A Very Unlucky Day...and Some Dumb Bear

Veronica sprung up at the sound of the eerily cheerful voice scanning the area for the source. If this was some sort of fucking prank she would make them pay, especially if it was that damn psycho that was in her class. If he was behind this she would snap that stupid hokey mask in two, but as she looked around she was slowly beginning to realize that he's got absolutely nothing to do with this.

"What the hell..." She looked around in confusion, at the golden walls that surrounded her...she vaguely remembers seeing something like this somewhere. Maybe in history? She didn't really pay much attention to that class, but this just feels very familiar.

"Welcome Ultimate Luckster!" The voice echoes again, making her spin around looking for the speaker. They were directly behind her and not at all what she expected.

"A...A bear?" Veronica couldn't believe what she was seeing, standing in front of her was...well a bear. It wasn't a normal bear though, normal bears are actually cute, not at all like this one. A monochrome teddy bear with a freaky red eye...wearing a toga. All she could really do was stare at it and it did the same. The silence stretched on for a while until the bear let out a loud laugh.

"Welcome fresh blood! You sure look like a lively one!" Its red eye seemed to gleam in delight which honestly pissed her off. "I wonder how you'll do in my grand arena?" That stupid smile it had on the black side of his face seemed to widen, Veronica gave a low growl.

"Where the fuck am I?" She asked through gritted teeth, glaring at the animal before her. Never in her life has she wanted to punch a bear as much as she wanted to punch this one. That stupid smile on its face just made her angrier and angrier the more she looked at it. And it seemed to enjoy that.

"Like I said, my grand arena. Or are you just all brute and no brain?" It says with a tilt of its head. The casual way this thing insulted her made her blood boil.

"What the hell did you just call me?"

"I'm sure you heard me -" Before it could get off another insult she lunged at the bear, intent on pounding it into oblivion. However, instead of venting her rage, all she received was a face full of dirt with the bear nowhere in sight. Like it just vanished in thin air. Slowly she picked herself up off the ground, cautiously scanning her surroundings without even bothering to dust herself off.

"Wow, you really are just brute!" Laughed the bear from its new position, up on a platform behind the girl. It sat on some kind of golden throne under a gaudy looking red tent, the front flaps held open with some sort of golden rope. "Ya know if you really wanna hit something I think I can arrange something," Veronica clenched her fists tightly as she glared at the bear, she wanted nothing more than to tear it to shreds. " Yes, that's right! Keep that rage flowing! Keep giving me the good stuff!"

"Shut the hell up and tell me how I got here!" She says taking an angry step towards the platform. Veronica more than likely wouldn't be able to reach the bear since the walls looked far too smooth to climb. But she was just one or two insults away from not caring about that.

"You're here because of that delicious rage you're dishing out right now!" The bear exclaimed seeming to bounce in the throne excitedly. "The Colosseum sensed it and thought you might make a worthy competitor and I gotta say, you only proving it right," He began to lowly laugh as he finished that statement. She's here because of her rage? What the hell did that even mean! Nothing this bear has said made any sense and to make matters worse the angrier she got the more excited it seemed to make it. So she decided to try and calm herself down.

She needed to breathe, Veronica closed her eyes to shut out the cruel bear. She needed to focus on breathing.

Just breathe.


"It's cute that you're trying to tame your it. It won't work, you are a walking ball of anger," The bear stated with clear amusement, but she couldn't let him get to her. She needed to focus on breathing and being anywhere but here.

Breathe in...Breathe out.

"It's pointless,"

Breathe in. Breathe out.

"I'll show you just how pointless,"


Her breathing was interrupted by a sudden punch to her jaw, the force of it sent her to the ground. Her jaw throbbed and she could taste the blood in her mouth but before Veronica could get her barrings her assailant attacked her once more. They had pounced on top of her landing blow after blow in a frenzied attack. Veronica tried to shield herself by attempting to curl up and shield her face, but it seemed to do very little on that front. This assault continued with the attacker never losing steam, the blow seemed to become harder and harder. It was getting harder for her to think beneath the endless barrage. Veronica knew she couldn't do anything like this, so she waited. And she is certain that the bear was enjoying every second of this battery.

Then it happened. A pause in the barrage of fists that were coming down on her. Be it her attacker getting tired or preparing to deal a finishing blow, Veronica didn't care. There was an opening and she damn well was going to take it. The luckster delivered a quick jab blindly, hoping her talent would kick in and help her. When she heard a strangled sound she knew she the right place.

Right in the throat.

She pushed them off of her, an easy task since they were still trying to breathe and backed away as far as she could. Which was to the large golden walls that surrounded her. Now no longer blind she could get a good look at just who had attacked her…..but that didn't make any sense.

"Who the hell…." Her fearful words got caught in her throat when the two made eye contact. Shocked brown eyes met frenzied brown eyes as Veronica started down at her attacker…...stared at some feral version of herself. She was disheveled and practically foaming at the mouth, bloody bruised knuckles balled into tight fists.

"Do you understand now?" The bear says condescendingly, it was standing right beside her but she barely even registered it. Too focused on….on that thing. "That thing is a part of you. A part that you try to hide away. Try to tame." The bear commented as if it had read her mind. There is no way that thing was apart of her, she's not some animal! Veronica watched as the thing, that's not her, dragged themselves to their feet to a hunched stand. Pacing back and forth as they stared at her, like a predator watching its prey. Veronica back against the wall even more, despite the futile effort. Her hands weer shaking, she was feeling something she doesn't feel often.

She was afraid.

"There's…...There's no way that's me. Its gotta be some trick…."

"Oh, it's you alright. The real you. Your rage given shape." Her rage? That's…..that is her rage? That grunting feral thing over there is what she looked like when she was angry? They were barely even human.

"My….rage," She quietly repeated, but she's sure that monster heard her since it paused briefly.

"You asked earlier how you got here, but that was the wrong question," It went to move in front of her, looking down at her currently cowering form, her eyes were trained on the personification of her rage. Afraid that if she were to look away they would attack again.

"W-What brought me here…" It was more a statement than a question. Veronica had already accepted that whatever was happening, where ever she was, it was most certainly real. These bruises she had stung, she could taste the metallic flavor in her mouth from the blood.

This was all very real.

"This place feeds off of things like that," It jerked it's head back towards the pacing rage and that made her look it in its gleaming red eye. "You're pent up rage is what brought you here. This is your fault,"

Hey there folks! Tobi here with an update! I realize that the first chapter I didn't really explain what was going on hahaha, and I'm sorry for that I was very tired. But I'm here now to remedy that so here is a quick sum up of the situation:

- The students will be put into matches in the colosseum, basically fighting for their lives. THough also remember that the Colosseum did not only do gladiator fights.

- this is in a dream world of sorts so basically anything can and might happen.

- They are dragged to this place at random because of an insecurity or character flaw they may have. Ex. Veronica is here because of her rage. No need to be a super edgelord, it doesn't have to be serious. Just negative. Something to keep in mind.

- As for weapons, thank god I haven't gotten a gun but let me tell you that you are not restrained to roman style gladiator weapons. You can pretty much have any sort of weapon you please just so long as it's not a modern weapon like a gun. For obvious reasons.

- Yes I am taking reserver course students as well, the OC does not need to be an ultimate.

Alright I hope that clears thing up a little for folks that were confused. Oh yea I'm also know gonna set the deadline to June, 25 2019. So you folks have plenty of time to make these OCs! Alright that all for now, hope you're all having a good day or night!