Update #2

Finn rises to pull Maj to her feet as he wraps his arms around her for a morning kiss. Finn offers an arm to lead Maj back to her room for a shower and then some breakfast with his father. As they linger for a moment in the doorway of her room, Maj wants nothing more than to pull Finn in for so much more than morning kisses. She is painfully aware as to how Finn makes her feel as they part. To cool her jets, Maj actually takes a play from her brothers as she changes from hot water to a healthy dose of ice cold to clear such thoughts. It has been a long time and Finn just knows how to push her buttons. Maj silently curses Finn as she turns off the water.

As Maj steps out of the bathroom, she can hear her phone dinging away on the dresser. Out of habit, she grabs the phone to see missed calls and messages from Huntzbergers of all varieties and she has not yet had a single cup of coffee. Trusting intuition and instinct, Maj places the phone back on the dresser as she goes about her morning routine. This is a time for pleasure, work can wait. She is surprised to notice the basket of delight that must have been placed in the room since last night. The delights include a full line of La Mer products and Cle De Peau makeup, in her colors with a note from Max. With a girlish smile, Maj has to admit that she could get used to this.

Mitchum kisses Honor on the cheek as he snuffs out his cigarette and heads inside. Honor is stunned as she quickly pulls out her phone and texts Maj. Mitchum corners Logan as they both exit the house. "Son, I need for you to do me a favor." Logan hesitates with his hand firmly on the handle of the door of Josh's car. Logan turns his attention to his father. "I need you to be here when I get back. Trust me Logan, Philadelphia has been there for over two hundred years. It can wait an hour or so." Logan is stunned that his father would know where he is headed since Philadelphia is an uncommon destination for him. There is something about his father's tone that prompts an unfamiliar response in Logan. The unfamiliar response is uncontested obedience. Logan is not quite sure how to process this feeling since it is so foreign to him. Logan releases the handle with a nod to his father as he heads back into the house.

Maj glances down at her phone to see the text from Josh's phone. Finn and Max are engaged in conversation as Maj interrupts. "Finn, my love... Need you to do brunch with the Lauders. Take my car." Max gets a wicked grin on his face as he watches Majestic at work. "By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes." Max no sooner finishes the statement as James walks into the breakfast room to announce a visitor as Mitchum Huntzbreger. Max heads to greet Mitchum offering up up a warm greeting as he and Mitchum make small talk and exchange pleasantries as Max guides Mitchum to his study.

"Give Honor my keys." Finn winks in acknowledgement realizing after the words soak, that Maj said Honor. " Honor?" Finn just assumed Logan would be the getaway driver. Maj gives Finn a deadeye butterfly look as she again says Honor's name."Sure thing love, does that mean we are going on an adventure?" Maj winks at Finn in response to that little boy grin that she loves. "Lovely, back in a flash." Finn gives Maj a quick kiss on the cheek as he heads out through the garden. "God, I love that woman" Finn mutters towards the sky as hits the garage.

Mitchum begs forgiveness, asking for a word with his attorney regarding a rather urgent matter. Max waves off the need for an apology as he offers up his study, sending James to fetch his "dear" Majestic. As she enters the room, Maj is happy to be in a familiar space. She knows the room and it is easier to navigate a dramatic conversation in a familiar space.

James places a coffee service on the table between Mitchum and Maj as he closes the door upon his exit. "Fifteen years ago, I never would have bet on you matching up with the likes of Finn, Majestic." Mitchum fixes his coffee as he settles back into the seat. "But Rothschild, now that suits you, my dear, suits you indeed." Mitchum is giving off a weird vibe that Maj is picking up on. "Mitchum, you do realize that I have been a defense attorney for a very long time." Maj stops to sip some of her own coffee as she chooses her words carefully. "I have represented white collar, blue collar and every collar in between, at what point did you think that I would not notice a tail?" Mitchum smiles at Maj. "Maj..." Majestic has no intention of allowing Mitchum slack in this conversation. Mitchum knew the line was razor thin when it came to pissing off someone he actually needs and he did cross it with the best of intentions. He is hoping that he can convince Majestic of that simple fact. "So why are you here?" Maj continues.

"How long have you known?" Mitchum surveys the potential damage. "Weren't you the one who told me the key to success is to learn the game and then play it better than anyone else, Mitchum." Maj avoided her own place for a reason and Finn made that unbelievably easy to do. Fortunately, there is enough natural chaos in her world that a PI would have a hard time piecing it together especially when Mitchum hired a PI that owed her a favor, Maj made sure she controlled the narrative in this case. She knows exactly what Mitchum knows because she who authored the narrative. "Why is Rory Gilmore at your house?" Mitchum pyramids his fingers in front of his face as he waits for a reaction from Maj. "She is not there by invitation, if that is what you are asking me." Mitchum's expression changes to a side eye as he forms his next thought. "Then pray tell how did she get there?"

Maj takes a sip of her coffee before answering an increasingly impatient Huntzberger. "Rory was brought to my house by two people I love, they asked if she could stay and I said yes out of love and loyalty to them, before you even knocked on my door, Mitchum. You do what you have to do for family and they are family."

Mitchum knows that this is going to require careful navigation as he now chooses his words with care. "Majestic... I need to know how you are going to fix this." Mitchum waits as he suspects that Maj is loading for bear. Mitchum is shocked as Maj does not even flinch as she squares up and musters her inner Pacino. She laughs to herself since she is not sure if it is going to come out as Corleone or Scarface. "Don't ask me about my business, Kay. You asked me to handle this... I am handling this." Maj stands up as she delivers her next thought. "I have no vested interest in Rory Gilmore or the outcome of this situation, Mitchum. You do. Don't they say, you are only as happy as your unhappiest child." Max enters the room as if on queue essentially ending the conversation between Mitchum and Majestic. Mitchum takes Max's presence as his queue to graciously leave. Max returns to his study after escorting Mitcum out. "Remind me to never play poker with you, love." Maj smiles as she takes Max's offered arm. "I'm not playing chess, I'm playing poker." Maj offers with a wink to Max.