Yona had to admit, the hurry up and wait part of the plan was rather boring. So she decided to ask Yoon what the plant she acquired actually did.

The second he told her, she had to groan in annoyance.

"I had to walk along that cliff and deal with high winds and strong waves for a small amount of dittany?"


"Magical herb with some rather useful healing applications. Fairly common and easy to grow," said Yona. "On the plus side if that is what I collected, then it means we should have a steady supply of it so long as we don't overuse it. I know how to care for it."

That seemed to relieve Yoon. The herb was seriously useful and Yona had left the plant she had collected in the capable hands of Kija.

"What exactly did you say that creep earlier that had him not only backing away very quickly, but looking like he was about to wet himself?" asked Yoon.

Yona looked a little embarrassed.

"I may know a little more about medieval torture than anyone rightly should, and be very good at descriptive imagery to the point their mind makes up for the rest."

Yoon's head turned to stare at her, and he was not the only one.

"What? Do you have any idea how easy it is to make people back off very quickly if they think you're into torture?" said Yona annoyed. "It freaks everyone out and makes them think twice about harassing you because they're too terrified of getting on your bad side!"

"...Point. Do I dare ask which torture you told that fat bastard?"

"Have you ever heard of a blood eagle?"


"I would recommend keeping it that way."

"Do I want to know why?"

Yona leaned over and told him what it was, and he went pale.

"Seriously? Who comes up with that?"

"People who really didn't understand the concept of bathing regularly," deadpanned Yona.

Yoon looked disgusted at the idea.

"On the plus side, no one here is really going to complain if I start off with kicking them in the balls and working my way up from that when we leave the room."

"Wait, what?" said one of the women.

"If you kick a man between his legs, he's going to be in so much pain that it's very difficult to think about fighting back. And most men instinctively try to protect that area, so it frees you up to punch them in the face," said Yona wisely.

Seeing she had the intense interest of the women, Yoon almost pitied the men outside.

But really, they brought this on themselves.

"Hard to believe she's King Il's daughter," muttered Yoon.

King Il might have been a complete pacifist, but Yona had already proven herself to be a violent maniac who only kept herself on a leash because she didn't want people watching her actions too closely.

He had the feeling Hak would be very interested in this side of the princess and wouldn't hesitate to wear her out in other ways if he saw this.

If that idiot Thunder Beast didn't act on his feelings, and soon, Yoon was going to give him an earful while subtly diverting the dragons away from what they were doing until Hak gave Yona a better outlet for her violent tendencies.

Thirty-six hours later...

Yoon almost had to cringe when several of the braver girls, lead by a very enthusiastic Yona, started beating the crap out of the men who had trapped them on the boat.

"You are terrifying."

"Thanks!" said Yona cheerfully.

"It wasn't a compliment!"

"I know, but it still made me happy," countered Yona.

"God I hope you get laid soon," said Yoon with full honesty. Perhaps then she would mellow out!

Setting the firework off was somewhat of a relief, since it meant he wouldn't be trapped with Yona alone anymore. He never thought the daughter of King Il would terrify him this much.

He openly pitied her cousin, once she was ready to come out in the open and fight him. He would never see her coming.

Yoon immediately took Hak aside the second the battle was officially over. The fact Yona struck the final blow wasn't the least bit surprising to him.

"You seriously need to get Yona laid."

Hak blinked.


"Let me put it this way... if you don't find a way to mellow her out now, I'm going to start hinting that one of the dragons do it for you," said Yoon.

"...What exactly happened on that boat?" he asked slowly.

"She was teaching the captive women how to make grown men cry by kicking them in the balls! She openly freaked out that fat pig by telling him graphic details of a torture that will give me nightmares if she had given me more than the bare description of what it was! Did you not see how violent she got once the fighting started? They were more scare of her than they were you!" said Yoon almost hysterically.

"...Seriously?" said Hak with interest. And not just the interest of a fighter.

"Grab her, find someplace relatively private and get on with it already so I don't have nightmares of her snapping and murdering us in our sleep!" said Yoon irate.

Hak had a rather disturbing smirk on his face, and Yoon could only hope those two would finally work out all that unresolved sexual tension before they found the last dragon. It had been annoying watching them before, but now Yoon would openly help those two get it on like bunnies if it meant Yona would keep from giving him even more nightmares.

Yona had just put a minor wandless color charm on her hair (which turned her eyebrows and her hair a deep blue similar to Hak's natural hair color) when she almost literally ran into...him.

Soo-won took one look at her face...and cold shock filled his features. Hearing his men nearby, he attempted to hide Yona.

Except Yona wasn't having it. If she did this right then odds are she could fool anyone into believing she was someone else. Besides...no one outside of Lyra spoke English here.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, you damn pervert?!" she shouted in English, punching him as hard as she could in the solar plexus, which gave her plenty of room to kick him square in the balls.

Soo-Won lost all the air in his lungs from the kick and was forced to let her go. Yona wasn't finished, as she began to curse the air blue and called him every name under the sun for grabbing her like that.

All of it was in English, with the occasional word of local dialect. She made her displeasure very clear to everyone in the vicinity and her language choice alone was as far from 'royal and refined' as you could get for a princess.

"Apologies miss," said one of her cousin's retainers. He had been at the castle that night and there was very little recognition if any in his eyes. He spoke slowly as if to insure she understood what he was saying. "It seems our King mistook you for someone else."

Yona glared at him.

"Who in blazes did he think I was? It's bad enough that stupid lord kept snatchin' girls right off the street to sell off, and now the king of this country thinks it's perfectly acceptable to grab someone at random?"

Soo-Won had mostly recovered, though he kept his distance from her.

"What do you mean 'sold off'?" he asked.

"The lord of this place kept snatchin' girls with the offer of a job, only to store them in his ship to be sold off," snapped Yona. "Them pirates were the only ones with enough balls to fight back, since the lord broke the locals."

"Where is the lord now?" asked Soo-Won.

"Dead. Along with all his officers that were in on it," said Yona.

"I see," said Soo-Won.

Yona refused to admit she yelped when, after getting away from Soo-Won (who was still cringing from the kick to the balls she had given him), Hak scooped her up and proceeded to carry her off to someplace secluded.

"I can't believe you kicked him in the balls, or that you cursed him out so much that he thinks he mistook you for someone else. And how did you dye your hair so well?" asked Hak darkly amused.

"Color charm. Bit difficult to do without a focus, but it certainly made him think it was a bad case of mistaken identity when he grabbed me didn't it?" said Yona smugly. "Where are you taking me anyway?"

"Someplace we won't be disturbed. I should have done this sooner," said Hak cryptically.

It took Yona a few seconds to get it, but when she did her face was almost as red as her natural hair color. The fact she didn't try to fight him or tell him to put her down told Hak that she was almost as eager for this as he was.

(Yoon would breathe a sigh of relief when he noticed that Yona was considerably more mellow and Hak was looking decidedly smug the next morning.)

A few days later...

In perhaps the most anti-climatic moment ever, the Ouryuu appeared while they were setting up for dinner, without even introducing himself.

More importantly he was quick to join their group without much hesitation at all.

"Tell me princess. For what reason do you want to collect the four dragons? Is it to reclaim your castle?" asked Zeno seriously.

"It's to survive. Taking back my old home isn't going to solve anything. If I want to change this country into something better, I need to see it up close and personal. But traveling alone with Hak is simply too risky with the number of enemies I have...that is why I sought out the dragons," said Yona without hesitation. "My castle was little more than a cage that kept me from seeing the damage being done to my country."

There was a sad smile on Zeno's face.

"Everyone has to grow up sometime."

"Some sooner than others," agreed Yona.

"Next thing you know you're going to try something as ridiculous as taking up a sword," said Hak.

"Don't be ridiculous. Sword skills take years to learn and I have far more experience with my tessen," said Yona promptly. "Besides, I've always been more of a ranged fighter anyway."

"You can fight, Yona-chan?" said Jae-ha, clearly not believing it. Sure, she had taken out that scummy lord that had been plaguing Awa for years with her arrow, but the idea of Yona actually fighting sounded ridiculous.

Jae-ha revised that opinion within seconds when he found a razor sharp tessen against his throat, just barely drawing a single bead of blood that dripped down the other side of the fan's blade.

"You'd be surprised how quickly people dismiss a fan as a weapon. I had my father hire the best dancers that used fans in their act so that I could learn them as well, all while he was unaware that I planned to use the stances for a much different purpose," said Yona. "Of course the fact it can double as an impromptu shield was a very pleasant bonus."

"I see!" laughed Jae-ha nervously. The look in Yona's eyes reminded him of how relieved Yoon was after Hak finally slept with his princess.

He was starting to understand why if she was that high strung.

"If you're only good at fighting then you'll never get a husband," teased Hak.

"Who said I was only good at fighting? I can cook you know," said Yona with a huff.

Dead silence.

"You can cook?" said Yoon dubiously.

"The only reason I didn't bother before is because you knew more about the local spices," said Yona.

"This I have to see," said Yoon.

He would never question Yona's ability to acquire knowledge after she managed to make a rather tasty stew with local ingredients and a boar that Hak caught for them that she butchered. It wasn't expertly cut apart, but considering what she did with it that didn't matter much anyway.

"Tell us about this other world you come from, Lyra," asked Jae-ha.

Seeing the intense interest of the others, Yona silently conceded control over to Lyra.

"Most of my knowledge of Earth is fairly limited due to both my upbringing and the fact that when I was finally brought in to train my abilities I was placed in a rather isolated society that keeps itself in denial of the fact that normal humans have accomplished some amazing things."

"Like what?" asked Yoon.

Lyra pointed up to the moon above.

"We've literally walked on the surface of the moon, which is less dense than the planet we're on now and surrounded by a total vaccuum. Once you leave a certain point above the planet, there is no air to speak of. It's a complete vaccuum that will kill you in seconds if you aren't wearing protective gear," she stated simply.

There were quite a few wide-eyes at that.

"Why aren't we dead now then?" asked Hak.

"Think of the planet as a rock within a bubble. This bubble is a protective layer that keeps the air around us contained," replied Lyra, sipping her water. "And that's not getting into the centuries of culture and discoveries made. Music, art, literary works...the normal humans have advanced quite a bit when those with magic went into hiding because they were afraid of being targeted by religious fanatics who were jealous. And don't get me started on the food."

"What about medicines?" asked Yoon with interest.

"We've advanced quite a bit in that area. For example we can identify internal issues without having to cut people open, and we've developed medicines and techniques that people have been living well into their hundreds at the very least," said Lyra.

Yoon was impressed.

"What about the food?" asked Zeno.

Lyra developed a rather...devious...face.

Hak was both highly turned on and terrified. Yoon was just plain terrified.

The last time Lyra had that look on her face she was showing the women on the ship the most effective and painful ways of taking down the men without actually killing them.

"Did you know certain cultures actually fry up certain parts of male animals?" she said innocently.

"...I really, really don't want to hear the rest of this," said Yoon. He had a sneaking suspicious where this was going and wanted no part of it.

"What parts?" asked Jae-ha, walking right into Lyra's trap. Yoon took off at a run, hoping in vain he didn't hear the rest.

Lyra, however, was feeling slightly evil so she told them in a voice loud enough for him to catch most of it.

"Why their manhood of course. Specifically their balls," said Lyra. "It's considered a delicacy where people raise an abundance of livestock."

"Dammit Lyra, I didn't need to hear that!" wailed Yoon.

It took a few seconds for her words to sink in, and to a man each of the males there reflexively flinched and crossed their legs as best they could at the evil grin on her face.

"People actually eat..." said Jae-ha, looking rather green.

"Well the people who raise the animals don't want an abundance of livestock, and removing those parts tend to make the animal much calmer," said Lyra. Though she was still smirking at the effect it was having on the guys.

Teasing them was entirely too much fun.