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Chapter 12

Noctis was practically warping through the tunnels, terrified. Something had snatched Prompto away from the group and the caverns were too dangerous for Harry to risk apparating in, he could appear inside a rock wall or something. Nothing good could have taken Prom like that and hearing his screams of terror was doing nothing to calm any of them down.

He stumbled to a stop on a ledge, looking out over a massive chamber. He cupped his hands to his mouth. "PROMPTO!"

"Here!" whispered back from the other side and Noctis summoned his sword to warp but then a hand was around his wrist.

"Let me," Harry said, and then they vanished, reappearing across the room, the four of them spreading out as they ran to where they could hear Prompto shooting.

Noctis was relieved to see the blond up and moving, trying to get way from a group of daemons that had him surrounded. "Prom!" he called, throwing the Engine Blade into one, warping after it.

"Guys," he almost sobbed in relief, and then Harry was right beside him, shoving a potion into his hands. Obviously the calming potion he'd been given earlier had either worn off or didn't work so well when being kidnapped by a daemon.

Noctis was glad that he'd made sure Harry was now carrying curatives since they couldn't use the potions from his world. Harry could use either type, which was a bit unfair, then again, the ones Harry had tested on him had worked, because Noctis' magic was his own. Thankfully, with the whole group there the daemons were soon dealt with and they moved on, Prompto protectively in the middle of their formation.

"That's her!" he cried out in terror as the daemon formed before them. "See!? I told you! There she is! That's her! Do something Noct!" he was practically babbling, blue eyes way too wide.

"Easy Prompto," Ignis called as they moved to face the Naga.

"My baby… Where…" she demanded as she rose up before them.

"Can't help you," Noctis told her.

"Oh, you can…by becoming mine!" she lunged for Noctis but Harry was there, parrying her attack and hissing right back at her, too quietly for the others to hear. She reared back, and Prompto shot her in the face, causing her to thrash. Noctis drew his sword back and threw it up, warping after it to slam into where Prompto had shot her, feeling the blade sink in. She was screeching and thrashing in pain and he yanked back, warping back down. He saw Ignis' lance buried in her side even as Gladio began hacking into her side with his sword.

"Whatever that is, it's disgusting," Prompto grumbled from further back, keeping his distance so he could take the time to aim and avoid them.

"Stop bitching, start killing," Gladio snapped at him.

Noctis grabbed a flask that he'd pre-loaded with a fire spell and tossed it at her as Harry blasted her with one of his spells and she slumped to the ground, beginning to dissolve.

"Bring back…my baby…"

"That…was beyond creepy, can we get out of here? Please," Prompto stared at where she'd been, and Noctis moved to his side.


Prompto knocked hesitantly on Noctis and Harry's bedroom door, his hands shaking slightly. He was glad they were waiting for nightfall to go after the Regalia and he hated the idea of disturbing any of the time they got together…but they had insisted he come to them if he needed Noct…and he did.

The door opened and Harry looked at him for a second before wrapping an arm around him, pulling him into the room where Noct was sprawled on his stomach on the bed, stripped down to boxers. Gentle hands stripped him down too and then he was being deposited right beside Noct who rolled onto his side and wrapped himself around Prompto. He blinked and Harry was against his front, pulling the covers up over them.

"Prom?" Noct mumbled sleepily. He shivered as Noctis' lips pressed briefly to the back of his neck, a hand resting on his hip, staring at Harry with wide eyes, scared that Harry would thing…but then Harry's hand caressed his hip and Noct's hand, a soft smile on his face.

"Get some rest Prompto," the wizard whispered, his lips pressing to Prompto's forehead briefly. "It's okay."

Prompto felt warm and safe between them, his eyelids growing heavy. He didn't want to sleep, scared about nightmares, but he couldn't make himself stay awake.


Harry watched as Prompto fell asleep between them. He had no problem at all with how close Noctis and Prompto were. Prom had been there for Noctis when Harry was assumed dead, they were the best of friends, and Harry figured that if he hadn't shown up, then they would have ended up together. He liked Prompto, a lot, so if the blond was interested then so was he.

He couldn't give Prompto a Dreamless Sleep dose but he could use magic to try and keep him in a peaceful sleep.


Noctis woke up feeling rather warm, and it took him a few seconds to realise the body he was holding was not Harry. He lifted his head to see Prompto was still asleep, vaguely remembering Harry putting him to bed with him before. With how often Prompto ended up sleeping in with them, they should just move him into their room permanently.

"Evening," Harry whispered, and Noctis smiled at him.

"Did you sleep?"

"A bit, been keeping Prompto's nightmares away," he admitted, sitting up to lean over Prompto so he could kiss Noct.

"Thanks," he whispered when they parted.

"I like Prompto, he's a good person and he makes you happy."

Noctis' eyes widened at that. "Harry…" and then Harry kissed him again.

"Love you," Harry whispered as he sat up fully. He carefully crawled over Prompto's sleeping form and Noctis figured Harry's knocked him out at some point so that he'd sleep without nightmares cause otherwise so much movement would have woken Prom.

"I love you," Noctis swore, resting a hand against Harry's cheek.

"I know," Harry assured him. "You love Prompto too, and that's okay. I could tell that as soon as I say you two, I figured if I had never come, then one day the two of you would be a couple, and that would be good. All I want is for you to be happy."

"I am happy with you Harry, why…" Noctis was scared and confused, and getting a little angry too. Was Harry trying to break up with him?

"Noct…I'm trying to say that if you want to be with Prompto too, then I'm fine with it. If he agrees, you can have both of us."

Noctis stared at Harry, mind spinning. Both of them? Was Harry suggesting… was that even allowed?

"Re…ally?" the question was slurred and they both looked over to find a half asleep Prompto watching them. "What'd….do?"

Harry reached over and stroked his forehead, Prompto waking properly immediately, blinking in surprise. "Better then coffee?" Harry teased, and Prom nodded.

The blond sat up against the headrest, watching them both, and Noctis shifted nervously, not sure how much he'd heard or what he'd think of Harry's…permission. "You'd…you'd really let Noct be with me?" Prompto asked nervously.


"There's no 'let', I don't own Noctis and I want him to be happy. You make him happy, so it's simple. Whether or not the two of us would ever want more than to be friends, well that'd be up to us to discuss," Harry shrugged slightly, and Prompto felt a bit overwhelmed.

He glanced at Noctis and he looked as surprised as he was. He liked Noct, he loved him, but he'd always made sure to just be friends, because of Harry. Even when they thought Harry was dead it had felt wrong and he still wasn't one hundred percent positive how he loved Noctis, whether it was strong friendship, family,…or something else. Was Noct…blushing slightly?

"Noct? Do you…." He licked his lips nervously.


Harry stood up and then kissed Noctis who melted against him so naturally. They parted and then Harry leant in and shocked Prompto by kissing his cheek. "I'm going to go help Ignis with dinner. We leave in an hour," he told them and then left.


Harry nodded to Ignis, moving to help him prepare a hearty meal to ensure they could last through a night of sneaking and fighting. Probably not the best of times to have opened that can of worms but the longer he waited the harder it would be to get them to really talk it out. Better for them to confront their feelings now, even if they did decide to ignore them and not act.

"Everything alright with Prompto? He was still looking rather pale when we arrived," Ignis admitted softly.

"He's doing better, I made sure he slept through," Harry told him.

"Good," Ignis sighed. "I…I do not think Prompto was ready for what we are facing, even with what happened when he was a child," Ignis murmured, and Harry glanced at him.

Harry began to talk quietly, speaking of Neville Longbottom and just what he had done during the Final Battle, drawing parallels between the two young men. Ignis listened and nodded in understanding at the end.


"Piece of cake, huh?" Prompto grinned, practically bouncing in the dawn light.

"Hmph, this part is," Gladio grumbled.

"Inadvertent though it was, we dealt the empire a crushing blow today. The marshal will be pleased to hear of this," Ignis agreed with Prompto, giving him a small smile.

"How many bases does the Empire have in Lucis?" Harry asked as they walked towards where the Regalia was being kept.

"Four I believe, although those numbers may now be outdated with how swiftly they are able to construct them," Ignis told him.

"Pretty sweet, busting up that base. "Bust-a-base"… I like the sound of that for this sort of thing. There's a base—we go in and bust it up. Bust-a-base! Whatever, I'm calling it that. You don't have to," Prompto kept going.

"I won't," Noctis rolled his eyes, but he was obviously amused.

"It seems a bit flippant."

"I kind of like it," Harry grinned.

"Why not go for something a little more epic?" Gladio asked.

"Because I thought of it first, so that's the name. "Bust-a-base"—get used to it."

"Easier said than done," Noctis smirked, and Prompto pouted back at him as the others laughed.


"I'd say that's far enough. A hand, Highness?" Ardyn called as he approached, interested to see the Prince's group had grown by one more. He appeared around the same age as dear Noctis…in fact he looked a bit like him, until intense green eyes met his own.

"Not from you," Noctis snapped, bringing Ardyn's attention back to him, and he smirked.

"Oh, but I'm here to help," he assured his many times great-nephew.

"And how is that?" The Adviser demanded.

"By taking the army away."

"You expect us to believe that?" the Shield scoffed, his delicate ego obviously bruised from his defeat at young Ravus' hands.

"When next we meet, it'll be across the seas. Just so happens we have business of our own with the tutelary deity. Don't we?" He glanced at said Ravus, and then back at the newcomer, finding he was watching him closely.

Hmmm...there was something about the way he was looking at him, almost…knowing? That was impossible though, the boy was no Lucis Caelum, he lacked the feel of the Crystal's touch. Never mind, there was nothing that could stop what was coming for dear Noctis.

"Fare thee well, Your Majesty, and safe travels," he mock bowed and then they left.


Harry sat in the back between Prompto and Noctis, mind whirling. So…that was the 'Accursed', 'Adagium', and whatever other names he'd picked up – Ardyn Lucis Caelum, brother of the Founder King. The one who was 'destined' to kill Noctis…not so long as he breathed and since he was immortal, well a certain Dragon was going to be in for a reality check. Harry wasn't going to let Noctis die the same way he had, no, he would live a long and healthy life.

If taking him out would end the war, Harry would go after him right then and there, but the Emperor was the one whose orders were followed. He didn't want to just go and assassinate the man though, did he have the right to do that?

He closed his eyes and focused on enjoying the sun on his face, Noctis and Prompto heavy weights against him, worn out from the night of fighting. Not to mention, Noctis summoning an Astral for the first time which had been very impressive. He had kept himself cloaked from Ramuh, not wanting any of the local powers, outside of Noctis, to be aware of his presence. Events on Eos were complicated and he had to move carefully or else he could make things worse instead of better.

He did wonder how the talk had gone between them, but he wouldn't ask, especially without privacy. They would let him know what they had decided. It was funny to think that the idea of what he'd suggested would have had him dying of embarrassment but not anymore. War and time in the Nexus had gotten rid of most of his inhibitions when it came to relationships and happiness. He just wanted them all to be happy.