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Author's Note: First attempt at a humorous Power Rangers Ninja Storm story, inspired by Matt, who kept talking about how hot he thought Tori was. Somehow, while talking about an episode where Tori piloted the Megazord alone (Thunder Strangers, Part 3), Tori leading the Wind Rangers came up. So this one's for you, Matt! And for Ragemoon, this is your reward for helping me. Since you've been a good girl, I think multiple appearances of male Rangers in boxers are in order…lol!

A Shift In Power

By: Alexandra Oliver (Aurora Force 1)

Scene 1: Redecorating

Lothor packed his bags, looking at both his nieces. "I am going on vacation for the four day weekend. I am leaving you two in charge think you can handle it?"

"Of course, Uncle!" they both chimed as they smiled at his faith in them.

"While I'm gone, I want ever Power Ranger defeated and hung up on the wall, got it?" Lother instructed sharply.

"Yes, Uncle," the girls said in unison once more.

Without saying goodbye, Lother left his nieces to their own devices. I am so glad I won't have to take those useless pea brained ninnies along with me. I need a break! I cannot handle this stress! he thought to himself as he dragged his suitcase along.

After watching their uncle walk off into the distance, Marah and Kapri decided they had to get to work.

"I think we should put the yellow one over there," Marah declared with an air of superiority about her.

Kapri rolled her eyes and said, "Are you color blind? That twerp will clash with the wall! Now…if anyone should be hanging here, it's that oh-so-hunky red one…he'll look great with the color scheme here!"

"Well…if we kidnap him, I want a date with him before we destroy him!" Marah told her.

"Why do you always want what I want?" Marah whined.

"Let's figure out a plan to kidnap the Red Wind Ranger, then we'll figure out what to do with him…" Kapri suggested, receiving a nod of approval from Marah.