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Crystal Dreams

Regis sat at his sons' bedside; one tiny, limp, hand clutched in his own. How had this happened? His precious child had been attacked, almost killed, by a daemon, those with him cut down trying to protect the young Prince. If they had been just a minute later in reaching them, his son would be dead instead of in an unexplainable coma. The doctors had done all they could, performing several operations, pouring science and magic into healing his child. Despite all of that, the damage to his spine and surrounding muscles and nerves was too great. Even if Noctis woke, he would never walk again. How could he be the prophesied King of Light without the use of his legs? What did that matter when his son was lying in his bed, unmoving?

He longed to see blue eyes open, to hear his child's voice again and yet there was never any change. He had lost his beloved Aulea, he could not lose their son as well. Noctis looked so much like her, he had her incredible eyes and gentle features but Regis' hair. He knew Noctis missed his Mother still, wanted to spend more time with him, and he swore that when Noctis woke they would spend more time together.

Clarus had tried shielding him, but he had heard the whispers as the weeks passed with no change in Noctis' condition. The line of Lucis needed to continue and could not in the broken body on the bed. There was talk of Regis remarrying to provide a proper heir. He wouldn't do it, he couldn't. Noctis was his heir and would remain so. He would find a way to bring his beloved son back from whatever darkness held him.


Noctis wandered the dark alone. He was scared and he wanted his Dad. He remembered the daemon…his guards falling around them as his nurse pulled him, running, she'd looked back and screamed, throwing him down, covering him with her own body. She'd gotten really heavy and it had hurt so much….Dad…Dad had been there, he'd called Noctis' name, screamed it. So where was he? He heard someone sniffle and paused, hearing it again, he began running.

There was a flash of light and suddenly he was in a meadow with flowers he'd never seen before, the trees towering above him at the edges. He looked around but then frowned, there was no one there. He looked again and spotted a flash of black, so he began walking towards it. As he got closer he realised the black was really messy hair. He blinked as the person's head shot up, revealing eyes greener than his Dad's, tears falling from them. He looked the same age as Noctis, had he been attacked by a daemon too? "Hi," he called softly, seeing the other boy tense. "I'm Noct," he hoped the boy didn't recognise him as the Prince since that always made things weird.

The boy stared at him with wide eyes and Noctis sat opposite him, seeing the oversized clothes and how skinny he looked. A hand was wiped across green eyes to dry them. "Harry," came the shaky introduction.

"Do you know where we are?"

Harry shook his head; he'd never been here before. He kept his arms wrapped around his drawn-up knees; his stomach hurt from where Dudley had kicked him.

"I…I was attacked by a daemon," Noct offered.

Harry bit his lip. "Dudley and his friends were kicking me," he finally admitted.

Noctis frowned and slowly reached a hand out to Harry. "It's okay, they're not here," he tried to comfort. He didn't know what he was doing, he'd never had much to do with kids his age, other than Iggy, but he was older and acted like an adult most of the time. He felt the other boy tense at his touch, but he didn't pull away. He smiled as Harry slowly relaxed and uncurled. For the first time, he saw the strange scar on his face, had someone carved a lightning bolt on his face? It didn't look too old either. He wrapped Harry in a hug, just like his Dad would do for him when he was upset.


Harry stiffened but then slowly relaxed, leaning against the other boy. This was a hug! No one ever hugged him, he was a Freak. But Noct didn't know that so that had to be why he was hugging him. Harry half turned, burying his head in the other boy's chest, shoulders shaking as he tried not to cry.


"It's okay to cry," Noct whispered awkwardly, not used to doing this sort of thing. He began rubbing Harry's back as hot tears soaked into his shirt. Someone had beaten Harry…someone he knew if he could tell Noct at least one name. Was he as badly hurt as Noct had been? He remembered the pain of the blade sinking into his back, the pool of blood and being unable to feel his legs. He knew that was not good. Had they both come here because they were dying? "Where are you from?" he asked when Harry relaxed.

"Little Whinging," Harry answered, pulling back to rub his eyes, looking at the ground. He was too big to cry like a baby! But it had felt so nice to be hugged.

"Where's that? Doesn't sound Lucian."

"Lucian? It's in England."

It didn't take much to realise that neither had heard of the places the other knew. Noctis was sad, it would have been nice if Harry lived in Insomnia, then he could tell his Dad about him and maybe they could be friends. So he told Harry about living in the Citadel and eventually, Harry told him about his home too. He was shocked to hear there was no magic there, it may be limited to the Royal family and Oracles, but everyone knew about magic and those sworn to the family could all use it to some degree. There were some familiar things, like cars, phones, video games (not that Harry knew much about them), even school. Unlike Noctis, Harry loved school because it was something of an escape.

Talking with Harry was easy, he was a great listener and smart, once Noct could draw him out. He thought they could be good friends if they lived anywhere near each other. He'd never had a friend not connected to his position before. Iggy was to be his Advisor, too serious and two years older than him. Gladio was even worse, all he did was train and tell him off. Harry came from a country with what he called a constitutional monarchy where the ruler, currently a Queen, had mostly symbolic power, unlike his Dad who really ruled their people.

After what felt like forever Harry's form wavered and he clung tighter to Noctis who clung back, but Harry faded away in his arms, leaving Noctis alone in the dark as the field had faded as well. He curled up, hugging his knees to his chest. He wasn't scared, he wasn't. Why was he here? He just wanted to go home. The longer he was there the less real anything else felt, had he always been here?

There was a flash of light and he wasn't alone, the field reappearing.

"Noct!" a voice called, warm arms wrapping around him, his body slumping against the other. "Noct," Harry whispered, holding his only friend close, scared. He'd been calling him for ages, and he hadn't reacted, dark blue eyes vacant and now he was limp in Harry's arms and he was terrified. Was Noct dying? Like his Mum and Dad had? No! he would not let anything hurt his only friend! Unbeknown to Harry, emerald eyes were glowing with power as he unconsciously tapped into his magic. "I'll make you better Noct." Around them, a light began to glow and then Noct was gone and Harry faded away with an exhausted whimper.


Regis took the seat beside his sons' bed as he always did in the early morning and late evening. He reached out to clasp a thin, cool hand, willing his strength into the small body. The medical staff had begun talking to him about being prepared, that Noctis' small body would not hold out much longer, but he didn't want to even think of that. He had lost his beloved Aulea, he could not lose their son as well. But it was hard to deny the evidence his own eyes provided, Noctis was skin and bone, hair lank, cheeks sunken. He cursed Niflheim for targeting his son, the Wall for sapping so much of his power and keeping him from being able to try and heal his son. Noctis' only hope was to go to Tenebrae, to see if the Oracle could heal him, but the Doctors insisted he would never survive the journey.

Regis let his head drop, resting on their joined hands as he fought back a sob. He was not King here, just a grieving Father. And then he heard it, a hiss of breath and his head shot up in terror even as lax fingers twitched against his and the terror morphed to hope. "Noctis? Please, son, open your eyes," he begged. For what felt like an eternity there was nothing and then his eyelids fluttered once, twice…and Regis smiled as he stared into dark blue. "Noctis," he breathed, gently squeezing his hand. Noctis blinked at him, looking dazed, but there was no recognition in those eyes. "Noctis? Can you understand me?" The terror was back even as he pressed the button to summon the medical staff. He lifted his free hand and rested it against a gaunt cheek gently. There was a flicker of confusion….fear…in Noctis' eyes and Regis felt his heart break. "It is alright, you have been badly injured and asleep for a very long time. Don't try to move or talk yet," he tried to soothe his son and saw his eyelids drooping. He ran his fingers through lank hair, fighting back tears even as the door opened and there was a shocked gasp before medical personnel were flooding the room and he had no choice but to move away from the bed.

It felt like an eternity before they moved enough to allow him back at Noctis' side even as the door opened and Ignis walked in, obviously having run and slowed at the doors, green eyes narrowed behind his glasses when he saw Noctis with his eyes closed.

"He woke briefly," Regis told the boy who slumped ever so slightly in relief, if only briefly. He said nothing with Ignis joined him in his vigil by the bedside.


Ignis was sitting beside the bed when Noctis began to stir two days later and he pressed his glasses up, feeling utterly relieved to see the Prince showing signs of waking. The Doctors had warned that Noctis would sleep a lot since he would need to rebuild his strength. "It is alright Noctis, you are safe in the Citadel," he called softly and was rewarded with blue eyes opening. Noctis blinked at him, looking confused. "How do you feel?"

"W…." he coughed and Ignis quickly gave him some ice chips to suck on. "Who…a…re you?" he rasped and Ignis froze.

"You do not recognise me?" he asked, fighting not to show his fear and alarm as Noctis shook his head. He pressed the call button and then managed a smile for the younger boy, patting his hand. "It is alright, you are safe. I just need to speak with the Doctor, but you'll be able to see us," he promised before getting up as a Doctor entered, whispering what he had learnt to the alarmed woman. Noctis was soon being moved so that tests could be run, eyes wide in fear so Ignis moved with them and the Prince reached weakly for his hand. Ignis grasped it and smiled at him. "It's alright, they want to see why you do not remember me."


Regis sat at his desk, mind churning in shock. Noctis was awake and there was no further risk of him falling back into a coma…but his memory was gone. The Doctors had assured him that at such a young age it would be relatively easy for him to adapt and relearn what he had forgotten but it was still horrifying. Noctis had barely remembered his Mother but he did have some memories of her, now they were gone. He had sent a message for help and was awaiting her reply. He knew she could likely help Noctis' physical injuries, but his memories?

He stood, unable to remain at his desk and took the side halls to the room where Noctis was convalescing. He opened the door and stepped inside, Ignis immediately rising to bow but he waved a hand at the boy and he returned to his seat. Noctis turned his head to look at him and Regis prayed for a sign of recognition but there was nothing.

"Good evening Noctis," he forced the words out with a smile and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, slowly reaching to take his son's hand, relieved to feel warm skin beneath his. "You are looking much better already." Noctis frowned at him, brow furrowed, as he stared and then his eyes rolled back, and he went limp. "Noctis!"

'I'll make you better Noct.'

Liquid heat rushed through Noctis' veins as he gasped and writhed on the bed, Doctors quickly rushing in, no one knowing what was happening. They quickly backed off as Noctis was surrounded in warm white light, temporarily blinding them, but as it faded they saw Noctis within, wasted body healing before their eyes.

"Your Majesty?" Ignis gasped, was this the Crystal?

Regis stared in awe and confusion; this was no magic he knew. It faded and he rushed to his sons' side, cradling his face. "Noctis? Please, son."

Noctis mewled, head shifting and then his eyes slowly opened, blinking. "Dad?" he croaked, and Regis laughed, holding him close.

"I'm here Noctis, you're safe."


He ran as fast as he could, worn sneakers slapping against the pavement as he gasped for air. It wasn't fair! He missed Noct, prayed he was okay. Seeing him…eyes so empty…had scared him badly, and when he'd woken up after he'd been sore and so tired. Noct was the only friend he had, and he wanted so much to see him again, to know he was okay. It had been two years, was Noct dead? Or had he been only a dream? He scrambled around the corner into the alley and looked around for somewhere to hide, rushing to the dumpster, hearing footsteps coming his way. He had to get up, get away!

Three hours later the fire brigade arrived to get him off the roof.


Harry blinked and then smiled; he was in the field of flowers again. It didn't hurt so much here. He lay in the field, eyes closed, letting the peace fill him, and then a hand was brushing his face and he grinned, eyes opening to see Noct leaning over him.


Noctis was relieved to find himself in the field, it had been so long since he had seen Harry, he had so much to tell him! He spotted the indent in the flowers and ran over, dropping to his knees and reaching out to brush a bruise on Harry's face, green eyes opening even as Harry grinned at him.

"I missed you," his friend told him and Noctis grinned.

"I missed you too," Noct assured him, lying beside him. They were quiet for a little bit but then Noct began filling him in on the last two years. Telling him about how there'd been a light and when he'd woken up he'd been able to walk again. His back was scarred from the attack and the surgery but other than the skin pulling sometimes it didn't really bother him. He told Harry about Niflheim taking full control over Tenebrae and the Oracle Queen.

They talked about their schooling and how different it was. Harry still loved school and the escape it provided. "Next year, Dudley will go to Smeltings Academy and I'll be at Stonewall High, so we won't even be in the same school anymore!"

"That's great."

"Maybe high school will be better for both of us," Harry offered and Noct smiled.

"Maybe. I just wish we could control when we see each other." Noct really wanted a friend he could see every day. Things were better between him and Gladio than they had been, but they still weren't close friends. Ignis was the closest friend he had but he was starting to put more distance between them, seeing it as his place as his Adviser.

"Me too." They shuffled closer, both touch starved to varying extents. Harry was never really touched outside of 'discipline' and Noct wasn't touched much outside of training, the occasional hug from his Dad, or Iggy helping him dress for an event.

Noct eventually faded away as Iggy woke him for the day, leaving Harry to sleep, his magic slowly healing his body.

After that, they dreamed of each more regularly, the bond between them strengthening. They even helped each other with their schoolwork, each had different strengths and while there were differences in what they learnt there were also subjects that were the same.


Everything changed on Harry's eleventh birthday. A wizard….he had magic! Just like Noct! Though the world Hagrid had shown him looked like something out of history which confused him since Noct used magic and technology so why wouldn't they mix? He had wanted to hide behind Hagrid when the crowd had pressed in, but he had remembered the lessons Noct shared with him and straightened up. Noct had never said but Harry knew he had to belong to an important family, he knew too much about King Regis to be a commoner like Harry…except Harry wasn't as poor or common as he'd been told. His parents had left him money and according to a book he'd grabbed, the Potters were an old, respected family. He'd found a family tree which linked him to other old Houses like the Blacks and Peverell's, even maybe Gryffindor, though according to the book there was no definite proof either way.

He felt bad about lying to Hagrid, but he wanted to explore more, so he had waved goodbye and then doubled back once the Gamekeeper was gone, renting a room at the Leaky Cauldron. There was no way he was spending the next month with his 'family' when he could be learning and preparing for his new school. He couldn't wait to tell Noct all about it!


Noctis was worried, he couldn't help it. He didn't think he liked Harry's new school. He loved that Harry had magic and he kind of thought maybe it had been Harry who had healed him, but the things his school taught felt silly. They no longer had any classes in common at all because they didn't even teach math! What kind of school didn't teach math? And yeah…he was a little jealous, okay? Harry had made at friends that weren't him, that he could hang out with, do homework, talk to all the time. Harry was his only friend, everyone at school wanted to be friends with Prince Noctis, not Noct. Well….there was that one kid, that had fallen, and he'd helped up a few years ago. He'd seen him watching him a few times and he'd been changing a lot, getting skinnier. He felt bad for what he'd said back then, only realising later that the other kid had probably thought he was insulting or teasing him. He didn't feel able to approach him but maybe one day he'd get up the courage to actually come say hi?


Noct appeared in the field, a grin in place only to frown and look around before running through the field. "Harry!" He found his friend lying still, hands burned, his scar inflamed and….bleeding? There was something, a dark shadow, hovering nearby and Noct grit his teeth. He had access to the Armiger but the weapons in it weren't all that good and would they even tough that thing? They were mostly for training although he had a pair of daggers that were very real, just in case. He could warp, although it still made him a little queasy at times but how would that help? He felt around in his pockets and found he had a potion, so he grabbed Harry's hand, wincing at the burns, and forced his hand to break the bottle, relieved when the burns healed, and the scar looked a little better.

He put himself between it and Harry, stubbornly protecting his friend. He didn't know what to do but he wasn't letting some daemon or whatever Harry's world had, get him. He closed his eyes, forcing himself to focus. He was connected to the Crystal, even if he was only the Prince, but he'd never directly tried to use its power. It was something of an emergency though.


Regis blinked, unsure what had woken him. And then he felt it again…Noctis! He threw back the covers and got up as swiftly as he could, reaching for his phone even as he grasped his cane, dialling Ignis. He woke the Adviser but since he slept in a room directly attached to Noctis', he was closest to see to his son and call for the guards in the hall. He rushed as quickly as he could, his guards startling in the hall but falling in with him as he moved towards Noctis' rooms. What could have his son calling on the Crystals power? He came into the hall to see Noctis' door already open, able to hear worried voices, and he pushed inside to see Ignis hovering over his sleeping son, obviously unsure if it was safe to touch him so instead calling his name. The guards snapped to attention as soon as they saw him.

"The rooms are clear Sire."

Regis nodded and moved to sit beside Noctis as the Crystals power shimmered in the air around him. He could see Noctis frowning in his sleep, hands clenched in the sheets. He reached out, the power not harming another wielder, resting his hand on Noctis' forehead.


Noctis gasped as he felt something, "Dad." He narrowed his eyes and launched the power at the shadow, hearing it scream in anger and pain, unable to withstand the Crystal's light.


In a hidden chamber, Harry Potter slumped to the stone stairs, unconscious even as his scar bled sluggishly, the wraith that had attacked him writhing in the air before fleeing with a shriek of pain. He never felt Dumbledore lift his head, blue eyes wide in shock before he gathered the child of Prophecy up and rushed him to the Hospital Wing.

Albus moved as quickly as he could, mind churning. What had been that blue/purple magic attacking the wraith and lingering over Harry? Had he been wrong? Was this the Power the Prophecy spoke of, not love?


Regis relaxed as Noctis settled into a deep sleep, the magic fading from the room. He smiled at Ignis, wanting to calm his panic. "All is well now," he promised, gently stroking his sons hair. All he could think was that Noctis had suffered a nightmare bad enough that he had subconsciously reached out for aid from the Crystal.


Noctis dropped beside Harry, exhausted, but he still reached out and pulled the smaller boy into his arms. He would protect his only friend!

For the next two years, Noctis threw himself into his studies, not just for school but his training with Gladio and others. Everything he learnt he taught Harry who found the physical training difficult when not dreaming, it was hard to find a place to train or the time, either at school or when with his relatives. Noctis' life was boring compared to Harry's with giant snakes and soul-sucking monsters. His Fourth year at the school just plain pissed Noctis off as everyone turned against his friend and he wished he could do more to help. Then again…that led to something he would never give up.


"What's up?" he asked as Harry huffed in annoyance, dropping to the grass to watch him.

"Apparently we're having a Yule Ball."

"Okay…I've been to a lot of ball's, there are ways to make them fun," he offered.

"Yeah, but the Champions are expected to show up with a date and open the whole thing. A date!" Harry threw his hands up in exasperation and Noctis laughed at his dramatics.

"Ah, so who do you want to take?" Noct cocked his head to the side, watching him pace.

Harry huffed and collapsed next to him, hugging his knees and not looking at him. "You," he finally whispered.

Noct blinked, unsure he'd heard right but then he looked at his friend and realised that yes, he had said that. "Oh."

Harry hunched in a bit more. "It's silly, I know, but…"

"It's not silly," Noct reached over to tug him closer, leaning against him.

"Isn't it? I know you're someone important Noct, you know too much about Royalty," he admitted and Noct winced.

"I…I didn't want you to look at me differently like everyone else does," he admitted, taking a deep breath. "Noctis Lucis Caelum, Crown Prince of Lucis," he introduced himself nervously.

Harry blinked but then smiled at him. "Harry James Potter, Heir Potter and Heir Black, the Boy-Who-Lived," he returned, offering his hand and Noct stared at him before smiling back and taking his hand. Harry used the grip to pull him in, hugging him and Noct hugged him back, hard. "You'll always be Noct to me," he promised.


"Hey Dad," Noctis stood in the doorway to his Dad's office, fighting not to fidget as he watched him sign paperwork.

Regis looked up and smiled tiredly at his only child. He was growing up so fast now, though he still looked so much like his Mother. He had changed a lot since the attack; he'd become quieter and more withdrawn in some ways, but he had also become far more serious about his studies and training. He was proud of him but wished he could have remained a child for longer. "Come in Noct, what is troubling you?"

"I uh…never mind," he went to leave, and Regis stood, moving to his side to grasp his shoulder.

"Something is troubling you, come, sit." He urged Noctis over to the small couch and sat beside him. "Are you worried about the move into an apartment in the city?"

"No, it's not that," he whispered, fiddling with the cuff of his sleeve. "I…" he took a deep breath. "After the…attack, when I was in the coma, I met someone."

Regis blinked, that was not what he had been expecting. Who had come to his son in his hour of need? One of the Kings? An Astral? Messenger? "Go on," he urged gently.

"It was a boy, my age. He'd been beaten by his cousin. We talked and…I think he's the one that healed me. He has magic but different from ours. He's from another world or something, it's very different to here mostly. I didn't see him again for two years, but I've seen him every night since. He's my friend. He used to help me with my homework, and I'd help him, until he stopped going to a normal school and started at magic school. His life is horrible Dad."

Regis didn't know what to say. Normally he would assume an imaginary friend created by the horror of the attack and Noctis' need for a friend, but that didn't feel right. "Why have you never spoken of him before?"

"Because it sounds crazy," he admitted softly, and Regis wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

He missed the days when Noctis would crawl into his arms, seeking his attention. He was glad Noctis had come to him, a friend like that really explained how he had changed. A pity this friend didn't live in Insomnia. "Then why speak of him now?"

"I want to give him a present. This year has been really bad for him. His government decided to bring back a really old competition that was stopped cause too many kids were dying. It was meant to be for students of age only, but he was entered against his will. The other students turned on him Dad, he doesn't say a lot but it's obvious it's really bad. Even his best friend there doesn't believe him. I just…" Noctis shook his head and Regis tightened his grip. "I want to give him something, so he knows how much he means to me, that I'd never turn on him."

"Is that possible if you only see each other in your dreams?" Regis asked gently.

"Maybe it isn't, but I want to try."

"Alright, what kind of gift were you thinking of?" he could see no harm in it, even if it didn't work.


Noctis looked down at the armband, it was finally done and just in time for the Yule Ball. If this worked then Harry would have a physical reminder of their friendship no matter where he went. The band was black leather, the colour only worn by the Royal Family and those in their service, but in Harry's world it was a common colour worn by his people. Set into the band was his Family Crest in silver, bisected by a golden lightning bolt. His Dad had even shown him how to weave magic into it, to give the wearer extra protection. He lay down and closed his eyes, focusing on the armband and the magic, hoping it would work.

He opened his eyes in the field and grinned as he tightened his hold on the armband, waiting for Harry to join him. A minute later and Harry was there, dressed in the usual jeans and t-shirt that he had appeared in since he had gained access to his family money to buy clothes that actually fit him. Noct couldn't help but grin at the sight of him and Harry grinned back, even though he looked tired. He'd looked tired ever since he'd been entered in the stupid competition. He opened his arms and Harry fell against him, holding on tight. He hated how small and fragile Harry felt in his arms. He knew he wasn't overly tall for a guy and Harry was even smaller than him. He knew it was because of his relatives, that Harry only got full meals at school and that he was on a potions regime to try and get to a healthy weight and height, which still boggled Noctis since potions didn't work like that in his world. "Happy Christmas," he offered and then pulled back enough to gently settled the armband around Harry's right bicep.

Harry looked down to see the black leather and the two symbols in what looks like real gold and silver, but he could feel something…magic, just not the magic he knew. "Noct?"

"It came here with me so maybe it'll follow you, if not then at least you have it here, to remind you that I will always believe in you. You're my best friend, my only friend and I…" his words stumbled to a halt as he stared down at Harry who slowly smiled at him and then Noctis leant in, brushing his lips against Harry's. He pulled back, eyes wide, body tensing but Harry's eyes were wide in surprise, not disgust. Harry's smile widened and he leant in so Noctis kissed him again.


Noctis was worried, he hadn't dreamt of Harry for three nights in a row, that never happened. He knew the Third Task would have happened by now and he was terrified the other teen was dead. Iggy didn't know what was wrong, but he was great at making sure Noctis ate and made it to what duties he had during the summer when all he wanted to do was curl up and sleep. He knew he couldn't though, Harry would give him that look, that they had to live their lives, no matter what.

It was another two days before he found himself in the meadow, Harry curled in the flowers and he ran to him, pulling him into his arms, holding him close and kissing his forehead. "I've got you," he whispered as Harry sobbed. It was almost morning before he was able to sob out what had happened. Voldemort had a body and Cedric Diggory was dead.


It kind of sucked that as Noctis' life improved, Harry's spiralled out of control. Noctis moved out of the Citadel and into his own apartment and then made friends with one Prompto Argentum, they'd attended the same school since they were kids and now finally they were friends. In contrast, Harry was plagued by nightmares that kept him from the meadow for hours every night. Then he was pulled up on ridiculous charges by his inept government, thankfully found innocent, and then tortured at school! To top off the year, he watched as his Godfather was killed and his school friends hurt. The only good to come of it was that the truth finally came out. Noctis hated that he couldn't help him more but at least he could talk to his Dad about it and then Prompto. He had clicked with the blonde in a similar way he had with Harry and after seeing the scars on Harry's hand he had admitted the truth to his newest friend. He had been thankful when Prompto had accepted it and he had been a big help which had led to a lot of sleepovers as Prompto had admitted a few things himself about his own home life.


The only good thing for Harry was his time spent with Noctis, sparing or just lying in the flowers together, kissing, cuddling or even just dozing. He hated it, the papers calling him the chosen one, screaming for him to end the war. Every person in their world carried a lethal weapon and yet they were too scared to stand up for themselves, despite outnumbering Voldemort's army by a ridiculous amount. Sure, he had to kill the bastard but what were they expecting him to do with the Death Eaters? Ask them to let him pass? When he'd admitted to Noct that he was coming to hate the magical world he'd just held him tighter and told stories of his own home and what he would show him first. It was a nice dream, to think of living in Noctis' world. He felt like he knew King Regis, Ignis, Gladio, Prompto, Cor…so many people. He would give anything to be able to live there.


"Dumbledore's dead," Harry murmured as he leant against Noctis. It was nice, they were a lot closer in height now, thanks to the potions he no longer had to take.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm worried, without him to protect the school, to lead the Order, I don't think the government can hold out much longer."

"Then you get ready. You get supplies together, weapons, camping gear, potions, food, anything you can, and you make sure it's somewhere you can get to or carry it with you. I wish I could give you access to the Armiger," he grumbled the last. He'd tried a few times over the years, but it had never worked.

"Good thing Hermione, Luna and I finally finished the rune sequences," he grinned. "Hermione's inner geek was showing so we called it subspace pockets."

Noctis laughed and kissed him, proud of him for the work the three had put into it. It wasn't the Armiger, but it was a way to always keep things with them, tied to a magical tattoo. "Where?" he asked and Harry yanked his shirt off, revealing a familiar armband and a tattoo over his heart. Noctis swallowed and then smiled, it was his family crest with the lightning bolt. "Did it hurt?"

"Not really, thanks to magic," Harry assured him and Noctis nodded, taking the opportunity to touch the tanned skin. There were scars here and there, some old, some newer but he didn't care about them, he had his own share of scars after all. Harry grinned and pushed at Noctis' shirt so he stripped it off. Harry was one of the few people that he didn't feel self-conscious around due to the scarring on his back. "Love you," Harry whispered as he kissed warm lips.

"Love you too."


Noctis grinned as he watched Prompto utterly destroy the high score on the latest shooter game. He envied him his aim, he was okay with a gun but nothing like Prompto and he wondered how good he'd be with the real thing. He'd been considering recommending Prompto for membership in his Crownsguard, even though a lot of people wouldn't like it. He'd heard the whispers, all down to Prompto's looks. He knew Prompto was adopted but it had been when he was a baby so even if they were right and he was from Niflheim it didn't matter, he wouldn't remember it. Added to that he was a civilian and a 'commoner'. But he knew Prompto would stand by him through anything, no matter what. They were spending the day out in the city, taking Noctis' mind off of things. Like the fact that Harry was camping in the middle of nowhere, hunted. It was working, to a point.


Harry lay in Noctis' arms, both naked, their breathing slowing gradually. Harry traced idle patterns on Noct's skin as they relaxed. "I love you," he whispered thickly and Noct lifted his head.

"Harry? What is it?" Noct knew something was wrong, had been for months, maybe even longer but he'd never pushed.

Harry turned in his arms, tucking his head under Noctis' chin. "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ..." Harry easily recited from memory, he'd never been able to bring himself to tell Noctis the Prophecy before, although he knew it existed. He explained more about the Horcrux's and the terrible truth he had only recently learned.

"No, no…" Noctis clutched him tighter. "There has to be another way."

"There isn't," he whispered. "I love you so much, but as long as I live he'll find a way back. He's possessed me once already. I don't want to hurt anyone if he can do it again, I would die before hurting you."

"I love you," Noctis choked, rocking him. "I'll always love you." They stayed like that for a long time. "How…how long?"

"We're moving to retake Hogwarts tomorrow. Once that's done, he'll come for us, for me."

Noctis kissed him, fighting tears. His fingers brushed over the armband gently and he prayed that it would be enough to save him but how could it? Without a Phoenix Down their magic couldn't revive the dead. "You'll wear your uniform?" he asked shakily, and Harry laughed wetly.

"Promise." He'd never worn it, but he'd had it made to Noctis' instruction last year. It was all black with subtle skulls worked in here and there. It was a Crownsguard uniform, made of dragonhide and heavily enchanted. He sat up, straddling Noctis, if this could be their last time together then he would leave Noctis with as many happy memories as possible.


Harry looked up at the Castle that had been the closest place to a home he had outside their meadow. He smiled sadly and turned towards the forest, walking into the trees, he put the Snitch to his lips, and it opened to reveal the Gaunt Ring with the Resurrection stone and he turned it, calling his parents and godparents. He listened to their praise and encouragement and stood to his full height, head up, shoulders straight. He walked towards his death without hesitation. He walked tall.