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"Did you had to hit me that hard, Temi!?"

"Be lucky it was only your head! What were you thinking telling them they must warm our beds?!"

"I was only joking!"

"I told you to keep your unholy thoughts to yourself! But you didn't! And now they're hiding somewhere in the palace!"

"Well, how was I supposed to know they would runaway after hearing what I said!?"

"Even I would be terrified if I was told to stay in a stranger's room! We were supposed to treat them as our guests, not as pleasure slaves!"

"I would never think of Jaden as a pleasure slave!"

"Then you better apologize to him and to Yugi once we find them! And lets hope and pray they can trust us again!"

"I promise I'll apologize. For now, our guards are still looking for them."

"I doubt they have gotten far," Atem sighed while pinching the bridge of his nose. "Every guard and priest in this palace blocked all the exits. No one goes in or out until we find them."

"Did they check all the giant potteries and vases? They could be hiding in there."

"I informed the servants to do that. Right now, they are still checking all of them."

"What about the rooms and bathhouses?"

"I sent Mahado, Mana, and Seth to investigate them."

"The harem quarters?"

"Isis and her apprentices are checking them."

"The throne room?"

"The guards told me they didn't go there."

"What about-

"Everyone we trust is searching the whole palace. They're also checking outside along with the gardens. If there's a chance they made it outside, someone's Ka would inform us."

"Should we try finding the Kuriboh spirits? They're always with Jaden and your little one."

"First of all, his name is Yugi and only I can call him little one. Secondly, the only way we can trace Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh is if we have a Kuriboh spirit with us. However, we do not. The best we can do is have all of our Ka spiirts trying to locate them with their powers."

Abidos groaned in annoyance. "What if we don't find them, Temi? I still want to know more about Jaden."

"We will find them, Abidos. They do not know the palace well, but we do," Atem reassured him and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Is this the library?"

"I believe so. However, Egyptians mostly use scrolls, papyrus, or carve on tablets as a way to read and write."

"That sounds really cool!"

Yugi quickly covered Jaden's mouth with his right hand, placing a finger on his lips with his left hand. After scanning the area to make sure no one heard it, even though it looked like they were the only ones there, he uncovered Jaden's mouth. "We mustn't shout, Jaden. Don't forget that we're hiding from everyone."


"I thought we were hiding from the pharaohs?" Jaden tilted his head in confusion.


"We are," Yugi replied. "There is no way we're gonna be their pleasure slaves. We're not harlots."

"Is that what Abidos meant when he said we must keep him and Atem along with their beds warm?" Jaden asked.

"I'm afraid so," Yugi frowned. "But its never gonna happen. Since we don't know the pharaohs and they don't know us, its gonna take a while to see if we can trust them or not."

"Can we trust anybody here?"

"I'm not sure. For now, we can only trust each other along with our duel spirits."



Jaden looked around. "How long will we stay in this library?"

"Probably forever until we can figure out a way to get back home," Yugi answered, taking a look at the Egyptian texts on a scroll. "Since this place resembles the library, maybe we can try to find something here to help us."

"Can you read this language?" Jaden scratched the back of his head. "They all look like shapes and pictures."

"Grandpa taught me some of the texts. However, it'll take a while to figure out which one talks about time-traveling."

"Or about duel monsters."


"Was that your stomach, Jaden?"

"I don't think my stomach can meow."


Feeling something rubbing his leg, Jaden looked down to find a sandy-colored tabby cat with dark brown horizontal stripes, a white underbelly, and a bushy dark brown tail. The cat meowed at him while wagging its tail back and forth.

Jaden picked the cat up, holding it in his arms. "Where did you come from?"

"The Egyptians worship cats. Its either a stray or it belongs to someone," Yugi said.

"Pharaoh! Did you find something?"

"I believe he went over there, sir."

Hearing footsteps approaching them, they tried to find a hiding spot but it was already too late. They gulped and looked over to find two individuals standing a few feet away from them. One of them is a tall man with long black hair tied in a ponytail, a pair of reading glasses, and a brown Egyptian cloak covering him from his neck to his feet. The other individual is a teenage boy who looked like he is the same age as Jaden and Yugi. He had short dark hair swished to the back almost like Jaden's hair, dark gray eyes, and he also wore an Egyptian cloak but in a light brown color. He was holding a couple of scrolls in his arms.

The cat meowed again, jumping out of Jaden's arms and trotted over to his owner with glasses. The tall man pushed the bridge of his glasses, making them reflect from the light. "Hello! You two must be our new guests, correct? Were you interested in coming here to read or study?"

"Y-Yes!" Yugi vigorously nodded. "M-My friend and I wanted to see the library here!"

"Y-Yeah! And we were able to find it!" Jaden nervously nodded.

The dark haired boy became confused, but his eyes widened in realization. "Oh! You must be referring to our study area, correct? You wish to study our papyrus?"

Yugi and Jaden quickly nodded. The tall man with glasses smiled and beckoned them over. "Now don't be shy. Feel free to look at them all. If there is any particular topic you're looking for, please let us know. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have."

"Just remember to be extra careful with the scrolls and papyrus. They are quite delicate."

"Sure thing!" Jaden gave them a thumbs-up. "So uh, what are your names?"

"Forgive us for not introducing ourselves," the man cleared his throat and gave them a small bow. "I am known as Lyman Banner, or Professor Banner. I am a scholar." He placed his hand on the boy's shoulder. "This young man is my apprentice Bastion Misawa. He helps me with my research, along with keeping everything organized."

The brown tabby cat meowed, sitting down on the ground. "Oh yes! This is my pet cat Pharaoh. He informs me of any guests we have after he greets them."




"Those two must be your Ka spirits, correct?"

Yugi nodded and gestured to each of them. "The one floating near me is Kuriboh. The other one with angel wings is Winged Kuriboh."

"Impressive," Bastion studied both of their spirits. "Your spirits obviously match your personalities."

"Really?" Jaden wondered and glanced over at Winged Kuriboh. "You do have a point there."


"They're also really clever and adorable."


"Now that we have introduced each other," Professor Banner clasped his hands together in front of him. "I believe it is time for us to slumber. Night has already fallen, and you both must be tired."

"Nighttime already?" Yugi blinked. "Time sure went by fast."

"But where are we gonna sleep though?" Jaden asked.

"Don't worry. The Professor and I will take you both to your guestrooms," Bastion placed the scrolls on a nearby table. "We must be quick before our pharaohs get worried."

"… Huh?"

"He is right," Banner quickly went behind Yugi and Jaden, who were startled by his speed. He gently pushed their backs, getting them to walk with Bastion guiding them to the exit. "I know you two are frightened, but it is alright. Our great pharaohs are very kind people. They may seem scary, but they're very generous and thoughtful. I promise you that all of us will do everything we can to make sure you're both happy and comfortable here in the palace."

Pharaoh the cat meowed in agreement, following them as they all left the scroll room and out on the hallway. Their presence alerted the servants, who quickly left to inform their rulers while the guards went over to them.

"Professor! Thank you for finding them!" one of the guards did a quick bow. "We had no idea they would be in your study room."

"Actually, Pharaoh here is the one who discovered them," Banner gestured to his cat. "Tristan. Tyranno. We will take our guests to their rooms."

"Not yet, sir," the other guard, known as Tyranno, said. "As soldiers, we must inform our kings that their guests have been found. We cannot disobey them. We made a solemn oath to obey our kings!"

"He is right, Professor. We must take our guests to the pharaohs before they go to their rooms," Bastion replied.

They continued their discussion while Yugi and Jaden remained silent. It would be impossible for them to escape since there are witnesses, and it doesn't look like Professor Banner will let them go, due to his strong grip on their shoulders. Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh rested their bodies against their masters, who petted them.

"Hey Yugi?" Jaden softly whispered.

"Yeah?" Yugi whispered back.

"What do you think is gonna happen once Abidos and Atem see us?"

"They'll probably be mad that we ran away from them, but I'm hoping they'll calm down once we tell them why we did that."

"Do you think they'll ground us?"

"Lets hope its only grounding and nothing else."

They stopped whispering as loud footsteps and voices echoed in the hallway. Yugi and Jaden glanced over to find a few of the servants guiding Atem and Abidos along with their faithful priests and advisors over to them. They nearly gulped and held onto their Kuribohs, who patted their arms with their claws for comfort.

Stopping near them, Atem gazed over at Yugi and then to Jaden. He then turned his attention to Professor Banner and Bastion. "They were hiding in the study room?"

Banner nodded. "Yes, my lord. My cat discovered them and-

Atem placed his hand up to silence him. "That's all I need to know."

Abidos clicked his tongue in annoyance. "Why would you two runaway like that? If it's because of what I said in the infirmary, I was only joking."

"I believe Abidos is trying to say that he apologizes for his rudeness. He did not mean to scare you two, and I humbly apologize for not stopping him sooner."

"Like my cousin Atem said, I shouldn't have been so vulgar towards you both. A pharaoh should always be respectful towards his special guests. I deeply apologize for my actions. Please find it in your hearts to forgive me."

"And don't worry, I gave him a good scolding along with hitting his head."

"Temi! Don't tell them that!"

"They should at least know you wouldn't do it again! And do not call me Temi in front of our guests!"

"Too late, Temi! Now they know since you told them about you hitting my head! And it still hurts!"

"This wouldn't have happened if you had kept your unholy thoughts to yourself!"

"My pharaohs! Please! You need to calm down!" one of the advisors pleaded.

"DON'T INTERRUPT!" they shouted at the advisor, who yelped and hid behind one of the priests.

Suddenly, their ears picked up on some laughter. Soon, it became louder as everyone looked over to find Yugi and Jaden laughing out loud. Jaden was no longer holding Winged Kuriboh, and is now hugging his stomach as he continued to laugh with his eyes closed. Yugi wasn't holding Kuriboh, but he tried to muffle his laughs with his mouth but he still couldn't stop laughing, as his eyes were closed and his shoulders were shaking.

Now everyone became confused, with a huge question mark floating above their heads. Why were Yugi and Jaden laughing? Did they found the pharaohs arguing hilarious? Or is something tickling them? However, their loud laughs stopped Atem and Abidos from arguing, which was a huge relief for everyone. An argument between two powerful rulers is considered dangerous. Crossing them could lead you to be thrown into the dungeon, or be fed to the lions.

Atem and Abidos were slightly confused. Why were their guests laughing at them? Or is it with them? Was their argument actually hilarious? And more importantly, why were their laughs so adorable?

Yugi let out a cough as he started to calm down. "W-We're really sorry! I-Its just that we've never seen two pharaohs arguing before! T-They really do look like brothers having a sibling fight!"

Jaden let out a few snorts while calming down. "Ha ha! He's right! W-We had no idea you two would be that hilarious! And giving the pharaoh a funny nickname is pure genius! I like the nickname you picked out for him, Abidos!"

Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh giggled while Yugi and Jaden were taking some deep breaths to regain oxygen back into their lungs. As they continued to regain their breathing, they didn't notice Atem's and Abidos's cheeks nearly turning red. Atem was blushing out of embarrassment for losing his composure in front of them, especially towards Yugi. Abidos was blushing not only out of embarrassment, but also for the compliment Jaden gave him. No one had ever given him a nice compliment on giving his cousin Atem a nickname. He could feel his heart thumping against his ribcage, but chose to ignore it.

Someone walked over to the pharaohs and cleared his throat, his dark blue eyes staring at them. "My kings, what type of punishment shall we give them?"

His statement caused Yugi and Jaden to stiffen, but Atem quirked his eyebrow. "Punishment? They haven't broken any rules, Seth."

"My lord, they escaped from the ward. They did not answer your questions, and they were planning to leave the palace," Seth explained.

"Seth, the only reason they ran away from us is because of Abidos's indecent statement. They were only frightened. I'm sure they did not mean to run away like that."

"But pharaoh-

"They will not be punished," Abidos cut him off. "I know they won't run away like that from us ever again. Isn't that right, young guests?"

Both Jaden and Yugi quickly nodded, making Abidos smile big as he crossed his arms over his chest and looked back at Seth. "See! They realized their mistakes! There's no need to punish them!"

"Lord Abidos, are you sure about this?" one of Abidos's advisors asked.

"Are you questioning my decision?"

"Not at all, my king. I'm just concerned about your safety and-

Abidos put his hand up to silence him. "Atem and I know what we're doing. Have more faith in us!"

"Agreed. Yugi and Jaden will not be punished for our mistakes," Atem replied. "Now then, I believe its time we all head to bed. Let us escort you both to your rooms."

"No need, my lords. Professor Banner and I shall escort our guests to their living quarters," Bastion bowed down.

"He is correct," Professor Banner said. "You two must be exhausted and-

"Nonsense!" Abidos waved him off. "We are still wide awake. Plus, our guests still haven't answered all of our questions. We need to continue our interrogation with them tomorrow."

"Along with questioning everyone here on how no one spotted our guests going into the study room," Atem frowned, placing one hand on his hip. "Tomorrow, we will have a discussion with the guards and servants on being more aware of their surroundings."

The guards trembled in fear while avoiding Atem's gaze and the priests and advisors were shivering from Atem's aura. The one thing they do fear is the wrath of Atem. He may look kind, but his anger is something no one should ever experience. Even Abidos knows to always watch out for Atem's rage.

Yugi and Jaden were nearly trembling from Atem's dark aura, but stopped when they heard Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh yawning. Since it was already late, both of their spirits faded away and went back into their decks. Then, both Yugi and Jaden let out some yawns as they began to feel really sleepy.

Abidos clapped his hands together. "I believe right now is a good time for them to rest! We mustn't let you two pass out before we get to your rooms!"

Unfortunately, they couldn't keep their eyes open and started to fall. Luckily, the guards, Banner, and Bastion caught them before they could hit the ground. Yugi and Jaden closed their eyes and succumbed to the darkness as sleep took over them.

Day 2

"I was thinking, Temi."

"About what?"

"Is it possible Jaden and Yugi are gifts to us from the Gods?"

"What do you mean?"

"We must've done something really good to please them. To reward us, they gave us both Jaden and Yugi from the heavens."

"Abidos, did you forget about yesterday? They somehow came to our era from the power of the Millennium Key and Eye. They are both from the future."

"I still believe they are gifts to us from the Gods. It's impossible for humans to be so beautiful. They're obviously angels in disguise. Or maybe Nile risen beauties."

"Cousin, you're thinking too much."

"Then you agree with me that our guests are special?"

Atem sighed, taking a bite of his fig and chewing it before swallowing. "They are special, but a different kind of special. Like you said yesterday, they are time-travelers."

"Which is most exciting," Abidos replied and took a small bite of his date. "I wish to hear more stories about their era, especially their home and families. Jaden did mention about having an older sister named Yubel."

"And Yugi mentioned about his grandfather."

"Now I really want to ask them about their lives. But sadly, they're not here yet."

"I told a couple of our servants to go to their room and help them be presentable. If they are still sleeping, then they'll be woken up and prepared for breakfast."

"They better be quick. I'm almost getting full."

Atem sighed, picking up his cup to sip on some water. Ra had already risen, and both he and Abidos were eating their food. Sitting down on their chairs in the dining area, Atem sat at the head of the table while Abidos sat next to him. The table consisted of many different types of fruits along with bread, honey, vegetables, meat, and cheese. The occasional drinks were either water or wine.

They were able to sleep well, even when yesterday was a hassle. After seeing Yugi and Jaden pass out, both Atem and Abidos nearly ran over to catch them. However, the scholars along with the guards were able to catch them so they wouldn't hit the ground. It looked like Yugi and Jaden were exhausted and only fell asleep. It was a relief to see they were only tired and not hurt.

After taking them to their rooms and placing them on their beds, they tucked them in and quietly left. When dawn had risen, they realized that Yugi and Jaden left their bags in the ward. They decided to look through their belongings to see what type of supplies they have. Most of the items were odd, but a few items baffled them.

"What exactly is this?" Abidos held a rectangular shaped item covered in colorful paper.

"I'm not even sure," Atem held another rectangular shaped item covered in dark paper. "Once Yugi and Jaden rise from their slumber, we will ask them about these items."

A loud squeal rang through their ears, causing them to look over at Mana, Mahado's apprentice. She was holding what looked like a papyrus, and a huge smile appeared on her face. "Atem! Abidos! Look at this cute picture!" She shoved the papyrus onto their faces, making them hold it and taking a good look at the picture. "I think it's a drawing! Isn't it amazing!?"

The pharaohs were in awe to see a drawing of both Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh frolicking near some flowers. A sun was also show on the left corner with a smiley face on it. One word ran through their minds: adorable.

"Where did you find this picture, Mana?" Atem asked, his eyes still staring at the drawing.

"In one of the guest's bags!" Mana happily answered. "It was in the red bag!"

"Jaden did mention about a drawing he made. This must be his creation," Abidos replied. "He never mentioned about being so talented in drawing."

"They are also educated. Look at these books," Atem pulled out a huge blue book with a picture of an Egyptian golden statue resembling a pharaoh.

"Is it about all the historic pharaohs, Atem?" Mana wondered.

Atem shrugged, placing the book back on the table. "Could be. Like I said before, Yugi and Jaden shall tell us what these items are."

"Pharaoh of Khemet."

"Pharaoh of Abydos."

They both snapped out of their thoughts, turning their heads to see two of their female servants near the entrance while bowing down.

"Raise up your heads. Is there something you wish to inform us about?" Atem asked.

The female servant with short brown hair and blue eyes rose up from her position. "My pharaoh, our guests have awoken. We made sure they were dressed up for the occasion, just like you said."

The other female servant with long, dark blond hair and hazel eyes also rose up. "The outfits we picked out fits them perfectly. No one would be able to tell where they're actually from."

"Splendid! Now, where are they?" Abidos asked.

"Right here, my lords!"

A stream of light peeked through from the curtains and descended over to Yugi, who nearly groaned and turned to his side to avoid seeing the light. It felt way too early for him to wake up, but he must since he has to help his grandfather out in the game shop. It's also his turn to make breakfast.

Yawning, his eyes fluttered open. Once his vision cleared up, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion, seeing Jaden sleeping in another bed next to his. Did he spend the night at Jaden's home last night?

Suddenly, memories of what happened yesterday caused him to gasp and quickly sit up. He noticed that they were both in a room, but ancient and the only furniture he could see are the two beds they were sleeping on, a table, cabinets, and a couple of chairs. A small statue of a bird rested near the corner along with a vase.

Removing the white sheet covering him, he sighed in relief to see that he still had his outfit on. It looked like they were brought here when they fell asleep and tucked in after removing their shoes. He had a feeling that if they were being changed, the pharaohs would be watching.

Swinging his legs over with his feet touching the solid floor, he got up and went over to Jaden, who was still sleeping and nearly snoring. He placed his hand on his shoulder and started shaking him. "Jaden, time to wake up."

Jaden mumbled, and continued to snore. Yugi sighed and shook him more. "Its urgent, Jaden. You gotta wake up now."

Jaden grumbled and turned to his side to avoid him. "5 more minutes…"

Yugi sighed. "Guess I'll have to do the usual way again." He moved towards his ear, and opened his mouth.

"WAKE UP!" he roared.

His shout caused Jaden to awaken and jump up in fright, yelping as he fell and landed on the floor. He groaned in pain while rubbing his back, looking up to glare at Yugi. "Not cool at all, dude! I thought we agreed about not shouting in my ear anymore!"

"I had no choice, Jaden. You wouldn't wake up, and you know how impossible it is to break you out of your slumber," Yugi said with his hands resting on his hips. "Plus, there is a reason why I had to wake you up."

"Why? Do you need extra help at the game shop?" Jaden questioned as he got up.

"Jaden, do you remember the events that transpired yesterday?"


Jaden closed his eyes to remember, and then suddenly opened them as they widened in realization. "H-Hold on! Yesterday wasn't a dream?!"

Yugi shook his head. "It was all real. And we're still awake."

"Aw man!" Jaden furiously rubbed his hair. "I thought we would wake up either at my house or your house! But we're really in ancient Egypt! How is that even possible?!"

"I'm not really sure. I do know Shadi and Pegasus are responsible for sending us to this era. What did they mean by filling up the hole in the pharaohs' hearts?"

"You think they got injured or something?"

"Not physical pain, Jaden. I believe they're talking about emotional pain."

"Oh now I get it. But why did Shadi mention about us fulfilling our destiny?"

"Along with our duel monsters picking us to fulfill that particular destiny. I think we need to have a serious talk with our deck, especially with Silent Magician and Neos."

"Do you think they know something about it?"

"Probably. The more information we get it, we'll be able to come up with a plan to find our way back to our time."

"Then lets ask!" Jaden replied, but then felt his stomach rumble. "Can it be after breakfast? I'm starving here."

Yugi looked around. "Um, where are our bags?"

"They're not here?" Jaden scanned the room. "This doesn't look like the infirmary room we were in."

"It's the guest room. They must've brought us here when we blacked out from exhaustion last night."

"If we're here, then our bags are still in the infirmary room."

"We'll have to get them since our supplies are in there."

A knock on the door stopped their conversation. It soon came again as the door opened. Two girls, one with short brown hair and azure eyes and the other with long dark blonde hair and hazel eyes, entered the room. Not only do they have pale skin, but they also wore the standard Egyptian clothing for women.

The one with brown hair smiled. "Good morning, you two. Did you both get enough sleep?"

Yugi raised his eyebrow. "We did. Forgive me for asking, but who are you two?"

The one with dark blonde hair did a quick bow and gave them a gentle smile. "No need to apologize. We should've told you our names first." She placed her hand on her chest. "My name is Alexis and next to me is Tea. We're both servants to our kingdoms. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"You too," Jaden said. "I'm Jaden and next to me is my pal Yugi."

"We know. Our pharaohs informed us of your names before we arrived."

"I'm guessing they wish to meet us again?" Yugi questioned.

Tea nodded. "Pharaoh Atem and Pharaoh Abidos sent us here to make you both presentable. Since you'll be staying here in the palace, its best that you both wear the proper clothing here." She smiled with her eyes closed. "Luckily for you two, Alexis and I already have the perfect outfit in mind."

"But first, you two must be bathed. You'll feel much better after being clean," Alexis pointed out.

"A bath wouldn't hurt," Jaden sniffed his arm, realizing how smelly he is. "Mind showing us where it is?"

"Sure! The other servants will be there helping you two get clean."

"I beg your pardon?" Yugi asked in disbelief. "Aren't we going to a bath house or something?"

"We are. A couple of the servant girls will help you two get clean, while Alexis and I prepare your outfits and accessories," Tea explained. "We gotta make you two lovely for our kings."

"Uh…" Jaden trailed off. "Yugi and I can bathe on our own. We're not little kids."

"I'm afraid those are the kings' orders," Alexis gave him a sad smile. "But don't worry, it'll get less awkward once you get use to it."

"Lets hope you're right about that," Yugi replied.

"Yugi, I've never felt so violated at all."

"Jaden, we agreed to never talk about what happened in there."

"Why would they make us strip in front of them!? It was really embarrassing!"

"They were probably just doing their duties. Luckily for us, they were very kind and made sure to only wash our upper body. The lower body is forbidden and only we can clean that area."

"It still felt pretty weird. How come Tea and Alexis didn't warn us about it earlier?"

"I did mention it'll be less awkward once you get use to it," Alexis entered the room while holding some supplies. "Do you two feel better now after being clean?"

"Much better, but still a little frightening from having those servant girls see us half-naked."

"You'll get use to it. Us females are experts on which scents are the best for our people," Tea said, getting out some jewelry. "Do you two like your new outfits? We picked them out to match your style."

Yugi looked down at his outfit, consisting of a white sleeveless top with a matching shendyt, a blue sash tied around his waist that resembled Atem's sash, and Egyptian sandals that cover his feet. He even wore the standard Egyptian jewelry, but not too much.

Jaden wore a similar outfit like Yugi's, but he had a red sash tied around his waist resembling Abidos's sash. He also wore Egyptian sandals covering his feet, along with the standard Egyptian jewelry.

Tugging the hem of the shendyt to cover up his knees, he looked over at the girls. "Why do we need to wear this skirt? Its pretty short."

"They're called shendyt, Jaden. All Egyptians wear them during this era to withstand the heat," Yugi explained. "Males wear them, but females usually wear dresses."

"But why do men have to wear these? Why not pants?"

"Males do wear harem pants, but it depends on what they like to wear."

"I still think pants are better."

"I think you two look great in those outfits," Tea commented.

"She's right. They suit you both well," Alexis smiled.

Their comments made the boys nearly blush in embarrassment. Yugi was blushing due to how kind the girls were, and Jaden was blushing due to how embarrassing it is to wear a short shendyt.

"Now its time to apply kohl on you both," Tea brought out a kohl eyeliner. "Make sure you two stay still."

Yugi and Jaden had no choice since they were both forced to have it on their eyes. They felt discomfort from having it on them, but it soon went away after Tea and Alexis were finally done. Checking to make sure they have it drawn on correctly, Tea happily clasped her hands together. "Perfect! You two are now ready!"

"My eyes feel weird," Jaden blinked a few times. "But do I look okay, Yugi?"

"You look fine, Jaden. For now, we need to get use to the kohl," Yugi blinked. "I'm guessing we're being escorted to Atem and Abidos now?"

"That's right," Alexis said. "So please follow us!"

They all got up and exited the room. Closing the door behind them, Tea and Alexis walked down the hallway with Yugi and Jaden following them. Both of the girls were walking with grace and elegance, while the boys were trying to keep up with them.

There were a couple of guards patrolling the halls, and a few servants were busy cleaning but gave the girls a quick greeting, who also greeted them back. Yugi noticed a couple of the servants gazing at him and Jaden, but they quickly looked away when he looked at them.

He glanced over at Jaden, who was busy looking at everything they came across. Besides the guards and servants they passed by, he looked at the designs, statues, and artifacts displayed in their vision. The palace truly did look beautiful in the inside, but what would it look like on the outside?

Yugi broke out of his thoughts as they entered a room, most likely the dining room. Tea and Alexis stopped and bowed down as they began to speak. His ears picked up on a familiar deep voice along with another voice. He wasn't able to see who it is due to the girls blocking their vision.

It didn't last too long when Tea and Alexis both stepped aside for him and Jaden to see what's in front of them. Yugi saw Atem and Abidos sitting at a huge table filled with food and drinks. He even noticed the priests and priestesses standing near the walls with few of the servants. It looked like breakfast has already begun.

Atem was the first to greet them. "Yugi. Jaden. Good morning. I trust you both rested well?"

Yugi nodded while looking at the floor in interest. "W-We did, your majesty. Good morning to you both."

Abidos scanned at their outfits. "Impressive. You two look marvelous in those clothes. The servants did a fine job dressing you both up for today."

"You really think so?" Jaden sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "This is the first time we've ever worn these types of clothing."

"And they suit you perfectly," Abidos waved his hand out to them. "Come over and sit down with us. You two must be hungry."

Looking at each other and then at the table, Yugi and Jaden continued to stand as their minds started to ponder. Should they or should they not join them for breakfast? Is there something else the pharaohs wanted to discuss with them? And more importantly, can they trust them?

Atem noticed their hesitation and gestured them forward. "Its alright. There is no trick. We're just going to talk while enjoying this lovely meal. Please come sit with us before the food is all gone."

Thinking more for nearly a minute, Yugi sighed and grabbed onto Jaden's hand, tugging him towards the table. Jaden followed him as they went over to their seats and sat down next to each other. Two plates filled with fruits and other varieties were placed right in front of them, along with two cups filled with water.

"Go ahead and eat," Atem gave them a gentle smile. "Everything here is safe and healthy."

"He's correct. Now eat up before it goes bad," Abidos replied and sipped on his water.

Yugi and Jaden looked at each other again, and then at the food. They both put their hands together and slightly bowed as they replied in unison.


Ignoring their surprised expressions, Yugi picked up a fig and took a small bite of it while Jaden picked up an apple slice and ate it. They both continued to eat their food as they realized it was safe to eat. Plus, they were really hungry and they definitely need the energy to get through the day.

"If you don't mind me asking, what was that word you said earlier?" Atem asked in confusion.

Yugi swallowed his food after chewing it and looked at Atem. "You mean 'Itadakimasu'? It means 'thanks for the food'. It's our way to express our gratitude towards anyone who prepared the food for us."

"Amazing. You and everyone else in your era always do this before eating?"

"Correct. Its our way to be polite and respectful for having this amazing delicacy."

"If we don't say it before we start eating, then people would think we're being rude," Jaden explained after sipping his water. "From where we're from, it's a tradition and we must always use it from the first generation to the next."

"Sounds exciting. Please tell us more about your customs, along with your families and homes. We wish to know everything about your land," Abidos replied in excitement.

"In exchange, we wish to know everything about you two along with your kingdom and people," Yugi said.

"What do you wish to know, little one?" Atem asked while smiling.

"The puzzle necklace hanging around your neck," Yugi pointed out. "I noticed that it has the Eye of Horus on it. Do you wear it as a symbol of protection?"

"You could say that. This puzzle has been passed down from parent to child for a very long time. My father wore this puzzle after the death of my grandfather. Then, I wore it after my father had passed on. My necklace not only provides me protection, but good health and fortune for all eternity."

"I had no idea," Yugi replied in near awe. "But I am sorry for the loss of your father. It must've been really hard for you."

Atem gave him a sad smile. "Thank you, but it's all right. Accepting his death was hard for me, but I managed to remain strong for myself. As long as my father's soul is in eternal peace, then I am at peace." He cradled the puzzle in his hands. "To make sure his memory lives on forever, I'll continue to lead my kingdom to peace and harmony."

Yugi didn't know what to say. He had never met an ancient pharaoh who thinks about peace and keeping his kingdom safe from danger. Well, he's the only ancient pharaoh Yugi has ever met. He could tell that Atem is a very strong ruler.

Strong, but kind.

However, he's also a human being with emotions. Yugi could tell Atem had to take over the throne at his teenage years, but he was able to handle it well. Pretty soon, he'll be an adult and must continue to rule the throne before he dies. It must be exhausting and difficult for Atem, but he was lucky to have his priests and advisors helping him get through it.

"Quick question," Jaden raised his hand up. "Can everyone here see duel spirits? You were able to see Silent Magician and Elemental Hero Neos."

"You mean your Ka?" Abidos asked. "We all have one. They are our spirits who reflect on our nature. A person with a good soul will have a good spirit, but a person with an evil soul will have a bad spirit. We can all see them."

"He is correct," Atem sipped on his water. "Your Ka is strong depending on how strong your Ba is."

"Ba?" Yugi asked in confusion. "Is it like our own energy?"

"Ba, also known as spirit energy, is a person's life force. The more Ba you use to summon or command your Ka, the more you lose it. You must be cautious on how much spirit energy you use when you control your Ka."

"What happens if we lose all of it?"

"If someone loses all their Ba, they die."

His statement caused Yugi and Jaden to freeze in fear. Can a person really die from losing too much of their spirit energy? If so, how come they didn't feel weird when Priest Shada summoned Silent Magician and Neos from within their souls? Could their life force be very strong?

Abidos popped a grape in his mouth, chewing on it before swallowing. "Anything else you wish to know?"

"Does everyone have a golden item with the weird eye on it?" Jaden pointed his finger at the puzzle, and then to the other items the priests were wielding.

"It's the Eye of Horus, Jaden. But you do have a good point. You mentioned about the Millennium items. What exactly are they?" Yugi questioned while looking at Atem. "You mentioned about Pegasus having the Millennium Eye, and one of your priests wielded the Millennium Key like Shadi does. Are they really powerful?"

The priests and advisors looked at their pharaoh with hesitation, while Abidos's mind has an inner conflict on whether or not they should know about the Millennium items. He glanced over at Atem, who had his eyes closed and was deep in thought.

Should he tell them about the Millennium items along with their ability? Can he trust them well enough to know about their history? Atem knew it would be risky to tell them since they're not from this era. However, they were both confused on what the Millennium items are and they caught a glimpse of the Millennium Eye and Key. They even knew the description of them.

Atem opened his eyes to gaze into Yugi's amethyst-colored eyes. He could see confusion and hesitation along with desperation. He could tell that Yugi needed those answers, and those answers could help him figure out what's really going on.

"Before I tell you what the Millennium items are, you must swear to never tell anyone what I said. Any information I've spoken about them can never leave this room. Are we clear?" Atem spoke in a commanding tone.

"Crystal clear," Yugi answered after giving him a nod.

"Very well," Atem held the puzzle in his hand. "There are 7 Millennium items and they each held the Eye of Horus except for the Millennium Key, which is also one of the 7 Millennium objects. I hold the Millennium Puzzle." Atem pointed to each of his priests. "Each of my priests wields the Millennium Ring, Rod, Scale, and Necklace. The Millennium Eye is hidden somewhere, and my reasons for it are confidential."

He took another sip of his water and continued to explain. "The Millennium items have their own special power. My puzzle grants the user intelligence and the power of darkness. The Ring seals souls or fragments of souls into objects. The Scale finds out how much darkness is in a person's heart. The Key can enter a person's mind. The Rod can mind control people. The Necklace can see the past and the future. The Eye can read minds and look into a person's soul. They are each powerful, but also dangerous. These treasures must never fall into the wrong hands."

"Which is why my cute little cousin Atem and big cousin Seth both have Millennium items passed down to them from their fathers," Abidos replied after eating a fig. "My kingdom doesn't associate with their treasures, but we are cautious of their abilities."

"Those Millennium items sound pretty awesome," Jaden said, looking at the puzzle in awe. "And they're actually made of real gold?"

"They definitely are."

"But where exactly did they come from?" Yugi asked.

Atem was the one who answered him. "We're not exactly sure. Their origin is a mystery."

"It doesn't matter though. You got your questions," Abidos smirked while pointing at them. "Now its your turn to answer our questions. What is your era like? Do you have any powerful rulers and kingdoms in your land?"

"We would also like to learn more about your customs and families, along with your people," Atem rested his cheek against his hand. "Do they also wear foreign clothing like you two did?"

Jaden placed his finger on his chin in a thinking pose. "I know it's getting pretty hot in Domino due to the summer time arriving. We don't have any kingdoms or rulers, but our mayor does run the city. The buildings are really big and tall, and they stretch all the way up to the sky."

"You don't have a ruler?" Abidos asked in shock. "How astounding! And those 'buil-dings' you mentioned. Are they just like the pyramids?"

"Actually, no. A building is a place that has a roof and walls. My house is a building along with a school."

"School? You two are well-educated?" Atem asked.

"That's right. We go to school to get an education and be prepared for any job or career we wish to do. Jaden and I are high school students. We have one more year left until we graduate," Yugi continued. "Our customs mostly involve being polite, respectful, and kind to others. Whenever we have a festival coming up, men would usually wear a yukata while the women wear kimonos. They're both garments either made from cotton or silk that we wear on special occasions."

Atem's eyes lit up. "Your customs sound amazing! We would love to see those garments you spoke of. You mentioned that your land is called Domino City?"

Yugi nodded. "It's more of a town, but its located in a country called Japan. However, its really far from here."

"Someday, we will definitely visit your country," Abidos replied. "What are your families like?"

"Both of my parents are always away on business, so its mostly me and Yubel-nee," Jaden answered. "She mostly acts like a mom than an older sister since she constantly worries over me a lot and is super protective of me. She would make sure I keep my grades up and pack me lunch everyday before I go to school." He sighed and stared at the ceiling. "I sure hope she doesn't think I've been kidnapped or anything."

"Her anger is scary, Jaden," Yugi sweat-dropped before turning to Atem. "My dad lives somewhere far away to be closer to his business. I rarely see him that much, and I often see my mom since she works at a government office. She and I live in a game-shop with my grandpa who owns and runs the place. I usually help him out since I grew up loving games."

"How fascinating. I can tell your families are really good people," Atem smiled. "You must really love them."

"They made sure we were raised right. That's something we're thankful for," Yugi sadly smiled. "I wonder if my mom and grandpa are doing fine in the game-shop without me?"

Seeing the sad look on Yugi's face made Atem's chest nearly tighten in pain. Yugi and his friend are far from home, and they have no idea how they can get back to their loved ones. His little one is homesick, and obviously in need of comfort. Atem reached over and placed his hand on Yugi's hand, giving it a small squeeze. "We'll find a way to help you and your friend get back home. As of now, you two are under the protection of our kingdom and you'll be brought back to your era safe and unharmed."

Yugi saw no deceit in Atem. He could tell that he's telling the truth due to how serious he looked. His heart wouldn't stop beating against his chest as he felt Atem holding his hand. Atem's hand looked large, while Yugi's looked nearly small. However, he could feel Atem's gentle touch whenever he gives Yugi's hand a light squeeze. It's sweet of him to give him some comfort.

He looked up and gave Atem a shy, gentle smile. "Thank you, pharaoh."

Atem's breath nearly hitched as he saw sparkles and colorful bubbles floating in the background. His little one truly does resemble an angel. No, he is not just an angel, but also a rare jewel with a pure soul. Yugi is even more beautiful than a Nile risen beauty. Not just alluring, but warm and radiant like light. Is it possible he could be the missing half of his own soul?

"You two aren't extremely busy today, are you?"

Abidos raised his eyebrow at Jaden. "We don't have any meetings or anything. Why do you ask?"

"Awesome! Then can I duel one of you guys!?" Jaden clasped his hands together in a pleading manner. "Pretty please!? It'll be really cool to duel a legend!"

One of the advisors stepped up to say something, but Abidos placed his hand up to silence him. Abidos looked over at Atem, who stared back. Reading his expression, Abidos nodded and glanced over at Jaden. "Before I can accept your duel, we do have more questions though."

Jaden pouted. Awww! More questions!?"

"It involves your supplies."


"Wait a minute! Did you all look through our bags?!" Yugi exclaimed in shock. "I thought they were still in the ward!?"

"Calm down, Yugi. We had to make sure there were no dangerous items in there," Atem removed his hand from Yugi's. "Everything looks good so far, but there are a couple of items we wanted to ask."

"Which items?"

Atem snapped his fingers, indicating for someone to come over. His faithful priest Mahado went over to their table and did a quick bow, presenting the item in his hand. Placing the item in front of Atem, he bowed again and went back to his position. Atem picked up the item and showed it to Yugi. "What is this object? I've never seen anything like this before."

"That would be a candy bar," Yugi answered.

"A candy bar?"

"Its actually a Hershey's chocolate bar. Do you want to try it?"


Yugi unwrapped the top part of the bar and then gestured Atem to eat it. Atem took a small bite of the chocolate bar and chewed on it, feeling the silky smooth and milky taste melting in his mouth. He could feel the sweetness of it, and it felt addicting.

Atem swallowed and took another bite. "Amazing. I've never tasted anything this sweet before. You said it's a chocolate bar?"

Yugi nodded while smiling. "I sometimes keep a hidden stash of candy in my bag for emergencies. I usually crave for sweets."

"This is called a chocolate bar?" Abidos asked while holding a wrapped bar in his hand. "And it's sweet?"

"Yup! The one you're holding is a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar. Its one of my favorites! You gotta try it!" Jaden beamed.

"How do I open it?"

"I'll show you!" Jaden unwrapped the top part like Yugi did. "Now go ahead and take a bite!"

Abidos took a bite of the chocolate bar, feeling the chocolate melt in his mouth as the sweetness and silky taste touched his taste buds. No wonder Jaden loves eating it. It tastes so good. He swallowed it and looked up at him in awe. "I have never eaten anything like this before. Its sweet and I also taste the milk in it. Does your era have these chocolate bars?"

"Yup! We have a bunch! But sometimes, people prefer different flavors like vanilla or strawberry instead of chocolate."

"I am familiar with strawberries. They have a unique taste."

"My older sister Yubel is a huge fan of strawberries. She would usually use them in her recipes whenever she bakes."

"I see. By the way, how come you never mentioned about your wonderful talent in drawing?"

Abidos snapped his fingers, gesturing one of his advisors to give him something. The advisor quickly gave him something and bowed before going back to his post.

Jaden's eyes nearly widened as he saw what the item is. "Huh? My drawing?"

Abidos smiled while handing him his drawing. "Your drawing skills are incredible. You definitely have a gift in art. I would love it if you drew a picture of me, Jaden."

Jaden blushed while rubbing the back of his head. "G-Gee, thanks. I'm still trying to do better on my drawing skills. If you do want me to draw you, I'll do my best then."

"I would like that, Jaden. Thank you."

Jaden could feel his face heating up as Abidos continued to smile at him. Why does his stomach feel weird around Abidos? Is he getting sick? This is the first time a stranger complimented on his drawing skills, and it was a good compliment from a pharaoh. Who knew Abidos could be so nice?

After finishing their chocolate bars, Atem and Abidos drank their water and ate a couple more fruits before finishing up. Yugi and Jaden ate a few more small fruits until they washed it down with water and placed their hands together.

"Gochisousama deshita!"

"Do you say that after you finish eating?" Atem chuckled.

"To give thanks to the person who made this food for us. We're giving good compliments to the chef," Yugi said.

"Even if the food is cooked or not, we gotta be respectful to the person who gave us something to eat," Jaden replied.

"How interesting," Abidos smirked as he stood up. "We'll definitely keep that in mind. Now then, are you ready for that duel, Jaden?"

"I sure am!" Jaden shot up from his seat with his eyes lit up in excitement. "Time to throw down!"

"Then let us go to the training field."

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