Hey guys! A couple of things before ya read this. 1.) I haven't written anything in a while and I wrote all of this today so please have mercy. 2.) I got to say it... I'm more of a Marvel fan so I know nothing about the comics. I am writing this based off the movie although I intended to binge all of the Shazam comics. 3.) This little fic is a four parter and it is complete. If y'all like it, I would love to write more in this 'verse because I love Billy and Freddy's relationship. But ya gotta let me know whether or not you liked it because this is all super new to me so I don't want to be screwing any of this up :). 4.) This is not a slash fic. If you've read any of my other stuff you just know that slash ain't my cup o' tea.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Freddy pulled his jacket tighter around him as he pushed the doors open to the school, grinning as he did so.

Things had been different lately. Different in a good way. It had been four months since the whole 'seven deadly sins' fiasco and even though the world seemed to have forgotten about the six superheroes of Philadelphia, the students at Freddy's middle school had not forgotten when two certain spectacular superheroes had come and sat next to him during lunch.

Freddy walked down the hallway past the cheerleaders at their locker. "What's going on, Freddy?"

"Nothin' much, ladies." He said giving them little finger guns.

The girls smiled and Freddy returned it, saying hi to the others that have somehow noticed him after he was noticed by some of the coolest people in the world, well, in his opinion.

He sat down in the front of his biology class, taking the books out of his backpack when he first noticed it. Billy wasn't there.

Normally when Freddy walked in he could count on seeing Billy there, normally either rushing to finish the homework or sleeping, but this time he was nowhere to be seen.

Freddy turned to face the girl who always sits behind him. "Hi, Sandra."

"Hi, Freddy!" She smiled back.

"Hey, listen. Have you seen Billy today?"


Freddy frowned. "Billy. My foster brother?"

"You have another foster brother?"

"Yeah. I do. He sits right next to me."

A look of recollection came across her face. "Oh! That's your brother? I never knew that! I thought he was just like... your friend."

Freddy pursed his lips, "nope, he's my brother."

"But I thought you had two sisters and two brothers?"

"Right, but Billy is also my brother."

"Oh. It's a shame he missed you meeting Shazam and Superman. He must have been bummed."

Oh. That was it. People at the school only knew him and his family because of their meeting with the two superheroes. Billy obviously 'wasn't there'.

"Yeah..." Freddy said turning around back to the front of his desk and pulling out his phone. He quickly scrolled through his messages and found Billy's name, next to it a lightning bolt (something that they had both laughed about when he had done it as a joke, but Freddy had added it later).

'Dude, where are you?' he typed out, scanning the classroom again for his friend. He tapped his good leg while he waited for a response.

He felt the phone in his hand buzz and he flipped it over so quickly he almost dropped it. He opened the screen and saw a message from Mary about dinner that night.

He anxiously sat through the first ten minutes of class before he heard the classroom door being slowly opened. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Billy walk in, although his relief was short lived when he saw the state he was in.

There was a tear in the shoulder of one of his shirts and his lip was bleeding, a bruise forming on his cheek. He sulked up to the teacher and handed her a note, then quietly took a seat next to Freddy.

Freddy kept looking at him even after the teacher continued, a mixture of shock, anxiety, and frustration at not knowing what happened all boiled into one.

He quickly (and loudly) ripped out a piece of notebook paper and uncapping the pen with his mouth he scribbled a note to Billy asking him what had happened.

He quickly placed the note on Billy's desk where he sat with his head leaning on his folded arms and he quickly opened the note, only to shrug. He put his head back in his arms and Freddy rolled his eyes.

If he had to wait till the end of class to find out what was wrong with Billy he was going to, but be assured he was eventually going to find out.