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1 Day Later, Candy Shop

Seated on a large boulder underneath the candy shop was Ichigo Kurosaki in his restored Soul Reaper form as he gazed at his three friends who were too busy arguing with a black cat. Just yesterday, he had regained his full Soul Reaper powers and he had Kisuke and, unfortunately, Naruto to thank for.

No matter how much he had hated the second phase of his training regimen, he couldn't argue with its tremendously effective results. Had Naruto not used his unusual and dangerous method of forcing his body to respond to its primal instinct to adapt and survive, he would've been truly killed.

He had only later found out, during the third phase of the training that the time limit had really been 72 hours, but Naruto had forced him to evolve much quicker. Questions after questions were piling up in his head about the redhead.

How did he know so much about the mechanics of the Soul?

How did he know that an agitated state of mind accelerated the Hollowfication process?

And most importantly, how did the shop owner knew that he could achieve his Soul Reaper powers if he was pushed beyond the normal limits?

"Thinking about Naruto, huh?"

"Kisuke?" Ichigo muttered softly as the blond former Captain came to stand beside him. "Yeah, it is all happening so suddenly. My family is attacked by Hollows, I become a Soul Reaper, and now my seemingly normal history teacher is not so normal"

"Can't say I know how you feel, Ichigo" Kisuke replied smoothly, waving his favorite hand fan around.

"Who is he really?"

"I wish I could say that I knew the answer to that question. You have no idea how much I want to find out who or what he is." The former Captain drawled out in a tired tone, an unusual seriousness underlying his words. "The more I know, the more the mysteries around him increases"

The orange haired boy tiredly rubbed the edges of his temple, sighing in depression. "That is not exactly helping my situation"

And the cheekiness Kisuke was so known for returned. "It wasn't supposed to"

"Thanks for nothing"

"You are welcome. Now get off your ass and let's get started, you guys don't have much time"


An Hour Later

"I can only provide you with a window of 4 minutes before you are swallowed by the restrictive current and die" Kisuke explained grimly as he stood before the gathered team.

"4 minutes? How are we supposed to make it in that much time?" Uryu Ishida, the resident Quincy asked in a weary tone.

"By moving forward as fast as you can and not looking back" a deep voice interjected from behind them, prompting the team to shift around and see a strange sight. A black cat was walking towards them in a calm pace and from the understanding glint in its eyes; it was obvious that it had spoken those words.

That was not the strange part.

It was the red fox walking beside her in a chirpy stride as it was walking in a park and having the time of its life. Nothing stood out from the norm except its blood red fur and unusually bright blue eyes that reminded them of a certain someone they knew.

"Please don't tell me that the fox can speak too" Ichigo lamented in a pleading tone as he palmed his face in resignation.

"Oh you bet your whining ass he can" the fox answered in an indignant tone as he moved forward and give the orange haired boy a searing look. "You can believe a cat able to talk but not a fox, you racist moron!"

That voice! It sounded familiar!

"Wait teach!?" Ichigo, in his moment of surprise barely paid attention to the insult his transformed teacher threw at him.

"Wow, he figured it out. I knew there was more to him than just whining and bratty scowls" the transformed Naruto stated smugly, blissfully relishing in the gob-smacked expressions of his students. "Hello there, Four Eyes, Chad and my favorite Orihime"


Uryu, Chad and Orihime could only look on with drop jaws as they tried to figure out how their History teacher was suddenly transformed into a talking fox. While the fact that he was involved in the supernatural world had been surprising enough after Ichigo had told them, seeing him in the body of a tiny fox kit was just … jaw-dropping.

Okay, to be honest, only Chad and Uryu were trying to figure those things out. Orihime didn't care who had turned into whom and when, she was just desperately trying to stop herself from grabbing the cat and fox duo and squeezing the cuteness out of them.

"Alright Kisuke, fire up your mumbo jumbo!" the fox ordered firmly, earning an indignant grumble from said blond. "Start churning butter and put on your church shoes guys 'cause we are about to blast off!"

"Ah… translation anybody?" Ichigo muttered intelligently as he rubbed the back of his head. How was butter and church shoes connected to blasting off? This guy made no sense at all!

"He means to get ready for the journey ahead" Yoruichi answered in an amused tone, slapping a sheepishly smiling Naruto with her tail.

Kisuke and Tessai kneeled near a large square construct in front of the group and channeled their Spiritual Energy right into the square entrance, creating a large, ominous-looking doorway for Ichigo's entourage.

"Alright, like I said before, you only have …"



"Shut up, will you?" Naruto stated flatly as he glared at the blond ex-Captain. He was the boss, he knew everything there was to know about his own and Kisuke's creation so of course he knew about the time limit of the SPCM.

A cloud of depression appeared above the normally cheerful assistant as he grumbled. There was no respect for him at all!

"Now before we head into the Precipice World, there is something you should know" the transformed redhead started in a grim tone, gaining the undivided attention of the assembled teens. "I love ramen"

"WHAT? HOW IS THAT CONNECTED TO THE PRECIPICE WORLD OR THE CURRENT SITUATION AT ALL?!" a certain edgy orange haired boy bellowed in an outrage voice.

"Who said anything about it being connected to anything?" Naruto retorted with a cheeky grin. "Just thought I would let you guys know since it sounded important in my head"

"Let's just go before I lose my mind!"

With expressions of unwavering determination and resolve, the gathered team jumped into the distorted entrance without the slightest bit of hesitation. Naruto, being the guy that he was, knew his crew too well and left some last minute instructions before jumping into the Precipice World.

"Jinta, If I hear that you bothered Ururu even a little bit or slacked off while I was gone, I am gonna use your redheaded hide as my guinea pig for some of the experiments I have been itching to conduct!"

"G-got it Boss, n-no slacking off!"

"Ururu dear, just in case he forgets about my threat and still bother you, you know where to hit him" Naruto clarified vaguely, signaling towards Jinta's groin. "Got it?"

"Y-yes sir!"

"Tessai, some of our merchandise is about to 'ascend' to a higher state of existence, go out, grab some random dude and force it on him" the transformed shop owner muttered in a quiet tone, winking at his second assistant. "Don't forget to erase his memories of the whole ordeal. Can't have rumors spreading around now, can we?"

Tessai's glasses glinted darkly in the underground brightness as he nodded firmly. "No sir, we don't"

"Kisuke, stay away from my lab or I will turn you into something so horrifying that even I will be afraid of it" the red fox affirmed ominously, emitting an aura of absolute menace. "Tessai, make sure he does"

'Dang it! There goes my chance of going crazy in his lab'

"And with that, I shall embark on this journey of extremes"

"Boss, in case you haven't noticed, you have wasted 2 minutes lecturing us" Jinta chirped in a helpful tone, earning a deadpan look from said boss.


"Yes sir?"

"Give him a hard wedgie please"

Sighing in a blissful manner, Naruto smugly ignored Jinta's loud scream of pain as well as his underlings' gaping expressions and jumped into the distorted center with a war cry of 'ramen'. He was the boss; nobody had the right to say stuff like that to him… even if they were true.


Precipice World

"Does anyone where Naruto sensei ran off to?" Orihime asked in a questioning tone as she looked around the dark and pungent-smelling area of the Precipice World.

"Don't worry about him, just move forward!" Yoruichi snapped at the orange haired girl as she ran alongside the teens. She knew the redhead too well. He was probably stuck giving some last minute lectures to his subordinates and forget about the four minute window.

"What the hell do you mean by that?! They should worry about me, I am their teacher!" an indignant voice shouted from behind them, causing the team to shoot glances over their shoulders to see their transformed teacher running behind them. "Orihime, remind me to give you an A+ in your next assignment. Four Eyes and the Broody fail!"

"You can't do that!" Uryu shouted back at him.

"Yes I can and I will, I am your teacher!"

"Naruto, can you please stop with that nonsense topic at the moment and focus on surviving?" the black cat groaned out, resisting the urge to palm her face in resignation.

"Fine but we are not done" the transformed redhead grumbled childishly before running close to the black cat. "Hey kitty, you know I just noticed something"

That certainly got the black cat's undivided attention. Naruto, for all his antics and eccentric behavior, was quite perceptive. She, of all people knew that quite well. If he noticed something, then they needed to be prepared. "What?"

"I always knew that Orihime had some serious firepower in those tanks but now that I look at her from a different angle" Naruto started in a perceptive tone as he eyed the orange haired teen from behind while the group ran through the collapsing world. "I realize that her ass isn't anything to scoff at either"

'Or maybe he was just being his perverted self' the purple haired ex- Soul Reaper mused in deadpan tone as she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Seriously? Right now?" she asked in a blank voice, giving the grinning fox a flat stare. "We are running for our lives and you can't think of anything else besides your student's ass?"

"Oh don't worry, yours is still my favorite" he replied in a smug tone, shooting her a wink. "Those fat dusky cheeks are like beacons of hope in the dark for me"

"Did you just compare my ass with a torch or something?" the exiled Soul Reaper directed a searing glare at her partner. "And don't call my rear fat, you moron!"

"I meant it as a compliment, you horny cat!"

"Then say something that is included in the category of compliments like supple or anything besides fat"

"Nope, fat is the only word that suit those mouth-watering cheeks"

"I can't believe I am having this conversation with you while running for our lives" the black cat muttered strangely as she huffed in resignation.

"Ah guys, w-what the hell is that?"

The two transformed partners stopped their strange argument and directed their gazes towards Uryu's pointed finger, coming face to face with a speeding train-like object with a yellow light flashing at the front.

"The Cleaner? Haven't seen that bastard in a while" Naruto stated in a matter-of-fact tone as he turned to Yoruichi. "Wanna say hi?"

"Are you kidding me?!" the transformed purple haired beauty shouted in outrage, delivering a slap to his head before she turned to the running team. "Guys, run as fast as you can to the exit!"

Ichigo and his entourage didn't need a second order before they were running as fast as their legs could carry them towards the end of the tunnel-like world, the exit only identified by the bright light emitting out of it.


Soul Society, Rukon District

"When I said you were ready to take on the Soul Society, I didn't mean for you to rush into battles with Captains, you orange headed moron!"

"How was I supposed to know that he was a Captain?!"

"He was wearing a Captain's coat, you imbecilic buffoon!"

"I didn't see the coat!"

"Of course you didn't! You were too busy getting your ass kicked to see anything!"

Yoruichi palmed her face in resignation as she watched the teacher and student duo argue like a bunch of teenagers. Well one was a teenager and the other was who knew how old. "Arguing over now it will not help our situation so stop it both of you"

"Come on Yoruichi, I am just trying to rub it in his face that he lost" the transformed Naruto whispered into her ears. "At least let me have that luxury"

At least he thought it was a whisper.


"You are really bad in whispers" the purple haired Soul Reaper deadpanned. That whisper would have been audible from the other side of the Seireitei. "Anyway, with the walls of the Seireitei now down and security tight, we have no other choice but to find another way in"

"You said there were four gates, right?" Ichigo asked hopefully. "We can try our lucks on the other three"

"And get your ass handed to you by another Captain?" the red fox chirped in smugly, earning a growl from his agitated student. "You may like having your ass kicked but I can't handle the embarrassment as your teacher"

"That is not possible, word must have already spread around the Seireitei like wild fire and the security around each of the gates will be tighter than ever. Going through the gates would need nothing short of a miracle" the black feline explained grimly.

"So, you expect us to stand here and gently ask the Soul Reapers to let us in?" the resident Quincy stated sarcastically, pushing up his glasses out of habit.

"Yep that would be ni…"

"No" the busty purplette interjected before Naruto could finish his sentence. He really needed to get his priorities straight. She really hated resorting to this plan but at the moment there was no other choice. "I have a friend who may be able to help us"

"So, what are we waiting for?" Chad asked in a monotonous voice, making his presence known.

"I don't know about you guys but personally, I am waiting for a steamy hot bowl of ramen to fall from the sky" the small fox announced cheekily, earning a collective deadpan looks from his team. "What? At least I have a reason for waiting around!"

The buxom purplette shook her head in resignation. "The problem is that I don't know where she lives now. Kukaku has a strange habit of changing places frequently so it's difficult to locate her."

Changing houses was not the only strange habit she had.

"So then how do we find her?" a certain impatient orange haired Soul Reaper asked straightaway.

"There are two ways. One, we ask around the area for her address and pray that someone has seen her house and the other is …"

"My nose"

"Now is not the time for your jokes, Teach! This is important!" the Kurosaki boy barked heatedly.

"Actually, he is right Ichigo" the black feline interrupted smoothly. "Naruto's nose is the other way to find her. In this fox form, he can pretty much track anyone down by their scent alone"

"See? Yet another reason why you should respect me" the red fox affirmed smugly, puffing out his tiny chest in pride. "Now, let's go and find that crazy vixen"

"Yeah … let's go"

"Try to contain your excitement, Yoruichi" Naruto stated in a smug tone when he heard the dryness in the feline's words.

"Oh shut up!"


Shiba Household

"Sorry for not recognizing you right away, Master Naruto and Master Yoruichi" Koganehiko apologized silently as he escorted the team into the underground chamber of Kukaku Shiba. "I was not aware that you were coming"

"I am not that easy to cu…"


"Yes, we apologize for our unexpected arrival" Yoruichi stated quickly, a small dusting of pink on her cheeks as she glared at a grumbling Naruto. "But we needed to see Kukaku for something urgent"

What was wrong with this infernal man? Couldn't he keep his hormones in check for once?

Ichigo and his entourage along with the fox-cat duo arrived at a chamber at the end of the stairs, watching in patience as the burly guard moved to tap the wooden door and announce their presence.

The key word being 'moved'.

Koganehiko didn't get the chance to do either of what he planned to do because a certain impatient red fox slammed into the sliding door and raced inside with a maniacal grin, ignoring the glare of a certain black cat.

"Not again" the burly man groaned out in depression as he peeked inside the room.

"Yes again" Yoruichi retorted in a deadpan tone before turning to the confused team. "Just stay outside for a few minutes. Don't come in until I tell you to"


Sliding the door just enough to make room for herself, the transformed buxom purplette strolled into the chamber with a massive sweatdrop sliding down her head.


Right in the middle of the room and seated upon a pile of pillows was a black haired woman in possession of dark messy hair reaching down to the small of her back in two long bangs.

The woman had perhaps the second largest pair of plump tits in the Soul Society _ at least as far as Yoruichi knew _ and nestled between those massive, red robe-covered balloons of flesh was the transformed Naruto.

Naruto's hind legs were hanging loosely over a tight midriff, exposed to the surrounding before expanding into a set of thick matronly hips. The woman's lower body was only covered by a single white skirt, which did little to hide the sheer thickness of her thighs and wide hips.

"Hey Yoruichi" the woman known as Kukaku drawled out smugly as she squeezed a happily smirking Naruto into the middle of her breasts, letting out light moans as the sides of her bust were being licked and nicked by said fox.

"Hi" the feline replied dryly. "Can you two please make yourself decent so that I can introduce you to my guests?"

"We are decent" the dark haired woman retorted cheekily, earning an approving nod and lick from Naruto. "This is as decent as we get"

Even the former Captain of Squad 2 couldn't argue with that. These two, when alone were pretty shameless and lewd, but when they were put together… well let's just say that even the word 'shame' would be embarrassed by their actions.

At least they weren't outright hammering each other. That was a start.

"Just try to control yourselves, will you?"

"Yoruichi, you have five minutes to finish whatever it is you came here for before I and this hunk start fucking right here" Kukaku declared shamelessly, prompting a sweatdrop from the dark feline. "I have 50 years' worth of frustration to vent out"

"Naruto, say something!"

"Kukaku is right, make it snappy will ya?"

"I hate both of you!" the purplette growled, hiding the increasing lust in her eyes as she watched Kukaku have her cleavage licked and bitten by a furry and cuddly Naruto. This was so not fair! Why did she have to be the one to remain rational while those two did what they pleased? Sometimes she hated herself for being rational! "You can come in now"

As soon as Ichigo and his entourage entered into the room, their eyes immediately gravitated towards the one scene Yoruichi hoped they wouldn't see. Alas, luck was not on her side as their still developing minds took in the situation and the solution to the situation soon reflected on their visages in the form of flaming cheeks of embarrassment.

"Guys, the shameless woman in front of you is Kukaku, she is going to be helping us" the busty purplette introduced in a dry tone of voice, one tiny paw hiding her embarrassed face from the team.

The disturbing thing was that she couldn't blame her black haired friend for acting this way around Naruto since said woman had been deprived of his touch for almost 50 years while she was being acquainted with his Zanpakuto every single day.

Another thing was that she was as shameless as Kukaku when it came to Naruto. That man just had these strange effects on others around him. If she was honest with herself, she would act the same way Kukaku was acting right now if she had been away from Naruto a single day.

To be fair, Kukaku was faring better than she would have in her place.

"So these are the little punks that need my help? Not impressed" the Explosive expert drawled out lazily, running a gentle hand through Naruto's furry head while mashing him into her bountiful bosom. "The question is, what do you need my help with?"

"You see that blockhead with the orange hair?" Naruto chirped in from within Kukaku's cleavage as he pointed to an annoyed and red-faced Ichigo.

"You mean the one with the constipated scowl on his face?" Kukaku probed harshly as she eyed said boy for any reaction.

"Yep, that one tried to storm into the Seireitei through the front gate" the crimson fox explained in an admonishing tone, only his head visible from amidst the balloons of flesh. "And even tried to brawl with a Captain while he was at it"

"Not very bright, is he?" the Mistress of Explosives jabbed firmly, well aware of the sheer anger on said boy's face while they discussed his behavior.

"Not even a little"

"Do you think he was dropped on his head as a kid?"

"That would certainly explain his stupidity, but dropped into what exactly?"

"A bucket of orange paint if you ask me; otherwise why would he have orange hair?"

"Now that is the kind of astute observation I expected from you, my dear"

"Thank you!"

"WHY THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT ME LIKE I AM NOT EVEN HERE!" Ichigo roared angrily as he stood up and pointed at the two, a multitude of dangerous tic marks pulsing on his temple.

Sadly for him, the two ignored him and continued what they were doing before his outburst. That is until Yoruichi decided to interrupt the duo before they went too far into their … activities.

"Kukaku, can you please stop that and tell us how to get into the Seireitei?"

The dark haired beauty released an annoyed sigh before addressing the teens. "Fine, there is one way to get inside the Seireitei with your limbs intact"

While there were still some questions regarding the sudden appearance of a white orb in her hands, Ichigo and the other decided to keep their mouths shut and ears open.

"This is a Spirit Core, all you have to do is channel your Spirit Energy into it" she explained vaguely, earning looks of complete confusion from the teens. "But from the stupid looks on your faces, I would say you don't know how to channel your energy"

"A crude way of putting it but yes, you are right" the former Captain of Squad 2 answered dryly. "I didn't get the time to teach them to do so"

"Well then, I can't help until you learn how to do it" Kukaku countered cheekily, shooting a smug smirk towards the black feline as she stood up and tapped the wooden wall, letting Naruto jump to the ground from the fleshy confines of her bust. "Ganju here will help you learn how to channel your Spirit Energy. Until then, stay as far away from my room as possible, except for you Yoruichi, you can join us … after I drain him dry that is"

Yoruichi gave the smirking woman a dry look, ignoring the sliding of the wooden door as well as the ensuing chaos following said opening of door.

"Come now Foxy, I have 50 years' worth of frustration stored up and you are going to fuck it right out of me!" Kukaku purred out in lust as she moved towards the door, thick hips wobbling a perfectly fat ass build for hammering into. "

"You can count on it"

The busty purplette watched in silent jealousy and embarrassment as the two walked out of the room in hurried steps, no doubt eager to start. And when those two start going at it, it usually takes several days before they are able to sit together without starting all over again.

And by 'sitting', she means as in Naruto sits on the pillows, naked from the waist down while Kukaku makes herself comfortable on his monstrous dong, all the while acting as if she isn't seated on a foot long pillar of meat.

'Oh to hell with it, I am joining them!' a horny Yoruichi mused heatedly before realizing something. 'Maybe in an hour. Better give Kukaku some time to reunite with him before I make my entrance!'

Needless to say, the first hour turned into something even longer than an eternity as Yoruichi continuously tried to stop her feet from sprinting into Kukaku's room, shoving the woman away from her man and jumping his bones, cat transformation or not.



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