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Fate was now feeling regretful for showing them that universe. It was no secret to those that know him that he is a very vindictive writer, he wanted Marinette's friends to suffer after he watched that they would believe a person whose name is spelled Liar that hasn't really been in their school for that long then a person who's been their best friend for a long time.

He guessed that he went too far. He gave a heavy sigh as he summoned his book and began to write something. A flash of light enveloped the entire room. When the light died down Fate saw the same scene that has happened before he showed them that universe. Adrien lifting Marinette up and began peppering her with kisses as he kept saying thank you and I love you to her repeatedly with the girl giggling all the way.

He literally flashed back to this point. After repeating the same things, he said again from before, he told them something different this time.

"Alright, I have a surprise for you all, about this future. This time, however, this was one of the reasons I decided to let you see these futures in the first place." Fate said.

"Why is that dude?" Nino asked.

"I couldn't bear the sight of these oblivious two dancing around anymore."

"Is this another bad future?" Rose said worriedly.

"On the contrary, this one is one of the most probable futures that they can have. It's actually painful to witness at first, but it gets relatively better as we progress."

The audience was looking at each other with varying expressions, wondering what kind of future this could possibly be. Some were anxious to watch this viewing, while others including our power couple were worried about the painful part of this viewing. Meanwhile, Emilie was looking at her son and her future daughter in law, proudly cherishing the love that they have for one another. She closes her eyes as she can only hope that her husband can go back to the man she fell in love with.

Fate is now ready to show them one of his most favorite universes to watch. He's just a bit worried about some people reacting badly during the beginning of this viewing. It would either be very amusing to witness or a very painful one for a once oblivious Cinnamon roll.

Adrien Agreste was used to the expression of cold indifference on his father's face. Yet it was when the full-on blast of that stare was directed at him that he felt the need to drop his head in submission. But today was different, anger coursed through Adrien's veins as he did his best to meet and hold Gabriel's stare. For once consequences would shorten the leash of his freedom.

Already, most of the people who knew of Adrien's living conditions now bear witness to how much of a leash his life truly is because of his tyrannical man who he calls his father. Emilie can only look at her husband in complete disapproval and disappointment. She had always hoped that he would take care of their son before her disease rendered her comatose. Now she has realized that it was a hopeless case from the start. She can only hope that they can at least salvage from this and start over as a complete family.

Some of the class did notice one thing different in this viewing.

"Fate, how far in the future is this?" Nino asks as he looks at a slightly older version of his best friend. Heck, some of the girls including Chloe were eyeing Adrien with an intensity that is making said present blonde boy uneasy. Even Marinette is blushing at her beloved, Adrien's always been perfect in her eyes. Now, she didn't know it was possible for him to become more of an Adonis to her, even though his current emotion in this viewing is proving otherwise.

"Adrien and the rest of you guys are now 18 years old. Which is actually why this Adrien is having a very bad day." Fate answered. Now realizing that this is only a few years in the future and they can hardly wait for what comes next, completely unaware of what is to come next for the next few chapters.

Fury simmered beneath Adrien's barely controlled façade of obedience. He hated the lack of choice in his life. Gabriel dictated every facet of his everyday existence. The father's iron will would reign supreme and if Adrien showed any signs of resistance he threatened to remove the few precious liberties his son clung to.

"But why, father?" Adrien asked, trying to stay strong.

"I told you before, that boy is a bad influence. You're not going to his 18th birthday party."

"HEY! I resent that old man! Look who's calling the kettle black! Oops, sorry dude." Nino said as he sheepishly scratches his head for losing his composure because Adrien's father said he was a bad influence. Adrien just sighed and shook his head as he seeks the comforting embrace of his one and only.

"It's alright Nino. Heck, I wouldn't mind you calling him that behind his back." Adrien said as a low chuckle escaped his lips, Nino smiled and nodded back as he sat back down. Emilie smiled, very proud that her son has some very great people who he can call his friends and second family. Although, perhaps he is already thinking of starting a family with his own Mrs. Agreste. She can only giggle in excitement at the thought of having so many grandchildren to spoil. To make up for her absence in her son's childhood.

Adrien bit the inside of his cheek. Nino was his best friend and a far better influence than Chloe. Yet his father would never concede. "It's going to be supervised by his parents."

"Parents I've never met. No, Adrien, you will not go. Besides you have lessons that day. You need to stay focused on what's important."

"Yeah, very important…" Adrien muttered as he looks around him. These people, his friends, Master Fu, his Kwami Plagg, his mother now returned to him, and most importantly the young woman who made all of this possible for him. He couldn't think of things more important than everyone around him and his Lady, minus Liar.

The young man's teeth ground together, knowing it was futile to argue. "Fine."

"Don't take that disrespectful tone with me. Perhaps you need to resume your homeschooling."

And there was the threat. "Sorry, father. I'm just disappointed."

Gabriel gave him a hard stare and Adrien made sure he didn't challenge it this time. "Very well. Finish getting ready for school. I have business to take care of."

Adrien nodded and did as he was told. Inside he was seething. He was sick of conforming to his father's whims and a standard he could never meet. It didn't matter how well he performed in anything, his father always lifted the bar before he could get to it. The only true freedom he experienced was when he was Chat Noir. For four years he'd had an outlet to funnel his frustrations into, plus there was the added bonus of being in the presence of the girl he adored. Not that he'd made any progress on that front. Unfortunately, that thought only fueled his foul mood.

"Oh for the love of all the shippers around the world, they're still dancing around each other for this long!" An enraged Alya exclaimed, Fate can only nod and told her that this is why he decided to take drastic measures.

"As well as preventing them from more unnecessary pain and hardship." Fate sighed as he slumped in his seat. The sheer ridiculousness of their entire love square ship strains his own suspension of disbelief. Even he has never thought of witnessing a love square between two people was even remotely possible, more so the fact that they've been dancing around each other for this damn long.

Whoever the guy that Ladybug was enamored with, still had her dancing like a marionette as he pulled her strings. While she rarely spoke of this mystery guy, the times when she did annoy him to no end. She'd get a dreamy look in her masked eyes and it filled him with both envy and jealousy.

Without the mask on Adrien had girls throwing themselves at him all the time. All they ever saw was a famous pretty face. Chat Noir's mask protected him from that. He'd often wondered if Ladybug would have treated him differently if she'd known it was Adrien Agreste under the mask. She was more attentive to him on the occasions that they'd been thrown together when he was unmasked.

Snickers were heard from the entire class including Ms. Bustier. Alya knew when an opportunity presents itself.

"No need to worry about that lover boy! Now Marinette can be as attentive to you as you want!" Alya teases the duo. Adrien was blushing, sometimes he wished that Fate didn't reveal everything in his viewings, there were somethings in his mind that he wants to remain secret, no matter how right Alya is, he won't give her the satisfaction of being right.


His train of thought was snapped by the sudden heat of feeling his Lady's lips on his cheek. He looks at her beside him, his arm wrapped around her, with her arms hugging him tightly looking at him with those mesmerizing blue eyes.

'Eh, Alya can tease me all she wants, if it pleases my lady then it's worth it.' The blonde goofball thought as he just surrendered to Marinette's whims.

His thoughts remained dark as he was driven to school. As he stepped out of the car he was thankful that Chloe wasn't there to ambush him. With his foot lifted to climb the stairs he heard his name called. Turning his head, Adrien saw a rather flustered looking Marinette racing towards him. Taking a deep breath, he moved away from the steps and waited for her.

The girl's cheeks were flushed and she was puffing as she drew to a stop. "Adrien. I-I was hoping to speak to you."

"Here I am." He said as he spread his hands.

The light-hearted atmosphere suddenly stopped at the sudden sharp tone the older Adrien said. Reality then suddenly set in at what just happened earlier. They remembered that Adrien is having a bad day and some were already dreading what will happen next. Because even a blind man can sense how this will go.

She drew back in surprise at his sharp tone. "Um, yeah." Her big blue eyes blinked at him while he waited for her to continue. Normally he had the patience of a saint for his bumbling friend but today it was almost non-existent. His green gaze bore into hers. She swallowed and her cheeks reddened. "So, um, there's something I've been wanting to tell you for a while now." She giggled nervously as she clenched and unclenched her hands.

"Okay." He prompted. Marinette's gaze darted behind him and she nodded briefly. Glancing over his own shoulder, he caught Alya giving a thumbs up to her friend. His eyebrow raised as a sense of dread settled into his belly.

"So, um, ugh. Geez, I had this all planned out in my head." She fisted her hands and straightened her arms at her sides in determination. "What I'm trying to say is that I really like you, Adrien, I have for a long time. I was hoping that you'd go out on a date with me?"

Normally, seeing Marinette finally gathered the courage to confess to Adrien and ask him out would send the shippers to squeal in giddiness. But, it was like Fate (Pun not intended) just loves screwing around this particular couple, it loves to see them not get together at all. Adrien just hugged his Marinette closer and closes his eyes, chanting to himself that his lady is right here in his loving arms and that Fate gave them this chance to finally be together earlier than originally planned.

Beside Nino, Alya's eye is twitching at what is about to happen, and she can only inhale and exhale that her ship has now come true and Fate is only showing them what could happen if he didn't decide to mess with their universe's original plans. If this male Fate is the good one, then Fate really is a bitch.

Adrien stared at Marinette and his eyebrows settled heavily over his eyes. For a while now he had suspected that Marinette's feelings ran deeper than just friendship and he'd been blatantly ignoring it, hoping he was wrong. Friendship was something that he cherished. He had very few friends that were genuine. The idea of throwing romance into the mix meant potentially destroying the good relationship they had. The thought made him break into a cold sweat. Maybe he could give her a way out that allowed her to save face. "Are you serious, Marinette? Is this a dare?"

The color drained from her face as her lips parted and flapped noiselessly until she managed to splutter, "No, I-I'm serious."

Running a hand through his hair, Adrien looked away from her. Why didn't any of his female friendships remain platonic? Why was the only exception Ladybug? The thought raised his dander and his gaze snapped back to Marinette. "I'm flattered but I'm not attracted to you, Marinette. I can't imagine that I'd ever been." His jaw pinched tight as he realized he was being too blunt. "What I mean is…"

But before he could finish Marinette's eyes began to pool with tears seconds before she dashed off. He didn't miss the sound of a sob being ripped from her throat as she ran into the school, leaving him staring after her, being glared at by Alya. "I've had a really crappy morning okay. I didn't mean to be so harsh."

Everyone can only wince at the harshness of Adrien's tone.

"That's no excuse to say those things to our Lady." Prime Adrien says to himself as he painfully witnesses Marinette tear up and tries to resist a sob as she runs past his other-self. Marinette can only console him saying that this wasn't him and it's more important that they're together now and to not bother himself thinking about the 'What ifs'.

Alya shook her head at him. "You'll need to explain that to her." Turning her back on him, she chased after her best friend.

"Great, just great." He muttered to himself as he ambled into school. Being so close to bell time Adrien found Nino already in his seat. "Morning." He said with a brittle smile.

"Morning, dude. Are you alright? You look less cheery than usual."

Adrien dropped his bag on the floor and crossed his arms. "There's not much to be cheery about. My father refused to let me go to your party, so that put me in a bad mood and to top it off I upset Marinette."

Nino rubbed his hand across his chin. "That sucks man. So, what happened with Marinette?"

"She asked me out and I blew her off more harshly than I intended to."

"Ouch," Nino said as he winced. "She's been crushing on you for a while dude."

"Really?" he let out a heavy sigh, his eyes closing as his shoulders hunched. "I didn't realize it. No wonder she was so upset."

Their conversation was cut short by the bell and by the arrival of their teacher. Adrien kept glancing at the doorway, waiting for Marinette to walk in but neither she nor Alya came to class.

"Is she?" Juleka asks, terrified that this could be another Majinette universe. Fate gave a deep sigh.

"Fortunately, Hawk Moth wasn't active that day, so no this isn't an Akumatized Marinette universe." Everyone can only give a sigh of relief, knowing that this isn't another universe like Majinette, just regular high school drama.

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