Gray clouds covered the sky, dimming everything below them. Yet, not a sign of any rain. Not a particularly warm day either, residents had to pack quite a decent amount of clothing on themselves. That included a certain girl by the name of Chiaki Nanami, who, after groggily waking up and brushing her teeth, not only forgot about breakfast, but when she was about to go on her journey to school, she also forgot her jacket. Once she stepped out for a bit, she soon received a quick, yet cold grip of low temperatures. It was with that she became aware of her surroundings.

"Oh….oh...heck, I gotta-" Chiaki had a brief thought before she dashed off right into her house as she began to search for her jacket. Under a rush, she tried to find it as quickly as possible, since it was unimaginable for her to even miss out a class, even though classes were optional. It was a bit of a double edge sword, since at the end of the year, an exam about talent would come. Not that it was particularly on anyone's mind, considering their current circumstances. After hastily searching through out the entire house, she finally found her jacket, which was in a place where she always put on.

"Sheesh, how could I forget about it?" Chiaki slapped her forehead as she pouted at herself on how could she miss out something that was consistently there. Her own embarrassment at herself didn't last long as she put it on and closed it with a zipper. At the very least, she was prepared to deal with the cold day. "...Since when was this month ever cold, though?".

With everything set and done, she went walking towards the school, with her hoodie on. More warmth she got, the better she could deal with it. However, any thought about cold was soon replaced with a much pleasant one: she reminded herself that ever since previous day, her own teacher will wait for her. No more would she spend any time waiting for her friends alone. Upon such thought, she couldn't help but smile.

"Heh...Miss Yukizome does so much for everyone...She truly makes everything worth it…" thought Chiaki to herself as she walked through the streets, keeping her spirits up despite the cold. She already imagined what games would they play early in the morning. Since they played Gala Omega before, Chiaki thought that it would be probably better if she spiced it up with variety, so she brought up games related to none other than her favorite pink puffball. An easy choice, knowing that Chisa has revealed herself to be a fan of that franchise.

After an hour of walking, she arrived to the bench near the fountain. She sat down on it and eagerly waited for her beloved teacher to join her, already imagining on what adventures would they go in the land of dreams. Perhaps it would be to save everyone from darkness or something. Chiaki waited with her ever innocent smile.

However, that smile soon began to deteriorate more time passed. Previous day, Chisa appeared rather quickly, but that day, the opposite was true. There was no trace of her at all. At first, Chiaki tried to rationalize why exactly was Chisa not present there.

"….Miss Yukizome told me that she'd be there. Maybe she has something to do at home….I'll wait for her." Chiaki thought about it, since she remembered that sometimes, her teacher had troubles at home (mostly regarding to do with appliances, rarely with other people). It was an often reason why she sometimes came late. Nevertheless, Chiaki still hoped that she would come.

More time passed, yet there was still no trace of Chisa Yukizome. At that point, her innocent smile was replaced with a frown of worry. Even her eyes weren't as lively as they were before, instead they were filled with anxiety. What exactly was the reason that Miss Yukizome didn't show up? Chiaki did not believe that Chisa would ever abandon her, so there must be another reason.

"...Where is she?…" Chiaki murmured to herself, still clinging on to faint hope that she would come. A promise was made, after all, although she wouldn't be angry if Chisa showed up late, since she would usually explain herself about it. She looked around, just waiting for the moment that she would arrive and relieve of any worry.

However, something happened that Chiaki did not expect at all, for the worst of it.

Suddenly, she felt vibrations on her backpack, immediately recognizing that it was her phone. Possibly a call, possibly a message. Chiaki always had the sound on, so that she couldn't miss out what message she got from her friends. Upon opening the bag, Chiaki opened the app to see received messages.

The moment she saw them, she could feel her heart stop. Chiaki's irises shrunk as she let out a gasp upon seeing what kind of messages did she receive. Worst of all, all of them were seemingly sent by Chisa Yukizome, the very person who has done so much for her.

"Respond already, you utter waste.".

"My biggest mistake was meeting you. Wish I never did such garbage as you.".

"Entire world would benefit if you were aborted. You contribute nothing good.".

Her mind couldn't even process from the sheer shock that someone as kind as Chisa could even think about saying such things to her, let alone typing it out directly to her. Chiaki even covered her mouth with her hand out of the severity of shock.

"N-no….no it can't be….Miss Yukizome would never say things like that…..she would never say that…" Chiaki's mind became overwhelmed with absolute anxiety, yet the small rational part of it still wanted to get to the bottom of the whole situation. There was a doubt that someone else played a part of it. With her hand trembling, she immediately pressed the call icon as she waited for her teacher for pick up.

"M-Miss Yukizome, why did you-" Chiaki demanded to know right away what was the reason for such messages. However, she soon came to realization that she wasn't talking to Miss Yukizome at all the moment she heard a much different voice on the call. Not the gentle, sweet voice of Chisa, but rather heavily accented, likely of British origin, and harsh voice of a certain man.

"Took a while, didn't you?".

"...W-what?! Who are….Why are you using Miss Yukizome's phone?!" stammered Chiaki as her anxiety was rising even further. Little did she know that she was talking directly to Nefarious Tropy, self proclaimed Master of Time and the very leader of Elite Bois.

"Does an imbecile like you deserve such answer?" immediately scoffed at her, not even wasting a second trying to insult her as much as possible. Considering what he heard of his co-workers, he knew where to aim.

"Answer me! What are you doing on Miss Yukizome's phone?!" demanded Chiaki, with her anxiety channeling into anger. She began to clench her fist as it began to tremble.

"Figure it out yourself. You can do as you wish, but if you actually value her life, then follow my instructions carefully." hinted with nothing more than utter condescension in his voice. The hint was blatant enough that Chiaki immediately got the idea that her beloved teacher was at that moment under the claws of their largest adversary. Her irises shrunk as she let out a little gasp, completely freezing under fear and anxiety.

"'t tell me that…that…." Chiaki's lip began to tremble as her grip on the phone was also becoming weaker. Her heart was beating faster than it was normal. At no time did she imagine that not only would be someone from her class be held hostage, let alone that someone being Chisa Yukizome out of all people. In fact, she couldn't believe it.

"Don't believe me? Perhaps THIS will convince you." gave her a reason to believe just by putting the phone to someone Chiaki was more than familiar with.

"...hey, sweetie…".

"...M...Miss Yukizome?! What happened?!" stuttered Chiaki as she immediately noticed that Chisa's voice was devoid of any cheerfulness and energy that she usually had. It was a quiet, hurt voice that she had.

"Don't worry, dear, just that….your teacher will pull out of this….I promi-" Chisa attempted to reassure her that despite the situation, everything will turn out okay. Her attempt was quickly interrupted by what sounded like sparks of electricity. Suddenly, Chisa let out an agonizing wail, with Chiaki having to hear all of it. Just from the sound alone, she could hear the man electrocuting her own teacher right in front of her. Due to how the sudden the move was, it made Chiaki flinch.

"S-stop it! Please, stop it!" begged Chiaki, but it was for naught. Hearing her pleas only gave more ideas.

"Oh, you want it again?" smirked before he repeated the whole process of electrocuting her, forcing Chiaki to hear her own teacher in pure agony once again.

"STOP IT! PLEASE, STOP HURTING HER! BRING HER BACK!" screamed Chiaki as her entire body started to tremble. As much as she was holding it all in her, she could feel that she couldn't hide her tears any longer. Luckily for her, was already satisfied with sending the message, letting Chisa live for that moment.

"Well, there is a way to get this skank back, if you listen carefully." gave her an option, just like it was according to his plan.

"...Please….bring her...bring her back…" murmured Chiaki, still begging for her teacher to return. Such response struck an ire in , although it was hard for her to tell if he was just acting to make her feel even worse or was he genuinely irritated.

"Are you even listening now or are you too mentally defected to do so?" lashed out on her, causing her too flinch. Something about being called "mentally defected" made her already low self esteem dive down even more.

"...I'm...I'm listening…." whimpered Chiaki, feeling weaker and weaker the more that conversation went on. She felt like she couldn't stand anymore, let alone move.

"All you have to do to get this trash pile back is to-" began, but due to the fact he kept mocking the person who meant so much for her, Chiaki snapped.

"...Stop INSULTING HER!" Chiaki screamed at him, still trying even though it was clear to her how utterly powerless was she in such situation.

"Did I allow you to talk, you useless mutt? What it is that you care about her so much? Since when has any normal student cared about their own teachers?" retaliated with ferocity before he stopped himself, realizing something that not even Chiaki did. At least, openly. "...wait, I figured it out. It's the "parental figure" nonsense, isn't it?".

Chiaki gasped as she felt her entire body freeze. Something deep in her heart was torn. Yet, it made her all more pathetic to her enemy.

"...Hahahaha, is this why you act like she's your mother? Your own parents could care less about you, that explains everything! The entire world really wouldn't have changed much if you just vanished, hahahahaha-" went full force by mocking her as much as possible. Despite talking to her for the first time, he immediately figured out what was the deal between Chiaki and Chisa. It was true, Chiaki knew that Chisa was the closest to the parental figure she had. Her biological parents weren't seen by her eyes ever since she was a child, in the early years too. At that moment, Chiaki's heart shattered into pieces.

"Get on with it already!" a voice, unfamiliar to her but very known by , of a mustached driver interrupted him further verbally tearing apart Chiaki. He didn't need to do much anymore, since all she could do was curl up on the bench, hiding her face from the world. No longer she could hold her tears anymore. The phone was placed close enough that could hear what she could say.

"-yes, yes, I'll carry on. Alright, so what you need to do is to get her back is to convince this school to give us one hundred billion dollars and transfer the ownership of the academy to us. That should be a simple task, riiight?" revealed the deal to her. By then, Chiaki was devastated so much that she couldn't yell, as much as she wanted to. All she could do was to weep.

"...That's...that's…." sniffled Chiaki, trying to say anything, but she was soon interrupted by the man himself.

"Impossible? Ridiculous? I can tell you exactly what's impossible and ridiculous: you having any lasting relationship! Vermin like you deserves to rot on the street like bovine excrement! Just saying, there are no alternatives. Either your school gives us one hundred billion dollars along with the entire ownership or your teacher is taking a one way trip to Tirana. I'll make sure that local populace makes her life like hell!" scoffed as he did not hesitate verbally tearing her again while revealing her what would happen to Chisa if they don't act within a week.

"...No...please….please don't…." pleaded Chiaki with tears rolling down her cheeks. Yet, it was futile. All they could really do at the moment was to comply his demands.

"What, is your brain THAT malfunctioning? Were you dropped on the head when you were a newborn? Of course you were….I mean, did you not understand a single thing what I've said?! One hundred billion dollars and entire school or you can say goodbye to your teacher! Is that not clear enough?!" lashed out at her again, still hard to tell whether he was genuinely furious at her or was he acting just to escalate her misery. None than less, it worked.

"….Y-yeah…." murmured Chiaki in defeat, just listening. All she could do was for Hope's peak to make a right decision. Even the Fellowship of Darkness was not in a position to properly tackle their adversary head on.

"Good. Your school has about one week to fulfill our demand. One week. I'll leave you a message with a demand in case you were too moronic to remember." said for the final time before he rubbed it right in her face. "I have one thing to say: revel in your own suffering! Hahahahahaha!".

The call was done. Chiaki remained curled up on the bench, trying to hide her tears from everyone. At that point, her friends arrived too. All of them were startled by seeing her in such state, but they rushed towards her right away.

"Chiaki! What happened?!" asked Hajime out of complete and utter concern, he even felt his heart beating fast. He slightly shook her by gently grabbing the shoulder, so that she wouldn't be startled, just to be sure that at the very least she was physically okay, that nothing happened to her. With her trembling arm and still looking away, Chiaki just gave them the phone, so that they could see what was happening. Just from hearing her weeping, they could immediately tell that something did happen. Normally, all she would do was to say "I'm okay" or "Don't worry", but from what happened, she just wasn't able to.

"W-what's going on, Chiaki? Please, tell us!" Ibuki begged to know as well, but their answer was laid down in front of them when Chihiro noticed that Chiaki wanted them to check their phone and when he did, his entire skin became pale from sheer horror of what he saw. Without saying a word, thanks to sheer shock, he also showed messages to Hajime and Ibuki as well.

They couldn't believe what they saw. They just couldn't believe that their teacher was a hostage of their adversaries. It took them a while to process the whole thing.

"….No….no! No, this can't be real, right? They...they didn't…" Hajime tried to deny it, but judging from Chiaki's reaction, it could not be disputed that it was indeed real. Not a word they could say, they were all in the state of shock. Any cheerfulness Ibuki had was gone. Completely gone. It didn't help that their current situation made them completely powerless against Daft Capo.

Soon after, Fuyuhiko, Peko and Sonia joined as well. They immediately noticed not only how not only were those three utterly afraid, but Chiaki in such vulnerable state.

"Hey….is everything alright? What's going on here?" cautiously asked Fuyuhiko as they all stepped closer. Peko remained silent, but she immediately caught on that whatever happened, it was anything but good.

"Um, Chiaki? You look rather..." piqued Sonia upon noticing her curled up friend, hesitating with words. She didn't want to unintentionally put her even lower than before. At that point, the other group revealed what exactly was going on.

"No….nothing is fine now!" quavered Hajime, getting straight to the point on how horrendous the situation was. Fuyuhiko, Sonia and Peko became even more perplexed and even more concerned about it.

"Huh? What happened, Hajime?" asked Fuyuhiko in an unusually quiet tone for him.

"T-they….they got Miss Yukizome….they got Miss Yukizome…." stammered Ibuki as she revealed exactly what happened. Just from how much was she trembling and how there was lack of any energy in her at all, it became a bigger shock to the group.

"What? No way! That's bullshit! There's no way that-" Fuyuhiko tried to deny it at first, but Chihiro gave him Chiaki's phone, so that all three of them could see the proof. Upon reading it, they couldn't know what to say. The fact that such situation was reality was something they could never imagined.

"My goodness….they….they really did it…." gulped Sonia as her skin became even more pale. Peko, while saying nothing, clenched her teeth in anger. After the disbelief was one, Fuyuhiko's heart became full of wrath. Just by clenching his fist, he was ready to punch everything.

"….Fucking BASTARDS! ALL OF THEM!" roared Fuyuhiko as he shook his fist, trying to avoid hurting anyone. At that point, the group noticed that Chiaki's weeping became more intense. Her grip on her emotions was getting weaker. Immediately, Hajime knew that they had to act, she needed to recover. He took a deep breath, preparing himself for what he was about to do.

"Hey uh….we should take her home right now. She should be taken to safety." suggested Hajime to Ibuki and Chihiro, both which, once they set their fears aside to help their friend, nodded. Then, he stepped closer to her, just assuring that she will taken to safety. "Let's go home, Chiaki….".

As vulnerable as she was, Chiaki tried her best to get up, but she was visibly trembling, struggling to even pull herself out of it. Hajime immediately offered her a hand to help her. With hesitation, Chiaki grabbed it and managed to get herself up. However, she didn't make eye contact as she was looking at the floor as tears kept falling down. No matter how much she tried to hide it, she couldn't do it anymore. Just before they were set to go, Hajime had one more request for his other classmates.

"Fuyuhiko, Sonia, Peko….tell everyone about this…please…" Hajime asked them to report the situation to everyone else, so that they would be aware of what was happening there. If it were already dark times for here, that day was one of the lowest.

"….Understood…." confirmed Peko as Chiaki's group started to escort her back home. Upon seeing her like that, Fuyuhiko, Peko and Sonia's hearts all felt heavier. She always seemed so optimistic and well meaning, to see her like that was the last thing they wanted.

"Poor Chiaki…" lamented Sonia, wishing that she could hug her and reassure her that everything is going to be okay. Although they didn't express it out loud, both Fuyuhiko and Peko felt the same about it. They'll make sure that after that is over, Chiaki will be able to smile again.

By the time they were walking home, Ibuki pulled out her phone and immediately called the person she knew was up to the task.

"H-hey, Mayuri? We need you right now, please!" Ibuki did not hesitate to show how urgent the situation was.

"Huh? Ibu-chan, what happened?" asked Mayuri, already noticing that something was up just from Ibuki's tone. It was very likely the first time Mayuri saw Ibuki in genuine panic..

"Come to Chiaki's house, please!" Ibuki begged her to help as soon as possible. At that moment, Mayuri knew exactly what to do. She quickly understood how severe was the situation and did not waste any more time.

"….I'll arrive as soon as possible...I think I know what is happening…See ya soon…." promised Mayuri as the call ended. With determination in her eyes, she quickly gave a notice to everyone in the Future Gadget Lab that it was time to help their friend.

"We have to go, everyone." announced Mayuri, to which Rintaro, Kurisu and Itaru all nodded. All of them began packing. Once they were all ready, they all started rushing towards Chiaki's house, to get to the bottom of the situation.

In the mean time, the three from before were left to contemplate on what to do. Not only were they deprived of their hideout, just recovered from an attack of an Elite, but now their teacher was held hostage by the same enemy they fought for days. The tide of the conflict turned against them.

"….Fuck…." Fuyuhiko had to let it out, realizing that such severe situation meant only one thing: he will have to do it.

"W-what should we do, Fuyuhiko? We...we have to get her back, right?" asked Sonia, hoping that they're at least a chance that they would have to bring her back by themselves before Chisa is deported to unknown lands, with populace deliberately angered by the very people who intend to send here there.

" We don't even-" Peko wanted to point out that they still haven't found the actual location of Zona Daft Capo, but her statement came to a stop the moment they saw the rest of Class 77-B, with Gundham being right in front of them. While rest of them looked perplexed, Gundham had a cautious expression on his face, already assuming what happened.

"So the worst has happened, hasn't it?" asked Gundham in a shockingly quiet tone for confirmation whether or not the situation went haywire. He managed to notice something was hugely wrong when he noticed that Chiaki was not waiting on the bench. She was always there, but that day was not among them.

"Worst? What do you mean by...that?" asked Mahiru, even though she noticed that those three looked rather startled. Just like Hajime requested, the group revealed what exactly happened that day.

"Miss Yukizome….she got abducted! Bastards got her!" Fuyuhiko was the one who said it. Needless to say, entire class was shaken by the revelation that Chisa Yukizome was under the claws of Daft Capo. That day shall become infamous among them, as possibly one of the lowest points their class got into so far.

"W-what?! M-Miss Yukizome got kidnapped?!" Mikan immediately started panicking as any semblance of a normal life completely crumbled. She even started pulling her hair out of panic.

"...Yeah, she has been…." confirmed Sonia with nothing short of a somber tone in her voice. However, not everyone did immediately believe them words. Despite the situation, it still felt too surreal that one of their own people was held hostage.

"No...I don't believe it!" denied Teruteru, typically of him when it came to stressful situations. Perhaps it was a coping mechanism, to not face the reality head on.

"We saw it! We saw the proof right fucking there-" Fuyuhiko tried to convince everyone who refused to believe, but then he realized that the one who had the source, specifically messages on her phone, was not there. "...Wait...fuck….she's not there….".

It didn't go unnoticed that Chiaki, along with Hajime, Ibuki and Chihiro were missing. Class 78th usually arrived earlier, but Chihiro was an exception. Due to his bond with Chiaki, he always arrived in early hours.

"Where is Nanami? Did she..." Ultimate Impostor pointed out, being one of the few, along with Gundham and Nekomaru, who kept composure through out the entire situation.

"Nanami….She was the first one to hear it. The message was on her phone." Peko revealed that while she was there, she was also the unfortunate one who received a direct call from Daft Capo itself. Needless to say, she needed some time to recover.

"...I see….so that's what they done…." calmly noted Ultimate Impostor, even though they were suppressing a great amount of wrath dedicated towards the adversary not only for kidnapping their teacher, but also because they hurt their friend on a personal level. They already began contemplating for vengeance, just like some of them, most notably Gundham, already began to.

"I-Is there any other proof about this? We can't just-" Kazuichi still insisted that there needs to be more evidence to truly prove that she was kidnapped in the first place.

It didn't take much time for "further proof" to arrive once the door of Hope's peak academy opened, revealed not only Koichi Kizakura, but also the old janitor. The Ultimate Talent Scout was heavily breathing due to him sprinting across hallways to inform them. Initially, he didn't find them in their class, so he went through out the entire academy. The janitor, however, remained stoic amid the adversity. He already felt that dark times were ahead, the recent event was only a confirmation.

"Guys, did you hear what just happened to Miss Yukizome?" Koichi asked them if they were aware of what happened to their teacher. At that point, even those who refused to believe had the only option was to accept reality as it was.

"...Doubts have been quelled now. That confirms it." stated Gundham, accepting the fact as it was. Not to say he felt indifferent towards the whole situation, he just preferred to already brainstorm about striking back.

"They said one hundred billion dollars and entire ownership of the school up to one week, right?" Fuyuhiko confirmed that they were informed about the demands that Daft Capo put them for exchanging Chisa.

"...Yeah, that's what they demand from us. Insane bastards." concurred Koichi while also pointing out that such demands were not only impossible, since there was no way in heaven or hell that not only would the ownership of Hope's peak just land in their hands, but they would also have to give crazy amount of money to boot. Koichi even had a much more formally written paper with him, which was sent by Daft Capo itself. No one could deny that the conundrum that they were stuck with was grave.

"H-how could they?! HOW COULD THEY?!" Mikan began to sob as she fell down on her knees. Considering that Chisa was always welcoming to her, to have her gone was something that left a hole in her heart. Under normal circumstances, she would have been a target of verbal attacks of Hiyoko.

These were no normal circumstances.

"Underhanded bastards! All of them!" Hiyoko channeled her anger at Daft Capo instead. Everyone agreed what she thought of them.

"Just when we are in a compromised position…." Nekomaru pointed out that they did it right when the Fellowship of Darkness was not in the best position. Dread, anxiety and utter confusion reigned that day, with no one sure yet what exactly to too. They were still all processing the impact of Daft Capo's move, with some taking it less well than others, such as Mikan, who started to wail out of sadness.

Amid the chaos, Gundham stepped away. He needed some time for himself to gain composure, because noise created by others muddled his mind. As he was far away, he had time to process the whole thing. Anger started to stockpile within him, especially for he considered such action to be an equivalent of aiming below the belt.

"Scoundrel….this is the level you go for, Daft Capo? Very well then….My feelings cannot be expressed in words, but don't you think your fate will be a fortunate one, cowards!" thought Gundham to himself, already starting to plot a plan that shall severely damage Daft Capo in the future. The criminal syndicate couldn't afford to escape the hard hand of karma and he will make sure that The Fellowship of Darkness will bring justice.

By the time the call was ended, in an undisclosed location of Daft Capo's headquarters, Elite Bois bar Rando, who was busy jamming, were standing in front of a vault-like steel door, which was an entrance to Chisa's cell. It was located somewhere on the second floor of the headquarters, meant for detaining any captured personnel. Immediately right after he finished the call, using Chisa's own phone, started wheezing, which soon evolved into an uncontrollable laughter, as if he heard a joke that would kill him from laughter. To him, Chiaki's begging and pleas were the punchline. He was especially fond of tearing her apart over parents. However, other Elite Bois thought differently of his actions.

"The fuck?! Did you really have to go that far?!" Dastardly was the first one to call him out of sheer indulgence she took verbally abusing a touch starved girl. Through out the entire time, he was wincing. He was the only one who had such opinion.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that was splendid! It's been a while since I tore a new one into someone!" kept laughing until he regained control of himself, instead feeling nothing short of pride and joy.

"Can't you just contain your murder boner for once?!" condemned Dastardly, not even mincing any of his words. They was he worded his condemnation, to say at least, gained a chuckle from Fritz.

"Gotta say, I'm with him. I mean, I get the picture, but I think that should have been dealt more quicker than that." added Fritz, not really minding that he tore her a new one, but noticing that he spent more time than he should on the phone. Under different circumstances, that could have been a huge setback.

"Since when were you on my side?" Dastardly squinted at his half German, half American co-worker, not exactly trusting him that his statement was without any strings attached. The fact that he hasn't called Dastardly by his ever detested nickname was already a red flag.

"What's wrong with having fun in your work?" defended himself with a cocky smirk on his face, still satisfied over the job he has done. They got what they wanted after all.

"The problem is that your definition of fun consists of suffering and laughing at it." Dastardly immediately struck back with a call out. Not that it worked well.

"Yes, indeed!" took pride in his sadism. Only thing that Dastardly did at that point was slapping his own face. When it came to taking enjoyment out of other's suffering, there was no way in hell to pull out of it.

"I mean, good for you, but just warning that indulgence might fuck over us. Saying this out of good faith." advised Fritz on the more pragmatic element of their operations.

"Oh, please. You act like this had no purpose. After all, isn't demoralization of adversaries a key element to victory?" countered with an argument that there was a method to the whole thing. Considering that Daft Capo's morale was much higher than one of The Fellowship of Darkness, Fritz couldn't exactly deny it.

"Fair point, gotta agree here. Though, next time, this is just a suggestion, be more on point. Strike hard with minimal time spent." concurred Fritz, switching into his advice that should instead be brief, but incredibly devastating, verbally speaking. Upon thinking it, the blue skinned scientist found certain aspects of such method attractive.

"Hmmm…..I must admit, I do like the "strike hard" part of that...Yes, indeed." grinned , already imagining what would he say towards more vulnerable people at Hope's peak. They were what he considered to be "most fun" targets after all.

"Urghhh….what are your thoughts on this, Herman?" groaned Dastardly as he switched the topic, hoping that at least the octopus colleague would have a reasonable opinion on the whole situation.

Quickly, he was disappointed.

"Glad that the noob is suffering! In fact, I'm over it now. She is no longer on my mind." Herman laughed at the prospect of Chiaki being in pain while also no longer raging about her every time she was mentioned. According to him, his own ideology scored a victory against hers, which was more than good enough. "Also , oh man! You went hardcore on her!".

"That wasn't even the best part. Take a look at this!" smirked as he gave him Chisa's phone, showing the messages that he wrote them in her name. The octopus lad was in for a surprise, to say at least.

"….ohohohoHOHOHOHOHO MAMMA MARIA, !" shouted Herman, not exactly sure if he should laugh at Chiaki's suffering or call out for how utterly ruthless his whole thing was. Some of the statements were a bit too far, even for Herman.

" have done what?" sighed Dastardly, already knowing that when was involved, it would be messy. He wasn't wrong, at all. No other mention than utter disgust was what he had when he saw what did. "YOU WHAT?!".

"Done exactly what that cretin with an intelligence of an unguided bomb deserves!" boasted , making it out that what he said to her was something of a karmic punishment. Coyote immediately caught on what he meant when he compared her intelligence to an unguided bomb, raising his eyebrow in the process. Lets say, there was another less appropriate term that describes such terms.

He was not the only one who did.

"….the HELL DID YOU CALL HER, YOU PRICK?!" roared Chisa, audible enough that she could be heard from the other side. Had she not been chained by her foot, she would have attempt to break through the door and beat the living daylights out of the scientist. The aforementioned man of science, however, saw another opportunity. Other Elite Bois knew what was going to happen.

"Ah, one minute." calmly raised his finger before he opened the vault-like door, entering the cell. The moment the door was shut, other Elite Bois could already hear that he turned on his tuning fork, to which usually led to one thing.

Screams of pure agony were heard from the cell. While others didn't even flinch at them, Dastardly couldn't help but wince. As much of a gangster he was, his stomach was not prepared for any kind of torture. Although vaguely, some of them also heard impacts. After more time passed than it should, the room became silent.

"Remain silent, skank." warned her in a completely spiteful tone before he unlocked the door, returning to them with a satisfied smirk on his face. "Now, where was I?".

Suddenly, the missing Elite Boi appeared, walking towards them as if he was "wide", so to speak. Just from his walk alone, he gained everyone's attention.

"Hello, what the fuck did I miss?" Rando announced his presence. From his sight alone, Dastardly's anger became much more transparent.

"Oh, not him. Anyone but him." Dastardly spoke through his teeth as he prepared himself to throw hands at him. Rest of the Elite Bois, however, met him with perplexity.

"Better question is, where the fuck have you been?" asked Herman, wondering on why he missed out "the fun", as they say.

"Sorry, I was jamming to pigeon music. You know how much it is fire." rationalized Rando, revealing that he was listening to Magic Mamaliga for twenty four hours straight. To be fair, it was doubtful that he would provide much of a change if he assisted in kidnapping of Chisa Yukizome.

"You need to work on your schedule, Rando. You just missed out the goods." noted him that their mission was a success, smirking as always.

"...Oooh, so you got her?" asked Rando as he pointed his index finger at them, just to be sure that their mission was a success without any doubts.

"Correct! We did, indeed, get the hoe!" confirmed Herman as he raised his tentacle like an arm.

"Excellent! So that means by one week, we will not only get the school, but also the money?" Rando snapped with his fingers before he asked for more.

"If they respond, of course. If not, they would have to say goodbye to her forever." Coyote lifted his sign as Tom maliciously rubbed his hands together.

"That's not all. Take a look at this. You will certainly enjoy it." decided to show him what he typed to Chiaki. Rando took a closer look and his reaction was as expected. Due to how ruthless it was, Rando's first action, along with a heavily surprised face, was to perform a backflip.

"HOLY FUCK! BASED!" shouted Rando from sheer excitement. couldn't help but grin even more, knowing that his action was exactly something that Rando found admirable, by his own standards.

It was at that moment when Dastardly snapped.

"...Based? BASED?! YOU CONSIDER THAT "BASED", YOU DOUCHE?!" yelled Dastardly as he aggressively pulled out his shoe from his foot, lunging right at him. However, Rando was prepared, as he took of his own shoe and thus the gangster and the driver began to beat up each other with their shoes.

"Bite yourself, charlatan!" retaliated Rando as both of them were too busy attacking each other. Amid the whole fight, couldn't help but chuckle, where as other Elite Bois dealt with it as it was expected.

"So...we let them?" asked Herman if he should try to deescalate their fight.

"Let them have it. The civilized part of this group will discuss further plans." answered , too amused by their shoe fight as the rest of the Elite Bois slightly stepped away, just so that they could discuss their plans in peace.

"So, what is the further plan?" Coyote lifted a sign, wondering what had in store.

"The phase one has gone marvelously. Now for phase two, all we need to do is wait. Those uncivilized vermin should be of zero concern." responded while more or less cementing that their week will be a very lax one.

"So chilling? That's great! We could get the money as soon as today, but if they decline, oh well...bye bye!" Herman immediately approved his decision as he pumped his tentacle like a fist.

"I have an objection." Coyote lifted a sign in disagreement, already noticing holes in his plan.

"What is it, Coyote?" asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

"I don't think we should let off guard so soon. They could try to infiltrate, after all." Coyote lifted another sign, noticing that there was a real threat of espionage, now that they had a hostage directly from Hope's peak academy.

"If you're thinking about the Impostor, don't worry much. That guy's gonna get identified real quick." assured Fritz that the person he had a fight with in Radio Kaikan would be dealt with ease.

"Do not exclude others as well. We should fortify our headquarters along with the city as well." Coyote, once again, lifted a sign with an argument.

"Oh, so you wanna set up traps all over the place, right?" Herman immediately caught on what exactly Coyote wanted to do.

"A question couldn't be with a more blatantly obvious answer than this one." Coyote, with a smirk on his face, got them another sign. He even wiggled with his eyebrows, just to further prove how superior was his intellect.

"But what if the scrub zone guys, the official ones, get bamboozled by traps? That means our money and ownership will go arrivederci, baby!" Herman pointed out a possibility that one of the Hope's peak academy higher ups, possibly the Headmaster himself, could be accidentally gravely injured by one of those traps.

"Half measures are for dimwits." Coyote lifted a sign, warning them that if they don't take efforts to fortify, no school and dollars for them. gave it a thought, since it was a genuine possibility after all.

"Hmmm….for now, you shouldn't be concerned about them. However, if we do spot any of their activity on our territory, then you have all clearance about setting up defenses." gave his answer, allowing Coyote to set up traps the moment any adversary activity is spotted in Zona Daft Capo.

"Understood, but I'd prefer if we act now." Coyote, as expected, lifted a sign, but he obeyed the order.

"Does anyone else object?" asked for the final opinion before they would start their more lax life for a week.

"Is this the time when we get drunk?" Coyote suggested with a sign. That was their tradition, any time they had significant successes, Elite Bois would get wasted like there was no tomorrow. It first happened in the Netherlands, then in Denmark, when they scored victory against penguins.

"Not yet. We have to get the money and the school first." declined the suggestion, since it could be argued that their goal was not achieved. Coyote frowned, but he didn't further argue.

"We chill, but any activities planned?" asked Herman about what would they do in the week.

"Oh, we will have a lot of activities. We will have indeed. Now, enjoy the day. I certainly will." grinned , already knowing what to do. Due to success of his plan, Daft Capo was in the lead. They could do anything they wanted, since there was nothing that their enemies could do, or so they thought.

After their discussion, Chisa was left alone in her cell. Inside it, there was absolutely nothing in it, bar the chain that obstructed her foot. Only source of light was a window, which was protected by a steel net. It was just long enough that she could reach the toilet, placed very near where she sat. At the very least, she wouldn't get dehydrated, since it had a washbasin. The only reason why there even was a toilet in the cell was because no one at Daft Capo was willing to clean the cell up, in case incidents happen.

Chained to a wall, Chisa's body was already full of bruised, all of them caused by abuse done by the blue skinned scientist. Due to frequent yet non-lethal electrocutions, her body felt weaker. So much weaker, that she struggled walking. At the very least they had decency to leave her clothes. But no physical damage could compare what Chisa felt inside.

"Don't worry, guys….I'll come back….somehow….but I promise that…..yeah…." Chisa tried to tell herself that she will get out and continue her life normally, yet more she observed the room, the lower her odds felt. "….I'll need a miracle for this to work out….".

Only thing she could do was to curl up and contemplate. If only she was prepared then, everything would have been okay…

But she wasn't. She wasn't at all and felt all more guilty for it.

"...I'm sorry, guys…..I'm sorry, Chiaki….".

It seemed like her own fate hanged on the decision of Hope's peak itself. Who know if her students had a chance of saving her….