The day was just an ordinary Thursday with a sky filled with clouds. Only few gaps in the gray aerial sea allowed sun rays to reach the surface. Around Hope's peak academy, there was only one person nearby. Chiaki Nanami, just sitting on the bench near the fountain as she peacefully played her games. They served as the time killers as she waited for her friends to come, a daily occurrence at that point. Clicks of rapidly mashed buttons on her console were the only sound that accompanied the slight breeze.

Or so she thought, because not long after she heard the sound of rumbling bushes. Chiaki was already put on the alert state, since last time she had a similar experience, it was none other than the cephalopod enemy himself.

"Huh? What's going on? Could it be…?" Chiaki looked around before she stood up from the bench, slowly wandering around to figure out the source of those sounds. She put the console in her pocket as she clenched her fist, just so that she could punch any adversary in advance. Better to deliver the first strike after all. Upon closer inspection, she did find out the exact bush that was causing such rumbling. Just in case, Chiaki prepared herself in a battle stance, being ready to strike at any moment.

It turned out, she was not ready at all, since the one who caused the noisy mischief was not an enemy at all.

"Surpriiiiiiseeee!" Chisa jumped out of the bush like a rabbit, completely startling Chiaki in the process. Her student immediately let her fist loose as she hopped back out of surprise.

"M-Miss Yukizome?" stammered Chiaki as she was slowly calming down. It was just her teacher, no one else. She shouldn't worry about it too much, she thought.

"Hehe, gotcha now, didn'tcha?" giggled Chisa as she put her hand on her mouth in a rather peculiarly mischievous way. It became clear to Chiaki that she was, indeed, pranked.

"….Did you just troll me now?" Chiaki gave her a pout for what her teacher pulled on her.

"Hehehe, maybe! But it was a nice surprise, wasn't it?" Chisa winked at her as she leaned towards her. If her teacher was more in a naughtier mood that day, she would have squished her cheeks just to tease her more. Any time Chiaki pouted, she looked extra puffy, but due to her not exactly being sure of Chiaki's boundaries, she refrained herself to do so.

"If I have to admit…..yeah, it was. Better than what it could have been." Chiaki ceased to pout as she became more relaxed, knowing that no enemy was nearby.

"Good, good! So, I decided that I am going to make my schedule a little earlier than usual because….you know, I sometimes get a little late due problems at my home and...I hope it's not really too weird of a question, but do you ever get lonely while waiting here?" Chisa told her about her new plans before she gave out a question for her. The teacher hoped that the question itself was not too intrusive.

"Hmmm… long as I know they're coming, not really? If they would start to not come, I would start to worry though….though I'm sure they'll always come, right?" Chiaki scratched her chin with her index finger as she thought about if she truly felt lonely when waiting. If it wasn't for her friends and Chisa, she would have felt it, but since her life changed, it wasn't on her mind very much.

"That's kinda relieving to hear, but….now that I'm gonna go early to school, you'll always have company!" Chisa proudly put her arms around her hips as she did a confident nod.

"...Heh, thank you, Miss Yukizome. You're always very….considerate, I think." giggled Chiaki as her cheeks became rather red. As much as she appreciated help from Chisa, she couldn't help but blush at times. Her reaction made Miss Yukizome giggle a little before she revealed another thing she was hiding from her.

"It's no problem, my dear, but that's not the only surprise I haaaaaveeee~." Chisa leaned towards her with a mischievous yet bright smile.

"Oh? What could it be, Miss Yukizome?" Chiaki tilted her head with curiosity, wondering what else her teacher had in store.

"Tadaaaa!" Chisa suddenly pulled out a handheld console out of her bag, which immediately caught Chiaki's interest. It was the same console she had, except it was teal, just like Chisa's maid esque dress. The moment she turned the console on, a familiar jingle played. It was more than enough for Chiaki to go, as a famous mad scientist said, "Springy Ultra Gamer Rabbit" mode.

"Oh my goodness, is that Gala Omega?!" Chiaki started hopping in one place out of excitement, already getting ideas on what to do with her teacher as they wait for their classmates.

"Hehehehe, indeed it is! Wanna play it until the class starts?" suggested Chisa as she sat down on the bench.

"Yes! Yes! We can do this all day!" Chiaki nodded her head rather rapidly as she had a sincere smile on her face. Due to the console they had being wireless, both of them just needed to start local play mode and thus were quick to blast enemies into pixels. First one to lose all lives in the match was the first one to lose. Their fingers tapped buttons at high speed, making sure that their 8 bit spaceship could maneuver as quickly as possible. Neither of them could afford to lose.

Although the victor was rather clear and obvious: Chiaki outlasted her own teacher, even though she did put up a fight. However, in terms of high score and reflexes, Chisa lagged a bit. Since it was a friendly match, there were no hard feelings at all.

"Ah, you totally….what's the term, I'm kind of a beginner here?" chuckled Chisa before a word she had in mind slipped out of it. As much as she casually played games when she had free time or was with Chiaki, she wasn't experienced enough to know vocabulary used by gaming communities.

"I think just "beat" is enough, though there's nothing wrong with using any term you like." clarified Chiaki in an approachable term, allowing her teacher to say anything she'd want, even though she would prefer if the word "noob", "scrub" or "hoe" weren't uttered due to bad memories of a certain enemy.

"Oh, then you totally beat me! You are lighting fast with this!" Chisa gave her a compliment with a smile.

"I guess...but did you have fun with the game?" Chiaki tried to brush off her compliment, but instead she worried that would be rather rude, so instead she asked if she actually enjoyed her time with it.

"Of course I did! I mean, almost every single activity with you is fun!" Chisa didn't not hesitate to reveal her true feelings. Considering that almost everything to do with Chiaki made her a happier person, she couldn't say otherwise.

Although the word almost was picked upon by Chiaki. Even though she once again tried her best to hide, she froze and started to worry what exactly did her teacher had on her mind. Was there activity that they did that was making Miss Yukizome unhappy?

"….Almost? What do you mean?" murmured Chiaki as she tried to phrase it like a normal question. Her irises betrayed her in a sense that they revealed that concern was starting to rise. Even though Chisa knew that Chiaki wasn't making her unhappy, she was still making sure to not scare her.

"Well, in a sense like….if you were severely hurt or anything. Then it would be wrong to call that fun…" clarified Chisa that the "not fun" activity she had in mind was Chiaki being in a perilous situation. On one hand, Chiaki was relieved that she knew at that moment that she wasn't making her teacher miserable, but on other hand, another concern appeared: that people would start to worry for her. Even though Chisa herself said to her that it is natural that people who care for others worry for well being, it was still a hard concept to grasp.

"Ah, there's nothing to worry about that. I'll be fine." Chiaki immediately denied that anyone hurt her, even though reality told a much different story. However, Chisa didn't fall for her denial, so she carefully approached the whole ordeal. Once again, she didn't want to scare her student, but at the same time, she knew that Chiaki couldn't exactly afford to keeping all of her true feelings to herself.

"Hey...during last few days….were you hurt by any chance?" Chisa asked with a much softer, yet concerned tone, trying out if she insisted a bit, Chiaki would tell her the truth.

"N-no, not at all!" stuttered Chiaki as she waved with her arms as if she was defending herself. It was starting to become to Chisa that Chiaki was indeed hurt, just from the fact how she spoke in a bit of a higher pitch and how she performed a gesture of "please don't dig deeper, I beg of you!" with her hands. She didn't want to put more pressure to her, so she gave it one more shot.

"…..are you telling me the truth, Chiaki?" asked Chisa one more time, still keeping her soft yet concerned tone in her voice.

"O-of course I am! T-there's nothing to worry about, Miss Yukizome…." Chiaki nodded rather rapidly once again before forcing out a toothy smile, giving a signal that absolutely everything was okay with her, even though she was suspiciously sweating out of nervousness. She really didn't want Chisa to find out that she was hurt, more than she even realized through out her life. Chisa did notice how she was slightly trembling and decided to stop it for now. However, if she kept doing that, Chisa would respond. Her habit needed to be stopped for her own sake.

Chiaki's own conscience had its own say on the matter though.

"No, don't make Miss Yukizome worry about you, you stupid girl.Please don't. She doesn't deserve to suffer because of you. Do you even deserve someone kind like her? What if she finds out who you truly are?" as much as Chiaki was keeping a facade, deep down she tore herself a new one. For what she perceived as a mistake on her own end meant that anything could become worse when it came to keeping relationships. One mistake and Chisa could disappear from her life. One mistake and her friends could abandon her.

However, Chisa's thoughts were rather different from what Chiaki expected.

"She's hiding it again….Why do I have a feeling that she was hurt before? I know that she doesn't want me to worry….but at this point she's destroying herself. I really have to talk to her about it, but...I can't really force her about it, can I?" Chisa thought to herself, trying her best to keep a smile, but her eyes showed an expression of somberness. She really did want best for Chiaki, but she was afraid that she could scare her and never see her again.

"...Is there something wrong, Miss Yukizome?" Chiaki asked the moment she noticed that something was bothering her teacher. For the time being, Chisa refrained herself from digging deeper, but there will be a day when she has to make a move. Instead, she opted for a promise. Her smile disappeared, instead being replaced with a more concerned expression.

"...Hey, if anyone does hurt you, just tell me, okay?" Chisa gave a request that whether she was in peril, she would confide to her as soon as possible, as long as she was ready about it. The request startled Chiaki for a bit, even though she not only felt, but knew she was safe as long as Miss Yukizome was present near her.

"Mmmm…..but….." fidgeted Chiaki as she started looking at the ground, really unsure about the whole thing. She did promise that she would tell her about her own true feelings, but she was still not ready for it. Chiaki felt like that confiding equated to putting a burden on another person.

"Don't hesitate, my dear. If anyone does hurt you, I won't hesitate either, remember?" Chisa gently and slowly placed her hand on Chiaki's shoulder. Since her student saw it coming, she wasn't too startled about it. Chiaki then look at her in the eyes.

"...Yeah….I do…." murmured Chiaki, even though she was hesitating herself. She wasn't exactly sure what Chisa meant with "not hesitating", but she hoped it wouldn't end up in something lethal. Luckily, Chisa wouldn't take another life, even though she would deliver one hell of a beat down on anyone who hurts her close ones.

"Now, it's time to relax. Just take a breath and think of something nice. Something like, you know, when you go out with Hajime-" Chisa reassured her by giving her a gentle pat on her head, caressing her hair in the process. However, Chiaki had a particularly unexpected reaction towards gentle touches of her teacher.

She purred, like a content kitten, even closing her eyes as she let out a relaxing sound. Chisa was taken a back by the fact a human could be capable of such cat like behavior. If Ibuki was there, she would be beyond proud and probably in ecstasy.

"...are you purring, my dear?" asked Chisa as she briefly put her hand away.

"Hmm? What do you mean, Miss Yukizome?" Chiaki tilted her head as she woke up from a pat induced trance.

"You're purring, like a cat. Did you know that?" Chisa pointed out that she was, indeed, making the best sound one would heard from a kitten. It took some time to respond because Chiaki didn't even realize it that she was even capable of it.

"...I can do that? How?" wondered Chiaki, having zero clue about it.

"You tell me, sweetie. Now, keep doing it. It's adorable, like the little kitten you are." Chisa suggested that she should keep doing it because to her it was one of the cutest things she has ever seen in her life. Miss Yukizome herself was a huge fan of all things and people cute.

"Ah, one sec...can you….pat...more….please?" blushed Chiaki big time when she gave her a request on what to do.

"Sure! Any time!" Chisa could not decline her request under any circumstances, even if the universe was ending. And so she did, returned to patting the round head of Chiaki Nanami. The gamer started to purr once again as she was slowly succumbing to the gentle yet warm touch of her teacher.

"Mmmmm….pat….good…." purred Chiaki as she was slowly falling asleep, feeling greatly content by the care Chisa provided her. She was about to snooze into deep sleep had it not been for a certain sound, the one reminiscent of footsteps. Just before she closed her eyes, she saw a rather peculiar glimpse: Hajime, the man himself, piggyback carrying Ibuki, who was piggyback carrying Chihiro. Both Chisa and Chiaki had a giggle upon seeing the ahoge boy in such state. He also seemed to have "I'm so done with these two" expression on his face as well, which was also one of the reasons why two dorks had a laugh.

"Ah, hehe….good morning, Hajime, Ibuki and Chihiro." greeted Chiaki in a half drowsy state. She rubbed her eye, so that her vision of her friends could be better.

"….Morning, Chiaki. Look what I have to deal with." grumbled Hajime, even though deep down he didn't really mind carrying them that much. It was more of a case of being used to Ibuki's shenanigans, something that would always baffle him. Reading Ibuki was like reading life itself: completely unpredictable.

"Yes! Hajime has proven to be an excellent transport vehicle, so I have decided that he is strong enough to carry two people at once! Chiaki should join too one day!" Ibuki's nose suddenly turned into a spiky one for reasons that scientists still haven't found as she had a satisfied grin on her face.

"To be fair, you two are light, so it's not exactly hard. Just...awkward to carry two people." Hajime pointed out that the combined weight of those weren't exactly something of a hard task for him. Perhaps it was due to his strength that even he was not aware of it.

"Umm….how am I going down? It looks a bit high there and…" Chihiro asked timidly once he looked down, noticing that he was higher in the air than he thought.

"Miss Yukizome to the rescue!" Chisa suddenly sprung up and grabbed the little programmer as she gently lifted him off from Ibuki's back, but not before she spun around like a propeller.

"Wheeee!" cheered Chisa in the middle of the spin before she slowly and lightly put the boy down on the floor. Chihiro was, of course, quite flustered by the whole ordeal, even surprised a little that Chisa would do such a thing. The action of Miss Yukizome already gave an idea towards the horned musician.

"Give Ibuki a spin, Instructor!" Ibuki waved, requesting to feel the thrill of being spun around like a very fast carousel.

"Hold on to your butt, because now you will experience the YUKIZOME-NADO!" Chisa did not hesitate to give her the same thing as the programmer lad received as she grabbed Ibuki and gave her a spin. Unlike how she did it with Chihiro, the teacher spun like one of those G force testing devices that fighter pilots have to go through. Of course, Ibuki was loving every minute of it, even though dizziness would be inevitable. Her comment was not left unnoticed by the boys, though.

"….Yukizome-nado, what?" Hajime squinted at her as he blurted out in a questioning tone. It seemed like Ibuki's influence was infectious or that was just Chisa at her normal level.

"I...ask the same, Hajime." concurred Chihiro, who was just as confused by her. Meanwhile, Chiaki thought the whole ordeal was cute, especially since it seemed like both of them were having fun. After Chisa decided to put Ibuki down, she did. For a moment, the musician's brain was still rolling, but after a rather intense shake with her head, she became normal Ibuki.

"Hahahaha, yes! Ibuki has now felt the powerhouse of nature: G force! Ibuki is pretty sure that she just had 4 G's applied to her body!" Ibuki put her hands around her hips as she let out a boast about overcoming gravitational forces.

"Hehe, more like 1 G, if you ask me. I'm not that strong, ya know." chuckled Chisa, clarifying that she was using power nowhere near comparable to the actual forces. Girls had a good laugh while boys remained confused by them.

Not too long after, the rest of class arrived to the fountain. No one really witnessed the so called "Yukizome-nado", so for them it was just a normal morning.

"Ah, here they are! Goooood morning, you rotten oranges!" Chisa happily waved at them as they stepped closer, prepared to start the day as they did.

"Good morning, Miss Yukizome!" the rest of class greeted back at her.

"One, two, three….wait, where's Gundham?" Chisa juggled with her index finger for assistance in counting as she quickly noticed that one of her students, the wizard man himself, was missing from the group.

"He should arrive soon, I know of it." clarified Sonia, remembering that Gundham's MO generally was "The Supreme Overlord comes when he intends to", even though he did follow the schedule for most of the timem.

"Then, let us wait for-ah, there he is!" recommended Chisa, only for him to show up rather quickly. From a quick glance, he seemed aloof, only enforced further by him having his scarf over his mouth and crossed arms. The truth was, a great amount of concern was going through his mind, regarding their current situation. The immediate aftermath of feline's attack passed away, but the long lasting consequences were still an issue needed to be dealt with.

"Hmmm….." Gundham thought to himself as he bypassed the group, giving an impression to them that he was ignoring them.

"Is everything alright, Gundham?" asked Sonia as she tilted her head, noticing that Gundham was once again in what it seemed to be "serious" mode of his. Quiet yet stern.

"….Proceed as usual. When the time is right, you'll know." Gundham advised that they should start the class right away. He hoped that they would immediately understand the gravity of their situation, even though some were rendered unconscious by events before.

"...Oh, okay...then….let us go to the class." Chisa followed his advice and they all went to the class. As they all went inside, Gundham closed the door from the get go, then stepped towards windows and dragged curtains all across the class, so that no one could see what were they doing inside. Some of them, including Chisa, didn't quite get what was he up to.

"Um, what are you up to, Gundham?" questioned Chisa, not exactly sure what caused her wizard student to perform such a thing. After he darkened the room, he refused to turn on lights, instead bringing a lantern from his own home. Once he set the lantern alight, he crafted an atmosphere similar to one in their former hideout. He placed it on the table that was nearest to center of the classroom. Some of students, most notably those who remained conscious through out the entire ordeal with Thomas, caught the idea quickly.

"...I think I already know what is going on, Miss Yukizome." Ultimate Impostor hinted about the possible temporary hideout, since a certain feline drove them out of the former one. Others were not sure exactly what he was up to, but it looked serious enough that they didn't have plans to disrupt him.

"Ryota Mitarai, bring Class 78th here." Gundham fired away an order with his deep and commanding voice. At that point, everyone present in class understood his intentions: the classroom of 77-B was now their new headquarters or at least, an additional hideout.

"Understood." Ultimate Impostor nodded without hesitation as they stood up and left the classroom, doing exactly what his wizard "boss" told him to.

"Chiaki Nanami, call in Future Gadget Lab." Gundham focused on another classmate as he gave her an order.

"Alright, just a second." Chiaki nodded as she pulled out her phone out of her bag, choosing Mayuri to be one to receive the urgent call. And so she did, quickly notifying their allies about their situation. Then the man in dark focuses on himself.

"As for me….come forth, penguins." Gundham performed a boastful yet serious stance as penguins jumped out of his coat, landing right on his table.

"Buenos Dias, my hombres!" greeted Skipper in his usual pompous tone, putting his flippers around his stomach. Other three penguins struck a pose before they focused on the meeting. Needless to say, the students (and the teacher) were quite surprised by their appearance inside their class.

"Penguins?" Peko raised her eyebrow upon witnessing the fellow avians.

"Gundham has told us that we have an urgent meeting here. I am not exactly sure why we couldn't use-" elaborated Kowalski as he scratched

"You'll know soon enough." Gundham intercepted his comment with a warning of foreboding times. Not too long after, the fellow class that was called upon showed up, slowly entering it in the process.

"We have heard your call. We already know what we must do." Sakura noted them that they were, for the most part, aware of what was going to happen inside the class.

"...Hey, is everything going to be alright?" asked Sayaka out of slight fear she had. Perhaps it was due to atmosphere Gundham created, but something certainly gave her heebie jeebies.

"Oh man, I'm already not looking forward with this." Yasuhiro already knew that their meeting was not gonna be filled with good news. In a way he was not incorrect about that one.

"Any dread you feel is correctly placed, as we now live in a crisis." confirmed Gundham that their feelings were not mismatched with their current reality. His wording caught some off, mostly those who were not aware of the whole story.

"C-crisis? you mean by that, Gundham?" Chisa flinched upon hearing the last word in his sentence as a slight amount of fear kicked in her heart. She did keep her composure on, but her heartbeat was starting to become faster.

"Once again, you'll know soon enough." Gundham raised his index finger, reminding her that

"So...what's the issue we're dealing with? I'll report everything said to bro after we're done." asked Kiyotaka while also expressing intention that his close biker friend would be informed about any updates.

"I shall begin when Future Gadget Lab arrives, which should be…." Gundham was about to clarify once again, but as he was talking about them, they appeared. Rintaro and his gang soon joined the meeting. Since he was the last one, Itaru closed the door.

"Good morning, everyone. We have heard it's an urgent meeting here." greeted Rintaro in a rather serious tone, indicating that just like Gundham, his chunni persona won't make its presence here.

"Good morning to you as well, members of the Future Gadget Laboratory. Now, my minions, gather up. I shall begin, so listen carefully." began Gundham with everyone gathering around the lantern. Thus, they were ready to hear current updates regarding operations of The Fellowship of Darkness.

"I assume everyone has become acquainted with the name of Thomas Jasper "Tom" Cat Senior at this point. If you feel the need to correct me, you can go ahead." Gundham brought up the name of a certain enemy, which caused great havoc in the past. Immediately upon hearing such name, everyone felt chills. A mere mentioned caused everyone to step back, fearing his next arrival, their next battle with him.

"...Y-yeah….we do…." stammered Hajime, confirming the fact that they all knew him more than enough. It was a name no one could forget after witnessing what he could do to anyone deemed to be his adversary.

"Then let us not analyze for what he is, but rather what he did to us. I shall not waste time, so I'll say it: thanks to his actions, we have been deprived of our primary hideout." Gundham spent next to no time hesitating towards one of the graver consequences Tom's assault delivered upon them: he has pinned the location of their former hiding place. Everyone who wasn't aware of such fact, such as those who were knocked out before, felt shivers down their spines. Even penguins who were not Rico had their guard lowered upon hearing such news.

"Hold on a sec, Gundham….how? How could Tom find out super top secret hideout?" asked Skipper, genuinely surprised that Daft Capo could even sniff them out of it. However, the one who was forcefully involved in revealing the hideout raised his flipper, albeit with a great amount of regret on his facial expression.

"Rico? What is the meaning of this?" Skipper desired to know how could Rico, their loyal brother-in-arm, rat them it. Not much time was needed for Rico to demonstrate that Tom, if the penguin did not comply with his orders, his head would have been bitten off. With a quick demonstration, everyone, including penguins, understood why he had to do such thing. In fact, they were quite appalled by implication that Tom would kill him on the spot. As he finished demonstration, Rico suddenly felt weirdly vulnerable. As if like the whole encounter left him with some mental scars.

"….Poor thing. You didn't deserve to go through this." murmured Peko, sympathizing with the poor penguin. Upon noticing it, Rico just walked to her and gave her a hug, desiring to be comforted after dealing with a highly dangerous situation. Peko did not expected to be hugged by an animal at all, but after she blushed a bit, she returned the hug and gave him pats. "Oh….uhm….here you go. You'll be safe here.".

Seeing Rico in such state prompted a feeling within Skipper which he hasn't felt for years.

"...Tom broke Rico?! Dastard! We'll get you for this!" perplexed Skipper in a mix of anger and anguish, shaking his clenched flipper like a fist.

"You're not the only one who has unfinished business with him, Skipper" Chisa reassured him that he won't be alone, although tone in her voice was not one anyone expected out of her. It was calm, quiet yet filled with anger. Those on the sharper side of reading people sensed that there was intention to hurt.

"...Miss Yukizome?" Chiaki looked towards her teacher and asked out of sincere concern. She even put her hands closer to herself, even though she knew there was nothing to fear about Miss Yukizome, at the very least if you were on her side.

"Don't worry, dear, it's just that….justice needs to be delivered at times." Chisa reassured in a more calmer, softer tone, but her anger towards the enemies of her students was still felt. It made others a bit more concerned, since they were not used to her be like that at all.

"Unusual tone from you, but I like it. I like my women with a sense of danger." Skipper pointed out sudden shift in tone, but he was one of those who appreciated her sense of repressed violence.

"So….what should we do now, considering that we lost our hideout?" Makoto, along with others, desired to know what exactly should be their next course of action, considering that they have lost a vital strategic location.

"We should find new alternatives, but our temporary solution will be this classroom. Do note that it is not safe here, as previous events have shown us." suggested Gundham while also officially revealing that, even though it quickly became clear to them, the classroom will serve as a temporary meeting hideout.

"Yeah, that octopus had a really easy time sneaking in." Kazuichi remembered the time when the octopus fella himself was throwing eggs at them inside their own class, concurring that their class was not exactly the best place to have such meetings.

"...Man, we were kind of silly about freaking out when we saw that octopus, weren't we?" Aoi scratched her head as she let out a small smile, reminiscing of the fact how big of a deal that rascal octopus was. Compared to what were they dealing with at that moment, he was just a small gear in a big engine.

"That is irrelevant now, we should focus on what alternatives for our hideout should be." Gundham quickly and sternly reminded them that there was absolutely zero time of being sidetracked by less important subjects, raising his index finger to further emphasize the urgency.

"Future Gadget Lab does not have enough space to fill two classes at once." Rintaro told that using his "laboratory" was not a viable option.

"It barely has enough space to fill about five people." added Kurisu to his statement. Distance between Future Gadget Lab and Hope's peak had to be considered too, not only because it would take more time to get there than desired, but also because Daft Capo could very likely intercept them through out the whole procedure.

"We should also forget about Radio Kaikan. They would know if we were hiding there." Ultimate Impostor brought up another location they couldn't use, since Daft Capo was aware of it ever since the incident with Fritz happened.

However, upon hearing the name of such building, both Rintaro and Kurisu gasped, freezing out of the sudden. A flood of brief, yet unforgettable memories passed through their mind as their breathing became heavier. Through out those memories, there were few consistent events: a satellite looking machine that broke the roof of aforementioned building, their very first meeting in the conference room and….

" everything alright?" Chisa immediately rushed towards them, trying her best to provide them any aid. Both of them, although Kurisu pulled herself out quicker, managed to return to their normal states, although such reactions caused greater intrigue for their friends.

"….Y-yeah, it''s nothing…." murmured Kurisu as she rubbed her head, even though her lip was still trembling. Although he was back to his normal state, a certain anxiety still held a grip on Rintaro's mind.

"Radio….Kaikan…..don't tell me that….any of you have been there….haven't you?" uttered Rintaro in visible fear, wondering what exactly were they doing there. From experience he knew that Radio Kaikan was a place for certain events, so to say. The one who was asked immediately picked upon that their choice for location, even before the incident happened, should have been taken with more consideration than they expected.

"I must admit….I have been, to test our VPN experiment." revealed Ultimate Impostor that they chose it so that it would serve as an experiment whether or not their private communication network, suggested by Itaru Hashida, could potentially work to their advantage. Their statement immediately arouse attention of those who were participants of such project, those being Kyoko Kirigiri, Chisa Yukizome and Itaru Hashida.

"How did that go?" Kyoko fired a question right away, curious about the result. Ultimate Impostor, even though they remained stoic as ever, hesitated to tell the true story, especially since Chiaki was involved. Due to their requests, they omitted mentioning her in the incident.

"….I must be the bearer of the worst possible news….they could track down the exact location of the endpoints of our network." reported Ultimate Impostor with some sense of concern regarding the implications behind Daft Capo's cyber capabilities. Kyoko remained silent, but her eyes told a different story. She took some time to contemplate, since she did not expect Daft Capo to have such a grip on Internet. Chisa was also taken aback by such revelation.

"Wait, what?! That's….that should be possible! The entire purpose of a VPN is to bypass espionage committed by services. How did they breach that?" perplexed Itaru upon hearing such news. He tried to keep the atmosphere of the room slightly brighter, but such revelation knocked out his guard.

"….That gives us with a bigger issue than we imagined." Byakuya suddenly spoke in a cautious tone, perhaps already knowing what exactly will The Fellowship of Darkness have to consider big time if they truly want to take down Daft Capo. Not many of them knew, since their knowledge of internet was just surface level. Only exceptions were those who had experience working in the field. Including ones that some did not expect to be involved.

"….Information warfare, right?" guessed Chisa in a far more serious tone than anyone was expected.

"I did not expect you to know this, but….you are correct. I must admit, you did not guess wrong, Chisa Yukizome." Byakuya raised his eyebrow upon hearing who exactly said the correct response. Up until now, he thought Chisa "belonged in the kindergarten" and "was a detriment towards Hope's peak success", but he was starting to suspect that there was more to her than she let on. However, not everyone believed what was Byakuya suggesting.

"Byakuya, my man, please tell me that this is all a whacked up jokes…..don't tell me that Daft Capo somehow weaponized THE INTERNET ITSELF?!" doubted Skipper, considering that, in his opinion, seemed very out of character regarding Daft Capo, at the very least the aforementioned criminal syndicate as he knew.

"No, you've heard it just right and don't even bother denying it. In this conflict, we have another frontier to deal with: the internet itself." Byakuya bluntly countered penguin's doubts regarding Daft Capo's cyber capabilites.

"That shouldn't be a surprise at this point. We have already told you what happens if you even mention Daft Capo." added Rintaro, not exactly phased by the reveal. In fact, he saw it as a logical, if unnerving conclusion towards Daft Capo's grip on the internet.

"Still, this is not like them at all! Covering up their own presence from internet AND being able to track down at the same time? That's….that's not Daft Capo! They'd just settle down with….being obnoxious on forums and trolling everyone! That has to be the work of something else!" Skipper further provided arguments, possibly because he still couldn't believe it. Maybe it was fear that was kicking inside of him.

"...Something else?" Could it be-no, they couldn't. They have no reason to intervene here." Rintaro quietly referred to something he, along with all members of Future Gadget Lab, has already faced in his life before. Perhaps it was another something, but who truly knew at the time?

"Um...who is they you are talking about, Rintaro?" Chiaki picked upon rather quickly on what exactly was Rintaro referring to. For a moment, he remained silent, lost in thought.

"...Nothing. Don't worry too much about it, Chiaki and anyone else. Just...focus on what's ahead." Rintaro redirected the conversation to more relevant topic, but curiosity of others was still present there. Who were they Rintaro was referring to?

"Skipper, I'm afraid we no longer fight the same enemy anymore. Our intel is severely outdated at this point….we're just as good as we are in the dark. Fewer facts we have taken as solid back in Europe are not being contradicted right now." Kowalski admitted that what they were facing with was no longer their old enemy, but a new one with only a coat of only one. All that talk gave Chiaki an idea, a possibility that could become real at any point.

"...Actually….can someone check Hope's peak on internet?" suggested Chiaki as she raised her index finger.

"Hmm...are you presuming something, Nanami?" Kowalski performed a motion similar to raising an eyebrow, curious about the idea Chiaki had on her mind.

"Yeah…considering that we are bringing up information warfare as a topic….I'm curious if they have tried to spread misinformation about us and such…" Chiaki further advised to check upon if Daft Capo has already launched a smear campaign behind their backs.

"I have a laptop with me, so….we can try here." Chihiro brought up his own personal laptop, booting it up. Once it finished, he logged in and immediately clicked twice on the browser icon. When it booted up, he typed out:

"Hope's Peak Academy".

With a quick load, the page displayed articles and images of their academy, with none that particularly talked smack about it. He wasn't fully convinced, considering that Daft Capo could possibly use much more hidden and dirtier tactics on internet, so he further researched it. Chihiro was kind of speeding up through out the process, since he was conscious about not wasting anyone's time, but the conclusion was rather relieving but not entirely safe.

"Well….it doesn't really seem too different. Just the usual. Public opinion on Hope's peak has not been influenced by Daft Capo….yet." noted Chihiro after concluding his search. Even though the worst option was not realized, it still felt like calm before the storm.

"...Trust me, even without Daft Capo, it would def-" Chisa grumpily almost let out her true feelings about the school that were more related to the grander scheme of things before she interrupted herself with a self delivered smack on her face. Her cheek was more red than it should be, sometimes Chisa can't exactly control of her physical actions. Chiaki gasped upon seeing her own teacher slapping herself so hard as she ran towards the first aid kit and started treating the part that received the attention of her own palm.

"Did you have something to say, Yukizome?" Skipper immediately picked upon that Chisa knew more about the school than anyone else and the possibility of her having a negative opinion on it reassured him in a way. At the very least, implicit as it may be, someone truly knew how crooked the whole school was at core.

"A-ah, it's uh….another topic for another day! Carry on!" Chisa deflected such topic with an awkward smile on her face, since she didn't want others to worry about more things in their lives.

"If you say that there are no discrepancies as of now, then I am inclined to believe Skipper's notion. There must be someone working behind the scenes." Gundham couldn't help but agree with Skipper, he also felt like the whole information warfare and Daft Capo's entanglement in it felt rather off. A pompous mafia full of show offs, yet their traces were covered up.

" can we find out?" asked Sonia, wondering on how exactly would they approach uncovering Daft Capo's capabilities on the internet.

"We should try to not concern ourselves with that, we must defeat our primary adversary first." advised Gundham that their priority should be the one that is currently endangering them, not an indirect one that assists their adversay.

"At the very least we can take solace that they won't try to attack us from here. It's often indirect attacks that are the most damaging." added Rintaro before he turned towards a certain person. "….but I had a question for you, Ryota Mitarai. Two of them, in fact.".

"Yes?" Ultimate Impostor raised their eyebrow.

"...What were you doing at Radio Kaikan and how exactly did you found out they track?" asked Rintaro in a cautious and warning tone. Once again, Ultimate Impostor had to hide the entire truth regarding the incident.

"I just thought of it as a temporary hiding spot to test our VPN, but seems like they can intercept it, as they sent an elite member against me. Penguins might be familiar with him." Ultimate Impostor calmly elaborated before he hinted at a certain Elite Boi that the Avians of the Faraway Blizzard were already aware of. Aware of way too well.

" it….is it...Fritz?" Skipper's eye started to twitch as he remembered certain past incidents back in Copenhagen. Ultimate Impostor would have gladly reassured him that they, along with Chiaki's help, have beaten him, but they still opted to keep the promise.

"Fischer Fritz, that is correct. It was the very person which has pulled the rug under your streak of successes against that mafia. However, let us not waste time on how Fischer is his name and how...truly bizarre individual he is, we should now focus on addressing our crisis." elaborated Ultimate Impostor before advised that they should cover up major gaps they had.

"But what can we even do exactly? This conflict seems to be much grander than our school could handle it." Kiyotaka pointed out that what they initially thought was just going to be a turf war at best turned out to be, let's say, something else entirely.

"Not to mention that Operation Metropolitan Hunt has yet to be concluded. We still haven't found their area of operations called Zona Daft Capo. We should focus on that the most, along with finding our new hideout. Waging an information war against that syndicate can wait until the first signs of a misinformation campaign happens." added Kyoko before giving her own piece of advice.

"I must address that further escalation of the information war, although unlikely for now, might lead to cyberwarfare." Itaru suddenly spoke, in an unexpectedly serious tone, devoid of any playful if inappropriate jokes Daru was known for.

"...Cyberwarfare? What's that?" Akane asked for explanation, since it was the very first time she has ever heard of such term. In terms of computers, she was a peanut brain. In fact, there were a lot of things where she was a peanut brain.

"To put it simply, attacking computer systems of the adversary through digital means, such as viruses, malware and DDOS attacks. While it's farfetched to imagine anything like that happening now, it's still a possibility and we should address it. Luckily, you have me. I am in such field after all...and not the only one as well." explained Itaru while hinting a future possibility in what Hope's peak or the Fellowship of Darkness should invest in.

"….I-Itaru, are you suggesting that I should create malware?" stuttered Chihiro, being the first one to immediately catch upon what could be such possibility. He trembled upon imagining that he would have to develop a malevolent program, even if it meant for the good of his friends.

"Um….didn't mean it like that. More like that you can fulfill the gap in our digital department, when it's needed." clarified Itaru that he only meant strengthening their cyber security, although potentially making viruses was not exactly off the table.

"Uhm….I'd rather focus on security than….you know...but if…." Chihiro hesitated greatly regarding such suggestion, but if the worst possible case scenarios, he'd make a program that would serve as an offensive force for Hope's peak academy.

"I'm sorry to disrupt, but….can we point something out?" interrupted Fuyuhiko just so he could note one thing regarding the whole discussion.

"Sure, there's no problem at all." Chihiro allowed him to speak.

"You know, this is more for Class 77-B and Class 78th, but what did you guys expect out of this school? Just a general thing, that's all I ask." Fuyuhiko gave them a topic to discuss, even though it was not truly relevant to their planes. It was more of a realization that he had after listening to the discussion.

"Exams, boredom, stress, social anxiety, stress, you know, the usual school shit." Toko bluntly blurted out her extremely low expectations of schools in general.

"...Just a normal school life, that's all." murmured Chiaki as she also looked at the floor, wondering if it was possible to even have such life at that point.

"Well, what else can I say than…..I certainly did not fucking expect contemplating about making our own Hope's peak branded malware!" Fuyuhiko expressed himself on the matter. He made it short, but the point was gotten across. No one really liked being in such situation.

"I wonder if we'll able to ever return to normal…" lamented Chihiro as he started to look at the floor.

"I am afraid this has become a new norm, my friend. It can only get crazier as it goes on. Believe me when I say that. However, when has normalcy mattered, especially against a crazy enemy?" Rintaro spoke to the somber programmer, in a weird yet serious way telling him that expecting normalcy was an exercise in futility.

"...Now that is a good point and a good line." Gundham commended the scientist's statement.

"Why does that feel something your chunni persona would say, even though your tone was….pretty genuine now." Kurisu pointed out that such absurd statement was said with a completely straight face. It caught her completely off guard.

"I legitimately believe that we should just roll with it and focus on covering aspects that we lag behind when compared to Daft Capo. It's something akin to what Gundham says it… do you say it again?" explained Rintaro, still in the same serious tone as before. He snapped with his fingers, trying to remember what would his wizard colleague say in such situation.

"Embrace the absurdity of the cosmos." Gundham said the line in a calm, yet boastful manner. Sonia could feel the sheer coolness of such line, but due to their current situation, she kept herself from making any fangirl-ish comments.

"Yeah, something like that. Now, Skipper, what are our tasks again?" asked Rintaro as his attention turned towards the penguin leader.

"Everyone should continue Operation Metropolitan Hunt and we should work on strengthening our cyber-security. In the mean time, we'll also try to find a new hideout. This class can't be used for long." Skipper gave a rather concise briefing towards what they should do in the future.

"Anything else? Just to be sure." piqued Fuyuhiko out of concern.

"That should be all. We will continue to plan after we conclude Operation Metropolitan Hunt. Dismissed." Skipper confirmed that was all for now. However, everyone stayed in the class for a moment, contemplating about the whole ordeal, especially about cyber warfare.

"….It will take a while to adjust to this norm." admitted Chihiro that embracing their new lives would be incredibly difficult.

"….Yeah…." nodded Sayaka as she started to hug herself. However, such gloomy mood could not be tolerated by some anymore.

"But remember what they said! It's not like we're fighting an impossible fight, just….one where we have to take in a lot of factors to consider! And as long as we take care of those factors, I'm very sure we'll give them hell!" Chisa suddenly sprung up as she reminded them that yes, they can still win the fight, as long as they fight with precision and carefulness.

"You're right, Miss Yukizome. Our morale must be strong, but it can't be our crutch. Hope didn't exactly save us from…..that day, when….you know….that cat attacked. We still need to cover our weak points and then strike back, such as resources and readiness. We can't afford to be overwhelmed like that anymore." further added Chiaki, speaking in a cautious tone as she turned towards Fuyuhiko. She gave him a look, the kind of "when the times comes, you know what to do" one.

"….Only when shit hits the fan, right?" Fuyuhiko pointed out that he would bring his clan into the whole conflict only under extreme circumstances.

"….Interesting words are coming out of your mouth. You would have said otherwise normally." Byakuya noted that she spoke in a much more doubtful tone than he expected of her. Togami's expectations of her speeches were "we will overcome everything with the power of friendship!", which he thought was utterly idiotic. Actually, even lower than that.

"...Speeches from before would...not align themselves with the reality of situation…." frowned Chiaki as she started looking at the floor again. She thought about everything that had happened so far, every single instance where her former world view received a noticeable blow, every single danger that appeared in front of her. Times were truly changing.

"Hmmm...our meeting has been concluded now. We should ease off our minds with feast." Gundham reminded everyone that it was very likely lunch time for them.

"...I'm not sure if I feel like it today." admitted Akane, even though she was unsure herself on why her appetite vanished that day. Thus, they all stood up and went towards the dining hall.

"...What is going on lately? This isn't normal!" Mikan thought to herself on the way, thinking about how every single thing she deemed usual was getting turned on her head. Hiyoko bullying her less, Chiaki's optimism getting damaged, Akane losing appetite, it was all going south.

As they all ate their meals, Chiaki's friend group received an unexpected, if very welcome guest.

"Oh, you're joining, Miss Yukizome?" asked Chiaki as a smile appeared on her face. The guest herself was none other than her teacher, who had ice coffee in one hand and a toast in another.

"Of course! To tell you the truth, I haven't eaten anything today, so my tummy is kicking me really hard right now. Mind if I'm here?" piquied Chisa if she could sit near them

"That's not a problem at all. You'll be always welcome, Miss Yukizome." Chiaki smile became bigger as she let her teacher sit next to her. And so, Chisa joined in the feast.

"Why would we say no? You're always welcome here, Yukizome!" Ibuki cheerfully added as she pointed at her with her eyes having stars, somehow.

"Awww, you guys are always so sweet…" blushed Chisa just by how appreciated she was by her own class. She tried her best to make her own class as happy as possible and it was seeming like it was paying off.

After lunch, the rest of the day proceeded normally. Future Gadget Lab members had to leave Even though the start of the day was gloomier than they expected, it was still relieving that they had a usual day, free of any Daft Capo shenanigans.

"See you tomorrow, Miss Yukizome!" all of her students, along with class 78th students, waved at her, expecting to have more fun next day.

"See you all as well, my adorable rotten oranges!" Chisa waved at them back as both of them departed in their own way, with students going home and Chisa returning inside. There was still unfinished business she had back there.

"Ah, what a wonderful class I have. If only we could spend more time,….but now here comes the not so fun part of Hope's peak." Chisa thought of herself with a smile on her face before that expression turned into a frown once she was reminded of her personal arch-nemesis: paperwork. There was still a lot of empty papers, waiting to be filled in her office. She rushed towards it and started doing her job. She was filling them as fast as she could.

"As...annoying as paperwork can get, at the least I know I'm doing this for them, for my class. It's worth to go through any hurdle life throws at me, even if it's from Hope's peak or Daft Capo. Good thing is this pile is small, so…..gotta speed it up!" Chisa thought through out her task, at least reassuring herself that it's for a good cause.

Then, after hours have passed, she finished her job. All of papers of that day were filled.

"Tadaaa! It's done! Now I can unwind myself at my home~." Chisa stretched herself before she left the office and started walking towards home, happily humming some of the songs that constantly played in her head.

But little did she knew that she was being watched. On a tree near the path, Herman observed her with binoculars. The camouflage he choose perfectly blended in the arboreal labyrinth of trees, even his binoculars were painted like that. He also had a phone with him, so that he could communicate with the rest of Elite Bois.

"She has come out, bois. Proceed." reported Herman to Tom and Coyote, who were waiting on the roofs of skyscrapers. Secretly, he followed Chisa, just so he could give exact location of where she was going. His camouflage changed dynamically on the environment.

As Chisa was humming along the way, blissfully unaware that she wasn't just tracked down by the octopus menace, but also by the feline and the coyote, who were performing some sick parkour on skyscraper roofs. They jumped roof to roof as quietly as they could, so that the teacher couldn't possible notice them.

After some additional hours of walking, she has finally arrived to her home: she didn't even live in her own house, instead she lived in a small apartment inside a three story building. The whole living complex seemed kind of neglected in a way, with its exterior definitely showing that the building was built thirty years ago. None than less, that was where she lived. Her already low wage, deliberately set by higher ups at Hope's peak, made paying rent even harder. Chisa didn't let that weigh down, she had enough resilience to fight against that. Upon traversing the apartment, in the 2nd floor, she found her home: a small yet really tidy apartment with three rooms: her "living room", which also served as a bedroom for her, a basic kitchen and a bathroom, which had both a shower and a toilet clam inside. Other than that, she had pretty much everything she needed: a computer for her job, a nice little couch and some things that remain private in her closet. It's for her….stress relief, to say at least.

"Ah, I'm finally back here. My home." Chisa let out a deep breath as she closed the door. However, even though Tom and Coyote waited outside, Herman has secretly tracked down the exact apartment she was in. He placed a piece of paper on the door right after Chisa closed it and dashed off, soon joining Wile and Tom outside.

"OK, bois. She's on the second floor and if you see any papers, you've hit jack pot, got it?" Herman gave instructions, to which their response was a confident nod.

Meanwhile, Chisa was just making sure everything at her home was in a right place. She walked around, wondering about her life.

"Had Hope's peak given me a higher wage, which is lower than the scholarship of promoted Reserve Course students, mind you, I'd move out. Maybe a nice house, for me and…." Chisa thought to herself before she looked at a photo which she deemed very special to her heart. A photo which captured the memories of her time at Hope's peak. There were two boys, one with green hair and one with white hair, both stern looking. It made a contrast considering how cheerful Chisa looked in that photo.

"...him~. Speaking of him, I should really tell him about the day!" Chisa smiled once she saw the white haired boy in the figure. As of that moment, both were doing Hope's peak work overseas, specifically Pacific, where they planned to build an island of sorts. Neither of them were aware what was actually happening in the mainland japan. Chisa brought up her phone and started typing a message towards her loved white haired man.

Meanwhile, as the trio of an octopus, a cat and a coyote waited outside, a Toyota Mega Cruiser, along with Mercedes Benz Formula One car, which had to drive slowly (much to driver's disdain) in order to not cause attention, arrived to the scene. As both vehicles parked, their respected drivers stepped out.

Those two were none other than Fischer Fritz and Nefarious Tropy. They all gathered around those three that were already waiting for the attack to begin.

"So, when we striking, bois?" asked Fritz, smoking four blunts simultaneously already as he cracked his fists.

"On my mark. The moment I make this face, Tom and Wile will break in first. Understood?" clarified as he gave a look towards Tom and Coyote. He was armed with his trademark tuning fork, an instrument very often used in electrocution of innocents. Both Tom and Wile nodded in understanding while also eagerly anticipating a fight.

"Excellent. If everything goes smoothly, which it will, it will be a moment of glorious magnitude. She won't see it coming. They won't see it coming." smirked , immediately sending Tom and Wile to do the job. The cat and the coyote infiltrated the building, going to the second floor as Herman told them to do.

Meanwhile, Chisa was just texting rather sugary messages to the white haired man, whose name seemed to be Kyosuke Munataka. Those two were in a relationship, but they have yet to be married. That didn't exactly stop Chisa when it came to...certain things.

"Awww, he's so sweet….so cute….so sub-….hehehehe, now now, Chisa. Don't get too excited now. You know how….erm…..ACK! This is too embarrassing to think about!" Chisa internally gushed about her partner before she started blushing hard upon imagining things she liked to do with him. One thing was for sure though: she was the dominant one in the relationship. Just saying. To distract herself from having thoughts that could activate her drive, she sniffed herself to see if she needed to commit some self care.

It turned out, she was kinda smelly. Not like ammonia level, but more of "aftermath of a really tough exercise" level.

"...All that stress and work got me in not the best condition. A teacher of Class 77-B can't be smelly. I must be in the most funky fresh form possible, so…" Chisa already knew what exactly to do. She did everything she could to be in the most top form possible. Before she went to the bathroom, she decided that one equipment had to be utmost important while she washes away all the filth that was on her body at that moment.

The radio.

"Oh yes, absolutely necessary!" Chisa put her hands around her hips as she did a confident nod, taking the radio with her. Music was absolutely necessary for purposes only she knew. As she took the radio and her sleeping clothes, which consisted of a black top tank and black shorts, she finally went inside the bathroom, closing the door in the process.

As they heard such sounds, Tom and Wile's eyes squeezed through the small gap that separated the floor as they observed her apartment. There were no signs of her being present, so they just squeezed through out the gap in entirety, but also silently. They were in.

Warning! The following scene will contain a very feral woman losing her control! The booty will be shaken! If you wish to skip this scene, scroll over until you find another bold text!"

Chisa did what anyone would do if they had intention of shower: she took all of her clothes off. Her maid like outfit was put in a washing machine where as she put her "sleeping clothes" in a place where they couldn't get wet. Sleep isn't exactly good if one sleeps in wet clothing.

"Ah, such relief~….but not before I take security measures!" Chisa let out a rather satisfied sigh of relief once she was naked, but before she actually commenced showering, she inserted a key of bathroom inside the keyhole, locked the door and left the key in. For extra measure, she placed a rug right next to the door, jamming it in a gap.

"There! I don't want any incidents with someone breaking in my bathroom while showering. It happened once….and I did kick that guy's rear to hell and back, but it won't happen again!" Chisa thought to herself as she remember that one incident where a situation similar to one that happened in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho happened to her, except for the fact Chisa didn't scream and get helplessly stabbed. Instead, she lunged at the attacker and utterly beat the living daylights out of him until the police arrived. Had it not been that the police saw the attacker trying to stab her, they would have arrested her, even if she performed an action of self defense. Ever since that day, she had to take measures for peaceful showering and bathing. Rough life to be the Ultimate Housekeeper, but she didn't let it bring her down. She saw it as a lesson and a reason to further get stronger.

However, noises created by her locking the door attracted attention of intruders as both of them walked on their toes, locating their target in the process. Wile, out of curiosity and interest, tried to peek through the keyhole, but all he found was pitch darkness. Even the gap between the door and the floor couldn't be used for espionage purposes. Coyote frowned upon the realization that he couldn't see the joy of a naked woman.

"No sight available." Coyote lifted a sign in disappointment, with Tom slowly yet quietly smacked his face, also disappointed that he couldn't get to see her showering.

Meanwhile, Chisa stepped in and closed the curtain, so that truly no one could see her showering. If it was just normal showering, she wouldn't be really embarrassed by it, but no, it was Yukizome-branded shower, prone to things that would, lets say, confuse a lot of people. Before she let water fall on her body, she performed a check on her physique. There was little wonder on why she was so proud of it.

"Now...let's check how I'm doing! My legs, all good! They are perfectly fit! My stomach, also all good! Soft enough to be cuddly, but just the right shape! All those exercises….and housekeeping duty, they were worth it!...even with all incidents included." confidently smirked Chisa as she put her hands around her hips, doing a little proud nod. Just before she would truly start, she would check on the last part of her body. "There's no doubt about these, but lets see what I pack in the back?".

It was her own butt, which made Ibuki's own posterior pale in comparison, that received a self delivered slap. However, she did it with such force that even she flinched upon it as her face turned completely red.

"O-oh! Whoopsie, I slipped again! Thankfully, no one's watching, hehehe….it would have been so embarrassing that...I liked it-AAAAAAH! No! Too embarrassing!" Chisa fidgeted as she talked to herself, noticing that what she intended to do as a "yep, I'm really proud of it!" gesture was dealt with force greater than she had a grip on. A red mark was left on her cheek. The whole thing kind of activated her in a way.

Outside of her bathroom, Wile and Tom both heard what was going on. It soon became clear that it won't be just a normal showering session. It would be something else entirely. They even wondered if she's gonna lose it, so to speak.

"Intriguing." Coyote lifted a sign as he scratched his chin.

After she struck her own butt, she was ready to shower once.

"I can safely say that you did good, Yukizome! Keep up the good work! Now...hehehe...comes the fun part." Chisa thought to herself as she turned on the radio, playing a slow jazzy song by the name of "Your Love is a Drug." Then she turned on the shower, letting water fall on her body. Combination of a shower and the song made her dance in the shower, really letting her hips control her movements. She was even humming to the song as she slowly lost control of herself, instead letting the sweet, soft melody guide her.

At that point, both Tom and Wile were baffled by what they were hearing. It would have been understandable if she was just singing, but there was an entire musical happening inside her bathroom.

"What exactly is going on inside?" Coyote lifted a sign to Tom, asking if he knew what exactly was Chisa doing inside the shower. Tom just shook his head, having about the same idea as Wile. In a sense that he had no idea.

As two intruders were baffled by what they were hearing, Chisa continued dancing in a gentle yet alluring fashion. She was acting like she was seducing someone, possibly her boyfriend in her mind. Sometimes, to the rhythm of the song, she tapped her own butt gently, just to make the whole thing ever more exciting for her. That went on for about five minutes, right when the whole song ended. When the song concluded, so did her shower session. Her task was complete, the stink was washed away.

"Ah, I feel like new Yukizome now! Funky fresh, light and ready for a new day! Can't be exactly wet like that, so I gotta dry off!" Chisa let out another sigh of relief, which sounded close to a moan as she stepped out of the shower, dried off, put some of perfume on her so that she would be really attractive to boys (although that wouldn't stop some girls) and put on her sleeping clothes on. Chisa Yukizome was now fresh as she said.

Alright, the feral woman gained control. Continue normally.

"5 minutes, Tom. 5 minutes of shower. Can you believe that? I can already feel losing it." Coyote lifted a sign while also reminding them that the boss of Elite Bois was probably growing ever impatient.

However, the reality told a different story, as seen by two Elite Bois who were still waiting outside.

"When's gonna be the fight?" Fritz was the one who was growing impatient, just ready to throw hands at any time. In fact, he already had his blunts between his fingers.

"Patience, Fischer. We must strike at just right time." cautioned, still waiting for the perfect opportunity.

As Chisa finally opened the door of bathroom, Tom and Coyote went into hiding.

"Aha!" Coyote lifted a sign as both of them observed what she planned to do. As they watched, Chisa just stretched herself and sat behind the computer. Even at her home, she still had school stuff to do. Once the computer booted, she went on Hope's peak webpage to do her tasks.

"Today's been….not the best day I admit. It wasn't bad, just that….my students don't deserve a life like that. Their lives should be filled with joy and happiness, not with concerns about when they will be attacked. Lucky for them, I've got their backs. Even though last time, I didn't do the best, but….my dear did say that I prevented more'll admit it. I tried my best." thought Chisa to herself before she looked at the photo that accompanied her on the table. It was a photo that Mahiru took when class 77-B and 78th had their first meeting with Kurisu Makise. She couldn't help but smile, but her eyes focused on one student. The one that meant the world to her.

Chiaki Nanami.

"Chiaki, I hope that one day you'll know how much happiness have you brought to my li-" Chisa's mind became overflown with happy thoughts, remembering all sorts of things they did at Hope's peak academy together.

All of that came to an abrupt end when he saw a reflection of a Coyote on the monitor.


"Huh?!" yelped Chisa as Coyote was ready to smash a sign on her head, but she sprung up from the chair and sacked Coyote right in his schnoz. The strength of her initial punch was enough to completely invert Coyote's nose, along with him being sent right into the wall.

"Why you-!" Chisa growled at him before she lunged herself at him to beat the living hell out of the intruder, but Coyote pulled out two signs out of nowhere and parried her punches with them. Then, Coyote tried to use the opportunity to strike her down with two signs, but as he did, Chisa broke one sign with a single punch alone, startling Coyote in the process. As he accidentally let his guard down, Chisa tore the other sign from Coyote's hand and used it to beat him up, with his head being first place where she struck. She did not intend to kill him, just beat him enough that he would learn his lesson.

Suddenly, Coyote whistled, calling for assistance. Tom, as intended, jumped out of his hiding spot and sprinted towards the battle. Within milliseconds he recognized that Chisa was armed with Coyote's sign, so he extended his claws. Just as quickly Chisa saw the impending Tom and attempted to strike right in his face with a sign, but Tom was prepared as he slashed the sign with a single swipe. Then he proceeded to perform some swipes, but Chisa kept jumping all over the place to evade them. Suddenly, Chisa turned absolutely primal as she began to growl at both of them. Her irises shrunk as she clenched her teeth. She ran towards the kitchen as Tom was trying to claw her, but her reflexes were often her life savers. Once she reached the kitchen, she pulled out bread cutter knives and attempted to cut down Tom's claws, but performed some sick moves to evade her attacks. Knowing that she was armed, Coyote stood away from the battle as he let out a louder whistle, confirming for other two Elite Bois to join in.

Those were the best news Fritz could hear that day.

"Woooooo! It's happening, my boi!" Fritz cheered as he performed some punches in advance, just waiting for his boss to confirm it.

"Very well then. Begin." smirked , allowing him to do his part. After letting out a cheer, Fritz sprinted inside the building, following Herman's instruction to find Chisa's apartment. After dashing through the staircase, he reached the 2nd floor and quickly found a door marked by paper. Thanks to Tom and Wile secretly unlocking the door, he broke in with relative ease as he dashed into the battle. At that point, Chisa and Tom were still trying to cut each other down, one with a bread cutting knife, other one with claws. The teacher was in the perfect position for a certain signature attack of Fritz, which was called Bundesliga. He was just ready to kick her right in the ass with all the force he had in his leg, but Chisa, once she quickly recognized that another attacker was coming, prepared a certain attack that she used only under odd circumstances.

"HA-CHAW!" Chisa lunged her own booty at him, sending him right towards the wall. Fritz completely dropped his life, not even once expecting that someone would sincerely use such attack, but it would have actual prowess to hurt him. There were even cracks in the wall because of him landing with such force.

"Holy shit, I got booty blasted!" Fritz's eyes became wider once he processed what just happened. Considering him knocked out, Chisa focused on Tom instead. However, amid her posterior attack, Tom managed to swipe at the right time, cutting the knife in half. Instead of being startled by such move, Chisa just threw the handle right in his face, scoring a direct hit on his nose.


Then she picked up the blade and threw it right into his foot.


Tom jumped so high from the pain delivered by the blade that his head broke through the ceiling. Coyote saw that the battle was not going as expected, so he had to improvise.

"Get up!" Coyote lifted a sign before he threw it right into Fritz, who, once hit by it, stood up and continued the battle. The blunts were just hot enough that they were still considered a weapon as he lunged himself at Chisa. However, Chisa sucker punched him right in the stomach, sending him back from recoil. Such attack just further excited Fritz as he went all "WOOOOO!" and such before both of them began throwing fists at each other. In the mean time, Coyote pulled out Tom out of the ceiling as they joined the three versus one fist fight.

But that three versus one battle would soon turn into a four versus one.

"My time has come!" grinned to himself as he walked inside. He felt like it was the perfect opportunity for his attack. Due to his giant clock armor, he couldn't run for a long time, so he opted for a fast walk. Thanks to Herman's instructions, he quickly found out Chisa's apartment and joined the battle. Instead of just rushing in, he opted for an ambush. He waited for the right time to strike. As the battle went on, Chisa was somehow still putting up a fight, despite being outnumbered. Then, she made a mistake she wasn't even aware of: she was in such position that allowed to strike.

With a malicious grin on his face, fired a weak, yet still startling enough lightning out of his tuning fork that it electrocuted Chisa just enough that she fell on the floor. She was just knocked out, but she still remained conscious. None of the less, sudden shock caused her to panic. Other three Elite Bois ceased to attack as they let to do the job.

"Wh….what just happened?!" Chisa took some deep breaths, trying to pick herself up after feeling raw electricity going through her body. Just when she was about to stand up, entered the room as quickly as he could and pressed his electrified tuning fork right on her, causing her to be electrocuted once again. It wasn't lethal, but the shock was even greater than that of lightning. The teacher was more or less paralyzed by such attack. Her entire body was trembling uncontrollably. Just before he could strike again, Chisa saw the malicious blue skinned scientist standing right above her, prepared to deal the finishing blow.

However, thanks to intervention of one Elite Boi, her life was spared.

"Hold it there, my man! We gotta keep her alive!" Fritz reminded him that Chisa had to be alive in order for their plan to function. With such reminder, turned off his tuning fork as he ceased with his offensive stance.

"Oh right, I have almost forgot. Coyote, do the deed." ordered as he pointed at the paralyzed teacher.

"With pleasure." Coyote lifted a sign before he struck her head with the very same sign. Chisa was rendered unconscious by such attack, losing the battle in the process. Her life was at mercy of those gangsters.

"Excellent job, gentlemen. The first phase of our plan is complete and we got our booty." commended as all of them took a look at their unconscious prey.

"WOOOOOOOOO! Now that is a woman I love! Man, I'd love her as my wife, but that would unfortunately contradict with our plan." Fritz jumped in the air as he let out all of his excitement after having a battle of his lifetime. Compared to Chiaki, who was deemed as an amateur by Fritz, Chisa was the exact woman he was looking for.

"Well, we shall see about that. However, we must remember: we are professionals, not barbaric vermin! We shall act with out code of conduct." reminded while also hinting that the latter were everyone at Hope's peak academy.

"Of course, that is expected!" nodded Fritz.

"Now...let us go back. Hope's peak is in for a treat tomorrow." grinned before he, along with other Elite Bois, let out a laugh full of malice. Tom and Coyote were ones who took unconscious Chisa to the Mega Cruiser, placing her in a trunk. As they were finished, they all drove off. No one else in apartment noticed anything odd happening that night. And thus the fate of Chisa Yukizome was juggled by the claws of Daft Capo, with her close ones not even aware that she was taken way. For what use she had for them, her close ones would get to know soon.