Chapter 4
The Fallen Jedi: Maris Brood


In a flash of light appeared the Phantom II as it exited hyperspace, Kira took the controls as she brought the shuttle down towards the planet, she then went passed the planet atmosphere as she took the shuttle through the clouds she began to see the world of Felucia as she saw all of the worlds had to offer to the jungles and to it many life forms that were also when she began to feel that something was wrong in the force her Master had once told her that Felucia was a planet that is touch by the force, that was when she felt the planet calling out to her as the Dark side seem to be strong as some kind of Dark act was carried out here.

But Kira could not pounder on this for long as she types on her terminal looking for Master Shaak Ti as her Master had told her it would take some time to find her, it did not take long for her to find an open field but before she could land her ship she was quickly fired upon by artillery from the ground as she spotted Turbolaser on the ground below she had to move quickly if she did not want to be shot down.

As Kira was able to get away from the Imperials as she landed her ship in another open space which she quickly covered up in case the Imperials decide to send in T-fighters to look for her after she was done covering up the shuttle she took out her tracking device as she began her search for the Senator.


Telos IV

As Kira was looking for Master Shaak Ti her cousin just landing on the Telos Jedi Temple.

"Alright, everyone ready," ask Luke as the Starship landed and Luke along with his new Padawan step into the hanger to see that the ramp was open and they were getting their thing ready as Luke step forward and began to talk.

"Okay everyone lets get this show on the road," shouted Luke as every did the same as they step out of the ship and step onto the showing roof of the temple, they were quick to spot what looks like an entrance as one of the Rebels pointed it out the rest of them.

As they move closer to the entrance they look around to see that there were four towering spires that were at each corner of the Temple, as they reach the entrance they notice that there was one panel or lock to open the door so one of the engineers began taking out some explosive to open the door but Luke stop him as he told him there was another way to open this door.

"My Master once told me that the Jedi had their most guarded secrets protect by locks that only beings gifted with the power of the force could open," said Luke as raise his hand and began to use the force on the door as the rest of the group began to watch the door open they saw that it was an elevator that would take down deeper into the Temple as they began to enter with Luke and Kyle being the last to enter the elevator as they took it down.

That was when Kyle ask Luke some question, "Um Master-

"You don't have to call Master, Kyle I have not yet reach Knighthood," said Luke as he looks to him as he interpreted him but allow him to continue.

"Sorry, Mas-... Luke, it is just that I would like to know when would I begin my training to use the force like," ask Kyle as Luke stop to look at him as he said.

"To use the force it takes time, one does not Master the ways of the force in one day I will teach you what I know but it will be up to you on how well you master it," said Luke as they continue to go deeper into the Temple. "One can use the force in many ways, what you saw me do back there is only a fraction of the what force can offer you, ones that are gifted with the force can use it to heal the sick, to move at speeds the naked eye could never see or see the weakness of things before them or even deadlier control the minds of the weak-minded and so much more," said Luke as Kyle Luke at Luke as they reach the end of their trip as they doors open but as soon as they did they saw that they were not alone as 7 women in white hair and clothing appeared before them carrying weapons similar to Lightsabers as they were ordered to halt.

"Halt, you will surrender your weapons and will come with us are Mistress wishes to speak with you but the rest of your party will be taken somewhere else," said one of the women as she steps in front of the group and looks straight at Luke as she said this.

Kyle was the first to voice his concerns of their commands as he said "Like hell we will, we will not give up ar-

But he was stopped by what Luke said next "Very well, I will follow you," said Luke as the group look to him as he was insane but he told them that they mean us no harm, "Remember we are the ones who came uninvited in their home it is only right to follow their rules," said Luke as his men did so with only Kyle being a little hesitant but relented and gave up his weapons to the woman.

From there they took Luke to go see their Mistress.



As all of this was going on other things were transpiring, as Darth Vader secret apprentice Galen Merak and the General Rham Kota were finely done on the Jungle world and were getting ready to depart Kota was given a mission by Rebel to meet with an old friend.

As the doors to the training room, open Galen saw his Master talking with someone as he looks closer he notices that it was Mon Mothma, "Finely a new mission and one step closer to getting to completing his true Master mission." thought Galen as Mon Mothma turns to him.

"Ah this must be your new apprentice Kota," said Mon Mothma as Kota replied.

"Yes Mon Mothma he is a little rough around the edges but soon I believe he will become a find Jedi," said Kota as Galen stood there and said nothing.

"Good to hear but enough of that I see you were able to help Organa daughter I see," said Mon Mothma.

"Yes with the help of Galen she should now be heading to Alderaan as we speak," said Kota as Mon Mothma nodded her head as she continues to talk.

"Good job Galen and finally looks like our guess has arrived," said Mon Mothma as she steps aside as both men were surprised to see the appearance of the one and only

Master Kenobi?" was all Kota said as the force allow him to see the force image of Obi-wan Kenobi as Galen was surprised to see the man that he had fought for so long thanks to holoimage of PROXY and combat programs.

"How is this possible," said Kota as he was at a loss of words as Galen remain silent.

"That is another story for another time my old friend but for now we need your help," said Kenobi as it looks like Kota wishes to say more but was stop by Mon Mothma.

"We need you to come to Home-One and once we are almost ready to start a negotiation with Garm-Bel and his resistance on Corellian," said Mon Mothma as Kota began to speak.

"But we need Organa for that and I have yet to get into contact with him he went to go see Master Shaak Ti but I have yet to get word from him," said Kota as the image of Kenobi came back.

"Do not worry Master Kota I have to send one of my Padawan to go to Felucia to find Master Shaak Ti and I am sure once she doses she would be able to find Senator Organa," said Kenobi as now Galen look even more surprised to find out that Kenobi as more Students.

"This could lead to more trouble in the future, when I get a chance I must report this to Vader at once," Thought Galen as it looks like the conversation was coming to an end.

"Very well then, send me the location to Home-One and I will be there as fast as I can," said Kota as Mon Mothma nodded her head as Master Kenobi appeared once more and said his goodbye.

"See you soon Master Kota and May the Force be with you," said Kenobi as the Holoimage ended.


End of Chapter 4

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