A quick chapter just to keep the story going, still own nothing

"Sasha, follow me, one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand four." Homer counted before shoveling coal onto the freshly light fire, he handed over the shovel to her. "Now you try." Sasha followed his instructions to the letter, Homer turned to the door and slung the Kalashnikov off of his shoulder and prepared for the event the train would be boarded.

Bullets whizzed by over Artyom's head as they advanced, Pavel snatched the shotgun from a guard and blasted three of them in quick succession, Artyom let off a burst of his AK to cover Hunter's advance, the guards were quickly overwhelmed, Artoym started the turntable, but more guards quickly entered the area, Artyom ducked behind the control panel for cover, gas was streaming out of damaged barrels, sirens going off, gunfire erupted in violent bursts, it was pure chaos.
Homer watched the entrance to the train, the door opened, and in came a guard. Homer fired his AK the force of the shot sending the guard flying of the train. "Are we in position yet!" Homer shouted over the ruckus, Yermak's answer was drowned out by thundurus noise.

Explosions riddled the structure the guards had previously been using as cover, barrels went flying, the control center started to collapse. Artyom grabbed onto Anne. "Don't let go Artyom!" she cried, however Artyom was slipping and the two were both sent plummeting to the floor. Fortunately, this was not some bottomless cavern out of the movies, the Order training exercises had had them fall farther distances (though not by much). "That was intense" Anne exclaimed.