It was only just the beginning of the day, yet one of the first things that happened to class 77-B and class 78th was to be driven out by a cat. Granted, it was unlike any other cat, but it was still a cat. Not only that, but their hideout has been unintentionally busted, so essentially they were out in the wild. Penguins couldn't assist them at all, since they were in the unconscious-land. All of them ran away, together in group, hoping that Tom wouldn't catch them up.

After nearly marathoning the entire city, they stopped in the park, allowing themselves to take a breath, since not everyone had an amazing stamina. They needed to take some time to take a breath, rethink about the whole situation. Some of them were so pumped with adrenaline that they weren't even aware of where they were.

"W-where….where do we even go?" Sayaka questioned, with her skin become even more pale than before. The fear of that cat was still present at the time, considering the sheer power they saw right in front of their eyes.

"Hm...seems like the fiend is nowhere close us. We should probably stop to take breath." advised Sakura for everyone to cool down and just let their brains work. No one can really work properly when they're under stress.

"That's a good idea, Sakura! We can't exactly think if our minds are full of adrenaline." Aoi immediately agreed with her idea as everyone tried their best to regain their composure. Some of them did quickly, like Kyoko, but those were still only some. Even those deemed to be hard to get off their tracks were still in shock from the attack. Such as seemingly never flippant Affulent Prodigy flat out trembling after seeing the true power of Tom.

"What….what the living hell was that?" Byakuya still questioned in panic, with the image of Tom forever ingrained in his mind. That question was asked by some folk as well, since no cat could punch a tall man through the ceiling.

"I am afraid I know the answer, but I cannot say it. We should now focus where to take refuge for a moment." Gundham, who regained his composure rather quickly, suggested to switch the topic to what location to use for a temporary hiding spot. Tom was coming and they knew it.

"Where exactly can we go at this point? We're in the middle of this city, completely lost." Hajime asked, genuinely not having any idea where to hide. Neither did anyone else.

"Radio Kaikan is out of the question, just saying in advance. They would already expect us there." Impostor cautioned to not use that building for hideout. Chiaki knew what they were talking about, since she was also present there. However, neither of them could talk about it, since they didn't want to cause others to worry about their incident there. Some did notice how suspicious it was for them to mention the building.

"Wait, how do you know that?" Peko immediately yet calmly alerted, wanting to know why exactly did Impostor mention Radio Kaikan. While she did not know of the incident, she had a hunch that something happened there.

"I'll explain everything later. It has to do with Operation Metropolitan Hunt." Impostor promised to tell the full story one day, even though that day was still far away. Meanwhile, Chiaki was just looking around, being on standby in case of any punksters or even that cat coming at them. Luckily, there was no sign of them.


Chiaki squinted with her eyes when she saw a figure on top of one of skyscrapers, seemingly facing them. Even though she wasn't sure, she had a hunch that whatever that figure that was, it couldn't be any good. It reminded her of those easter eggs, where figures watch over the player.

"...Are we being watched?" quietly cautioned Chiaki, alerting them all in the process. Some of them hastily looked around to see if there were any Daft Capo members nearby. Some remained to be calm, but they knew they couldn't be there for a long time. Somehow, Gundham managed to notice the figure on the skyscraper, gaining an idea on where to hide.

"Hmmmm…...I think I've figured it out. The choice will be unorthodox, but it will give us some time." Gundham suddenly remembered what place would be good enough to use. It helped that he was already there, familiar with its layout. Others quickly gained interest in his words, wondering where the leader of The Fellowship of Darkness would take them.

"What if we just accidentally stumble in Zona Daft Capo? Wouldn't that be weird?" commented Yasuhiro, letting out a prediction in the case they would just randomly storm in and conclude Operation Metropolitan Hunt.

"That would be both fortunate and unfortunate. But now, we must make haste. Follow me, my minions." Gundham noted the prediction before he requested them to move on, to follow him to the place where they could hide for a moment. Students were intrigued by his suggestion, but they had no time to waste.

Little did they know that they were already being monitored by Wile E. Coyote, who watched them on top of a skyscraper with his binoculars. As they ran, so did Coyote, chasing them down as he leaped from skyscraper to skyscraper like a ninja.

Nearly an hour and more of running later, they found themselves at the port. Seemingly empty as of that moment, Gundham safely led them to what he visioned as their temporary hideout: Tsurihito Warehouse, which was once the very hideout for Daft Capo punksters, specifically Herman's group. Students thought that the abandoned facility looked quite shady, but no one else came up with alternatives. Yet, one person was quick to recognize the place.

"...That's their old hideout. Why here?" wondered Kyoko as she looked at Gundham with a slight judging look, not exactly sure why, out of all places, would they choose a former Daft Capo facility, especially since their enemy could quickly track them down.

"Do not fret, Kyoko. Fortune has smiled upon us, they no longer deem it as usable, since we already know their location." smirked Gundham as he gave out a reason with his crossed arms. While he hid it from others as of that point, he wanted to use the warehouse as a bait, a preparation for the showdown. Funnily enough, ever since Gundham and penguins went spying on them, the door was never again locked. The wizard leader pushed the door, letting everyone in.

"I'm definitely not having a good feeling for this…." Kazuichi gulped as he went insane. Far from only one feeling dread, but they still had to get in. Some students were a little bit more courageous about it, going inside without any fear. One of those was Gundham, of course.

"Kehehehe…..the former classmate, you were quite a nuisance, but you did something useful for once. Consider yourself applauded." Gundham grinned to himself, remembering how a certain someone has, even though for the most part has hindered them, made an actually useful move in the long run. He still condemned him for everything else, but he did appreciate the silver lining in his actions.

Even though they found a brief hideout, they still weren't safe from the ever observant eyes of the ever smugly grinning Coyote. After committing sick parkour, he was watching from another skyscraper. That time, he pulled out his phone and typed a message to a certain punkster.

"Tsurihito Warehouse. Give them a little surprise." said the Coyote's message before he sent it, giving directions to an incoming battle. After sending the info, he started carefully jumping away, as he went lower and lower to reach the ground floor. That Elite Boi had something for a plan and he was more than ready to use it.

As all of students went inside the warehouse, which only had containers and nothing else, they gathered around, preparing to discuss a plan on how to defeat the feline menace.

"Should we block the entrance?" asked Peko as she pointed at the entrance.

"Um, I don't wanna sound rude, but….that cat….I think it would just blow through it." Chihiro admitted that such action would be futile, since they already saw Tom's strength.

"Good thinking there, my minion. Now, speaking of that cat, we must not talk about anything useless anymore. Our priorities should be solely to defeat that cat." Gundham gave him a compliment before he demanded them to focus on beating Tom, ignoring anything insignificant.

"We can defeat it? I mean, you said yourself that cat is something else, haven't you?" Mahiru questioned if they can even score a victory against the Elite Boi, considering its power even without zoot suit.

"It is not a can, it is a must. Now, to honor our fallen comrades, let us commence Operation Goliath's Fall." Gundham raised his index finger, putting emphasis on that their battle will be inevitable.

"Woah...that name….so cool...but we must not get distracted. Everyone, think of a way to defeat that menace!" Sonia's eyes started to gleam before she shook her head, focusing on the strategy and tactics that could be used against Tom.

"Hmmm….I feel like ambushes are out of the question. We're no longer at Hope's peak academy and I have a feeling that it won't work here." rambled Chiaki, knowing that Tom was not even remotely like Herman. The octopus was about as crafty as it was squishy, nowhere near being as much of a threat as the current one is.

"I mean, that bastard just took out one of our strongest dudes in the class. There's no way we can handle him single-handily." Leon made a gesture with his hand, pointing at the ceiling to show a scene which all of class 78th would remember for ages.

"Hmm….it is a definitive no one should face him alone. I sensed something in him...something much more dangerous." cautioned Sakura that not a single student could defeat him by themselves.

"...You too?" Gundham raised his eyebrow upon hearing how she worded her warning, as if she knew some things that he did as well.

"I do not know what exactly you mean, but I can sense strength in people. Physically speaking, he was something out of this world. Mentally gives me chills. It's best to engage him as a team." Sakura admitted that she wasn't on the same frequency as he was, but things she said about Tom still resonated with the wizard man. He had the exact same feelings about Tom's essence as Sakura did.

"Hell yeah!...But that's kind of a given from the get go." Nekomaru noted that such option was already blatantly obvious from the start.

"Under these circumstances….I am hesitant to admit that you are right." Byakuya wiped sweat off of his forehead, saying it only because he saw co-operation with them to be the most optimal. Usually, he would say that a situation is a zero-sum game, where everyone has to fight for themselves. However, the battle with Tom was not such a game. No one was spared from his wrath and doing things solo would just make it more difficult.

"Now the question is, how we will approach the fight?" Kyoko started off with a question, curious on what would they use against the feline menace.

"This is going to sound odd, but does anyone here have any weapons?" Sonia suddenly asked something that got some of the students put off guard. Not only from the suggestion itself, but the fact Sonia, who always looked so peaceful, was the one to say it.

"My blade is always with me." Peko did not hesitate to say that she would utilize the very weapon she masters against the enemies of not only Kuzuryu clan, but of her and Fuyuhiko's friends as well.

"W-wait, do we really need weapons for this?" Makoto was one to ask if they're going really overboard with it. Even though their adversary was the one to drive them out of the school, he thought it was an overkill.

"Considering what he is, I'd say the conundrum can be approached as we wish. I am keeping Devas out of this. Even demons have their natural predators." calmly countered Gundham as he insisted of keeping his hamsters hidden, since he feared that their lives would be taken away by the cat.

"Well...I have this. Does it count?" Kazuichi pulled out a wrench out of his pocket, offering his assistance, although he was very hesitant to face Tom.

"Like he said, anything is free game...I mean, I can use this crystal ball, but…." Yasuhiro showed them his crystal ball, although he did not want to use it at all, being too valuable for him to be broken.

"I have moi pan with me." Teruteru suddenly pulled out the frying pan, carrying it ever since Herman ruined his spaghetti right in front of his eyes. Although his contribution was appreciated, they were rather baffled by him still not getting over it.

" long have you been carrying it?" Mahiru asked him in a rather perplexed tone, thinking that he was going way overboard with his paranoia.

"Hey, you never know when an octopus would strike!" Teruteru raised his finger, strongly expressing his desire to get revenge on Herman. His rambling made them realize how easy they had it with Herman. He was just an annoyance and an infiltrator, not a seemingly unstoppable warrior hellbent on beating up everyone's asses.

"Man...that guy seems easy peasy now." Kazuichi rubbed his head, remembering all times, such as his former friendships, former struggles and so on. More progress was made on their fight, the harder it seemed. However, they were far from giving up on it.

"Do fists count?" Chiaki asked, wondering if not having any weapons, but still wanting to fight was okay. Just fists were for the most part the only weapon they truly had, everyone else didn't have anything with themselves.

"Yes, I do think they count." confirmed Sonia with a smile on her face, more or less allowing everyone to fight as they wished.

"Oh, now this is good!" Akane cracked her knuckles in advance, just being eager to punch Tom in the face. She was the only one to really forward to the fight, even with more battle loving ones being present.

"Alright, so we are a little bit more armed than expected, but I do wish I could provide more." Sonia regretted the fact that she couldn't assist even more, possibly arming the students up as it were a revolution against Daft Capo. Perhaps in the future, but at that moment they got all what they brought with each other. Students were pretty surprised with her implications, wondering what kind of weaponry she had.

"M-Miss Sonia, you have weapons?!" Kazuichi asked with great interest, definitely wanting to who what sort of weaponry Sonia owns.

"Of course. I need them for self protection." Sonia confirmed it quite bluntly, not hiding at all that this princess was armed to the teeth. She had it all at the student hostel, managing to bypass all security rules due to fact she had bodyguards there. Knowing from experience at home, Sonia knew never to leave home unarmed.

"Can I see them?" Kazuichi requested to get a glimpse of her weapons. Since she was a princess, he , along with some, imagined that she had plenty of medieval weapons, such as swords, spears and bows. Boy howdy, they were wrong about it.

"No." Sonia rejected him immediately, causing him to slump his shoulders. It was mostly due security reasons that she forbid anyone from seeing her weapons.

"Damn boy, shot down that quickly." Yasuhiro noted how blunt Sonia was with her rejection.

"Enough with useless talk, focus on the inevitable fight." Gundham demanded to take the situation more seriously, forcing them to go back on the original topic.

"I-inevitable fight?" Yasuhiro started to tremble, hoping that he would not have to fight Tom. In fact, he was one of few that refused to face the inevitable.

"Many predators won't stop pursuing their prey until they completely slay it. Such is the case with some tigers, who have been known to hunt even humans. The fighter we are up against is no domestic cat, but a tiger himself!" Gundham boastfully explained why the fight is set in stone rather than being avoidable.

"So cool….I mean, I think I've got an idea! Lets fortify this warehouse!" Sonia, with her eyes gleaming again, gave out a suggestion in a voice full of authority. Their plan was made, but the details were still unclear.

"Hmm...not a bad idea, I think….but how should we fortify it? We don't have many weapons and we can only use containers here." piqued Chiaki, touch her chin with a tip of her finger, scratching it. Due to her experience with fort defenses in games, she imagined that there would be some kind of weaponry to repel a siege.

"And a close space here is kinda limiting. I think that cat benefits from it more than we do." Aoi added her own comment, noticing a weakness during their confrontation at Hope's peak. They needed a more open space, where they could attack from multiple directions.

"...I've got it! Two fronts!" Sonia suddenly declared, formulating the whole plan inside her head.

"...Two fronts?" asked Sakura with increased intrigue.

"Alright so, we will not fight only inside. A group will be dispatched outside, engaging the cat first. If the cat breaks through, then we will deal with it inside. Assuming that we don't fall, we can surround it and then beat the living hell outta it! Like a boss!" Sonia explained her plan to them, doing all sorts of gestures while doing so.

"Alright, I'm going out! This gonna be fun! Man, I've been waiting for a moment where I can punch a Daft Capo member in the face!" Akane volunteered on the spot as stormed out of the warehouse, without letting anyone oppose her. She waited outside the entrance, waiting for others to come and join her.

"It seems like we already have a candidate! I shall pledge my role in this battlefield as well." Sonia approved her dedication to protecting them, although Akane was more looking for a fight. The princess also volunteered with increased authority

"M-Miss Sonia, you can fight?" Kazuichi asked, once again surprised by another tidbit of herself that was dropped that day.

"Yes, I can break more bones than you can imagine. My military service was not for nothing." confirmed Sonia with an oddly sharp glare, unusual for someone so cheery for the most time. Another statement that caught some of them off guard.

"Your what?" Makoto would have spat out a drink if he was drinking something at the time. Some of them shared the same sentiment regarding her past.

"I mean, she's a royal, so…it makes sense." Hajime was one of the folk to be not as surprised, since he knew that obviously kings and queens had to contribute to military, such as Queen Elizabeth II, when she served in Auxiliary Territorial Service during the period when the entire world fought against fanatical countries. Although that time was not appropriate to discuss Sonia's past.

"Of course, I shall pledge to my duty as well. I cannot leave my friends to be wounded by that enemy." Sakura offered her help as well, with zero hesitation in her voice. Her offering was the least surprising of the bunch due to the fact that Sakura was always eager to protect her friends, even if she was physically intimidating.

"Oh, if Sakura's coming, I am coming too!" Aoi hopped in as well, providing back up for her martial artist friend. Not too surprising either, since Aoi was always around her.

"Allow me to assist as well. I shall not let that cat win." Peko joined in as well, inspired by other girls while also believing that her bamboo sword skills could come handy in the battle. The one with a weapon was met with positive expectations.

"Well, it is your choice…" Fuyuhiko did not protest letting her to the battle, appreciating that she did it by herself instead of being told so. Perhaps it was the desire to protect others that made her more independent. Speaking of desire for protection, all girls that volunteered gave a certain girl inspiration to join in as well.

"Then….I'll help too...I can't let my friends get hurt anymore." Chiaki placed her hand on where her heart was, offering to assist those as well. Out of all people, she was met with most surprise again, although Impostor did expect her to volunteer. In fact, it would have been odd if she wouldn't offer herself to the defense.

"C-Chiaki…?!" stuttered Hajime, with anxiety over her being hurt again showing in full force, even though he wasn't ready to admit it publicly. The incident at Hope's peak with a certain gangster made him more afraid for her, especially how eager she seems to throw herself into danger for the sake of everyone else.

"Hajime...there's nothing to worry about. We'll do great, we promise." Chiaki reassured with her ever so innocent smile on her face, wanting him to believe in the girls that will defend them.

"Then again, there's no escape from the incoming, so everyone will have to fight." added Gundham that further running would be useless. Hajime hesitated to agree with them, seriously taking some time to think about if its a good idea for them as a whole, not just Chiaki (even though he was especially worried about her), to expose themselves to the main enemy. Knowing that the time was short, he had to let them.

"...Alright….I believe in you, Chiaki. Anyone else?" Hajime allowed them to act as the first line of defense. It seemed like those girls were only ones to volunteer. Others remained either because they were scared or because they wanted to be the second line of defense in the case that the cat infiltrates the facility. They all nodded in agreement.

"I think we are good. We are gonna kick his feline ass to hell and back!" declared Sonia with a pumped fist, letting everyone know that these girls will protect them.

"HELL YEAH, KICK HIS ASSSSSSSSSSS! Nekomaru let out a motivational shout before he needed to point out a security concern for them. "I do have a thing to mention though. If he breaks in, from where could he come in, aside from entrance of course.".

"From there. That's where my Devas and Avians of The Faraway Blizzard managed to infiltrate this facility." Gundham pointed at the window, knowing how Devas and penguins used it to break in. The second line, which consisted of everyone else, made a loose circle, just for everyone to contribute to patrolling. Some of them climbed on containers to get the higher ground.

"To be fair, that cat could just punch the wall so hard that it would just break. You all seen what happened to Mondo, right?" Yasuhiro pointed out that if Tom managed to punch a guy through the ceiling, then no wall could stop him. Class 77-B was lucky that they did not see the event with their eyes.

"What happened to him, if I can ask?" piqued Sonia as she tilted her head, curious on what happened between the cat and the biker. Entire class 78th felt chills when they had to remember the incident.

"P-punched so hard that he went through the ceiling…." Chihiro quietly mumbled, hesitant to admit that a person he saw as very strong was essentially beaten up by a cat. Entire class 77-B was shocked upon what the poor biker dude had to deal with.

"What? H-he punched that hard?! Man, I thought that was a bomb!" Kazuichi started sweating, remembering the sound of Tom's punch, which did sound like a 2000 lb bomb going off.

"I mean, on the bright side, we got more people here, right? And Sakura can match him too, right?" Aoi attempted them to cheer up and gain courage to face Tom. However, not even her friend was too sure about it.

"Hmmm….truly a formidable foe…" Sakura wandered in her thoughts, thinking of all the ways she could score a victory against such an enemy. Even as the Ultimate Martial Artist, to underestimate a foe meant a defeat inbound.

"But do not get demoralized! One versus whopping twenty one! Even on the battlefield, those who have more resources tend to win!" Nekomaru reminded everyone in order to boost morale. If there was an advantage they had, it certainly was a numerical one. At least what they thought.

"Now...I've been thinking….would we need back up?" Chiaki brought up an idea of a possible "third" front, the one that would arrive like a cavalry to save them from despair.

"Who would be-" Hajime wanted to ask, only to figure out immediately on who exactly was she thinking about. They were the only choice after all. "Are you thinking of dragging Future Lab members into this?".

"Well….I do think there's one that could help us right here." Chiaki admitted that there was one person that wouldn't be too much of a hassle to put in. Even though other Future Gadget Lab members would be willing to fight against them, only one was actually a fighter.

"Who could it be?" asked Makoto, genuinely unsure who she meant.

"Lemme guess….that dopey one that sounds like you and is constantly around you, isn't it?" Hiyoko scoffed at her, taking a jab at both her and a certain Upa lover.

"...I'm talking about Suzuha." Chiaki pouted at her, not appreciating her snide towards Mayuri deep down while also being sort of slightly frustrated that Hiyoko didn't let her finish what she said.

"Oooh, the biker gal! Good choice, Chiaki!" Aoi praised her for the decision on who exactly to call upon. From seeing her, Aoi knew Suzuha was just like them.

"If things go awry, I'll call her….now do we have everything?" Chiaki said everything she needed before she asked everyone if they have talked about all things necessary.

"The first front is ready!" Sonia pumped both of her fists, confirming that the defense squad was ready.

"I can also say that we are more than prepared to-" Gundham was just about to confirm their readiness, if it weren't for one of students went in the container.

"Nope. Not dealing with this. You guys have fun." Yasuhiro spoke out of it, hiding for the most part, since the fear overtook any of this resolve. Most of the folk were understanding of him. Just most of, not everyone.

"...Coward!" Gundham condemned him on the spot, shaking his fist at him.

"Can't really blame him, though. I mean...after….yeah…." Makoto defended him, understanding that not everyone was ready to fight, though it was kind of odd, since even Chihiro was willing to put up a fight, even if he saw himself as the weakest. By that point, they were all ready.

"Now, let's busts some caps!" declared Sonia as the first front stormed out of the warehouse, officially beginning the Operation Goliath's Fall. Akane was already outside, greeting them with a loud yet happy "Yo!". Those that got out of the warehouse positioned themselves in a line, standing right in front of the building. All of them crossed arms, put on standby as they observed the area. That line gave Akane an idea.

"Hey, Sakura! Gimme a hand for a moment!" requested Akane to be thrown on the roof. Sakura responded with a nod as she grabbed Akane by her hips, throwing her right on the roof with enough force that the athlete would land safely on it. And so she did, with her beginning to patrol on the high ground, but not before she expressed her gratitude. "Thank you very much! You're very strong!".

Dozens of minutes have passed, yet all what girls saw was the calm waves gently hitting the port as they were surrounded by nothing but what it seemed to be empty building. From a distance, multiple types of ships could be seen, from small boats to colossal freighters. A small breeze accompanied them as well. Such amount of odd tranquility made them lower the guard, beginning a small discussion rather than to stand and be silent for hours.

"Man, after we're done with this, we're gonna have a lot of stories to tell, won't we?" Aoi chuckled as she rubbed her head, wondering how would they see the whole thing in the future. Her question gave other girls something to think deeply about.

"Like how a single cat drove us out of the school?" asked Peko on how would they exactly have to live with the fact that a cat managed to make them run for their lives.

"'s scary now, but one day we'll be able to laugh at it. It's a bit silly, come to think of it." commented Aoi, thinking that the future is going to be bright enough that they'll look at the whole with a laugh.

"Yeah...even if the present is scary, it doesn't mean it will be like that...I think. We're gonna remember so many things fondly." Chiaki spoke out of her mind, having a little smile on her face. She was wondering what kind of future would they have after the whole Daft Capo thing is done.

"We should be able to create it by ourselves. No mafia will change our destiny." Sakura reassured them that their fight won't be lost, that their future is definitely going to be bright.

"That is right, Sakura. It is us who should-" Sonia wanted to add her thoughts on it, if it weren't for one factor that none of the girls expected to happen.

"Girls, we said only the cat is coming right?" asked Akane upon spotting the oddity from a far. She was yet to say what it was.

"Yeah? We did say that." said Sonia, assuring her that Tom was the only expected enemy.

Then Akane dropped the truth bomb.

"Then why are there a bunch of mopeds with funnily dressed people coming at us? And there's one that's just...on foot?" alerted Akane pointing towards her left, showing them about eleven punksters, with four on them riding Vespa mopeds, rushing right at them. The middle one, a woman in tuxedo, seemed to have a particularly bloodthirsty grin on her face, almost foaming from excitement, where as other punksters just sported shit-eating grins. Any peace to be had was gone. The fight was on.

"...Oh. They called in reinforcement. On your guard, everyone." Peko immediately pulled out her bamboo sword, putting herself on battle stance. Others followed the same, just raising their fists instead. For them, fists were all the needed. Punksters, let by Daitane, were all getting closer.

"YIPPIE KI YAY, MOTHERFUCKERS!" Sonia let out a war cry when punksters got close enough, all of them being more than ready to trade punches and kicks. They didn't dash forward, instead they waited for punksters to make the first move. A gut feeling was had that their enemy would counter first. Akane still stood on the roof, but she had a move planned ahead.

"I see bitches ahead! Get em, bois!" Daitane pointed at their enemy as they all sped up, with moped cavalry going in first. With their speedy vehicles, two of moped punksters attempted to run over Peko and Chiaki, but former managed to jump away in time, where as the latter got pulled away by Sakura, just barely evading the strike. Other two punksters on moped didn't engage just yet, instead acting as the back up, flanking the girls from both sides as they circles around.

As those speeding punksters missed their targets, those on foot entered the scene. Daitane was the first to rush forward, sprinting right towards Sonia, only to be drop kicked in the face by Akane, who jumped off from roof to join in the fight. Her attack sent Daitane rolling on the floor, almost falling in the sea if she didn't stop herself. The punkster gal picked herself up, with her bloodthirsty grin being replaced by an annoyed grimace.

"Shit move, woman!" grumbled Daitane as she raised her fists, directing her glare towards gleeful Akane.

"AW YEAH, NOW WE'RE TALKING!" Akane hopped in one place, all pumped up as she rushed towards Daitane, ready to go one versus one on her.

Thus, a fist fight, accompanied with some kicks, erupted between battle loving girls where as rest of the girls had to deal with other punksters. The enemy seemed to gang up on Sonia and Chiaki the most while avoiding Peko, Aoi and Sakura. Where as Chiaki kept dodging, since after previous incidents she wasn't sure that her attacking would end up in any situation other than being countered. She was backed up by Sonia, who did counter with the techniques of close-quarters combat, twisting limbs of anyone who was in front of her. Their backs were covered by the very girls they avoided. Peko smacked several punksters with her bamboo sword so hard, that they were knocked back, but not knocked out as she wished. Perhaps punksters were more resilient than she thought, but they couldn't even score a hit on her.

On other end, the combo of Sakura and Aoi meant an inevitable defeat of any punksters. With Sakura's titanic punches and Aoi's swift kicks, two punksters out of eleven were knocked out, laying unconscious on the floor. At that moment, one punkster noticed that Akane and Daitane were fighting alone, so he decided to do an intervention, sprinting towards them. Akane managed to somehow notice, which was just the right time for Daitane to punch her in the face. She flinched, but she still stood, continuing the fight as the punkster kept running.

"Hey, my ass is gonna be kicked now!" Akane called out for assistance, to which all of the girls have heard it, yet they could only fight off other punksters.

"Just a moment, Akane!" Aoi volunteered as she dashed towards him, reaching just in time to slide in front of him and make him fall on his face. Akane could now continue her fight with Daitane in peace.

"Thanks, my girl!" Akane let out a smile amid the fight as she continued exchanging flurries of punches at the rival punkster.

"No prob-" Aoi wanted to return the favor, only to roll away just in time when the punkster on a moped attack. With two punksters down, the moped cavalry responded, doing their best to run over them. The girls managed to barely dodge attempts of vehicular manslaughter while also trying to fight others punksters at the time.

As the battle went on, one punkster on a moped had an idea to take down Sakura, who they saw as the biggest obstacle. Full gas ahead, moped punkster performed a wheelie, trying to hit Sakura right in her face. However, such attack was met with an uppercut, which sent the moped flipping backwards as the punkster fell off of it. As he landed on the ground, Sonia used that opportunity to knock him out with a smack on the back of his head. Third punkster was down and the moped somehow landed on its wheels like a cat lands on its feet. Seeing a yet occupied moped gave Chiaki an idea on what they could use.

"Oh, we can use this!" Chiaki pointed out the moped. That alone gave Sonia an idea.

"Great idea, Chiaki! I know what to do! Peko, come with me!" Sonia invited Peko, who just followed her albeit slightly perplexed as they ran towards the lying moped. Some punksters saw that two of their enemies wanted to use moped against them, so they chased her down. However, Sonia and Peko got to the moped first, picking it up as they hopped on it. The vehicle was already turned on, so there was no worry about starting it up. Sonia was the one who was in charge of driving it while Peko was her passenger.

"Alright, Peko! Just hold the sword like that and I'll do the rest of it!" Sonia gave instructions to the swordswoman on what to do, essentially to make the moped into a modern day chariot. Peko was confused, but she held the sword like a spear of a chariot. They were now ready to go feral on punksters.

"Yeeeeehaaaaw!" Sonia performed a wheelie, acting like it was a stallion of a knight. Peko held onto her with one hand to not fall off, but she still kept her sword horizontally. After performing such stunt, Sonia started rolling around with it, intending to target moped punksters first. One of moped punksters decided to chase them down, only to be knocked out by Peko with her sword once he got close enough. Other two moped punksters harassed girls, including Akane, even though it meant hindering Daitane in her fight. Just when one of moped punksters was about to run into Aoi, the Hope's peak chariot knocked him out just in time. Five punksters down and one moped punkster remained.

"Bitch ass hoes!" punkster on moped shook his fist at moped riding gals as he drove away from the battlefield, allowing moped girls to plow through other punksters, hitting anyone on their path. Sonia's eyes were gleaming through out all of that, with adrenaline pumping through her like a locomotive. The fight became easier, so much so that even Chiaki stopped evading and started punching back. It seemed like the tide has turned in their favor.

But the remaining moped punkster had a trick up his sleeve. As he drove away, he went into the alleyway, which had another punkster there, whose role was to observe the battle and report the situation to others.

"Oi, hoe scrubs are kinda owning us. We need our boi now!" moped punkster requested for assistance, to which the alleyway punkster's only response was a nod and pulling the phone out of his pocket. The phone rang as he initiated the call. A number by the name of "Coyote" was selected.

"Calling in artillery. We need support!" alleyway punkster immediately said the demand, acting like they were legitimately under heavy fire.

Meanwhile, somewhere close to the port, but faraway that Hope's peak gang couldn't see them, Dollar Fisher was parked, with its outriggers placed. Louisianos, the one who drove it, and Wile E. Coyote, the hand crane operator, weren't the only one present. Two punksters in the tow truck were in charge of providing ammunition for the Dollar Fisher: Peugeot cars. There were about three of them as of that moment. In a way, that Frankenstein's monster of a moped was just about to see its combat debut.

"Roger that. We're going in hot." Louisianos confirmed over the phone as he kept the call on. He turned towards Coyote, giving him a thumbs up with his stoic expression on his face. In response, Coyote devilishly rubbed his hands with an ever smug grin on his face as he started operating the crane, grabbing the Peugeot number one with its giant mechanic hand. Then he made the palm face the sky as he extended it to maximum possible length. After the position was ready, Coyote only had one thing to do, which he did with utmost delight: pressing the YEET button.

And so he did, with the entire arm suddenly lunging forward, throwing the Peugeot right towards the Tsurihito Warehouse. Luckily, the car was launched way above the buildings, so that any concerns of "accidental" damage were null.

Meanwhile, the fight went on, with punksters losing their moped cavalry. All of girls, from those on foot to two on moped, kept it up, managed to get few strikes on punksters, with sometimes getting hit back. Out of all, Sakura was still the one that the punksters avoided the most, with her managing to knock down another punkster.

Suddenly, a small but ever expanding shadow appeared on the ground. Both punksters and girls looked at it, wondering what it was. Then, one of them saw the source of the shadow: a launched Peugeot coming right at them.

"Hey, what's tha-What the hell?! Move, everyone!" alerted Akane as all of them had to briefly break up to avoid the car. The shadow was getting rapidly larger, only for the car to land right on the spot. The impact of it totaled the Peugeot as it rolled for a meter or so. Everyone, from Hope's peak girls to punksters, managed to leave the attack unscathed, but utterly baffled, although Sonia nearly drove the moped right into the sea had it not been for her making a turn just in time, just barely evading the Peugeot. Even punksters weren't expecting the Peugeot strike.

"My goodness! How did a car fall out of the sky?!" shouted Sonia after realizing what she just witnessed. Even calmer girls like Chiaki, Sakura and Peko were utterly and completely floored from such attack.

"...What the heck?! What kind of power is this?!" Chiaki stared at the wreckage of the car, wondering how the hell did it even come here in the first place. In sort of a way, a very brief ceasefire was made, only because all of them were perplexed. However, it lasted as long as it did, which was about few seconds because Daitane sucker punched Akane in the face again, nearly knocking her out.

"Seriously?! That's it, no more holding back!" Aoi condemned all of punksters as she suddenly ran towards the sea, jumping right in as she performed a dive. Punksters and girls were confused by her action, once again distracting them from a fight.

"Hahaha, get some, scrubs! Get some-" Daitane thought that Aoi pulled out a white flag, mocking her in the process. In reality, Aoi pulled out a stone from the sea floor, throwing it right at Daitane. The stone hit her right on her knee, causing her to flinch from pain. "Fucker!".

The fighting fully resumed, at that moment with Aoi acting as the ranged fighter, throwing stones at punksters. One was actually knocked out by the stone, being hit right on his head. Another punkster down.

Alleyway punkster and moped punkster observed the battle, with the former calling for more support. "Keep firing! Keep firing!".

At the site of Dollar Fisher, Coyote pressed the YEET button once again, launching another Peugeot right at them. As he was done with another launch, a familiar face appeared just right next to him. A face that Coyote and other punksters were more than delighted to see.

It was Tom, still in his dapper zoot suit.

"Get on." Coyote pulled out a sign, suggesting that he would just need to launch Tom there. The cat nodded as he hopped on the mechanical hand. Then, Coyote deviously rubbed his hands as he once again pressed the YEET button.

Tom was simply thrown by the Dollar Fisher, flying over the buildings like a cannonball. Yet through out the flight, Tom still had his stoic, determined expression on his face, not even bothered by wind itself, which, despite the high speed, couldn't even blow away his hat. As he was still flying, he realized that Coyote miscalculated, sending him right on the wall. Not that it bothered Tom that much, since all he needed to do was to pull his zoot suit side to side just a bit, essentially turning it into a flight suit. He had enough speed to pitch up, evading the wall just a bit while flying right over the roof. He was just fast enough that none of the girls, nor punksters, managed to notice him. Tom in his gliding zoot suit kept going vertically until all of his speed was lowered down enough to make him stall. That was around 1000 ft in the air as he faced downwards, with fist first as he started falling down. He made himself more aerodynamic, so that he could so fast that his enemies would notice him when it was too late.

His plan worked, with girls only realizing that when Tom broke through the roof with ease, landing right inside. Dust went everywhere, enough to make a fog inside the warehouse. The sudden entrance of him caused the plan of the second front to crumble, they did not expect him to enter from the roof like that. All of their organization became a mess as they all were scrambled over the warehouse, partially due to the blast created by Tom's impact.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" shouted Nekomaru in surprise as the dust was finally starting to settle down, but not enough that they would see the one that did the impact. A lot of coughing was heard from students, possibly due inhaling dust.

"W-what just happened?! Did a meteorite just hit this warehouse?!" stammered Kazuichi as he, along with others, looked at the hole on the roof. It really felt like a meteorite just hit them.

"Hey, did something just explode or what?" Yasuhiro asked out of his container, still refusing to go out. Naive of him that he thought he was safe there.

As the dust finally fully settled, the enemy appeared right in front of them. Tom looked at them with intense glare, causing immense fear among majority of the students. Only a few of them had courage to face the threat, such as Nekomaru and Gundham. The latter knew that the time was no more.

"NO TIME TO SPARE, STRIKE NOW-" Gundham ordered them to attack him, only for something to happen which no one saw coming, not even the wizard man himself.

Suddenly, Tom struck a menacing pose as the visible green aura appeared on him. Somehow, the pose itself managed to generate a triumphant orchestral music, with the entire interior of the warehouse being now in all sorts of colors. Even Tom himself, now covered in green, and Hope's peak gang were colored differently, color palettes all over the place. What once was a logical choice for a color was now something else.

"H-hey, why did music start to play outta sudden?!" stammered Kazuichi, being one out of nearly all of them to be frozen in fear upon seeing Tom suddenly warping the entire perception of reality just by standing. The person that was most shaken with fear was the one who had courage before, Gundham Tanaka.

"C-could it be?! No way, it''s the ancient move!" Gundham trembled as he recognized what exactly was Tom doing.

But he was too late. Everyone was too late to do anything as the music kept building up.

Tom started with spinning his left arm clockwise! And then with his right arm counterclockwise! Hope's peak gang was unable to counter such ancient technique as that as Tom's fist seemingly kept getting larger! The air between Tom's hands transformed into powerful vortex of destruction. That vacuum created a highly pressurized maelstorm! Not a single Hope's peak student inside the warehouse could get a hold from such winds, causing them to be caught in the hurricane of malice! The music transitioned from a triumphant orchestra to an intense Aztec orchestral dubstep, with sounds of WUBS, trumpets, drums and chanting of a beautiful yet mysterious woman accompanying the winds!

"WHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT?!" yelled Nekomaru with all of his might as the winds just lifted him off the ground like he was a little leaf. The winds carried everyone inside, not even containers were safe. Amid the winds, the first ones to be knocked out were Makoto and Sayaka, when they hit each other with their heads so hard that they were both rendered unconscious. Most of them panicked as they desperately tried to get a hold on something, but any efforts were futile. One of them was Chihiro, who tried to get a hold on a container, but was hit on the head by another container, causing him to be knocked out, just like Makoto and Sayaka were before. Another one to follow was Leon, who tried his best to throw a container at the unflinching Tom, who just stood there like a statue, with the unstoppable stoic expression on his face, generating the winds of utter destruction. His attempt was immediately negated when the very container he wanted to throw hit him back, ko'ing him out of that round. Teruteru, Mahiru, Hiyoko and Kyoko all followed the suit, being hit by either bodies of unconscious students or the containers. Rest of them struggled, as they were being trapped by the winds of the ancient technique.

Meanwhile, the girls and punksters outside only noticed the oddity once they heard the WUBS. Girls were confused on why was there music playing. Little did they knew…On other hand, all of punksters had a collective moment of shock, immediately recognizing what exactly was going on.

"Hey, what the heck is-?" Aoi wanted to point out the music, but before she could do anything...

"OH SHIT!" punksters, including Daitane, yelled as they all got away as far as possible from the door as possible. It all soon became clear, when the wind caused by Tom opened the door by force. A sudden hurricane hit all of the girls except Aoi, who was still in water, with Chiaki being first one to be flying, landing right in the sea water. Sonia and Peko followed the suite, as the winds were so strong, that not even moped could hold them on the ground. Akane was also thrown in the water, with only Sakura barely holding on the ground by crouching. She could resist the wind, but it was just lightly pushing her back. Even the Peugeot wreckage was sent flying, thankfully right over those who have fallen in the water and just barely above Sakura.

Sonia, Peko and Akane all managed to reach the surface, managing to swim as the waves caused by wind kept pushing them away. Chiaki, on other hand, was flailing her arms, trying her best to make her head stay out of water, but she kept diving down. The waves didn't help either, pushing her away as she was slowly and surely drowning.

"H-help……." Chiaki pleaded for help, to just hang onto someone. She was getting alarmingly close to just sinking like a stone. Luckily, rest of girls immediately started swimming to help her.

"Don't worry, I got you!" Aoi was the one to just blitz through the waves as she managed to get a grip on Chiaki just in time. As she was pushing through them, Aoi allowed Chiaki to place her hand over the shoulder, managing to get her head out of water in the process.

"Bleh...bleurgh…" Chiaki spat out the sea water, thinking that it was rather gross tasting. She was trembling, unable to do anything than to just cling on her swimmer colleague.

"Don't panic, just calm down and inflate your cheeks, it will help you afloat." Aoi suggested her to pout, just so that she would have easier time. Chiaki followed her advice and did, trying her best to stay afloat. "Good, good! Now hang on tight, because this wind...this wind is making things rocky for sure!".

Other girls managed to join Aoi and Chiaki as they all tried their best to not be swept away by waves. Peko lost her glasses in the sea, making her vision more blurry in the process. However, she still had her sword, somehow managing to get a hold on it while being flung.

"What...what's going on?" perplexed Peko, unable to see anything clearly.

"The hell was that?!" Akane added her comment as well as they all tried to grab a ledge amid the wind storm. Sakura still managed to hold on the ground. Punksters only watched in awe as they got the glimpse of the true power of their Elite Boi. However, one had intentions to make girl's lives more miserable.

"Fuck this, y'all snitches gonna go to Bikini Bottom!" Daitane declared as she attempted to stomp to Sakura, wanting to knock her right in the sea. The wind was so strong that it just sent her flying right into the sea.

"Hey, this is our water now!" Akane hissed at her as she swam towards Daitane, initiating the fight between the two again. That time, Akane had the full advantage, using her swimming skills to beat the living heck out of Daitane. After few punches were delivered, Akane kicked Daitane right in the face, causing her to be knocked out. Since she wanted to flex on punksters, Akane tried her best to swim towards the area where the effects of weren't felt. Nearly being dragged into the larger sea, Akane managed to throw unconscious Daitane right on the floor, showing her defeated state right in front of punksters.

"Shit! Our gal is out!" punkster realized that it would be just better to leave it all to Tom.

"Fuck, those scrubs fought better than expected. Retreat!" other punkster suggested for all of them to run away and so they did. Punksters sent by Coyote no longer had business there.

"Yeah, keep running, you cowards!" Akane taunted them as she went out of the water, currently being on land. She stepped towards the warehouse, but far away enough that the wind wouldn't blow her away. Now only Sakura and Akane were on the ground, with the former managed to get a glimpse of what exactly was causing such storm.

"Is that...the cat?!" Sakura was beyond shocked to realize that the cat had such technique. Gundham was right, Tom was truly something else!

"W-what?! Such power from this?!" Sonia's skin became pale upon knowing that a mere cat could cause such winds.

"H-how….how...can-" Peko wanted to have an answer, but all they could do was to push through the waves.

Meanwhile, the rest of the second front was still carried by the hurricane. All of them were panicking, but Yasuhiro was especially unfortunate, since he had to experience zero gravity inside the container. Luckily, no one new was knocked out, with some even using winds to evade anything incoming.

"I, the Supreme Overlord of Ice, have always thought that this beast was a force to be reckoned it, but I would never imagine in millions years that he would know of THE DIVINE SANDSTORM!" shouted Gundham while also uttering the name of the technique.

The Divine Sandstorm, known to be used by the specimen of an ancient race of vampiric humanoids, was now used by a mere cat who was not a vampire at all! How did Tom managed to learn a technique of a powerful warrior, no one knew and only Gundham dared to seek for answer!

As the winds carried them, Nekomaru navigated through winds, coming up with an idea to make him cease with him dubstep accompanying attack.

"Hnnnghhh….you think you are so smart, are you? Now get ready for MYYYYYYYY FIIIIIIIIIIIST!" Nekomaru attempted to punch him right in the face when he got close, but he just missed by a centimeter as he was once again on a roundabout of wind.

"SHIT! So close!" Nekomaru cursed himself, but he kept trying.

In the mean time, girls were trying to come up with an idea to defeat Tom, since he has thankfully not faced them. It was a question if he could. They could do anything to strike his back, but they weren't sure what. Then, Akane got a glimpse of a thought when she saw Sakura still holding on.

"Yo, Sakura! I got an idea! My gut tells me to do so! Can you come a little close?" Akane requested to come to her, so that she could hide behind her back.

"I...I will try my best…" agreed Sakura as she kept pushing through the wind while moving sideways. Despite the strength of wind, she managed to pull through, getting close enough to Akane. The Gymnast hid behind her back, being safe from the wind. Upon seeing it, the swimmer got an idea.

"I see! Sakura can block the wind with her body!...I've got it! Peko, can you lend your sword to Akane for a moment?" Aoi requested her swordswoman colleague to lend her weapon to Akane. Usually, only one to be able to touch her sword was Peko herself, but due circumstances, she had to make an exception.

"….Sure….but only this time." Peko handed over her sword after having issues grabbing it, letting Aoi to hold it. The swimmer lifted the sword in the air, showing Akane on what to use.

"I can see where you are going with this! Akane, can you grab the sword?" Sonia called out for her, hoping that Akane would her hear amid the chaos. Luckily, she did.

"Sure do!" Akane gave her a thumbs up as Sakura and her managed to sidestep while also letting wind to take them back just a little bit. Aoi and girls tried their best to be close to the ground and it paid off, with Akane grabbing the weapon. Once it was set and done, Sakura started pushing forward. Slowly but surely, she was getting closer to Tom, who still insisted on using his technique. He didn't turn forward, which proved to be fortunate enough. Step by step, Sakura was getting closer.

Then, the decisive moment came to be. They were just close enough for the sword. Then, with a satisfied, almost bloodthirsty grin on her face, Akane unleashed her attack with the sword.



Tom's hands suddenly stopped spinning, causing the winds to just go through the entrance as it slowly calmed down. The cat was too busy jumping around after being poked with such force in the rear that not even his zoot suit could protect him. As the winds were starting to become more of a breeze, Akane secretly snatched something out of his pocket. It was her avian colleague.

"...Eh, penguin?" wondered Akane as she removed the tape from his flippers, freeing him. Since he was still knocked out, Akane just bopped him on his head, causing him to regain his will and conscience. The moment Rico saw Tom, a literal fire appeared from his eyes.

"URGGGHH….TOM!" Rico roared in absolute wrath, but Tom was still busy hopping around. However, one opening allowed Nekomaru, who has been waiting for the moment, to punch him right in the face, sending him rolling on the floor. The winds have calmed down as the containers and students well. Luckily, no one was crushed by a container, conscious or unconscious.

"HEEEEEELLLLLLLLL YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAH!" Nekomaru cheered like his team won a football match. Tom, know dizzy from his punch, found himself right in front of Akane, whose eyes were just filled with pure and raw adrenaline.

"Hey, Coach! Lemme have him!" Akane asked her trainer if she could join in beating him up.

"SSUUUUUUUUUUUREEEEE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Nekomaru boastfully approved as both of them got close enough to Tom.

Suddenly, a flurry of punches and kicks were unleashed upon the zoot suit wearing menace, with all of them being directed right in his face. Each punch felt more painful than one before.

"ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!" Akane let out her battle cry where as Tom only had one thing to say.


After Akane and Nekomaru delivered their final blow together, both sporting grins of battle love, Tom was launched right in the wall, leaving a crater on it. However, that was only the beginning of the beat down for him as another person, armed with a wrench, ran towards him.

"H-how about this, you shitty cat!" Kazuichi cursed his enemy as he hit him right on his head, causing him to see the stars. Rico was a witness to such event and he joined in.

"Ooooh….ehehehe!" Rico cackled like a villain as he rubbed his flippers before he spat out his own wrench.

"W-what do you plan to do, Rico?" Kazuichi asked, to which Rico responded with an imitation of a groin attack while also laughing quite maliciously. Kazuichi felt like Rico was going too far, but considering their enemy, it was all free game. "O-oh, okay!"

Then Rico prepared his attack, unleashing it on Tom.

Right in the nads!


His scream was silence by a knuckle sandwich delivered by Sakura, who has unleashed the storm of punches rivaled by the fury of thousands suns. The punches sounded like a machine gun going off as Tom felt every single impact of them. The whole beating lasted for about whopping fifteen seconds before Tom was launched right in the sea.

"Beware, incoming projectile!" Sonia warned the first front as they all managed to evade Tom, whom then landed in the water. He laid unconsciously on the surface, floating like a person who's trying to relax. Those who have remained determined in the whole fight stepped towards him, just watching from the ground. They consisted of Akane, Nekomaru, Gundham, Sakura, Sonia, Chiaki, Peko, Rico and Aoi. Kazuichi was still too terrified after everything that happened.

"Haha!" laughed Rico at him, feeling an exceptional amount of catharsis after everything Tom put him through.

" it over?" Chiaki timidly asked, still shaken by nearly drowning before. She was hugging herself, still trembling.

"Yes, your hearts can now rest at ease. The beast has been defeated." Gundham confidently reassured that the fight was truly over. Finally, Hope's peak had peace….for that moment.

"Hell yeah! Wooooo! That was awesome!" Akane jumped in the air out of excitement, being the only one, along with Rico, who felt such way. They even did a high five with each other. Others were more concerned about what happened to their friends.

"Hm, I'm not too sure...we should check others." suggested Sakura as they all turned towards the warehouse, only to see a sight which they'll never forget. Their friends being all over the place, all of those being utterly terrified, not being even able to say a word. What worsened the sight was unconscious students lying on the floor. It all made them realize who exactly they fought and what can a single member of that dreaded syndicate do.

"...Holy sweet Jesus of FUCK! A single cat did this?" Sonia's skin turned completely pale, only to remain silent after seeing the sight.

"As I said earlier, this was no mere cat. This was...something else." Gundham spoke with absolute and utter seriousness in his tone, to such levels that no one expected him to do so. Meanwhile, others remained in silence, all shaken by what they just went through. Even Akane and Rico remained stunned in silence. The one that was affected most by the sight was Chiaki, who forgot the fact that she nearly drowned and rushed towards Hajime and Chihiro. Her heart was beating exceptionally fast, with her anxiety coming at full force. She carried Chihiro like a wounded soldier while also escorting Hajime at the same time.

"We...we have to take them to the school's hospital! Pick everyone you can!" Chiaki pleaded everyone to assist as she was visibly sweating from a sight that not only she'll never forget, but won't forgive herself for some time. No matter what she did, she failed to protect them. Worse it was that she didn't want to talk anyone about it, since she worried that they would start worrying for her. Friends were far more important than her, after all.

"Of course. We have to get out of there now." Sakura reassured her, who did notice how stressed Nanami seemed. Peko immediately ran to Fuyuhiko, checking him if he's okay. He was conscious, but terrified to hell and back. Then all of them started carrying the unconscious ones as they all were leaving the port once and for all.

With exception of one. Gundham Tanaka remained at the port as he looked at unconscious Tom, wandering in his thoughts. Sonia noticed that her wizard friend was the only one who didn't run away, instead just staying behind.

"Gundham, why are you staying? We should get out of there ASAP!" cautioned Sonia, wanting him to get to safety.

"The leaf of fate has been carried by the uncertain wind. The Overlord must remain here, as I travel the sea of thoughts." Gundham insisted to stay, just letting him think about the whole situation.

"But you could be in danger! Those gangsters could return at any time!" Sonia continued warning him, which made Gundham smile for some reason. Perhaps it was her sincerity that he appreciated.

"Sonia, do not dive in concern. Although this was a great challenge, it is far from the most perilous event I, the Supreme Overlord of Ice, have went through-" Gundham attempted to calmly reassure her, only to see something truly odd when he accidentally turned left.

A faceless musketeer without a shadow just stood from the distance, observing him. Gundham felt immense chills down his spine, more so than he did with Tom, when he saw the figure. Suddenly, he just froze in place, feeling an unusual sense of dread, which he has never felt before.

"...What's wrong, Gundham?" Sonia tilted her head while also expressing concern. Gundham couldn't say why, but he did agree on moving away from the port. The musketeer was a warning.

"….Dark period is ahead, Sonia. We must move forward…" Gundham warned in such sincerity that even Sonia started to get fearful. Sonia walked as fast as she could and so did Gundham. He already sensed that fate has something for him. Appearance of Pioneer confirmed that as the he started to slowly walk, following him. The musketeer was looking for something in Gundham, yet only one who could know was the wizard man himself.

An hour has passed and few cars rolled in the port. A Toyota Mega Cruiser, Ferrari FF, Dollar Fisher, Formula One of Mercedes Brand, another Mercedes and the Mean Machine all arrived to the scene. Elite Bois have stepped out of their cars as they all looked at Tom, wondering how he ended up like that.

"What even happened here?! How did he lose?" asked Dastardly, genuinely surprised that one of the strongest Elite Bois was actually defeated by "scrubs".

"What the hell, our boi got his ass kicked?" Fritz raised his eyebrow, also shocked that the one person he was unwilling to fight against was actually rendered unconscious.

"Get up." annoyed by the sight, Coyote threw a sign that said just that, hitting him right on the head and somehow waking him up. Tom swam back to them, jumping out of water. They all wanted to ask how did he get his bum kicked, but had something else on his mind.

"Hmmmm….I do wanna know something. Tom, how many have you beaten? If you know, name them." scratched his chin as he gave out a question. Tom just pulled out his phone and gave him a message, typing out all the names he knew of. Luckily for them, it really was all of them, including Chisa Yukizome. Seeing her name made him grin in satisfaction.

"Oh, she's among them? Excellent, this will be much easier. Now, we can initiate the most fun part of our plan. Now, lets find her, shall we?" praised him as he rubbed his hands, prepared to start the next phase of their plan. Chisa had to watch out in the future, since Daft Capo was looking right for her.