Around the same time as the events at Chiaki's house took place, so was the gym of Hope's peak academy quite active. Most of the students of class 77-B and class 78th gathered around in it, to discuss about the calamity of the previous day. That being the kidnapping of Chisa Yukizome, the teacher that provided much goodness to their lives. Aside from those who were taking care of Chiaki, few of them were still missing, such as both members of the Kuzuryu clan and Gundham Tanaka were still not present in the supposed meeting room. Other members outside of Hope's peak academy, such as Future Gadget Lab and penguins, have still yet to arrive. None than less, the distraught over the events of the previous day have not passed at all. In fact, it only haunted them more with each passing day.

"So….the day has passed…" solemnly sighed Sonia, beginning their discussion about their situation in an already well established tone. No matter how hard they tried to deny, it was still their reality. The one where one of their own people is being held by their adversary.

"Y-yeah…it has…" trembled Sayaka as her skin became completely pale. Despite the passed time, it was still hard to comprehend that their reality truly was that. No matter how many of them would try to deny, one couldn't change it.

"We are losing time with each second...if we don't do it..." lamented Mahiru as she clenched her fist, fearing the very true possibility regarding the fate of their teacher if she's not back in the span of six days. Upon hearing that, Mikan, despite saying nothing, started to squeeze her "stress relief" ball that she started carrying that day. It became faster as she kept thinking about the possible fate. Upon witnessing that, Sakura calmly decided to intervene.

"Even in such situation, we must remain calm. Only then we will able to conduct our strike against them." Sakura reminded them to keep their heads cool, otherwise no matter what they would do, their adversary would just run circles around them while taunting them. Taunting with the possibility that their teacher would be stuck in a hostile foreign land.

"Sakura's right. It...shouldn't have happened at all, but we can still save her, right? If we just work together-" Aoi, despite being aware of the reality, still tried to have an optimistic outlook on it. Despite the odds, chances weren't zero, were they?

"How are we supposed to save her if we don't know where they even are?!" Kazuichi nervously pointed out a major setback regarding everything having to do with strategies and tactics they could utilize against their adversary.

"He's not wrong. Even up to now, we have still yet to locate them. Without that, saving Miss Yukizome is impossible." added Kyoko with a stern expression, not mincing her words about the possibility if they don't find their hideouts in the right time. Almost immediately after the word "impossible" was uttered, everyone present could feel shivers down their spine. Nothing could help except to somehow find places where the adversary is hiding.

"...That is true, I guess…but still..." Aoi started to look at the floor with a lamenting gate. Even though she still tried to be optimistic, she couldn't just deny their situation. Blind belief is worth nothing if one has no means to deal with such situation.

However, the contemplative melancholy was abruptly interrupted.

"...I-i-impossible?!" Mikan's breathing became faster, almost like she was losing her breath. Her vision became completely blurry and her mind became flooded with one thought. One damned thought.

"Miss Yukizome will be gone. Miss Yukizome will never come back.".

She could feel her heart being crushed, with her vision ever becoming even blurrier. Her head started to burn as she became more and more dizzy. She was just few seconds away from fainting, had someone not intervened.

"Hey, it's gonna be okay! Just take deep breaths!" Mahiru rushed towards the nurse, offering her a hand so that she could hold onto something, to calm down, to finally be able to breath. Upon sensing her classmate's gentle touch, Mikan started to inhale and exhale as much air as possible. Her senses were coming back to her as her vision became clearer. It was by then when Mahiru realized that such place was not good for her nurse friend at all.

"Mikan, you don't have to force yourself to be here. Maybe we should go somewhere calmer?" suggested Mahiru, feeling like that it was the best decision for her. For her to stay longer would just be worse for her own sake. Although deep down, even Mahiru wanted to cool off, it was getting to her too, just that she hid it well enough that no one really noticed it.

" say so…" murmured Mikan once she calmed down, with her gaze focused on the floor. The nurse kept holding onto Mahiru's hand, since it allowed her to cool down. Mikan nodded as she allowed Mahiru to take her somewhere quieter. However, those two weren't the only ones who needed a timeout.

"...Hey, can I come in too?" Sayaka quietly joined in as well, also taking deep breaths, but they were not as pronounced as Mikan's were. Her own voice was quite shaken too.

"Sure, Saya-" Mahiru allowed her to go with them as well, but not before she saw in what state was her idol friend. The redhead photographer was quite startled when she saw Sayaka's skin being completely pale, with her entire body trembling. Due to loss of words, Mahiru quickly took both Mikan and Sayaka to the room that served as an entrance towards the gym. Other students just watched how their friend took two frightened girls to somewhere safer.

"We'll be there if you need us. I'll inform them of anything you guys say. See ya...soon, I guess." Mahiru announced just before she shut the door, leaving the gym in silence. For a while, not a word was spoken. All of them just had to accept in what kind of situation were they in.

"...It will take some time for everything to clear up." contemplated Nekomaru, knowing that they're stuck completely unless they find the hideout of their adversaries.

"It was inevitable for this to happen, because we let it happen." Byakuya decided to start off with his contribution with a critique of their own modus operandi. Everyone quickly listened to him, even though they were a bit startled. There certainly had to be something that they did wrong.

"H-huh? What do you mean?" asked Aoi, unsure where exactly was he going with. However, unlike how most people would elaborate, Byakuya had his own way of dealing with questions.

"Do I really need to explain it? Are you that blind that you do not notice it?" Byakuya immediately condemned her for "not getting it on the spot", despite the fact no one really guessed what he meant on the first spot. Just after such scoff, he quickly warranted himself a glare from the swimmer.

"….What was that for, jerk?!" retaliated Aoi.

"Be careful with your words, Byakuya, but I can take a guess what you mean…" Sakura warned him regarding disrespecting her dear friend, although she was curious about what Byakuya had in mind. All of those present thought about it. What could possibly be their setback? There were many to be thought about, but they weren't quite sure what exactly was the answer.

"It's cuz...we didn't attack, right?" spoke Akane, with her idea being that thanks to them being constantly on defense, it allowed the enemy to always plan ahead with their offenses. Daft Capo's plans weren't exactly disrupted before it was too late. With a raised eyebrow and absolutely baffled expression on his face, Byakuya noted that what she said was, in fact, quite correct.

"...Out of all people to had it right, it was….you. Truly, the world lost its mind." commented Byakuya that someone who has herself described as "not the sharpest tool in the shed" was spot on with the idea. He was indeed thinking about how due to lack of offenses from their side led up to Daft Capo being relatively unobstructed.

"You say that only now?" Yasuhiro pointed out after everyone pretty much has seen how the downward spiral of sanity that is their current situation can tumble down.

"I mean, it makes sense? We were constantly defending, and they were constantly attacking. If we had attacked….maybe it would have been prevented?" Akane argued for her point, thinking from a fighter's perspective in a way. Hope's peak academy was essentially a stationary front, a castle if one went by medieval perspective. And if there's anything known about castles is that they don't physically move. Ever.

"Ahem,...although you do raise a good point, , I must address holes in your theory." Hifumi raised his finger to object. Although he did like the idea, there was still a major elephant in the room regarding her suggestion.

"What holes? I mean, it's pretty straightforward?" Akane scratched her head.

"Well, first off...what we just talked before: how can we attack when they don't know where they are?" Hifumi pointed out the biggest obstacle so far.

"I'm pretty sure they can be attacked anywhere else too. It's not just their base or something." argued Akane that it didn't exclude interrupting their own attacks, rather than just focusing on invading their headquarters.

"That would require us knowing from where and when would they attack. Not to mention we didn't have information, let alone resources at that time, so…" Hifumi addressed the issue of situational awareness and intelligence, or lack of there of for the better word.

"We shouldn't let hindsight cloud our vision. Our main strategy was defensive, which was, at the time, best we could do. It is also thanks to penguins that we were even aware of those fu-….I mean, that criminal syndicate." Sonia contested with contemplation, deep down cursing the enemy for not only what they did to their teacher, but what they did to her friend too.

"Speaking of them, where are the-" Nekomaru was about to say when suddenly, the door was abruptly opened with a kick from a small avian. It was so sudden that some of the guys in the gym were startled big time. The one responsible for the door kick was Skipper himself, joined by the rest of his crew.

"Boys and girls, did I hear that right?!" shouted Skipper, still shocked to hear what happened to Chisa Yukizome. Kowalski remained stoic but concerned, where as it could be told from the far away that Private did not take the news well. Rico on other hand, felt like there was only one answer to this question: violence.

"Indeed you have, Skipper...Indeed you have…" solemnly confirmed Nekomaru with a slow nod.

"...Dastards! How could they do it to such a beautiful woman?! Why couldn't they kidnap someone like….that guy from that class!" Skipper shook his flipper like a fist towards the ceiling, cursing the mafia for what have they done.

"How about no one gets kidnapped instead? Would be better off like that." Aoi crossed her arms as she pouted, just being irked by the fact that anyone kidnapped was "okay" by some.

"...What guy and what class?" asked Kazuichi, since "that guy" and "that class" do not exactly narrow down the choices regarding who could be kidnapped instead of Chisa.

" , The Ultimate Bootlegger, from Class 69." Kowalski fired away his answer as quick as a bullet coming through a sniper rifle. Just hearing his name already made the mechanic wince.

"...You know what, yeah. They should have taken him." concluded Kazuichi. Aside from the three that he thought were friends, none of the students inside Class 69 appealed to him.

"So yeah….what happened was horrible...I'm sorry that you guys have to go through this…" Private sympathized with the struggle they were going through.

"It's not your fault, Private. Don't worry about it." Sonia reassured him that he shouldn't feel guilty over something he had no control of. However, no time was to be wasted.

"There's no time to waste, boys and girls! We gotta bust her outta it and-" Skipper immediately began ordering them around like a proper drill sergeant, but all that rushing made him forget that not every mission they set out was complete at that point of time.

"Hold on for a moment! We would like to, , but we still don't know where are they even hiding, let alone the location of Miss Yukizome." alerted Kiyotaka, which made the leader penguin realize the current status.

"...Right. Operation Metropolitan Hunt has not been completed yet. Drat, its like they knew!" Skipper swiped off his forehead with his flipper as his priorities changed. They still had that mission to be done, the one that would expose Daft Capo's hideout. Thus, he began to formulate possible plans for the mission.

"It is very likely that they did, Skipper, because that's what they planned. Why would one ignore the opportunity when their opponent is at the lowest?" Kowalski suggested that their current situation was something their adversary was looking for. All thanks to one feline.

"...That is indeed plausible. Weaponization of chaos certainly helped them on the matter." concurred Kyoko while remembering the details of the whole incident regarding their school and a certain aggressor that they'll never forget.

"I think I know what you mean by that…" Byakuya felt shivers down his spine once he recollected repressed memories of that feline.

"So….any progress on the Metropolitan Hunt?" Skipper redirected the whole conversation towards their prioritized mission.

"Barely anything. One day isn't enough to investigate the largest city in the world. Satellite imagery was of not much help either, a lot of photography was irrelevant." reported Kyoko about her effort of tracking down the headquarters of their adversary. Her inspection zone was around the coast of the city, but not near Tsurihito Warehouse. That part of the city was inspected by penguins themselves. Some of the students raised their eyebrows regarding her comment on satellite imagery being of no use there. Could it be that their adversary was capable of messing with GPS?

"Our part of Tokyo has been devoid of any Daft Capo traces too. We thought they would be nearby Tsurihito Warehouse, but it seems like the hunch was just not right here…" Skipper added his own contribution to the debate as well.

"It should not be a surprise that those who break the law will constantly hide." commented Kiyotaka. The status of the mission was same as before: they went nowhere.

"What else can we do at the moment? It seems like the only option here is to hasten our progress and expand our search zones?" asked Sonia as she thought about the only possibility they had at that moment.

"Hmmm….you are being realistic here, Mrs. Nevermind, but we have to find the way, better sooner than later. We have about a week, right?" responded Skipper before he gave a question to them as well.

"Unfortunately, a day has passed. Therefore, we are only at six remaining days…" answered Sonia with frown on her face. They still had time, but they could not afford to waste it at all.

"Drat! Looks like we have very busy days ahead, boys and girls." announced Skipper for expansion of their operation, but the meeting did not conclude there. It was just about to start, with the door opening once again. That time, instead with a kick, it was just a normal opening of a door with the hand. It was Rintaro Okabe and the rest of Future Gadget Lab, including Suzuha Amane, who joined the meeting. The only exception was Mayuri Shiina, who was at the time present in Chiaki's house. Therefore, all the updates she could get were from others through a phone.

"Hello, everyone. What's the status?" spoke Rintaro, completely devoid of his "mad scientist" persona. If it hadn't been clear that there was no time for nonsense before, that was it.

"Status? We are at the halt, to be determined whether or not we'll get back on track." reported Kowalski, not sounding exactly hopeful through his analytical voice. Out of Future Gadget Lab members present, Suzuha seemed to be still in shock just like everyone was the day before.

"So…..Miss Yukizome has been kidnapped?" Suzuha really wanted to be sure if what happened the previous day was unambiguous truth.

"...Indeed she has been. Indeed she has…" confirmed Sonia in the same solemn tone as before, with others adding up that the hostage crisis involving Chisa Yukizome was the reality they were living in. Any trace of cheerfulness on Suzuha vanished in entirety. Her fist became clenched as they noticed her arm started to tremble.

"Damn it….this wasn't supposed to happen at all!" scowled Suzuha as she looked at her first. She was clenching it so much, that she could feel her own nails slightly dig into her skin. They all understood her anger, they were feeling it all too.

However, not everyone caught on how Suzuha expressed herself. Only one did.

"...Supposed to happen?" Kyoko raised her eyebrow, still remaining calm through out the moment. Yet, the way Suzuha stated it felt rather off to her.

"Oh….I mean, it shouldn't have. Sorry for this, but Miss Yukizome is a dear friend of mine. We have to get her back as quickly as possible. I will assist as much as you want." Suzuha calmly retracted her statement, while also revealing her relationship with Chisa herself. Despite calmness in her voice, they could all feel that she was still full of rage. The kind that a sniper would feel.

"Suzu, don't push yourself too hard. We'll get her back, that's for sure." advised Itaru in a shockingly tender way, not in the kind they were all used to. Seeing someone like Itaru, the one who would joke even through out more serious times, like that was a surprise to many.

"The thing right now is that we don't know where they are, let alone where they are hiding her. And considering our limited manpower, it would be a miracle if we completed the mission Metropolitan Hunt." Kiyotaka repeated the main concern of the Fellowship of Darkness, just so that Future Gadget Lab was aware of it.

"Which is why I say that you should not worry too much about it, because one of you will just stumble into it and voila! Mission accomplished!" Yasuhiro suddenly stated how would he have dealt with the mission of finding out their hideout. Needless to say, his opinion wasn't met with open arms.

"Your idiocy is not appreciated as such time, entertainer for the commoners." Byakuya did not even hesitate at all to call him out in the most disrespectful way possible. The classic Togami way.

"What? I'm saying the truth. You know the principle of "less hard you try, more likely you'll get it?". Like how when you search for one specific thing you can't find it, but when you don't, it's gonna land on your nose? It's gonna happen, I can tell you!" countered Yasuhiro, somehow devoid of any silliness in his voice. People around him were rather surprised how serious was he about his own suggestion.

"What?! Are you being serious right now? So we should all just take it all easy with such situation?" blurted Kurisu, frustrated with the very notion that they should take the entire thing without much care, as it seemed like. Then she noticed that she was around other people and felt like she should have controlled herself. "Sorry for the outburst, but there's no way we can just do it like that!".

"Let me elaborate, because I'm only talking about finding their hideout. Rescuing Miss Yukizome herself on other hand….I have to look into my crystal ball again...although I'm not too optimistic about it." insisted Yasuhiro about his prediction on how they will all just uncover Daft Capo's hideout by chance, rather than finding it through extensive planning. It was still hard to imagine at that point.

"Excuse me, are you relying on predictions through the crystal ball? Unless those predictions are based on luck, then I see it as impossible. There is no way that something supernatural could influence the tide of this battle." countered Kowalski as he denounced Ultimate Clairvoyant's means of guessing future events.

"Says the talking penguin." scoffed Hiyoko under her breath. The comment was audible enough that the tall penguin could hear it.

"Your comments are not appreciated." Kowalski turned his head towards her, calmly cautioning her that further provocations will be met with harsher response. Hiyoko just rolled her eyes, not feeling like further arguing with a talking penguin.

"Hey, my predictions have 30% of a chance becoming true! That's high in such field, ya know." boasted Yasuhiro as he crossed his arms. Since no one truly had experience in such work, no one could really counter him regarding that aspect. However, it was a different story when it came to the sheer concept of predicting.

"I still do not believe it. At most, it would be just a coincidence." sternly denied Kowalski.

"Let's be a 100% real here, right? What other than a total miracle could assure us victory here? Our team consist only of two classes, a teacher or two, a group of guys over here and penguins. Compare that to a fully fledged mafia, who we all have seen their true power. I ask again, Kowalski: what other than a total miracle could work us in our favor?" Yasuhiro gave out an entirely serious and sincere argument, which actually did make almost everyone reconsider their approach. Thanks to further elaboration, no longer was he seen as a loony in his own world. It seemed like he was more aware of the reality than others were. All he needed to do was to speak from his own perspective.

The tall penguin by the name of Kowalski, however, was a tougher nut to break.

"Strategy, tactics, logistics, knowledge, equipment and many more can lead to the absolute victory for our side. They are much more crucial than a predicted path of fate." Kowalski spent only milliseconds to come up with an answer. From the surface, his answer seemed to be sound. A battle is decided before it's being fought, after all. However, the circumstances challenged his notion by quite a lot.

"...Are you seriously talking logistics, when none of us have any vehicles? How would we even obtain them?" Kazuichi pointed out that no one, not even penguins, not even Future Gadget Lab, had any vehicles whatsoever, or so it seemed. Considering only a few of them had a driver's license, it made Kowalski's answer further from reality.

"Simple, we buy them. And don't worry about the transaction, we know how to get the money." answered Skipper, hinting that they have a way, a similar way they used back in Monte Carlo. Certain few people, or rather animals, were missing, but even then they found a workaround.

"All that is good and well, but you know, you shouldn't discredit Lady Luck here. That's what I'm saying, we're gonna get lucky here…..but only here, so far." cautioned Yasuhiro that one important, but unreliable aspect should not be completely neglected. A famous emperor once said that he's better off having a lucky general than a smart one.

"But you're saying that we should primarily rely on it, not just take it into consideration!" countered Skipper about how it seemed like Yasuhiro Hagakure was contradicting himself.

"Because that's pretty much the only advantage we really have! Strategy and tactics, sure we can use them, but they have all the tools to easily shift the tide! Logistics, equipment, don't even joke about it, we don't even have a fraction of what they have in just mopeds alone! Where would we even get manpower that would even come close to them, let alone be comparable?" argued Yasuhiro even more, still pointing out that no matter what they say, their means are impossible to execute.

But just as he pointed out the lack of manpower, their dispute was interrupted with a gently opened door. Everyone present looked the one responsible for the opening, the culprit being Class 77-B's own swordswoman, Peko Pekoyama. She did not fully open the door, making herself only one visible to them.

"Uh...hey." greeted Peko, looking a bit tense than usual. It was still hard to tell from her face alone, but her body language was making it blatant. She acted even more reserved than usual, and she was already known to be quite deep on stoic side.

"Hey, Peko." calmly responded Rintaro.

"So uh….why are Mikan, Sayaka and Mahiru outside?" asked Peko as she looked back into the room, seeing three members of The Fellowship of Darkness sitting close to each other. Mikan was leaning on Mahiru, still holding her hand. Her fear hasn't truly gone away. Sayaka was still pale like a doll, hugging herself to calm down. Mahiru was the one who seemed to take the situation the best, but Peko could already see that it was getting up to her. The answer Peko was looking for was answered by itself.

"...Nevermind…..that's...understandable….although I have two things to say in advance." Peko turned towards those in gym, cautioning them for what is to come.

"Go on. Tell us." Nekomaru allowed her to bring in detail, as he was curious what was she up to. Others had assumptions, but they all waited for the confirmation.

"First thing….be prepared for what is to come. Second thing….we apologize for any inconveniences that will happen here." Peko further warned them regarding her and her master's decision for this conflict.

"What is there to apologize for, Peko?" wondered Private, since it didn''t feel like Peko did anything wrong. Others wondered too, what made Peko feel such way that she needed to apologize in advance. Peko took a deep breath before she was prepared to do the intended.

"….Just to be sure, are you all ready?" Peko gave them a chance for any hesitation, in a case they don't want to deal what she brought to their meeting.

"We don't have much time, show us already!" ordered Skipper, letting her to not hold back anymore. Whatever she brought, it better be good for them, is what the leader penguin thought.

"...Understood. Be warned though." Peko fully opened the door, revealing that a couple of men and women, all dressed in black tuxedos, were standing right behind them. In a way, they were all similarly dressed as Fuyuhiko, who was with them as well. Fuyuhiko allowed those people to step in. It seemed like Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu kept his word.

Kuzuryu clan has entered the conflict, on the side of The Fellowship of Darkness.

To say that the members of Fellowship of Darkness, from Hope's peak academy students, penguins to Future Gadget Lab members, were utterly shocked would have been an understatement of the millennium. None of them couldn't believe what they saw, that a criminal syndicate was freely traversing through the school. And it was a friendly one too!

However, in between the Kuzuryu duo and henchmen, one girl truly made her presence there. A blonde of the short stature strutted right in front of them. Showing of nothing but confidence amid the crisis, the blonde girl quickly gained attention of everyone with one simple greeting:

"Wasssuuuup, bitches?!".

For a while, only response she got was baffled stares.

"...Wazzaaaaap?" Suzuha awkwardly waved at her back, letting herself to relax a little. Everyone, from those in Fellowship of Darkness and Kuzuryu clan, just looked at her, with their thoughts being already clear enough to tell what exactly they felt. Not a word was uttered. Meanwhile, Suzuha became even more confused. All she wanted to do was to greet her like the blonde girl did.

"Um, is that not a hip thing to say these days?" asked Suzuha with a slight blush on her face. One of the immediate responses was Hiyoko wincing and rubbing her eyes out of embarrassment. After such odd distraction, they focused on what was important at the time.

"...So….students of Class 77-B and 78th, members of Future Gadget Lab and penguins, what you see in front of your my clan. Kuzuryu clan. Just if it wasn't already clear before, you're all in the game." Fuyuhiko introduced them to his own clan while warning them that their lives won't be the same anymore. Once one was in "the game" there was only a miracle to pull you out of it. Men and women in black joined the group circle, sticking out amid the uniquely dressed students. Very few were those who were comfortable standing right next to a Yakuza member. Penguins wondered how did Fuyuhiko manage to convince Hope's peak academy to let a criminal syndicate waltz in so easily. Rumors has it that it was under pretense of "training for talent", as if that would have helped them out.

"Yes, that became apparent long time ago." scowled Byakuya, who was trying to stay away from Kuzuryu clan members as much as possible, despite the fact he knew that he had no other choice than to co-operate with them, even if it was just for taking down Daft Capo.

"I….uh….I… this alright to do?" questioned Kiyotaka as he had difficulties comprehending that they would have to resort to using a criminal syndicate, even if it was ultimately for a good deed. As the Ultimate Moral Compass, the one who had to abide by the law, it would be hard to live through the fact that resorting to law breaking was the only way.

"Not much options you had before, kid. Once you're in, you're in." advised random Yakuza member, the elderly kind, warning him that such moment was the point of no return. Kiyotaka remained silent, since he understood enough that such was the only way, but he certainly did not enjoy it. However, before they moved on to the main topic, someone had to insist in making their presence.

"Hahaha! Look at that! I'm surrounded with Ultimates! Finally, a place where I truly belong!" boasted the blonde girl, feeling nothing short of pride that she was among those she yearned for so long. Had it not been for the fact she was in Reserve Course, she would have been called "Ultimate Lil' Sister" or a title akin to that. Focusing so much on titles did not abode well with other actual Ultimates, who had few wake up calls through out the conflict.

"….I think we have different priorities now." Kazuichi tried to steer the direction of the conversation to a much more important topic than mere titles given out by Hope's peak academy.

"So, what's the problem, chumps? For what reason do you fuckers need to have Kuzuryu's on your side?" asked the blonde girl in a way that said more about her than it should. Considering the people the Fellowship of Darkness dealt with before, she was something on a Byakuya level, possibly. In the mean time, Rintaro sidestepped like a crab towards Fuyuhiko as he wanted to know somethings.

"Hey, Fuyuhiko….is that your...relative?" Rintaro leaned towards him as he asked.

"Yeah, that's my sis. Natsumi Kuzuryu. Make sure everyone keeps respectful to her." confirmed Fuyuhiko that the blonde girl was someone who was related with blood. He also warned that anyone who lays a finger on her will not end up in a happy place. Just from her behavior before, Rintaro braced himself for what is to come.

"...Oh boy…" sighed Rintaro, already knowing where would future debates with Natsumi go.

"Well, Mrs. Kuzuryu, our beloved teacher has been a kidnapped and they hold her random for the ownership of Hope's peak academy and for one hundred billion dollars. It's a crisis which this school has not seen before!" Sonia explained their current situation towards the sibling of Fuyuhiko. Natsumi just raised an eyebrow upon being informed.

"...Kidnapping? That's it?" asked Natsumi out of a sudden. Some gasped by her implication that kidnapping was just a minor thing.

"W-what do you mean that's it?!" stammered Kazuichi, hardly comprehending her notion that a hostage crisis was a work for a small fry. On a larger scale, even governments would get involved. Many examples of that are present in history.

"For a Yakuza member like her, it should not be too surprising. Clashes between syndicates get a lot more dire than this kerfuffle." reasoned Byakuya in his own way, even if he got weird looks by calling the crisis "a kerfuffle".

"Pffft, hahaha! C'mon, you're Ultimates! This is gonna be a piece a cake for you! What's stopping you from just stomping them into the ground?" scoffed Natsumi just at the idea that Ultimates would have problems dealing with anything. Rest of students in Fellowship of Darkness could not help but to wince at such notion, since it has already been disproven big time. Natsumi hasn't been enlightened about it just yet.

"….This is giving me memories and it's not the good ones…" contemplated Aoi as she distinctively remembered the last time talent was held on a high pedestal. They at least hoped that Natsumi wouldn't go full "talentless people are trash", unlike certain other one did.

"However, you should throw away any conventional wisdom regarding our opponent. They're….a different kind of an adversary, so to say." calmly warned Sakura, already hinting at what kind of an enemy were they dealing with. If it was just a normal yakuza clan, things would have gone much differently. The concept of normality to Daft Capo was, however, more foreign than a Japanese student trying to learn Farsi.

"Eh? What makes those fuckers so special? It's just an another yakuza clan-" sneered Natsumi at the notion that anything could be a threat to either Kuzuryu's or Ultimates as a whole.

"Correction, it is a mafia. Although on surface it might seem like your bonafide Italian-American mafia, it is a conglomerate of an international scale." corrected Kowalski out of a sudden.

"Yeah yeah, sure sure-wait...who said that?" Natsumi rolled with her eyes before she suddenly stopped herself, noticing that such voice sounded completely off. It was deeper than it should be, yet no Kuzuryu clan member spoke. Natsumi hastily looked around to find the source of such voice.

"It is I who said it." Kowalski quickly exposed himself, lifting his flipper just for Natsumi to see him. Once she glanced over again, she saw a penguin with the raised flipper. The realization she got from seeing penguins inside Hope's peak academy, talking ones at that. Her confident posture got crumbled into nothing short of a woman who questioned her own situation. Her irises completely shrunk upon noticing them. The lil' sis stomped towards them, taking a good look with her completely baffled face, almost horrified.

"What the just didn't speak right now, did ya?" stammered Natsumi, thinking that she was just hallucinating. The question is, how could she, if she didn't take any substances? Not that Fuyuhiko would allow her, for his stance against drugs is staunch.

"Esto es solo el comienzo de la locura que verás." Skipper put his flippers around his hips as he made a rather jesting pose, almost like he was poking fun at her. However, his response was responsible for making Natsumi's jaw drop. Not only she was dealing with a talking penguin, but one that was a polyglot.

"...Where's the goddamn bathroom here?" asked Natsumi in complete disbelief. Not even once in her life did she ever think that not only would she meet Ultimates themselves, but they would be accompanied by talking penguins. She truly needed a moment of clarity. Out of instinct, Peko decided to help her regarding that. For a brief moment, she led her outside of the gym, just so she could find a place to wash her face. Didn't take that much time to find a bathroom.

"It's over there." Peko pointed towards it, and so Natsumi followed the instruction. Upon reaching the sink, she immediately opened the water pipe. She washed her face, "cleaning" the absurdity she saw back in the gym. Then she looked at herself in the mirror, contemplating what led to such life. Penguins in the academy, echoed in her mind. the Hope's peak academy.

Upon feeling like it, she returned to Peko and both went back to the gym. However, her bafflement was still there. She still couldn't comprehend the reality she was in.

"...THE FUCK?! TALKING PENGUINS?!" yelled Natsumi as she flailed her arms, trying to make sense out of a thing that is devoid of it.

"Trust me, this is one of the less crazy things you're gonna see here." Yasuhiro reassured her that this was just a tiny little molecule on a mountain sized iceberg that was awaiting her.

"Yeah, can confirm. What we got here is nothing to what our enemy has." added Hifumi as he readjusted his glasses.

"...HOW the hell can you top talking penguins?!" Natsumi lashed out, hardly imagining that anything, ANYTHING could be weirder than polyglot penguin commandos.

The folly of a rookie.

The gym fell silent, since no one was prepared to go into detail regarding their adversary. Even penguins hesitated, and they had beforehand experience with them. What they saw in Japan shook a lot of notions they had before.

"So….who's gonna be the first one to talk about...our enemy?" Fuyuhiko allowed anyone to speak about their adversary with a straight face. Some of them, like Sonia, tried, but hesitated, since what they saw had to be seen to be believed. However, eventually a penguin volunteered.

"Let me handle this, boy! Now listen well, , as you will hear things you won't believe until you see them with your own eyes." began Skipper, warning her for what will she hear. She won't be the same person after heeding his words.

"..It's already trippin' balls by having an info dump done by a goddamn talking penguin." commented Natsumi, with her confident posture gone. The abnormality of the situation was getting to her.

"I-it gets worse." cautioned Toko as she pointed at her. Normally, she had scathing comments ready for everyone, but that time, Daft Capo already challenged her worldview enough.

"You see, what we are up against is a mafia called Daft Capo. They're known for many dastardly things, such as their unhealthy obsession with money, music and cars, them beating up everyone they put a target mark over their heads and being the biggest jerks on the planet. Having an ego size of a Jupiter is a minimum requirement for them!" Skipper dumped her information regarding their adversary. It wasn't getting to unimaginable levels yet for Natsumi, since money is the ruler of the criminal world. Music and cars are an often occurrences too in such world.

"They also employ strange strategies in fights, such as using blunts as brass knuckles." added Ultimate Impostor, which was the very first thing that threw Natsumi off.

"...Blunts? As in like, for Mary Jane? Are you having a laugh right now?" asked Natsumi as she clenched her fist, pretended that she had a brass knuckle like that too and swung it around. She had a hard time imagining that weapon being functional, blunts are just too soft to be effective for piercing damage.

"Unfortunately, I was the first hand witness of such technique." answered Ultimate Impostor in complete seriousness. Others were aware of it already, so it didn't confuse them much. Same did not apply for Natsumi.

"...You gotta be shitting me, fucking stoner mafiosos?" snarled Natsumi, already disapproving them for using the substance Japan itself was not too keen of. Opposition to drugs was in the Kuzuryu blood after all.

"I-I'm telling you, it gets worse!" Toko kept warning her about things become more and more surreal at they go.

The next thing confirmed it.

"You see, with punksters, which is basically their….hmmm….I assume lower ranking infantry would make a good comparison. However, you should be cautious of their elites, especially with the….guy named Tom." Skipper continued before he stopped himself before mentioned the elite that became the scourge of Hope's peak academy. Everyone else felt shivers down their spine the moment his name was even uttered. Natsumi had no context as for why a such mundane like "Tom" would be the dread of all Ultimates.

"Tom? Is he like an ultra stoner or something?" questioned Natsumi, just wondering what did that "Tom" fella do to cause them to fear for their lives.

The truth was soon revealed. Well, almost.

"He is, in fact, a cat-" answered Skipper, which immediately activated Natsumi's "fight or flight" response in such absurdity being heard by her own ears. She even jumped from it.

"Hold it, hold it, shut the fuck up, shut the FUCK up!….A….fucking….cat?! That goes like, "meow meow" or some shit?" Natsumi's mind was getting an aneurysm from hearing that a cat, a simple cat, managed to terrify the living bejesus out of students considered to be "the pride of Japan". She even imagined people like Sakura running away, screaming in fear over a house cat.

Ignorance saved her from truth.

"Sis, you gotta listen. It's legitimately that bizarre." Fuyuhiko tried to reason with her, attempting to fully make it clear that this "Tom" fella was no ordinary cat. But before he could even begin, all of them were startled by Mikan suddenly opening the door with force. Unlike how they usually saw the nurse, she was in a state of complete and total rage. Her entire face was different, no longer look meek, instead being ready to main anyone who would stand in her way.

"I-IT'S NOT POSSIBLE! IT'S NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE! THERE'S NO WAY THAT FUCKING CAT-….AEEGGHHGHGHHG! IT DEFIES EVERY SINGLE LAW THERE IS, THERE IS NO WAY THAT-" exploded Mikan right in front of them, flailing her arms around like a madwoman. It took Mahiru dragging her back with force to make the gym silent again.

And so it was.

Natsumi was terrified. Not because of how intense reaction Mikan had, but because she began to think that's how every single Ultimate reacted to such cat.

"...Is this how you fucks react to seeing a cat?" quietly asked Natsumi in complete honesty. Her mind barely had any room to even imagine how that cat was, she was just set on imagining it was a normal housecat. Totally not a being that tends to fry minds from just trying to comprehend his power.

"Listen, it's not an ordinary cat!" insisted Skipper. Despite the fact he was right, it was almost impossible to convince Natsumi at that point.

"Seriously, he makes tornadoes out of his hands and generates dubstep! We all saw it! We really did!" added Leon to support Skipper's argument, however Natsumi refused to comment. At that point, she thought everyone was high off their knockers.

"I'm afraid that what these commoners say… true, unfortunately." even Byakuya confirmed that such defamation of natural laws was indeed up in Tom's sleeve in that Zoot Suit.

"It legitimately does have to be seen to be believed…" concurred Kyoko. After her words, an uncomfortable silence befell upon those who were present in the gym. Natsumi looked like she was about to blow up from sheer bafflement.

"….Y'all lost your godddamn minds. All of you PUSSIES! It's either you lost it or someone's been sharing the pack. C'mon, reveal yourself! I know it's you!" Natsumi suddenly lashed out at everyone before she pointed directly at Yasuhiro, blaming him for making everyone "smoking that pack.".

"You're not being funny, man." Yasuhiro frowned upon such accusation, not even having a remark regarding it. He was just genuinely unamused by her behavior.

"Hey, you don't have rights to talk shit! You haven't even faced him!" Kazuichi defended his own class, since just like many, he saw it with his own eyes. If Natsumi had seen Tom's shenanigans with her own eyes, she might have thought differently. However, she didn't.

"It still doesn't change the fact you all lost your minds over a FUCKING CAT!" countered Natsumi, pointing out how unless they got a sudden phobia or allergy of cats, it was beyond absurd for them to be that mortified of a single feline. Had it been for other circumstances, they would have agreed without hesitation.

"Sis, seriously, you have to believe them. I saw it too." Fuyuhiko attempted to reason with her again, sincerely trying to convince her that what they went through was real. What they faced was real. Such efforts were, at the time, in vain.

"Bro, for fucks sake, not you too! At least have decency to be sane!" Natsumi scolded him over siding with his own classmates regarding that cat. Unlike with others, Fuyuhiko still remained calm with her. She was his sister after all.

"What else is there to tell? We all saw it first hand!" insisted Fuyuhiko, to no avail.

"I'm afraid that-" Kyoko tried to say something, but she was quickly interrupted by the baffled lil' sis herself.

"Of that cat, right? Because that's gonna give you nightmares, a cat! Meow meow, meow meow, oooh so scary!" Natsumi immediately started to mock her without Kyoko even provoking her. Her bafflement reached to the point where she couldn't take anyone seriously.

"...Let me finish my statement." Kyoko gave her a freezing cold glare in response, but that hasn't stopped Natsumi from dunking everyone for what she heard. No one was spared from her. Not even penguins, not even Future Gadget Lab members.

"No, I don't wanna fucking hear it anymore. I thought you were all Ultimates, people who will lead the future of this country, but nooo...noooo….You all just piss yourselves at the sight of a goddamn cat! What a fucking disappointment, all of you! Fucking Reserve Course students have more balls than you spineless-" ranted Natsumi, letting everyone truly feel how disappointed was she in them. However, it wasn't her disappointment that struck a cord with them. It was her putting talent on pedestal and her refusing to understand them is what was building up anger in them. At any time, someone would strike back at her.

And that time has come, from a person that no one would want to face head on.

"CEASE!" Sakura let out a shout so resonating that everyone felt it. Even Natsumi was humbled down by the sudden yell from someone so gentle yet imposing. But as quickly as she yelled, Sakura quickly regained control on her emotions. In a way, she felt guilt over the fact she had to resort to that.

"I apologize for the sudden outburst. We were getting nowhere with this. If you don't mind, I'll have to breathe for a moment. I'll be back soon." lamented Sakura while she also let out a critique on them. All they did at the moment was run in circles, still being stuck at the same point. Just like she said, she left the gym to cool off. However, she did not go alone.

"Wait for me, Sakura!" Aoi dashed towards her, but not before glaring at Natsumi for upsetting her friend. Natsumi remained silent, not daring to provoke the martial artist. However, Sakura did not hold resentment against her. Rather, she took a different approach addressing her.

"As for you, Mrs. Kuzuryu, unfortunately, you will have to see it with your own eyes. That is the reality we live in." Sakura advised her that the only way she could truly believe it was to experience it yourself. She didn't wish her to go through that, but she was in the game now. It was inevitable. For another moment, the gym was silent again, but not for long.

"That was what I wanted to say before." Kyoko stepped in front of Natsumi, applying Sakura's words directly to her. Natsumi was, however, hesitant to further argue. Something about Sakura's shout made her realize something. Something she couldn't quite put her finger on.

"...We all cool?" meekly asked Itaru as he felt very uncomfortable through out the entire time. His discomfort wasn't a sole case. None than less, the gym returned to silence.

Meanwhile, it was raining outside, thanks to the storm. A lightning struck the ground here and there, but it was more of a rainy one instead of a thunderous one. Such factors made it rather calming for Sakura. The storm went on, yet there was solace to be found in it. Aoi soon joined her as well as they stood in front on the entrance.

"Hey, Sakura, I'm really sorry for what happened before. It shouldn't have gone that way." Aoi apologized to her as she gently poked her giant shoulder to gain her attention. Sakura slowly turned towards her and smiled, already reassuring her that it was okay.

"Do not worry, Hina. It was expected, since doesn't have experience with our enemy yet. Her mind might change once she fully sees it." calmly spoke Sakura.

"...Yeah...but still, there could have been a better way to discuss this." lamented Aoi, wishing that the whole argument wouldn't have happened at all. If they just worked together, things might have gone faster. But they were still stuck.

"Although the reality of our situation has been addressed, we should still organize. If we go like that for a prolonged time, we can only say farewell to Miss Yukizome…." advised Sakura as she still held a rather sobering view on the situation. Rather than to cry in despair, it was better if they struck together.

"…..Gosh, it's just….we really do have to save her in time, right?" Aoi wanted to know how dire the situation were they in.

"That is our only option. There are no alternatives." answered Sakura, while confirming that there was little room for mistakes, there was still hope. There was still a fragment of hope that could assure the successful rescue of Chisa Yukizome. That was enough to lift Aoi's spirits up.

"Then...we should reorganize and do our very best! Then things can go back to normal, as they were!" Aoi pumped her fists with determination. No matter what, they will get Miss Yukizome back. That's what she believed.

"...As normal as they can get…" nodded Sakura, just feeling calmer around her. She could finally relax after letting out her feeling before. In fact, they were ready to return, had Sakura not caught something with her eye. "Huh? What's going on?"

Two men, a student dressed like an overlord with a purple scarf, accompanied by a person completely dressed in robe, obscuring their own face, were running through the intense rain like it was nothing. Gundham's scarf and the other person's robe flailed gracefully in the howling wind. For some reason, brief reflections were seen of the robed person while running. Both Aoi and Sakura raised their guard, since they couldn't see clearly. Upon closer inspection, one of them was identified as none other than...

"...Is that….Gundham?" squinted Aoi as she unintentionally looked directly into his determined glare. Rain simply did not stop them from dashing toward the entrance, no matter how moist would they get. Who was he bringing was far more important than a temporary physical state. However, neither Sakura nor Aoi knew who exactly was accompanying him.

"Who's that person accompanying him?" questioned Sakura, not quite sure what to do. On one hand, they were with Gundham, who was still on their side, perhaps. On other hand, the robed person looked like a villain straight of the movie. Even though they haven't went into their battle stances just yet, they still had their guard up. "Be prepared, Hina."

As they raised their guard up, Gundham and the accompanying person were getting ever closer. The distance between them and the entrance was crossed within seconds, with only obstacle being the gate right in front of it. At that point, Aoi and Sakura wondered how would they reach it, if it was still closed. Just as they intended to open it out of good will, both Gundham and the robed person leaped over the gate like it was nothing. They jumped completely synchronized, almost like if they practiced for it. During the leap, the robed person's reflections could be seen even more. Both Sakura and Aoi were completely surprised on the jump, impressed even. They did not expect that someone like Gundham could be capable of it.

As both of them landed right on front of them, right on their feet, Gundham and the robed person struck a boastful pose, signifying their presence right in front of them.

"Fuwahahahahaha! Sakura Oogami and Aoi Asahina, you are first ones to be blessed with the introduction of a powerful ally I brought!" boasted Gundham as he spread his arms like an eagle. Typical of him. However, both Aoi and Sakura could not get their eyes off the robed person. They were taller than Sakura, difference being around a head. A big one at that. The fact there was a taller person than Sakura right in front of them made them a bit more reserved than usual. The figure remain benign, but the mysterious aura of them infected two girls.

"Ah, pardon me. I am The Ancestor and I am the one who guides Gundham Tanaka to a righteous path." the robed figure calmly and politely introduced himself. His voice was soothingly deep, yet so enigmatic. Two girls weren't sure whether or not they should be on guard or not. From what he said, The Ancestor seemed to be a mentor for Gundham Tanaka. Not entirely wrong.

"Um….Hello?" Aoi meekly waved at the robed person, trying to be friendly, but she couldn't shake off many questions he had for Gundham. Who was The Ancestor? What connection does he have with Gundham?

However, Sakura had a hunch.

"Huh, I'm sensing familiarity with this person...but I cannot put my finger on it." Sakura thought to herself upon seeing The Ancestor. Perhaps it was in a book that she learned about him. She wasn't entirely sure who exactly was he, but the aura within carried familiarity.

"Greetings. Gundham has requested for assistance. I have heard everything what had happened." The Ancestor briefly justified his presence, reassuring that his assistance was just and fair.

" intend to help us?" Aoi asked just to be sure.

"Of course. I will make sure that the whole operation goes quicker than expected." answered The Ancestor with quite the confidence. Just knowing that was enough for both Aoi and Sakura to lower their guards. Despite his appearance, he seemed like a proper ally.

"That's great to hear! Although, it might be a bit shocking for the guys inside…" Aoi clapped her hands as she had a smile on her face, but not before cautioning that The Ancestor's presence might cause severe reactions.

"Do not worry about it. They'll adjust to it. Now, we must make haste. There is little time we have." reassured The Ancestor, making his desire to help very clear. There shall be no ambiguity with him at all.

"I shall lead the way, The Ancestor." Gundham made an inviting gesture before he opened the very door by himself. He led not only The Ancestor, but also guided Aoi and Sakura back to the gym. As they went through the school, The Ancestor felt some kind of nostalgia. Perhaps because the school itself was reminiscent of a castle. A rather small, easy to access castle at that. Nothing like he did in the past. He was surprised that he didn't even need to jump once.

It didn't take much time for the door of the gym to open once again, with Gundham being the one who did it. Reactions upon seeing The Ancestor from all sides, from Hope's peak students, penguins, Future Gadget Lab and even Kuzuryu clan members was nothing short of a surprise and a bit of fear at that.

"Mwahahahaha! Prepare yourselves mortals, as I brought in an ally that will shift the tide of the battle!¨" Gundham announced that he has brought someone who could drastically change the whole situation. Considering how confident was he in The Ancestor, they better have believed him.

"Greetings. I came here to assist you all. It seems like we already gathered quite a team." noted The Ancestor after he observed them for a moment. Yet, despite the fact the entire group consisted of high schoolers, a friend group where the chuuni scientist is the leader, an entire Yakuza clan and talking penguins, he wasn't weirded out at all. Compared to things he has seen, it was a pretty normal group. That sentiment was not shared by the opposite group.

"Gundham, did you just bring a cultist here?!" Hiyoko called him out, even though she wouldn't admit that she was slightly spooked just from his appearance alone. Many resonated with her sentiment, but not everyone.

"Oh my! That is so hella rad!" Sonia couldn't help but be in awe at the sight of The Ancestor, but the voice inside her head restrained her from further comments. "Pardon me, I got carried away.".

"Hahaha, funny, but I assure you it's nothing like that." chuckled The Ancestor before he let Gundham Tanaka step in front of them, letting them know that the true leader of The Fellowship of Darkness has returned.

"Now I need no status update, because I know of it already. We're still stuck with Operation Metropolitan Hunt, but now with increased manpower, thanks to the arrival of The Ancestor and Kuzuryu clan, which I do commend quite a bit, we shall accelerate the whole process! Everyone here will search every single corner of the city, no exceptions! Are the words of The Supreme Overlord clear?!" announced Gundham that, even though they have already said they would put more effort into searching their hideout, he gave them an official order to do so. At that moment, they were no longer by themselves. They got support from a criminal syndicate and a person of mysterious power. Every inch of the city could now be inspected.

"Uh huh!" nodded Rico before he gave off a salute.

"Of course!" Sonia pumped up her fist in excitement.

"Excellent! Now, let us not waste any time and begin! We will decide who will explore what outside. Now come with me, mortals!" commanded Gundham for them to resume the operation right on the spot. Despite the weather, they all complied. The time was simply not something they could afford to lose. However, as they all marched towards inspecting the city, Gundham stepped closer to Fuyuhiko. He wanted to say a thing to him.

"I must commend you, Kuzuryu, for keeping your word. That is an ever rarer trait in these times." praised Gundham for his honestly and reliability. For some reason, the last sentence kind of made Fuyuhiko think. Rare was it a moment when Gundham was this serious.

Or perhaps he was serious all the time, but the chuuni facade deterred everyone from knowing the truth?

"...Like I said, when shit got real, I'll bring them in. I do however hope we don't escalate this shit." confessed Fuyuhiko that a bloodbath is not exactly something they'd wish. A heavy amount of restraint would be required to deal with this.

"The kidnapping of Miss Yukizome was already an escalation on their behalf. Who knows what are they doing to her now?" countered Gundham before he made his colleague think about it. Knowing they are mafiosos, it was impossible to imagine that they were treating with any semblance of goodness. Thoughts were starting to unsettle him, more he thought about it.

Around the time they accelerated the whole Operation Metropolitan Hunt, Chisa was still sitting inside her cell, with her leg chained to the wall. She slept while sitting up, which made her feel all the cramps around her body. It was just one day, so despite everything the adversary was putting through her, her spirit was still up. She refused to submit to them at all, no matter the cost. However, the smile she had was gone. Eye bags were incredibly transparent on her face. No matter what, she still had to insist.

Suddenly, the door of her cell opened. It was a simple punkster, who threw a piece of a day old toast right into her face like a frisbee. Chisa didn't even flinch, she just glared at him, filled with repressed rage. As quickly as she got "food", the punkster slammed the door, hoping that the sound would startle her enough to make her submit. It didn't work.

"...Prick!" Chisa held her rage deep within her, despite the fact she was in a compromised position. At that time, all she could do was to pick up the stale toast. She just looked at it with a dead stare.

"...I guess that's pretty much the only thing I get to eat. It's one day old too, I can sense it….I have to get out of this, as quickly as I can. I wanna see my students again….I wanna see her again…" Chisa thought to herself as her heart was starting to feel heavier by each moment she remembered everyone in her class. Everyone and especially her. A girl who truly loved her back. Just for them, and especially her, she tried to be as strong as possible. Yet, she couldn't help but to shed a tear.

Around the same time, Elite Bois were sitting behind the round table, which resided in the same room where their plans are discussed. They were all feasting the most extravagant food possible that they got for free. was enjoying a lobster with caviar, Tom was flat out consuming the entire ham, Dastardly was a bit more relatively humble with his hamburger, emphasis on relatively because that burger was one of the most expensive in the world, Rando only needed kebab to be satisfied, Wile was delicately enjoying an entire stuffed turkey, Fritz was eating Wiener Schnitzel (turkey) with pommes frittes, where as Herman was enjoying none other than spaghetti Carbonara. And yes, they played Luigi Boccherini's Minuetto on the mixtape during it, as if it wasn't enough.

"Gentlemen, enjoy the feast!" said as he lifted the glass of red wine. Everyone of them had a glass of it, they were all drinking the finest wine from Italy.

"We dine like true kings! Emperors, even!" praised Herman while also referencing his own surname, that being of Emperor of Italia.

"Ah, emperor. What a lovely title." complimented while already imagining himself as one of the great emperor of the contemporary time, even if his "conquering" wasn't exactly traditional. The blue skinned scientist already visioned himself as among the greats.

"Cheers!" Wile E. Coyote lifted a sign and the glass of wine before he drank it carefully. Others were taking sips too.

"This makes it worth it! This burger is one of the best I've eaten!" complimented Dastardly, a rare instance where he felt good around other Elite Bois, even if the only reason for his good mood was the burger. It was juicy, yet full of flavors. It was also one of the most American burgers one could have.

"Simply peculiar!" Coyote lifted another sign to express his satisfaction with wine. However, someone had a thought regarding their plan.

"Schnitzel's good, but I have a thing to discuss." Fritz was the one to raise a point, with his mouth filled with Schnitzely goodness. It was a thing that bothered him that day, because he really thought about it.

"Please, you do not need to worry about them. By the time they'll actually come up with something, that skank would be right in Tirana, where she belongs" scoffed , with him confident enough that The Fellowship of Darkness will fail, no other alternatives.

"It's not that. It's the money." Fritz redirected the conversation to their prize, rather than the hostage.

"What about it? If they're so willing to save her, then they would hand over one hundred billion dollars and the entire school for us. Not only we would already get good amount of wealth, but we will generate so much money, we'd even compete with Sheikh of United Arab Emirates!" boasted , already imagining the cash rolling down their pockets just from owning Hope's peak academy.

"That is a bold claim, my man. Sheikh's levels of based are on another level." Rando raised his finger, just to point out that the aforementioned leader was a significant competition.

"The thing is, that's a 50% possibility. There is also another 50% that they will simply not give in to our demands and we would have to deport her to Albania, which costs. Overall, we'd get no dollars, no school and just net negative loss. That's kinda bothering my mind." Fritz argued with his mouth full. Despite that, it did make think about it. If the demands aren't fulfilled, only one truly satisfied would be Master of Time's own sadism. Not good for long term planning.

"Hmmm...I'm pretty sure we'll find a workaround here." wondered about the possible way to get such wealth, even if Hope's peak doesn't cave in.

"What about this: after we deport her, we give location of her to the scrubs, especially that noob, then they will go there, of course they will, they get stuck and be forever trapped in Tirana. All of them. Scrub Zone, more like Shquiptar Zone, if you ask me!" suggested Rando while aggressively eating his kebab. Just from hearing the suggestion, already grinned.

"Oh, how cruel! Absolutely marvelous thinking, Rando." praised his decision to not only send their teacher to Albania, but to send both classes, maybe entire school there. Additional plan for them was to paint them as "people who have very controversial stances regarding regional politics" just so that they would convince the local populace to beat them up on the spot.

"Every day, I'm becoming more based." boasted Rando. Like two lines falling in parallel, Dastardly's mood soured the moment he spoke.

"You have every right to be silent, you know?" sneered Dastardly at him.

"No and I refuse to." countered Rando as he ignored Dastardly, focusing instead on his kebab.

"Now, the thing is, what about Hope's peak itself? We'd get rid of both of classes and Manhattan Bois, but we still have rest of the school to deal with. Other classes, the Headmaster, and so on." Fritz further argued, feeling like that they still had obstacles to deal with, especially the higher ups. They might be a different story compared to students guided by penguins.

"The Headmaster is a little bitch." Herman abruptly revealed, which made everyone in the room immediately raise their eyebrows. Perhaps their expectations were misplaced.

"Elaborate" Coyote lifted a sign with such demand.

"You see, he's like a Pinocchio being held by the strings of Three Little Pigs, except that those three "little pigs" are old, limping boars." explained Herman as he made gestures with his tentacles, imitating a marionette. The blue skinned scientist immediately caught on what was Herman talking about,

"Or in other words, there is some kind of committee leading the school. While the documents Herman brought had minimal references to them, it was enough for us to determine the true leader of that garbage disposal of a school." further added regarding Herman's point.

"They sure have been oddly complacent about this, considering only two out of many classes truly oppose us." stated Fritz, which was true. Only Class 77-B and Class 78th bothered to oppose them. Other classes, with exception of Class 69, which had a special relation with Daft Capo, remained dormant for some reason. There were records of those students being deemed victims of "Hermaning", but unlike Class 77-B and Class 78th, their reports were not taken seriously. It could also be because Herman thought their reactions were funniest.

"And it is penguins who lead them, which do not seem to have any ties with the aforementioned committee." Coyote lifted a sign.

"Hence I say, why worry? Enjoy the time we have, the money and the school will be ours!" argued that they should just let things roll by themselves and just reap their rewards. They still were far ahead from The Fellowship of Darkness.

"I do, however, understand his concerns. Perhaps we should be more active regarding them." Coyote lifted a sign, advising that despite their advantageous position, they should not lower their guards.

"What are they gonna do? Cry and whine to death? Hahaha, that's the most likely possibility. It already has happened!" cackled , with him having one very specific person in his mind. The one he had pleasure talking through Chisa's own phone.

"Some will, however others will pursue. We should be cautious with that." Coyote raised a sign, thinking of other people, such as Ultimate Impostor or Gundham Tanaka. They were classified as threats, after all.

"Damn, he's got a point." Fritz pointed his index finger at Coyote.

"And how would they pursue us, to be exact?" asked in a very smug tone.

"That's the problem: we don't know. It would be best to monitor them, at least." Coyote lifted a sign, revealing that potential intelligence gap could lead to their plans getting foiled. With that point, 's grin faded away, as he realized the potential security threat of just meandering around.

"...Right. So that's what you want to say, but we already have such capability." looked towards Tom, who just finished the entire ham. "Thomas, do what you must!"

Tom nodded as his expression changed within a span of a millisecond. No longer was he lax, he was at that moment determined. He even spun on the spot, just so he could get his zoot suit out of thin air. Thomas simply walked out of the room.

The destination where he intended to go was the forbidden alley, where pigeons resided. They were intensely bobbing their heads while they listen to the forbidden genre: hardbass. Little is known about the origin of hardbass, for it is dangerous to listen for those with weak minds. Only Tom had the sufficient mind to go through hardbass playing zone. Their current song was Negative Phase by Gopnik McBlyat. Tom just calmly strutted through the dark alleyway, just so that he could see the boss pigeons.

Golubotnik, a pigeon dressed like a "gopnik", a young slavic man, famous for wearing Adidas tracksuits and squatting, was the very boss of those pigeons. He awaited him at the end of the alleyway, surrounded with female pigeons. Once he arrived, Tom looked at Golubotnik with his determined stare.

"Vroo-uhm! So you have come, Thomas. What is it that you need?" greeted Golubotnik, wondering for what reason did Tom require their services. He was the only one that made them co-operate, others would be met with a rather unclean fate. Tom just made a gesture of binoculars, hinting that he might need spies.

"So you want us to be shpions on them scrubs? If you want us to do, first a deal must be made." demanded Golubotnik that he should have a transaction. Tom already knew what was it, but he listened anway. "You must provide us double the hardbass for this. It's the price we ask.".

Keeping his stoic face, Tom just pulled out three disks, containing hardbass, one by Gopnik McBlyat, other by uamee and another one by Gopnik McBlyat again. Golubotnik was quite surprised by the generous offer. Tom just crossed his arms, letting the pigeon ally take it.

"Xaxaxaxaxa! Well now. You certainly know how to exceed expectations. This pleases us greatly. Now, we shall go. By the way, should we attack them? It's a favor we can do for extra hardbass." complimented Golubotnik before he gave another offer, but Tom shook his head. For that moment, espionage was just enough.

"Vroo-uhm! Very well then. This is hardbass! Hard-hard-hard-hardbass!" Golubotnik let out his war cry before one of the pigeons started to play the song called Gopnik McBlyat – Pumping Frenzy. They did not take off immediately, for they needed to bob their heads at hardbass.

But the bass drop was quick. As soon as it happened, the entire flock of pigeons took off. An aerial tidal wave, consisting of avians flooded the sky as Tom observed them with a grin on his face. Pigeons scattered all across the city as they began spying on The Fellowship of Darkness. Despite their initial plans, Daft Capo still chose to be vigilant….

...much to the detriment of The Fellowship of Darkness.