It is said that history is written by the victors; this is especially true in the story you are about to read. This is a tale about the consequences of a war so ancient that the victors now believe it to be a simple myth. Our story begins with a simple Earth book. Crafted in an unknown era, this book has been passed through the Bashir family for countless generations.

After the trip to Adigeon Prime, a multitude of things were left behind in the home of Julian's childhood-the old book was one of them. Years later, when his father was imprisoned, Bashir's mother had returned to that house for the first time. When the war with the Dominion ended, his mother had brought this book to Julian at the station.

Julian remembered being very young and staring at the old script for hours, enjoying the smell and feel and look of the thing. Now, it was a painful reminder of before.

And so, the precious Bashir heirloom passed hands to a Cardassian-one Elim Garak.

Nearly a year after freeing Cardassia, the tailor had returned to Deep Space Nine to conclude his affairs permanently and to relocate his effects to his home planet. Upon his final departure, Doctor Bashir had pressed the ancient text into Garak's hands.

"I'll want this back, you know," Julian had warned, continuing quickly to avoid protest. "It's a precious family heirloom."

Garak had smiled and nodded graciously in an unspoken promise to one day meet again.

Upon his return to Cardassia, Garak was again taken with the efforts to rebuild his home. When he could, he spared the time to study the Bashir tome. As Garak understood, it was simply a book of human fairy tales.

Garak often read late into the night, deciphering and scribbling and working with several programs of his own design to translate the text.

One such night, Garak worked perhaps too late, as he fell asleep while working to decipher the text. While he slumbered, a sliver of Cardassian moonlight inched along the floor; after a time, the light came to rest on a sigil inscribed on the open page. The sigil glowed and a slight wisp of steam rose and dissapated.

On another plane of existance entirely, a slender youthful figure opened her eyes for the first time in years. She blinked and stretched-and stared.

In front of her, on the solid plane, a creature slumbered at a desk. It was decidedly reptilian in nature, and yet it was shaped like a man. It was wearing clothes-rather pretty clothes, as the figure noted to herself.

She stepped forward lightly, looked out the nearest window, and stared agog. None of the life in the gardens outside was remotely similar to anything she'd ever seen. Nothing on Earth was similar to anything outside of that window.

The figure wandered the room she was in, poking and prodding at things to see if there was some sort of information available-to no avail.

She sighed and sat down on the corner of the desk. She nearly fell through to the floor when she sneezed-keeping corporeal relations was difficult on this planet, which surely was not Earth.


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