A skyport attendant sighed as she wheeled a cart down the aisle, she'd just dealt with a man who had directed some inappropriate comments towards her, and her clothes had gotten soiled when a five-year-old had thrown a fit and pelted her with mashed potatoes. Sometimes she really hated her job. She looked to see that a young girl with a newsboy cap covering her curly hair was sitting next to a boy that had a mask on.

"Excuse me," She said as she walked next to the girl, "Are you comfortable? Do you need anything to eat?"

"No, I'm fine." The girl said as she tugged on the newsboy cap. "Thank you for asking though."

"Oh, well how about the passenger next to you, does he need anything?" She asked.

"No, he doesn't need anything," The girl said, "He already ate a lot after we got on, and he's really regretting it."

The boy groaned as he clutched his stomach, and the attendant winced. She remembered when she had gone through the same thing when she was younger.

"Does he need any medicine?" she asked.

"No," the boy said, "I'll tough it out, anyway how long will it be until we get to Mistral?"

"It'll be 30 minutes before we reach the skyport at Mistral," the attendant said, "If you need any help, don't hesitate to use the call light."

The boy nodded, and the attendant turned and walked down the aisle, looking to see if any other passenger needed help...




"I thought that she'd never leave." Sly said as he watched the attendant talk to another passenger.

"She's just doing her job," Hermione said as she straightened her newsboy cap, "You can't really blame her for that."

"I guess you're right," Sly said as he leaned back in his chair, "So, 30 minutes until we reach Mistral..."

"What's Mistral like?" Hermione asked, "All I know about the kingdom is from this pamphlet."


"Well, since you used to live there, I was wondering if you could tell me more about Mistral."

Sly sighed, "It's like most of the other kingdoms," he said, "The upper class focus on getting richer, and the lower class focus on surviving."


"Anyway," Sly said, interrupting Hermione, "We're not going to Mistral to sightsee."

"We're going to meet that group, right?" Hermione asked.

"Right, I was going to their headquarters after I... borrowed stuff from that guy who shot at us." Sly said, "Though I had to make some...slight changes to my plan."

Those 'slight changes' were due to her. Hermione realized as she recalled what had happened when they were in the sewer...







Hermione jolted awake, causing her to slam her forehead against something hard.

"Ow!" Hermione shouted as she rubbed her forehead. She blinked as she realized that she was still in the sewer.

"I thought you were never going to wake up." A familiar voice spoke up. Hermione turned to see that the boy with the dark mask was leaning against the wall of the sewer. "Seriously, you've been unconscious for about an hour."

"An hour?" Hermione asked, "Why didn't you wake me up?"

"I didn't want to deal with you freaking out again," the boy said, "What was with that freak out earlier anyway? You acted like it was the first time that you knew that you were a Faunus."

"Well..." Hermione explained to the boy about everything that had happened before she landed on top of a pile of garbage.

"...You must have hit your head harder than I thought." the boy said once she was done, "You went to a 'magic school'? You're a witch that turned herself into a Faunus by accident? That sounds like something ripped straight out of a fantasy novel."

"It's true though!" Hermione shouted.

"Really?" The boy rose an eyebrow, "Then prove it."

"Fine, then you'll understand that I'm telling the truth," Hermione said as she pulled out her wand, which was miraculously still intact.

"A stick?" The boy asked as he rose an eyebrow, "What are you going to do with that?"

"I'm going to cast a spell," Hermione said, "Let's see..."

Hermione's eyes brightened as she thought of a spell to use.

"Could you stand still for a second?" Hermione asked as she pointed her wand at the boy, "I don't want to miss."

"What are you going to-"


The boy's legs began to spasm out of control, making it appear as though he was dancing.

"W-what the hell?!" the boy shouted, "Why can't I stop?!"

"That's because I cast the Dancing Feet spell on you," Hermione said, "It's a jinx that...well causes you to 'dance'."

"Alright, I believe you!" the boy shouted, "So can you just... undo this?!"

"Finite Incantatem!"

The boy sighed in relief as he was finally able to control his legs.

"So, witches exist... that's kind of creepy." the boy said, "You're not planning on leading me into a gingerbread house and eating me, are you?"

"Why would I do something like that?" Hermione frowned, "I'm a witch, not a cannibal."

"But since you're a witch, couldn't you use magic to get rid of your ears?" the boy asked. "That seems like the smart thing to do."

"They already tried that back in my world," Hermione said, "It didn't work."

"So, you're stuck looking like a Faunus," the boy said, "And you have no idea how to get back to your own world."

"That's right." Hermione looked down, "I don't know what I'm going to do, I don't know anything about this world."

"Well then, I'll help you out," The boy said.

"You'll help me?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah, even though you used to be a human, you're a Faunus now." the boy said, "I'd feel bad if I just abandoned you to fend for yourself."

"Thank you." Hermione said.

"You don't need to thank me," the boy said, "By the way I haven't introduce myself yet, have I? My name's Sly, what's yours?"

"My name is Hermione Granger." Hermione introduced herself.

"'Hermione'? That's a unique name." Sly said, "Anyway, let's get out of here, this smell's making my head spin..."

"Hey, we're about to dock."

Hermione blinked as Sly shook her out of her thoughts.

"Remember, keep your head down when we leave." Sly said, "We don't want to draw too much attention to ourselves."

Once they docked, Hermione and Sly managed to leave without any trouble.

"Okay, I'm going to get a friend of mine to pick us up," Sly said as he pulled a large, gray electronic out of his pocket.

"What's that?" Hermione asked.

"It's a Scroll." Sly explained, "You can use it for a lot of things."

"What kind of things can you do with it?"

"You can call people, text people, use it as a game controller..." Sly said as he tapped away on his Scroll, "It's pretty useful."

"Oh..." Hermione felt as though she'd never stop being amazed at how technologically advanced Remnant was. She wondered how long it would take for her world to get to this point.

"Okay, he'll be here in a few minutes." Sly said as he shoved his Scroll back into his pocket. "We'll just have to wait here for a while..."




Within a few minutes, a worn-down taxi arrived, and a man with thinning hair wearing a bowler's hat stepped out of the taxi.

"That's him." Sly said, "Let's go."

The two of them entered the taxi and the man adjusted the mirror.

"So, where do you want to go Sly?" The taxi driver asked.

"Take us to the headquarters." Sly said.

"You came all this way to go to the headquarters?" The taxi driver blinked in surprise, "Weren't you in Vale though Sly? You could have just gone to the Vale branch."

"I don't like having to deal with Adam," Sly said, "I thought that introducing her to Ghira would be better?"

"Why would you introduce her to Ghira?" the taxi driver asked, "He isn't even the High Leader anymore."

"...What?" Sly said in surprise. "What do you mean he isn't the High Leader?"

"He stepped down last year," the taxi driver said, "Have you been living under a rock?"

"Who's the High Leader now then?" Sly asked.

"Sienna stepped up last year," the taxi driver said, "She's said she's going to start making changes to how the White Fang operates."

Sly turned to Hermione and whispered, "Hey, you know what you told me back in the sewers?"

"Yes," Hermione said.

"...When we get to headquarters, don't mention it to Sienna."

"Why?" Hermione asked.

"Just trust me," Sly said, "I don't think things will end well if you tell her that you were a human..."