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Space. a vast and infinite place, filled with countless worlds and and endless civilizations. the whole universe itself is filled with vast wonders and many threats alike. but none are more incredible, more fantastic, and more legendary than the world that resides in Nebula M78.

The world of M78, which has come to be known as The Land of Light, has a rich and deep history. long ago the Land of Light was home to a race of people who looked exactly like humans. they lived in a beautiful paradise, that knew no war, hunger, or strife and the people of M78 lived in true peace and happiness.

However, tragedy soon struck the people of M78.

For you see, the sun that the planet orbited around suddenly withered and died. and the Land of Light soon began to fall victim to the bitter cold of space, the planet began to freeze and it seemed that the once beautiful world and its inhabitants were doomed. however not all hope was lost, and the people of M78 never gave up on saving their home and its people.

The best and Brightest minds of the Land of Light came together and came up with a plan to save their world And its people. and after many years of trial, error, and development they had finally created that which Would save their home.

And they called it, The Plasma Spark.

The Plasma Spark was created to act as an artificial sun, that generates incredible power and light. with it the people of M78 were saved and the once cold and dark world was once again bathed in light once again.

However none of the inhabitants of the Land of Light could've expected what happened the moment they activated the plasm spark. As the energy of Plasma Spark showerd the Land of Light with its energy, the power of the Artificial sun had an unforeseen affect on the people who lived on it.

The energy of the Plasma Spark and Transformed the people of M78, and they were gifted with incredible powers the likes of which no one has ever seen before.

And so a new dawn had come. And with it came the Birth of a new kind of hero.

This, was the birth of the Ultras.

With their newfound powers and abilities the newly born Ultras decided to use their powers to defend the universe from the forces of darkness. to better do this the Ultras created the Space Garrison, an intergalactic force that patrolled the universe and helped anyone in need from the various threats that seeked to destroy them.

And so the heroic acts of the Ultras of M78 were made known throughout the cosmos. from battling Various and Destructive monsters known as Kaiju, to thwarting Alien invasions From aliens such as the likes of the Alien Temperor on other worlds. and so peace set itself apon the galaxy and beyond.

However even the most heroic souls can be tempted by power. for you see one day long ago in The Land of Light a young and promising Ultraman, who had been tempted by its incredible power, had entered the chamber of the Plasma Spark and had attempted to take its power for himself.

However the power was too much for him, and had burned his body from its intensity. And so, for attempting to take the power of the Plasma Spark he was exiled from the Land of Light and casted out from his home planet.

However what would happen next would be forever remembered as one of the Land of Lights darkest hours.

The sound of a flashing color was all that could be heard throughout the asteroid that drifted through space. and laying on this asteroid was as wounded and exiled Ultraman.

He laid there, as his body burned and singed. pain shooting throughout his body because he had tried to take a power that was to much for him. and because of his selfish desire for power, he was casted out from his home and banished from it, never to return.

And so he laid there, wounded and alone. or so he thought.

"So this is how they treat their best?" A sudden and dark voice spoked, making the Ultra look up at the owner.

Who's there?" the Ultra asked as he looked up, and what he saw made his blood freeze.

The being in question couldn't even be called natural in any way. his whole body glowed an evil shade of blood red, that had a dark and powerful aura roaring around him like a tsunami of raw and evil power.

Hovering over him was without a Doubt one of the single and most evil beings in all the Multiverse. who's dark and evil spirit radiated a evil power around it. and as the Ultraman gazed apon this terrible evil, he knew who he was.

Alien Reiblood. the Shepherd of Monsters.

"I am Reiblood. I reign the universe." the evil spirit declared, as the Ultraman steadily got to his feet. And even though Reiblood lacked a mouth, the Ultra somehow knew he was smiling evilly with what he said next "I will give you the power you seek."

And before the Ultra could even react, Reiblood suddenly shot forward and slammed into the Ultraman head first and slowly began to sink into his body, causing the exiled Ultraman to cry out in pain as Reibloods spirit and dark power began to flow into him.

"No, Stop!" he cried out as Reiblood chuckled darkly. and then, as the last of Reibloods essence entered the screaming Ultraman, the transformation had finished.

Gone was the warrior of light. And in his place was a being of pure darkness and unrelenting hatred that burned with the intensity of a thousand stars.

And so this was the Birth of a new and terrible evil. a dark warrior who only sought out to destroy the land of light, all of its people, and claim the universe and all other universes for himself, drown them in eternal chaos under his tyrannical rule.

and so the multiverse would hear his name, and know fear.


And so gifted with Reibloods power the newly born dark Ultra was gifted with a terrible weapon, aptly named the Giga Battlenizer. with it Belial could summon over a hundred Monsters, all under his control, and with it he returned to the land of light and brought apon a catastrophe that brought only destruction the M78. And as Belial brought his terrible wrath on his home world, Reibloods voice whispered to him, saying only one thing to him.

"Belial! Destroy it all! Terminate the Ultramen and destroy the Land of Light!"

And it would seem as though Belial would succeed in annihilating his old home and bring chaos to all in the universe and beyond.

But once again a miracle had arrived.

For as Belial did battle with his old friend Ken, someone had heeded the call of the Ultramen, and his arrival could not have been more needed than. A bright light suddenly shine down onto the Land of Light and knocked Belial away, making him lose his grip on the Giga Battlenizer. And as The savior of the land of light descended, everyone knew who he was.

He was only whispered through legends and rumors, all of which claiming him to be a God of incredible power and wise beyond all others.

And his name, Ultraman King.

The Ultras could only stare in awe at the sight of Ultraman King, even if they have never seen him before they somehow knew just from his sheer presence alone, which shined and radiated power unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, that this was the legendary Ultra himself.

"Belial! He who dishonors the Land of Light!" the legendary Ultra said as Belial got to his feet, but as the dark Ultra managed to stand up king suddenly thrusted both his hands forward as they shined with a golden light, and then Belial became binded by golden energy and began to rise into the sky as king used his godly power to lift the struggling dark Ultra up higher and higher.

"Stop! Let me go!" Belial cried out as he continued to try to break lose from his binds, but it was all for naught as he was lifted up higher and higher and finally into orbit.

"You shall pay for your sins in the darkness!" king said as he closed his hands into fists, and the screaming Belial was engulfed by metal and stone, until his screams were silenced by his newly formed prison "forever!"

The other Ultras could only look on in shock and awe at the prison, amazed by how easily King had bested the seemingly unstoppable Belial.

And with Belial's defeat the monsters where easily bested not soon afterwards. and once again peace returned to the land of light.

With Belial now imprisoned and his Monsters defeated, King then sealed the Giga Battlenizer In the valley of flames where it would remained sealed for all of time.

And so peace had been restored to the land of light and the Ultramen continued to fight for peace across the cosmos.

However despite all this the temptation for power still remained

For many eons later after Belials defeat, and after many battles and horrors stopped by the elite fighting force known as the Ultra Brothers, yet another Ultra had entered the chamber of the Plasma Spark, seeking to claim its power as Belial did so long ago.

He was Young; immature. Tempted by power. And was at risk of losing his soul to evil just like Belial. And quite possibly becoming a even worse monster than the dark Ultra himself.

However, there was one who would not allow him to fall into darkness.

The light within the chamber of the Plasma Spark shined like a Star, and the Glowing sphere that was the life source of the Land of Light radiated pure and vast energy unlike any other.

However there was someone drawing closer to the artificial sun, the sihlouette of a Ultraman could be seen through the Light as he stood before the Plasma Spark, and then began to reach out for it.

'This is it. This is where all of our training has lead us up to. And i'm more than ready for this, I know i Am!' the Ultra thought as he was just about to touch the life source of M78, however before he could...


As he was about to make contact with the Plasma Spark, a hand suddenly grabbed his wrist and yanked back, causing him to fall to the ground.

Angry, the Ultra swiftly turned to look and yell at whoever had stopped him, only to feel utterly shocked at who it was.

The Ultraman couldn't be seen fully from the intense light, but what could be made out from his silhouette was a pair of horns on the side of his head.

"WHY!?" the downed Ultra cried out, and the horned one couldn't stop Himself from wincing at the slightest hint of betrayal that cou be heard in his voice.

"Stay away from that! You can't handle that kind of power!" The horned Ultraman said trying to put some form of reasoning to the other Ultra, but it was all for naught as the other Ultraman angrily got to his feet to look the horned Ultra in the eye.

"Why not?! We're both more than strong enough to get this power!" he said as he yelled out, "this is what we both trained for! to be the best! to be the strongest!" he shouted.

"Yes i know that but i can't allow you to do this!" the Horned Ultra cried trying desperately to make the other see the fault of his actions "please! you have to understand, if you were to try and take that power now you would only lose yourself to it! you're not ready!"

And yet despite his friends warnings the other Ultra only scoffed, "don't underestimate me! i'm ready!" he said as he made another move for the Plasma Spark, however before he could...

"Don't move!" a authoritative voice suddenly called out causing the two to look over at a group of new Ultramen. The one that spoke stood out the most, he was much older in appearance and had a pair of sideburns on the side of his face as well as a flowing mantle, the most notable thing of his appearance was the large pair of horns on his head. behind him was also four other Ultramen, while all different in appearance, all dressed in a flowing mantle.

"You're in violation of Ultra Law." the older horned Ultra said as he pointed at the first silhouette "come with us!" and with that the Ultras behind him rushed forward and apprehended the younger Ultra, and as he struggled in their grip He managed to look ov to the younger horned Ultra "You brought them here!" he cried out as he was dragged away.

"You didn't leave me any choice!" he cried back, meanwhile the older horned Ultraman could only look at the younger horned Ultra with pity. However he returned his attention to the struggling Ultraman and spoke, "you know longer qualify as a Ultra Warrior, and you shall be punished accordingly! Take him away!"

"LET ME GO! LET GO OF ME!" the Ultra yelled out as he was dragged out of the Plasma Sparks chamber, kicking and screaming all the way. And as this was happening the larger horned Ultra looked back to the other horned Ultraman, who could only look down and clench his hands tightly as a whirlwind of emotions roared within him. And seeing the younger Ultra like this, the older one could only feel pity for him.

Apon his arrest for trying to take the Plasma Sparks power, the younger Ultramam was exiled much like Belial so long ago. However his punishment wasn't as severe as the Dark Ultra Warrior. He was to be watched over by another Ultra named Ultraman Leo, and trained by him, only to return when he realized what it truly meant to be an Ultraman

However it would be these events that would eventually lead to many conflicts ahead. For within time the forces of light and darkness, and the entire fate of the Universe and beyond would rest in the balance.

And only time will tell, who would be victorious.