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in the beacon academy.

team RWBY went into a bulldog to get to their mission.

the bulldog begin flying away from beacon academy.

do you mind telling us what this mission is really about? Ruby said.

Ozpin, didn't tell us what exactly it is. Weiss said to Ruby.

I don't know. Blake said.

so, maybe this mission can be better. Yang said.

don't worry we'll do fine. Ruby said to Yang.

however when the bulldog was reaching to their mission coordinates when a lightning storm begin.

and I thought this day couldn't get any worse. Weiss said.

that's odd. it never rains. Blake said.

that this is not normal. Ruby said.

however the bulldog got struck by lightning.

oh no! we're hit! the pilot said worried.

hope this is just great! Weiss said.

should we all be worried about try not to be killed! Ruby said to Weiss.

everyone brace for impact! the pilot said to everyone

the bulldog begin flying out of control into the mist.

in Earth, Italian-San Marino.

the bulldog crashed into the forest.