Kagami stifled a yawn as her eyes shut tightly against her will, very small tears emerging. She groaned and rubbed her eyes as she regained control of her face, looking at the bathroom's mirror. God, I look terrible... she thought to herself.

Few minutes later, she was done with all necessities and exited the bathroom. The girl looked around for any sight of her sister, but to no avail. Great, she's not awake yet. She begrudgingly walked back up the stairs and opened the door to her sister's bedroom. "Tsukasa, time to wake up."

Tucked under several layers of bedsheets, her sister yawned from the bed. "Mmn... five more minutes..." the girl mumbled.

Kagami rolled her eyes. "You're going to be late. Come on..."

"S-sis..." Tsukasa groaned.

The older sister rolled her eyes.

It took a few seconds for the younger Hiiragi twin to finally push herself up, stretching her arms as she braced herself for the day to come. Kagami, meanwhile, went back to her own bedroom to change into her school's winter uniform.

Hiiragi Kagami found herself feeling a bit sad once she was reminded that her final year was soon coming to an end. She had asked her friends before about their university choices, but for some reason she can't recall any of them- not that it bothered her much anyways. Konata probably hasn't even thought much about this, and Tsukasa's probably panicking about that... The stereotypical tsundere couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of having to help her sister pick a university.

Of course, that's if she manages to get in anywhere... she eventually thought, growing a bit worried.

The girl finished dressing up and picked up her bag, of which she had prepared the night before. She left her room and peeked into her sister's room once more.

"Hey, now, Tsukasa! Wake up!" she yelled.

The younger Hiiragi twin snapped awake again on her bed, her uniform buttoned halfway. "S-sorry, sis! I fell asleep!"

"Yeah, no duh," Kagami replied. "I'll be waiting outside, so hurry it up, 'kay?" she said.

"W-wait for meeee!"

The two eventually made their way to the train station nearby. They sat patiently on colored seats, waiting for their train to come. Tsukasa looked around nervously. "What's the matter?" Kagami asked.

"N-nothing," her sister replied. "It's just... I'm so nervous, we're going to graduate from high school soon..." Tsukasa said.

"...yeah, I feel nervous too," Kagami said. "We'll all be going our separate ways, I assume... and who knows what will happen to each one of us? Will we still keep in contact with each other? Will we become too busy? I dunno... thinking about it makes me a bit sad, I guess."

Tsukasa frowned. "Sis... I'm sure we'll all still be together like always!" she said. "Besides, we can always visit each other anyways, so they won't forget us."

Kagami grinned. "Well, either ways, you should first focus on passing the finals," she teased.

"S-sis! Come on, it's not easy!" Tsukasa whined.

Chuckling, Kagami looked back at the train tracks. A few more minutes... she thought to herself. Figuring she could play with something, anything, she reached into her pocket. She pulled out what she initially thought was her cellphone, but frowned once it entered her sight. "What the...?"

The foreign object wasn't something she recognized so far. Completely square, encased in bright pink plastic, she wondered what it was until her curious fingers rubbed over a sort of button somewhere and the item flipped open.

"...a mirror?" Kagami whispered. The more she stared at it, the more she felt like she recognized it somewhere, but the older Hiiragi twin couldn't place a finger on where she had picked up such a simple-looking mirror. It took a few more seconds of staring until her memories started returning to her. "Oh, I Remember this... I picked this up on my way home from univ..." she muttered, but stopped completely.


She narrowed her eyes confusedly. What was I about to say? she thought. University? I'm not even out of high school yet, what the heck?

Kagami eventually decided to dismiss her strange, strange mind and closed the mirror. She stuffed it in her bag, then looked forward, just in time to hear the screeching sound of a train slowing down.

Smiling, she looked in the direction of the approaching train. "The train's here, Tsuka...sa?"

She then noticed two things.

One: her sister was nowhere to be seen, nor her bag. No matter where her eyes darted at, she couldn't find a trace of her cute little sister that had been sitting right next to her this entire time.

But more importantly, the longer she looked around, she noticed something else.

Two: absolutely no one was around.

The station was filled with emptiness and dead silence, the eerie quietness sending shivers down her spine.

"Wh... where did everyone go?" she whispered. The train came to a stop, and the gates opened for her to enter, but she remained outside. "Tsukasa! Tsukasa? Where are you!?" she yelled. No response. The girl frowned. That's weird... and even Konata's not here yet... she thought. Kagami looked back at the train- there didn't seem to be that many people inside.

The girl sighed and walked closer to the gates. Then she noticed, as she got closer, that it wasn't that there weren't that many people inside the train. Sure, when she couldn't see anyone, she often assumed people were just sitting somewhere deep inside the train, but this... was weird.

Nobody was in the train at all.

It took Kagami almost five minutes to realize that the train was- as odd as it was- waiting specifically for her. She had no idea where everyone went, nor where Tsukasa was, but she summed up her experience as a dream and decided to enter the train. The train then departed immediately and, to her chagrin, didn't show any signs of waking her up anytime soon.

She found out later, though, that the train was behaving quite normally and was headed for the closest station to her school.

When she reached the destination, she got off the train and made her way to class. After all, what exciting thing could possibly be waiting for her in this dream world of hers? Kagami changed shoes at the building's shoe locker, made her way up the stairs to the floor for her year, and entered her classroom.

Throughout the entire trip, not a single soul was inside the building.

"What's going on with Ryoo High?" she had asked herself at some point. That action, too, led her to another dream-like discovery: that her voice was non-existent here. She knew what she said, and she could sort of 'hear' it, but she knew at the same time that she didn't actually say anything. The experience was quite... 'trippy', if she had to describe it, referring to some weird slang Konata pointlessly taught her ages ago.

Anyways, in her classroom, all the desks were lined up neatly just like normal. Well, nothing out of the ordinary, she thought, except that everything about this isn't ordinary. Seriously, where's everyone!?

Kagami sighed and shook her head. She felt like she was in for a world of headaches, so she quickly took her seat and put her bag down.

"What's with everyone today, just disappearing like I'm the only one left?" she muttered. "It's creepy, and... oh, man, Konata would be gushing about how much this seems like a story plot," the girl mused with a chuckle.

She then pulled out the plain pocket mirror from before and looked into it again. Oh man, you could see how freaked out I am, she thought.

"Whose mirror is this anyways?" she muttered and blinked.

"Oooh, what's that, Hiiragi? A new mirror?"

Kagami's eyes widened and she whipped her head around immediately. Kusakabe Misao stood behind her, eyeing the mirror that was now pocket-sized and in her hands, and Minegishi Ayano stood to her other side, waving a gentle greeting. She might have even jumped a bit, rattling her table, as Misao now seemed surprised by her... surprised state.

"Whoa! You okay, Hiiragi?" Misao asked. "What's the matter? You look like you've just seen a ghost, ahaha!"

Kagami's hand, shaking, pointed at the embodiment of energy herself. "What the hell are you..." she began to say, but froze further when she realized that there were people everywhere inside her classroom. Specifically, her classmates. When did they all get here!? she thought. The girl looked around, extremely confused. "W-when did everyone get here?" she muttered.

Misao must have heard her, because then she gave her a skeptical look. "Uh, are you really alright, Hiiragi?" she asked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kagami inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Everyone's been here like normal," Misao replied.

Ayano frowned. "We actually didn't see you there, but one moment later and you suddenly appeared out of nowhere, going about your business," the orange haired girl explained.

"...you're kidding, right?" Kagami asked. The two's stares told her otherwise, but she didn't feel like playing their games right now. "...whatever it is you guys are trying to do, it's not funny, so knock it off." Kagami turned back and put her new pocket mirror away. "Today's started off really weirdly, so I'm not really in a good mood..."

...wait, so that wasn't a weird, long dream sequence? Kagami eventually thought. Then her mind wandered to the disappearance of her sister. ...did I just not notice her go to the toilet?

As if fate heard her, a familiar voice called for her. "S-sis!"

Kagami turned to the entrance of her class, seeing Tsukasa and more importantly Konata standing there. "Tsukasa!" she exclaimed and got up to head over ot her sister. "Where did you go!? I was so worried, thank god you're not missing or anything."

"Sis, what are you talking about?" Tsukasa asked, to her confusion. "Y-you're the one who disappeared! And just as Konata arrived..."

"I, whuh?" The older Hiiragi twin was now feeling more confused than ever. "Wh, what do you mean? I was there, waiting for the train, and you're the one who just... disappeared!"

"I dunno, Kagamin," Konata interrupted, "but I got there as the train arrived and you weren't anywhere to be seen."

What? What does that mean? the tsundere asked herself mentally. This wasn't making any sense, nothing was making sense for her today, and-


Everyone flinched once the bell rang. "A-ah! Homeroom's starting!" Tsukasa shouted. "S-sorry, sis! We'll talk later!"

"Ciaou ciaou, mon amigos Kagamin!" Konata said and ran off to her class as well.

"...what language was that?" Kagami muttered. She hesitantly walked back to her seat and sat down. What the heck is going on? she resumed asking herself.

Misao looked at her face once more. "You sure you okay, Hiiragi?" she asked.

"...yes, I'm fine, Kusakabe." Kagami sighed. "Just... having a sort of weird day."

"I hope you feel better soon then," Ayano said to her.

"Me too, Minegishi. Me too."

She didn't know, however, that fate had other plans for her.