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Overpowered and eccentric Naruto.

Human World, Karakura High School

A bright, calm and uneventful day dawned over the equally calm but sufficiently occupied Karakura Town, announcing the start of a new race, a new competition and a new struggle to one up each other in every aspect of life.

At least it was an uneventful day for the rest of the population. For the Kurosaki family and especially Ichigo, not so much.

The ginger haired boy blissfully toned out Keigo's rant about strange happenings around the town and stared out of the window of the classroom with a heavy frown. As much as he hated to admit it, his chatty friend was right, even if he was adding quite a few 'juicy' details into the speculations from his own imagination to make them more remarkable.

He and his family were one of the many victims of strange happenings around town.

If he had heard Keigo's unstopped rant about said peculiarities a few days ago, he might have ignored them, but not right now. A few days ago, he had been just a normal teenager with the abnormal ability to see the dearly departed and even talk with them, but now he was different.

A few days ago, he had been a normal teenager with the motives of one day graduating and helping his family like any big brother would.

A few days ago, he had been unaware of the supernatural struggles going on around him.

But now, he was neck deep in all those things.

Now, he was a reluctant replacement of a petite girl who job was to help move on the dearly departed and who was currently keeping him under her watch as if he was going to suddenly freak out and vanish without a trace.

Honestly, after a week she should at least know that he was not some coward who would run away from his responsibilities, even if those responsibilities were forced on him.

"Good morning Mr. Uzumaki!"

"Good morning class, how are you all today?"

'Speaking of strange…' Ichigo mused idly as he stood up along with the rest of the class when a tall redhead entered the room.

The redhead was probably the tallest man in the entire school, standing at an impressive height of 6ft 3inches but still a little bit smaller than his mountain of a friend, Yasatora Sado or Chad. His red, glossy tresses were swept back in a proper manner with only two strands of hair hanging on either side of his face.

Maybe that was the reason for his reputation as a heartthrob in the school, but the man possessed the most intense set of glowing cerulean blue eyes he had ever seen in his entire life, practically glowing in his eye sockets like a blue candle.

The rest of his face was nothing to scoff at either. High, pronounced cheekbones, thin lips, and narrow eyebrows perfectly suited the intensity of his blue eyes.

Naruto Uzumaki, their History teacher was the very definition of strange. Not in the sense that he was odd looking or anything but rather his manners and aura. Aside from being the most desired man in the entire school, whether by his fellow teachers or students, the redhead was just … odd.

The strange thing was that Ichigo didn't know just what was strange about him. Was it his aura? Was it his manners? Was it his knowing smile? He just felt it.

"Ichigo, pay attention"

The ginger haired boy snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Naruto's deep but calm voice, prompting him to nod sheepishly and put on a pathetic display of actually paying attention while his mind was going around the recent events of his life.

Him seeing ghosts and able to interact with them, a girl claiming herself to be a Soul Reaper suddenly falling into his life, burdening all of her responsibilities on his shoulders. Strange but disgusting creatures known as Hollows attacking innocent souls yet to move on, called Plus.

His childhood friend and classmate, Orihime Inoue being stalked by her elder brother's hollowfied spirit and then attacked.

His dark skinned friend Chad suddenly getting a cute parakeet and then mysteriously getting attacked by unknown assailants. Said parakeet actually turning out to be the trapped soul of a small boy named Yui'ichi Shibata and being hunted by a merciless Hollow named Shrieker.

His body being possessed by a Modsoul and used like a puppet. Fighting said Modsoul in his spirit form, defeating him and then putting him a stuffed toy.

The reemergence of the one creature he had hated and still hated with every cell in his body, the creature that had killed his mother and caused much misery to his family, Grand Fisher and defeating said damned hollow to rescue his sisters, Karin and Yuzu as well as to avenge the death of his mother.

He would have loved to slice the hollow into unrecognizable pieces but sadly, he escaped before he could do.

As if those events hadn't been enough to make his life restless, Uryu Ishida, his fellow class-fellow had introduced himself as a being known as Quincy, the supposed enemies of the Soul Reapers. Needless to say, Uryu's grudge against Soul Reaper kind as well as his desire to prove himself superior had divulged into a catastrophe.

A humongous thing known as a Menos Grande had decided to make itself known during their competition to see who could kill more hollows. He still didn't know how he had deflected that attack fired by the Menos and how on earth he had even generated enough power to wound such a colossal beast.

Yep, you heard right. He simply wounded it and the giant hollow tore a hole through the fabric of space before he or any of his gathered friends could do anything. During the confusion and chaos, his friends Orihime and Chad had developed powers of their own, perfectly suiting their personalities.

At least, something had come out of the disastrous fiasco.

And just last night, he had been attacked by Soul Reapers coming from the mysterious place known as Soul Society to retrieve Rukia Kuchiki. He would have died had Kisuke Urahara not stepped in.

The strange thing was that no one beside Uryu, Orihime, Chad and him knew who Rukia was anymore.

All of these things had happened within the span of a few days.

There was no way he was going to idly sit by and wait for Rukia to be executed for crime she had no choice in and a crime that could not be considered a crime in the first place. He may have lost his powers but no one said anything about not regaining them.

Kisuke did say that it was possible and tomorrow he would find out for sure.

"Ichigo, if you don't pay attention, I will hang you outside the class on that nice little pole … from your underwear" Naruto stated in a voice so sweet and creepy that Ichigo could practically feel the hair on his body standing up like attentive soldiers.


Yeah that was what he was talking about!

Candy Shop, Underground

"Well done Ichigo, the first phase of the training is complete" Kisuke announced in a too pleasant and cheerful tone as he observed the panting orange haired boy from beyond his shaded eyes. "I would love to initiate the second phase right away but I am not in the mood to get kicked in the nuts"

While the boy was too tired to even properly breathe, Rukia's undeserved sentence was pushing him further than his limits and it irritated him that he would have to wait for another person to come and start his second training. "What do you mean by that? We can't waste time like this; I need to be prepared as soon as possible!"

The blond haired former Captain didn't even flinch in response. "I can understand your enthusiasm, but trust me when I say you are gonna regret being so eager to start when he is done with you"

"He? Who the hell are you talking about?"

Kisuke's evil smirk did little to ease his worries. "You are gonna find out soon enough"

Ichigo gritted his teeth in anger as he looked away with a heavy frown. Being in Soul form was hard as it was and now he had to wait for some guy to start another phase? Why couldn't Hat and Clogs start it by himself?

But at least, he was beginning to feel changes in his body… or spirit. When his soul had first been forcefully ejected from his body, he had trouble breathing. But now, he was able to dodge Ururu's ferocious attacks and even survive one of her monstrous kicks.

Seriously for a brat that small and docile, she had one hell of a kick.

"Well lookie here, my wayward student training to be a Soul Reaper"

Ichigo's heart almost exploded from sheer shock when he witnessed the arrival of a person he had never thought would be involved in the supernatural world. The familiar form of his history teacher, Naruto Uzumaki came into view within the rocky underground landscape with a pleasant smile.

As always, Naruto was dressed in a formal red Armani suit and wafting off an aura of royalty and mischief as he came forward, hands idly tucked into his pants' pockets.


"The one and only"


"Enjoying the scenery, obviously"


The redheaded teacher frowned in response before nodding towards a serious and attentive Tessai. "That's not the proper way to talk to your teacher, Tessai, kindly severe his Soul chain and dump his ass into a deep trench"

"Yes sir!"

"WAIT!" Ichigo shouted out his protests too late because the chain connecting his soul to his physical body was already severed by a long axe before his back was used as a chair by the black haired Kido Commander's heavy form. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

"Damn I absolutely love this part!" Naruto gleefully ignored his struggling student and gave the black haired man a nod of approval. "Alright Tessai, let's see how loud you can make him scream"

The giant of a man bobbed his head firmly, glasses glowing menacingly as he formed his fingers into an unfamiliar sign. "You can count on me, sir!"


"NOOOOOO!" Yeah, it didn't take a genius to figure out who was screaming his throat out when the ground beneath the Ichigo and Tessai suddenly caved in and turned out to be a seemingly bottomless pit.

"Damn, I almost pity that constantly frowning brat" Naruto commented nonchalantly as he watched Ichigo and Tessai plunge deeper and deeper into the black hole before the familiar thud of something meaty connecting with the bottom echoed around the pit. "Ururu dear, how deep this time?"

"40 meters deep, sir" Ururu replied in a timid tone as she moved to stand beside the redheaded man who was sitting cross-legged on the edge of the trench, unmindful of the dirt as he watched his student try to stand up while tied by a Bakudo spell.

"That's 15 meters deeper than the last person we tried this on" the redhead whistled in appreciation before reaching for his pants pocket. "You are getting good at this stuff, here you go"

The tentative and perpetually blushing girl bowed in appreciation and gratefully grabbed the lollipop offered to her by the redheaded teacher while the two of them watched Tessai explain the entire process of the second phase as well the dangers involved to a stunned and fearful Ichigo.

"Aren't you going to explain it to him a little bit clearer, he is your student after all" Kisuke commented from the sidelines, making his presence known to the redheaded teacher.

"Oh Kisuke, I didn't see you there" he stated casually, shooting a brief glance before returning his gaze to the pit.

"It's okay, I was busy being ignored by you" the blond former Captain retorted in a deadpan voice. "So?"

Naruto shrugged in response, well aware what the former Soul Reaper was hinting at. "Nah, my explanations tends to get sidetracked too often; I may end up confusing the boy more than he needs to be at his current state"

"At least try to motivate him"

Naruto's eyes lit up in realization as his mind came up with a brilliant way to properly motivate the fearful and desperate boy. Kisuke did not like that look at all. "Hey Ichigo, you have a total of fifty hours before your orange haired ass turns its color into a sickly pale white!"

'Not the kind of motivation I was hoping for' a certain blond Ex-Soul Reaper mused with a giant sweatdrop.

Even in his most fearful state of mind and body ever, Ichigo still had one power that may never completely fade away. His big mouth. "What the hell, teach!? This guy said I had 72 hours before I turn into a hollow!"

Naruto narrowed his sapphire blue eyes and directed his gaze towards Tessai, a dark glint in his glowing orbs. "Tessai, how many hours?"

The black haired Kido Commander knew better than to get on the redhead's bad side. "50 hours sharp, sir"


The ginger haired Kurosaki glared dagger at an innocently whistling Tessai when he heard the man change his words. "But you said I had 72 hours!"

The former Soul Reaper's white, shaded glasses glowed in the dark pit. "When the boss says that a wooden pillar is made of gold, you agree with him, no question asked"

Something clicked into place inside Ichigo's mind when the words finally settled into his ears. "Boss? He is your boss?!"

"Indeed, meet the true owner of this humble shop, Naruto Uzumaki" Tessai presented dramatically, gesturing towards an optimistically waving redhead.

"Tessai, I told you to make my introductions more badass than simply saying the true owner!" Naruto's indignant shout came rushing into the pit. "I pay you extra bucks for that!"

Before Ichigo could form a retort, a searing pang of pain shot through his chest, jolting him out of his frustrated thoughts as he struggled against the Bakudo spell tightly binding his hands. This pain was unbearable.

"Remember Ichigo, if you do not climb up from the pit within 50 hours, you will turn into a hollow and I will gladly cleave you in half" Naruto announced a truly frightening tone, glowing blue eyes shadowed by his crimson bangs further augmented his dreadful visage.

Ichigo shivered in fear when the sheer intensity of his teacher's words reached his ears, making him perfectly aware that the redheaded shop owner would go through with his promise with the slightest bit of hesitation.

This was the first time he was actually seeing his normally cheerful but weird teacher speak in such a frightening tone of voice. Sure, he was known for speaking in a creepy smiling tone whenever a student would cross the line, but even that was not to this level.

Naruto was actually going to kill him if he did not succeed!

49 Hours and 30 Minutes later,

"How is the weather down there?"

"I hate you!"

"What kind of weather condition is that?"

"I am going to kill you when I get up there!"

"Nope, still not getting it" Naruto retorted in a cheerful tone as he casually sat on the edge of the pit and whistled a jaunty tone, while Ichigo screamed bloody murder at him from within the trench. "Did you just call me a jackass?"


Naruto nodded in confirmation before turning towards a staring Ururu with a mischievous grin. "Ururu dear, find a nice little boulder twice his size and drop it on his head"


"H-hey, what do you think you are doing?" Ichigo asked in a frightened tone when he realized his mistake … and saw the small girl walk up to the edge with a boulder thrice her size in her hands, ready to let it plummet down the pit. "H-hey teach, stop that little b-brat!"

"Let the boulder embark on its journey, young one!" Naruto stated in a wise tone, eyes closed in perfect serenity as Ururu let the giant rock plunge down the trench in astonishing speed, causing Ichigo to scream two octaves higher than an elementary schoolgirl as he made a desperate move to jump to the farthest corner of the pit to avoid being crushed.

"ARE YOU INSANE? I COULD'VE DIED!" the ginger haired shouted in outrage, a giant tic mark throbbing on his forehead, completely unaware of the strange occurrence happening around his Soul chain.

"You are already dead, you moron" Naruto retorted in a deadpan tone, sharp eyes trained on the development around Ichigo's chest.

Technically, he was not dead by the standards of the supernatural world, just had his soul removed from his body. But by human terms, he was as dead as they came.

It seems the thrown rock accomplished its intended purpose. The chain was being corroded much quickly due to Ichigo's disorganized emotions and erratic state of mind. While 72 hours was the norm for every person seeking to rediscover their Soul Reaper powers, nobody said anything about speeding up the process.

"Kisuke, Jinta and Ururu, gather as many football size rocks as you can and bring them here" Naruto ordered seriously, snapping a cheerfully smiling Kisuke out of his thoughts as he turned to his boss with a sweatdrop.

"Why am I being included with the kids?" he questioned in a complaining tone. He was a former Captain and the head of the Research and Development Department; he deserved some respect, didn't he?

"You are right" Naruto agreed firmly, prompting the blond ex-Soul Reaper to smile in gratitude. "Ururu and Jinta, you two stay right here. Kisuke will do your work as well"

"That's not fair!"

"So is life, now get to it!"

An increasingly dread-filled Ichigo watched in fear as pile upon pile of decent-sized rocks were brought near the edge of the pit, Naruto and the two kids each grabbing one in each hand with evil smirks as they looked down at him.

"Tessai my boy, form a barrier around yourself" the redheaded shop owner shouted into the pit, the black haired subordinate all too eager to comply while Ichigo looked ready to explode from anger and fear. "As for you Ichigo, try to dodge, will you?"

"W-what are you doing?" the orange haired boy asked what had to be the umpteenth time that day as his teacher and the two prepared themselves for the onslaught of rock-rain.

"Anybody who gets him first will get to have one of his/her wish granted, no matter how silly, risky, expensive or perverted it may be" Naruto announced cheerfully before hefting up one of the rocks with an evil smirk. "Now let the competition began!"

And the rocks showered upon a jaw-dropped and gaping Ichigo like each was being cloned in the air and intent on crushing him under their weight, Tessai calmly seated under a barrier as he observed the scene with a dark look behind his square glasses.


Naruto smirked in triumph.

Candy Shop, Master Bedroom

"Seriously, Yoruichi, if you jump on my chest like yesterday, I am going to pound all that energy right out of you!" a somewhat tired and sleepy Naruto groaned into the pillow when he felt the presence of the familiar woman.

Who the hell did she think she was fooling by stealthily walking up to his bed? He taught her those stealth moves in the first place, why wouldn't he be able to sense them when they were used?

"I am in the mood to jump on something else" came the mentioned woman's sultry response as she approached the bed in her cat form.

The redhead smirked into the pillow, already liking the idea as he turned around just in time to watch as a black cat was engulfed in smoke before the silhouette of a woman appeared.

A voluptuous dark-skinned woman with a high ponytail lewdly walked out of the smoke in all her erotic glory. Golden eyes twinkled in mischief and lust as she walked forward, dark rosy lips stretched into a smug smirk.

A pair of gravity-defying and wobbling breasts swelled from her upper body like hills, dusky areolas deliciously preceded by dark pink nipples already erect from arousal and practically begging to sucked dry.

A taut stomach worthy of an ancient female warrior, incredible flare of wide hips perfect for birthing children, an enormously thick dark booty deliciously supported by plump womanly thighs followed suit.

"Like what you see?" she purred teasingly, putting extra, exaggerated sways into her thick hips as she approached the bed and climbed up on all fours, causing her large tits to wobble enticingly.

"I more than like it, I love it" Naruto retorted with a grin as he kicked off the covers from his body and revealed a perfectly nude body that would even make Adonis weep in jealousy.

The former Captain's golden eyes twinkled in lust; a long tongue came out of her mouth to lick dry rosy lips when she witnessed what could only be described as perfection lying before her hungry eyes.

Perfectly balanced and lean pectoral muscles able to hold up her lithe form like a weightless doll and ravage her, a chiseled chest to mash her soft body against and washboard abs looking as though they were built from marble.

Those all well and good but the last and certainly not the least, part of his body was what stole the spotlight.

A giant, throbbing and drooling foot long pillar of man-meat jutted from his pelvis and stood straight like an attentive soldier.

"I noticed" she countered with a wide, lust-filled smirk as she approached the standing meatpole with purpose, golden eyes devotedly fixed on its thick, veiny largeness. "Mind if I take this big boy for a tit-ride?"

"Do you even have to ask?"

Yoruichi didn't need another word to do what she had planned as she reached forward and grabbed the meaty cock by the base, trailing manicured fingers over the throbbing veins as she situated her body between Naruto's spread legs.

Reluctantly letting go of the dark meat rod, the dark-skinned beauty hefted up her massive, creamy globes of flesh and dropped them on Naruto's pelvis with a wet, meaty thud, effectively trapping his huge dick between the valley of heaven.

Not wasting time, Yoruichi gently squeezed her creamy tits around the trapped length, smothering the massive intruder between dark globes of tit-flesh. Soon enough, the proceedings changed from a gentle but sensual massage into a full-blown tit-job as the dark skinned beauty bobbed her wobbling twins up and down the throbbing shaft.

"Ah fuck!" Naruto groaned loudly when a pair of pouty lips engulfed the bulbous head of his dick, a skilled tongue trailing circles around the base of the swollen head before it was taken out.

Tingle of pleasure shot through his body as he watched the erotic show of Yoruichi smothering his dick between her massive milk-tankers, moving those perfect globes of creamy dark flesh up and down his manhood and sucking on the head when it would emerge from the massive pile of meat.

Feeling the groaning redhead place a large hand on her head to encourage her skillful tit+blowjob combination and feeling his large meat throb between her boobs, the feline-loving woman knew that her lover was close to exploding and increased her ministrations.

"I am close!" the redheaded teacher groaned out through gritted teeth as Yoruichi increased the speed of the tit massage and initiated an almost vacuum-like sucking on his purple head, pushing him towards his inevitable climax.

Yoruichi wrapped one of her delicate hand around her massive tits to futilely keep them contained around the throbbing dick and reached between the valley to cup his swollen and full containers of fresh baby batter.

Delicately manicured fingers skillfully uplifting the underside of her lover's scrotum and palm lovingly fondling his balls, Yoruichi gave one bob to her gigantic tits before ruthlessly swallowing the entire foot long fuck-stick into her mouth with one fell swoop.

"FUCK!" Naruto shouted in surprise as an incredibly warm hole engulfed his entire shaft, from the engorged tip all the way down to his thick base, prompting the redhead to thrust his hips into her Yoruichi's sucking mouth and force her head down. "TAKE IT ALL!"

The feline loving dark skinned woman moaned in lustful ecstasy as the entire fuckstick was shoved into her throat, a strong hand keeping her head from moving away while spurt after thick spurt of boy batter exploded down her gullet.

"That was … awesome!" Naruto muttered out in bliss as Yoruichi released his cockhead with a wet pop, making sure to lick all the remaining cum clean after the powerful discharge.

"I aim to please" she retorted in a husky tone, giving the still hard shaft a tempting lick while a pair of golden eyes stared straight into blue oceanic eyes. "I would love to continue draining this big boy but I have some work to do so tata!"

Naruto blinked in surprise as the dark skinned beauty teasingly kissed the precum-covered head of his throbbing dick and stood up from the bed, thick hips swaying and fat asscheeks wobbling enticingly as she walked away.

On hell no! If she had just walked away without shaking those child-bearing hips of hers, he might have been content with that mind-blowing blowjob she had given him and let her leave.

If she had just gotten away without making that massive, doughy and fat dark booty of hers shake like a balloon, he MIGHT have let her go.

But now, there was no chance of that happening! She was going to get fucked and she was going to get fucked hard!

By the time a subtly smiling Yoruichi realized that she had a pair of strong hands wrapped around her slender waist and a thick monstrous pillar of meat poking the fat cheeks of her dark rump, it was already too late.

But really, it was sometimes too easy to entice him. Face him against an entire army of Vasto Lorde, he would barely blink before charging straight into their midst. Tell him that the Soul King would like to give him his position, he would probably flash the reporter his middle finger and walk away.

But shake a pair of plump asscheeks in front of his eyes and he loses it. She had to admit that was one quality of his that she both hated and loved, and fortunately for her, she had more than enough ass to entice him.

"Can't even keep that beast in your pants, eh?" the dark skinned beauty purred out in a teasing tone, gritting her massive tushy against the poking dick. She could barely wait for that same beast to invade her soaking wet depths. "And you call yourself our boss"

"Why keep it in my pants when I can just pound it into this slutty pussy of yours?" he retorted huskily, removing one hand from her waist to grab one wobbling cheek of fat and flesh.

"If you can't even handle the view of my naked butt, I doubt you can handle my kitty" Yoruichi muttered out mockingly, dark lips stretched into a teasing and anticipatory smile.

"Did you just challenge me?" Naruto asked dangerously, digging his hand into the purple haired woman's humongous booty. "Have you forgotten how many times I have fucked this cunt of yours into submission?"

Just one more push and Naruto would lose it… she loved that!

The purple haired ex-Captain shot him a mocking glance over her shoulder, sporting a grin so smug and self-satisfied that Naruto was almost tempted to summon a clone and double fuck her… almost. "Are you going to just talk or actually do what you say?"

That did it and Yoruichi knew it.

"You know what, I was going to make sweet love to you on that soft bed and treat you like a queen" Naruto started in a somewhat melancholic tone, removing his other hand from her waist and placing it on her thick, wide hips as he spread her fat buttcheeks like opening a present. "But now I think I will just fuck that smugness right of you!"

A shiver of anticipation ran down the dark skinned beauty's spine as the redhead kneaded her massive derriere like dough before spreading her booty-cheeks, no doubt making way for the angry dick that she had neglected a few seconds ago.

She knew she may have tempted the redhead a little too much and would soon face the consequence, but her teasing nature would never allow her to back down from a teasing competition. She knew she was getting fucked, then why hold back?

"Oh I feel scared"

"You should, you horny cat, you really should!"

Yoruichi's golden orbs rolled into the back of her skull, mouth opened in a silent scream of pain and mind-numbing pleasure as Naruto pulled her backwards by her wide hips and thrust an entire foot long cock into her snug cunt with one fell swoop.

She came right then and there as the gigantic dick speared though the squirming walls of her pussy and stabbed into her fertile womb, embedding a forearm-thick pillar of meat into her love channel without a hint of mercy.

Unfortunately for the feline-loving woman, she wasn't given much time to adjust to the huge fuckstick or to come down from her spontaneous orgasmic high as Naruto grabbed her thick hips, strong calloused hands digging into the soft chocolate skin of her matronly hips, as he started pounding into her like a madman.

Lewd sounds of a large meatpole pistoning in and out of a soaking wet fleshy hole reverberated around the room as Naruto held the squirming dark skinned beauty upright by her motherly hips and stabbed her over and over with his gigantic dick.

"How do you like that!?" Naruto grunted out with a moan as he hammered in and out of her soaking quim, causing the purple haired beauty to squirt out love juices every time he would thrust into her depths. "Still think I can't handle this slutty cunt, huh?!"

Face scrunched into a perfect ahegeo expression, a drooling Yoruichi could do nothing but press her back against the redhead and hold on as he savagely pumped into her from behind, all the while moaning, panting and squealing like a horny kitty in heat.

"I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID!" the dark skinned feline woman squealed in pleasure as a strong hand connected with the wobbling cheek of her dark booty, causing ripples to ran through the fat flesh like waves while Naruto drilled into her. "RUIN ME! BREED ME! FUCK ME!"

"That's the idea, you horny cat!" the redhead moaned out as he picked up pace, hips blurring as his eyes watched the view of his thick, tan fuckstick was drilling into the flushed, chocolate flesh, splitting and stretching her pussy walls each time he would thrust in and wobbling the massive cheeks of her prodigious ass.

Knowing that his release was inevitable, what with the way Yoruichi was squeezing down on his meatpole, Naruto decided that if he was going to unload into her deprived womb, then he might as well do in such a way she doesn't even remember her name after he is done with her.

Letting go of her wide hips, Naruto snaked his hands down her doughy buttocks and into the gap between her plump thighs, effortlessly lifting her up by the back of her knees while still impaled by his drooling meat pillar.

"Prepare for the fucking of your life!"

Still held up by Naruto's strong around the back of her knees and no way to support her body, Yoruichi was left at the mercy of the redhead. However she was under no delusion to expect mercy from the redheaded boss since he had already promised that he would fuck her like no other.

That was exactly what he did.

Lifting her up from his dick until only the engorged head remained embedded in her soaking folds, Naruto lowered his hips in an agonizingly slow pace before slamming the entire dong into her squirting pussy, at the same time bringing her down in sync with his upward thrust.


Naruto paid little mind to the dark skinned woman as she squirted like a broken faucet and continuously stabbed her with his meat, thrusting up and bringing her down at the same time for a perfectly deep plunge.

Yoruichi felt as though she could no longer feel the world around her as wave after wave of mind-numbing pleasure ate away at her slipping consciousness. All she could feel was Naruto's strong hands held under the back of her knees, strong chest supporting her back, blurring hips sending waves through her massively fat asscheeks and a giant pussy-splitter reshaping her fleshy insides to its shape.

As if that wasn't enough to block out any coherent thought or words, the redhead was plunging so deep into her love hole that he was continuously punching through her cervix and stabbing into the back wall of her fertile womb.

Naruto's hands gripped tighter, calloused hands digging into her dark, chocolaty skin as the milking walls of her squirming cunt convulsed around his pistoning shaft, no doubt indicating her third release of the session.

An Hour Later

An hour of continuous pistoning and with a significant increase in the tempo of his savage thrusts, the redheaded shop owner picked up pace, plunges much faster and deeper as he slammed into the flesh sheath, doughy cushions of dark meat meeting his pelvis with each thrust, jiggling erotically as his orange-sized balls churned.

His release was near, dangerously near and he knew it.

Yoruichi screamed out her pleasure as her lover's pelvis slapped against the cushiony cheeks of her dark booty, creating a symphony of erotic sounds when coupled with the lewd 'shclunk!' sounds of her pussy being pounded.

Loud moans of pleasure and sinful bliss forced out of her gaping mouth as she was continuously speared by Naruto's meat log, slamming in and out of her womb at super speeds.

With one last mind-numbing and pussy-splitting thrust that pushed her towards the edge, Naruto embedded every single throbbing inch of his dick into the dark skinned woman's slutty pussy, forcing past her squeezing walls, into her cervix and bumping against the wall of her fertile and hungry womb.



The purple haired woman's golden eyes rolled into the back of her head, mouth opened wide with drool dripping down her lips and limbs twitching uselessly as Naruto speared into her balls deep and pumped her full of thick and sticky baby batter.

Each hot and thick spurt splashing against the wall of her fertile womb ignited a mini-orgasm as she drooled and twitched helplessly on the spraying cock.

Naruto grunted in bliss as the feeling of her walls squeezing down on his throbbing dick compelled his balls to start emptying their sticky and gooey content into her hungry womb, pumping every single drop into the willing purplette.

Each spurt of cum slashing thickly against the walls of her previously-unexplored womb caused white spots to dance around her vision as she was filled and filled and filled with cum until her taut belly expanded to accommodate the still unloading batter.

The continuous flood of spunk being pumped into her womb was enough to cause her to lose all sort of control over consciousness and drifted into the world of sweet dreams, the last thing her lust-induced mind registered before drifting into dreamland was the steady bloating of her taut belly as she was pumped full of cum.


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