Parvana: The Most Breathtaking and Spectacular Tigress Prologue

Parvana is a Bengal Tiger from Nepal. She has very little memory from when she was a small defenseless cub before she was taken to the Central Park Zoo in New York City.

All what Parvana knows from listening to her caretakers is that she was found alone and abandoned in the wilderness. No one knows what happened to her mother. There was blood on the cub yet no sign of injury. Scientists guessed that perhaps a hunter killed her mother while overlooking her or there may have been a confrontation with another Tiger that resulted in her becoming orphaned.

Lost and alone.

The Humans that took custody of her rectified that. Parvana was hand reared by people skilled and trained for this.

Eventually Parvana was transferred to the Central Park Zoo when she was still under a year old. Here she met and became fast friends with Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman.

All five have been together for the vast majority of their lives. They are inseparable.

Parvana followed with the gang in their travels all the way from the beginning to Madagascar and then Africa not long afterwards.

Now Parvana is about to join them on the biggest adventure of them all.

Authors Note:

Yeah, I know. Here is another one. I watched the movie recently and the idea for this just hit me like a ton of bricks. Hope you guys like the introduction so far.

All right, so in the circus all of the other animals have their own talents that add to their acts.

What do you think Parvana's should be when the time comes?