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[Author's Note]: First attempt at a humorous Power Rangers Ninja Storm story, inspired by Matt, who kept talking about how hot he thought Tori was. Somehow, while talking about an episode where Tori piloted the Megazord alone (Thunder Strangers, Part 3), Tori leading the Wind Rangers came up. So this one's for you, Matt! And for Ragemoon, this is your reward for helping me. Since you've been a good girl, I think multiple appearances of male Rangers in boxers are in order…lol!

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A Shift In Power

By: Alexandra Oliver (Aurora Force 1)

Scene 4: Dude, Where's My Pants?

At Storm Chargers, Lacey was just finishing up counting the cash in the cash register when Dustin, her boyfriend, entered the building.

"Am I late? Am I late?" the curly haired guy said breathlessly to her as he walked over to the counter.

Lacey simply watched as her favorite guy stopped in front of her and caught his breath. "No, they're not here yet," she assured him with a smile. She couldn't help but look down at his slim yet toned body when she noticed that something seemed to be missing. She cleared her throat uncomfortably.

Kelly, the manager of Storm Chargers and their boss, walked over and said, "Dustin! You're here…I thought I gave you the day off!" She paused, noticed what Lacey had noticed and stifled a laugh.

Dustin looked innocently at both girls with this totally clueless look on his face. "What? What'd I do now?" he asked, all confused.

Before either girl could respond, the rest of the gang had arrived.

"Aw, damn, not you too!" Tori exclaimed when she saw Dustin. The blonde put her left hand up to her eyes and shook her head, horrified.

Blake's face showed complete shock, Hunter chuckled lightly, Shi looked completely disgusted and Hotaru just didn't know how to react.

Finally, Blake cracked. "Nice Power Ranger boxers!" he exclaimed, then led the gang into a fit of giggles no one could control.

"The Red Ranger was my hero, man!" Dustin shot back, defending his childhood hero. He looked down and added, "DAMN! Dude, where's my pants?"

"They're definitely not here, man!" Hunter shot back, recovering slightly from his giggles.

"I gotta go back to my place for 'em!" Dustin decided with a firm voice.

After glancing at her watch, Tori shot back, "No time, c'mon!" She pulled on Dustin's arm and dragged him out of the building.

Lacey followed, shaking her head. Alongside her, Blake was still laughing. Behind them, Shi was totally bugging out and Hunter was trying to comfort her.

"Aw, man! Did I really have to see Dustin pantsless today?" she whined as she held onto Hunter's arm.

Hotaru followed the gang, keeping her comments to herself. [Lacey's really scored a keeper!] she thought to herself, her inner voice filled with sarcasm.

Shi and Hotaru quickly retreated to Shi's jeep, Shi pulling Hunter along.

"We'll catch up with ya at Ninja Ops after you pick Shane up," Shi yelled over her shoulder, "Don't be late."

Tori, Blake, Lacey and Dustin piled into Tori's van and they took off for the skate park.

"How could you forget your pants?" Lacey asked Dustin, puzzled.

Tori scoffed and explained, "I guess you didn't know what you were getting into before you started going out with Dust-Bunny but he's the type of guy who'd forget his own head if it wasn't attached to his neck, trust me."

"I thought I told you not to call me that anymore!" Dustin scolded Tori, pretending to be insulted.

Once the Rangers had arrived at the skate park, Lacey immediately shook her head.

"Don't bother leaving the van…he never showed up…" she said worriedly as she looked out the window.

Dustin, Tori and Blake gave each other nervous looks.

"How'd you know, Lace?" Blake asked her curiously.

"See those girls over there?" she asked, pointing at a mob of girls waiting by Shane's favorite run with signs. The trio in the van with her looked over and nodded. "Well…they're always watching Shane on that run and leave right after. Them still being there means Shane never did his thing. They're stupid enough to still be waiting…"

"Shane's got groupies? Who knew?" Dustin asked, and then added another question, thinking Lacey knew the answer, "So where'd he go?"

Snickering, the brunette replied, "Knowing him, he probably just fell out of bed then got kidnapped or something."

"Yeah, probably," Tori replied with a grin, "So what do we do about rescuing him?"

Dustin and Lacey didn't answer. Tori realized that they were making out in the backseat so she and Blake were on their own. She sped out of the skate park.

"Don't have to be so neurotic, sweetheart!" the Asian commented.

Tori hit the gas and sped off, burning rubber. "Who are you calling neurotic?" she playfully asked.

As she spoke, she hit a lamppost.

"DAMN IT!" she yelled, "That's the 13th one this week!"

Blake laughed as Tori backed up and drove off.

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