, and ran off to the next class, knowing her friends would follow after her.

"I don't like her!" he persisted, despite the flaming red blush that had darkened all around his face. He ran after Cassie immediately, knowing that the bell was going to ring soon.

"Whatever," Caryn added and chuckled. She chased her two best friends to the other end of the hall, down the stairs, and into their next class.

At the end of the day, the three gathered back in their homeroom classes for progress reports. And locker cleanout, but that's less important. Being that Caryn wasn't the most organized, she had to spend quite a while working on it. With the help of Cassie from across the hall.

That wasn't the bad part, unfortunately. It was actually getting the progress reports. It was scary, really. Caryn knew she was smart, and so did her mother. She had been getting worse with grades since her dad died. The last month or so of Freshman year was the worst, but Sophomore she got back up to a B average... In regular classes, rather than honors, CP or AP level.

"Mom is going to kill me," Caryn mumbled as she walked out to Cassie's car. Her core classes were a B or a B, but her reading class was an A. Solid. Which meant that she could definitely do better in the others, but chose not to.

It was a pretty crappy car, and more orange-rust than red like it was supposed to be, but no one complained. They didn't have to ride the bus anymore. An old Chevy Camaro, which was Cassie's mom, Treasa, when she was younger.

Mitch hopped in the back, with Cassie driving and Caryn claiming shotgun. "What'd you guys end up with?" Caryn asked, hoping to relieve some of her mental stress.

Mitch shrugged. "Mostly B's, a few A's. Not bad. Wasn't expecting anything more than that, really. Mom's mad cause I don't have an A in her class, even though I'm basically fluent in French. I mean, I have to be able to carry a conversation with grand-mère and grand-père."

Cassie scoffed. "Mom likes to rant in Gaelic, even though most people don't even speak it over there anymore. I learned pretty quickly."

"I speak fluent sarcasm," Caryn added, which made Mitch laugh.

"Yes, yes you do," he smirked and Cassie rolled her eyes, continuing the conversation.

"Mom stopped caring, so I stopped caring about school a while ago." She replied.

"I call BS on that. You always get A's."

"True." Cassie shrugged. "You're right, I got A's."

Caryn groaned. "Screw you and your genius-ness."

"You just have to find something to relate it to, and it'll be easier. Mitch, you do that with drama, right?" Mitch nodded, and she continued. "I do it with dance. Not that I enjoy it, but it's something I know. And a little bit of drama, too."

Caryn nodded. "I can try that, I guess."

Cassie looked back in the mirror, and Mitch had his earbuds it, so she continued. "I know it's rough. I lost my dad when I was a kid." She grabbed Caryn's hand and gave her a gentle smile. "I'm here for you. I know it's been a bit less than two years, but it doesn't go away for a while. Trust me, I know."

"Thanks, Cassie.."

"Any time, love."

Loving, adorable, amazing Cassie. Caryn was jealous. She seemed to have her life together all the time, which really sucked considering that she didn't. Whatsoever. Maybe that was her being competitive again, though. Ever since they met, Caryn had always been just barely ahead of Cassie in everything. Now, she was thriving and doing amazing in school, while Caryn was trying to keep her head above water.

When Caryn got home, she knew she was screwed. And grounded. Or both.

Her mother was sitting on the couch, right leg over the other and watching the door, patiently. "So," she said when Caryn walked in.

"So," Caryn repeated and internally groaned. "Progress reports came in today."

"So I heard. Can I see it?"

"If you have to," she mumbled and handed it over. "Don't kill me, please."

"It's better than the last quarter." Her mother replied, and her expression softened. "Still not where you used to be."

"I know.." Caryn sighed and sat next to her on the couch. "I know it seems like I'm being a baby about dad. But father's day is in a few weeks and his birthday was last week and you know that I was a bit closer with him than you-"

Her mom wrapped her arm around Caryn's shoulders. "I know, sweet pea. I know. We have to keep going, though, yeah?"

"No, you don't know," Caryn said, with annoyance. Maybe it was that she had a rough day, or that she was stressed, but she was extra snippy, especially at the moment. "Things are different than when you were in school, Mom. And I love you, but you don't seem to understand that, no matter how much I try to explain it to you!"

The entire family was hot-headed and had a quick temper. Which was great when they got into fights. And since there was no longer a buffer, arguments seemed to happen a lot more often.

"What I understand, young lady." Merylyn (her mother) said with an eerily calm tone, that Caryn knew was the angriest she got. Unless her buttons were pushed, of course. "Is that you need to check your tone. And go do your homework."

"Fine. not like I wanted to talk anyway." Caryn mumbled and grabbed her bag, snatching the report card out of her mother's hands, and walking back to her room.

Caryn never learned how to deal with her emotions well. What teenager does? But, she usually wrote. It was her absolute favorite pastime, and her friends would admit that she's good at it. Or the small number of people that read her tiny section in the school newspaper.

There was one other way, that was a lot less productive and much more...aggressive, you could say. Which it happened to be destroying her room and then cleaning it again.

Which, she went to the second option.

By the time she was almost calmed down, her room was a mess. She knew not to break, anything, though; she wasn't that stupid.

"Caryn Eveline Elliston!" Her mother's yell came from out in the kitchen. "Your room better be clean by the time you go to bed!"

"I will!" Caryn replied bitterly and threw her pillow back on her bed. Tried to, at the least. Unfortunately, she hit the floor length mirror, leaning against the wall.

"Son of a bitch..." Caryn grumbled, seeing it broke. What happened next, though, she was completely confused about. A blue-gray-purple mist arose, swirling around the shards. Being a teenager with horror movie logic, she reached out to touch it...

With a shock of the same colored light, Caryn disappeared.