Banjo and Kazooie were enjoying a nice day in Spiral Mountain as they were relaxing just outside their fixed up house, with the duo having nothing to do as they were content with their nice quiet life.

"Hey Kazooie."

"What Banjo?"

"...Do you think we have been in too many crossovers?"

"Nah, if it was the case then people wouldn't be requesting us to appear everywhere."

Banjo rubbed his chin as he pondered. "Hmm... you do raise a good point."

"Speaking of which, we should do something about all these eggs and feathers." Kazooie pointed out as she had one of her red feathery wings at the various items.

Banjo was going to say something when he and Kazooie heard a certain cackle, with it being Gruntilda Winkybunion as she was riding on a new broomstick.

"So you like crossing over with other properties I see?" Gruntilda the witch laughed as she fired a green spell at the bear and bird. "Well have this blast of witchcraft from me!"

Banjo and Kazooie were suddenly teleported out of their home as Gruntilda laughed, heading back to her lair as no one would know what would happen from that point on.