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Parvana: The Most Breathtaking And Spectacular Tigress Chapter 4

By the look of things the merry band is just about home free.

Except for one little hitch.

Inside the practically bulletproof vehicle the gang are partying and having a good time as they celebrate their getaway towards where the plane is waiting for them at the rendezvous point. Because of the size and length his body is Melman has his head and neck sticking out from the window. So he's the first one to spots the authorities pursuing them on the streets.

It's Captain Chantel DuBois and her Monaco Animal Control team.

"Guys, we've got a tail," said Melman.

"Pedal to the metal, Private," ordered Skipper.

Private then floors it on the gas pedal.

This Monaco Animal Control's arrival alarms a majority of them. Well except King Julien. He sees it as a chance to flaunt and show off. He opens the rear back doors hoping they'd take photos like paparazzi. Instead he gets a tranquilizer to the butt, knocking him out. Marty and Maurice then slam the double doors shut.

They need to lose these guys.

"E.T.A. to rendezvous point," said Skipper.

The 2nd in Command, Kowalski, said "Two minutes, 37 seconds, Sir."

"Man your battle stations," said Skipper.

The Penguins get into position. Private even places a brick on the gas pedal to keep them moving when he's not there. Unfortunately this leaves the rest high and dry as no one else is sitting at the wheel.

"Hey. Wait. Nobody's at the wheel," said Alex, incredulous.

Despite the protests from everyone the Penguins continue to ignore them.

Fed up with how ridiculous they're all acting, Skipper retorts "Don't just sit there, fancy pants. Grab the wheel!"

Holding on for dear life, Alex said "Are you kidding? I don't drive. I'm a New Yorker!"

"Skipper, none of us drive period," screams Parvana.

Apparently Marty never got the memo.

Slipping into the driver's seat, eager to get his hooves on the wheel, Marty said "Move over, Miss Daisy!"

"What the hell are you doing," shrieked Parvana, horrified.

"Zebras can't drive," said Alex, nearing hysteria. "Only Penguins and people can drive!"

"What do all these buttons do," said Marty, playing with the controls and all buttons in front of him.

Parvana goes to strangle Marty, but Gloria intercepts and holds her back.

Covering her face with her paws, Parvana whimpered "I can't watch. We're gonna die."

Turns out Marty is as awful a driver as one would expect, but his sloppiness just might be what actually saves their lives.

"Crazy woman gaining," said Maurice, keeping an eye out from the back.

"Our Omega 3 slick will take them down. Private, activate," said Skipper, eyes narrowed.

The slick does its work, taking our two Animal Control Officers. The remaining three avoid whipping out by sliding expertly on it.

Reluctantly impressed, Skipper said "She's good. Kowalski, intel!"

Kowalski then gets busy researching this woman's data files. What he finds in the databanks is very troubling.

Rattled by his findings, Kowalski said "Sir, we have a serious problem. Captain Chantal Dubois, Monaco Animal Control. Perfect case record."

Yup, they are going to die.

Or maybe not.

Thanks to Marty's recklessness on the roads more Animal Control agents are dropping like flies until only Captain Chantal Dubois is all that's left.

This woman is relentless. She chases them all over the city to Hotel Ambassador. Getting blown off the roof doesn't even deter her. Maurice is correct, she is crazy.

Truthfully the ride is all a blur to Parvana after Marty started driving in the Penguins place. That wasn't something she wanted to see so she ducked her head between her knees, bracing for whatever might come. It worsened when Skipper activated the nucular reactor of theirs. She was so out of it that she can't even recall them being temporarily airborne. Next thing Parvana knows she's been pulled out of the vehicle by Gloria as the cars goes tumbling from the rooftop. Everyone is alright, but they almost lost King Julien. The affects from the tranquilizer lingered so he didn't crawl out from the back in time. Luckily the chimps in the plane caught him.

Captain Chantal Dubois caught up with them there. Even when they were in the air she hung on by using a catchpoll and latches onto Melman's neck, nearly chocking him to death.

Alex came to the rescue. He cuts them loose with a claw. Captain Chantal Dubois plummets onto a swimming pool at the roof of another hotel.

The entire gang cheers as they rise higher and higher into the sky.

A party filled with dancing and singing broke out, but as it turns out the friends were jumping the gun on that.

The Penguins soon discovered a severe problem. The confrontation with Captain Chantal Dubois has damaged some critical points in the plane.

So right in the middle of all the activity the plane suddenly stopped midair, completely dead.

All of them screamed, holding onto each other for dear life.

It's a miracle any of them survived the crash when they hit the ground.

Groaning, Melman said "Why can't we ever just make a…a normal landing?"

Clutching her heart, Parvana gasped "I can't take much more of this."

Authors Note:

September 11th has come and gone once again. I was very young when it happened. Don't know about all of you, but I certainly was really scared. One minute I was at elementary school in class and the next my parents are pulling me out, taking my little sister and I home. That's when we learned the truth. The Twin Towers we'd see all the time whenever we traveled outside the city limits on road trips would no longer be there. We were stunned when we'd seen them destroyed on TV. Those trips were never the same again just like the lives of millions. In honor for the people that fell that day and to those still struggling to survive from the aftermath I suggest a moment of respective silence. I think we all can use that.

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