Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Harry Potter. i am simply writing a fan fiction about him for my own fun.

AU: if you haven't noticed yet or simply haven't read it i am basing certain parts of this story off of the fanfiction "Silk Roads" by GenderlessPerson, get this i am only basing not copying, because i absolutely love the way GenderlessPerson plotted the story and want to recreate some of it in my own way.

(Random POV)

The air was stiff and hard to breath. As a man, thirty years of age ran from his pursuer. No, that's not the right word to describe his situation, if that person were to be described as a pursuer then he would have a good chance of getting away from him. No, he knew he was only delaying his death from happening, like when a deer realizes he's being stalked only to make a futile run for safety as the predator pounces. Yes, that's it he's the prey and He is the predator, yes that's the perfect way to describe this. He panicked as he realized as he was lost in his thoughts while running he had literally backed himself into a corner with no escape routes In sight. Houses formed into a circle so close knit it would be impossible for him to squeeze by, placed in the middle was a beautiful fountain of a lady pouring water into the pool below her.


A sudden snap from behind alerted him of the fact that He has arrived. That the chase has finally ended and that his life was forfeited. As he turned around he was met with a bright light shooting from the tip of a bone white stick and hitting his chest dead center. There was a short pause as he took in his killers features, bright, glowing, green eyes set upon a chiseled, yet somehow delicate, pale white face, with plump, peachy pink lips set into a frown, shadowed by messy, wind swept, pitch black hair.


A muffled groan escaped his lips as his chest exploded from the inside out. Pale life less eyes befall the earth as his body crashed to the ground with a sickening thud. Then the remains that exploded from his body rain down upon his mangled corpse and the fountain behind him, staining the ground around his body a deep crimson red, and dyeing the water of the fountain blood red making the maiden look as if she herself were bleeding as she poured blood from the vase she was holding.