Hope's Peak Academy. The crown jewel of the country, where the most talented people end up. The building stood out proudly in the city, yet surrounding skyscrapers completely towered above it. Large emblem of the school, which contained a monochrome shield along with a pen and some kind of shape on it, was placed high on the building. The institution was guarded by the iron fence, which prevented any hooligans from doing shenanigans. Surrounded by many trees, the building was place d in the center of the city.

A mauve haired girl, wearing a green cardigan, pink backpack and leggings, stood in front of the entrance, being more focused on what she was holding in her hands: a pink handheld console. Noises came out of it, indicating that she was playing a game. For a moment, she took a look at the academy, staring at its size.

"So this is it….Hope's Peak Academy….I think." she thought to herself, feeling butterflies in her stomach. Slowly building up some courage, the girl stepped towards the entrance, opening the doors. She entered through the door, stepping inside the well lit hallway. The floor had the checkered pattern like chess as the ceiling was held by marble pillars. Every step she took echoed through the hall. The girl held the straps of the backpack tightly as she explored the hall, looking at the brown, wooden doors that led to classrooms.

"Class 77-B. Where is it?" she asked to herself, continuing the search for her class, but to no avail as every class was labeled anything other than her desired destination. There was no sight of anyone in the near distance either.

Suddenly, she saw a brown spiky haired boy with a rather peculiar streak standing on his head, standing near the door of one of the classrooms. The boy was wearing a green tie over the simple white shirt along with black jeans. Despite the fact he could enter the classroom at any time, he just stood in front of it, looking nervously at the floor. The girl tilted her head in curiosity and approached the anxious boy.

"Hey hey." greeted the girl with a soothing voice, much to the surprise of the boy.

"Hello." said the boy as he faced towards the girl, hiding the nervousness from before.

"Excuse me. Is this where Class 77-B is?" asked the lass, glancing over the sign that displayed the aforementioned number.

"Yeah, it is." answered the boy.

"Oh, I haven't introduced myself….I think. My name is Chiaki Nanami. What's yours?" she said as she pointed at herself, placing her hand on the chest.

"My name is Hajime Hinata. To be here, in Hope's Peak Academy, is a huge honor for me." introduced the boy towards the Chiaki, having a rather sheepish smile on his face.

"Nice to meet you. I hope we will get along well." smiled Chiaki at him, somehow calming him down for a bit. Despite that, she still noticed that Hajime was not in the best of the moods.

"Hey….is there something wrong?" wondered Chiaki, stepping closer to Hajime.

"Ah, it's nothing! Absolutely nothing!" blushingly replied Hajime, trying to pretend everything is okay.

"There must be something that's bothering you….I think." asserted Chiaki as she gave a serious look on him. He realized that he couldn't hide it anymore.

"Well...it's something that I have always wanted to be apart of. Hope's Peak Academy is a place where dreams come true. But...I just...can't actually believe I made it here. It's kinda difficult to enter the classroom….I don't know what will they expect. What will they think of such an ordinary person like me?" nervously explained Hajime, but at the same time he felt sort of relief telling his thoughts to someone.

"Ah, it's okay. I understand. To be honest, it's kinda scary for me too." reassured Chiaki as she looked him in the eyes. Her own eyes seemed to have a little gleam on them, giving Hajime some kind of aura of relaxation. "Maybe...we should go inside together? It's gonna be much easier for us….I think."

"Uh, sure?" approved Hajime with some uncertainty in his voice. Then Chiaki grabbed the door handle and ensured a tight grip on it.

"On three." alerted Chiaki as both of them got their heads closer to each other. Chiaki and Hajime started to slowly count to the desired number. Once the count has reached three, she slowly opened the door, revealing the classroom.

The classroom had multiple amounts of brown wooden tables with chairs behind them, all facing towards the desk, which was reinforced by the fences on both of the sides. Behind the desk there was a large blackboard, yet nothing was written on it. Floor itself had some kind of a pattern in the shape of a rhombus on them with multiple colors. Although the classroom had multiple lights on the ceiling, the main source of luminosity were the wide windows, supported with red curtains. When Chiaki and Hajime entered it, they soon realized that they were not alone as they saw six people already in the class. One purple haired boy with a hat was sitting behind one of the tables, supporting his head with his arm as he stared at the blackboard with a bored expression on his face. The mood of his quickly shifted when he saw Chiaki and Hajime stepping inside the class.

"Hey, come over here!" invited the purple haired boy, waving at them. The duo accepted his invitation and walked up to him. When they arrived, Chiaki did a small but quick wave with her hand at him. "You are the new guys, right? Then please, tell me your names!"

"I am Hajime..." he told the purple haired dude, who seemed to become increasingly excited.

"...and my name is Chiaki." she greeted as well.

"Cool! My name is Kazuichi Soda and I'm the Ultimate Mechanic!" the purple haired dude introduced himself, pumping his fists in the air. "Do you have like….a talent too?"

"Yep, I'm the Ultimate Gamer and I'm the fan of all genres, even the bad ones." answered Chiaki, showing her console to Hajime and Kazuichi.

"And I'm...the Ultimate….it's a secret. Can't really tell anyone about it." fretted Hajime, trying to hide his true feelings about it.

"It's alright, man. I just hope we get along together well." reassured Kazuichi, giving Hajime a big sense of relief. "Also, if you have any problems with machines, call me! There's no feeling same as fixing that beauty up!"

"Oh, what kind of machines do you mean?" piqued Chiaki while trying to think of any specific machine by herself.

"Any! Appliance or vehicle, I'll fix it for you!" cheered Kazuichi as he pumped his fists again.

"Well, you ain't Ultimate Mechanic for nothing." commented Hajime.

"Heh, thank you." said Chiaki. A little smile dawned upon her face.

"No prob! Hope you two have a good day!" cheered Kazuichi as the ahoge boy and mauve haired lass went further on to meet more of their classmates.

"He seems like a good fellow at heart. Maybe one day he will build something really cool!" thought Chiaki to herself while walking along with Hajime. It didn't take them long to find another individual, this time they encountered a red headed girl with freckles on her face, holding a camera in her arms.

"Hello there!" greeted the red haired girl the moment she saw them walking nearby. "I am Mahiru Koizumi and I'm the Ultimate Photographer."

Suddenly, she lifted up the camera and pointed it at them, putting her finger on the trigger button.

"Smile!" she ordered to them as they did what she told them to do, placing themselves in a comfortable position. The moment she pushed the button, a snapping sound came from the camera. Once the whole process was finished, Mahiru took a look at the photo from the monitor which was placed on the back of the camera. The placements of Chiaki and Hajime gave the photo some kind of vertical composition while the lighting from the windows gave it some kind of glossy yet relaxing feeling to the photograph.

"Tadaaa! What do you think?" requested Mahiru as she showed them the photo itself.

"I think it's great!" complimented Chiaki as she observed the photo.

"Yeah, you're really good at it." added Hajime along with Chiaki.

"Why, thank you." blushed Mahiru as her smile widened across her face. "Any kind of photo is a memory that may as well exist in that period. I think that should be cherished well."

They seemed to have good time meeting each other before Chiaki and Hajime decided to meet other students as well.

"Hey, wait a minute." urged Mahiru towards the ahoge boy, to which he stopped going forward. Chiaki, following him, stopped as well. "You're Hajime, right?"

"Yes? What's up?" wondered Hajime.

"Be a real gentleman to her, okay!?" scolded Mahiru, completely changing her mood as she put her arms around her hips.

"U-uh, okay?" stuttered Hajime, surprised at her sudden change. "Gee, what was that for?"

"Don't worry, Mahiru. I believe he will be." reassured Chiaki as she stepped in front of the Hajime, putting her hand on her chest.

"A lot of faith put into me, despite only meeting minutes ago, huh." thought Hajime to himself, blushing from Chiaki's words.

"Alright then. If you say so, I'll believe you then." said Mahiru, returning to the relaxed mood she had earlier.

"She's really cool, but I think she should trust in people a bit more...I think. I wonder why she wouldn't trust Hajime." thought Chiaki to herself while she was, along with Hajime, prepared to meet another student, possibly their new friend.

Suddenly, a multicolor haired lass with oni horns on her head peeked from one of the desks. She made a gesture with her hands like she was holding binoculars. Pretending to patrol the classroom, the horned gal locked her sight on unknowing Chiaki.

"Cutie spotted!" the lass shouted as she jumped on the desk and started hopping on other tables like a frog, rapidly approaching them. She ceased her motions right in front of them, standing proud on the closest table.

"Say it with me! I, I go to the streets! B, bought a new book! U, you go with me! K, kay you say! I, do the refrain! That's how you get IBUUKIII MIODA!" Ibuki….sang in her own way while rocking that air guitar like a real one.

"...What?" asked Hajime after witnessing her...performance. Meanwhile, Chiaki sheepishly but sincerely clapped for her, despite the fact she was also confused.

"Thank you, thank you!" bowed Ibuki, making some greatly exaggerated gestures. "An applause of the cheerful audience is a wonderful reward for the musical greats such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Salieri, Billy Joel and of course, Ibuki Mioda!

"Shut the hell up with your sugar rushes, okay?!" suddenly a short girl in an orange kimono with twin tails turned back and hissed, just after trying to squish a fly on the window with her own fingers. "Can't you see I'm busy here?!"

"I need no sugar, cause I'm always on energy!" said Ibuki, unaffected by the girl's statements. Hajime and Chiaki looked at the hissy fit personified, with former having a confused stance while the latter frowned.

"What'cha staring at me? Go bugger off already!" fumed the lass at them.

"Hey now, Hiyoko. Calm down, they're not gonna hurt you. They're just here to meet us." said Mahiru, attempting to cheer Hiyoko up.

"Yeah, not a good move on your behalf." scolded Hajime.

"And we were just trying to meet Ibuki." added Chiaki.

"It's been like the third time you yelled at me this morning, but it's okay! I yelled when I woke up as well!" chattered Ibuki, making everyone in the near distance further confused.

"Fine, fine, but only because you said so. But don't expect cuddles and cheers, unless you're stupid enough to do that." grumbled Hiyoko Saoiji. In response, Chiaki remained silent but she looked at the floor.

"Alright-a-mundo!" said Ibuki as she, for some reason, crawled back to her desk. The speed of her crawling on the floor managed to surprise everyone in the room.

"Did she...really have to do that?" asked Hajime after witnessing her action before going to meet the remaining students in the class along with Chiaki.

"Ibuki seems like a really cheery person!...I think. I can't wait to spend more time with her. Hiyoko though…..I will try my hardest, but she's gonna be a tough one...I'm not stupid to believe in people, right?" thought Chiaki to herself just as she ventured forth, seeking new classmates. It did not take long as suddenly, a blonde tall girl in a green and white dress with a crown on her head stood in front of them.

"Halt!" she commanded, stunning them as they stopped like she said so. "You are late to the class!"

"What the….? As far as I know, it's only 7.37." pointed out Hajime as he pointed on the clock.

"My apologies." said the charmingly dressed girl, bowing towards them as she attempted to meet them like an ordinary Japanese person. "Oh goodness me, I haven't even introduced myself! My name is Sonia Nevermind, the Ultimate Princess! I am not quite used to the schedule and rules here, since I am from Novoselic. The rule is that in Novoselic, you must be thirteen minutes earlier than the agreed time. If not, then you are severely punished."

"Princess? Just like those noble royals who await for their love in games?" asked Chiaki, being reminded of one her platformers she used to play a lot. She seemed to get a little excited.

"Erm...not to be rude, but aren't you….overqualified for this school?" questioned Hajime.

"Well to first question, yes and no. While I do live a castle just like ones in games and fairy tales, I hold a huge responsibility governing my nation. Do not worry, my family is handling the reign as well. To the second question, I thought as well, but they seemed to accept me without any issues! It was my dream to come here, I admire Japan since I was child. In fact, Novoselic wishes to get us closer than even before!" answered Sonia before she started to ramble as two of them listened.

"Oh boy, we're having THAT kind of person in our class. Just please don't tell me you also like anime..." grumbled Hiyoko as she faced backwards, looking at Sonia with contempt.

"Indeed I do! It's quite popular in my country and one of the reasons why I wanted to go to Japan as well!" confirmed Sonia with pure cheer in her voice.

"….Why must this place have the freakiest of all freaks.." quietly complained Hiyoko as she started to frequently slam her head on the desk. Mahiru tried to stop her from doing such an action.

"Well...nothing is really wrong with watching it. Everyone should do things they enjoy without being shamed on." affirmed Chiaki to counter Hiyoko's words.

"It's okay. Sonia, there's nothing to worry about. I just hope that it would be comfortable enough that you could express whatever you'll want." assured Hajime as he, along with Chiaki, welcomed Sonia for who she was.

"FUCK YEAH!" yelled Sonia as she pumped her fists up in the air. Not only did her words startle Chiaki and Hajime, it made the entire class turn towards her as they stared in bewilderment. "Oh, I'm sorry. I know as a princess I shouldn't talk like this, but…."

"No, it's fine. Just that…..not exactly something expected, that's all." explained Hajime to her, trying to cheer her up.

"Oh! Oh well, there is no problem! I hope you have a nice day!" smiled Sonia as she waved at them, letting them continue their day normally.

"Man, I can't believe a princess like her dropped a bomb like this!" thought Ibuki to herself, being intrigued and yet excited at the thought.

Chiaki noticed one of the students standing in the corner alone, leaning towards the window as he stared at the wall. He was covered in all black with a mark of the lighting sticking out of his pale face. A long purple scarf covered his face along with bandages covering his hands. The menacing aura radiated from his stature.

"Hey, Hajime. Someone's alone there. We should greet him...I think." declared Chiaki as she started approaching the mysterious student.

"You sure? He doesn't look like he wants to be bothered." asked Hajime just to be sure about.

"We can't just leave him to be alone. Everyone needs a chance." elaborated Chiaki. Hajime didn't really have anything to argue about so they stepped forward to him. The mysterious student

"Stand back! If you step forward once more, you shall be cursed for eternity!" warned the enigmatic student as he clutched with his arm.

"Erm...we do not mean to hurt you. We're just here…..to meet you." said Chiaki, starting to get a little confused by the student's manners. Hajime started to feel like this whole meeting attempt might lead to somewhere unusual.

"Hurt me? Fuwahahahaha! As if you can! Against the Supreme Overlord, no mortal can strike me, if they manage to not run away in fear after witnessing me. If you haven't come here for a battle, do you perhaps seek to submit under my rule? If not, then justify your presence here!" boasted the enigmatic student as he shook his fist.

"We're just here….to make friends. To create new memories….I think" she tried to explain to him.

"I think, you say. Hah! You are not even sure about your motive! Mine is simple and clear: take over the world AND THEN HELL ITSELF!" further boasted the student, which only made the situation even more confusing.

"Alright, Supreme Overlord of Boastfulness. Just tell us your name." demanded Hajime with an annoyed tone in his voice.

"For who I am, you wish to know. But name is forbidden to say out loud. Anyone who hears it shall never know peace. So….are you willing enough to risk eternal suffering?!" cautioned the bombastic student.

"Yes, yes, just tell us already." groaned Hajime as he nearly put his hand on his face.

"Fine then, you mortals asked for it. Do not blame me for the consequences. For I am The Supreme Overlord, GUNDHAM TANAKA, the world shall tremble in front of me! An new era of darkness shall engulf the Netherworld with terror!" he shouted as his name echoed through out the classroom.

"AAAAAAAAAAH!" Ibuki also yelled, possibly in fear or the fact she thought it was a screaming competition.

"Y-you don't mean...you're gonna engulf the world in the darkness, right? The good always defeats the evil...right?" stuttered Chiaki as she actually felt chills down her spine.

"C'mon, Chiaki, You know that's not possible."

"Kehehehe….it appears I have instilled fear already. Deluding yourself with a chance of victory is fruitless, since I lead an army of DEMONS!" chuckled Gundham as he crossed his arms.

"...Demons?" asked Chiaki, ever so slightly trembling. Hajime assured her that things are gonna be alright.

"Demons!" chirped Sonia, curious to see the aforementioned beings.

"Humanity's curiosity is never going to be quenched, so I shall show my demons in advance. Be careful, if you value your life." said Gundham, waiting for any response from them. There was no clear answer, so Gundham Tanaka decided he will show them his demons.


Suddenly, four hamsters of different sizes appeared as they jumped on Gundham, showing their visage towards his students. He confidently posed as he let out a laugh full of malevolence.

"….THOSE are your demons? They're just..." said Hajime in the state of bafflement.

"They're rather fluffy." commented Chiaki as she tried to observe them up close.

"And cute!" praised Sonia as her eyes shined.

"Do not be fooled by their appearance! They have just taken the form they find comfortable!, just like it was told in the Pandemonium" warned Gundham while his hamster comfortable sat on him.

"Alright….I hope you have a nice day." said Chiaki before she and Hajime went to their desks.

"We shall meet again! Fuwahahaha!" devilishly laughed Gundham Tanaka with his arms crossed again.

"Gundham….why does he talk like a villain? I don't believe he actually means it...I think." Chiaki thought to herself before she sat down behind her desk. "I'll just get my game and see if anyone else comes to this classroom. I hope I can make a good impression on them….I think I didn't do it well this time."

She sat quietly as she started playing a shoot em up game on her console, being completely absorbed in it. Mahiru and Hiyoko were chatting about something while Ibuki was bobbing her head for no particular reason. Gundham remained in his corner, now observing the classroom like an eagle. Others just sat quietly as well, waiting for others to arrive as the time passed.

Suddenly, a noise resembling squealing when braking was heard from the halls. Everyone looked at the door as they were startled.

"W-what the? Is someone driving a car in the halls?" stuttered Kazuichi when he heard the noise.

The noise stopped, but the doors to the classroom were opened fiercely to the point they nearly hit the walls, revealing a tall tanned girl with athletic physique along with a massive muscular man behind her. They both chuckled as they entered the classroom.

"Nope, just me!" cheered the tall lass as she stepped further in the classroom.

"Well done, Akane! You did one hundred laps around school without breaking a sweat! Now that's real spirit!" praised the buff man as he went along with her.

"Thanks, Nekomaru!"responded Akane, winking at him and then placing her hand behind her head.

"O-one hundred laps? Ain't that too much?" asked Kazuichi.

"There is no such thing as too much for us! We are gonna overcome any obstacle with ease!" boasted Nekomaru as he pumped his fists, to which Akane joined as well. Chiaki glanced over them with a certain curiosity before continuing playing her game.

After Akane and Nekomaru sat down behind their desks, the class went quiet until two new people appeared in front of the entrance. A rather sharply dressed blond lad along with a tall silver haired girl with glasses silently stepped in. Chiaki noticed them, stood up and tried to approach them.

"Do not come any closer." warned the silver haired girl, making Chiaki completely halt before she could say anything. "Fuyuhiko is not in the best mood right now. I would advise to ask later."

"Damn right." added Fuyuhiko, clenching his fist as he had a scowl on his face.

"Oh….I see. I'm sorry." lamented Chiaki before stepping back to her desk. The lady with glasses saw her and felt a little bit of guilt when she saw her pitifully returning to her desk.

"Fuyuhiko, would have been a good idea to at least greet her properly?" asked the lady with glasses.

"...Fine, you are free to do if you wish, no need to ask. However, don't let her pry too much, okay?" reluctantly allowed Fuyuhiko as he quietly sighed. She stepped towards Chiaki just before the little lass (compared to her) could sit down and return to playing her games.

"Hello there. You seemed to be curious to know us." introduced the lady towards her. Chiaki's mood changed as she looked up to the lady, towering in front of her. "I apologize for what happened. It was just an instinct of mine."

"It's okay! I just didn't want to bother, but…..I just...want to...make wonderful memories with everyone!" avowed Chiaki to her rather enthusiastically.

"Heh, your optimism is admirable yet quaint. Anyway, my name is Peko Pekoyama and I am the Ultimate Swordswoman." said the lady with glasses as she crossed her arms adamantly.

"Sword? You actually have it? May I….see it?" requested Chiaki, tilting her head.

"Sure." answered Peko, drawing her bamboo sword and held it in front of her as she observed her weapon. Chiaki, out of an assumption that she was not allowed, didn't want to touch it.

"That's so cool!" praised Chiaki while getting her eyes locked on the sword. "Are you...like a knight that slays the darkness and saves the innocents?"

"Don't be silly...I cannot tell you much about the reason of usage." mumbled Peko as she returned her sword back in her bag. Fuyuhiko glanced over to check that no important information was spilled. By the time they were about to sit behind their desks, Ibuki appeared out of a sudden.

"Shit! Another fucking person to pry us!" thought Fuyuhiko to himself while wincing.

"Holyheckthat'ssuchaprettyladyIforgottoputinspaces!" fantasizes Ibuki to herself, looking more at Peko.

They had a little chat about mundane things and games until suddenly, the doors opened, revealing a long haired but perpetually anxious gal. The girl tripped and started rolling inside the classroom until she hit the fence in front of the large desk.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" she yelled as she felt utter pain in her back. Most of the class with exception of Hiyoko rushed towards her right away.

"Hey, are you okay?" asked Hajime while everyone near her tried to help. Chiaki even got closer and tried to lift her up.

"I-I-I j-just s-slipped and...ah! P-please don't look at me!" whimpered the lass while trying to cover her face.

"Is everything alright?" asked Chiaki as she picked up the girl from the floor.

"J-Just in the back." stuttered the girl as she held a grip on Chiaki's shoulders, staring her in the eyes.

"Don't worry. We will patch you up as quick as we can." declared Chiaki, lifting her up with rather relative ease. Suddenly, the girl that she was holding like a little weight started to tear up, then combusted into tears. The classmates silently watched the whole scene unfold in shock.

"Hey hey. It's gonna be okay. I promise." reassured Chiaki to the weeping girl, cradling her as an attempt to make her more relaxed.

"N-n-no one has been so kind to me." wept the girl in her arms, to which Chiaki responded with a tighter hug and further reassurance.

"...What happened to her?" wondered Hajime after seeing the entire debacle with the girl.

"Bah! This is just nothing than a poorly made self-pity play!" cursed Hiyoko out of sudden annoyance, pointing at the girl in Chiaki's arms. That warranted a glare from Hajime.

"Oh, forgot to ask. What is your name?" she asked as she took the girl to the nearest table.

"M-Mikan Tsumiki." the girl introduced herself with meekness oozing from her voice.

"Mikan Tsumiki...I will be your friend." avowed Chiaki to her.

"H-huh?! R-really?" stammered Mikan out of complete surprise. Chiaki smiled, to which made Mikan's day much brighter. Meanwhile, Ibuki Mioda was foaming as she collapsed on the floor.

"Ibuki! Are you alright?" asked Mahiru, running over her to check her. Hearing her concerns, Ibuki immediately stood up as if someone erected a statue in miliseconds.

"IBUKI IS BLESSED!" she bursted, hopping in one place like a bunny. Mahiru and others could only stare at her in confusion, with some accepting that and others don't.

Some time has passed after the encounter with Mikan, nothing eventful actually happening. Oh, some chef also stepped in the class but moving on. The class was about to start with everyone being prepared for it, but then, on exactly fifty-nine point nine seconds before 7:50 AM, the doors opened once again, revealing a white haired fellow. The pale lad wore a dark green zipper coat along with black jeans.

"Good morning, everyone." he said with a smile on his face. Some of the class waved at him while others ignored him. "I hope I wasn't too late for the class..."

"What are you talking about? You arrived almost exactly on time! How...did you manage to do it? Who are you?" questioned Hajime while looking at the lad. Chiaki glanced over to him as well, curious to who he was talking to.

"Ah, someone noticed me! It must have been the doing of my luck." avowed the white haired lad as he stepped closer to him, his smile getting wider. "I am Nagito Komaeda, the Ultimate Lucky Student."

Both of them greeted each other, yet Hajime took small amount of caution doing anything near him, unsure what to expect of him. Nagito seemed to get closer to him with each move he did.

"The day I was waiting for my entire life has finally happened. All these talents here, in one place….it's amazing! I did not expect that utter trash like me..." said Nagito as he stared at his palm, yet still regaining his smile.

"Hey, don't degrade yourself. Pretty sure you have a lot of potential inside of you." called out Hajime out of a sudden, pointing at him rather frustratingly.

"Hajime is right. Everyone has an ability to do wonder, no matter what they are." added Chiaki, joining in as well.

"Oh...praised by not only one but two talents at once….Thank you so much! I hope you two have a great day." cheered Nagito before going off to his own table.

"No problem. As long as I can make at least someone's day brighter, I'm more than glad." said Chiaki, smiling as well.

"Well...about that…." thought Hajime, secretly doubting himself after hearing the ramblings of Nagito.

Time went past 7:50, the class was about to start. Everyone waited patiently for their teacher to arrive. Gundham was still standing in the corner, observing his fellow students like a hawk.

After one minute, the doors opened again, revealing a middle aged long haired woman dressed in a white apron along with blue skirt suit.

"Goooooooood morning, class!" she said with a peppy smile so wide that it would make the Sun look like a black hole. The class greeted her back, although some people like Fuyuhiko and Gundham remained quiet for their own reasons. The woman who seemed like their teacher hopped towards her own desk before taking a look at her students.

"I shall be your teacher, but let me introduce myself! I am Chisa Yukizome. Now, are you ready for...the greatest adventure you'll have here?!" she cheered, motivating her class for the upcoming years as she raised her arm up in the air.

"YAHOO! I AM READY!" screamed Ibuki as she started jumping in excitement.

"OH YEAH! UNPREPAREDNESS AND NEKOMARU NIDAAARAAAI DO NOT MIX!" yelled Nekomaru as he pumped his fists along with Akane following him.

Others remained silent. Some didn't know what to do, others out of lack of interest.

"Naaaah. It's gonna be so booooring." huffed Hiyoko, laying her head on the desk and then blowing a raspberry.

"C'mon! Don't be so pessimistic. I guarantee there'll be lots of fun, right?" rebutted Chisa in a playful way before winking to them.

"Fuwahahaha! You say that life shall be filled with joy and pleasure, but would you utter still the same words when the Judgement Day of Pandemonium comes?" boastfully asked Gundham Tanaka.

"What the actual hell are you blabbering about?" denounced Fuyuhiko in response to his question.

"Of course I am! I fear no emergency and even if it happens, I'll make sure that emergency fears us!" boasted Chisa as she pulled out a bunch of papers, first aid kid and even swiss army knives out of her pockets.

"Now THAT….is a good line. You seem to live up to your word, but you'll have to fulfill it!" complimented Gundham Tanaka as he chuckled.

"Excuse me, Miss Yukizome, but it was supposed to be sixteen students here, right?" asked Sonia Nevermind after taking a small observation of the class. "I might not be too familiar with the system yet, but I remember this."

"Yeah, you totally forgot about the most sensual one." said Teruteru Hanamura, that...chef.

"Ooooh, right! Was planning to do it just now! In a minute, guys!" responded Chisa before rushing off to the doors in a blinding speed.

"I bet it's gonna take hours." smirked Hiyoko after Chisa left.

"What if she actually does it in a minute?" asked Ibuki with seriousness in her tone.

"Oh, shut up." Hiyoko shut her off, but Ibuki didn't seem to mind her attitude.

Exactly one minute passed away and Chisa was already back to the class, holding a large and stout lad in her arms. The person seemed to be dressed like a normal student, but rosy cheeks on his face stood out. Students seemed to be amazed by her prowess and speed, especially Hiyoko, whose jaw dropped at the sight of a seemingly non muscular gal holding a rather large person with seeming ease. Ibuki Mioda's eyes sparkled as she entered the state of bliss. Chiaki started staring at her as if she was gazing at the stars.

"Gotcha!" yelled Ibuki as she rocked her air guitar for a brief moment.

"That's bullshit! You only got lucky!" complained Hiyoko before she pouted begrudgingly.

"Now, now, Ryouta. You can't just miss out meeting up your classmates." scolded Chisa, but didn't seem to be too upset about it.

"So uh….Hi. I'm Ryouta Mitarai and I...make anime. That's all there needs to be known." he introduced himself, to which he received few hand waves.

"Any questions before our day starts?" asked Chisa one more time before their class was about to officially start.

"Yo, when did you get so fit?" said Akane, being rather stunned from before. She kept looking at her appearance, wondering how Chisa could accomplish such a feat.

"Ehehehe…..secret!" blushed Chisa, putting hands on her cheeks in the process.

"Can you lift me after class?" enthusiastically requested Ibuki as she waved her hand up.

"Sure!" responded Chisa, smiling like before. No one else had the questions reserved or her after Ibuki's request.

"Let our school life begin!" she proclaimed, pointing at her class to which some of them pumped their fists as well. Chiaki kept staring at her with interest, yet speechless.

And so their day has begun.

Meanwhile outside of school, everything seemed calm and quiet. Suddenly, three people of vastly different shapes, one lanky, extravagantly dressed dude with spiky hair and a black lightning tattoo on his face, one girl in a tank top with multi colored (pink and white) twin tails and microphone in her hair and one large, incredibly stout man wearing a fedora and an olive gray suit, back flipped over the fence with relative ease. They landed on their feet before leaving the crouching position to stand up and see the building of Hope's Peak Academy.

"Boys, we're here!" announced the girl with a microphone in her hair, putting her arms around her hips.

"So...this is that Hope's Peak Academy that everyone was so gushing about, eh? Gahahahahaha! Looks like a cathedral to me, not a proper school!" cackled the spiky haired dude out loud.

"It is rather surprising to see a building that resembles the Gothic architecture here, but many universities are, indeed, rather old, so it wouldn't not be exactly the most productive to mock such style." expressed the large man after hearing his fellow's comment.

"Figottoni…It's nice to hear that, but come on! We are the future, so we have to push forward! I still think this crust barn needs some RENOVATION!" replied the lanky dude as he shrugged.

"Zapatta, don't do crazy shit here, aight?" warned the girl, grabbing his shoulder.

"Yes, yes, Suifta, I get it. No goof ups! But…..WE HAVE TO SHOW THEM WHO'S THE BOSS!" boasted Zapatta as he sprinted to the doors before stopping to stand in front of them, preparing his position. Suddenly, he kicked the doors with his left leg with incredible power, but the doors didn't even bulge.

"Aiiiieeee...damn. Was expecting the doors to be a lil bit less tight." he said after his way of thought got stuck in hidden embarrassment.

"You know, you could have just…." grumbled Suifta as she walked up to him and opened the doors by herself. "...opened them?"

"It's not the same if its mundane." countered Zapatta, which made Suifta's eyes roll and sigh.

"I would advise you not to be rash. We are in the new territory, after all." said Figottoni, to which Zapatta listened with only one ear. They fully opened the doors as they were about to enter the academy. It did not take long until….

"SUUUUCKAAAAAAAAA!" screamed Zapatta as he pointed forward, only, at time unknown to him, there was a person standing right in front of him. The person was rather tall, wore a fancy black suit with a tie and even wore glasses.

"...What?" scowled the fancy person, glaring at them directly in their eyes as he crossed his arms like a furious manager.

"Ah shit, here we go again." groaned Suifta, which she covered her face with her palm. Figottoni just remained silent.

"Well…erm...you see...GET OUTTA MY WAY!" he tried to fend him off, only for him to (figuratively) shoot himself in his foot more.

"How about you remove yourself from my sight instead?" retorted the fancy person back at him, much to Zapatta's surprise.

"You fool! Don't you know who are you talking to?!" huffed Zapatta while doing rather bizarre poses while talking.

"I am not interested, thank you." the person shot him down with such a response.


"And I'm Byakuya Togami. Didn't you hear what I've just said? Now go away, you're just wasting my time." said the person for the last time. Zapatta was about to attack him, but the grab from Figottoni stopped him.

"Do not continue battles where your every outcome is a predictable loss." he advised, calming down Zapatta.

"Do not mind us that much, so….bai bai." babbled Suifta before she pulled Zapatta out of Togami's sight. Figottoni followed her as well. Byakuya just glanced at them with a scowl before going his way.

"Zapatta….Zapatta…."sighed Suifta, looking Zapatta in his eyes with grumpiness. "What the hell, man?"

"Well, to my defense, I didn't know he was there!" argued Zapatta or at least attempted to.

"That's why I said you shouldn't be rash. Such incident could make us feel grave consequences." reckoned Figottoni, looking at both of them below.

"Yes, yes….now it's lunch time, right?" asked Zapatta as he switched the topics and was feeling rather hungry.

"Ye, I suppose so." answered Suifta before all of them picked themselves up and were ready to arrive at the dining room.

"You two can go for a snack. I have no desire to eat at the moment." said Figottoni.

"Figottoni, you just ate a single can of beans today….in the midnight!" perplexed Zapatta while reminding him to eat something.

"That is more than satisfactory for me." calmly explained Figottoni as they got closer to the dining hall.

"Alright then..." admitted Zapatta, not trying to further argue as they continued their path.

Later that day, the break started. Students of class 77-B arrived near the dining room, waiting to obtain their food. Chiaki, while playing her game, walked along Hajime to their destination. Had he not opened the doors for her, she could have almost bumped into them. Turns out that class 77-B was not the only visitor of the dining hall. The dining room was split into four table, on one table they were a rather small boy with a very noticeable ahoge; an even brown haired smaller person wearing a skirt, who was behind a laptop; a blue haired lass dressed like a normal Japanese student; a tanned lass who was stuffing her mouth with donuts and she was accompanied by a rather enormous, very muscular white haired lass gently drinking a protein shake. On the other table there were a buff dude with a crazy hairstyle along with a smaller lad, who seemed to be dressed like a hall monitor; some jock-ish skinny dude with a goatee and a guy who basically had a bush on his head. On another table there were a rather elegantly dressed but vampiric looking madame, who was sipping her tea while the rather round fellow with glasses delivered her tea if she desired. Away from her, a small purple haired girl was sitting, biting her nails. Only one who has already been in the kitchen that was not sitting was a long lavender-colored haired gal, who was just standing in the corner, away from nearly everyone.

Chiaki looked away from the game to see where to sit, only for her attention to turn towards the person behind a laptop. She walked up to that person, looking behind to see what kind of deed was done on the laptop, tilting her head out of curiosity. The little person behind a laptop meekly looked behind and got spooked, flinching in the process.

"A-ah! I d-didn't know you were there!" stammered the person while starting to visibly trembling in front of her eyes. "I'm sorry….I should have been more observant..."

"Hey hey. It's okay...I should have told you in the first place." reassured Chiaki, lowering herself so she could see that person from eye to eye. "I want to know what are you doing."

"Oh, really? Then….hehe..." the person suddenly lost the anxiety, smiling in a similar way Chisa did. "I should introduce myself first...I am Chihiro Fujisaki and I am a programmer. Ultimate one, they say, but….I...doubt that I deserve such a high title."

Chihiro moved away a little to show her the program in question. The program itself consisted of heavy amount of brackets and combinations of letters and symbols, some in different colors even.

"H-here it is…." stuttered Chihiro, letting her see. Chiaki leaned closer to the monitor, seeing all kind of code in the program.

"That's so cool! I have one question though..." said Chiaki, slowly starting to heavily breathe.

"Y-yes?" squeaked Chihiro.

"Do you...make games as well?" asked Chiaki, puffing out of excitement as she got very close to Chihiro. Face of Chihiro got completely red.

"W-well….my current research is not exactly related to gaming...but I could try one day." meekly answered Chihiro, worrying that the response would disappoint her.

"Heh. If it wasn't for programmers like you, games could not exist. You have my respect." praised Chiaki as she bowed down to Chihiro.

"O-oh...I guess….thank you." chirped Chihiro, smiling again. They continued to discuss topics of their interest as Chiaki sat next to him. Meanwhile, Hajime was standing up next to the boy with the ahoge, just like he had one himself.

"Mind if I join?" asked Hajime, pointing at the table.

"Oh, sure! No problem at all." approved the boy as he stood up, offering him a chair.

"You didn't really need to do that." commented Hajime, but deep down he appreciated the deed. "You can sit down."

Yet the boy still insisted, to which Hajime followed his offer and sat on the chair. "My name is Makoto Naegi and unlike anyone else here...I'm nothing special really."

"Y-you too?" stuttered Hajime in surprise.

"Yeah?" blurted Makoto out of surprise as well, his ahoge reacting to it too.

"Well...it's kind of relieving that I'm not the only one." thought Hajime to himself, seeing a possible connection with him.

"My my, you two are almost like brothers." commented the blue haired girl at them, giggling at the same time. Her comments made both of them flustered, but Hajime was a more reserved with it.

"Hehehe, just joking!" clarified the girl, who turned out to be Sayaka Maizono. After a moment, both of them chuckled in response. Among them, the tanned girl by the name of Aoi Asahina shared donuts with Akane by throwing them so the latter could catch them midair. Mahiru, Ibuki, Mikan, Hiyoko and Nekomaru joined in as well, chatting about various topics of interests. Most of the boys went to the table with Mondo, Kiyotaka, Leon and Yasuhiro with exception of Gundham, who just picked up seeds and went outside, Nagito, who followed Hajime and Fuyuhiko, who, along with Peko, went to sit somewhere undisturbed. Ryouta Mitarai also reserved a chair for himself alone. The gothic Celeste Ludenberg remained undisturbed up until Sonia joined her and they had a little tea time. Everyone seemed to have a great time (not Toko, she was just fending away people), until…


Suddenly, the doors of the dining room were opened with a swift yet crude kick, which almost managed to destroy them in the process. It was none other than Zapatta, the Ultimate Rockstar, condescendingly pointing at them like they're tiny ants to him. Behind him, Suifta followed him with her having a look only the most disappointed individual could have. The entrance of the rockstar startled everyone but Kyoko, with Mikan even reflexively hiding below the table. Even Ibuki was very spooked!

"YOU CAN'T JUST DO THAT! IT AGAINST THE RULES OF SCHOOL!" shouted Kiyotaka Ishimaru at him, telling him to cease as he proudly stood up.

"Nuh-uh, I am the head honcho now!" proclaimed Zapatta as he snatched the yet to be bitten hamburger from Yasuhiro Hagakure's hands with the blitzing speed before taking a big chomp of the burger.

"THAT IS ALSO AGAINST THE REGULATIONS! CEASE NOW!" further argued Kiyotaka, completely outrageous by the actions of Zapatta.

"The fuck, dude?! You can't just fuckin' do that!" joined in Mondo as well, standing up to Kiyotaka while raising his fists.

"Hey! Learn your manners, boy!" also complained Mahiru, putting her arms on her hips. Most of the other students looked at him with disdain as well.

"That's just...wrong." said Chiaki in a serious tone.

"Oh, you ganging up on me? Too bad! It won't change anything! Ahahahaha! As if you punks have a chance against me!" boasted Zapatta, cackling like a helium induced hyena. By the time that was going on, Yasuhiro bit nothing and then turned around to see what was happening.

"You know, that was a very nice taste of thin air!" he complimented as he laughed. The boys around the table gave him a confused look.

"Ohohoho, here comes the best part!" thought Zapatta to himself, waiting to see what will be Yasuhiro's response.

"Hey, you have a pretty nice burger right there!" complimented Yasuhiro, seemingly unaware what just happened.

"Indeed I do!" gauded Zapatta, still eating the burger with his shark like teeth.

"Uh….aren't you supposed to be..you know...a little bit more upset since..." reminded Hajime while observing the whole situation.

"Say….where did get such a burger?" asked Yasuhiro, still somehow unaware what happened.

"Oh, I could tell!" taunted Zapatta, waving the hamburger near his face. Other classmates started to get more confused rather than to feel disdain.

"Come to think of it….I just had a burger before…." thought Yasuhiro out loud, which made Zapatta even more anticipated for his response so he could taunt him in his face. "...and it disappeared in front of my face…..this means only one thing!"

"YES YES YES YES! LET ME SEE YOUR FACE AS I LAUGH!" cheered Zapatta inside his thoughts, almost sweating from anticipation and excitement.



"…What?" everyone said, including Zapatta, who couldn't believe the whole ordeal. The dining room was only followed by the awkward silence.

"No, you gotta believe me! It happened once, I saw it with my own eyes! I can't believe they're at it again!" Yasuhiro tried to convince everyone, but to no avail.

"I stole your burger." just flat out admitted Zapatta while being completely baffled by the bush haired individual.

"Lies! You're just trying to cover up their actions! You couldn't have just swooped my burger so quickly!" rebutted Yasuhiro as he trembled, pointing at Zapatta as if he was a convict of a conspiracy.

"He stole your hamburger!" added Kiyotaka, supporting Zapatta's claims.

"God, did you eat the stupidity inducing particles in that air as well?" hissed Hiyoko at Yasuhiro, already feeling completely done.

"No! It has to be aliens! It's the only way!" still insisted Yasuhiro, much to everyone's dismay.

"HE STOLE YOUR BURGER, DUMBASS!" yelled Mondo, frustrated as much as everyone was.

"Listen….I walked here, snatched your burger and nom nom nom, I ate it while you weren't and at the same time were looking. Is...that….really...so...hard….to….fucking….comprehend?" fumed Zapatta as he tried to remain as calm as possible.


"...What if the aliens were microscopic and invisible? That could explain the sudden disappearance of his hamburger, right?" Celeste raised a point, though it was unsure if she was serious or not regarding her tone.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" both Zapatta and Yasuhiro yelled as they bum rushed out of the dining room, one yelling out of frustration while other out of fear. The biggest, most embarrassing awkward silence of Hope's Peak Academy's dining room followed after that event, only for Suifta and Figottoni to enter it.

"I-Is he gone?" asked Mikan as she peeked out of the table. The moment she was assured, she crawled out and sat on a chair.

"...Was he at it again?" murmured Suifta, being very close to mentally die out of embarrassment. Figottoni remained silent, though the mass of his blocked the sight of entrance.

"Again?!" asked Kiyotaka, completely shocked by Suifta's implications. Suifta's only response was a big sigh.

"We shall return in a short amount of time." announced Figottoni before he and Suifta decided to chase down their friend. The biggest, most embarrassing awkward silence of Hope's Peak Academy returned once again.

"Celeste...you didn't mean it, did you?" asked Makoto, just to be sure.

"Hehehe….I let myself have fun for a bit." Celestia admitted that her entire comment was, indeed, a jape.

"No amount of human emotion could describe the amount of disappointment I feel now." said Kyoko, before mysteriously walking away from the dining room.

Outside of Hope's Peak Academy, the doors of the entrance opened as the two rushing lads kept running parallel to each other, only for them to be grabbed by the shoulders by Suifta herself. While she just turned away Yasuhiro so that he could normally return to the dining room, she kept Zapatta from moving anywhere, so she could eschew him for his actions. Little did they know….

Out of a seamless bush, four binoculars peeked out, though one was turned the wrong way. Those binoculars were observing what were four but then three individuals up to. The owners of the binoculars were camoflaged inside the bush, not moving an inch. It appeared that these spying rascals were….penguins?!

"Kowalski!" called one of the penguins, being averagely sized but slightly bulky for such an avian. "Status report!"

"Sir! It appears we have arrived at our destination, the academy. Just like the coordinates told us about their activity. Outside of the institution, there are four people, one just ran inside. One spiky haired, one twin tails, one extra large and one with the afro. Unfortunately, I have no intel about them nor can I hear what are they saying." reported Kowalski, the tall and lanky penguin, while still keeping his eyes on the three students. Hearing his report, the rather crazy looking penguin spat out a directional microphone out of his stomach, which made the littlest penguin slightly nauseated. Despite coming out of his stomach, the microphone was clean.

"Well, look at that! Rico's got you covered!" said the leading penguin confidently.

"BLAURGH!" blurted out Rico, in response to his leader's compliment. Kowalski picked up the directional microphone and started listening to the conversation that Zapatta, Suifta and Figottoni had.

"What did Figottoni tell you twice already? And yet you kept doing it…." scolded Suifta, putting arms around her hips.

"LUNACY! I DID NOT EXPECT LUNACY!" yelled Zapatta out of sheer frustration.

"I would say personalities like these were expected of an academy centered around that niche." advised Figottoni. "It does not color me surprised if I see such people around here."

"They seem to have screwed up a thing back there. There are also some mentions of academy being centered around niche." further reported Kowalski after more covert listening. By the time he reported, the trio seemed to make up and enter the academy once again.

"Niche? What was it again…." the leader penguin tried to remind himself.

"Talent." responded Kowalski with relative quickness to his voice. "Only the most talented people and those with a lot of wealth if they lack it are allowed to enter it, if I recall my previous report correct."

"Well, that's kind of unfair." grumbled the leader penguin, walking in a straight line behind the bush as if he was contemplating something. "I thought you have to earn for it, like it was supposed to be!"

"Uh, Skipper." stammered the littlest penguin, trying to approach his boss. "Are you sure these three are a part of..."

"Can't confirm nor deny." said Kowalski in order to answer his question.

"Well, Private. We gotta see it for ourselves." conversed Skipper while giving Private a pat on the head. "We gotta sneak in!"

And so the penguins rolled towards the Hope's Peak Academy without anyone noticing it, beginning their mission.

The sun was almost about the set. The first day of Hope's Peak Academy was over. Everyone was outside, ready to call it a day and depart for themselves. Chiaki was playing her game once again, before she saw everyone else in front of the entrance, seeing their smiles on their face.

"Byeeeeeeee, Chiaki!" shouted Ibuki Mioda as she was being lifted by Chisa herself. Chisa, along with Sonia, Mikan and Chihiro waved her a farewell as well.

"Goodbye, everyone. See you tomorrow...I think." said Chiaki Nanami, waving at them as well before finally departing. When she was walking towards her home, she found Hajime near the fountain and joined him.

"Well….that was...honestly a very bizarre day." pondered Hajime out loud to her, not sure if he liked his first day or not.

"It was rather unusual...but do not be afraid of upcoming days." contributed Chiaki, surprising him on how quickly she figured him out. "Life itself can be weird and unpredictable, but you should make the best out of it….right? Who knows what kind of stuff could happen here...could be the best stuff of our lives...I think."

"Yeah...you're right. Let's try to make our days good, shall we?" said Hajime, gaining a small but sincere smile on his face. Suddenly, Chiaki offered him one of her consoles, surprising him again.

"Wanna play for a bit?" she asked, to which he did accepted. And so they played video games with each other before the time when they were about to go home arrived.

Meanwhile, inside the academy, the four penguins secretly observed the departing students while pretending to wave at them.

"Smile and wave boys." ordered Skipper while they kept waving at them. "Just smile and wave."