Another day has started. Chiaki Nanami was sitting on the bench while the tiny sparrows surrounded her. Despite seeming to play a video game on her handheld, she was, in fact, sleeping. She snore like a mouse, but no one disturbed her. The console in her hands kept running, but its battery was half empty. After some time passed, it just happened that Hajime passed by. He saw the sleeping girl and went up to her, checking if she's alright. He poked her shoulder to wake her up. Just before she opened her eyes, she let out a big yawn.

"Good morning, Hajime." greeted Chiaki as she slowly opened her eyes.

" did you manage to sleep like that?" asked Hajime while having a look of confusion on his face.

"Oh...I slept again." realized Chiaki, fully regaining energy as she stood up. "How are you today, Hajime?"

"I think I'm good." answered Hajime.

"That's nice to hear. My day is already brighter because of you. Anyway, shall we go together?" requested Chiaki, pointing at Hope's Peak Academy. Hajime agreed and so they went, walking towards their respective school. Chiaki kept playing her video game, but her focus was more set on him as she paid attention. During their little journey, they talked about the experiences in school so far and video games. When talking about latter, Chiaki tended to go on tangents on how some of the games she played were of extremely high quality and how she wants to play them with her friends one day. At first, Hajime was surprised to see her so energetic about something, but he quickly adapted to it, even having a smile on his face when he listened her geeking out.

Once they reached their school, they saw Ibuki Mioda waiting at the entrance.

"Good mornin'!" greeted Ibuki as she waved at them, hopping like an excited rabbit. To be fair, she did, in fact, looked like a bunny.

"Heyo, Ibuki. What's up?" asked Hajime as he waved back.

"Not much, not much! Ibuki's been waiting for anyone to come. But luck has shined on the great Ibuki and now you two are here!" explained Ibuki. "How about you two?"

"Well, not much has happened now. Just woke up and prepared myself for school. Picked up Chiaki on the way though." said Hajime as he pointed at her.

"I played a game while waiting for friends. Chose for something quick and simple, like a platformer. Unfortunately, I might have been...a little sleepy...during it….I think." added Chiaki, letting out a little yawn from before.

"You slept like a hibernating bear while sitting." Hajime corrected her. While Chiaki blushed a little, Ibuki's eyes widened upon hearing such revelation, curios on both how did she manage to do that and seeing Chiaki herself resting.

"Ooooooo, Hajime! Caught a girl sleeping! Ibuki's a bit jealous, hehe….Anyway, ready for a new day?" piqued Ibuki, flailing her arms.

"To be honest, I don't think I'd be prepared for something similar to yesterday..." thought Hajime to himself, but both of them nodded in agreement as they went to their class. Upon their arrival, the only sound in the halls were their footsteps, which echoed through out. Clock on the wall signaled their arrival, perhaps too early. After some time walking in the desolate halls, they have reached the doors of their class. Opening the doors, they saw few individuals there: Mahiru showing her photographs as Mikan seemed rather excited, Sonia Nevermind preparing for class (she was early due to her habits) and Gundham Tanaka leaning towards the wall as he looked out of the window.

"O-oh! It's them!" said Mikan as she stepped towards them and bowed down. Hajime looked at her with some level with concern.

"Good morning, Mikan. How are you?" asked Chiaki.

"N-not much today. I-it's just a nice morning." stuttered Mikan as the morning went on. Aside from them hanging out, Mikan's words about the day rang true. Time passed on as more students arrived to the class, minding their own business. They all waited for their teacher to arrive.

The class started for them. Their teacher, Chisa Yukizome, opened the doors, arriving just in time.

"Good morning, everyone!" greeted Chisa as she placed herself behind her desk.

"Good morning, Miss Yukizome!" greeted everyone in the class, standing up in the process.

"So, guys! Today is gonna be an exciting day! We have so much to do today! Are you ready, guys?" cheered Chisa as she pumped her fists up in the air. Most of the class agreed with her, but some people like Fuyuhiko were not as enthusiastic.

"Oh yeah, sitting behind a table, how fun." gibed Hiyoko, giving a smug look at Chisa.

"Is that so? Well, consider that notion to be completely flipped over the head!" countered Chisa with determination sparkling in her eyes.

"Hehehe, tough luck with that! I'd like to see you flop." further sassed Hiyoko. Despite her attempts to put her teacher down, Chisa's will to give out the best experience to the class only strengthened.

"...I don't understand her. Why is she like that?" wondered Chiaki as she gave out a glance of disapproval towards the bully with twin tails.

"I assure you today is gonna be the moment of your life! Absolutely nothing will go wrong!" said Chisa with a radiant smile on her face, even making Hiyoko reconsider for a bit. Her smile managed to comfort the entire classroom.

"I give it ten seconds." thought Hajime to himself, feeling something wrong up in the air.

Suddenly, a loud knock was heard. It sounded like someone crashed right into the doors. Only Mikan hid herself under the table while everyone didn't give much attention to it. Even as the mood was disrupted, Chisa kept her smile.

"...Is that asshole again?" groaned Fuyuhiko, rolling his eyes.

The doors opened with sheer force, revealing a person dressed like someone from a glam rock band, remaining in a position where he performed the kick while imitating an electric guitar at the same time.


Said person was, indeed, Zapatta, the Ultimate Rock star.

"...5 seconds, it was." thought Hajime to himself while nearly everyone looked at Zapatta. The most positive response to him was a look of annoyance. However, Gundham Tanaka leaned his head, setting sight on him as he thought. Nagito didn't mind either.

"Good morning, Zapatta! What do you need?" asked Chisa, still having a smile on her face.

"Hahahaha! I, THE ULTIMATE ROCK STAR, have come here for something special, something grandiose!" announced Zapatta as he raised his finger up in the air.

"...What is it?" chided Hajime as he leaned his head on his arm.

"Ugh...Can't you just do anything normally? Is it really that hard for you?" complained Mahiru while crossing her arms.

"Nah nah, doing the things like you should is like eating vanilla: can feel nice at times, but it's nothing special. Boring! Lame-o-hell-no! What I do consider, though, is that life is nothing short of a performance! You gotta make it your best, you gotta work on that PRESENTATION!" boasted Zapatta, flailing his arms like he played an instrument every time. It resulted in Mahiru groaning and most of the classmates being either confused or annoyed.

"You got that right!" approved Nekomaru, letting out a laugh out of satisfaction. "That's some spirit!"

"Nekomaru,….please." sighed Akane, trying to convince him that Zapatta is not exactly someone he should praise.

"Hmmmm…." audibly thought Gundham Tanaka, observing the motions of the rockstar.

"Well, if that's your way of expression, then more power to you!" added Nagito with a smile on his face.

"I'd agree, but you really gotta work on the collateral damage aspect." added Ibuki as she pointed at the door, revealing a bump inside it.

"..Eh, it's nothing!….Probably" Zapatta tried to defend himself before glancing over to the bump. Even a person with the most glaring sight issues would immediately notice the damage done by him. "...probably."

"...So, Zapatta...May I ask you on the reason why you came here?" asked Chiaki, trying to stabilize the situation.

"..Oh, yes. Aha. I, the greatest ROCK STAR of them all, have come here to…." elaborated Zapatta as he went back on track, inhaling deeply before finishing his statement. He has attempted to create suspense, but everyone else was just done by his shenanigans.


"For fucks sake, get on with it!" lashed out Fuyuhiko, shaking his fist at Zapatta.

"...hey, does anyone here know how to fix a projector? Our is completely busted and no one in my class can fix it." suddenly asked Zapatta in a completely chill tone.

"….What." questioned everyone at his mood shift.

"I mean, sure?" I can help, I guess." Kazuichi reluctantly offered himself for the job. "But you better make it worth it! And definitely not for your sake!"

"Then come with me!" advised Zapatta as he waved at him. "Someone in my class had to do it and I wholeheartedly volunteered."

"Sure you did..." wondered Hajime in his mind, seeing both his technocolor haired classmate and the rockstar leave the classroom.

"Thank you! Thank you! Now we must go and fix that blunder! Byeeeee!" said Zapatta just before he was about to head out with Kazuichi, only to be stopped by Chisa.

"Just one second, Zapatta. There's something I need to tell you." requested Chisa to him while still having that smile on her face.

"Yea? What's up, Chis?" asked Zapatta, turning towards the professor of Class 77-B. She grabbed him by the shoulder, adjusting the grip.

"….Please ask nicely next time." suddenly threatened Chisa, with her expression changing from a happy expression to a cold glare, filled with protection instinct for her classmates.

"Uh...okay then. If you say so." faltered Zapatta as he saw that glare suddenly shift into a smile once again. Then he, along with Zapatta, left the classroom fully. A moment of silence followed before the entire class (bar few exceptions) sighed.

"I-is he gone?" stammered Mikan as she peeked out of her desk.

"What an intriguing individual…." pondered Gundham out loud, scratching his chin in the process. His face was covered in scarf, so that he could maximize his intimidation.

"...Why does this always happen when he's there?" asked Mahiru in complete annoyance.

"I dunno, some jerks just wanna stir up things." Akane attempted to answer.

"Well, he said that's how he expresses himself." added Nagito, raising his fingers in the process.

"Pfft, he plays a tough shit because he knows inside he's a weakling! A pig shit, just like Mikan!"

scoffed Hiyoko. Her remark sent Mikan into tears and she received an angry glare from Chiaki. Suddenly, the doors opened normally. Zapatta used his hand this time.

"My goodness, he used his arm to open the door!" yelled Sonia in shock.

"Uh oh! This means trouble!" warned Ibuki.

"...What the hell are you looking at me like that?!" bickered Hiyoko, pointing at him. Zapatta gave her a smug smirk, tilting his head as if he was slightly curious.

"….Ooooh, not much. Just heard a certain banana bush has been talking shit about me, just when I was about to leave." explained Zapatta as he slowly approached her.

"W-what?! Hah, you said that bananas grow on bushes? IDIOT! Everyone knows that banana grow on palm trees, you stupid!" retaliated Hiyoko as she tried to gain an upper hand.

"Please, please, calm down your hostilities." requested Chisa as she saw the situation escalating.

"Looks like scientists have discovered a new species of banana plant then: a moldy banana bush, called Hiyoko Saoinji. Known for being quite a short stature, repugnant odor and it's fruits being absolutely awful. They taste like a roadkill with some expired jam on it!" ranted Zapatta while giving her a rather threatening grin. His left eye started to twitch.

"Shut up! Shut up! None of this is true! I don't smell and just give me a few years to grow!" Hiyoko defended herself as all of her smugness started to vanish.

"Hm? Do I see someone crumbling? Trembling? And then you say that I, the Great Zapatta, the Ultimate ROCK STAR, is the wea-" gloated Zapatta, before Mahiru jumped in and prevented him from approaching any closer.

"How about you back off and leave now?!" condemned Mahiru, spreading her arms to act like a wall. Chiaki prepared herself to step in if the situation escalated even futher.

"Y-yea, she's right! Sod off!" barked Hiyoko, being nearly in tears.

"Don't worry, Mahjong. I'm not gonna harm the banana bush in any sort of way, but I just wanna express something to her. You know, like you normally do." clarified Zapatta, but his intent was quite transparent.

"It's kind of typical, really. It's those who smack talk others that tend to have the biggest complexes. Ah, so many complexes...I've lost count! Let me tell you something..." he said as he leaned to her. "You and your puny dances are hundreds of miles behind me and my accomplishments. A rotten banana bush is never gonna reach the same stardom as a ROCK STAR. You might be known regionally, but I'm known world wide! Let that sink in….People often say "go pick someone your own size", it's kind of annoying...but it applies perfectly to you. Go project your own weaknesses on someone as lowly as you."

At that point, Hiyoko was just trembling, not sure if she would cry or be in total panic. It didn't help her that Zapatta was giving her the same stare as Chisa gave it to him, only to also have a nearly psychotic smirk instead.

"So, basically… shit, get hit." gave Zapatta his final word before he triumphantly stomped away from them and left the classroom completely. Mahiru gave him a glare filled with fury before she turned towards trembling tear driven Hiyoko, giving her a hug and reassuring that everything is fine. Stunned silence surrounded the classroom, with no one sure what to say. Mikan stepped in as well, trying to reassure her, despite being personally attacked by her before.

"D-dude...I know she's a huge jerk, but t-that was...that was just an overkill!" stammered Kazuichi as he went with him.

"Eh, people like that deserve it." justified Zapatta. "Don't worry about it too much, Kazuichi Soda bicarbonite. Shit talkers need to know their place."

"...Damn…." cursed Fuyuhiko, being stunned at Zapatta's rant.

"….Well, looks like the day isn't gonna be that well at all..." lamented Chisa as she looked at her shocked class. Suddenly, Chiaki stood up and stepped to her, being all pumped up.

"Don't give up just yet, Miss Yukizome! We shouldn't let one bad thing influence the entire course of the day! There is always a chance, always a possibility….to make it worth at the end." spoke Chiaki to her. Thanks to her speech, the entire atmosphere of the classroom went from uncertainty to a glimmer of hope, a sunny day after a mild storm.

"You go, Chiaki!" supported Ibuki, flailing her arms. Sonia and Mikan joined in as well.

"So, shall we make the day?" asked Chiaki, smiling at her teacher.

"M-maybe….just maybe..." sniffed Hiyoko, desiring her day to be just a tad bit better.

"...Chiaki..." marveled Chisa, before they truly started the class. Unlike in many other schools, where it's just sitting, listening to the top brass and writing down, a lot of the work in Class 77-B were ones of being in practice: each student displayed their own talent at their fullest. For example, they were seeing Mahiru's photography profession at work. She tried as hard as she could to make the best picture of her class as possible. Overall, the students of Class 77-B enjoyed a great time together with their teacher, even making Hiyoko feel slightly better.

However, deep down, Hajime was not exactly enjoying the class to the fullest. He felt like something was missing inside of him...A feeling of not belonging there.

The class took a pause with the lunch break. The students of Class 77-B headed towards the dining hall. Chiaki, Ibuki and Hajime went together, just like before. They were talking about the classes...and sometimes whatever Ibuki spouted.

Suddenly, they saw Teruteru on their way.

"Oh heeeey, Hajime! I see you got some hot ladi-" attempted to flirt Teruteru, only for a table that just happened to be in the hall just happened to fall over, breaking into multiple pieces and startling them all together.

"H-how did that fall?" asked Teruteru in a stunned matter, looking at the broken pieces.

" am I supposed to know?" questioned Hajime as well.

"Maybe the table just didn't feel like existing anymore?...or it just collapsed because of the structural issues?" pondered Ibuki as she scratched her head.

"That's seemed rather new...I think..." said Chiaki upon a closer inspection of the table.

"That is quite a mystery but that's not the main point. Hajime and the girls, I have a question for you!" asked Teruteru as he pointed at them like an actor in a play.

"Yeah? What's up" piqued Hajime.

"This might sound odd….but have you seen my spoons?" asked the concerned but smiling chef.

"Teru...I think the only one who has the proper access to kitchen is you." answered Hajime, confused at the problem his culinary classmate presented.

"Yes, indeed. But I was wondering if you have seen any spoons anywhere in the school? All of them are gone!" clarified Teruteru, making some gestures in the process.

"No, I don't think so...I think" added Chiaki after gazing off to the table.

"But why would the spoons disappear? They couldn't just say "nah, it ain't fun here" and walk away, right?" wondered Ibuki as she imagined spoons getting legs and walking off with their suitcases.

"I'm asking the same, gorgeous Ibuki! What kind of person would just steal spoons?" kept questioning Teruteru, contemplating the cause of the disappearance of the spoons.

"Oh, I know! A spoonomaniac! They cannot endure a day without spoons!" stated Ibuki

"..That's kind of nuts, if I'm honest." commented Hajime, having a hard time imagining her statement having any sort of ground to stand on.

"Then I must find a spoonomaniac! Farewell, Hajime! I hope you have some fun time wi-" flirted Teruteru once again, but was interrupted by the fall of a ceiling light behind him, which shattered into multiple pieces.

"AIIIIIIEEEEE! Again?!" yelled Teruteru as he looked back, witnessing the result of the fallen object.

"Yep. Again." affirmed Chiaki.

"I must go now, bai bai!" rushed off Teruteru, quickly disappeared from their sight. He ran across the hall as if he was chased by a cheetah.

"...but seriously though, why does the furniture keep falling?" wondered Hajime out loud, to which Chiaki and Ibuki couldn't properly answer, but they continued their way to the dining hall.

Upon reaching the dining hall, they saw not only their classmates eating their meals, but the students of Class 78th as well, hanging out with them. Chiaki, Hajime and Ibuki sat to the table with Chihiro, Makoto, Sayaka and others, just chilling and talking to each other. They talked about the day, their usual interests and sometimes about others. Chiaki was observing the dining hall, seeing that everyone else (including Hiyoko) was having fun up until she saw Gundham Tanaka just walking down, picking up the seeds and leaving the dining hall without leaving a single word.

"Hold on, guys." said Chiaki, standing up and going in the same direction as the enigmatic classmate.

"Wait, where are you going?" asked Chihiro, being surprised at her standing up.

"I just need to check something. I'll be back soon." replied Chiaki, reassuring that everything is going to be okay as she briefly left the table. As she exited the dining hall, the surroundings of classmates were replaced by the empty soundless halls of the school. Only thing that gave the halls "life" was the furniture, which, after the events with Teruteru, didn't exactly assure a by-passer whether or not they're going to stumble upon you. Despite the emptiness, she did see a glimpse of Gundham walking towards the exit, but not before she saw a rather short purple haired girl with rather big glasses. Not exactly the victor in smell department, the girl was seem biting her thumb, seemingly out of anxiety. It was none other than Toko Fukawa, the Ultimate Writing Prodigy.

"Hey hey. Is everything alright?!" asked Chiaki as she tried to approach her.

"GYAAAAH!" yelped Toko as she dashed towards the toilet and slammed the door shut. "Stay away!"

Chiaki didn't say anything, but Toko's response caused her to have a little frown on her face. She couldn't let that affect her, so she went forward. Just before she went through the entrance, she saw Byakuya Togami and Zapatta bickering just like yesterday. Their topic was about each other's attitudes. Upon glancing at them, she only gave out a sigh before she went through the entrance, reaching outside. She was Gundham Tanaka crouching with his back facing the school. Chiaki wondered what Gundham was doing.

"Feast upon these, my Four Dark Devas of Destruction." spoke Gundham Tanaka as he reached his hand out to his hamsters, sometimes even patting them. His voice was rather soft when he talked to his "demons". "They shall provide enough nutrients for your well being."

"Hey, Gundham." greeted Chiaki at him as she held her backpack. "What are you doing, if I may ask?"

"DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE RITUAL, MORTAL! STAND ASIDE, IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!" shouted Gundham Tanaka, standing up and preparing a battle stance. Even his hamsters joined in a fight. The only response he got from his classmate was a head tilt out of curiosity.

"Ritual? What kind of ritual are you having?" asked Chiaki, wanting to see how the "ritual" even looks like.

"You don't know about the ritual? Fuwahahahaha! Then let me share the forbidden information...Prepare yourself, as it may cost you sanity!" announced Gundham as he allowed her to step closer. Both of them crouched down to see his pets at work.

"It is a daily ritual, where the needs of the demons must be satisfied! Just like it was told in the Pandemonium, it goes by the name of THE FEAST, where a battle of survival comes into the play! Four Dark Devas of Destruction must choose what will they consume. If they choose the right nutrient, they shall be blessed from the Dark Lords! If not, then they'll demand more!" elaborated Gundham Tanaka, just feeding his hamsters.

"Oh, so that's what you do, but the demons seem to get along with each other, enjoying it." pointed out Chiaki as she observed the whole process.

"Do not be deceived! When the time comes, they become rather territorial. Fierce battles take place, where they endure the most punishing hits. They will do whatever it takes to reach their goal, no matter the destruction! It's the cause of why my arm is cursed!" insisted Gundham Tanaka, showing her his bandaged arm.

"Huh, I never knew about that...Say, Gundham, can I try feeding them?" requested Chiaki, reaching her arm out to get seeds.

"...Are you absolutely sure, mortal? Are you willing to take such a risk?" warned Gundham Tanaka with absolute seriousness.

"Well, giving it a try wouldn't hurt." answered Chiaki, giving him a smile.

"Hmmm...I like that attitude. You may get a pass." smirked Gundham Tanaka, giving her the seeds. She reached out to the Four Dark Devas, giving them the desired feast. The hamster had no reservations, so they consumed the source of nutrition from her hand. Suddenly, as the hamsters fed, she reached with her unoccupied arm in order to pat them.

"DO NOT PERFORM SUCH HASTY MOVE!" shouted Gundham Tanaka, grabbing her arm in order to stop her from touching his pets, but he was too late...She already patted the hamster. However, the hamster embraced the soft pats from her, even rolling a bit to coordinate with the pat.

"Fascinating…it seems like the Four Dark Devas of Destruction have accepted you among them." marveled Gundham while all of the Dark Devas got themselves in her palms.

"They're rather ticklish...but it feels nice. Never have I touched a demon before. Thank you for allowing me, Gundham Tanaka." thanked Chiaki as she looked towards Gundham.

"...You're welcome...I mean, you must thank the Lords for allowing you to experience such a rare occurrence! Fuwahahahaha!" boasted Gundham, but not before sincerely thanking her. Chiaki did notice that. Their bonding time came to an end once Ibuki stepped out of the entrance.

"Heyo! I see you two are having some fun, but Ibuki has some bad news to tell! The lunch break is over….We must go back to the class!" reported Ibuki, waving at them.

"Hey, Gundham. If you feel comfortable, join us any time." invited Chiaki for the future possibilities.

"I prefer to seek solitude...but for a servant like you, the Supreme Overlord might make an exception!" approved Gundham as they went inside the school before going each own way. Gundham went his own way while Chiaki joined up with Ibuki.

The outside was filled with only silence. A gust of wind infrequently disrupted the tranquility. A few of the leaves fell on the ground. Suddenly, a molehill started to pop up from the ground. It got larger as the time passed, but after it reached its maximum size, the cause of it appeared as well. It was not done by a mole, but rather penguins! They observed their surroundings, to see if there's any threat. They were holding shiny steel spoons, being slightly dirtied by the dirt, as their tools of choice.

"Kowalski, progress report!" ordered Skipper, turning his head towards the lanky penguin. Kowalski quickly brought up his abacus, placing the beads on the lines.

"65% of the Tunnel One done, 5,4% of the whole proposed base finished. We have only dug 19 feet of the Tunnel One." reported Kowalski after finishing his calculations.

"Dam! We must finish our headquarters in no time! Not to mention after we're done with the structure, we have to bring in some equipment as well!" emphasized Skipper as he slammed his flipper like wing on another. "How long will it take us to say finito with the structure?"

"Six to nine days." answered Kowalski, doing additional calculations on the abacus.

"Sixty nine days?!" shouted Skipper in bafflement.

"No, six to nine days." clarified Kowalski as he emphasized the duration.

"Now, that ain't so bad….as long as they don't come in first, we're all dandy." said Skipper as he cleaned the imitated sweat of his head.

"Uh, Skipper….are you sure we left the entrance checked? What if they find us out because of that?" pointed out Private.

"...Rico!" ordered Skipper after taking a note from Private's words. Rico saluted and lunged himself inside the custom built tunnel. Performing a slide, he was traveling at high speeds through out the underground corridor.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, filled with many culinary objects except the spoons, Teruteru and Kyoko were hanging out, investigating the disappearance of the spoons. They were inspecting the drawer, where the spoons were supposed to reside.

"So this was the last place where the spoons were?" asked Kyoko as she inspected every single corner of the drawer to find any possible clues.

"Yep! Exactly there! They couldn't be nowhere else!" Insisted Teruteru, getting more concerned as the time passed by.

"Hmmm...I will request the security to give the footage of the kitchen. Then I'll bring in some equipment to further inspect this place." explained Kyoko her plan to him before they were about to leave the kitchen. Just when they were inches away from exiting the kitchen, Rico arrived just on time. He spat out a glue, a locking mechanism and a linkage so that the floor tile he was above could function as a door. Rico then put glue on each part before smacking them on the underside of the tile. Just for a demonstration, he opened the tile like a door and then fiercely closed it (but not breaking it) before he locked the door. The tile floor showed no flaws and Rico dashed off back to his squad, satisfied with the results. Unfortunately for him, the slam was heard by Kyoko, but not by Teruteru. Without the chef noticing it, Kyoko returned to the kitchen and checked the tiles. She noticed that one tile was particularly off, so she decided it to move it a bit. While she couldn't open it, the tile alone gave her a clue on how the spoons disappeared.

Back at the penguins, Rico returned with a grin on his face.

"Rico! Did you manage to do it?" asked Skipper as if he was requesting an order.

"Uh huh!" replied Rico, giving him a thumbs up with his flipper.

"Well done, soldier. Now we can continue without any setbacks!¨" praised Skipper as each of them gave each other a high five before they went underground, continuing with building their base in the process.

Meanwhile, Chiaki and Ibuki were walking down the hallway, talking about their own stuff.

"Hey, Chiaki! I'll get ya in the class, I must just do one thing right now!" said Ibuki as she waved at her before she went to the nearest toilet. She held on the handle, trying to open it, but the door refused to budge.

"D-Didn't you hear from it before?! I said back off!" lashed out Toko, who was still in the toilet.

"Okay, Toilet! I'll return when you feel better!" assured Ibuki before she backed off. "Well, Ibuki can hold it in-..."

Just when she was about to return to the class, she bumped in a punk looking girl. Ibuki tripped over and fell on her bum. She saw that she bumped right into Suifta, whom towered above her like an ostrich compared to a cat.

"Yo." greeted Suifta as she pointed at her with finger guns.

"O-oh hello there! Didn't see you here, so I hope you don't mind that. Seeing you in that angle is rather intense!" stuttered Ibuki as she picked herself up.

"Nah, it's ok. I was looking for you, in fact." assured Suifta, crossing her arms in a chill way.

"Oh? You were searching the great Ibuki? At your service!..But what for, Ibuki wonders?" said Ibuki.

"Heard you're a musician. Is that right?" asked Suifta, pointing at her again.

"Of course! Would you like to hear one of my songs?" cheered Ibuki, being excited at the possibility of sharing her songs with another person.

"Sorta. Say, what kind of stuff are you in?" further piqued Suifta.

"Metal's my jam! I like it when it goes heavy and when the riff tears through the sky!" answered Ibuki all pumped up.

"Ooo, that's nice….But how about rap, for example?" suggested Suifta as she prepared herself a cool stance.

"Rap? No problem-o, I can do it with every poem-o!" chirped Ibuki.

"Heh, that's the spirit. I'm inviting you for a rap battle. Just for fun, you know." requested Suifta, pointing at her microphone inside her hair. "I am a rapper...not just an ordinary one, but an Ultimate."

"A duel? Just between you and me? A brawl of riffs and beats?! I, Ibuki Mioda, accept your challenge with delight!" dramatized Ibuki as it was a life-or-death situation.

"...Well now. After school, right?" asked Suifta one more time.

"Right-o!" approved Ibuki, raising her hand. "I will C you in the heat of the battle!".

Each of them departed to their own class, with Ibuki prancing around like a happy pony and Suifta walking off with a smirk on her face.

During her class, Ibuki tried to convince her friends to back her up for the incoming battle. Initially, her classmates were confused about what was she talking about, but she manage to convince Sonia and Chiaki on her side. Meanwhile, Suifta got Zapatta on her side. Since Figottoni was absent from school (for unknown reasons) she had to pick someone else. In a twist of events, Gundham Tanaka, the Supreme Overlord, joined them. Together, they made their own temporary gang.

The school ended for the day. Ibuki Mioda and her supported walked out of the school, waiting for her opponent to come. Not long after, Suifta and her gang strutted out of the school to face her. They positioned each other like they had a duel like cowboys. As they were setting up, some of the students passed by while some stayed to see what will happen.

"You ready, girl?" asked Suifta as she pulled out a microphone out of her hair, tapping it for a test.

"Ready like a kitty cat going for a snatch!" approved Ibuki, giving her a thumbs up.

One of the fellas brought a radio with him and clicked the play button, starting the music in the process.

"Yo, my name is Suifta

and I've got to say

my rhymes are like a ballista,

crushing everything on their way.

"So, Ibuki Mioda,

what will you say about that?

Will you strike like a barracuda

or will you stink like a gnat?"

Suifta passed her the microphone, leading for Ibuki and her gang to strike a pose, similar to those that rappers love to do.

"Heyooo, I am Ibuki,

things are about to get spooky,

my voice will be like a kabuki,

prepare for my rhymes to get real kooky!"

Chiaki and Sonia cheered for her, pumping their fists to support her as she passed the mic over to her opponent. While the music continued, Suifta's gang started to dance like madmen

"A worthy one I picked,

flow is just right,

but prepare for something wicked,

because my beats will make you lose your sight!"

When Suifta finished her last verse, Zapatta and Gundham performed some sick moves. The audience gasped when they roundhouse kicked the air and then performed a back flip before landing right on their feet. She dropped her microphone, but Ibuki snatched in in time before she crossed her arms and raised one of her eyebrows, giving her a confident smirk.

"No beats scare the great,

the fire within me shall not rest,

it will be quite a treat

when I'll be known as the best!"

The crowd cheered for Ibuki when they heard her verses, leading an uproar of joy nearby. Chiaki and Sonia kept cheering for her as Gundham nodded in approval. Suddenly, Zapatta rocked the hell out of the "battlefield" with his custom electric guitar, which was enhanced by the metallic plates (in terms of durability). The audience had their breath taken away by his performance. They couldn't even see his fingers using the guitar just from the sheer speed of them. He did riffs so hard that the entire ground shook from just his playing. Zapatta has completely overtaken the radio with his electric guitar.

"Now that's Ibuki's forte!" resounded Ibuki as her determination in her eyes shined like a star. Upon seeing that Ibuki needs her "weapon" in the current weapon, Sonia briefly exited the "battlefield", but quickly returned with Mioda's own guitar.

"Have this, Ibuki!" Sonia yelled as she passed her the instrument. Upon obtaining it, Ibuki gave him a grin just before he rocked out as well. Within seconds, she managed to catch up to his performance. The ground shook even more as she performed riffs to match the ones of the greats. Zapatta noticed that he's got a new competitor, so he increased the intensity of his performance, even doing stunts like swaying his body like a crocodile tearing apart its prey. Ibuki, knowing that Zapatta was gaining advantage, started to work on her body language as well. Not only did she sway her body like a true ROCK STAR, but she activated her flamethrower, built within the guitar. Everyone around her stepped back so that they couldn't be roasted. She started to spin her instrument as it spit fire, making a circle of inferno in the process. Zapatta's jaw dropped as he saw Ibuki's act, but still trying to keep up with her with sheer power.

"HAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAAAAA!" yelled Ibuki with all her might as she jumped as high she could while still spinning the guitar before landing on the ground and deactivating her flamethrower, performing a split with her legs in the process. From that alone, Zapatta fell on him bum from sheer awe...and so did the support cast of each group. Audience was left speechless, but eventually gave off a huge applause.

"Hey, you're pretty good." complimented Zapatta with absolute sincerity in his voice, giving her a thumbs up.

"Well done, Ibuki. You have proven yourself to be a worthy musician." added Suifta as she shook hands with her.

"Thank you! Thank you all who joined here!" cheered Ibuki for everyone, even for her opponents. "Say...who won this duel?"

Meanwhile, from a seamless bush, penguins have been secretly watching the duel while eating popcorn. Rico applauded both of them, especially because of how loud it got.

"Oh hey, we got ourselves a free concert!" said Private.

"Indeed. It was a good break, but we must get back to work!" ordered Skipper before each penguin grabbed their spoon and started digging, continuing their work with the base.