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Once there was a mountain that seemed to be at rest, as one could expect, and to the wandering eye someone would look up to see a spec of orange. Some would say 'Who is up there?' or 'Who would go up there if they heard the rumors!?' but as anyone who knew him they know it it could only be The Number 1 Knucklehead Ninja of the Leaf Naruto with his trademark whiskers and orange jumpsuit.

-i feel silly but LINEBREAK-

You must be wondering what would Naruto be doing on the mountain or what's the name of this mountain why none other than Mount Ebott. So as to answer the first part though as to why we find him here, he was chased after by the Fox Hunting Mobs as today was the anniversary of The Kyuubi's Attack (small AN: I am not doing Japanese names people can but they mess up and it's just really confusing to me) but Naruto felt something calling him to the mountain's summit. As soon as he reached the top of Mt. Ebott he could hear two voice that could be heard one was sad and one sounded annoyed. "Who's there can you say something please?" Naruto asked hoping to get a response. All he got was a shrill shriek of fear from the bushes and narrowly dodged a rock thrown, all he could do was stare at the duo who he didn't know from the village. "Um sorry but can you tell me who you are?" Naruto asked with a confused look on his face. "Hmph; I am Chara also don't ask about the eyes and this is my sister Frisk. She was the one who shrieked, I on the other hand threw the rock." Chara said pointing at a girl who looked like she had some fear of something getting them (imagine GlitchFrisk by Camila Cuevas or EnderFrisk by TC animations).

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