Chapter 1
The Twin Suns
Author's Note:
Obi-wan decided to train Luke as a Padawan as he goes to Tatooine but also allow him to see his family know as the Lars where he finds out that they had a child around the same age as Luke and that child is also force-sensitive he ask them to allow to train the child name Kira so that she would be able to learn the force which they allow.

So for the next 17 years, he has been training both Luke and Kira in the was of the Jedi when he senses a force sensitive entering the planet and goes to investigate it.


In a flash of light appeared Rebel A-Wing as it exited Hyperspace, it moves toward the planet of Tatooine as it entered its atmosphere, it's pilot the Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger began to take the controls as he went down to the planet not noticing the Astromech droid that stood behind him as he started to talk to himself.

"Alright, Here I am Tatooine the Middle of nowhere," said Ezra as he got closer to the dust planet but before he could do anything else he here a familiar noise coming from behind him as he is spooked by the sight of Chopper as he loses control of his fighter for only a few moments as it sways left to right as he quickly has to get it back under his control as he gave the droid that causes this a death glare as he held his head.

"Chopper!" said Ezra angrily as the droid tried to sound innocent as Ezra did not buy it one bit. "No, you know what How did you get here?" question Ezra as Chopper spoke as he reopened

"I mean in the ship," clarified Ezra as he heard what chopper said as he turns back to the view of space for a moment as he spoke, "I Didn't want any of you to be involved, not this time," said Ezra as Chopper once more told him that he could take care of himself.

"Tch I know you can take care of yourself," said Ezra as he thought about it for a few seconds as he then turns back and said "You know what your right, not that you have a choice now.


"I don't know where we are going...yet," said Ezra as he gave the controls to Chopper as he dug into his pocket as brought out two pieces of the Old Holocron, "Okay Master Kenobi if your down there show me something," said Ezra as he looks at the Holocron for a moment until he turned back to Chopper.

"Chop... Take us in, I will let you know when to change course," said Ezra as Chopper brought them closer to the world below.


Obi-Wan felt the Force-sensitive as he entered Tatooine Asmophire he was about 3 hours away from where he was but he also felt a familiar force presence close to the boy it was a presence that he knew was old, he closed his eyes as he focuses the force around him to allow to see who was this other person. It only took him a second to realize who this person.

"Maul," said Obi-Wan as he heard footsteps behind him as he turns around to see one of his students, "Ah Luke I see you and Kira have already figure out how to use Mechu macture like I taut you with those droids that we got from the Jawa Traders," ask Obi-Wan as Luke Skywalker in followed by his Cousin Kira Lars both of them having Lightsaber attach to their hips with Luke having his Father Lightsaber and Kira having his old Master Qui-Gon Jinn as they entered they sat down in front of their Master that has been teaching them to Master the force for most of their lives.

"Yes Master Kenobi, me and Kira have been practicing on those old R1 Units that we got, Whale I have been able to use the level two technic Kira has only been able to use Level one," said Luke as Obi-Wan rube his beard deep in thought as he took in the information as he watches Kira look a shame of her self as she and Luke had started the training for this force power three months ago and she has been stuck on Level one.

"That is good Luke soon you will only have one more level then you will finally Master the Ionize force ability as for Kira do not be worry you too will Master Machu macture it will only take some more time than Luke but do not worry you will get it in do time," said Obi-Wan as both of his Students nodded but it looks like they wanted to say more but did not as Obi-Wan pick up on this as he asked them.

"You both have also picked up on the force presences that had entered the planet too have you," ask Obi-Wan as both of them nodded their heads as it was Luke who spoke first.

"The first one feels worried like he does not trust himself he... feels like he has to do everything on his own to prove to himself, he seems closer to mind and Kira age," said Luke as he opens his eyes to look as Master nodded his head at what he felt about the first person as Kira began to use the force to find the intention of the second.

"Hatred... cold hard hatred that is all I kind fell and Revenge against" question Kira as she and Luke look to their Master as they saw him deep in thought as he figures out what he must do.

"Yes, he wishes to have his vengeance against me for what happens to him almost three decades ago," said Obi-Wan as both Luke as and Kira wish to know more on what happened but their Master did not say anymore as he stood up and began to leave their hutt, Luke and Kira followed their Master to their Dewback stables but before they could do anything he turns to them as he started to talk.

"Liston to me Luke and Kira I want both of you to get everything pack and once that is done go to your Uncles and Parent home and wait for me there I have to deal with this my self," said Obi-wan as it looks like they wanted to fight by his side with there Master but Obi-wan was quick to point out that they were too important to die here.

"The Padawan Ezra Bridger was trick to come here and seek me out by Darth Maul he is the other person he is a Sith Lord you both are not ready to face a Sith Lord just yet but in time you will," said Obi-Wan as all three of them got onto their Dewback and began to head out with Luke and Kira headed toward their home as their Master headed toward where Padawan Ezra is.


5 hours later
Lars Home

Luke and Kira waited outside in the cold night of Tatooine for their Master to return as they already had stuff pack and were ready to go hours had passed but they knew that he was still alive thanks to the force as they knew he was able to defeat the Sith Lord and that he was also bringing with him the Padawan know as Ezra they were only 10 minutes away as they were able to find the Sith Lord starship and were bringing it towards them soon.

They did not have to wait any longer as they heard the sound of ships engines in the distance as they look up to see an unknown ship but with the force they knew that the person that was piloting it was the Padawan and their Master was within it, it landing gear touch down as the bay doors open to reveal there Master as he walks down the ramp followed by a boy that looks to be the same age as both of them he had blue shave hair with blue eyes and copper skin, he wore a yellow shirt with duster pant with armor covering below his knees as he walked down they both saw that he also had a Lightsaber attach to his hip as he took notice to both of them as there Master introduce them to him.

"Ezra Bridger these two are my students Kira Lars and her cousin Luke Skywalker," said Obi-wan as he waves his hands toward them as Ezra had a look of surprise on him as he turns to look at Luke as he spoke.

"Wait a minute Skywalker... are you by change related to Anakin Skywalker Jedi Knight and General of the Republic," ask Ezra as this got Luke attention as he did not know of his father beside the stories that his Master and Uncle would tell him.

"You know my Father," ask Luke as he moves closer to Ezra as he did meet his eyes as he knew he must have wanted to know more of his father but Ezra did not know besides what Ashoka told him.

"No just what my Master and Ahoska told me about him, they told me that he was a great and powerful Jedi, that he would always try his hardest for his friends and never leave anyone behind if he could help it," said Ezra as Luke a little sad but he push that aside as he needed to get the stuff on board the ship and say goodbye to his uncle and aunt as Kira as well.

As Luke and Kira began to get the gear on board the ship Obi-wan moves closer to Ezra as to ask him about what happened to Ashoka.

"You have met Ahsoka how is she doing now," ask Obi-wan as Ezra look down not saying anything, Obi-wan knew what this meant as he laid his hand on Ezra's shoulders as he said. "Do not be sad Ezra she is now one with the Force we now must live on for her and see that the Empire is no more," said Obi-wan as they watch Luke and Kira goodbye to their Family as they headed into the Maul old ship and leave Tatooine.

And that ends Chapter 1
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