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(Narrators POV)

Located in the uncharted parts of Great Britain, lays a mansion made of pure marble stone raised thirty feet in height, surrounded by thirty acres of lush land closed off to any and all expect the master. It truly was a master piece to any stone masons dreams, and anyone else who saw it. Not that it would matter though, as this particular mansion is invisible and intangible to all, magical and non. The only one who can find or even see this mansion is the master and whoever he or she invites with no worries of them being able to tell anyone. This is caused by the hundreds upon hundreds of protection wards surrounding the area and imbedded into the very walls of the mansion itself. Wards such as ones to make one not able to speak of it, see it, touch it, smell it, or sense it. The wards are placed into strategically advanced positions so as to protect the mansion and its inhabitants from the very top to the very bottom. Some wards are so old, or for some new, that had not the wizarding world been extinct at the time they would marvel at the craftiness and spell work behind them. But enouth about the mansion itself lets meet the master of such a marvel.
In this mansion sits a lone figure. He sits alone in his spacious study room accompanied only by the blazing fire in the fireplace.
Skin as pale and pure as fresh fallen snow, molded into a small and petite form that held untold strength, covered by a white silk button up dress shirt held by silver cufflinks imbedded by cut rubies with a forest green vest embroiled with a golden vine design followed by coal black trousers, as it curls up onto the lavish blood red love seat. His face can be described as androgynous. A delicate chin line with high set cheek bones. His facial features extend to wide set emeralds eyes framed by long dark lashes covered by slightly curved black eyebrows followed down to a delicately arched button nose set upon small but plump red lips formed into a cupids bow. All framed by long shoulder length pitch black hair pulled up with a velvet ribbon into a low old fashioned pony tail. His face is set into a blank expression as he rest his chin upon his hand with a small almost unnoticeable frown pulling at his mouth as he is immersed in the memories of the events that carried out in his life that lead to now.

(Harry's POV)

Memories long past were running through his head as he stared at the flickering fire. Memories good and bad. 'It seems as if that's all that keeps me company anymore' he thought to himself. A small partially amused partially sad smile settled on his lips at sad truth of his thoughts. While it is true there are still magical creatures that are partially humanoid such as the centaurs are still around it just not the same. He slightly impressed himself as a memory of his friends surfaced.


"Hey Harry, wait up mate" a loud voice yelled out echoing around in the Great Halls of Hogwarts.

"Ron! Don't yell so loud your interrupting everyone else.\" Hermione scolded as she caught up to me with a slightly chastised Ron following.

"Hey guys, what's up?" I asked curious as to what they wanted so early in the day as Ron was usually still asleep and Hermione checking on essays that were perfectly done. As of three days ago its been seven months since the last battle, and during that time Hogwarts was and still is under repairs from the damages sustained from the battles that had occurred in its walls, the divination tower is still missing not that anyone cared really except for slight drafts around that area from the cold Scottish weather.
Since then a few things have happened, Ron and Hermione had finally confessed their love to each other and had been engaged for two months now. On a sadder note the funerals of Remus, Tonks, Fred, and Moody have been carried out. Remus and Tonks were buried with each other in a shared coffiin set in the black family graveyard so that they could be together forever, and they had left it in their finial reading that should they die that Teddy would be given full custody to me as his godfather when I graduated Hogwarts in no uncertain terms. Until such time he has stayed with his grandmother, who was devastated at the lost of her husband and only child in such a short time range. George is still grieving his lost twin and soul bond but is still going strong if a bit understandably slow, with the words of "That Fred would have still wanted him to carry out the business the had dreamed of and made reality even if it was one Weasely short."

"Nothing, it's just that we want to ask you something privately pertaining to our wedding." Hermione answered in a quiet tone as she beamed down at me. '17 years old and still the shortest one here becides SOME! of the first years' I thought dryly to myself as I was lead to a more secluded hallway.

"What is it you wanted to ask me?" I asked curiously.

"Ah... Well, Mione and I have been talking about it for a while now." Ron answered as his cheeks burned in a way that almost matched his copper red hair in intensity as he shuffled his feet while scratching the back of his head as he usually does when he's excited or embarrassed.

"Well, what we're trying to ask is if you will be Ron's hand at the wedding?" Hermione answered seeing as Ron was still having trouble answering.

"Yeah, that." Ron said sheepishly flushing a bit darker.

"Of course I will, you don't need to ask. You know you two are like my sister and brother, even if you could a bit less loud." I answered with a serious tone followed by a tease at the end.

"We know but we still wanted to ask just in case." Hermione replied with a soft voice as her chocolate brown eyes shined with happiness.


'That was a fond memory.' He mused to himself with a smile that slowly turned into a frown as he though of more evens that came after it. Ron and Hermione were married three months out of our eighth year of Hogwarts. It had been a grand wedding held at Hogwarts with the blessing of the new Headmistress of course. People did question them on their choice as to why they were holding such an event were so many were lost, they were quickly silenced as Ron and Hermione answered that "while it did hold some very bad memories it held a great many more fond memories."
Hermione's parents had been killed by death eaters while we were on the run for the horcruxes, they caught they as they were just heading for the airport to Australia. Hermione was devastated for days after as she had erased their memories of her from their minds, but recovered quickly after a few days saying that while she loved them and she knew they loved her they would still wish for her to not let there death affect her life in such a major way a depression. She had asked Hagrid to be the one to give her away surprisingly to everyone. The gentle giant had been overjoyed, and hastily agreed with big waterfalls of tears falling down his face.
Harry frowned then as everything had gone downwards from there. Somehow between the mayhem and chaos of the wizarding world, muggle governments had discovered us. Afterwards decided that we were to much of a threat.
It was a normal, sunny day in Hogsmead when the first bomb hit. Devastation, destruction, and death unknown to the wizarding population happened that day. Ron, Neville, George, Susan, and Luna were the first of his friends to die. Followed by Hermione, Minerva, Draco, Bill, Fleur, Charlie, Mrs. and Mr. Weasely, etc...
All until heartbreaking and mind shattering Teddy. He remembered he lost all focus when Teddy died from being shot point blank range in front of him as the entire muggle population declared war on the wizarding world. After that all he could remember is blood, gore, and pain as he was taken to a war lab in his shocked and unresponsive state. He was treated a even worse that trash, tied up with a color restricting his air flow in a tiny white cold cell. After he came out of his state to see all that that had done to his body and others like him, some even non Hogwarts age. Well to simply put his mind and magic went berserk.
He killed all those that were around him and escaped, later on meeting at a survivor camp and started referring to muggles as parasites to be exterminated as they had done his race. He kept going, kept killing even when he was the last as he could not rest until he had killed them all. It has been three years since he killed the last parasite. As he kept going he hadn't payed any attention as to the date until he had cast a tempus and found that three days time would be his one hundredths and sixths birthday yet he still looked as he was still in his late teens early twenties.
He sighted as he shook himself out of his overwhelming memories. He looked to the old grandfather clock siting to the side of the mantel piece close to the shelf of books he had on the right side of the room to find it almost midnight. He sighted silently again to himself has he heaved himself to his feet tiredly deciding that it was time he got some sleep. Silently he padded down the hall towards the master bedroom, never noticing in his sleep filled mind as a string of hauntingly blue and grey butterflies followed him from behind, nor the ghostly cloaked figure watching from the shadows.