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Chapter 1 – Hidden Dreams

"AHN~" She moaned as she felt Kaachan's length plunge deeper into her core.

They were in the middle of class, and the teacher continued to discuss the next assignment she hardly cared about.

"You like that Deku?" Kaachan's gruff voice sounded behind her.

She was hunched over her school desk. Her skirt along with her panties pooled around her ankles. Her breast was pushed against the hard wooden desk. Her tongue was out, panting, gasping for air.




The desk wobbled every time Kaachan dug deeper into her.


Izuku snapped out of her daze. The student in front of her looked at her with disdain. She felt her cheeks slowly flushed, and she looked down to see a pile of paper.

"Midoriya!" Her teacher called, "pass the paper down."

"O-oh!" she gasped. "Ye-yes sir!" she stuttered. The tip of her ears felt tingly, and surely it had reddened by now. Not because of the students giggling at her being chastised by the teacher, no, her ears were red because she imagined a certain hot-blooded blonde fuck her senseless.

Her hands were clammy, but she swiftly took a page before passing the pile down her row. She took one deep breath to calm her erratic heart.

"Now class, it's time you started thinking seriously about your future!" her teacher lectured. The whole class remained silent before the teacher finally burst out with a laugh. "Ah, who am I kidding, you all want to be heroes, don't you?"

The whole class erupted into cheers sans one student. That student was her, Midoriya Izuku, the quirkless one.

"TEACH, DON'T LUMP ME IN WITH EVERYONE ELSE!" a familiar, arrogant, voice demanded.

Izuku looked at her page while Kaachan started his "I am the next number one hero" rant. Her pencil was hovering around the answer box for her future career.

Civil Servant, her mind immediately thought, but her hand wrote "Hero." Her chest felt tight, recalling back her mother's tearful cry that she couldn't be a hero with a quirk like hers. Before she got a chance to erase it, one of the students exclaimed loudly in a mocking tone.

"LOL, Midoriya wrote hero for her future career!"

Lips thinned, she slowly looked up from her paper to see everyone staring back at her with widened eyes, including Kaachan who was standing on his desk (for some reason?) looking back at her in aghast.

A pure nano-second of silence before the whole class exploded into laughter and cruel jokes of how stupid Izuku must be to say such a thing.

"Ah..." Izuku immediately put her hand up as a make-shift wall to hide her face, knowing very well she must be making a pathetic expression. "I-I mean... you never...know?" her meek voice carried no weight, and the students only laughed harder. Even the teacher covered his mouth to hide shock? Mock?

Stupid, stupid, stupid! She wanted to dig a hole and stay in there forever.


"WAH!" She cried out, startled.

"Eat shit DEKU!" Kaachan caused a small explosion as he hit her desk. Izuku stared at the two sharp canine teeth as Kaachan started his angry bout.

She gulped, and her mind already thought about the sensation of Kaachan's fangs sinking into her shoulder as he comes inside-

No, she couldn't go in a daze again. She needed to focus.

Focus, focus, focus.

"-So where do you get off putting yourself on the same level as me?" Kaachan finished with a growl.

Her mind was already zeroing in on the word "get off." She felt heat tingling her cheeks and looked down to try and cover her shame. She didn't want Kaachan to see her making such a lewd face.

Izuku remained quiet and kept her head submissively low. She heard Kaachan scoffed before muttering the word "loser." He ignored her for the rest of the day.

"Now, now, class, let's settled down." The teacher finally broke through the taunts and the jeers.

Izuku was frustrated.

She never tested her quirk, or rather, she was told to never activate her quirk. But, she still suffered from her quirk's side effect which was having wild sexual fantasies at the most impromptu time. A Hero who dazes off will get killed off out in the field. She would rather not die in such a pathetic manner: death by distracting sexual fantasies.

She also has a hard time focusing in general due to her...condition, so she needed to take extra time after school to restudy the materials from start to finish at home to at least pass with a B average.

She hated it. She hated that she had a quirk that she couldn't expose, yet had to suffer in silence from the drawback of her quirk.

But, she...hated herself the most for being so immoral.

Class finally ended, and she drew a long sigh. She started packing her stuff, and before she reached for her personal notebook, a larger hand grabbed it out of her sight.

She looked up from her chair, and it was Kaachan with his two friends, or followers.

He was glaring down at her with gleaming ruby eyes.

"A-Ah.." she started before clamping her mouth shut. Her eyes glanced back at her notebook now in his possession. She saw a glimpse of her neat block writing that said "For the Future – Hero Analysis #13" before it lit up in flames. Powerless, she could only gape as Kaachan threw away her notebook over the window. She almost strained her neck to look at the last moment of her notebook filled with analyses of pro heroes. Even her latest entry of Kamui Wood and Mt. Lady that she saw this morning was...gone.

She should be upset.

Angry even.

Or at the very least frustrated.

But her brain wasn't processing her emotions appropriately.

The only thing she felt was...


"You think you can get into the same school as me?" Kaachan growled.

His two followers snickered like a background track from a sitcom television show.

"U-uh... Kaachan..." she muttered. She could feel it.

The side effect of her quirk was kicking in once again.

This isn't the time or place, Izuku! She screamed inside her mind, but to no avail, she was a prisoner of Lust. Her face started to rise in temperature. She rubbed her thighs together to try to relieve the itch down there using the fabric of her panties in a vain attempt to relieve it. "HAHA, she's already scared shitless!" One of Kaachan's friend snickered.

She started to feel light headed. Her vision was doubling. She needed to go home...

She sniffed.

Then a sigh escaped.

She could smell it. The burning sweet nitroglycerine from Kaachan's quirk and there was a trace of a rich musky scent coming from Kaachan. It was so... deep. So...raw...so...manly.

Teeth gritting, her gaze roamed Kaachan's arm to his mouth making all sorts of shape. She felt she was in a bubble, and his voice was so...far away.

Her gaze continued south to his Adam's apple bobbing up and down. Lower, she could see a thin sheen of sweat on Kaachan's collarbone, she gulped. Continuing the path, she noticed how low he wore his pants. She could see his belt buckle, sitting just nicely above his bulg-

"Oy Deku." She felt Kaachan grab her left shoulder, and he was leaning dangerously close to her lips. "If I see you at that UA entrance exam, you're going to get fucked."

Suddenly, Kaachan pushed her down, and he straddled her.

"Wa-wait Kaachan!" she cried.

Kaachan ripped his blazer off, and she could see his bare arms trapping her between him and the floor.

Between the small gaps of Kaachan's torso and his arm, she could see Kaachan's friends dropping down their pants and started stroking their meaty cock.

"K-Kaachan!" She cried his name again in horror? Excitement?

She could feel his hand riding up her skirt. She gulped in...anticipation.

"I'm going to fuck you. Deku." Kaachan snarled as he finally ripped her panties off.

She was wet. She was ready.

"P-please Kaachan... I want it!"

"Want what?"

"Your Co-"


Her head snapped back up to see Kaachan still looming over her.

"Are you fucking deaf, woman?"

"H-huh...?" she dumbly stared back.

"She's scared shitless Kaachan." one of his friends sighed as he said in a bored drawl.

Kaachan clicked his tongue before turning his back on her. "Let's go" Kaachan ordered, "She's such a sad sack, that she can't face the fucking reality even though she's already a senior."

She was appalled. She just imagined... Kaachan...and her... and his friends...

Oh God! Her stomach churned as she could feel her underwear dripping wet of a different fluid.

"Ah." Kaachan exclaimed as if he was just hit with a brilliant idea, "if you wanna be a hero so bad, there's actually a really good way."

She looked back to see Kaachan with a gentle smile. A rare expression that she didn't even realize he was capable of.

"If you believe they're holding your quirk over in the next world... you should just take a swan dive off the roof!" he ended with a toothy smile and squinted eyes.

Yes. She felt like dying. Because she just imagined Kaachan, her childhood bully, fucking her twice in one day, and her body relished of the idea.

She could hear Kaachan and his friend's laughter fading away as they exited the classroom.

She hated it. She was disgusted.

But most of all, she was disgusted with herself.

She just wanted to go home and take a very long cold shower.

But, no. The universe wanted to test her.

She was currently in a dimmed light tunnel with no one around her except a villain now choking the living Mary out of her.

The villain's quirk made his whole body into a shapeless slime.

It felt like mucus with a rotting smell engulfing her whole body. She struggled as the slime tried to enter her mouth. She looked up in terror as she saw the jagged, uneven fangs and one giant eyeball, the size of a softball, staring wide-eyed back at her.

"It's okay," the slime cooed, "I'm just going to be using your body for a bit. Just relax..."

"MMPF!" Izuku's scream muffled, she tried so hard to close her lips, but she could feel the goo still making its' way into her mouth. Oh God! It tastes horrible. Oh God! Please, Please! She can't die yet!

"You'll only hurt for 45 seconds... soon it'll be all over."

She could feel her eyes rolling over. She couldn't breathe. Her lungs hurt so much.

Her eyes felt hot. Her nails were being pulled apart. She could feel her spine rearranging itself.

"Haha, are you trying to use your quirk? It's meaningless; I'm amorphous!"

No, she can't give up. Not now! Not ever! She was... she was...

"You can't be a hero... I'm sorry..."


Her grip loosened.

...can't be a hero...

In her oxygen-deprived state, she could see golden locks and a heroic confident back facing her.

Receiving second wind, she desperately clawed the goo off of her.

She was going to be a HERO! You never know until you try! That's why... That's why... -

But no matter how hard she struggled, the slime wouldn't come off her.

Ah... even though it's so sunny out...it's getting dark...

"Never fear!" a familiar voice echoed in the tunnel.

Was it her imagination? Was this her hallucinating of what she wished could happen...?

"For I am here!" a line that Izuku knew so well was said. Could it be?

"TEXAS SMASH!" He cried another very familiar attack name. She felt her skin stretching from the sheer force of wind the impact created. She immediately fell and coughed out any of the sewage-tasting gunk that remained in her mouth. She breathed heavily, taking in the delicious sweet air.

"Thank goodness you're okay!" A beaming smile with golden locks styled into two antennae was mere inches away from her face.

"WUAAAAHHHHHHH!" she screeched.

No way... could it be?

"I must apologize!" All Might rubbed his forehead while still standing straight, tall, and confident.

All Might! In the flesh! Right before my eyes. Right there. In the flesh. Oh my god. He's right there! All Might! Oh my god! He's right there! All Might! Right there. In the flesh. Oh my god-

"Uhm... are you alright, girl? Do you need me to call 911?" All Might asked with such a heroic tone.

"Ah, well, All Might, La-, Uhm... AUTOGRAPH!" She screamed out the last part.

With his heroic finger, he pointed to the ground next to her. She followed the point, and it was the singed notebook Kaachan decorated with his quirk. The notebook was opened, and All Might signed his name across two pages!

"Wa-Wa-wa-wa-WAHHHH! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" She scrambled to her feet and bowed a straight 90-degree angle.

"HAHAHA, well I'm off to deliver the perpetrator. The next we meet, it'll be through a TV screen!"

"E-eh? Y-you can't stay..." Don't go! She had so much to ask. So much she wanted to say. He was her hero ever since she comprehended what she liked and disliked.

"Pros must do battle with Villain and time itself!" All Might squatted, and she could see his arms flexing out veins and all.

Her hand reached out, one step, two step, she was so close, so close to touching her hero in the flesh.

Three step.



All Might leaped high into the air, and Izuku's hand froze in front of her.

"Could... I become a hero?" she asked quietly to a now empty street.

She finally arrived home. Tired, confused, and slightly sexually frustrated.

The moment she opened the door, she smelled it.

She immediately covered her nose and mouth and noticed that there was an unfamiliar brown pair of loafers that were too big for her and her mother's feet. She kicked off her shoes, and her suspicion was confirmed when she neared her mother's room.

It smelled of sex.

She ran into the washroom and locked it. She finally gasped for breath, but she could still smell the male in heat.

She bit her bottom lip, and she could feel the heat rising from her neck to her face. Again, she was in a bubble. Her one hand groped her breast, but she couldn't feel it past her blazer and shirt. She started to peel her clothes off one by one until she was only in her underwear.

Her hands were shaking. She wanted... she wanted... it.

Her finger lightly rubbed the pink tip of her breast, and she felt the electric current rushing down her body to her nether-region. She quickly muffled her moan by covering her mouth with her other hand.

She felt the uncontrollable rush of juices pouring out from her. Her hands slowly reached for her panties, and she finally dropped it to her ankles.

She started to rub herself in a circular motion, back arching from tingles of pleasures shooting up her spine.

It felt so good.

She looked up to see the fluorescent bathroom lights. Her breath was getting harsher and harsher. Her fingers were getting wetter and wetter.


Gritting her teeth, and knees buckled together as she started to ride the waves of pleasure rocking her whole body.

She leaned against the door, trying to keep herself up. She looked to see the side of an unfamiliar being staring right back her through the mirror.

Black eyes, with eerie green pupils. Horns protruded out of her temple; horns that looked similar to a ram. Her hand slowly reached for her face to see if that was indeed her.

She yelped when her hand had long black nails, and she could see her veins and cartilage bulging out like forked rivers.

Already coming down from the high of pleasure, she felt her chest concave. What is this? Who is this? What's happening to me? She repeated inside her head over and over again.

She rubbed her arms and hands trying to flatten the swelling veins. Her breath was running ragged. Not enough oxygen. Not enough oxygen. Her brain was sounding the alarm.

She hugged herself and closed her eyes, "make this go away, make this go away, make thi-"

"Izuku?" a soft worried voice called. "Are you alright in there?"

She took two more deep breath, "Ah...Yea, I'm alright mom." trying to control her voice from quivering. "I'm just going to take a shower."

"Okay honey, dinner will be ready for you then."


She hoped that sounded natural.

She took a peek at herself again in the mirror, and a common feature greeted her back. She rubbed her eyes; it was normal. She prodded her temple, no signs of horns. She inspected her nails, short and round.

Was she hallucinating?

What exactly was her quirk...?

Finally out of her shower, her skin was cool to touch.

"Izuku, dinner's ready!" Her mother called out to her.

As soon as Izuku entered the kitchen, a lone bowl with milky fluid greeted her.

From the smell, she knew exactly what it was.

"You forgot to drink your food this morning, honey. It was such a waste..." Her mother sighed as she stir-fried some veggies and meat.

"S-sorry mom." Izuku felt terrible because she knew that her mother had to procure her food supply, and it wasn't exactly she could buy in the grocery store.

She sat in front of the bowl, and her mouth immediately watered. She wanted to resist drinking this foul substance. This substance that tore their family apart.

Would her dad come back if she could survive without drinking this, she sometimes wondered.

She made no motion to go near the bowl, no matter how much her body yearned for it.


Her mother shut off the stove and began to prep her second meal.

Izuku wished that her body would just be satisfied with normal food. That way, she wouldn't have to experience any of this travesty.

Her mother finally set a bowl of rice with meat in front of Izuku. Seeing how Izuku made no effort to touch either of her meal, her mother looked at her with such worry in her eyes. "What's wrong, honey?" her mother's worried voice made Izuku's heart clench painfully.

"Will dad... be okay with what... you're doing mom?" As soon as the words left her lips, she gasped in shock and covered her mouth with both her hands. How stupid was she to bring such a sensitive topic like this? Stupid, stupid, stupid! But no matter how she reprimanded herself, the damage was already done.

Her mother sighed, "your mother loves you, and I have to feed you what your body requires." She answered with such a gentle smile, but Izuku could see her tired eyes.

Sucking her bottom lip, she felt the warm tears brimming her eyes, "I-I don't like it. I don't like it that you have to do this with another person."

"Oh, Izuku..." Her mother hugged her, and she could feel her mother's warmth from her bosoms.

Izuku thought she could survive a day without this particular supplement. But she clearly couldn't. If her body craved it, all other foods tasted like ash until she takes in the fluids, and her mind goes into a sex-fiend frenzy. She couldn't even recall her whole day from this state.

Her mother stroked her hair, "I made your favourite today. Pork cutlet bowl!"

Gritting her teeth, her face burrowed deeper into her mother's embrace. She wanted to apologize for being born; she wanted to apologize for having such a disgusting quirk; she wanted to apologize, but she knew deep down they will never be enough words to express the bitterness and the pain Izuku felt for her parents.

When her father found out what Izuku's quirk made her crave, he left them. She could still remember hearing her father's last word.

"That girl isn't my child."

"Let's eat up okay?" her mother tried to brighten the mood as she stroke her hair and soothed Izuku's cries to a quiet sniffle. Izuku finally detached herself from her mother and forced a smile as best she could.

For now, she was powerless to do anything. But she knew she couldn't continue to survive like the model citizen her mother wished for her without this substance.

"I-itadakimasu," she said softly, before downing her bowl.

It was so creamy and sweet. She will never see the man who donated his supplements to her.

If anyone found out, Midoriya Izuku required semen to properly function, who would ever hire her as a hero?

They will be like her father.