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L6: Limit Breaker Forms eg ZB and maybe GR

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L7: All Orb Forms, possibly EXBSA as well

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L8: Psuedo Ultra Brother level ultras, basically ultras that have demonstrated feats that are comparable to the Ultra Brothers but has nonetheless no stats or vague stats eg Ginga, Victory, Powered, Great

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L9: Ultra Brothers

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L10: Taro, Toregia (Post Seal)

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L12: Legendary Tiered Ultras

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It was a beautiful day outside. The sun shined high in the sky and the sky as a all clear blue.

And currently we find our ultra hero simply leaning on a railing as he looked out at the vast ocean in front of him. Not to far off from him was Penny, the robot girl currently engaging herself in a game of arm wrestling. And effortlessly winning if the sound of cheering and dismay from everyone watching was anything to go by.

Now your probably wondering why our heroes were currently on a boat. And where this boat was heading as well, right?

Well to know the answer to that we have to backtrack to earlier in the day.

Earlier this morning.

Kotaro yawned as he sat down on a living room recliner, a fresh cup a cup in his hand. Which he more than eagerly sipped down, absently glancing over to his right when the sound of giggling reached his ears.

Not to far off from him was Penny, the gynoid was currently giggling along with Adrian as the two played game of patty-cake together. Which of course made him smile at the sight.

The two of the, were currently in the Arc household, which was owned by Saphron and her wife Terra Cotta-Arc.

Terra as it turned out worked at the Argus relay tower. When the Grimm and Kaiju attacked she and the staff were escorted to a different emergency shelter.

When Saphron had brought him and Penny to her house Terra was already home, and needless to say she was greatly relieved when she found out her family was safe and sound and had embraced her wife and son lovingly soo after.

Saphron had introduced him and Penny soon after and sure enough she was happy to have the two over for the night as they all sat down for dinner.

While they were all eating Terra asked if they were visiting Argus and where they came from, to which Kotaro responded that they were a pair of freelance hunters that had decided to travel the world together. Helping out anyone that was in trouble wherever they went along the way.

And when she asked him about them having Hunter/Huntress licenses, his response was this...

"Why would you need a license to help people in need?"

Terra seemed to ponder that for a moment, and accepted his response in the end.

Penny played along with the lie as well. Which resulted in another hiccup, fortunately it wasn't anything noticeable.

Eventually though everyone had gone to sleep soon after dinner, unfortunately Kotaro and Penny had to sleep on the couch, but Kotaro reassured them that it wasn't that big of an issue and the two fell asleep soon after.

By next morning, everyone was currently relaxing as they began to wake up one after another.

And due to recent events from yesterday Terra was given the day off, said woman was currently sitting down on another chair near Kotaro munching on a piece of toast as she clicked away on the different channels on the T.V.

And not to far off in the kitchen was Saphron. The blonde Arc currently humming a tune as she cooked breakfast.

"So, you two sleep well?" Terra asked him before taking another bite of her toast.

"Yes actually," He confirmed "Though all things considered i should be asking you that considering what happened yesterday."

"Oh no don't worry I'm fine," Terra said reassuringly. "Grimm attacks aren't really anything new to be honest. Fortunately they don't happen that often around here in Argus."

"I see, well as long as you're alright then," Kotaro said as he leaned back into his chair. Pleased to see the woman was well after the whole ordeal that happened yesterday.

The Arcs were quite a lovely family honestly. And he had to admit it was rather lucky of him and Penny to have meet them. They were a rather colorful bunch with their own.

Like how Saphron had seven different siblings, six girls, and one boy.

Which still surprised him even now on how anyone would want or even be able to have that many kids.

Still though he had to admit he would rather miss the family of three when they had to Admit he miss them when they would inevitably leave.

Another thing he noticed was what was all over every channel, himself.

Each and every channel that Terra clicked through was a different news report of him and the Kaiju he fought, and various discussions that came with the subject. Some saying the battle he had was a sign of the end of days, others saying he was some kind of huntsman with a powerful semblance of some kind, it all varied.

Not to mention the different theories people were spouting out about the Kaiju. But that's a different but similar subject all together to be honest.

Kotaro knew that this was going to happen at some point or later when he arrived on Remnant. He pretty much knew the moment he announced himself to the world, and with the Kaiju suddenly appearing, he'd be a big topic.

He'd just hope that the topic itself wouldn't lead to anything that would be problematic down the road.

However, Kotaro soon snapped out of his thoughts when he suddenly noticed something on a passing tv channel. "Wait, go back for a second." said, making Terra confused for a second before she went back to the channel she passed. And as it turned out it was a breaking news broadcast.

"Hello, I'm Brock Bismuth of Daily-Report-News, and coming to you live with a news bulletin for any and all out there listening or watching right now." said a generic news reporter man on the tv as he continued to speak. "Earlier Today it was recently discovered that apparently mysterious upbringings have been happening on the Faunus island of Menagerie. Leaving Authorities baffled by what is happening on the island."

It was then that a set of images appeared in the screen. And what everyone saw was shocking to say the least.

Faunus, but every single one of them looked like they were completely frozen by something, as a pale green glow came off each of them. Each of them having a look of fear, as if they only had a brief moment to scream before whatever did this to them attacked.

"So far there have been over seven victims of this mysterious affliction. And the authorities are still investigating the cause of these outcomes. More to come after these messages," the newsman said, before commercials began to play on the screen.

Penny, who was holding Adrian on her lap, looked over to Kotaro. And already taking notice of the stoic look that was on her friends face.

"Kotaro?" she started.

The man didn't say anything at first. Taking one last sip or coffee before placing the cup down and getting to his feet. And after a brief moment, the Ultra finally spoke up.

"Penny. We're going to Menagerie."

Present Time

From there, they asked Saphron and Terra if there was a way to get to Menagerie from Argus. Fortunately as it turned out, there was a ship that was about to set sail to the Faunus kingdom today.

And after saying their goodbyes to the Arc family, and hoping that they will see each other again in the future.

And sure enough they managed to hitch a ride to Menagerie and where to arrive at the large island very soon.

The managed to come aboard on it due to the lack of crew members. Essentially, the captain explained two of his crew members were incapacitated due to sickness, and he was in need of some extra hands onboard.

And after the two of them talked it over with him, the captain allowed them to take a ride to Menagerie with them. And in return they would make up for the work of those two sick crew mates.

And the rest of the journey from Argus to Menagerie was pretty quite and relaxing after that.

All the while though Kotaro was still thinking about what he saw on the news bulletin. The Kaiju appearing at Argus was one mystery to be solved on its own, but if he was right about what he was thinking right now then There was something just as dangerous hiding somewhere on Menagerie. Worse even.

He just hoped they would arrive on time before anything else could happen.


Snapping out of his thoughts, Kotaro looked over to see Penny looking at him curiously.

"Oh Hello Penny" he said, and then he took notice of the bag in her hand, "so what's in the bag you got There?"

Smiling, Penny held up the bag to him and opened it up to reveal Its contents. And much to his surprise the entire bag was filled with lien!

"If you are wondering where i got this from, I obtained it after I finished partaking in that game the sailors called arm wrestling." she explained to him, "apparently they were all taking bets on who would win the most, and I managed to win every single round. and when It was over the winners of the betting wanted to thank me so they gave me all of this in return."

Kotaro was silent as he picked up one of the lien cards and examined it for a moment, "well I can't say I'm not surprised by this. But we defiantly needed the money so nice work Penny, you really helped us out here," he said with a smile as he patted her on the head. Earning a smile from the robot girl.

With that said, the rest of the journey to the Faunus kingdom was calm like the start of the boat ride. But eventually though they finally began to see the island of Menagerie coming across the horizon.

"Penny, what exactly can you tell me about Menagerie?" Kotaro asked.

Taking a moment to search through historical information from her Database, Penny found what she was looking for. "The island of Menagerie was gifted to the Faunus people after the great war as a reward for helping end the war long ago. But unfortunately the island itself is mostly desert with very little habitable environments, and most of the uninhabitable areas are filled with violent predators." she explained.

The info, while informative, only just made the Ultra frown. From the sounds of it from what Penny explained, and from whatever books he's read back at Saphron's home, the Faunus really did seem to get the short end of the stick.

But at the same time, he rationalized that chances were that Menagerie was possibly the only available landmass that could have been given to the Faunus. So at the same time he somehow felt it was also just another example of bad luck as well.

Still though, that didn't mean it didn't made him somewhat disappointed that even though it was mite than likely just bad luck as it was, the Faunus were still mistreated all the same just for having animal features.

Which is just disappointing to him due to how idiotic it was to treat normal people badly just for that.

After all, you would think people would understand that such treatment others is pointless when there are more important things to deal with. Namely things such as the Grimm, which is one example.

Not to mention when you compare the Faunus to the Hunters or Huntresses, who are people who use superpowers and their own souls as shields to fight monsters made of darkness with transforming weapons.

So yeah in that retrospect, the Faunus looked downright normal in comparison.

"Well regardless of what ends met what, we still need to get to the island regardless." he said as he stared at Menagerie in the distance as it drew closer and closer.

"Kotaro" Penny spoke up again as she noticed the hardened stoic look on the man's face, "I've been meaning to ask you. Do you know what is causing all those people on Menagerie to freeze?"

Kotaro didn't say anything to Penny's question for a solid minute. He only kept staring at the island in the distance not uttering a single sound. But then finally, "Yes, I do. but i hope I'm wrong."

And like that the only sound that could be heard for the two of them were the waves against the ship, the two remaining quite as the sound of waves splashed against the ship down below.

"Kotaro." Said Penny after some minutes of silence.

"Yes Penny?"

"I hope you don't mind but, do you think you can tell me more about your parents?" She asked as Kotaro turned to look at her as she held her head together and looked down shyly, "it's just that, well, I'd just like to learn more about you and your people is all"

The man regarded what she said for a moment, before smiling and putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Sure Penny. What would you like to know?" He asked.

Penny perked up and smiled from his response and asked, "well, could you tell me about what you're parents are like please?"

Smiling, Kotaro tapped his chin with a pondering look adorning his face.

"Hmmm. Where to start."

And so Kotaro started by telling her about his father first. Practically everyone knew him by "Father of Ultra", but his actual name was Ultraman Ken.

In the past, long before he became the supreme commander of the Space Garrison, Ken at the time an aspirin Ultraman who, much like Taro, came from a long Family line of great heroes. As proof of his heritage Ken, much like his father before him and so on, had a set of horns on his head called Ultra Horns.

Kotaro explained that Ultras who have certain traits obtain those traits due to their bloodlines and heritages. For his family, on his fathers side, it was his horns, which allow him to absorb a limitless amount of power.

"So your horns are part proof of your heritage as well?" She asked.

"Yup." Kotaro nodded in response, "my father taught me everything I know now. He and my mother trained me since I was young and long before I was trained by King."

"Wow..." the gynoid whispered, cataloging the information into her memory. She then looked back to him "so, how powerful is your father then?" She asked, interested to know the difference in power between the two.

"if he punched the planet it would explode." Kotaro said flatly.

At that, Penny's eyes widened in shock from that bit of info. especially with what Kotaro said next.

"And no it wouldn't be because of any powers my people naturally have. It would explode simply because of his sheer brute strength alone." He explained.

"Wow..."was the only response the gynoid could get out.

"Yup." Kotaro nodded, "next to Ultraman King himself, my father is regarded as one of the most powerful Ultramen of all. And I'm supposed to take his place as supreme commander one day believe it or not."

"Really?" Penny asked in surprise.

"Mmhmm" Kotaro hummed as he nodded in conformation. "He told that when my training with him is finished, I wouldn't just be a Ultraman, I would be a Super Ultraman."

"A Super Ultraman?"


"Wow, if that's the case then it's no wonder why your father became the Supreme Commander." she said.

"Yeah. But truthfully, his power wasn't just why he was nominated as the Supreme Commander though to be honest" Kotaro said.

"Really? Then why else then." Penny asked.

Suddenly though, no sooner did she asked that question, Penny would then take notice of the serious expression that took over her friend/mentors face.

"Kotaro?" she said, getting a bit concerned by his expression.

A few moments of silence past between them, the Ultra not saying anything at first. But just as he turned to her to tell her something, a sudden beep came over the intercom.

"Attention all crew and passengers alike. We will be arriving at Menagerie soon so do be prepared for when we arrive. That is all."

At that, Kotaro just huffed before looking back to Penny, "looks like story time will have to wait for now. But I'll tell you later when we handle things in Menagerie ok?"

"Okay!" Penny replied, giving off her trademark gigawatt smile.

And from there the two just stood in silence and looked beyond the horizon As the isle of Menagerie drew ever closer.

Later on Mangerie

"Thank you again for your help, I can't begin to start on how much you helped us out on our journey here." said the captain.

Sure enough the two had finally arrived on the Faunus island, and the two of them made their way off the ship, but not before running into the captain again on the way off.

Unfortunately though due to how the incidents were happening at the docks as of late, the ship they were riding on had to arrive at a different location. Fortunately it was nearby the place they were intending to go to so it wasn't that big of a deal.

"It's not a problem captain, and thank you for getting us here," Kotaro said as he shook the Captains hand. Penny nodding in agreed beside him.

"Ah it was no issue lad," the captain reassured "you two take care now, I gotta go check up on the cargo."

"We will sir, goodbye!" Penny replied as she waved the elderly captain goodbye.

Sure enough though the three said their goodbyes to one another and went their separate ways.

"Okay, now from what I remember The incidents were all happening at a settlement called Kuo Kuana." Kotaro said as the two trekked down a dirt road, "Penny can you pull up any information on it and where it is?"

Taking a moment to search through her data-banks, Penny soon found what she was looking for, "Kuo Kuana is the largest settlement in Menagerie. Though Menagerie is a large landmass, because of the fact that it comprises mostly desert, most of the Faunus that live here tend to congregate on smaller areas resulting in the dense settlement of Kuo Kuana." She explained "and if my calculations and my auto-map is correct, it should be due north of here and we will arrive in half an hour."

"Good, then let's go. The sooner we get there the better."

And so with their destination set, our two heroes finally making their way into the largest settlement of the Faunus capital of Remnant.

Later At Kuo Kuana

Sure enough Kotaro and Penny arrived at Kuo Kuana. And Kotaro had to admit, it was in fact a very nice settlement the people here had developed.

From what he could make out of it as they both walked along through the streets, the settlement itself was a bustling town with packed residential areas and expansive markets.

The main street runs from the port to the Chieftain's house and is lined with market stalls and houses. The houses come in many different shapes and sizes accommodating a variety of different Faunus that live there.

The city has a district called "The shallow sea" was dedicated to Faunus with aquatic features. It is comprised of a number of wooden stilt houses situated over shallow water. The water is shallow enough for Faunus to walk in, but also deep enough for more aquatic Faunus to swim in. Boardwalks are connected with wooden rope bridges and are populated by booths selling food and drinks. The water features a submerged market area for Faunus with aquatic features enabling them to convene with the rest of the public.

Another section of the town has a residential area with houses more evenly spaced apart, which in turn makes room for alleys.

Separated from the cramped houses is what Kotaro could make out as a multilevel home of sorts, spaced away with a large, paved courtyard.

In all honesty it was actually a really nice community that the people who live here have developed.

Now if only they would stop giving the two of them looks.

Indeed, ever since they've arrived they have been receiving an assortment of looks from the various residents that spotted them. From what Kotaro understood, humans rarely came to Menagerie and those who did arrive where normally ambassadors from the other kingdoms. And even then their stays were normally short as they would soon leave after they done what they came to do.

So he could understand why a couple of normal looking people like he and Penny would be an oddity in the Faunus kingdom

At the very least though, it would seem the stares were more out of curiosity than anything else. Which makes sense as he rationalized that any human that came to Menagerie would be more akin to ambassadors or something along those lines.

Two ordinary looking people on the other hand... not so much. Still, they were here now so they might as well get onto business.

"So Penny, any idea where the docks might be?"

Thinking about it for a moments, Penny looked to him with a smile "yes actually, it should be pass the Belladonna household. The left turn should take us to it."

"Belladonna household?" He asked.

"Yes, it's home to the leaders of Menagerie, Ghira and Kali Belladonna," Penny explained. "Ghira Belladonna was actually the leader of the White Fang for some time until he decided to step down and become chieftain of Kuo Kanna. And he left the current leader of the White Fang Sienna Khan in charge in his place."

"Which in turn led to the White Fang becoming violent and a terrorist organization..." Kotaro muttered as he processed this information.

During his time on Remnant while living with the Arcs, he had heard and read about the White Fang organization. While he originally approved of the peaceful approach they had before he sure as Hell didn't approve of their change in approach for equality.

Violence was never an actual answer unless it was completely and absolutely necessary. But other than that though it should never be an answer for anything else. Granted yes his people used violence but that was only because they had to. And there are other times when conflicts that they solve rather peacefully and without bloodshed.

Which really only proved his point to be honest.

From what's he's learned is that the current leader Sienna Khan, Sienna stated that she believed in violence for some time prior to radicalization, which in turn led to much more hostile actions in the White Fang in their attempts for equality.

And because of this, a lot of the newer members were more violent because they wanted humans to fear them. Simply, as he rationalizes, in order to get payback on mankind.

Which really made him believe that they were a bunch of complete idiots.

'The way they're going about things is essentially like trying to wash blood off with more blood. A fools errand' Kotaro thought to himself. 'The people won't respect Faunus if they're being terrorized, that'll simply lead to mass genocide. Just what the hell is wrong with those idiots? You'd have to be the stupidest person on the planet or a complete psychopath for even thinking that terrorizing people will get you what you want.'

Penny meanwhile took notice of Kotaro's deep thoughtful look and said "Kotaro is something wrong?"

"Hmm? Oh, no Penny I'm just thinking about something is all" he replied to her.

"Oh, alright." She said.

With that said the two continued their way to the docks as they planned. Both of them hoping to end the current issues revolving around what was going on there.

However unaware to both of them though, a figure watched them from the shadows as they went. And said figure could only look at them with analyzing eyes.

Kuo Kuana Docks

After a bit of time moving through the city, our heroes finally arrived to their destination.

Both of them stood before a large cargo hanger labeled "Hanger 17". From what they've learned before they arrived the incidents that have been happening all revolve around here. But due to not being able to find any evidence on what was going on the local authorities had told the local population to stay away from the area for the time being.

Fortunately though, that also made it easier for the two as it meant nobody would be around or in risk of getting potentially hurt.

"Alright we're here," Kotaro said as he brandished the same gun he used on the Grimm when he and Penny helped saved Argus. "Remember Penny, what I believe is in there is dangerous. So don't let your guard down once we're inside."

"Don't worry Kotaro, I'm combat ready!" Penny Said with a smile, but you can tell she was still being serious about the situation.

Smiling, Kotaro nodded in approval. He then cocked his gun while Penny brought out some of her swords. And then they opened the door and walked inside, shutting it behind them all the while.

Once inside the large cargo hanger the two had begun to search around. So far though the only thing that seemed to be inside was various cargo and silence.

The two however still remained tense for whatever might be potentially lurking around though. And so they went on. Deeper and deeper into the hanger, searching for what might lurk within.

But after 10 minutes, Penny finally decided to break the silence.

"Kotaro?" She said quietly, but just loud enough to get his attention. "You never really told me what exactly we're looking for in here. Do you think you can now?"

Kotaro didn't say anything as he stopped and calmly looked around. "Well. Since we're already in this deep I might as well. It only seems fair," he said as he turned to look at her. "You see Penny, what we're looking for in here is called a-."

However whatever Kotaro was going to say next stopped in his throat when he stopped dead in his tracks and looked down. And what he say was what appeared to be a watchman's hat underneath his foot.

Bending down he picked it up to examine it. And quickly took notice on how it still felt warm.

"We're close. Penny be ready because-" however whatever Kotaro was going to say to her next died in his throat. Because he suddenly took notice of the look of horror that was on Penny's face as she looked ahead of her.

"Penny? What's wr-"


That singular sound alone made the Ultra stop talking practically immediately. Slowly but surly he turned his gaze over to where exactly Penny was look towards at, and soon found out why she had suddenly become so quiet all of a sudden.

For there, in the middle of a large space, was nothing short of a monster.

Its appearance was in the form of some kind of bipedal anthropoid, with a dark exoskeleton covering its body. From what could be made out with its back turned to them, Its head was crowned by two sharp points. And in place of hands were two large pincer claws.

However it what was in those claws that made Kotaro understand Penny's sense of horror.

For there, tightly being held in the creatures grip, was the lifeless corpse of a Faunus. But the truly horrific part of the scene was the fact that jammed down the corpses mouth was a long thin proboscis. And if the sounds were anything to go by, the creature was actually sucking out its victims blood and insides.

It then suddenly perked up, and slowly turned to look at them. Revealing facial features that resembled a cicada. With two, orange, bug like, menacingly glowing, soulless eyes.

The silence that was created by the stare-down was thick enough to cut as neither party made a move.

But then the cicada like creatures proboscis slowly slivered it's way out of the dead Faunus' throat, before with a wet squelch it slid out of the victims insides and retreated into the creatures mouth. Or whatever the hell counted for a mouth anyway.

Suddenly in one swift motion the thing suddenly tossed its victim right at Kotaro and Penny, forcing the two to quickly move out of the way as the body flew past them and slammed into a cargo holder with the force of a speeding car.

The two wasted no time as they righted themselves and pointed their weapons at the creatures. But much to their surprise, the monster was gone!

The two then rushed into the clearing and began looking around. Searching for any signs of the thing in the hanger.

"W-where did it go?!" Penny asked with a shake and quiver in her tone. The poor girl clearly disturbed by the sight she had just witnessed not two moments ago, not that she could be blamed for that to be honest.

But before the Ultra could answer her, a haunting and eerie laugh came from up above them. Both of them whipped their gaze upwards and Penny's eyes widened while Kotaro's narrowed. For the sight before them was the creature floating above looking down at them.

Only this time, there were now a DOZEN others of the monster hovering around it. Each given off the same haunting and eerie laugh as they circled the one in the middle.

"W-w-What are they?! Are they Kaiju?!" Penny said as she stared at the things hovering above them.

"No, not Kaiju! Alien!" Kotaro spoke up glaring at the creatures, "Alien Baltan!"

Alien Analyzer

Space Ninja Alien Baltan

Tier: Mid-Ttier 2

The origins of this mysterious race of creatures is unknown to many in the universe and beyond.

Some say they're a race that were originally members of the Cicada Humans, but for some reason mutated into the Baltans. others say they are a race of Aliens that had destroyed their own planet from nuclear testing, forcing them to travel the universe for a new home. Others even say they may be from a different galaxy entirely.

Whatever their origin may be though it is without a doubt that Baltans can be a huge threat.

Baltans are notaries as enemies for two distinctive reasons.

First being their agility, Strength, and unique powers which allows them to overwhelm most of their victims. As they are able to move at high speeds and have powerful striking power to back up their agility as well.

And secondly, their intelligence and cunning. Baltans are known for their high levels of intelligence which they use for a lot of different reasons. Most races in the universe can only dream about the things the Baltans can use their high intellect for.

But this also makes them extremely dangerous as their cunning enough to outsmart an opponent if they can't simply overpower them.

With all this in mind it's no wonder why they're nicknamed "Space Ninjas".

Before Kotaro could explain any further on what a Baltan was though, the cicada like creatures suddenly dived down and quickly surrounded the two of them.

Kotaro and Penny immediately got back to back with each other. Weapons raised and ready as the Baltans circled the two like a school of hungry sharks in a feeding frenzy. "We're surrounded! How did we not notice all of them when we came in here?" Penny asked.

"Actually there's only just one here" Said Kotaro.

"What?" Penny asked as she glanced back at him, confused by what he meant by that.

"Baltans all have a unique ability to make copies of themselves on the fly. Essentially all of the ones you see here are only clones, illusions created by the original which is hiding amongst them," he explained.

"Meaning only one of them is actually real...!" Penny realized.

"Yes but be carful! For while they may just be illusions, they can still kill you!" Kotaro warned.

And no sooner did he finish saying that did the Baltans all pounce at them!

The two were quick to move out of the way of the first Baltans that got close to them. Just barely dodging the pincer claws that tried to snap them and quickly getting their bearings as they began to fight off the cicada aliens off.

Kotaro was first to shoot off a burst shot of rounds from his weapon as he charged. A trio of the Baltans dashed towards him, with one of them getting hit by the shots as the other two dodged.

But once the two got close to him he was forced to quickly duck and weave through a parry of snapping claws. But Kotaro was quick to go on the defensive as he closed the distance and punched on of the two clear In the face sending it flying. And then he delivered a roundhouse kick to it's partner straight to the neck, sending it spiraling to the floor with a loud thud.

Though no sooner did the three Aliens go down, did each of them suddenly vanish soon afterwards.

'Well that rules those out,' Kotaro thought.

However a sudden bang got his attention and making him swivel his attention over to the sudden sound. And sure enough he saw Penny fighting some of the other Baltans as they ganged up on her. The Gynoid having her swords from into their second transformation, which were essentially laser guns that she used to try and shoot the cicada-like aliens down.

The Gynoid was admittedly holding out against them fair enough. After trying to shoot them, two Baltans came charging at her at both sides, but Penny was quick to jump up and did split kick on both of them knocking them back. Then she took her guns and turned them back into swords and formed them into a spinning circle and launched it straight at the bug-like Aliens.

However the Baltans proved too fast and were quick to dodge the spinning swords before scattering around her. But just as Penny was about to launch herself for another attack though-!


Kotaro suddenly tackled her down, and for good reason to as a powerful blast of energy suddenly shot right where the Ginger haired girl had been and blasted a shipping container to pieces upon impact.

The two looked over and saw where the blast of energy came from. And saw one of the Baltans with a claw stretched out towards them and smoke emitting from the opened pincer.

Penny didn't have time to think about how the creatures they were fighting had a range attack, because they quickly had to dodge more shots from the other ones as well. Forcing the two to duck and weave out of the way from the scorching hot plasma.

However as Kotaro manage to get a chance to shoot at one of the Baltans again.

But when he did, he noticed that the one he aimed at dodged with more personality than the others.

'There you are!', he thought as he turned to Penny and called out to her "Penny! The real one is over there! Shoot at it quick!"

"Right!" The Gynoid called back as she mecha-shifted Floating Array back into guns and fired straight at the Baltan Kotaro pointed out.

The cicada alien immediately began to bolt just as Penny took the first shots at him, running at impressive speed as the Gynoid attempted to hit the fleeing alien as it moved across the room at impossible speed and agility.

But then Penny changed the trajectory of her weapons and took three of her blades together and fired a single powerful stream in front of where the Baltan was running and creating a powerful explosion just as the creature landed on his feet.

Unprepared, the Baltan went flying back from the force of the blast and went flying through the wall of the storage shed.

And no sooner did it do that, did all the other Baltans suddenly vanish as well.

"Nice shot! Now come on, we can't late him escape!" Kotaro said as he quickly ran after the alien and out the hole. With Penny nodding in agreement and quickly following close behind the ultra to outside.

When they got out they were quick to spot the alien darting around a corner and followed after him.

But just as they turned the corner, the alien was nowhere in sight. The only thing around were more shipping containers and a crane for loading and unloading.

"Keep your guard up. He could be anywhere." Kotaro warned as he made his advance. Penny nodded and pulled out more of her swords.

The two carefully made there approach as they looked around the area for the alien. Yet so far there didn't seem to be any signs of the cicada-like creature. But that didn't mean they were going to let their guard down any time soon.

However what neither of the two noticed, was that watching them from the control seat of the crane, their quarry was watching them.

And he then pressed a certain button on the crane that turned on a certain part of it.

Back down below, our heroes were still keeping an eye out for the alien with weapons at the ready.

But then Penny's eyes widen when she suddenly felt a powerful force beginning to pull her up.

Kotaro meanwhile was unaware of his friends dilemma. That is until...


Eyes widening, Kotaro twisted around to see Penny was gone. And then he looked up, and he was quick to find her, "Penny!" he called out with and for good reason too.

Because up above was his partner, who was currently stuck on the large magnet on the crane!

Penny struggled from where she was, but even with her incredible strength she couldn't move an inch, even her swords were immobilized by the magnet.

"Kotaro help! I can't move!" She called out to him.

"Hang on, I'll get you down fro-!"

However before he could even take a step closer, he was forced to move out of the way as a powerful blast of energy hit the spot he had been a few seconds ago.

Looking up, Kotaro saw the culprit to be none other than the Baltan. The cicada creature quickly hopping off from on top of the crane and landing in front of him.

The Baltan let out a haunting laugh at the Ultra, and before Kotaro could fire at the alien it suddenly split into to copies of itself.

And then four, then eight, and then finally twelve of the creature stood around him. All of them laughing as they began to slowly approach him like a pack of wolves. Claws snapping in a menacing fashion as they approached.

Kotaro raised his gun up and prepared himself for anything the alien could throw at him.

But before either of the two could make a move-


-the two opponents looked over suddenly when a voice called out from nowhere. And the Baltan had just enough time to look over, only to have what looked like a flaming capsule slam into him and explode!

The alien went flying once again and slammed into another shipping crate. And this time it had a much more difficult time getting up.

And as a result from the attack, the clones of the Alien all disappeared as well.

Kotaro was quick to whirl over to see who had helped him, and soon spotted his unknown ally.

There, not to far away from him, was a short (like, super short) girl with short white hair and a pair of goggles on, covering her eyes. She also had fox ears peeking out of her hair and a bushy tail that could be seen behind her, partially hidden by a long white lab coat that made her look like a mad scientist, especially when paired with the goggles.

And in her hand was what appeared to be a gun or some sorts. Its appearance was something akin to a grenade launcher with a lever on the side of it, and it was currently smoking.

Kotaro could only stare dumbfounded for a moment as he looked at this mysterious Faunus, that is until she looked over and yelled at him.

"What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?! Shoot the damn thing now while it's injured!" She cried out as she grabbed the lever on her weapon and adjusted it. And then she quickly fired more rounds in a more rapid pace at the alien

Snapping out of his surprise, Kotaro was quick to do just that as the two quickly began firing away at the Alien.

The barrage of fire went on for a solid minute as their shots kicked up smoke. But eventually the two stopped firing when the smoke covered their target from sight.

Everything went tense as the two carefully watched the smoke cloud dissipate. Until finally when it cleared up...

"Dammit! The slippery S.O.B. got away!" The Fox Faunus barked out when the cloud cleared up and revealed that the Baltan was in fact gone. "Ugh, great! Now I gotta look for that thing all over again while it knows it's being searched for, just great..." she sighed out.

Kotaro meanwhile just looked at her for a moment, before he coughed and got her attention.

"Excuse me but, who are you exactly?" He asked carefully.

"Huh? Oh, right." She said as she straightened out her coat and extended a hand towards him, "sorry about the shock and all. Just didn't want that guy to get away, but anyways my name's Mary. Mary Aaron's"

"Kotaro Higashi, nice to meet you," He said as he shook her hand.

"Um, excuse me."

At that, the two snapped their attention upwards towards Penny. Said Gynoid still being stuck on the magnet that held her in place.

"If you don't mind I would like to get down now." She said, with a bit of a blush on her face.

"Oh, right! Sorry Penny," Kotaro said as he began to head over to the crane, "just hold on for a second and I'll get you-."

However before he could do anything, Mary suddenly took aim with her weapon and fired a shot out. Said shot surprised the Ultra and went sailing into the control council of the crane. And in the process, caused the magnet to turn off.

Penny, while unprepared for the sudden lack of magnetic grip, quickly righted herself as she fell and gracefully landed on her feet.

The Gyniod straightened herself out and let out a sigh as she retracted her blades into her backpack. She then looked at Mary and gave her a smile, "thank you miss Aaron's!" She said with a slight bow.

"Don't mention it," the Fox Faunus replied, "now, I know you both have questions and all that usual bunk but I recommend we do it somewhere else. Anywhere but here specifically considered what just transpired."

"Good point. I'd rather we not stick around while that thing is still lurking about" Kotaro agreed, seeing the reasoning behind her words.

"That. And also because all the noise we've made has alerted the authorities. Which will be here in about 4 minutes and 32 seconds." Mary pointed out. And as if on cue, the sound of sirens could be heard coming quickly towards the dock. "Case in point."

"What do we do? They'll be here any minute," Penny said, a bit of concern in her voice.

"I'll tell you what you'll do, get yourself in gear and follow me, double time!" Mary said as she quickly turned and headed off.

The two looked at each other for a moment, before they quickly ran and catched up with the short fox girl. When they caught up to her though, Kotaro looked to her and said "not sure I understand your motives right now but I expect some answers when we're not at risk being arrested!"

"Fair enough. Now shut it and run!" She replied as she put more speed in her sprint.

Sure enough, the three were running out of the docks. And before long the sounds of sirens left from earshot as they ran.

But even so, this was only just the beginning of the troubles our heroes will face. On the Faunus Kingdom of Menagerie.

And done, finally!

Again, sorry for the long wait everyone. also if this chapter isn't my best work. hopefully the next one will be better.

Anyway, hoped you all enjoyed this, and I'll see you all next time everybody.