With the darkness, the room's size can never be revealed. But somewhere in it was faint blue light. And that light is coming from the crevice of an odd looking casket. It was dark and metallic in colour, dented and scratched in different places. And just how different its appearance is compared to your typical casket, so too its purpose.

Quite the opposite to be precise. Rather than to store the dead, this particular casket preserves the living. And this casket came from a time long forgotten. The light flickered, as if it was withering in existence. The cracked, glitching panel showed words foreign to the current generation of mankind. Or any living, sentient being out there.

It says in bright blue:

Energy reserves...

Dangerously low...

Performing scan...

Diagnostics complete...

Subject status...



The casket beeped. Mist slowly flowed down from its crevice to the floor. A soft hum and mechanical noises of some sort rhymed inside, consisting of motors whirring and gears grinding.

Performing emergency activation.

With all the casket's life, it struggled to finally open its cover after unknown decades. Possibly even centuries. It opened wide and proud. In a pool of semi-gelatinous liquid, there lies a young man in his mid-twenties.

He awakens.


So before I say anything, English is not my first language, and that I'm doing this to share my take on Rimworld universe. Or as I like to call it for convenience, "Rimverse". I'm just an amateur writer who recently took one of the worse level of writing block, and I am just recovering from it.

So here's the thing.

Summer. No school. And I can't exactly spend most of my time playing. There's just so many things going inside my head that I want to share, to expand beyond this game. Mods are cool, the more you have it the better. But my laptop's processing power is not. And worse of all, my latest file save got corrupt. I can't understand what this nullreference is. So unto the trash it went.

So here I am.

I may not exactly have plans for this. But I still have the structure for the plot to make sense and be interesting. Btw, I think I'll make this into mini stories where different main characters will be written in different arcs. I think.