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In the Hokage's office, Jiraiya observed the jounin's retreat in contemplative silence. Kakashi may not be one of his own students, but as the man who had trained his own Jounin-sensei, Jiraiya thought he new the man pretty well. He had observed much of his training in his younger years, seen how he grew up, and shared some of his pains through Minato. Anyone who knew Kakashi half as well as Jiraiya would know just how strongly Kakashi felt about team bonds. Having his student abandon the village and forsake team seven had been a blow to the man's psyche. Similarly, when it was first announced that Naruko would be leaving the village to train three years ago, the man had been visibly disappointed and very vocal about his displeasure at losing his student for so long. That was why Jiraiya found it so odd that he would cut his reunion with Naruko so short, as well as postponing their spar by a full day. The man had been Naruko's instructor for roughly two years before their time had been cut short. Jiraiya had expected more enthusiasm, though like every man, he understood the allure of great literature.

"Jiraiya, see if you can hunt down their wayward sensei, no doubt he has hidden himself somewhere away with that… inspired gift. I want this evaluation to happen tonight. Naruko, Sakura, you two are to report to training grounds seven in two hours." Said Tsunade. The three ninja nodded in agreement and Tsunade dismissed them all from her office. Jiraiya left to hunt down Kakashi as Tsunade had instructed, there were things he needed to talk to the brat about anyways. Naruko happily exited the building with Shikamaru, Temari, and Sakura in tow. She was looking forward to having a few hours to chat with old friends and maybe she would spend some time getting her apartment in order. Lord knows what it looked like after three years of neglect.

Naruko's spidey-senses were tingling as she watched Shikamaru and the Temari interact. It wasn't like the boy to give someone undivided attention while they were speaking. Usually he was busy multi-tasking or people watching while he was having a conversation. Sakura was giving her questioning, and slightly concerned looks as she noticed her blonde teammate leering at their companions. Eventually even Shikamaru couldn't ignore her anymore.

"What is it, Naruko?" he asked her, slightly dreading her response. Inquisitive Naruko was never a good sign, it usually meant she was going to say something troublesome. Naruko grinned at them and gestured between the pair.

"I couldn't help but notice that you two seem pretty buddy-buddy, are you guys dating?" she asked. Shikamaru frowned and cast slightly panicked eyes at Temari. The woman had a constipated look on her face as she denied the allegations.

"No way, I'm just here representing Suna in this year's chunin exams!" she said, hands on her hips. Shikamaru sighed and nodded.

"Somehow I got roped into helping this year too." He said. Naruko hummed in an overly beatific way and placed a hand under her chin.

"Ohhhh, I get it. You two are just friends huh?" she said, tilting her head and fluttering her lashes. She squaked and leaped out of the way when Temari pointed her fan at her threateningly. Sakura was outright laughing at the scene, Naruko could be pretty funny when she wasn't directing her attention at you. Shikamaru just pinched the bridge of his nose and voiced a resigned 'Troublesome'. Suddenly it felt like Naruko had only been out of the village for three days instead of three years.

"Watch it brat, you're still an genin so I've got rank on you, and diplomatic immunity." Threatened Temari. Naruko giggled and slid in behind Sakura, using her as a meat shield.

"Ahh, speaking of, are you going to participate in the exams this year? You're the last one in our year that isn't a chunin yet." said Shikamaru. Naruko froze. Sakura, who was standing close to her, could even feel the chill radiating off of her body.

"Ahh… Naruko, you good?" she asked, poking the unresponsive girl in the forehead. Naruko slowly turned her head towards Sakura, her eyes staring into the soul of her teammate.

"Even… even you, Sakura-chan?" she asked, her voice small. Sakura sighed internally, she had figured the news wouldn't go over well, but she had expected more dramatics.

"Ahh, yeah. Aren't you going to say congratulations?" she said. Naruko looked conflicted, and sputtered and she looked for words.

"Well, yeah! Obviously, I mean that's great, but how could you do the exams without me!? Don't get me wrong, I'm really happy, but I thought we had something special Sakura-chan! How could you leave me behind? Congratulations though, I'm not surprised that you passed the exams, you're awesome! BUT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AWESOME TOGETHER!" ranted Naruko, her voice switching from excited shouting to betrayed and devastated in rapid succession. Sakura was getting whiplash. Shikamaru, not one to waste a good opportunity, spoke up again.

"Neji, Kankuro, and Temari are Jounin." He stated, stopping Naruko in her tracks mid-rant.

"What?" she said, dumbly. "For real?" she said. Temari nodded her head in confirmation. In Naruko's mind the gap between her and her friends was growing larger by the second, so much had happened in three years! She had a lot of catching up to do. Always one to recover quickly, Naruko snapped up and grinned at Temari.

"Awe man, that's awesome! I have to hurry up and catch up to you then!" she exclaimed. Pausing as a thought struck her she looked to Temari, "Hey, what ever happened to Gaara?" she asked. Sakura was the one who answered.

"I heard he was named Kazekage recently, wasn't he?" she asked. Temari nodded her head.

"That's right. I never thought I'd see the day, but he's come a long way. He is actually pretty popular in the village now." She said. Naruko was thunderstruck.

"You mean Gaara made Kazekage before me? I new he could do it but come on! That's it, I can't let him outdo me like that! Just you wait, I'll be Hokage in no time!" she exclaimed. Saukura shook her head fondly. It was like the girl had never left, and in a way that was a very comforting thought. It might have been nice to meet a more mature version of Naruko, but truth be told, Sakura was glad the girl hadn't changed too much. She had been worried that the girl would come back different.

"One day Naruko, one day. For now, we should spend some time planning how to take down Kakashi-sensei." Said Sakura. Naruko nodded her head enthusiastically and slammed her fist into her open palm.

"Oh yeah, I can't wait to show off what we've learned! We better get started right away! There is still a lot of stuff I want to do today. Shikamaru, Temari, we'll catch you crazy kids later!" she said as the group parted ways.

"I suppose there are a lot of people you want to visit huh? It has been three years." Said Sakura. Naruko nodded her head.

"Yeah, I also should check on my apartment… I think I left milk in the fridge when I left." Said Naruko. Sakura looked at her in horror.

"Oh gross, I am not helping you clean that out." She said.

"Bummer, but fair enough. Hey, does Kakashi-sensei know you have been training with Baa-chan?" asked Naruko. Sakura nodded her head.

"Yeah, he knows that I have been taking lessons in medical jutsu, and I'm sure he has figured out she is training me in combat as well, but I haven't fully disclosed what those lessons included." She said with a small grin. Naruko flashed her a toothy grin.

"Oh man, this is going to be good. I doubt Kakashi-sensei is going to know what hit him! I've been learning all sorts of neat stuff too! Just… uh… you know. Maybe pull back on your punches a little Sakura-chan. You could kill a person with those fists, what the hell has Baa-chan been feeding you?" said Naruko. Sakura huffed and shrugged her shoulders.

"If he pulls out any porn all bets are off. Besides, I didn't hit you that hard, did I?" said Sakura. Naruko leveled her with a look.

"You broke my jaw." She said, pointing to her chin. Sakura looked at her with surprise.

"Whoops… sorry. I might have got a little carried away, but it's fine so long as I can fix it. A broken jaw is nothing. It doesn't look broken to me." Sakura observed.

"Well, yeah. I heal pretty quick, still hurt though." Naruko grumbled.

"I said I was sorry, besides… you had it coming." Said Sakura. Naruko didn't bother disagreeing, even though she wanted too. The ultimate sexy jutsu was pure art, she thought Sakura should be honored to be included in it. She even gave her look alike tits. Whatever.

"Alright, alright… so, what has Baa-chan been teaching you?" asked Naruko. Sakura grinned.

"Look, why don't we go get some cleaning supplies and I'll tell you all about it while we clean your place, I want to know all about your adventures too. You're cleaning out the kitchen on your own." Said Sakura. Naruko beamed and grabbed her hand.

"You really mean you'll help me!? I was just going to make my shadow clones do it, but this is so much better!" exclaimed Naruko as she took off towards the market. Sakura stood there feeling stupid for a moment. She hadn't even thought about the shadow clones, she'd just signed herself up for more work and it wasn't even necessary.

"Chaa, damnit." She sighed in resignation as she followed after the elated blonde. The offer seemed to mean a lot to Naruko, so she'd hate to take it back now, besides they could still use shadow clones.

Naruko was, in fact, elated that Sakura had offered to help clean her apartment. She'd left it is quite a state when she left the village. It also meant that the girl wanted to spend extra time with her, which was great! She wasn't sure where she stood with Sakura after all this time. They had been close before she left, but not that close. Sasuke's disappearance had only seemed to put a greater rift between them too, but it looked like they could work passed that.

This also gave her the perfect opportunity to observe Sakura-chan in a domestic setting, maybe she could sell Sakura to Kakashi-sensei as an incredibly (scarily) strong kunoichi as well as a great house keeper. Maybe she should try and get Sakura to cook too. Maybe she would even make ramen? Oh man, what is Sakura was good at making ramen!? Well if that happened then Naruko was just going to have to marry Sakura herself! Except, Sakura-chan so clearly belonged with Kakashi-sensei. Ah, too bad.

The Konoha market district was bustling with activity. Many scents wafted through the air from the street vendors stalls. Everything from food to shoes were on display along the streets. Naruko recognized many of the vendors faces, most of them had been decent to her as a kid. Well, they had sold her stuff at least. There was one vendor that Naruko found herself looking out for though, the cabbage man. No one had antagonized Naruko, or been antagonized by Naruko, more than the cabbage vendor. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he saw she was back in town. Naruko grinned as she thought of all the pranks she had played on the man in the past, ah maybe she should give him a proper greeting when she had the time. Sakura caught up to Naruko and tapped her on the shoulder, distracting her from her thoughts.

"Come on, there's a shop with cleaning supplies this way. I hear they came out with a cleaner just for mold and mildew, and I feel like we are going to need it." Said Sakura. Naruko nodded her head and filed the information away for later. So Sakura-chan was good at household stuff. The girls spend some time in the market place buying cleaning supplies and other basic household necessities. Sakura was pretty concerned to learn that Naruko didn't own any bleach. It wasn't her fault no one had taught her this stuff. Luckily, it seemed like Sakura was more than willing to fill her in. At least she'd always known how to do her laundry.

"We might not have enough time to really start cleaning, we have to be at the training grounds in forty minutes." Said Sakura. Naruko was surprised, she hadn't realized that they had spend so much time shopping.

"Seriously? Crap, we haven't even come up with a strategy yet! Come on, we better drop this stuff off and get planning! Thanks again for helping me Sakura-chan." Said Naruko.

"Sure, Naruko. Glad I could help. Now, lead the way, we better hurry." Said Sakura. Naruko grinned and took to the rooftops, startling a few civilians. You'd think they would be less jumpy by now, they did live in a hidden village. It took the girls a few minutes of running to reach Naruko's old apartment building, and they were greeted with a nasty surprise.

"Oh shit…" cursed Sakura as she stared at the abandoned building. Naruko was shell shocked, staring open mouthed at the sign plastered to the fencing.

"Condemned?" read Naruko, still in shock. "Look at the date! This place was condemned months ago!" shouted Naruko, pointing accusingly at the sign. Sakura looked at Naruko with a pitying expression.

"Oh wow, Naruko. I'm so sorry." She said, placing the bags she had been carrying on the ground. She put her hand on Naruko's shoulder in an attempt to comfort her.

"I've been sending them rent money the whole time! Those, those, crooks! ARGH!" shouted Naruko, beyond frustrated. Sakura flinched, that really had to bite. Naruko let out a few more frustrated hollers and tugged at one of her pigtails. "Awe man, I really don't have time for this! Do you think any of my stuff is still there?" asked Naruko. Sakura shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know Naruko, maybe. Let's go take a look, I'm sure sensei will understand if we are late." Said Sakura. Naruko sighed and shook her head, shoulders tense.

"No, there's no point in dealing with it right now, and I really want to hit something!" replied Naruko. Sakura nodded her head in understanding.

"Lets bring this stuff to my place, you can stay at mine tonight." She said. Sakura let out an oomf as Naruko suddenly tackle hugged the girl.

"Saskura-chan! You really are amazing! I'll make it up to you, believe it!" she said, ugly crying and clinging to her teammate. Sakura shook her head at how quickly the girl could switch moods. Sakura lead Naruko to her house and set the girl's bags off to the side. They'd get her settled in later, for now they had a lot of built up aggression they wanted to take out on their sensei, which meant they needed a battle plan.