Artyom crawled slowly through the vent, who were these people? Why did they need to kill people from the outside? What was going on? More questions mounted on as he climbed down from the pipe into a room through a hole in the pipe. He finally took off the gas mask he had freshly taken from a dead man. He stood up, still slightly winded and made his way towards the door which had several watchmen bodies lay scattered in front of. Opening the slightly ajar door he was immediately grappled by a large mountain of a man, Artyom resistied befor a light was turned on and revealed who it was, Both men recoiled back in shock.

"Hunter!?" Artyom exclaimed, surprised at seeing his sudo-second father after he went missing so long ago.

"Artyom?!" Hunter was also surprised to find his former pupil here of all places. He managed to squeeze Artyom's whereabouts during the last conversation with Millier but the Colonel had been very vague. Before either of them could react another voice joined in.

"Ah, so today is the day." Khan stepped out of the shadows, Artyom's confusion only mounted as 4 more figures joined in, only two of them he recognized.

"Hello Pavel and, Bourbon, it seems the rumors were true." Artyom slowly conveyed.

Artyom had watched Bourbon get riddled with bullets before his very eyes and still swore to this day he'd felt nothing when he checked Bourbon for vitals. He'd previously dismissed the rumors that Bourbon was alive, the living proof otherwise standing before him was just another pleasant surprise from this day and its increasing level of confusing events.

He'd truly looked up to Hunter as a boy and owed the man a lot, he was the best shot from his home station thanks to the man. Hunter also was Artyom's mentor for sneaking around.

It had been two years since the last time Artyom had seen Hunter, those years had been Cruel, the entire left side of Hunter's face had a horrific scar, looking like someone had both burned and carved at it. A visor-less gas mask dangled around his neck. Still, his physical appetence outside of his wound was unchanged. Hunter still towered over everyone else and his lack of Armor only seemed to promote his Muscular bear like frame even more.

Artyom hadn't been with Bourbon for very long, and the man had a habit of raising several different questions regarding his background rather frequently during that small window of time. But in the 'end' (or so Artyom had thought) Bourbon proved to have a good heart and decent nature.

Burbon didn't look too different, though he had a considerable sense of fatigue on him, but it didn't seem to be anything a few days of rest and a shot or two of Vodka couldn't fix.

Pavel also had said exhausted look in his eye, on Pavel it looked like he just taken three thriple sifts of guard duty. Artyom's feeling of relif at seeing Pavel was confusing to him, sure he'd decided to spare his "friend" in the end but he'd rarely saw Pavel after the incident, that, he'd heard rumors about Pavel becoming a non person a few months ago, now he knew why.

That only left the next question. "Who are you two?" he asked the old man and young girl that were there and looking equally confused as Artyom was.

The old man spoke first "my name is Nikolai Ivanovich Nikolayev, but everyone calls me Homer." he was obviously a survivor of the war grey balding hair on him and three white scars on the left side of his rounded forehead, however any sense of danger that may have given was lost thanks to his bushy eyebrows and friendly demeanor.

"I'm Aleksandra Petrovna, call me Sasha." the young girl had short but uneven hair, her hair was white, a surprising feature for someone who beyond a shadow of a doubt was under 18, her face was only rivaled by Anne's in terms of beauty, this line of thought brought Artyom back to his quest.

"Okay….uuhhhhhh. Fuck!" Artyom swore at trying to find a way to explain his situation.

Luckily for Artyom. Khan's ability to practically read minds was put to good use and benefited him (for once) "Artyom, someone's been taken, is that right?" Khan Inquired.


"By the people who run this facility?"


"You want our help?"

"No shit."


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