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Day 6

"Place the food over there along with the drinks."

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Be careful with the basket. The fruit must not spill and stay fresh in there."

"I will be careful, ma'am!"

"Remember to check and see if our plates and utensils are clean with no dirt on them."

"We will check on it, ma'am!"

As the cooks and servants continued to follow her orders, Dorothy scanned the kitchen as she sees them working. She had no idea that a special event would come up later today, and at the last minute. However, this special event is important because it involves 2 people she knew of and also very fond of them.

The wedding of her pharaohs Atem and Abidos marrying their guests Yugi and Jaden.

It's been almost a week but she had no idea they would get married immediately. It looked like the pharaohs have deep romantic feelings towards their guests, and they had now courted them. The news of them getting married had spread around the palace, and now everyone is in a frenzy getting everything done for the wedding.

However, it is a little strange for them to get married after meeting each other for at least a week. Usually it takes longer for a bond between two lovers to grow along with their relationship. Why would they choose to get married already and not wait until later?

The image of Yugi and Jaden brought a small smile to her face. They were both very sweet boys, and she was surprised to learn that they can cook. Plus, the rest of the cooks and servants liked them for their kind and friendly nature. Now she knows why Atem and Abidos are smitten with them.

"Yow! Watch my foot!"

She looked over and sighed while shaking her head. "Vellian, you mustn't get out of bed. You're still healing, remember?"

Vellian, also known as Crowler, sneered at her, while covered in bandages from head to toe and leaning onto a tall wooden staff to keep him in balance. "How can I not after learning my kings are getting married!? And to those ruffians!"

"Its their decision. They made the choice to marry Yugi and Jaden."

"It's a horrifying decision! My kings are making a huge mistake!"

"Be careful what you say, Mr. Crowler. You don't want anyone to tell the pharaohs on what you said about their lovers."

He gasped in horror. "L-Lovers!?"

"Yes. Our kings see the boys as their lovers."

Crowler didn't say anything, but his eyes rolled to the back of his head and fainted. The other servants saw him, but ignored it and continued to get the food ready.

Dorothy shook her head at him. "It looks like he still can't accept it."

He could feel his face heating up as he felt the cloth gently rubbing against his back. Another cloth was rubbing his arms and he could feel someone massaging his scalp. Even though he told the servant girls he can bathe by himself, they ignored his request and proceeded to bathe him so he would be clean and smell wonderful for their king.

Yugi closed his eyes as he felt water pour onto his head to get rid of the soap. He kept his eyes closed while remembering what happened today. After he and Atem shared a romantic night together under the stars last night, he woke up to being in Atem's arms and having a ring on his finger. He did remember Atem proposing into marrying him, and he agreed to it.

After they fixed themselves up and went back inside the palace, Atem took him to the throne room where he announced to his advisors that he courted him. Not only was it a huge shock to everyone, but they also fainted when Abidos came in and also announced that he courted Jaden. The announcement caused Joey, Tristan, Tea, Syrus, Hassleberry, Alexis, Mana, and many people they befriended to cheer loudly for them.

It took a while for the advisors to calm down after waking up, but they soon understood since Yugi and Jaden will be going back to their era soon. They need the wedding to happen today so their kings and their lovers can spend as much time as possible before the preparations of the spell are complete. And right now, they are getting everything prepared for the upcoming wedding ceremony, which surprised Yugi since he did remember that there is usually no marriage ceremony in Ancient Egypt. From what he remembered, a woman was married to a man as soon as she entered his house with the goods agreed upon. The groom and bride's parents usually arrange marriages, but they do believe in romantic love and make sure they find the right match for their child.

It did felt exciting to experience having a wedding in Ancient Egypt, but he knows it would be bittersweet. Once he and Jaden get married to Atem and Abidos, they would soon go back to their eras and be reunited with their families. However, they won't be able to come back to Ancient Egypt to be with their future husbands. Even though he only knew Atem for almost a week, he felt a deep connection with him and it wasn't just a small crush.

He wanted to stay with Atem, but he knows he can't. His grandpa and mom are worried about him, and he can't let them think he got kidnapped or killed. He even promised them that he would finish school and then go to college to become an archaeologist just like his grandfather. He would still run the game shop whenever his grandpa will retire, and make sure its still standing no matter what.

He squeaked and opened his eyes while covering his manhood. His cheeks turned red when he saw one of the servant girls giggling at him. "Do not be shy of your body, my soon-to-be-queen. It is my duty to make sure you are clean everywhere."

"I-I thought we agreed that you didn't have to wash it down there," Yugi gulped. "I-I can clean it myself."

The servant girl giggled again. "There's no need to be timid, my future queen. Let your humble servant do her duties to make you beautiful!"

He quickly closed his eyes and squeaked more as he felt the cloth wash against the lower part of his body. He did not know how long he was in the bath, but he was so glad to be done and got out of there to avoid further embarrassment. After he was dried up, they took him back to the guest room where he and Jaden would reside in.

Sitting on the bed while holding Winged Kuriboh in his arms, Jaden looked up and waved at him. "Hey there, Yugi! You okay?"

"I wish I was, Jaden. I wish I was," Yugi sighed as he felt the servant girls dress him up.

"Kuri! Kuri!" Kuriboh appeared and happily bounced around him.

Yugi smiled. "Hello Kuriboh. I'm guessing you've heard of me being wedded to Atem, right?"


"Not just him, but the rest of our monsters also heard about it. They're surprised about it, but happy for us as long as we're happy."

"Krii!" Winged Kuriboh agreed.

Yugi's lips stretched into a sad smile. "I wish I could be happy, but it's hard though."

"Huh? What do you mean, dude?"

Yugi looked at the servant girls. "Ladies, could you let me and my friend have some alone time? I really need to talk to him about something and its urgent."

The servant girls looked at each other, and then bowed down as they left the room to comply his wishes. After they left, Yugi sat down on the bed near Jaden. Kuriboh floated over to Yugi and placed himself on his lap, prompting Yugi to hug him close to his chest.

"Yugi?" Jaden asked, his face filled with worry. "What's the matter? What did you mean that you're having trouble being happy?"

He tensed for a minute, and then spoke up. "Jaden, it isn't fair that we can't be with the pharaohs forever." He stroked Kuriboh's fur, who snuggled against him. "I'm happy that we'll be able to go back home, but I'm also sad that I can't stay with Atem. I know he and I are from two different worlds, but it still isn't fair. I wish we were both born in the same era, but sadly we're not."

Jaden's eyes softened, causing him to frown and look down at his lap. "I hear ya. I really like being with Abidos. It's the first time I ever felt this way with someone like him. I want to be with him forever, but I sadly can't since I still have Yubel and my parents worrying about me. Like you said, it really isn't fair." He hugged Winged Kuriboh close to him. "Its gonna be hard going back home once they complete that spell, but its gonna be tougher to say goodbye. I don't want to say goodbye nor see Abidos cry."

"I feel the same way. I wish there was a way for us to come back to this era, but I don't think there is a way."

"I'm not sure if Pegasus and Shadi can use their powers to take us here again."

"Me neither. It looks like they were wrong about us fulfilling a destiny."

"I still think they have gone bonkers."

Yugi chuckled, sadly smiling at him. "I agree. However, they actually did something great by having us come here to meet Atem and Abidos."

"I guess you're right," Jaden sighed. "But its still gonna be very sad though."

"I agree," Yugi rubbed his eyes, missing the worried look Kuriboh is giving him.

"Hey Temi?"

"Hmmm?" Atem kept his eyes shut as he felt the servant apply kohl to his eyes.

"What do you think will happen after we return our lovers back to their era?"

"I'm not sure, cousin. I do know that I'll be very sad and won't be able to accept the fact that I would never see Yugi again until the next life."

"Are you certain there isn't a spell that would bring them back to our era again?" Abidos asked, letting the servant fix his hair. "I know we cannot use the Millennium items, but there must be another way."

"I do not know, Abidos. Mahado and the others went through so many scrolls, and the only spell they could find is Ayan's spell."

"But that only takes them back to their time! I want them to come to our time again!"

Atem placed his hand up to stop the servant, who took a step back and bowed as he opened his eyes and turned his head. "Abidos-

"I really don't want Jaden to leave! I want him to stay with me forever and live with me at my kingdom!" Abidos clenched his fists tightly as he scrunched his eyes shut, feeling tears leaking out from the corner of his eyes. "It isn't fair that he has to go back home! Its not fair at all!"

Ushering the servants out of the room, Atem stood up and went over to Abidos and sat down next to him. Wrapping his arms around him, he pulled him close as he felt Abidos hug him back while placing his face on his shoulder. Rubbing his back, Atem listened as he heard his cousin trying not to cry.

Abidos choked back a sob while hugging him. "I-It still isn't fair! I-I don't want to be separated from Jaden!"

"And I don't want to be separated from Yugi," Atem tightened his grip on Abidos. "All we can do is spend every hour with them before tomorrow comes. We marry them, have our honeymoon with them, and be able to show them around the kingdom before the day of their departure approaches."

Abidos sobbed on his shoulder, feeling Atem stroking his hair. He wished there was a way for Jaden and Yugi to stay with them forever. But deep down, he knew there is no other way unless a miracle happens from the gods and goddesses themselves.

After he stopped crying, he broke the hug and wiped his eyes. "F-Forgive me, Atem. I messed up your sleeve."

Atem shook his head at him. "No need to apologize. We always cried on each other whenever we feel sad."

"And we never let anyone know about it," Abidos finished, letting out a small chuckle.

Atem smiled, but it soon went away. "You were right though. It isn't fair that they have to leave. I do wish we had more time with them. But sadly, it's highly impossible."

"We also have our wedding scheduled today with them. Its best if we hurry and get ready. You still need to put on your formal attire, Temi."

"Agreed. I'll get the servants to come back in and help me put it on."

"You will definitely look dashing in it, Atem."

"You'll also look amazing in your outfit, Abidos."

"Why thank you, Temi. Its true I look amazing in everything."

"Of course you do," Atem sighed at his statement.

Soft music played from the musicians, as everything is set into place. The servants were dressed in formal attire while placing the food on the table; the advisors were also dressed up while making sure everything is in place, and the guards are stationed to see if there is anything suspicious that must be reported.

Decorated with flowers, silk, and beautiful jewelry to make the room look lovely, the girls were still in awe at how wonderful the room looked while the boys were impressed that everything looked so lively.

Joey let out a small whistle as his eyes scanned the room. "They definitely went all out on this place."

"I'm so excited! We're gonna see an actual wedding!" Tea squealed in delight.

"I better make sure my brother doesn't try to sing like last time," Alexis sighed.

"Did I hear my lovely sister call for me?~"

She placed her hand up before he could hug her. "Don't even think about it, Atticus! You're still not off the hook after you left without telling me!"

Atticus, who has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, pouted. "Awww, but Lexi-

"Don't you dare Lexi me! You went off somewhere with Zane and Chazz without informing me nor have you written me a letter! You won't be getting a hug unless you tell me where you were and what you were doing! If I hear that you were flirting with some girls, you'll be wishing you hadn't angered me!"

He gulped as her hazel eyes glared venomously at him, and he was certain a dark aura surrounded her. Trembling in fright, he looked at the corner of his eye to see if Zane or Chazz would help him, but they wouldn't. Zane was busy talking with one of the advisors, and his student Chazz is too busy making heart-shaped eyes at his sister.

"Easy there, soldier," Hassleberry said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "We don't want to frighten anyone."

"You can kill him later. But right now, we gotta get into position because the ceremony will start soon," Tristan replied.

Tea looked around. "I still don't know where Mana is. Where could she be?"

"I don't see Syrus nor Bastion anywhere. They're not with Professor Banner," Joey replied. "Maybe they're still at the study area?"

Before anyone could speak, they heard a loud announcement for everyone to get to their proper station or seats. Indicating that the ceremony will start, they all looked around again and then separated to do their duties as music started to play. At the entrance, the curtains were parted to reveal the pharaoh of Khemet walking with his priests along with the pharaoh of Abydos, who walked behind him.

Dressed in a royal Egyptian pharaoh outfit that included a Khat, crook, and flail, Atem sauntered over to the altar where Siamun is, who is dressed in white robes. As Abidos stood near Atem, their eyes widened in awe as they saw their brides appearing from the entrance.

Yugi walked over to the altar while being led by Mahado, and Jaden followed behind him with Professor Banner leading him. Both dressed in beautiful Egyptian outfits along with accessories fit for the wedding, Yugi went up to the altar to stand in front of Atem while Jaden stood near Yugi. As the guests took their seats, Siamun cleared his throat and unraveled a scroll in his hands.

"Today, we shall celebrate the union between our beloved pharaohs of Khemet and Abydos with their lovers in front of our deities! This sacred bond is witnessed by us all, and can never be forgotten!"

As Siamun continued to read from the scroll, Tea and the others noticed Mana, Syrus, and Bastion quietly sneaking over to them. They looked a little tired, but still looked presentable for the ceremony. She wanted to ask what happened, but stayed quiet since this was a wedding ceremony for their friend and for the pharaoh.

"We shall start the union between Pharaoh Atem of Khemet and Yugi Mutou of Domino!" Siamun ushered over Isis, who came over and held two rings resting on a small pillow. "Will the both of you please put these rings on each other?"

Atem picked up a golden ring with the Eye of Horus on it decorated in small gemstones and slid it onto Yugi's ring finger. Yugi picked up a golden ring with the ankh cross on it decorated in small gemstone and slid it onto Atem's ring finger.

"Before we proceed, we shall start with the marriage vows. Would you like to start, my pharaoh?" Siamun asked.

Atem nodded and held Yugi's hand while staring into his eyes. "I Pharaoh Atem, son of Pharaoh Aknamkanon, take thee Yugi, to be my spouse, and my queen, to share the good times and hard times side by side. I humbly give you my hand and my heart as I pledge my faith and love to you. Just as this ring I give you today is a circle without end, my love for you is eternal. Just as it is made of incorruptible substance, my commitment to you will never fail. With this ring, I thee wed."

Touched by his words, Yugi smiled and stared into his eyes. "I Yugi Mutou, grandson of Solomon Mutou, take thee Atem, to be my spouse, and my king, to share the good times and hard times side by side. I give you not only my hand, but also my heart, soul, mind, and body to you. I pledge my faith, loyalty and love only to you and to no one else. This ring I gave you today is my eternal love for you, showing how I am devoted and committed to you for all eternity. With this ring, I thee wed."

Gently squeezing his hand, Yugi continued to stare into Atem's crimson eyes while Atem did the same staring into Yugi's amethyst eyes. But before Siamun would finish his speech so they can kiss to complete the ceremony, they heard loud shouting. Turning their heads, they were surprised to find Crowler stumbling into the throne room partially healed and holding a giant book.

"Forgive me! I shouldn't have overslept on this important day and-

He then tripped and fell on the ground, causing the giant book in his hands to land on the ground and open to a particular page. Suddenly, the book started to glow and bright lights and colors came out of the page and fluttered around the room. Everyone started to panic and tried to get away from it, while the priests are trying to get close to the book in order to close it, but had trouble as a huge gust of wind is blowing everyone back.

Yugi looked at his arm and gasped. His arm is suddenly becoming see-through, and it's starting to spread to his body. He turned around and noticed the same thing is happening to Jaden. What is happening to them!?

Atem quickly held Yugi close to him. "Crowler! What did you do!?"

"My kings! He somehow activated Ayan's spell!" Mahado exclaimed in disbelief.

"What!?" Abidos shouted in anger and held Jaden. "How dare he?! The ceremony isn't over!"

Yugi gasped in shock as his eyes widened in realization. If that spell is activated, then it's causing him and Jaden to be returned back to their era. This means they'll never be able to come back and see Atem and Abidos again. That's why their bodies are slowly fading away. The spell is sending them back home.

Atem looked at Yugi and gasped in horror. "N-No! NO!" He hugged him tightly. "You can't leave yet! We haven't completed the ceremony!"

"Atem…" Yugi whispered, hugging him tightly as he sees his body becoming more see-through. "I-I don't want to leave you!"

"I don't either!" Tears leaked in the corner of Atem's eyes. "Please don't go! I want you to stay here and be my queen! I can't lose you!"

"I don't want to lose you either!" Yugi cupped his cheeks, seeing his hands beginning to fade away. "I love you with all my heart, Atem! I've never felt this way with anyone before! I really want to be with you, but it looks like fate isn't on our side. I must return to my family. I wish it didn't have to end this way."

"I don't want this to end at all! Please don't fade away, my habibi! My beloved akhu!"

"Don't leave me either, Jaden! I can't live without you!" Abidos choked back a sob while holding Jaden, who is starting to fade. "We haven't even gotten to our marriage ceremony left! I never got to tell you my vows!"

Jaden hugged him tightly, and looked up at him as tears formed in his eyes. "I-I don't want to leave you either! My heart fell in love with you, Abidos! I want to stay, but I won't be able to because my family is waiting for me. I wish there was another way!"

"I love you, my lotus."

"I love you, my akhu."

"I love you, my powerful Abidos."

"I love you, my sweet Atem."

As they shared one final kiss together, Yugi and Jaden dissolved into sparkles as they faded away from their arms. Trying to catch them but couldn't, they both let out huge roars in anguish as the book stopped glowing and the gust of wind stopped blowing. Everyone saw what happened and felt their heart breaks for their pharaohs, and they soon glared at Crowler who is still on the floor and looked around.

"Um… Oops?"

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