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Uzumaki House, Karakura Town

Located a decent distant away from the shop, the Uzumaki house was a respectable size structure meant for a large family. Nothing special stood out from the outside, it looked like any ordinary house in the vicinity, except much bigger.

With the Uzumaki swirl proudly engraved on the front gate.

A fiery fire and stubbornness burning in her brown eyes in such intensity that it almost hid away the lust and hunger she was feeling, a young redheaded girl stomped through the streets in a pissed off mood. The young girl was dressed in a long light pink dress reaching down to her knees, erotically bulged out at the chest area to cover a pair of massive breasts and black biker shorts tightly clinging to her enormously phat behind and thick thighs.

Even the long dress did little to hide away the fatness and wideness of her butt-cheeks.

Tayuya Uzumaki, youngest daughter of the famous Chaos Queen and little sister of Naruto Uzumaki, hurriedly approached the large house with a pissed off. She really hated the fact that her idiotic brother had made the house so far away from the shop.

A girl can't even get some decent dick without several minutes of walking!

Even before the construction of the shop, she had insisted that the idiot construct the store side by side with their house so she could visit it regularly and not be bothered with walking. But did he listen? Fuck no!

Him and his stupid Uzumaki stubbornness!

"Where is the little man whore?" the pissed off girl asked flatly as soon as she stepped into the kitchen, eyes looking around the room for any signs of a grinning redhead.

As she entered the kitchen, her eyes naturally fell on her incredibly beautiful mother standing over the counter and trying to cook something. The sight of her phat ass cheeks, thick thighs and long legs testing the elasticity of her modest dress even got her pussy to dampen.

Fuck seeing her mother's beauty never got old and she was a female for fuck sake!

Beautiful round face, purple eyes of love and lust, pouty plump lips perfect for sucking on cocks, titanic gravity-defying G cups tits, slim waist, taut stomach begging to be bloated with seed, wide hips able to give birth to triplets with ease, thick muscular thighs supporting the biggest, fattest and juiciest ass on the face of the planet.

What the fuck was she fed with during her childhood anyway? She was the fucking embodiment of sex and beauty. A woman of her age should be dust in the grave but she was putting every single youngster to shame with that body.

She wasn't even lesbian but she'd fuck that incredibly piece of Milf ass any second.

But that's not what concerned her at the moment. She needed to find her dipshit of a brother.

It seems Kisuke was right about Naruto's return from the Soul Society. Plus judging from the small puddle forming between her mother's legs, it was obvious her brother had already fucked her stupid and dumped a few loads inside the voluptuous redhead.

Him and his penchant for fucking women in the kitchen!

"Welcome back honey" the busty Milf replied back and gave her daughter a warm smile.

The volatile redhead nodded in greetings, eyes naturally gravitating towards her mother's gently wobbling butt as she swayed her thick hips to a silent tone. Fuck she needed to stay focused. "Where is that horny dipshit?"

Well aware of her daughter's drilling gaze on her ass, the Milf giggled lightly and turned back to her cooking. Youngster these days and their obsession with butts. "Hmm?"

Tayuya sweatdropped. "Mom, don't even try acting innocent, I can see his nut cream dripping down your legs"

"Well who could blame him?" the busty Milf replied with a smug chuckle, glancing down at the puddle of her baby's cum pooled beside her feet. He really did unload quite a lot. Most of it was still sloshing in her womb. "He had been backed up for a whole week"

"Yeah you must be feeling pretty good about yourself, huh?" the pissed off young girl retorted in a barely controlled voice as her mother grinned wider and put a little extra sway to her childbearing hips. Wait … her mother had been pretty moody all week. There is no way in hell her brother could've satisfied her with just a few loads. "When did he return?"

Something was obviously wrong with this picture. Kushina Uzumaki, the most volatile and hotheaded woman on the face of the planet, had a sex drive to match and no matter how skilled her donkey dicked bastard of a brother was, even he wouldn't be able to fuck such cheeriness into her within a measly few hours.

This looked more like a quickie!

Her mother's knowing smirk confirmed her suspicion as she growled like a disturbed beast. "He came last night, didn't he?"

"Well technically yes" the busty Milf replied vaguely, not bothering to look at her shaking daughter. "A few dozen times"

"Why the fuck didn't you tell me!?"

"You were asleep"

"More like you didn't want me to get some of your dick, you selfish bitch!" Tayuya snapped angrily, slamming her school bag on to the kitchen table with a loud thud. "You can't hog him all to yourself, mom, I have been horny all week!"

Of course the fucker was already here. Why else would her previously moody mother be all cheery and understanding. Calling her a selfish bitch would've landed her in the hospital on any normal day. Only he knew how to pound all the anger and bitchiness out of the Uzumaki matriarch.

"Oh nonsense, honey" Kushina gasped in a mock hurt tone, turning around with a cute pout and unintentionally causing her massive milk tanks to wobble deliciously. "I was worried about your health, after all, I knew you wouldn't appreciate being woken up just to ride that delicious cock to a few explosive orgasms"

"Where…Is…He!?" Kushina's laughter only increased the young Uzumaki's anger as she cursed profanities at every available person in the community and stormed upstairs to her room. "FUCK YOU!"

Taking a deep breathe, the beautiful Uzumaki heiress admonished herself for letting her mother get the best of her and kicked open the door to her room.

It's not like she was afraid of the guards or anything. She was the heiress and what she said was acted upon. However, her already frantic heart couldn't take any chances.

Hearing the familiar thud of the door slamming into the wall, Tayuya took a calming breathe and walked inside, making sure to kick the door behind. She could still hear her mother laughing down stairs.

Fucking bitch!

Wait ….

Someone was inside her room …or more specifically inside her bathroom. Her mom was downstairs and her brother was…

Wait a fucking minute…

A dark blush adorned her cheeks when her sensitive ears picked up on the sound of shower running in the adjacent bathroom, signifying the presence of someone enjoying the simple pleasures of life inside HER bathroom.

Her brother was in the shower? Which meant … naked!?

Whatever she had in mind shattered into nothingness when the door to the bathroom opened and her tall brother walked out in the nude, a damp towel draped over his broad shoulders.

The young heiress could only gape in absolute astonishment as she watched the sinful but divine sight of her naked brother before her young and impressionable eyes. Glossy red locks, still wet from the shower, gleamed in the afternoon light like ruby, accentuating the sheer glow of his mesmerizing blue eyes.

Steel-like and indestructible tanned skin pulled tight over a layer of bulging and stuffed arm muscles, connected to a pair of broad muscular shoulders strong enough to hold the weight of the world.

Stone-like chiseled chest resembling the statue of a fantasy based warrior flexed and twitched as Naruto turned around to face her, inciting a pleasurable wave of tingling sensation to rush through her spine and reach her moistening pussy.

Diamond-like droplets of sweat trailed from his chiseled chest, down his washboard abs resembling a land of steel-like hills stuck upon his abdomen and dripped down onto the floor.

And ….


Her already gaping orbs flew open to the size of saucers when her hungry eyes fell upon a thick slab of demonic meat hanging between his muscular legs, a pair of huge balls hidden behind the meat pillar.

Her thumping heart skipped several beats, every cell throbbed and pulsed in hunger and her virgin cunt drooled juices when her impressionable eyes trailed every vein on the slowly hardening pussy-splitter.

That beast could split any woman in half with ease!

The young Uzumaki heiress clenched her thick thighs together to stop the tingling sensation and slammed a hand over her mouth to stop herself from moaning when thoughts after mind-numbing thought of being stabbed with that monster entered her mind.

"Hey there little sis" Naruto greeted cheerfully, not bothering to cover himself. "Sorry for hogging your bathroom, mine doesn't have a bathtub"

"W-what the fuck are y-you doing in my room with your fat cock out?!" Tayuya stammered heatedly, pupils dilated and cheeks blazing a bright red as she tried to avert her eyes away from the redhead's massive dick.

"I just told you why" the redheaded heir muttered with a deadpan as he walked to her bed and sat on the edge, spread legs providing a clear of the slowly hardening dong to the gaping eyes of his sister. "Problem?"

"Problem? Problem! I will show you problem, you horse dicked bastard!"

Down in the kitchen, a knowingly smiling Kushina calmly worked around the kitchen, not minding the noises coming from upstairs as her young son basically bred his little sister like the animalistic sex demon he was.


The Milf's smile widened. Naruto should have started with that foul mouth of hers first but considering her baby's obsession with ass and how incredibly fat Tayuya's butt was, it was understandable for Naruto to want to shove his meat up her guts and stretch it wide open.

She might just join them … as soon as she was able to absorb the previous loads still sloshing around her womb.

Seireitei, Squad 1 Barracks

"Sir, a report has been sent from Squad 12!" A messenger Soul Reaper appeared in the Squad 1 office and reported, alerting the Head Captain and his Lieutenant as they looked up from reading a report to observe the kneeling man.

The ancient Soul Reaper was sitting in his chair like usual with his Lieutenant, Chojiro Sasakibe standing beside him with his hands behind his back.

"Well, what is it?" he asked firmly, eyes squinted like usual.

"Two Arrancars have been detected in the Eastern section of Karakura town. Based on their Spiritual Pressure, density and stability, we believe they are fully developed. That's all"

Having finished delivering his assigned report, the Soul Reaper vanished, leaving behind a wary Lieutenant and a contemplating Head Captain.

"Sir?" Chojiro started hesitantly, not quite sure why the Head Captain would take so long to come to a decision. It was simple; they just had to send a few Lieutenants to deal with the Arrancars. In his humble opinion, it didn't need that much time to come up with a sound decision.

"What is it?" the old man asked absently and glanced at his Lieutenant.

"Pardon my intrusion, but shouldn't we take measures to deal or at the very least stop the Arrancars?"

Yamamoto nodded slowly, well aware that his Lieutenant didn't know what he knew. "If their intended target is indeed Karakura town, then we need not worry about their actions"

Chojiro blinked, wondering what the ancient Captain meant by that. This was the first he had actually heard the old man say something like this. By this time, he'd be usually throwing orders around at all available personnel. "Sorry sir, but I don't understand"

"We have someone specific there to deal with the Hollows"

"Are you talking about Naruto Uzumaki?" the white haired Soul Reaper asked curiously, skeptical over the fact that a person so unstable will be able to handle two fully developed Arrancars. In fact, a full-pledged Captain would have trouble dealing with a powerful Arrancar!

"That's correct"

"I admit his intrusion into the Seireitei was strong and noteworthy but his behavior leaves much to be desired"

Yamamoto shook his head in negative, recalling the conversation he had with his sensei before his departure.

He had taken to observing his subordinates more often, asking simple questions randomly and gauging the limits of their pride and honor. In the end, he had been disappointed to see that what Naruto had said was true from A to Z.

Most of his Captains and Lieutenant as well as lower seated subordinates had proven to be far too arrogant or overconfident in their abilities, believing themselves as higher beings with unmatched power and authority.

And now his Lieutenant proved that even he was a victim of blindness.

Blinded from the truth, blinded by his judgment of the redhead's character and behavior to realize his true self. No wonder his sensei was acting the way he was, no one would suspect a person so cheerful to be powerful enough to make him, the Head Captain, feel like a child.

Just how could he have been blinded to the authentic colors of his Ideal world? Soul Reapers were supposed to protect the Souls entering the Soul Society, not rule over them with an iron grip.

The less than pleasant condition of the West Rukon district as well as the rest of the Soul Society except Seireitei was a prove of his constant failure. He had created the Soul Reaper academy to nurture those Souls with powerful Spirit Energy in order to protect those who had none … to sacrifice their lives in order to save others.

But now, the Soul Reapers who were supposed to protect the Souls are the ones ruling them.

"Don't make assumption based on your judgment of his character, Chojiro" Yamamoto said mysteriously.

Even though he trusted his Lieutenant like his own flesh and blood, there were still some secrets and things that were better left hidden. His humiliating defeat at the redhead's hand was one of those secrets.

"Yes sir" the stoic man agreed even though he failed to really understand what was being implied.

Eastern Karakura

A blue orb of light from the sky stuck the ground, blasting away debris and dust into the surrounding area, creating a large crater that got the attention of many spiritually aware people. The dust from the explosion slowly subsided to reveal two men, one significantly shorter than the other, dressed in white long coats, white hakama and black straw sandals with swords strapped to their hips.

The most noteworthy features, notwithstanding their clothing, about them were the black holes located on their bodies. The short one had a tennis ball size black hole in his throat while the tall one had a large hole in his torso.

"Fuck! I came here once when I was masked, I see the World of the Living hasn't changed one bit, still boring as ever!" the tall one commented with a disgusted grin, looking around with clear contempt and hatred evident in his eyes. "The Spiritual Pressure is so thin, I can hardly breathe"

The tall Arrancar was blessed with some unique facial features. The rest of his head was bald, only a low ponytail emerging from the back of his head left. He had orange eyebrows with two orange blush-like marks under his eyes.

The short one was a green eyed man with some sort of unique green tear marks under his eyes, the right side of his face and head covered in a bony helmet. The expression on his face was one of absolute disinterest and impassiveness as he gave his partner a disinterested look, not really caring about something so irrelevant to their objective.

"Stop your whining Yammy, I told you I could manage this by myself, yet you insisted on coming. We are here for a reason"

The now named Yammy gave a grunt of agreement. "Yeah yeah, I get it. So how many humans are we supposed to kill?"

"Only one, the rest are of no concern to us"

"We are here in the world of the Living … a place where humans are swarming around like bugs and you only want to kill one? Are you high?"

A sideway cold glance from the short man stopped him from saying anything else. The bulky man gave a loud grunt and walked up the crater, only to scowl in disgust when he saw a young girl, wearing a white Gi, looking at them in shock.

"What are you looking at, little bug?" he asked with a frown.

"Stop it, Yammy. She can't see us" the short one commented without even glancing at the girl.

"Of course she can! Ulquiorra, just look at her!"

Hearing the straightforwardness in his tone, Ulquiorra looked at the young girl and had to admit his assumption was wrong. The pointed stare was a dead giveaway that she could see and hear them. It seems Lord Aizen's theory about Karakura Town full of spiritually aware humans was true after all "Well, it seems you're correct"

Yammy smirked and slowly stalked towards the down and breathless girl like a predator stalking towards its prey.

Massacring pathetic humans have always been his favorite hobby … so easy to kill … so easy to make their puny lives disappear from their eyes. If he was supposed to kill one particular human, then he might as well kill others just for the fun of it!

Just as he was about to kick the down girl and hopefully squish her under his foot, a large black and red armored hand stopped him.

Yammy look below his blocked foot and saw two humans, a busty blonde girl and a tall dark skinned boy, standing in front of him. A mere human stopped his kick with just his hand? What the hell? "Who the hell are you?"

Orihime and Chad were just walking from school when the dense Spiritual Pressure of two Arrancars alerted them to their presence. It seems they were fortunate enough to be near the area, considering they arrived earlier enough to save Tatsuki from being killed.

"Orihime, take Tatsuki and go, I'll take care of these two!" Chad declared in his usual monotone voice, rubbing his shaking hand. Just blocking that kick was enough to almost break the bones of his hand!

Orihime nodded and shouldered the down Tatsuki as she walked away.

Knowing Chad, he wouldn't stop until he couldn't move anymore, however, her fears came true when she turned around and saw Chad lying on the ground, his hand mutilated and shredded as if attacked by wild animals. "CHAD!"

Ulquiorra watched the orange haired girl with an odd sense of fascination, observing her as she used some sort of strange and intriguing technique to repair the wounds of the injured human boy. The strange orange shield she used to protect herself from Yammy's attack was another mystery, though not as fascinating as the first.

'That's not healing….'

"How the hell are you doing that?! You shouldn't be able to repair the damage I inflicted on him, in fact he shouldn't even be alive!" the giant Arrancar asked loudly, not believing the fact that a mere human possessed the ability to heal others and so quickly.

"You're a strange human" Ulquiorra commented evenly, though it was still unclear if he meant good strange or bad strange. He eyed the small orange light attack shot towards Yammy, only to be blocked by his large hand and disintegrated into tiny pieces. Well, it seems aside from her healing powers, she was as trash as the rest of them "Yammy, just kill her and be done with it"

The muscular Hollow grinned savagely, obviously pleased with the order considering his usual temperament. He adored killing! "Say bye bye!"

Raising his hand high above his head, the brutish Arrancar grinned widely and struck with his palm open, only to stop lest he impale his hand on a large sword … more like a kitchen knife.

"What's with these puny bugs popping up one after the other?!" The brute Arrancar grunted in anger, looking at the orange haired boy wearing a Soul Reaper Shihakusho.

"Ichigo!" Orihime said in relief.

"So I'm guessing, you're the reason why Chad is laying there bleeding?" Ichigo asked angrily, a dark scowl on his face.

"What the hell are you supposed to be?" Yammy asked rudely.

Ichigo ignored the tall Arrancar and turned to Orihime.

"Take care of Tatsuki and Chad; I will deal with these two!"

The normally bubbly girl nodded grimly and encased both Chad and Tatsuki inside her healing rays. Ichigo gripped the forearm of his right hand with his left and extended his right, his sword outspread right in front of the confused Arrancar.


The area around Ichigo was suddenly encased in a blue aura, wind picking up pace, trees shivering due to the furiousness of the wind as the people present shielded their eyes from the flying dust and debris. The smoke and the blue aura subsided a few moments later to reveal a changed Ichigo.

The changes were not much, his normal Shihakusho was replaced by a long black coat and his kitchen knife-like sword was replaced by a black normal sword with a black chain hanging from the hilt. "Time to end this!"

"You've a Bankai?" Yammy asked dumbly, scratching the back of his head in confusion. Aizen had said something about a black Bankai, orange hair and frowny face, but he was not sure. "Hey Ulquiorra, is this the guy?"

The melancholic Arrancar shook his head at his partner's stupidity. "You really need to work on your perceptive skills. It's obvious that he is the one"

Yammy grinned savagely "Good"


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