AN: I've always wanted to write a react fanfic of Miraculous Ladybug but never had the guts to upload because of certain things and when I read some I have been finding the guts to write one. This is my first fic and criticism is highly encouraged. Disclaimer: I do not own Miraculous Ladybug or any crossovers mentioned in this fic. Yes this will be a multiverse reaction fic. Multiple Category fic references.

AN: This fic, timeline wise is right after oblivio.

In the City of Paris we can see our favorite designer/superhero rushing towards school, waking up 5 minutes before school starts will do that, one would think that when you live so near of your own school you'd be the earliest one to arrive but not to Marinette she's a special case just as special that no one would ever guess that she is one of Paris' greatest defender.

"I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna make it." Marinette chanted in a mantra as she ran passed the doors and into the classroom right at the very last second as the bell rings. Out of breath she slumped down her desk as her best friend sat down beside her.

"Girl how could you live so close here and yet you always run almost late all the time?" Alya asked. Still catching her breath too tired to lift her head she just mumbled her answer that was surprisingly understandable.

"Sorry I had some new designs just made and I don't want to break my muse." In translation late night patrols until midnight stopping petty crimes to burglary. Marinette now managed to catch her breath only lost it once more at the sight of the love of her life.

Said crush was chatting with his best friend Nino about things when he felt someone looking at him, looking behind him he caught the sight of his dark blue haired friend, he gestured a wave towards her and the girl returned it by going red and ducking behind her desk while her best friend just giggled at her antics. Confused at what just happened, Adrien turned back to his best friend Nino who was talking about some new music he was testing out.

"Good Morning Class." Miss Bustier greeted the class. However before the class could respond a wormhole tore through the ceiling of the classroom. Pulling everyone in the room including our hero team before they could leave and transform. Marinette's vision turned black when she went through the portal.

"Ugh." Grunted Marinette as she woke up with a dizzy brain, she manage to compose herself to look around the area and see where the wormhole had taken them. She was astonished at the scenery, the space in the area is massive, like a giant open space massive with a giant window in the shape of a triangle showing the everlasting beauty of the infinite cosmos.

Everyone in the room eventually woke up and stood in awe at the view in front of them. Especially Max who was the smartest one in their group, his jaw was agape at the cosmic scenery in front of him.

"Woah…" Kim gasped and the others just nodded their heads agreeing with him completely, the view in front of them is one that cosmologists would happily die for if they would see this view of the universe.

"Quite a sight isn't it." An unknown voice placed some sense in the class as they looked at the direction of the voice. However all they could see was a hooded figure wearing a long robe that covered everything on him, all that was visible was his lower jaw that was covered by a metal face mask that looked like the lower jaw of a dragon.

"Who are you and why have you brought us here?" Marinette's Ladybug was showing but to the others it was just her showing her class presidency side but to Adrien his heart was strangely beating a different tune although he has no idea why. The figure just gave a chuckle and with a wave of his hand the class suddenly felt at ease.

"I mean you no harm, all of you. In truth I'm here to give you all the privilege to watch something magnificent." The figure said. Max perked up at what he said.

"You mean we can see how the universe began!" Max exclaimed. The figure just laughed in amusement.

"No Max while interesting it is extremely prohibited to show mortals that kind of secret." Max deflated at that thinking that he would finally see the origin of existence, but he accepted it reluctantly. Now it was Alya's turn to ask.

"What do you mean 'Prohibited to show mortals'? Who or What are you?" Asked the Ladyblogger.

"My name is Fatalis or Fate for short. As for what I am, I am what you would call a Viewer and a Writer." The now named Fatalis or Fate said. Curious at his declaration Alya asks.

"What do you mean a Viewer and a Writer? What does it mean?" Fate smiles under his mask and replies

"It is quite a bit self-explanatory as well as literal only on a reality wide scale. I 'View' the multiverse watching different dimensions, the same people only each and every one branches to different choices they make. However as a Writer, I create my own universal path. However your universe does not have a Writer because your universe is what we call the Prime Universe. Your universe is shall we say the center of the multiverse." Fate explained. The class was absolutely gob smacked at this revelation not only was their universe the center of multiple different universes but there are creators of these other universes. Max's brain, despite his intellect, is having a mind blown moment.

"Hah! So we will be watching me in different universes is that why you brought us here?!" Chloe being the narcissistic person she is. Fate only laughed hard at that causing the female blonde to seethe in annoyance.

"Ha! Aaaahhh… Sorry Chloe but no we won't be watching you. In truth all of you will be seen in different realities but the main character or should I say characters in these multiverses are Paris' Miraculous team." Fate finally revealed the reason why he brought them here. But to the said team they were very concerned that their identities could possibly be revealed in this. However to some like Alya is excited that her idol's identity will be revealed, to Adrien he is conflicted while he would love to finally see who his Lady is behind the mask, his Bugaboo is very strict in revealing their identities because of security reasons like Hawkmoth getting leverage over them if their Identities are revealed even to each other.

"You mean we get to see who Ladybug and Cat Noir are?!" Alya exclaimed, her excitement visibly showing. Fate gave a nod of confirmation and a subtle one towards Marinette and Adrien.

"Yes Alya you will all see who your two heroes are." With a squeak of excitement Alya hugged Marinette and started to jump.

"You hear that girl we will finally see who Ladybug and Cat Noir are!" Alya shouted in glee as she kept jumping. Marinette awkwardly agreed with her but decided to voice her concerns.

"But won't that be a violation of their privacy? Ladybug and Cat Noir won't be happy with this." Said Marinette with a frown, uncomfortable that her as well as her partner's identities will be revealed so casually. Fate just looked at her with amusement even they could not see his face.

"Do not worry Marinette after all of this is over I will give you a choice if you want to keep your memories of this place and everything that has happened here or keep them. The choice is yours." Assured Fate. That eased Marinette's concerns ever so slightly, but in her mind the way Fate said that she felt like she will be inclined to keep their memories in the end.

"So… where would we watch these multiverses? This room is huge but a bit empty dude…" Nino said. Instead of replying Fate waved his hand and came into existence were sofas and recliners as well as a wide arrangement of snacks and beverages.

"Help yourselves." Gestured Fate. The class went and got their own snacks and drinks and proceeded to sit down. Alya dragged Nino by the arm and grabbed Marinette's and Adrien's forcing them to seat together with Alya and Nino on one side together while Adrien and Marinette are on the other sticking close together. Adrien gave Marinette a warm smile causing her to burst into a hot mess and look the other way much to his confusion. And Miss Bustier is sitting on a recliner relaxing while secretly hiding her excitement to see who her idols were.

"So now that everyone has settled let us get on with the show." Fate with a wave of his hand the area's light dims and the window showing the cosmos distort and morph into a view of the Eiffel tower.

"Of course what is a show without an intro? First of we will be viewing Ladybug and Cat Noir's theme song." Fate said

"Ladybug and Cat Noir have a theme song?" Nino asks

"Of course. Also I will be showing you the full version of the song. So sit back and relax" Fate said and started the show. Meanwhile Marinette was fidgeting that her secret would revealed to everyone especially to her crush. What would he think about her now? Would he be impressed? Or would he now notice her only to like her because she is Ladybug? She shook her head and told herself that Adrien is not that kind of person he is kind, sweet, and considerate, he would never be that shallow that was Chloe's area of expertise.

"In the day time I'm Marinette

Just a normal girl with a normal life

But there's something about me that no one knows yet

Cause I have a secret."

Fate paused already knowing what is about to happen. When the video paused Alya and most of the class stared at the person the video is showing. Marinette meanwhile is trying to look as small as possible with her identity now revealed what would they think of her now? Fate resumed the video snapping everyone's attention back some trying to confirm their suspicions, (*cough* Adrien *cough*).

"I live a life that's full of fun

It keeps me sharp and on the run

When evil comes I find a way

To use my force and save the day

Oh, oh, oh,

Life's got me spinning 'round

Oh, oh, oh,

My feet are off the ground

Oh, oh, oh,

And when the sun goes down

You'd better hang around."

Fate once more paused the video bracing for the outcome.

"GIRL! YOU'RE LADYBUG!?" Alya exclaimed in excitement as she hugged Marinette, much to Marinette's confusion.

"Huh? You're not mad?" Marinette asks. Alya just shrugged and hugged her once more.

"Marinette I already know enough how the super hero gig works, also that would explains why you gave me Trixx. So no I'm not mad in fact I can't see anyone more deserving to be Ladybug more than you." Alya finished as she embraced her best friend tighter. Marinette's eyes were glistening as she returned the hug happy that Alya understands and is really a true best friend. Meanwhile the others were happy and agreed with Alya's words except one and her name is spelled Liar. Adrien meanwhile was shaking, both in happiness and anxiousness, happy because he finally found who his Lady is, however he is also anxious because he remembered that his Lady liked someone else and that is a bit heartbreaking for him. Unknown to him his world will be shattered in a few moments but in a good way. Fate resumed the song.

"It's Ladybug jumpin' above

The power is on when things go wrong

It's Ladybug the lucky charm the magic is on

Always so strong

They look at me and think I'm cool

I'm Cat Noir at night I rule

My ring is charged with energy

My claws are out just watch and see."

Fate paused again excited to see this revelation. When the video paused everyone including Marinette looked in Adrien's direction, said model looked bashful now his identity is revealed. But much to his surprise Nino said what Alya said before to Marinette and Adrien has never felt more grateful to have a friend like him. Although after the brotherly moment he gave Marinette his signature Cat Noir smirk, said girl looked red at the moment however mentally channeled her Ladybug side and booped him on the nose like how she usually does. Meanwhile Alya is having a fan-gasm moment, not only was her best friend Ladybug but Fate decreed (Not the present Fate. Hah!) That her literal OTP will finally come true. With that said Fate resumed.

"Oh, oh, oh

Oh no you'll never know

My force will only grow

And when the moon is out

You'd better hang around

It's Ladybug jumpin' above

The power is on when things go wrong

It's Ladybug the lucky charm

The magic is on always so strong

Another day I'm back at school

I think about him he's so cool"

"Really? Only 'so cool' Milady? I prefer the term devilishly handsome." Adrien smirked as he secretly reveled at the prospect that his Lady might like like him. His question was only met with an eye roll and another boop to the nose much to Alya's and Adrien's enjoyment.

"He looks at me I look away

But does he see me anyway"

Adrien gave Marinette a wink causing the girl to blush and look away. However to Adrien inside he is floating on air now confirmed that Marinette likes him.

"Oh, oh, oh,

He's got me spinnin' around

My feet are off the ground

Oh, oh, oh,

And when the sun goes down

That's when I become

Miraculous simply the best

Up to the test when things go wrong

Miraculous the luckiest

The power of love always so strong

I am a Cat just chillin out

But in the night she's all I think about"

"Only in the night? Why I'm hurt Chaton." Marinette said showing her confidence even though her heart is beating a mile per second. Adrien only smirk as he took her hand and gave it a gentle kiss cause her heart to beat even faster if that was even possible much to the enjoyment of the shippers especially the captain of the ship that is now possibly sailing.

"I feel so strong when she's around

She picks me up when I am down

Oh, oh, oh,

Oh no you'll never know

Oh, oh, oh,

My love can only grow

Oh, oh, oh,"

This caused the girls to aww at the sweetness of it all even Chloe except for the one whose name is spelled Liar.

"And when I see her smile

That's when she becomes

Miraculous simply the best

Up to the test when things go wrong

Miraculous the luckiest

The power of love always so strong

It's Ladybug jumpin' above

The power is on when things go wrong

It's Ladybug the lucky charm

Magic is on always so strong

It's Ladybug

It's Ladybug jumpin' above oh oh

It's Ladybug the lucky charm

Magic is on always so strong

It's Ladybug!"

As the song finished Fate now waits patiently for the aftermath to start, now the real show begins.

"That was AMAZING!" Shouter Alya in glee.

"Don't you mean MIRACULOUS?" Punned Adrien and with that the mood is gone and the response was a groan from everyone.

"Dude that was just horrible." Said Nino

"Now you will all see what I had to go through almost at a daily basis." Marinette said with a dramatic gesture. Adrien just stuck his tongue out at them like a child.

"Everyone's a critic. It was punny." Again the response was another groan even from Fate.

"OK. Now that we have started why don't you all adjust to this? The restrooms are over there and feel free to say when you want to resume because I have a lot of Multiverses to show you all." Fate said as he prepared to show everyone what the multiverse has to show them.

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