Banjo and Kazooie were coming back from collecting a bunch of yellow musical notes to pay off for certain services, with the bear and bird heading over the wooden bridge to the literal Spiral Mountain as they were greeted with a bizarre sight... the Teletubbies!

"What the... where did these things come from?" Banjo questioned as he saw a red Teletubby approach him with open arms.

"Don't know or care, but these things gotta go!" Kazooie squawked while flailing her wings as she fired a bunch of blue eggs at the Teletubby creature, watching it fall off the spiral into the moat to drown.

"Tubby custard!" The Teletubby army giggled as they proceeded to surround Banjo and Kazooie, with the red breegull bird attacking the freaky creatures of children's television as the honey bear ran as fast as he could with his blue backpack in his yellow shorts, heading to his home as he shut the door.

"Are those things gone?" Mumbo Jumbo asked as he was hiding behind the couch, obviously frightened by these furry looking beings.

Banjo rubbed the back of his head. "No... and judging by how many there are, I think we're in for some trouble."

"Because we haven't gotten enough of that here." Kazooie groaned as she shook her feathered head in dismay, noticing how many feathers and eggs she lost to them.

Watching the Teletubby beings wandering around like idiots from the top of her lair was Gruntilda Winkybunion, who had mixed feelings as she didn't want these beasts present despite enjoying the pain they were bringing to her greatest nemesis pair.

"These bizarre monsters make me sick to my gut, they better not make me want to kick them in the butt!" Grunty rhymed as she shook her head, turning around to see a bunch of multicolored Teletubbies approaching from behind her, making the warty green witch fire off her spells at them, which in turn made then transform into different enemies.