"How are we suppose to beat these freaks?" Kazooie asked while peering out the windows to see the invaders trying to get their way into the house.

Banjo was looking through his backpack for potential items to use as combat. "I don't know, Kazooie, it seems like that they just keep popping in out of nowhere!"

"Mumbo no want to deal with those freaky things." Mumbo admitted as he was hiding behind the sofa, realizing that his magic would have to be powerful to handle this mess. "They make Humba look like plush doll!"

"Tubby custard!" The Teletubbies exclaimed as they were continuing to pop up in Spiral Mountain, with the grassy meadow being trampled as the beauty that was of the mountainous region essentially being ruined.

Banjo wasn't sure if he could get the right item for the job, while Kazooie was thinking of just rushing out there and dealing damage herself. Enough time has passed as the red crested breegull bird decided to try her best, attacking them as Banjo and Mumbo watched Kazooie destroy the Teletubby menace.